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that the Lord I want to praise you on that day 
holy I want to thank you for this 
to record a subject of studying here with 
the brothers and we want that to be for 
the blessing 
and many more 
remember us from the old ones and 
that that generation of your people needs 
understand to be prepared for 
of the trial that are at the door in the 
name of Jesus 
very well today's topic are the 
prophetic diagrams 
I'm not sure if I'm going to present 
only one of the diagrams that is the 
first that the story reached the 
division diagram of 53 or both this that 
it seems there are some who do not know what it contains 
almost the same as the other the diagram 
1,150 but that's the subject of our 
that diagram we call from the diagram 
of 1843 arrived in the movement 
1942 FIFA World Cup then why 
we call why that diagram is called 
the dimension diagram 53 by the simple 
reason that to whom is the diagram is 
enunciates the coming of Christ 
in the year 43 they believed at this height 
still that Christ was going to come to the 
land in the year 43 to kilos 
and also says it 
that's why that diagram has the name of 
prophetic diagram of 1,053 but it was 
proposed its production 
a conference 
in May 1800 
in this conference two men 
and other 
presented to the congregation is their idea 
to put all the prophecies that the 
miner movement was teaching and 
understanding as faith 
the basis of faith of this movement for 
reach the conclusions of the coming 
of Christ in 43 in a diagram so that 
be easier to study it to 
have it visually present ok and they 
they do it and here I have a text that 
briefly relates this 
this historical event is of 
then beige joshua bits 
his book is called the autobiography of 
joshua page 
pajín in 283 only in auto English 
autobiography of lion dates there says what 
in May 1842 a general conference 
was held in massachusetts boston in the 
opening of that meeting brothers charles 
fitz and apolo sail of jáiber díaz 
presented the pictorial prophecies 
pictorial of daniel and juan that had 
painted on canvas with the numbers 
prophetic showing their fulfillment 
fitch brothers in explaining their 
letter before the conference said 
while examining these prophecies there was 
thought that if he could get something out of 
the style as in this case I present it 
would simplify the subject and make it more 
easy to present the topic in an audience 
very well is not true today we would say that 
It is a very didactic method 
widely used learning success 
these brothers had been doing what 
that the gentleman had shown abacuc in 
his vision in 2,478 before saying 
write the vision and declare the in tables 
so he runs to run the one that 
leads in it because the vision is still 
for a designated time after a brief 
debate on the subject was voted by 
unanimously to have 300 lithographed 
similar to this one that was soon fulfilled 
they were called the diagrams of 
43 this was a very conference 
important then is the diagram that 
they had proposed 
300 times because three hundred times 
because the miners had 300 
presenters or ministers 
in their movement and for everyone 
have one with one I get 
and they hung it behind them 
they needed 300 
we have read an explanation 
a one weighing analysis is said to 
they fulfilled a vision that is in 
the bible and we're going to go to that text that 
he mentions they are abacuc chapter 2 
the second verse 
but we can start from the first 
says well about my guardian is about the 
fortress I will sign the foot and bill I will 
to see what I will be told and what I have to 
answer about my complaint 
and jehovah answered me and said write the 
vision and declares the in tables 
so that run runs the one that he chose in 
Now that says you see is 
in application of that verse that they 
they had to write the vision and declare 
in tables 
that was fulfilled by todd phillips already 
by him through 
It is the diagram 
let's explain that verse a bit 
here and for this I prefer to use another 
bible is actually the bible of the 
queen valera gomez 
it was translated by a minister 
mexico in brother gomez 
and he has tried to 
about the translation of the queen valera 
a little closer to English life the 
king james 
that we understand is the best bible 
translated that we have today in 
day closer to 
to the original text closer to what the 
Lord really meant 
in his word now here translates a little 
different from the text 
avacu 2 I'm going to read verses 1 
about my guard I'll be a guard 
a guard 
a tower 
about what 
the sentinel was positioned 
to be able to see the movements of such 
once thieves or enemies 
and in that way announce 
from up here to the town 
it could be a 
a threat 
an attack and the people that down here 
I was and I did not see because I did not have 
position what was going to come then in 
that moment they could 
run away 
and hide and find protection 
