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if we can go back to genesis 15 
let's talk briefly a bit about 
genesis 15 
Brother Daniel just reminded me 
of something and it is the way in which what 
but today I did not teach it directly as 
the soils 
and he practically reminded me that I 
I would like to do it 
so well I'm not going to explain everything 
but it has this to do with brother 
of odón 
it was by the providence of God that 
when it was magnates it was arkansas and 
he shared his message with brother 
Theodor was also there from Canada 
and there was no reason for everything 
I was there in time but then one 
why he was there and he 
he made a friend in arkansas 
a friend who was dealing with the 
cancer and he was in a process of 
recovery for a treatment of 
radiotherapy so theodore was 
there to help him in that process of 
so it was not something like that the 
Ministry invited him to come 
but that provincially the state 
So when her sister introduced you 
then the Lord used him who was 
there to present the second 
testimony of that vallés 
but the second testimony the dt or is 
quite complicated very complicated male 
for me 
and it 's related and one of the things 
who teach him 
is that the true calendar of God 
the real calendar are the 
so when genesis 15 
the mere beginning of the history of covenant 
the lord the lord grabs abraham and 
says look at the sky and count the 
and abraham represents the covenant people 
because he is the first person who entered 
in a pact of a chosen generation 
in biblical history 
and the gentleman tells you you need to tell the 
so I identify myself in the story 
humans have invented 
scheduling calendars 
but very much in spite of that they are all points 
of reference for history 
so as the calendars are finished 
turning into a second testimony 
for what we have talked about and it does but 
what is not just showing them a 
small point 10 this and in the story 
of the root of the rival revolution 
those three revolutions that point to the 
trump revolution 
in this and that milestone 
that there that November 9 is 9 of 
November our Gregorian calendar 
but in the second revolution is 9 of 
the Russians did not use the calendar 
there are two calendars to which we 
we can refer at that moment 
both are Roman calendars 
the old man was called the calendar 
juliano in benet by invented by 
Julie is invented by Julius Caesar Roman 
but then the pope came in the story 
in the same story of papal rome 
the Gregory Pope he invented the 
Gregorian calendar 
that ended up replacing the calendar 
and one of the last European nations 
what change from the Julian calendar to 
Gregorian that is the current 
bryant was russia 
so what I say about 9 of 
November 1917 
you know how they call that 
history and 
you know history as the 
regulation but it is called revolution of 
October because they used the work 
but in reality when it passes that to 
Gregorian calendar that takes 9 of 
Can you understand what I say 
I do not think that because I still have not done 
now in the French revolution the 
and always seems something that contradicts 
I had in mind because the French 
they invented their own and that one of that covenant 
is based on the French calendar 
and it was recognized as the 9th day of so many 
but that day of that revolution 
French then in that story 
these three milestones 
they all speak 
November in the Gregorian calendar 
but in the first Gregorian in the 
Julian and in the third on the calendar 
the French revolution turned so 
without knowing it before but when the sister 
You were not placing all your 
she was preparing the place 
for theodore to come and put his 
message and the message of pray is that the 
calendars that can also be used 
to confirm prophetic history 
so Theodore was there in the 
right moment and that was what 
I started using it now appears that many 
of you are Adventists for 
if you know who it is if ashley 
raise your hand 
so you all know that if 
ashley predicted the fall of the empire 
on August 11, 1845 and that in 1838 
in 38 he simply predicted in the year 
but when she was in 1840 
adjusted much better 
his calculation and he not only predicted the year but 
that ended by saying the month and the year in 
the true story that now you 
they knew that the calculation of breaking began 
in the fifth trumpet costs to lose 
down I repeated that with a period of 
150 years 
and they did not know that story 
and the 150 years had begun in July 
27 submarine 1,299 
and he ended on July 27 pillbox was 
thousand 449 m 
and then came the 391 years and fifteen 
in 1840 on August 11 
the government the reign of terror a 27 
of 1793 
when the king of france lost his cable 
leiter exactly one year later in the 
July 27 
of the dictatorship that so to speak 
reigned during the reign of terror 
and that came to an end 
and he lost his head in the next 
day but I want you to notice that díaz was 
the current 7 of game 
on July 27 , 1900 1793 the king died 
on July 27, 1794 died robespierre 
had you heard the date of 
July of the female artist 
on July 27 , 1999 
and July 27, 1440 
