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dear father thank you for that last 
time of the first part of the day 
less again his holy spirit for 
accompany us to be guided by the 
understanding of your truths 
but the Lord are many things that 
we need to understand 
they are many because we have missed the 
and things have accumulated 
but to give us the mental capacity 
and to be able to concentrate on understanding 
we ask for the nickname of Jesus Christ 
very well 
page 30 
what we are going to do now is define 
how are the two judgments of 
and we have already seen that there is a judgment of 
investigation that there has to be judgment 
in research and now let's go 
more in detail 
what we have put here as is this 
investigation trial what parts have 
because we've already heard elena white 
saying there is one of the dead of one 
of the living 
the first text is by elena white in 
Signs of the times 
in 1890 
the trial of the dead has been 
2 in 1890 and it tells you 
in the trial of the dead is already 
it has been happening 
and soon the trial will begin on the 
alive and every case will be decided and soon 
at some point here 
will begin adjustments of the living 
and when every case is finished 
it will be decided that's when he ends 
that judgment 
but it does not give us dates simply we 
says the situation more or less we can 
mark this in 90 minutes it was already 
running the trial of the dead and the 
noise of the living was future 
will know which names will be retained 
in the book of life and what will be 
the following text is west haskell 
Haskell is another pioneer 
was was he was one of the last 
great faithful men 
to the initial message of our church 
to the foundations that the pioneers have 
placed that God has placed in the 
no no it's not just the text and it tells you in 
this year that the trial is already 
that trial started 44 but let's see 
now hash with one of the last 
faithful men he wrote a book 
about daniel he wrote a book about 
and he says here 
the following apocalypse 11 18 and 19 
at the time of the judgment of the dead 
the temple of god was opened and the sky 
and the ark that contains the law was 
let's read this that is a text that 
talks about the start of the trial of 
dead apocalypse 11 
from the 18th century 
11 11 18 
that is below the seventh trumpet 
and the nations were found and your wrath has 
come and the time to judge the 
and says 
the time has come to judge the 
moros and acorns now gives us some 
markers to know when is that and of 
give the reward to your servants the 
prophets to the saints and to those who fear 
your name to the little ones and the big ones and 
destroy those who destroy the earth 
19 and the temple of god was opened in the 
heaven and the ark of his covenant was seen in 
the temple and there were lightning voices 
thunder an earthquake and great hail 
when was that 
the brand is this text here says here 
we see that trial of the dead began 
the investigation trial of the 
dead that the saints 
so when did it start when was this 
as here it says that the ark was opened and 
the ark was seen 
in 44 because the ark can only be 
in the most holy place and when you see 
when we are to enter what 
true at that moment opens the veil as 
happens and there you see is that is the scene that 
well described 
that's the same scene that we saw in the 
view of elena white where the bird 
with fire a car was a department 
from the other christ he moved from here to 
here that's from that dinner this is 
that's when I know that on October 22 
1844 or in the Hebrew calendar we have 
learned yesterday that the day then 
we already say day the seventh month although that 
It is the day when the high priest entered 
in a holy place that was great and 
atonement and here at that moment that 
verse describes it like that at that moment 
the trial over the dead begins 
we continue 
that was scratch continues he continues saying 
after the disappointment in 1,154 the town of 
God gave light on the subject in the 
sanctuary in heaven then they saw the 
demand of the 4 commandment as well 
of the other 9 commandments of the decalogue 
in that time began how the 
Saturday reform 
in 1848 it was recognized as the 
compliance little by little 17 14 
then here 
here we see the description of that 
announcement of his trial that part of the 
investigation trial 
now the following text that uncovered the 
is in English for the most part and what 
they can cross out 
I put it here but it's not right 
talk about another issue I can 
forget I have treated it I am not going to 
draw after that pdf we're going to 
place on the internet 
the text that says is not wrong 
the remaining verses 
that text does not belong here 
that you do not intend here 
let's jump let's read the next 
that again be in 3 
we have learned 
and here are here this text here 123 the 
Third, what can they get? 