behind the walls 
from the city 
in the logic of the sentinel 
now that sentinel 
that was William Miller 
and he was this 
the man who did his job well 
because as the text says he was 
about his guard 
he had his feet firmly on the fortress 
and he was watching then he did not 
nothing wrong rather it was correct and it was 
well the work I did of course 
the fortress on which he 
founded was the word of God were 
the fundamentals that in each line of 
form at the beginning they place that god 
through the angels sanz had them 
demonstrated were also as Elena says 
white at another time were the beginnings 
of the chain of truth that he had 
discovered he had understood and 
then he was on guard 
events close to the town and what 
they rejected they did not want to hear it 
they wanted to hear and that's where it comes from 
then your concern and question to the 
sir what should he do 
and here the Lord responds in the 2nd century and 
he goes he answered me and said he writes the 
vision and declares the in tables so that 
run the one that wounds you in it Daniel 
distinguishes between different 
visions of a general overview in total 
all prophetic history and depp or be 
another vision that talks about the events 
endings where Christ enters into action 
at the end of the big lines 
prophetic in this case would be here the 
history around October 
that vision would have to write has 
and facilitate it in a way so that 
everyone could see it more 
easier and in this here it says clearly 
the bible had to declare it in tables 
this was done because in history the 
wholesalers these 
produced when they placed the 
golden ones that Milan had discovered 
about the emission diagram of 43 
and that had its effect that we're going to see 
although the vision will still take a 
time says my cycle three more is 
hurry towards the end and not lie 
although I will wait for it because without a doubt 
will come that verse will not delay 
miristas had he had not understood 
understood the beginning but then when 
He spent time with him is a trauma 
delay that they understood what 
had overlooked that the bible 
declared that they will go through a 
time of delay that time arrived 
when he returned they entered the 
in the first disappointment April 19 in 1984 
and you have to wait for this also that 
moment that the words of the three 
virgins when they waited for the 
husband who apparently was late 
then the verse here tells us 
clearly we are talking about the 
military history 
miller then is the sentinel the 
people who heard his warning were 
the Protestants the strength were the 
prophetic truths that he 
and the other thousand edges had understood 
and they were proclaiming 
and those tables on which they should 
declare the truths the vision was 
those tables that produced them 
from May 1842 the diagram of 
1843 there they had all the truths 
this was this that was represent the 
foundation on which miller and his 
companions of the message were placed 
well then let's read a text of 
inspired encouragement to have a second 
testimony here in the biblical text that 
declared this event about 2300 when 
they were 2000 
as it says 
more than 2000 years earlier the truth of this 
then thousand 468 before 
the inspired testimony studies a hundred 
of those texts in the pamphlet that 
we are giving to accompany this series 
about the ancient dinners we find 
this in first writings page 74 I have 
seen that the 1053 diagram was 
directed by the hand of the Lord and who does not 
must be altered moment that says I've 
seen what do you mean with him and nabai 
says I have seen 
A vision 
he just saw it he has not just seen it 
or night or day a vision 
I've seen that it came from 1,053 that 
diagram was already directed by the hand of the 
sir and that should not be altered 
it would be enough for me 
if this was directed by the hand of the 
sir she saw it in vision and she did not 
must be altered dear brothers that 
it's a very strong testimony about the 
meaning and the importance of this 
diagram that the mineworkers have made and 
continues the figures were like 
he wanted them in English figures too 
can serve you as English figures of 
figures is to fix everything bone 
the numbers the figures ok 
how he wanted them to be that the figures were 
how he wanted them to have his hand covered and 
hid a mistake in some of 
the figures so that nobody could see it 
until the hand of God ' departed 
then a mistake 
It was covered by the hand of the Lord 
here again 
as she says 
and that education appears multiple times 
or several times 
in fact they appear twice 
here but it's the same mistake they are no longer 
several errors like the theologians who 
today they want us 
and to make understand they say that here 
there are several errors 508 that we no longer see 
so that 
that has continuous relationship 
here as the idealists saw that the 
fifth trumpet were the Muslims 
Arabs and the sixth also that's not 