then we have four places where 
the game identity appears so 
it has to be a milestone of its own 
gualeguaychú and remember to subtract him 
and here is what I wanted you to 
will remember about Joshua milk 
extend glass please understand 
this uniquely leading that only 
there's who because when he calculated the 11 
August 1840 
since July 27 
and when I had calculated him July 27 
of 1,229 all those dates were Julian 
but to August 11, 1842 
so the work of 
julian also includes the work of knowing 
transport from Julian to Gregorian 
so the calendars have always been 
part of our history so in 
genesis 15 
when abraham is told to count the 
stars that cat colom york that's the 
God's calendar 
for Dominguez with jacques and I can 
follow the connection here to wonder 
connection and I want to give them another one with another 
connection you also have to value the 
midnight clamor in history 
miller and is not developed by 
samuel snow of different 
wílder that samuel snow did differently 
william miller 
Yesterday, William Miller had 
to maintain but we are not going to give the 
day the month of the year 
so according to the difference between 
two but we have some other testimony 
about that in miller history and 
but the first of August of 1842 before 
of the prediction just before the event 
I would keep children and ashley placed the day 
the month of the year just before the event of 
theme right before the event on the month and 
the year that is open by law and that 
is in social history ten years not 
in the history of samuel but 
so the idea that we can 
recognize the day month and the year justly 
a year before the event has two 
testimonies and witnesses in history 
miller and also and one of those 
in fact both testimonials the web dt that 
when selling they have to do with the 
the show was dealing with face and 
he is rabbinical and julia 
Josiah Line was dealing with Julian 
and also so the idea that 
theodore was there in the place 
appropriate in front of this is a man 
that is there is qualified to use 
the calendars to see in your control 
he was talking through the 
provincial address of the Lord Queen of 
keep showing the month and the year 
just before closing in time for 
so you can follow that path 
and I'm saying that that's there 
identified in genesis 15 
when god comes and tells brave and 
count the stars 
go look at the god calendar and count 
well you can follow that logic by saying 
this so please genesis 15 
if you remember last night I said that 
it was the first angelic message 
and we understand that the second 
the mighty angel of science 8 
comes down 
and when in verses 2 and 3 
then the second message 
so what I 'm going to say is that 
genesis 17 is the second angel 
and there is something that we are going to give two 
testimonies in that chapter and it's the 
change issue and we 
we understand that the name change 
represents a covenant relationship 
and the first reference for this is 
genesis 15 
when the man is changed abraham 
of abraham abraham and when sara is 
change the name to sara said wilshere 
but we know jeremías 15 me 
it seems that is when it says the air and its 
words were found and I ate them 
and they were the joy of my heart 
because I am called by your name jehovah 
god of the armies 
when Jeremiah with him he changed his 
first name 
and we yours 
it is required that we eat the one of the dead 
and so we enter into a pact with the Lord 
identifies what is the signal of the 
beauty and to abraham that sign of the 
and a circulation that took place on 
so what I'm saying is that 
all these truths in genesis crisis 7 
they are songs and they are consistent with 
with the second angel and I'm still 
dealing with things I talked about yesterday 
we use 
to identify the baptism of Christ 
in wii wii there is nepal and we 
we identify that you and I can be 
following Christ our example 
we are not baptized so that 
eliminate us sin 
we are going to overcome sin 
before being baptized 
so I'm saying that 
apocalypse genesis 17 is the second 
angelic message when he arrives he 
will feel 
and verse 1 and that's why 17 says 
and being great said I am but they are 
in front of me says perfect 
so the theme of perfection here is 
something that we have to be perfect before 
from day 11 so here this respects the 
prophetic model 
and I know that most of you 
they do not understand the name they were here in 
911 so recording 
I do not expect all of you to understand 
what I'm going to try to say but yes 
the 17 in the combination of 17 
because 9/11 
Seven days take you midnight and 
midnight is the eighth 
and the number eight can be divided into 
the combination seven and then one 
and chapter 17 is the combination 7 with 
1 left 8 
so that talks about the story that 
it starts on 9 11 
ware diy network 6 
very good so let's take here 
certain thoughts 
let's read verse seven of fun 
and the verse of the verse 
verses 17 and 17 
Isabel the brain 
and establish the impact with you with your 
seed after they stop their 
generations and by perpetual pact for 
be your god and your next one after 
