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good morning everyone 
and this is our third presentation 
and we want to make a short summary 
before entering the part of today do not 
But as always, once again, I want 
invite them to pray together for 
Lord, bless us in this hour 
dear to the heavenly we praise you 
thank you we want to concentrate and 
directing our minds to the study of your 
word for it we need that we 
you help through the holy spirit 
guide your children to understand the 
things that are written in the saint 
dear father be with us so that 
we can understand the things that maybe 
they seem difficult 
and our minds get the message that 
you are giving and that you have been giving 
these people long ago 
in the name of Jesus I also want 
ask you to direct my words I speak 
according to your will and also 
the technical part is protected so that 
everything can be recorded well 
be to the benefit of others more in the 
name of jesus amen 
well our subject today is a 
continuation of course and it's called the 
platform of our faith 
this has to do with the sol mining 
and let's see why we have 
that study mining history 
because it's so important despite what 
that we have already seen what point we have seen 
in these days and that should motivate us 
study the mining history 
I need your shares 
the parallel lines the middle school 
list repeats 
what parable do we know in the bible that 
tells us the mining history 
the word the ten virgins and that says 
elena white in that parable of ten 
that has been fulfilled and will be repeated at the foot 
of the letter ok 
here we already have some points that we 
they will give us information and give us 
motivation to study this story 
it repeats itself verbatim we have to 
understanding it suits us is important 
very well that we have seen more yesterday 
we have seen several things so that what 
remember what you remember to see what 
you want has remained as information 
an example one of the things 
we are doing the repetition 
for the benefit of each one of us but 
also because we have some that do not 
have attended yesterday 
and they also need to enter the 
then one of the things that we have 
seen yesterday 
the interpretation of prophecy there are two 
techniques the first as you said 
interpret prophecy literally 
the second 
interpret prophecy figuratively 
thank you very much 
another person who can explain what 
means to interpret prophecy 
what it means to interpret prophecy 
ok interpret the words of the 
prophecy taking it as it is 
they have written it talks about water then 
that speaks of literal water is already spoken of 
jerusalem we are thinking about the city 
that there is in the middle east until 
today the literal jerusalem 
On the contrary, what is the 
figurative interpretation of prophecy 
symbolic we could also say 
then water would be what 
for being people crowds people 
what else can be water in the bible 
the word of god 
what else can it be 
the rain the holy spirit then in 
the figurative interpretation open us 
we are opened many possibilities and 
then we have to see the context 
which one has to be applied 
jerusalem that would come to be then 
the people of god symbol for jerusalem 
very well that is very important and which ones 
of those two methods have used the 
first Adventists 
that's the way we want to use because 
we want to use that form this method here 
because we need to understand prophecies 
figuratively and not literally 
who is our teacher in all 
Jesus Christ and that I use that the method used 
Christ this figurative west an example 
the word d 
all the words parables 
we see that we said yesterday that for 
we will talk about what story we have given as 
already but it's there we have not seen how he believes 
Jesus interprets it not 
wheat the tares 
ok to us what we have already implemented but 
an example where Christ shows us how 
he interprets 
the destruction of the temple already exactly 
where it says we are not talking about the 
true temple of stones but we are 
talking about my body he makes a 
figurative interpretation of prophecy 
another example that I mentioned with him 
says they have to eat my meat 
and drink my blood 
people are offended but he says clearly not 
I do not speak of blood meat I speak of me 
I do not speak of my body I speak of 
of the meaning 
figurative of those things 
very good very important that we are going to 
have to remember and apply 
what else have we seen yesterday 
something very interesting yesterday when closing the 
the 10 commandments that we have seen with 
the 10 Commandments 
let's apply it here I will explain 
again why yesterday in the recording 
we have not 
we have not recorded this 
the 10 commandments 
how many laws do you have in the first table 
and because he has four laws here 
ok the first four the first 
four commandments speak about the 
relationship of the human being with god 
then how many how many commandments in 
the second table 
which is different from those 6 to the 
first 4 
those make up or talk about the relationship 
of man with 
with man and man god man 
very good and interesting here 
from those two numbers 46 we could 
say 46 
46 years old 
