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in this second part of this study 
We recommend to be present in 
our half sir please this one already 
I know so I can clarify things 
that we are observing that we are 
studying bless us with your saint 
spirit of humbly ask 
and we ask you this name of jesus amen 
bombay are welcome 
I wanted to give a summary of what we have 
looked up now and go back a bit to what 
what are we doing 
we are trying to understand 
better is 
we are entering trying to understand 
the history and miller ita and compile and 
how was the 
the history of these 79 the first thing 
what we did 
we look at the history of extras 
in the year thousand 457 is roll is with the 
stars liquid extras comes out with the first 
decree with the third decree and then 
typical to the sun and might have 
and he gets stuck because he comes in 
so few people 
and then he takes so that for 
come more 
once they arrive 
travel for four months and arrive in 
with the decree in the huge somo and 
then sometime in autumn 
the third decree enters into force and gives 
start at 2,300 years 
that's clear to everyone makes sense 
Yes, amen 
no Yes 
third decree 
it is here that the decree takes effect 
and he comes out of Babylon with in his hand with 
the decree of attacks 
but first you have to leave 
Babylon arrive in jerusalem so that 
enter into force this decree 
and it takes four months for it to arrive 
in jerusalem 
in force 
not yet 
no it's not when it arrives in jerusalem 
after signing the first day of 
fifth month and movie award years would be of 
August for us 
in September and autumn it would be in some 
moment after September be 
converge the blood list in ordination 
in the northern hemisphere it would be between 
September and December if they morgan what 
let's try to discover 
is that there is a time to prepare your 
Strips and fringe work over 
and if I have a work order I 
step for the door 
I enter the door at five in 
point is that a stigma 
now this work order is with me 
but it's going to take half an hour to go 
that is organized all the people 
are there organized 
Thank you 
you here is half of that environment 
you are going to cut the grass and you 
they are going to put it together 
and that takes me half an hour until 
everything is in its place everything organized 
and only then let's say good clever 
team we are going to work 
and that 's what happened with extras 
that's windows live from these sales 
from Babylon 
with this work order the third 
go through the door enter the first day 
of the fifth month by scania taken raw 
but it takes three months where fine is 
the soccer game and we're going to look at that 
closer later 
by pierre froment demolition art 
ascension written texts in maintain 
seven months and ten days 
it is here when this 
that is, there is an extra here 
paris that need an ordinance but that 
order here is going to use to get organized 
he needs to buy he needs to buy 
building material had has to 
have your equipment for work 
and that takes time 
forget now search the internet for text 
and in 10 10 
in order 
and that's if you understand this 
it is indeed it is so in that sense for 
it is not clear to everyone we are a 
little more and we explain it well tuned 
joaquin have you ask please 
ask your question 
and here is the problem 
of gallery owners 
did not know exactly when the 
decree came into force Danish anders 
has his initial understanding to seek 
ultimate beginning day was that this was 
at the beginning of the year in show the wind 
that is, they started counting on the day that 
when extras came out of Babylon 
but what they realized 
is that seven months will pass 
and then the crisis decree comes into force 
and that causes what we 're going to see is the 
delay time 
we'll see 
the question brother will be that they were 
six months and ten days now seven months 
of ten days it is remembered that there were six 
months and ten days will find out 
I think it was seven months and ten days 
it's already 120 and 70 is not 
120 are four months 
70 would be 2 months and 10 
if you go from your good misfortune 
It was a tense 
and if it would be easier to see with the 
as first day of terrorism and dawn tv 
parties assemble social sets and souls 
two things to replicate this scanner is that 
no offer is very large despite more 
will come into force on the 10th day of the seventh 
month something is my being more freaks means 
obviously seven months 
in the hearts of the people 
it does not come from another argument but 
I had 
an illustration of a graph I think 
Is not found 
and it's a graphic illustration of the 
and he has it here I just found 
all right 
in it 
or maybe we have to print 
some copies or we have to draw here 
in the frame 
to the blackboard 
follow tomato 
everyone continues so far it's fine 
refers to everything 
more than that 
if I can not 
and we have it 
or what 
6 variety attending 
and well we can 
Come on prepare us for tomorrow to have 
something to share 
is in his notes here but in some 
moment was lost 
and it describes the calendars a little better 
your software 
before it is an but again it is clear 
for you year 457 
and from here 
let's jump 2300 years forward 
and what the military thought 
was that sometime in the year 1843 
the gentleman could return 
to empty and that's simple mathematics 
it was by mathematics and also by lack 
of understanding about these 79 
if you do the math 
and you are 457 years old 
and yes that is the period before 
said manning 
and you go additional addison giving the ones 
2300 left over 
and of bonito and manuel 
the diagram k 
It is 2,300 years old 
and you are going to subtract and subtract 457 years 
in 1843 
they believed that at some point in the 
one thousand 853 
they were going to meet the 2,300 years 
but what what they do not realize 
at the beginning of your study 