of you verse 10 this is my covenant that 
you will keep between me and you 
Seed after you will be circumcised 
every male among you 17 then 
they will have fallen on his face and he laughed and 
He said in his heart a man of one hundred years 
Son and Sara must be born already 90 years of 
God promises them abrahán to give him a son 
and Abraham is governed by the promise that 
a 100-year-old man can have a 
at Haiti 
sir the lord tells him if sara is going to 
have a child and you 're going to put him 
name isaac 
so we're not going to leave right now 
chapter 17 but we're going to leave it a 
let's go to verse 10 of the 
chapter 18 
talking about the child or the child that is going to 
do verses 10 of 18 then said of 
true I will return to you according to the time of 
life and here will have a son your wife 
Sarah and I'll be listening to the door of the 
store that was behind him 
so here so here comes the 
promise again of a son 
and the promise is that abraham and sara are going to 
have the son do not do so what the 
the answer will be in verse 12 it 
laughed can be with each other saying 
after I 've aged I'll have 
delight but also my already old gentleman 
she would also be the word 
and doubt will think and there will be expressed 
by laughing 
but read what the Lord says the verse 
14 there is something difficult for God 
indicated time would return to you according to the 
time of life and will make them have a 
now in English says in time 
this heuer mauer in the end the word 
indicated time in the word moves 
and means designated time 
in the book Daniel finds himself 
respectively of the block of anjou that 
there is fai and the book d angelo you can 
if you can identify it as the 
time the time 
so the Lord is giving you here to 
Sara and there will be a time prophecy if 
it's worse when that time prophecy is 
He said that I promised him they will do 
gamelab and you need to put your 
name and take out those who are doing well 
and you will have 
and they laughed they doubted the word of 
god and mocked in the context of a 
of cabernet story so from the mere 
beginning of the story of the mother 
the father and the mother of the chosen town 
they were tested in time 
prophetic frank voice test on them 
and the two even failed in and for 
commemorate the name of your child can you 
see who laughs 
and just as Jesus illustrates the end from the 
we are we are going to be 
not to believe in a prophecy 
have the time element 
related to him and because we will be 
tempted to that 
because we accept the authority 
by elena white 
and she teaches that besides the 
a message that is based on time 
you see the problem that we have thus 
that I just wanted to put that in the 
recording let's go back to chapter 17 but my 
argument is that we do not have a 
message based on time 
tepic hannah pan 
in our message is not hanging in 
him in a message of time and in theory 
is the fiscal health of that light is 
hung from that column 
of sprinters bimonthly 
and the column is where it is 
where is the force 
and in the story the strength of the message 
from them 
that they could point this July 27 
of 1240 
and it will take us to August 11 , 
so the strength of their message 
it was based on time 
for example 22 thousand 300 years since 457 
reporter have to carry 1844 bagua 
but what this message is doing 
is grabbing on November 9 
of 2019 it's a time but it's not 
hanging from a time hanging from the 
lines the methodology of lines on 
web lines is stable without this is the one 
establishes the truth of November 9 
talking a lot about 126 
talking about 220 on the important issue 
in the story at the beginning of that time 
what are we putting 
expectation instead of steinberg is that 
should illustrate the history of time 
when we and the reason why 
we should expect you to answer 
main of dieu holding art conclusion is 
that we are bringing line 
on line on line on line for 
test that has to happen the 
story so our message depends 
our methodology on line 
line back to genesis 17 
let's read verse 10 this is my 
covenant that I will keep between me and you and 
your seed after you will be 
circumcised all male between 
you 11 circumcise is therefore the flesh 
of your foreskin and it will be a sign of 
Covenant between me and you women in the 
last night the people mentioned in yesterday 
how can the word in English this 
who knows but both Portuguese and 
Spanish means sign varies in English 
and on the web 
but when we speak in English about these 
verses we have to define what it means 
and when we go to Hebrew the 
word touch in English means 
simply signal to sell help in 
main outs and the reason why I take 
time to explain what this is that 
I also like to go to the floor 
and we have been told that the 
Baptism is a sign too 
and Sister White says that baptism 
it's a sign she says 
and then I go to the web science dictionary and 
I look for the word signal 
and what does the word sign mean in the 
webster dictionary of the vocal sister 
white means touch also in the 
brief examination so in the Hebrew such 
who will teach in English is ok and in the 