the construction of the temple 
as we know that what was the text that 
We have seen 
what text have we read where it says that 
where was the text 
that was another text 
sanjuán chapter 
that was a text that speaks for 46 years and 
we have seen another text 
the last verses do not 
and he also talks about 46 years left 
46 years old 
do not 
46 days and they have to see those 46 
with the construction of the temple 
ok moisés went to the mountain 
to that mountain it went and it remained in total 46 
days in the bush 
and in this in that instance God 
He showed the construction of the temple 
then we have seen that the 46 are a 
symbol of the construction of the temple of 
God the commandments are a foundation 
from the temple of God and are saved where 
are save the two are save the ten 
in the ark of the dvornyk pact and from which 
of agreement 
in the most holy place of the temple by the 
another date we have seen 46 which 
46 years where more 
in the history and of miller lemos 
since when 
from 1798 from the time of the end up 
the end 
of the time in which God formed a 
spiritual temple as it is called that 
spiritual time that was formed in 
the mining movement or as if 
we name in the result 
spiritual israel the spiritual temple 
already the chosen people of god 
the Adventist people this is here it was 
built that temple 
in a period of 46 years this is done 
because he did not build any temple of 
stones or fabrics or gold but beings 
humans forming that temple 
something more than memories of yesterday 
they have heard that 
How many chromosomes does the temple have? 
of the body 
chromosomes life teaches us that 
our body is the temple 
and this body this temple is to build 
by 46 chance chromosomes 
in this line here of four witnesses 
that we are placing not five witnesses 
we see that all those times is number 46 
symbolizes the construction of a temple 
be a stone temple in the time of 
jesus be the temple time of different 
materials in the time of bassinet be the 
spiritual temple that was formed in the 
miner's time as the church of God 
or the temple that is in your body 
very well 
thank you very much 
anything else 
well more things we have said for that 
they were like this the basic information such 
time or more important or more interesting 
that we remember then we are going to 
continue now with the platform 
our faith and we want to open the first 
the established faith of the body 
this is an appointment 
of first writings if someone has it 
by hand you can also read it first 
written pages 258 onwards 
and here elena white tells the story 
Minerist us today we want 
go more into the details of those in the 
military history here we want 
understand that story because that 
history repeats itself verbatim and 
let's give more arguments because 
We need to understand that history 
this story is like if you 
they were asking their parents how 
it was all they did not serve how was that 
time grandma has said that 
worked grandpa asking the 
history of the beginning the background 
I liked it before because I liked it 
always listen to the stories of 
my dad when he lived on the beach in peru 
when I was young and lived in the areas of 
peace when they went on vacation with 
his sisters and his parents are for me 
this interested them I wanted to know about my 
another grandfather who lived in the time of 
adolf hitler how was it that you did in 
that time that's interesting things 
because I come from this that is my 
my past between ancestors and 
we know almost nothing of 
our spiritual ancestors 
the miners are the ancestors of 
our church and almost nothing we know yesterday 
we remembered more or less who he was 
Guillermo Miliar 
a pioneer the main pioneer who 
he opened the way and now we want 
study this where we come from 
this story here is a story 
the number 40 in science should we 
saying a lot is not an accident this 
then we take here the first appointment vi 
a small company 
that a small company was kept 
foot well guarded and firm denying your 
support for those who would unsettle 
the established faith of the body the faith 
established of the body god looked with 
approval to that company were very 
shown three steps 
the messages of the first angel of 
second and the third said my angel 
companion to the one who moved a 
block or a plug of those messages 
the true understanding of those 
messages is of vital importance 
what does it mean 
that this is important is vital 
/ death audio 
and so he tells you the fate of the weapons 
it depends on the way they are in that 
they are received 
I do not know about paragraph 
very well how many steps has the 
123 what was the first step 
first angelic message the second 
the second angelic message the third 
the third angelic message because she 
he described it as steps 
you have to climb is not true 
you have to ascend 
because one is here and one wants to get there 
but you can not take the third 
step without first taking the first 
I think it's so simple and so logical 
but that's very important the steps 
has a sequence the first one comes 
first the second second and that's not 
accident we're going to see in those days and 
Gabriel will also contribute more about 