can discard already 
get it out 
it is not well located here 
an error in the compilation here of those 
next we have learned that there is a 
space of time at the beginning of the voice 
of the seventh angel that is occupied for 
close the work of the great of the 
human grace now here only to 
locate us 
that is the seventh angel 
that is seventh angel 
that here is the sixth angel 
that being the fifth angel 
and the first four angels are not 
in this diagram 
the same in s 
here says 
is the fifth fifth fifth angel performs 
seventh angel before the fifth angel 
is Islam 
this here the sixth angel like here 
shows and how it says here 
are the Turkish Ottoman Muslims 
and the seventh angel the pioneers did not 
they knew what they were 
we know today that this is also the 
Muslims who manifest themselves in that 
moment in the history of the earth 
can we say the Muslims of Islam 
radical if they wanted 
and under the trumpet of this angel that already 
the seventh trumpet is in action already 
is playing is impossible not to hear 
I only do many do not realize 
which is the seventh trumpet but the 
activity of Muslims on earth 
now it is stronger than ever 
fifth angel as he says here are the 
Muslim Muslims in the first phase of 
the manifestation of that religion in that 
earth under mahoma 
the fifth trumpet 
the manifestation of the Muslims 
Ottomans is when the Muslim the 
This is another sin when 
Muslims are organized 
has a king and has an empire the 
and his capital came to do where today 
turkey istanbul that was constantinople 
still in this time 
and the seventh trumpet Muslims 
radicals today 
those who call terrorists 
exactly the world today wants it 
wants to be disappear and wants if you put 
a movement within that religion are 
some radicals within the majority do not 
it's like that but of course that's not true 
the religion of the Muslims demands the 
conquest of the whole earth 
then in one way or another it does not have 
what to do there are different ideas 
manifestations within it 
religion itself 
but it is in that religion 
because that manifests itself that's the 
last the seventh job of this 
trumpet that began to sound 1,144 under 
these trumpets we also see that 
begins the trial of 
investigation and the dead that's what 
that the pioneers are here clarifying 
does not have sex 
Ottoman Islam 
or with doublet 
the seventh application 
because in 44 
we understand the pioneers understood that 
the sixth trumpet 
It was 
on July 27 
1840 on August 11 
this trumpet 
in 42 
God inspired a man with a dream 
and that man was the one who had to 
fulfill the role that then elena white 
had to comply and rejected it 
and as you are a man someone remembers 
the same fox not the other boy william boyd 
The sun man received a dream 
is inspired is also the yielded of 
the collected texts 
of the pioneers elena white william was 
had an inspired dream 
and it is a dream says that the trumpet still 
it has not stopped ringing 
the clear here a goddess declares by 
the one that the trumpet was up to 54 
is another topic I do not know from the subject of the 
of the seven trumpets the theme of the 
that we concentrate 
basically on how the bible and is the 
distribution zone diagram and the 
first four trumpets and the last 
three trumpets last three are a theme 
for himself 
in the role of Muslims in the 
in the history of the earth has a role 
that God assigned him 
also the bible bad children of the 
they are the children of the east that 
come from sting israel 
because it's another subject 
we come back here but not all the issues 
are linked with certain one can not 
leave one without talking about another also without 
we go to the text of andrés 
we started we have learned that 
there is a space of time at the beginning of 
the voice the seventh angel who is busy 
to close the work of grace 
human during this period the just 
alive conclude their time of grace 
and are counted worthy to stand in front 
of the son of man lucas 21 36 this is 
the time of the dead being judged 
this means time with the 
just dead are counted worthy of 
a part of the first resurrection 
lucas 20 35 36 and apocalypse 11 18 that 
after the text that we just read 
is when the old man in day sits in 
judgment that Christ is crowned as king and 
this same event happens below the 
sonar of the seventh angel 
on the rise 
danielle 7 914 apocalypse 11 again 
what we have read that shows that the 
2007 trial scene is in the days 
of the seventh angel and that the judgment of the 
dead here shows that showing has 
demonstrated is during the court of 
we want to understand the judgment of 
dead and now we are already seeing the 
logic as the pioneers are not explained 
when it started 
next text the beginning of the trial 
that's from the white inah again now it 
you will see that Daniel is not standing in the 
portion of his inheritance as has 
expressed at the end of the 5-day 1200 
we can open that text because that's a 
problem with translation a little bit 
daniel 12 
that expression the portion of his inheritance 