English dictionary signals touch 
so much in the Hebrew definition in 
English stephen nation as the definition 
in English 
kouchner saint domingue the word signal 
auto that also means in saint 
mean pennon 
and that a banner 
it is a flag a banner 
der sloot was by type of if it's something that 
is exalted lifted up so that people 
I see it 
in him and the pawn in the battle that goes to 
in front of him he always raises the banner 
so high 
so that the people know where it is 
so in genesis 17 
ensign the word signal or the one that 
sign of the people of god is the 
but in the Christian dispensation this 
is going to be changed to baptism 
and this here in the story of open in 
team and open the beginning of the story 
of the covenant of the chosen people 
in the cavern team whereby he 
he has to be illustrating the story 
of the pact of the last bridge in this cafe 
in the kind of being in fort and ported and 
the end of the story of a village of 44 
thousand when they are going to be raised with a 
banner Mariano retrivi le therapies de 
messages so they can be 
raised like a banner as a 
Ghanaian flag fit for those of 
thorax jones and brian they are going to have 
to follow the directions that were 
given abraham 
because Mr. Jesus illustrates the end 
from the beginning with the prince well 
what does verse 14 say in the chapter 
and the uncircumcised baron that there would be no 
be operated on the flesh of your 
foreskin that person will be erased from 
his people have violated my covenant 
in equal catpeople so any 
person other than being circumcised 
it was cut from the professed people and as 
students of profession like you 
prophecy students apply that to 
our have in one day is from cow is 
tell anyone other than 
baptized and snack bar 
guy will not be part of God's people 
darbar up that will be an application 
wrong what I'm doing I think 
which is a signal from pipo if a signal a 
and I know 
I know without knowing that there are people in 
this room 
that if they were baptized this afternoon it's 
want to get married kings 
will cause a shaking in their homes in 
his family 
and sullivan 
to that church to which you 
belong and your family know that you 
they baptized 
when they realize they were 
baptized in this movement that's going to 
become a problem maybe not 
for all 
but I guarantee that several people here 
if they are baptized with the problem 
that you are being raised 
as a banner 
in which you say look this is what I 
I get it 
and I understand that what I'm going to do is 
to cause a shaking 
I also understand that my family and my 
they are running out of time for 
to be able to understand the message of the third 
so what I'm going to do is give a 
testimony and the testimony is going to be 
that I am willing to die and if 
it is necessary I am going to go to the grave of 
and I'm going to resurrect also in saint and 
become a banner by doing that 
and that is one of the things that 
refers when it says it will be deleted 
of the life of the person that I do not know 
we have to recognize by 
we have to identify ourselves 
and I think they will not understand why not 
they speak english but brother tyler is me 
I said you can not translate and there was 
people that when I was listening to that 
sentence that already said began to say 
in English there is no such word auto 
recognize yourself 
so it seems that I did not invent a 
word in English 
so for them the type catfish 
light tyler is the wine 
well the brother has me not correcting 
and he told me no no it 's self recognizes 
so what I want to say we do not 
we just have to believe in this 
we have to believe that we are 
this movement of the 144,000 
and we have to understand the implications 
to believe that we have to give a 
testimony of the reason why I 
I say this story is because it does like 
two weeks 
a sister and a brother send me a 
and they said well brother jeff I love me 
we just realized that you had 
the word self recognize oneself desired 
if it is a word that is in writes 
is in English 
so what I want to say is that 
we have to recognize who are we 
and if you can not recognize who 
then you do not understand the 
importance of apte token of equality in 
team the importance of accepting that 
sign of being of the covenant people of 
and that 's the second message here 
angelic but I want to go to the third 
angelic message and possibly I'm already 
out of time now they are a lot 
management have one 1st 
and good unofficially we are going to 
go to chapter 22 regardless of the time 
and I said that genesis 15 was the first 
angel the 17 the second 
n 622 is the third message in genesis 
and these three chapters in genesis 
is where we find the gentleman entering 
in a pact with abraham in chapter turn 
it and chapter 22 
where the Lord tells brand that 
sacrifices his son for almost 
where you actively believe in descriptions 
and this is the classic passage of the bible 
about that of human faith 
where he says we have to have faith 
who had abraham 
and we saw that connection some 
years ago 
we reached a point in the 
time in our prophetic understanding 