this topic what are those steps which 
what are the 
angelic messages 1 to 3 
now because we need 
understand that 
what does she say 
they are the importance is vital 
they believe that our life depends on 
understand this here 
maybe we do not believe it we do not know 
we have never heard but not what 
she says 
said my accompanying angel to and from that 
that moves a block a pin its 
messages that means moving a block 
a plug 
changing a bit is not true 
what happens if I 
I do this here 
if I move a block 
it's going to be harder to climb is not 
true that he could fall 
so simple is the thing or it seems that 
I have 1 2 3 4 and a confusion of things 
that's what you want to explain, you do not 
you can move nothing what happens if you 
You take a block out of here 
What's up 
if one can here what happens 
it comes down, that's what he wants 
saying how it's done is perfect 
it's designed so you do not have to touch it 
that is a masterpiece a work 
the truth the true understanding of 
those messages is of vital importance the 
The fate of those also depends on the 
way they are received who from 
we can say that he understands 
the meaning of these three of those 
three steps 
I'm not going to ask, I'm not going to see anyone and 
that I only want us 
we reflect we understand the meaning 
of the three angelic messages 
maybe one or two two hands 
hands ok 
this vital importance but they come 
that we have the time still grace 
of God to study it together we are 
here to learn that and I think that 
for that you have also come 
men to a prophecy seminar are 
those the things that we need 
this appointment continues next page by 
I was once again made to travel those 
messages and I saw at what high price there was 
obtained his experience of the town of 
god- he got it by much, very much 
suffering and severe conflict god what 
had driven step by step because step 
this is here step by step is not true 
one message after another 
2. 3 
step by step 
God had known him step by step until 
put it on a solid platform and 
and that's what we want to study today 
a little 
what is that platform 
that was placed 
in a very stable durable way 
I saw certain people approach the 
platform and examine its foundation 
some immediately climbed to it 
with rejoicing others began to 
find flaws in the foundation 
of what foundation speaks of the Yaqui 
interpreting now literally or 
spiritual that depending on you 
and that the foundation of speech 
minerista speaks of movement and 
talks about the work they had for us 
understand what God had written not 
it was easy 
that they understood the three messages 
and having a compliment that they were 
on a platform that platform 
what foundation 
spiritual foundation 
of the convictions of faith 
the beliefs that I held that 
to correct 
that were established for centuries but 
that had been mixed with fakes 
doctrines I had to correct and another 
make a firm and solid foundation 
but what happened to the time 
what's up with this foundation 
everyone liked it 
and they started to look seriously here 
has a line 
you have to throw more cement 
the color I do not like at all we're going to 
paint it green and white 
that is, they started to remove stones 
this material does not seem very durable 
let's put another material 
and that's what happened with time and there 
we are today since its foundation 
it was changed here taken things out here I've 
removed a pebble here placed another 
stone that has that prettiest shape 
also and we have a foundation that already 
it is not solid that is no longer so perfect 
but the human being sees it that way he thinks that 
it's better 
and that is the problem for us today 
in our generation we are in a 
foundation that is no longer perfect as in 
that time that was placed 
we continue 
others began to find defects in 
the foundation they wanted to be made 
improvements then the platform would be more 
perfect and people much happier 
some got off the platform to 
to examine it and they declared that 
it was misplaced 
but I saw that almost everyone remained 
firm on the platform and exhorted 
those who had come down from it to be 
they make their complaints because God was the 
master craftsman 
and they were fighting against him 
related in the wonderful work done 
by god who had led them to the 
firm platform and the unison were 
eyes to heaven and with a strong voice 
they glorified goodbye this affected 
some of those who had complained and 
leaving the platform and these with 
humble appearance they went back up to it 
small question here the technique when 
we started 
then we have left 
very well 
of course now there is still a little 
the question because he does not say it 
which is the platform talks about which 
we are talking about what he is referring to 
they gave specifically with that platform 
we have seen that it has to do with 
three angelic messages but let's 
see the next appointment with which we are going 
to explain the platform 
you who had back you can 
read this more or less you see already 
the platform 
God help you receive the words 
I have spoken 
this is a text of the review magazine 
April 14 , 1903 God help you 