danielle 12 
last verse last verse 
verse of the 13th century 
and you will go to the end you Daniel will go 
until the end and they will rest and you will rise 
to receive your inheritance at the end of the 
to the portion of his inheritance when one of 
the questions in athletics has been 
whenever he was referring to 
then she says here now she will see 
that Daniel does not stand in the lot 
of his inheritance as expressed to the 
end and the myths in 35 days but he is 
standing in his lot in decisions 
of the judgment of the just dead 
he stands on his lot in the 
decisions of the damages of the 
just dead when those days ended 
the evidence is conclusive that the 
myths in 35 days ended with the 2300 
with the midnight clamor in 1844 
then the angel of publicis 10 16 swear 
that there will be no more time 
time can not mean duration here 
measured in months and years since a thousand years 
they are issued after this but it has 
that referring to prophetic time not 
there will be more prophetic time of this 
54 minute we can not predict an event 
happening on a certain date no longer 
we can say that there are so many years 
time duration of distress by 
example there are no more prophetic times 
there is time if every time I see in 
the clock that time runs time 
but there is no prophetic time 
what was the burden of the message 
angelic the angelic message was 
passed in time 
dates in advance that they 
they had and could understand 
as Daniel was going to stand in his 
portion at the end of the days we 
we have to conclude that the trial of 
the nine the dead just started in 
this time and has been progressing 
over 12 years sorry that was not 
elena vallés 
jaime white her husband then when he 
says that 1857 
was talking like that says the trial of 
the dead 
has been happening for how long 
He says 
more than 12 years 
so if one thousand 857 minus two years 
How many 
more than two years then he writes that 
in January 
then it refers here to 22 of 
October in 1054 11 years and almost three 
two months and all 
and that's what they understood to 
that height 
we are already there since 44 
exactly from that moment we are in 
the judgment of the investigators of the 
the next text is smith theories is 
I said in Spanish but I almost did not know 
get is not true someone has is 
your book for that case 
in the apocalypse where that was bad 
has the little one the blue or has a 
big little 
in our church and I think I take it out 
in Spanish 
only once until I can see it 
in the 60s 
they are two booklets 
and never leaves more and there is today no longer 
You can get to church not 
achieved in prime but has it there 
printing plates 
and other printers and the church of 
Attentive reform gives great importance to 
that book they print there you can 
get but I have not seen it like that for 
get there sometimes come out 
like the one in water says that book 
we should distribute as the leaves of 
autumn among our neighbors 
is the book 
but there is no 
because that book is the hand has helped 
the one of the man says elena white the hand has 
helped now from the lord 
not everything is correct in that book but 
is very well and in that book we get that 
portion and I have not put it here in 
Spanish although I have the book at home 
I will not translate so the beginning says and 
as we have seen 
long prophetic period had to mark 
the beginning of this final work in the 
heavenly sanctuary 
reached its termination to tank 
finishing in our own generation 
which refers here to 2300 days and he 
our generation says that time to 
we are not witnesses of that great 
of that great truth of that time 
and they ended up in our generation he says 
in generation and says in 1834 the days 
they finished 
and since then 
the final work of the salvation of being 
human has been carried out this work 
involves the extermination of each 
human character because it consists of the 
remission of the sins of those 
they come to be recognized as 
worthy thanks to be forwarded to 
have the sins remitted 
among the dead he should get up and 
that among the living should be 
transformed at the coming of the Lord and 
that who of both the dead and the 
alive should be left to form 
part of the fearful scenes in the 
second death because he is now the 
now here says one thousand 854 we are already in a 
process of decrease of 4-4 in which 
the investigative judgment is taking 
I'm going to jump to the end the last one is a 
text in and as we mark up from the 
year 1054 these is the solemn work 
has been carried out 
then here and there would be smith 
because our church does not print that 
kris smith book by gurises me is a 
of those great truths he defends 
well those truths here and defend those 
dates he defends the continuum that is a 
problem for the church he puts the 
logic very clear the church does not accept 
so it is right and the church does not print 
that book because it's a theology that does not 
is believed more today what is certain is a 
an analysis of the biblical texts that 
I do not know that this one no longer defends why not 