where we realized that if you 
you eat the book when you eat it you have to 
so so this here we gave ourselves 
mind that it was an exclusive message 
and this became a pretty point 
big controversy where is 
they separated many people in the we sold it 
there were people over there who said good 
we can no longer do public evangelism 
nothing else you can give a message to 
there is a whole book of the web sister 
what is called evangelism 
the book and the whole book is about 
why should we do when and 
where should we evangelize 
but peter and all that movement walks 
saying that we should no longer do 
public evangelism 
and the Lord took us particularly to 
that chapter there 
because abraham exhibits 
that faith that is sustained only in the 
Word of God 
edward although that contradicts the word 
of God 
because the word says it tells me that 
says the bible that satan knew that 
satan would keep would be addressed his 
I lie 
so the testimony to brand is that he 
know the days where I lie 
so they would have known very well the 
command not to kill but sir 
said to him kill your son 
It is the demonstration of a faith 
that is willing to grab the 
word of god and hardware grabs the 
God's word even when she 
contradict the word of God 
I believe that no one can deny the truth 
that the sister says we have to 
do public evangelism 
but we come to the time in this 
where we end up understanding 
that God entered into a covenant with a people 
and at the same time he was going through 
high to a town before 
that belongs to him that in that period 
of time when a town that was the 
pact is being left through 
text we find that there is a work 
specific internal that is doing 
an evangelistic story that can be 
we open but we can show it too 
in the history of bassinet 
if the Lord entered into a pact with the 
children of israel in the red sea 
newmarket and because I would mark the pact 
there in the sea he is a doctor in the indec 
when the Lord enters into a covenant 
with you and me 
and we talk about when you 
word sr 
and me the meals 
Garwood because I'm called by you 
name hates lord of the games where 
is that an agent 
the lord entered into a pact with this 
and also not November 11 9 is 
no one 
does not say the word of God that the 
Hebrews were baptized in the Red Sea 
so that's why I say that in the Red Sea 
and the number 14 
before they lost 
they did not fail the tenth test and those two 
two of those spies simply accepted 
that they could be on the computer so 
when the lord broke that pact with that 
I entered into a pact with Joseph and Caleb 
and for the new ones the next 38 years 
there was an exclusive internal work 
an exclusive work for the people of 
Israel before the promised land 
and do public evangelism 
this was the beginning of an ancient israel 
so in our time equal 
because in the story of Jesus God was 
making a covenant they knew israel by 
one week 
he did that first three and a half years and 
then through the precise the 
disciples for three and a half years also 
and that message was not given to the Gentiles 
but until the year 34 seven years those 
seven years 
it was an exclusive and entire work not 
they want no one to see them hate I had 
both at the beginning and at the end of 
israel you already have 
the lord enters into a pact with um as he 
overlook a covenant people 
advent is when the Lord enters into a 
Covenant with him iron with him Adventism 
and milena martín baez 
the gentleman is thinking why leaving 
back to the covenant people of the 
and since 1844 
thousand 844 managua the line with which a 
sister I go to line 1844 of rating by and 
by Sister White says that the disappointment 
of 1844 and October 22 then time 
paiva of this can come from 
staples through the Chaco was typified 
through the puddle the disciples on the cross 
in the year 31 you exist after hp pipe 
but she also says it was 
typified by the Hitler regime by 
the chascon of the Hebrews 
in the red sea 
so I'm just taking them 
through logic 
in the red sea the lord 
and on October 22 144 Lord between a 
agreement with mineritos in stanford and 
sexual happen in 1846 what passion 
gold or white his name changed elin 
wood to him in the in white 
Paraguay is a symbol of the pact 
pact began to keep the Sabbath and already 
it was renamed 6 which is a symbol 
of the pact 
so there was an internal work that was 
made at that time and until it arrived 
until the year 1850 
and that graph and that diary 
that diagram was the first tool 
and 850 thousand ahead they are 
ready to do but at the beginning of 
the lord was entering the covenant with him 
miller adventism and it's 
of 1844 
an exclusive internal work being done 
where the message was not being 
taken the world 
I was not being taken to the Gentiles 
and I was not yet going towards the 
promised land 
these three witnesses that we have here that 
show that when the gentleman enters a 
pact with the 144,000 
there's going to be a period of time the 
years of wine and a man of kpn type 
where will there be a job that has to 
done exclusively within the 
and you can not be doing it should not 