receive the words that I have spoken that 
those who remain as a watchtower 
on the walls of sion are men who 
can see the dangers in front of 
people men who can distinguish 
between truth and error justice and 
the injustice the warning has arrived 
nothing should be allowed to enter that alter 
the platform of faith upon which 
we have built since the message 
came by 
2. 3 
what does that mean 
when it was placed on the platform 
here they learned we have a first 
that the platform was placed 
in that period 
up to 1100 54 
and a table we will correct 
we want a platform 
let's continue and let's go back to that part 
was in the message she was in the 
message and since then I've been to 
standing before the world faithful to the light that 
God has given us 
we do not propose to remove the feet of the 
platform on which they were placed 
while day by day we looked for the Lord 
with sincere prayer looking for light 
Do you think that I could leave the 
light that God has given me should be like 
rock of eternity has guided me from 
what was given to me 
then elena white relates that in her 
experience in the miller movement is 
in those times they had to pass 
for a hard process but in that process 
so they understood it 
established the platform 
Who remembers now notice the text 
that we have read here this morning 
to start the presentation before the 
to baku 
chapter we will go there again 
212 because here we have a connection with 
that text 
chapter 2 verse 1 
they do not have all it's a bit difficult 
find that is because it's a good book 
little boy comes after 
last books of the old testament a 
or my sophonias are not those books either 
that we know exactly where they are left to 
sometimes not 
one of the last books to backup 
Episode 2 
about my guard I will be saying that we have 
listened who is he who is on 
he keeps it as it is called in his office 
that says here that we have heard 
and the previous text can put wings 
God help you receive the words 
that I have spoken that those who 
they remain as a watchtower on the walls 
deion are men who can see the 
dangers of the people then this 
it is the work of the watchtower 
about where the watchtower is placed 
well we got here 
well a tower 
before they built 
in the wall 
they were placed here 
and up here this watchtower 
and what the watchtower does 
he observes what he is up there for 
is observing what 
exactly basically the watchtower has 
that function of looking away if you approach 
some danger 
because the town where the town is 
the town was not always within the 
city the city 
formerly it is a fortress where one 
you can flee in situations of 
emergency but not all the time one 
works brave because it takes inside not 
there were fields is not true 
there was not much space 
then the town 
basically it 's outside 
walking buying doing homework 
and the people of course down there in 
your places do not see 
the danger that was approaching then what 
does the watchtower with 9 that comes a 
as advertised 
that's the symbology of the bible the 
play the trumpet 
he announces in the village view 
hurry back come in all the 
we are going to close the gates here in 
let's be sure 
if you go you work in the field that 
you have to do 
Hurry to get your things out if you can 
leave and get the city look for you 
family your children we go all in that 
is the idea that's the image that the 
bible here is not explaining or 
and when placing it on my guard I will be and 
on the platform the fortress 
affirm the foot and watch to see what 
I will then be told that watchtower here of 
and if you want, you can say that 
watchtower was abacuc 
it was a good watchtower smoked watchtower 
today what are the watchtowers not 
spiritual not to whoever we say in the 
Bolivian people 
well I was thinking about something else 
profane may be the cops not in 
theory that they have to save and have 
that ensuring the safety of the people does not 
it's true they have to go around 
neighborhood have to give 
benefit of those tragic 
I was so eager many times I have been 
repeated having a camera with me 
because sometimes you see situations so 
funny with a guardian or where a 
police is 
resting in the depths of what 
that's not his function he has to 
save here he has and one can pass 
to enter anything happens and he does not 
is attentive but watchtower here is 
the fortress and he is ready he is 
looking and what he says now he has a 
and I will watch to see what I will be told 
what and what I have to answer about me 
we have a small problem here in the 
translation just in case someone has the 
bible with the comments of elena 
white life of study 
and you have there to see you can read you by 
please as he translates 
avacu chapter 2 verse 1 
because in those bibles I do not know what version 
you have another other translation used 
I am using here the 
the most common translation in Spanish the 
Queen valera 
1960 if it opened but also in that 
bible I see that the queen is used 
Valera Gomez 
what is a correction or an adaptation 
of the queen valera by a theologian who 
llama gomez who lives in mexico and has 
adapted a little closer to the king 
james from English 
some things are better reads 