they print it in English if there is but in 
no other language although you can 
produce it I have a book board before 
of 1900 and something in German I have it in 
Swedish then I have my hands on 
in Czech one of the symptoms the 
Portuguese there is also of course and 
many other languages ​​but I do not know 
print more that we discard already today in 
day our church then here that 
witness also puts the date thousand 76 
that mission date of 44 that trial is 
and how we see here again that book 
he makes a summary and says it was believed that 
the trial of the people of god that began 
on October 22 mission 44 first 
he was referring to the dead just and then 
to the living righteous is not the one who explains 
logic the understanding of the pioneers 
and of elena white 
then he makes it very clear here from 
the 22 
when it can be written inside the place 
most holy to carry out that work 
began that trial 
point 2 the trial of the living 
that we have judged the dead and now the 
of the living 
the judgment of that hour is 
you know a little more interesting not true 
I understand that the Adventist likewise 
a problem with that that theology with 
this here because it's something that is in 
against all the Protestants they 
do not believe is 
and as others do not believe that and as 
it has to do with the theology of the cross 
of Christology and what happened to Christ 
that makes Christ we are against 
all the rest of the protestants of that 
land of the Catholics of course and 
talk about them the true two days 
we have a problem with that but despite 
of having a problem with that if I 
we would accept there is another problem between 
those who accept that in a trial of 
research there is a bit of a problem 
and when the trial of the living begins 
What does the trial and the living mean? 
it would mean you and I are right now 
under investigation 
that wants to be investigative now what 
what you do today and what you do tomorrow 
runs now does not attribute to the decision 
what will be taken 
in a moment and Christ is coming 
you enter heaven or not or now 
you are under observation 
study of the living of the saints of 
those who have been baptized in the name 
of Jesus Christ those who put their 
what they accepted are their children 
not certain those that have been cleaned 
with his blood 
so let's apply this topic now 
the trial of the living the type of 10 the 
tenth and the seventh month 
in judgment of the house of god is again 
it is from jaime white the judgment of the house 
of God is evidently prefiguring 
by the events of the atonement of 
tenth day of the house of israel 
this in a certain sense was a day of 
the high priest wore the plaque of 
trial in which they were represented 
the tribes were represented 
Israel exodus 39 8 a 21 
here here and there I read a text and I 
I said my words a text of first 
writings that I would like to read now with 
is not here in the first notes 
written pages 55 
from the second paragraph 
this is the vision of elena white 
the chapter is called the end of the 2300 
days in first subscribed must us 
know you well 
but we read it again to have good 
present that scene 
after that a cloud chariot whose 
wheels were like flames of fire came 
surrounded by angels where Jesus was 
he entered the car and was taken to 
holy place where the father was 
sitting there I contemplated jesus the great 
high priest standing in front of the father 
in the border of his vestment there was a 
bell and a grenade what does that mean 
that he is now a priest is not 
and then another bell and another grenade 
they got up with jesus and they gave him 
his faith does he in the most holy place 
most holy and they prayed my father give us your 
spirit then Jesus was blowing on 
them the holy spirit in that breath 
there was light power and a lot of love, joy and peace 
I turned around to look at the company that 
she remained prostrate before the throne and not 
I knew that Jesus had left her is the 
scene that we're seeing here 
that she presents to us 
you can illustrate more or less of that 
we have here 
the sanctuary 
and we have a company 
what's here 
Now that scene shows that Christ 
from here to here 
here is the father is already 
and now what about that company that 
that she wants to see 
I turned around to look at the company that 
she remained prostrate before the throne and not 
I knew that Jesus had already left her 
now what happened is that a peace of 
the company went with him here 
and those and others a rest stayed 
and they were there or they did not realize 
they did not see us what happened already and 
prostrate before the throne and did not know 
that Jesus had left her satan 
it seemed to be next to the throne 
clear that satan is not in the place 
saint is not there but it seemed that in 
these words or in that vision you 
explains something that is a bit difficult 
illustrate why others are not there but 
in his heart he is now responding 
I saw the company look up 
towards the throne and pray father give us your 