be doing any kind 
you are manifesting the faith of abraham 
because I knew it was wrong to kill 
he had to be an example for the 
pagans who surrounded him 
and the climax of pagan religions 
I was human 
and you have already given a testimony to 
all those pagans that that kind of 
sacrifice was something satanic 
and of course brand knew very well that 
no human sacrifice should be made 
but then the lord comes and tells him 
I want you to do the ritual of 
murderer and you kill your son for me the 
sacrifice and the faith of abraham was so 
strong that was doing exactly what 
he said and it was of course a 
direct contradiction 
so when we are in this 
reform movement and we know and 
we say we do not owe any kind of 
evangelism when the Lord brought us to 
this understanding 
with an understanding similar to that 
that we will never have a more 
message that will be based on time but 
Here we find ourselves again 
We have November 9, 2019 
enersis and we have too many testimonials 
to be able to escape, nothing is 
ebrard faith the faith of abraham 
in abraham's faith was a 
direct contradiction to the issue of 
human sacrifices and the commandment of 
Name (s 
and this movement contradicts the issue of 
public evangelism and mercalli time 
because God illustrates the end of action and 
all this started 
and in fact I do not know when it was all 
this started 
but one of the most important points 
is can enter 
one of the points of Andrew Terán was 
that time that moment when 
we come to understand is 79 
and when we understood between 79 
we understood and understood that 
samuel is had not understood well between 
back left or left Babylon 
on the first day of the first month in the 
year 457 
the first day of the fifth month of the year 
but he had the decree the third 
decree in his hand when he left vélez 
and he took any effect that decree on 
the 10th day of the seventh month of 457 
and when samuel is not in connection with 
some other truths he understood all 
it allowed him to understand that that milestone 
tenth day of the seventh month was 22 of 
October 1844 
but we arrived that when this was 
and we realized that we should invest 
first month until the first and fifth 
It's 120 days 
and that from that point the next one is 70 
in product and from that moment 
We started looking at all the 
writings where we can find 
first day of the first month in each place 
where we could find the first day 
of the fifth 
the gentleman leads us to understand that 
number 120 is a symbol in this time 
and this number 70 and other symbols and vm 
they are complex to think about this 
program I'm like that talking a little 
out of the subject for a moment 
we come to understand that in the 
large scale which for us 
it would be 911 the midnight cry and the 
Sunday law 
and we know that the first law 
Sunday in the US marks the clamor of 
because we know that from the clamor of 
midnight until the Sunday law goes to 
have a series of Sunday laws 
everyone knows that 
we already mentioned in these 
that the cross typifies the decree of 
grain because the cross we can 
identify there and that's why there's 22 
October 1844 
which is followed by a curve 
and the hand uses the cross as a symbol of 
disappointment for the disciples 
they all follow me so the Sunday law 
is the cross in that sense and here too 
we have the law of vicar and everyone 
they continue with that 
it will be that the sacrifice of isaac 
the type of the cross 
so how old was abraham when 
he had to sacrifice isaac 
he was 120 when he had to 
sacrifice that take you directly to the 
medium day to that milestone 
and that milestone that is a law because the 
third angelic message 
the message of tennessee 22 in the law 
Sunday in that 17 is the second 
message of interest 
genesis 15 is the first message that you 
you're never going to put a third 
message if the first and second 
because these three messages are 
in our history 
since Jesus illustrates the end from the 
but you and I have been called to be 
andy la esnat minecraft our law 
Sunday is not the love of midnight is 
they got it down and I do not want to get in 
and fractals at this time 
on that level and as priests this 
small Sunday law here is web is 
grace and fast 
at midnight 
I say raffia 
and some of us understand 
but even though we understand it 
fractus we are still arguing a 
little about the party but I do not 
I'm discussing makes fractals 
you can apply that there for the 
priests of this tent and be hairtech 
that here is the sacrifice of isaac 
place doing I want to put that in 
place that abraham was 120 years old 
when you went with sacrifico the brandery 
when he was going to sacrifice hoisting in the 
third message in which the ico to bit 
and the third angelic message is a 
decree of a decree 
and yes 
and there is another decree that we could 
mark it as the first convention 
continental institutional duty already 
Priori we have 
we have a Sunday decree in 1893 
and those things pointing to the decree that 
we wait for the night 
Let's pray 
that's all I wanted to say 
about genesis 15 17 and 22 
we put