true that is what we say today 
us what we teach today 
what here says that 
say the theologians that the 2,520 is a 
prophecy of time that validates us but 
here says it was directed by the mother of 
sir and it should not be altered that the 
brothers here we have a testimony to 
which you can accelerate can 
grab and study and that's how the 
sir wanted is written is placed and 
in the diagram by inspiration 
good one according to an inspired text 
we also find in the collection of 
back and magan 
pay them median 
a collection of texts that has not been 
translated into Spanish is almost the same 
clint testimony to guaita remove ya but 
says a little different says like that and that the 
truth must be clearly presented in 
tables that the earth and its fullness are 
of the Lord and that the necessary resources 
for this they should not be retained and 
that the old letter is taken out 
quality referred was directed by the 
sir and that no number of him should already 
be altered except by inspiration 
everything is fine everything is correct not 
must be changed except inspiration 
declare this 
and from inspiration 
asked that a number be changed and that therefore 
of 43 
do 44 and of course they have done it in 
that diagram which we will speak the 
another presentation 
here there is no date 43 as the point 
determinant of the 2300 other 1500 and 20 
well it was done that was fulfilled then 
that the grays made another way 
where they changed some dates not 
contradicted then what had 
said in early writings where it 
apparently where clearly 
clearly no one is allowed 
alteration is something because of the 
inspiration and that the old tasting was 
directed by the gentleman in that none 
figure of it should be altered that type 
of inspiration so the figures from the 
table were how God wants them and that 
his hand covered and concealed a mistake 
in some of the citadels so that 
none should see it until his hand 
was withdrawn when his hand was withdrawn 
then in the events that last them 
miner in June 1054 when he arrived 
the midnight cry in the 
discoveries that we are not communicating 
the dentist thumb out there in pulling to 
and they saw that it should not have been 
43 the determining year of the prophecies 
prophetic lines but 44 
then they understand that really two 
of four account our calendars 
where the days ended 
we have lived the avacu text then 
we have seen the testimony of the spirit 
of prophecy on that diagram and because 
we know the diagram 
17 in this presentation has its 
for them because we have lost them 
no we are not in other paths no longer 
plays a role that diagram no longer forms 
part of what we understand as 
foundation of our faith of the 
study materials that we 
we should have 
we have not forgotten what we have rediscovered 
I put that diagram in reality 
historians always knew that 
I had sat 
existed and there is that diagram in three 
universities a university 
at least what I know 
in our church there is a diagram in 
very bad condition 
the most beautiful in california 
there are two diagrams this and this very good 
been and there's also at the university 
of aurora 
and that's it 
I could see those diagrams in 
hill and aurora and aurora 
take the opportunity to see also 
the collection of letters of quilab mylar 
that the counselors neither na great collection 
of letters 
and a specific letter interested me was 
a letter from 
that he did before presenting that 
where you have a concern about a 
date 5 ° 8 
before placing it to whom the diagram 
interesting you researched investigated before 
what he later would accept and 
unfortunately I do not know can not tell me 
if there is a biliary response 
this question that pitch letter 
it would be interesting 
see how he explains 
very well 
what is the following text 
simply with placing here as a 
another testimony that is a text by jaime 
the text that he wrote of being them 
you have made the third angelic message 
page 2 
says the following today read a little bit of 
He said through the prophet writes 
vision will indicate the in tables 
so that he runs and they read the 22 everything 
the Adventist people once believed that 
the publication of the visions of 
angeli de juan in the book of the 
visions of daniel and juan the diagram 
which the speedy messengers taught in 
1,052 and with which in three was a 
fulfillment of that prophecy 
reminds us that all he was dentist 
well in his own time apparently 
he no longer believed in all of these he wrote 
this 1150 
but once they thought it was a 
fulfillment of the prophecy and so it was 
continues and the disbelief of those who 
doubt now does not prove that all 
we were wrong then I do not know 
he defends we fulfill that process of 
the avacu prophecy that by that 
the passage of time and the perpetual relapse 
and the disbelief of the financiers 
have changed this truth from God to a 
lie but it's still true yet 
that is, what does that mean? 