spirit satanas was blowing then about 
she an unholy influence on him had 
light and a lot of power 
Well, it's not weird for us 
see that in other Protestant churches 
be Pentecostal evangelical doses 
etcetera there is light and power 
there are things that happen there are miracles there 
people who are healthy there is money 
with certain 
but how is that light and that power much 
power says 
but nothing of sweet love, joy or peace 
that is, everything is in hand is everything for the 
eternal death there is nothing of sweet love 
neither peace nor joy the object of satan was 
keep her deceived to ballast her towards 
back and seduce the sons of god 
now what is this and is brothers what is 
in this when a company does not go and does not 
receive those gifts from another company is 
that is a judgment 
we have the Adventists had 
problems at the beginning of defending that 
because there was a lot of opposition 
and today less still you feel more 
he knows how to defend that 
there was a trial 
It was a trial at ten o'clock 
that's hard to accept it's difficult 
accept that is the Protestants have 
been judged now I do not say the 
protestants today because these 
they enter that in the possibility of entering 
among the workers of the eleventh 
with arms wide open the gentleman is 
receiving is calling us what is 
preparing for that clear yes and 
they will take the empty spaces that 
Atlantis will leave many 
then but in that period here 
we had a phase a story where the 
Protestant people should reach 
purify themselves to make the people of God 
true but most rejected 
then on this group here came that 
we continue 
It is extremely reasonable 
second paragraph here in English 
and there is a special call to the remnant 
and a special job 
that he has to exercise 
and for them 
preparatory to the decision of the trial in 
reference to themselves and that their 
salvation depends 
to fully obey the calls 
and the advice given to them 
and us in the most solemn way 
We believe that this call for 
preparation and work 
is demonstrated in the testimony to the 
audis and we 
and other parallel portions of the 
God's word then 
the judgment that are things that you already 
you know or many of us already know already 
we believe but the trial here 
in a trial that comes and now we're going to 
because this church is not the odyssey not 
It is true 
what's that church called 2000 
now the odyssey starts after what 
that judgment here comes the odyssey 
Of course you know that very well if we know 
that's very good 
but we have need the texts for 
see this 
the following text 
only final part is again this 
jaime white 
it says here the devour time is placed 
the sins just before the second 
Jesus' appearance is evidently the 
last great work in the ministry of 
Christ in the heavenly sanctuary 
then what is simply indicates 
here is that time and the living 
ends just before the coming of 
he puts it like here is not 
true but we already understand that 
with him Miguel gets up he does not intercede 
more but intercede then there is no more 
forgiveness of sins then that work 
end here 
that is the coming of Christ in certain 
meaning this is already the coming of Christ 
does not come to earth yet miguel here 
concert comes here 
this period is very short and the work leaves 
to be executed here here ends that 
we know that's clear and logical is 
well here we have it then written 
now we want to get to understand this 
point this point is this one could when 
begins that trial of the edges 
start we can say something of that 
let's have some idea that to that 
we want to arrive but not need a 
little more time now the next point 
they do not understand it I have placed it here for 
reason for the procedure 
we are seeing now that there is what I 
I do not want to do I do not want to say something 
and so it is 
because it seems logical 
and what I want to do is demonstrate 
something based on texts and a logic 
that inspiration is not 
that's why we need a little patient 
to get there because I could say that and 
there is the ready date I do not want to do 
the last generation parables 
then the judgment of the living has 
refers to the last generation that is 
logical and genoa already started to give us that 
logic has to have to be has to 
it has to be this 
shortly before the coming of Christ 
the parable this text we used yesterday 
the word of the ten virgins 
de mateo 25 also illustrates what 
experienced artists with titles 
391 centuries that we have already seen yesterday 
parable of the ten virgins and lusa 
also what it is to experience the 
doers next text that 's from the 
revue magazine in harvard while in the 
90 August 19 
I often refer to the word of the 
ten virgins five were prudent and 
five were foolish this parable has 
been and will be met to the letter 
we will find 
we have emphasized that I do not remember 
has not been and will be fulfilled at the foot of the 
letter because it has an application 
special for this time 
this word is for us more more 
than nothing 
and how the third angel's message has been 