exact when it came into force in 
vigor this decree 
at the beginning or end of the year 
and start to understand that they had to 
count 2300 complete years 
and that's what you wanted smith says in the 
book of the apocalypse that we read before 
is that if you count complete years 
then 400 
if you count 457 full years 
rogers plus mine thousand 843 full years 
that gives you two thousand three hundred years 
complete and then they arrive at the time 
singh puri trip 
the term at the end of the year 1843 
in our Gregorian calendar is the 
first of January but they knew that 
they were looking at Jewish years 
so they were not looking at just the year 
Gregorian where yunidis and when the wild 
wind in the bourgoin if they needed to know 
who needed him they needed to understand 
what day of your calendar was going to fall 
the Jewish day 
a day of gas pars then what 
miller does it first is urban 
Cuban is he looked at the rabbinic calendar 
in de skylanders dress plan where a 
saga and that calendar goes away is based on 
in the lunar cycles sound in the 
icons that is is looking at the equinox 
in icons accounts 
gwynn jr 
and in the Gregorian year this equinox 
he points us 
on March 21 as the first day of 
first month its extractor then 
they were waiting for the sir his raid are 
Ministers like in this snow that comes back 
at some point in this period 
good in this cancer but when it 
finish this date 
there is a disappointment 
but when it gets closer to this date 
he does not have it and pomán hill now looking at 
April 19th 
we are melonares some of the 
miners living to this norm 
and if marx winter's they gave themselves 
account that the first day of the first month 
it was not March 21 
but that was actually April 19 
of puniet then miller and at the beginning 
I was looking at this calendar is blue 
but then before this was finished 
period l realized they would have 
to consider another calendar 
if there are 
that is, here would be the last moment 
possible for the return of the lord 
strasser and finally between 10 18 of 
April would be the last day when the 
sir could turn his vein of gases and 
when you are passing this day with giving 
images by this bridge is when 
we scored the first chasco health 
software all follow 
in infraction heals some question about 
are messages I include nextel 
or silence means that all 
they understood 
where you follow us 
and someone gets maybe identify 
what is the problem 
what part do not understand 
miller thought that 
and that true first day of the first 
month on a machine that affected you 
I remember that we are looking 
we're looking at two face calendars and 
is rabbinical ok is the true yes 
1844 for example 
and another 
the last day of the year 43 was 18 10 19 
it would be already the first day of the year 44 last 
day of forest green day in the forest 
face and touch and is all expensive and taca 
of the year 
they are the first day of the month 
the first day of the first month of the new 
year 44 
the last possible date for the return 
from sir yesterday was fine here 
and with that this date was passed 
because they thought that man was going 
to go back and I'm 853 and here is the year 
1843 wind 
when this time is passed from it it 
they realized they were wrong 
they were tides 
s - someone got lost 
forward no more 
ask your questions no problem 
also by the mort form 
that maybe 
April 19 is the first day of the 
first month of the year 44 on the calendar 
Jewish caritas 
wang and dry 
It is not 
it is depressing this uniform ballet of 
and be in the desert just for this 
5600 and both chain 
and if it is okay brothers yes but 
That would be the easiest way to 
to illustrate 
that's english water and feel technicians 
from the ineter 
of his guards and starts show 
if our brother is correct 
in the Jewish year 
let's say it would be the year 5000 
but this year without food corresponds to 
about 5000 but it's something over 5000 one 
next year's brand 
one would be 4 
because those those years refer to 
our Gregorian calendar its faults 
then the beginning for the year 5000 and 
1 for the Jews 
on the date of April 19 in 
our calendar 
ceremonies he already believes is important 
of the female that here we have the first 
disappointed and there is a second disappointment on 22 of 
October and 84 
without remembering 
and what we are trying to 
prove here is in 
the first day of the first month in 
Jewish calendars to what date 
correspond in our calendar 
all right 
the first day of the first month is just a 
a thought I can say that it is 
back out here from Babylon the first 
but what does that mean to me I'm not 
Jewish then I do not understand what 
they are talking and what I have to 
hersman and honest translate the 
first day terminology of the first 
to my calendar in as wessing and that's it 
what we are looking at here 
if you want to look this way 
of jay and raise 
the April 19 
it would be the day when extras comes out 
Babylon in the year 457 
but in your year it 's in the calendar of 
they are the first day of the first month 
but for us what the first day 
of the first month means it is 19 
and now begins his journey their trip a 
very well 
I'm going to make a little different drawing 
and if we are looking at the year 
in our calendar obviously 
the first day of the first month 
from the planking s April 19 
and I want to read an appointment with you from 
book before we go much further 
well we are on page 3 where it says 
first day of the first month April 19 
according to this Adventist historian goes to 
confirm what we just tried to 
but he is going to express it in a very 
more much better 
so says the pressure of the opponents 
forced the associates and the sayings of 
miller to study his position again 
about Jewish year and investigate 
deeply its history 
as a result they were led to do 
the first correction in your calculation that 