they are very strong we have spirit and 
prophecy we have white genius the leader of 
movement has felt after the great 
defending what is here are 
truths god wanted this that's the 
foundation that was placed in the 
military movement over the me they have 
built everything they believe 
hence we have meant about 
this we build is built 
the church from the seventh day 
ironically this element was already 
many things 
we have already read in another presentation a 
there are people who take pieces of 
foundation and wants to change it and wants 
place another foundation 
then here we have seen the inspiration 
we have seen the avacu text that two 
testimonies that speak of that diagram 
we have seen that miller was that one has 
what he 
the town warned that the town rejected 
that message and in your in your concern 
so he asked for help 
that writes the vision the vision of the 
2,300 and 2,500 and 20 years old and ponle 
very well we continue next text 
You can also find a report of 
this in the centuries chapter 
309 790 is a little more book 
accessible that the others that we are 
using here 
I want to say two more things basically 
in this presentation one is a summary 
of the truths here and the other is the 
what's in that diagram 
good before me 
I explain what's in that diagram here 
we have 
that you see here in this video that 
it is a reproduction a new version 
that we have done translating that 
Spanish diagram of course 
original is in English has other 
other drawings but we have tried to be 
as faithful as possible in all this but 
you can download on our page 
the original diagram and here also what 
you can see 
very well 
that has that diagram here we have that 
diagram is structured from the 
next way we have columns 
that's him 
danielle 2 
shown here 
in parallel to the second column where a 
17 and 8 that then works of that 
way we have a series with a column 
from up here to down but at the same time 
works parallel 
this part here that is the silver chest 
of the silver arms reducing the 
miro persia and danielle 7 is the joy of 
another was shown to warm up with two 
horns then that 10 and 10 grams 
function that way from top to bottom 
but also 
and then we have better appointments 
recently we also have the third 
column that are some historical landmarks 
some important dates starting 
with the first effect of 677 that happened 
there in this the ministry was led 
to captivity as it says here and this gives 
beginning to the prophecy 
finishing the 
44 but 
and they had had the segment still 
and the other important dates here 
great myths 
and a thousand 459 has to do with the 
clumsiness the sixth trumpet 
are placed in that column in the 
last column we have as sectors of 
topics different prominent topics from 
1300 procedures when it started by 
the average term 
and 1520 when he started with the term 
how the logic of that prophecy works 
how the logic of prophecy works 
of the media 160 years other prophecies 
massa published from 2013 apocalypse 17 
etcetera this is basically the diagram 
and the great truths of the prophecies 
of Daniel's book and some points of 
book of the apocalypse 
additionally the texts 
they explain all three of biblical cycles 
some explanatory texts 
historians and 
and we also have here a line of 
years more or less correspond that in the 
idea the events to that line 
or that those the diagram in summary in very 
few words should you sit down 
take that diagram and go date by 
symbol by symbol study it as already 
I said you can study it up here 
study the foundation 
they study what the miners had 
agreed to teach 
you would place for your lives the 
foundation that I placed you in the 
Miner movement 
placed it in that story here 
according to miller proclaims 
for the first time in years 31 
what he had understood in public 
in 1840 movement maybe it received great 
power because it was fulfilled then here 
information of the sixth trumpet 
from here in motion it began to be 
great and the truths then were 
placed is all that we are well 
we see here I was ready to do 
I have proclaimed in the year 42 with them 
do this diagram 
those who have studied also say that 
we have on the lines 
parallel or the line of reform 
in that line your have you see in a logic 
as always God works in the beginning 
God places the foundation to an increase 
of knowledge for the messenger of 
god and the message he carries for his 
generation places the foundation and is what 
what happens here the foundation is placed 
the 42 is already is 
or that I want to encourage you wants to motivate 
do that study sometimes we 
we lose a little and we do not know where 
start and where to study and what topic 
first and kiki theme after what logic 
but here in with that diagram you 
they would have a didactic help 
very well then what I said is that 
they were the consequences 
the consequences 
when in May 42 2000 public views 
diagram in the next month I had a 
and this answer was that we're going to read a 
text of testimonials to make tome 
1 pages 26 in June of thousand 852 the 
sir I presented her a second series 
Conference June 42 
the portland consider a great 
privilege to attend because I had 