fulfilled and will remain true 
present until the end of time 
the state of the church represented by 
the foolish virgins is also 
called the state the odyssey not 
words of life of the great teacher page 
besides these parables teach that no 
there will be more grace time after the 
once the gospel work is finished 
immediately follows the separation of 
the good guys and the bad guys 
and the fate of each class of people 
it is fixed forever 
then when the investigation ends 
of the living 
that form the last generation 
in a big frame the investigation 
ends here shortly before Christ 
to the workers of the eleventh hour 
that is everyone is invited all the 
world outside athletics is invited 
to be part of that group 
they do not know yet 
for them it ends here but as the 
parable of the 10 virgin taught us 
when the door of grace closed 
when the wedding door was closed 
with rigor husband cheesemaking in that 
line where the husband arrives 
and here we have a problem and this 
problem has to do with what 
danielle that city with us 
there are different groups and god 
have to judge differently as here already 
we have seen there are different moments 
dead and the living but the same 
alive enter different categories and 
will be judged at different times 
according to its category 
where is the word of its leaders 
what is the door that closes 
you can dump it here if you can 
I did here for them 
but for the Adventists 
it's here 
It is not clear if the door closes in the 
Sunday law 
is the last test for the track of the 
dentist who rejects 
Saturday in the Sunday what happens with 
they do not have how to come back anymore 
the flock is never going to realize 
is going to regret will want to go back and 
never again will it be admitted like that says the 
bible we know that is not true then 
this here is the closed door for 
weddings for the atlantist 
then his judgment 
investigative when it has happened 
has happened up here just 
It is true because it is a judgment of 
alive while one lives one is 
when he comes to Saturday at that time 
at that time his trial ends 
you do not need your activities here anymore 
here it has no influence 
your last activity here 
is the one that determines if it goes to heaven or not 
makes sense that has not been allowed 
we read these serious words in ezekiel 
9 here I just left it very clear 
in case 
we do not have that in mind if you want 9 the 
last words 
and if you want 9 is some texts I think 
lighter are easier for 
understand that relationship between times of 
grace for the people of God and law 
excuse ezekiel 8 was not 
thinking of 8 and talking about 9 ezequiel 8 
ezekiel 8 the 4 abominations and not 
let's go into that at that moment 
what are they that mean but the last 
abomination in the people of God 
is this 
Ezekiel 8 of the last ordination 
says well of the circle 
as an author we are not going to read 
14 i am 
and he took me to the entrance of the door of 
the house of jehovah that is to the north and I have 
here women is not the third discuss 
16 and took me to the atrium inside the 
house of jehovah and here is the 
entrance of the temple of jehová between the 
entrance of the altar as 25 males 
his swords turned to the temple of jehovah 
and his face to the east and they worshiped 
the sun prostrating towards the east 
now those 
Elders are elderly of what 
from the house of jehovah 
house of jehovah that the house of jehovah the 
People of God who are poor God loves them 
scientists today and here says 25 
elderly because 25 elderly 
the number 25 in the bible has a lot 
but one meaning is here 
you remember that elena white was 
sent to exile for 10 years remember 
that the church pressured her so that 
he went australia he was in exile in 
australia there was no internet there was no 
telephone not true was the furthest 
possible the other side of the world 
now she returned in the year 1901 
elena white returned 
from australia and there the first time 
participate again in a conference 
general the general conference in 1901 
and in that conference and it comes with 
much encouragement positive spirit strength and 
what she does encourages the 
church to modify your organization 
because the church had already grown 
I was in many countries but still 
there were only a few men 
they administered everything then he says there's 
what to do a different organization 
we need many men 
as a consequence of that one of the things 
is that they erased the president this 
for me the most shocking there was no more 
president in the church because they said 
we do not need a king that 
dominate that church 
we do not need president there was no 
president for 2 years 
the only and first time in history in 
our church that we did not have a 
president there was simply a council 
of men 's men 
and how many were 
25 men and you can see me 
I found you can read today 
the official written notes of that 
conference and there you can read it 
the decisions we make in the 
conference that is in 25 men were 
25 men because he was a representative 