that is, when 
again when it's 
and repressed 
that the difference of those two 
in our text who complains 
the watchman complains 
and that of responding to my complaint the 
watchtower complain here but that says ali 
who complains 
it means when he has been reprimanded 
when I the watchman has been rebuked 
who represses it or who retains it 
well the difference 
in the queen valera 60 
he complains to God 
but in that translation in translation 
in English where tim james also he does not 
complains but people complain 
and the watchman says the Lord that I'm going to 
say that people who are complaining about 
that they were complaining 
for that watchtower the veil what happens 
he sees that there comes an enemy 
and he calls the people he says among all 
fast fast there are not few already of little 
time are very close and he could say 
always the same we have already heard that 
again you always say that we 
let's hurry surely long time 
it is not true this one that says you know 
who is that is the real son no no 
you have to take much into account what 
he says he has no education is man of 
people complain do not believe this message 
but the Catalan is distressed because he 
see then the Lord what we should do 
I should make you sing 
this they will ignite the m 
reprimand in the message 
I know what will happen they will die 
look and there are the children there are the 
enemies of them do not see it 
there is a forest they do not see he is 
distressed by the situation 
is one of the translations 
that are much better there in the queen 
valera gómez and in English also 
and here our version the queen valera 
you can not understand the message 
prophetic correctly let's continue and 
Jehovah answered me and said he writes the 
vision and declares the in tables so that 
run the one who read in it then the 
problem was in the town I did not want 
run but now he gives you a message and 
says write the vision 
and declare it inscribes what you see no 
It is true 
and declare it in tables 
that story that we are seeing 
here has an application 
we are not in an application 
literally we are not talking about any 
watchtower that we are on a wall or 
on a tower we are talking here about 
a history this watchtower 
william miller 
that me and the miller demo 
that was the vision that had 
the return of Jesus 
what it meant the return of Jesus and one 
I was not prepared 
and the trial 
the day 
that the 2300 evenings and mornings 
they began beginning 457 before 
Christ-they were finishing 
he is here in the watchtower 
and in the sight of the Protestant people of 
your generation and do not believe it 
they do not believe it then he says I should 
do god they say declares the vision 
and write it in tables 
in those days we're going to show that the 
miners produced a table one 
table where they placed the vision the 
prophetic message 
but we are not there yet 
then this is what he is not 
speaking here you need 
this was a time where that happened 
and let's continue and we'll see if 
this speaks of the mining experience 
in verse 3 although the vision 
it will still take for a while longer it 
hurry towards the end and not lie 
although I'll be waiting because I 'm sure 
they will come to notice 
what is that information of the delay 
there was a mining experience a 
who was late 
Yesterday we saw 25 work mateo 
10 virgins the husband was late 
and they were late but the 
vision take wait says it because 
surely it will be fulfilled and when 
comes the midnight cry 
so they knew that if the 
husband that is this here 
maybe you do not see it yet we're going to 
go back to those texts and we will affirm 
this what is said abacuc was fulfilled 
exactly the mining history 
and they understood this they 
they understood that they were that watchtower 
they understood that they had to 
declare the vision to all the people and 
they understood that they have to produce 
a prophetic diagram those things them 
they understood that they fulfilled that 
and when he in water says this 
he says it because he talks about his own 
again maybe now understanding better 
this message 
I was in the message and since then I've 
been standing in front of the world faithful to 
the light that God has given us no 
we propose to remove the feet of the 
platform on which they were placed 
while we sought have days per day 
changed the text 
but that does not talk about the 
of the watchtower is not true 
is still confused here 
that's fine god help him 
to receive 
the words that I talked about those 
that remain as watchtower over the 
Walls of Zion are men who can 
see the dangers in front of the people 
men who can distinguish between 
truth and error justice and 
injustice the warning has arrived 
nothing should be allowed to enter that alter 
the platform of faith upon which 
we have meant since the message 
he came in 42 43 and 44 
We have about 10 minutes left. Let's read 
some more texts here 
how much time we already have in the video 
we go for the time of the video 
because one hour we can only record without 
the following text please 
God is not giving us a new message 
we have to proclaim the message that in 
43 and 44 separated us from the other churches 