discouraged and I did not feel prepared to 
meet with my savior this second 
series aroused a lot convulsion 
greater than the first with few 
exceptions the different 
with the doors of their churches to the Lord 
if something is so clearly written 
has an effect the churches to good to 
see the doors to look because it was 
welcome because it brought many people but 
now they saw one that's what 
those men teach these come count 
3 or next year 
the doors to that we can not anymore 
allow him 
then it is an immediate result what 
that I introduce here as a foundation 
the message 
it's something that we can not have 
as a superficial reading is something that 
produces our lives instead and here 
With years of patience the moment arrived 
where those who listened to the message 
they have to find consequences in 
their lives have to make a decision 
for or against and this was that 
he produced that diagram 
as well 
what happens you can see that in the 
text what happens is that william 
up to that point he had used a yes in his 
benefits if this is true then 
the gentleman would come in 43 and never wanted to be 
very specific 
other sides of the message 
they pressed him a little bit to me they said 
Look, that's what we think is 
clear the writing is clear there is no doubt 
in it we have to be specific and 
miller became a player 
specific from that moment and in 
his message no longer left that little 
what does that raise do I did not want what 
ago that moment incorporated 
then we have here now a vision 
general of that diagram I think that you 
has an introduction 
I want to finish with two texts 
1 is again this frank book that 
comment a little about the diagram 
says the following the preacher miller and 
he shouts at me he did not need to do more than 
hang one of these one of these 
diagrams to continue the interests 
of a hearing for example in July of 
42 after attending one of the 
lectures wholesalers james could to 
house by the coastal boat of 
wenger main Boston despite a little 
that a bit of seasickness hung up his diagram and 
He spoke about the prophecies to the 
that what they did obviously not 
they had that diagram with them and if they had 
the occasion they hung it and they started 
explain and captivated a lot of interest 
obviously with a lot of interest 
you play at home you go 
The children are going to put on and go to 
look what is that and what does that mean 
here one can explain here one has 
the logic everything is built the lord 
he wanted it so the gentleman directed his hand 
jaime white again now the last 
appointment that I want to share with you 
this text is in 
again in service in magazine 
December 1850 see what jaime 
wide wrote 
it was the united testimony of teachers and 
materials on the second avenue 
while placed on the original faith 
that the publication of the diagram was a 
compliance with avacu 22 
I have that condition 
but that you have been able to see the 
arguments and that was faith 
elena white dentists also that that 
diagram was the fulfillment of avacu 2 
now it continues if the diagram was a 
theme of the prophecy 
and in parentheses continues and those that 
deny this they abandon the original faith 
then it follows that 457 before 
this was the year that starts the 
2300 days you want to get to another 
argument but in a parenthesis let's say 
he says this was the foundation of our 
those who deny that diagram deny the 
foundation of the original faith was 
necessary that less than 53 should be 
first time published so the 
vision should take in Turin explains 
the problem with the error 
dear brothers in the first 
presentations to be and I have spoken 
on foundation in our faith 
when I arrive at what moment it covers those 
dates here in those years but all this 
which it was the foundation of our faith 
what separated us from the churches 
protestants was 
placed in that frame of that diagram 
here are the truths about the self 
we should place our 
feet from then on we can 
investigate other issues of ireland 
We have security and firm base 
to understand all the other things 
this is essential 
we are very interested in prophecies by 
the final events by the presidents 
Americans so dad says but 
dear brothers without the feet 
firmly placed on it we are going to 
we run the risk 
very easily we run the danger of 
lose the right direction 
go to a wrong address and get to 
false conclusions dear brothers 
I want to motivate you I want to call you 
study that diagram 
to take it and place it as the 
foundation of our faith as well as the 
pioneers have understood and have done 
dear sir at this time 
we have seen that there was a diagram that you 
you have given to your people 
so that it has a strong effect on the 
Miner movement 
so that we today again 
we can also take advantage of him and 
a fairly simple and summarized way 
see what it is that you have placed as 
foundation of our faith 
we praise you sir because we have it in 
we have those hands in different 
translated languages ​​and lady I ask you 
blessing for the brothers to take the 
time they see the seriousness of it and they 
cling to what you have done for 
us in the name of Jesus Christ