of each department of the us of the 
other countries the medical work and that 
they were by chance were 25 25 old people 
I do not know very well but someone tells me 
said today are still 25 to 
Sometimes they are little gives me a little more 
pending several things 
but that is a symbol of the leader before 
of our church and that leadership 
take that decision as say they 
been 16 
they turned or turned their backs on the temple of 
and his face towards where 
and which is the east that represents the 
teeth the sun the east is where it is born 
and when you turn your back on the sanctuary and 
you look to be east 
it is not because of the second coming of Christ 
what they were waiting for is true because 
it is an abomination that they make 
then they christ comes from the east 
it's not true so you enter places to 
Eastern sanctuary is the coming of 
Christ and he will come with the protection here 
but in this sense in an abomination 
is the antichrist 
that comes from here also that pretends 
come here that comes through that day 
the Sunday law worship they adore 
then the sun and they worshiped the sun 
prostrating towards the east and now see 
those circles that I wanted to 
get 17 and told me you have not seen son of 
man is a light thing for the house of 
help make the abominations that have 
they do here after they have filled the 
evil of evil the earth turned 
to me to irritate I am here that apply 
the bouquet to your noses 
for I too will proceed with furor not 
forgive my eye or have mercy 
and they will shout to my ears with a loud voice and not 
I am from 
then once it puts of god it does 
this here 
receives on Sunday they submit to the law 
Sunday to the laws of the states in 
that moment God will no longer hear them 
they have already placed the 
to their noses 
and so that we close in the nose 
to pull it for the strategy will be 
taken they do that at that moment 
at the moment they worship the sun the 
Sunday law is the trial for the 
God's people in that sense it's over 
in the sense for them the time of 
grace will not hear them anymore there is no more like 
come back or sir to me a brother here from 
That area has told me but it is impossible 
God is so merciful I can not 
imagine having Sunday law and a 
dentist repents and god is going to 
accept what is going to accept 
not so says the bible tells us that says 
when this happens I am not more 
on the 26th and that is very logical but 
for me everything is very logical that is not not 
well the tedious will but more to its 
meaning the artist does not need the law 
the artist is an artist the same on Saturday 
all his life since he is baptized not 
it is true the Sunday law for him is not 
a test actually 
because that's my condition that's my 
life that's my understanding that now that 
someone tells me that Sunday is the day 
I have accept it is simply 
discard my faith 
the truth of the scientist has all its 
life to be tested at this point 
to establish the retina point in 
Sunday law the Sunday law has a 
effect that is for the world does not need 
does not need more time the time it has 
had to demonstrate his loyalty to 
Saturday has been his whole life the truth or 
all his life as an Adventist 
because we said that 
'we have 
we have already read that text here in the 
last text of life programs the 
great teacher these parables teach the 
words 10 direct is that there will be no more 
Grace time after the trial 
that's the trial for the artist this is 
the door of grace that closes for 
the artist 
in research for the end 
There is more to say about that 
and loving tyler and brother daniel are going to 
talk about that 
we have them that we want to communicate and 
we want to study with you 
this divine night mode is also a 
door closed 
It is already a closed door but we are going to 
get to this with more time 
and so we have progressed a little bit in 
our study we are going back tomorrow 
god using and we're going to add to that 
point because we want to understand when 
the trial begins and the living or we can 
know something about it we can say something 
about it we want to see what we 
Show the word of God I invite you 
so that we kneel 
in prayer 
dear sir in that tranquility here 
in that cute place 
in the east of that country 
where we enjoy the heat of the 
tranquility of good air is maybe 
difficult to imagine what you have 
promised that he will get on that 
and our role at that time sr 
let it be a role according to your 
designs that is a job we do 
according to your will dear father 
so that we do not play for the one who wants 
more for the human being but so that 
we comply with the work that has to 
be a job as ilyas or as juan 
Dear father 
I am convinced that 
those Bible studies are very 
important for your people because nothing 
of that was born of an intelligence 
if not 
they are messages that you have given us and here 
your town is ahead so that later 
investigate and so that you see it and accept it 
If so, your will in the name of 
Jesus we ask that you be present and you 
thank you for those moments amen