wow how is that she says no 
we have no new message today 
that we must program the message that was 
given when 
that the message may 2008 53 44 
because we do not know those things 
that's the foundation of the platform 
our faith these messages 
we should not have a message 
but we have a new message and 
we also do not have this more disappeared 
this message between us something has 
past in the past 
we no longer know what the 
foundation of our faith 
It's very simple 
detect it because it says no 
God is not giving us a new message 
we have to proclaim the message that in 43 
and 48 count 4 separated us from the others 
she also says that there is news that there will be 
new light 
if someone knows that appointment and who is going to 
have new light new light 
I think we know this 
and that is in contradiction with that 
how can it be that she says she has to 
have new light and at the same time 
says there is not a new message we want 
schedule this message 
how can we join these 22 expressions 
to the new light is about this or 
harmony with this 
what is the general theme called 
We are presenting here 
the repetition of the story 
this message that he had that has been 
forgotten has to be repeated because 
history repeats itself 
and that's why it's a new message for that 
generation is actually a message 
old because it 's a repeat now 
there are more details here we do not 
we have to program the very same 
message that Christ comes in 44 because 
we have to have well that means to 
repeat this message 
but at the same time that same message 
there is no discord in what she says 
next text 
fundamental truths God has given me 
concerning our publications 
and he said that the dead speak as 
your works will follow you we must repeat 
the words of the pioneers in our 
labor who knew what it cost 
look for the truth as hidden treasure and 
who worked to place the 
foundations of our work who placed 
the foundations of our work the 
similes in our faith 
the pioneers when they did 
well in that time here 
and we're going to explain why we should 
actually from 1840 to 1854 
elena white also does it let's see 
next that appointment 
one by one the pioneers are 
dying the word that has been given to me 
let what these men 
have written in the past has 
lemon espanyol 
when books there are sold and humble 
officially up here I know our 
church did not translate any 
a little bit a little dedicated to him in first 
writings he devotes chapters on the already 
but from him he has written a lot 
because there is nothing there is a ministry that 
know in the USA that has translated some 
texts a book he created 
that she says let the truths 
what are the foundations of our faith be 
posts in front of people 
now we must understand what the 
pillars of faith the truths that we 
they have made the town that we are guiding us 
Step by Step 
she had to ensure that the texts 
of the pioneers be reproduced 
how many texts do we have 
translated into spanish by carlos 
perhaps we know who this was 
or the exhibitions of Leeds beans 
giving that light about what the sanctuary is 
heavenly what happened on October 22 
how much do we have of him 
jaime white who also wrote 
ore josué you see the biography is not true 
for example 
of laburo because there is nothing in Spanish 
because something has not happened is not true 
something has happened something is not right because 
tells him that we have to have those 
texts we have to 
know the experience of those men who 
was guided step by step 
and one thing one thing I want to leave 
clear before being to this presentation 
I'm not doing a defense here 
general of all that the pioneers have 
I do not say that all the pioneers 
they thought they were taught that everything was 
good and correct 
what they understood in this time 
was preached by all the pioneers there 
a specific message that united the 
pioneers in that time 
before and after other things that are not 
fundamentals of our faith for that and you 
says both those dates 
God asks us to have our time 
and effort to the office of preaching to the 
public the messages that moved 
men and women in 1843 and 1844 
that's also why we're doing 
We have no seminar 
sold in my idea what happened in that 
we should be seeing that 
they are fulfilling the important because 
we should learn this 
is the foundation of our faith not 
we have no idea 
and unfortunately, there is not much 
translate Spanish is very difficult to 
we who do not speak another language 
or that does not speak English specifically of 
understand that they have talked about those 
men because there is no material 
and we finish with the next appointment to 
is now 
the truths that we received in 1841 and 
1842 thousand 253 and thousand 854 must be 
studied and proclaimed 
the messages of the first and the second and 
of the third angel will be proclaimed in the 
loudly they will be given as a 
serious determination and with the power of 
good she what she does all the time 
she affirms and defends the messages of 
time and she also says that these 
messages equal to 1st messages 
and third message 
Until then, then we are left with 
is now 
and let's continue there's more to explain