was referring to the exact time of start and 
end of Jewish holy year that is 
extends from spring to 
already from April June and December 1843 and 
then in February muse 144 months before 
that the original date of milan expires is 
with the end of the year and Jewish 1843 
the spring equinox in 1844 its 
associates reestrene the days leds 
joshua game initial detained to save 
the ride need whiten and others 
they came to a definite conclusion 
this was the solution to the prophecy of 
this was that the solution of the prophecy 
of Daniel depends on the Jewish form 
ancient and original lunisolar time and 
no of the Jewish and rabbinic calendar 
modern altered 
they started to move the original date 
of miller for the conclusion of the 
2,300 years of the March equinox at 
new moon of April 1844 early in 
this research period a 
editorial of the sands of times signals 
of the times declared 
there is currently a dispute between 
rabbinic Jews and caritas with 
regarding the correct time of the beginning 
the first rabbinical Jews are 
scattered all over the world and can not 
observe the time of maturation of 
that harvest in judea them therefore 
regulate the beginning of the year through 
astronomical calculations and start with the 
first day of the nearest new moon 
at the equinox of spring when the 
sun is in aries 
the Caritas Jews on the contrary 
still adhere to the letter of the law 
of moses and start with the new moon 
closest to the barley crop in 
judea and that is a moon later than the 
Rabbinical year 
the Jewish year 1843 after Christ as 
the caritas calculate it from 
compliance with the law of Moses began 
this year with the new moon of 29 
April and the Jewish year one thousand 854 will start 
with the new moon in the next month of 
April when 1843 and 2300 days according to 
your calculations will expire but according 
with rabbinic Jews this started 
with the first first new moon of 
last April and it will end with the moon 
new in the month of next March 
they therefore calculated that the 
last day of Jewish year 1843 he would 
with sunset 
of April 18, 1844 therefore the 
first day of the first month 
nissan of 1844 true Jewish time 
would have as its civilian equivalent the 19 
April although it actually starts with 
the sunset of April 18th so 
both should read 18 and 19 April 
James writing after the equinox 
of the first b spring of 1984 leave it 
that the true Jewish year 1843 has not yet 
had actually expired 
after its beginning of the Jewish year 1943 
the miller expressed his opinion that the 
sir would come sometime between 21 
March 1883 and March 21, 
this time has passed and we are 
few days after the time when he 
he believed that the days could be extended 
although the Jewish year did not end expired 
but the pse is but it extends 
the moon April 9 as explained 
previously however our time 
will be considered by our 
adversaries as if it had elapsed 
this collection by the mineristas of 
principle of grandiose Jewish grade was 
done deliberately and with 
understanding based on the 
original mosaic stipulation to which 
his attention was directed by the early 
containment expensive and is about to start 
summer to start the real year 
sacred with the new moon of the harvest 
of the barley in Judea so 
General occurs in April 
this was the basis for his designation of 
October as the seventh true month 
Jewish time for the Jewish holy year 
we read we also read in the 
next appointment of the bits 
and he will confirm the same as the 19 
April would be the beginning 
and midnight there was a cry here 
the husband comes out of civilian then 
all those virgins got up and 
they fixed their lamps we have already 
shown for periodic periods 
prophetic forgiveness we have already shown by 
the prophetic periods that the time of 
delay for the husband was six 
months starting from April 19 until 
on October 22, 1844 
and what we have seen in all 
Those words 
is that April 19 is the first day 
of the first month of Jewish year 
so let's look at this line here 
I think now would be a good time 
to lock here for this afternoon 
and tomorrow we will start talking about 
first day of the fifth month 
and maybe I have to confess 
that when I learned for the first time 
about these 79 
put a lot until in 10 
I think calendars are very confusing 
numbers all those different numbers 
Disney with tips by these new information 
and so I see I understand it very well that 
can be confused with this much 
new information 
but I think that once understood 
I know that once I understand 
we train this that that truth is not 
hitters will be like a key to 
and it's going to open a much larger study 
daniels invocation that has 
implications for in our time 
but first we need to understand 
how the military understood it 
because our duty today is more than 10 
months that is prepare for 
Sunday decree and for the crisis that 
It is also to return to 
to the foundations of Adventism the 
foundations of Adventism fixed monsters 
wonder sting the information because a 
Once we understand this information 
franklin we will have an experience 
completely different seijas all the 
satan removed us in our past 
because you know and understand our past 
we can understand our future 
because the way Mr. demos 
show your character 
is declaring the end of this principle and 
the alpha and the omega and prophecy is their 
character and that is how it is and manifests 
and we need to understand these events and 
these stories 
to understand the events of our 
time and what is our duty 
it is our duty to return to the paths 
and I think that will be one of the 
topics that we will study during the 
next days 
I'm j 
and I hope that those first two 
presentations here did at least 
a little sense 
and with joy I will respond to 
any question that you can 
have in fort sean is the presentation 
as well as in all those that are going to 
we want