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very welcome to 
our second presentation 
let's continue with the theme of 
repetition of the story but let's 
enter now much more in detail than 
what we have done before and as we already have 
the texts here for all visible 
We can read 
texts and that will help us I imagine the 
questions that they ask me to do I'm going to 
do during the presentation and 
so stay tuned for your own 
own good 
however I want to invite you to 
together we dessert we kneel and 
we do one or another more dedicated prayer 
to the blessing of this hour 
dear father 
praised be you 
on this quiet evening we have 
gathered more once we want to move forward with 
the issues that we have opened 
and there is a lot to understand and understand 
for that generation 
dear god directs us so that our 
heart opens so that we can 
concentrate so that everything goes well 
because we do not want to learn by learning 
but we want to reach 
to reflect your image 
and this is something so magnificent but you 
you use different methods for your 
people understand what this means 
so that our minds focus 
so that our brain knows 
in that side look what information 
avoid and accept 
in this way sir are you guiding us and 
they really illuminated the earth with your 
glory in the name of Christ then 
leads us to love 
we have here of 
we have put ml down but there is not that 
text in spanish manuscripts released 
in English, the means you use 
it was translated a series of if I remember 
well 21 tomes it 's really a shame that 
we do not have this in Spanish we have 
very important texts here of that from 
that dating collection 
but here is not a ministry too 
translate if necessary if possible 
some texts and here we have one let's go 
to see some is that text is for 
tie us to the presentation of the time 
last and then we are going to make a jump 
to more advanced information we read in 
his word the Lord declared what he would do 
for israel if they would obey his voice 
remember we have talked about that 
there are things that happened in israel 
old and that will be repeated 
but the leaders of towns were given to 
the temptations of satan and god not 
could bless them blessings 
that the design they had because they did not 
they obeyed his voice but they listened to 
the voice and politics of Lucifer asks 
God uses politics 
raise your hand who wants to respond 
I do not know what you use in this policy 
and we said that you need 
remember this because that is fundamental 
who can explain to us that they are 
principles or what is the difference of 
principle and policy satanás usa 
which is unlike a beginning to 
politics changes 
at the beginning they do not change policies 
adapts to the circumstances to the 
convenience a principle that was 
Always firm 
what example have we given open 
to explain the matter of how it works 
in principle yesterday we have given an example 
more than an example but an example that 
We have given yesterday to see who remembers that 
they are the questions that count for 
the lie 
exactly not the lie as it says 
a lie that a good lie for 
help someone to save themselves in a 
this does not exist for them 
another example that we have given yesterday 
remember on Saturdays 
many times we exactly 
we are in need and we pray and of 
suddenly a possibility of a 
work but we have to work the 
Saturday as street as an answer 
as it seems an answer to my need 
we using politics we think that 
that can be from God even though a 
God's commandment can not be the 
God's answer because God works 
about the beginning god is never going to 
break one of his Saturday principles 
is established as a commandment does not go 
to break or what this is and here's why 
not for nothing the in abacus to that 
although there is very good 
he designated that they had why not 
they obeyed his voice but they listened to 
the voice of the and the politics of lucifer 
this experience will be repeated in the 
last years of the town's history 
of god here we have that matter the 
repetition of the story the repetition 
from past experiences 
who had been established by his 
grace and power in the final scenes of 
the history 
from this earth men who he has 
greatly honored follow the pattern 
of ancient israel 
in the final history of the world here 
we have said Sunday law the love of 
the coming of christ those are scenes 
in front of us scenes that mark 
the final events in these scenes 
this is going to happen 
but if do you mean it when 
says this in the final scenes of the 
history of this earth men who 
he has honored the greatly honored 
they followed the pattern of ancient Israel 
that's good that bad 
it's good that they do that follow the 
pattern of old jealousy is bad 
and be able to answer 
when elena white says in the scenes 
final the study of the earth men 
whom he 
greatly honored follow the pattern 
from the old extract 
it is good to follow ancient israel 
it is bad 
Here we have the experience of some 
decades with the opinion of 
not even one 
because you say it's good to follow the 
ancient israel pattern 
or because they think it's bad if the 
old stress pattern good the 
we're just looking at this 
which are those patterns is not true but 
one thing you can see 
the pattern of ancient Israel begins 
with the 10 commandments 
in the Sinai 
with egypt exit 
and ends with what 
with which the story of the 
ancient israel 
the death of Christ 
or exactly fulfill the prophecy 
34 after Christ the death of 
the great men in that story here 
the village leaders actually 
unfortunately they have followed a pattern 
that we should not repeat 
elena white and yes that we do today 
our church is going to repeat that 
will follow the pattern that 
unfortunately it led to the rejection of 
the culmination of ancient history 
israel the coming of the messiah who had 
been announced for centuries since 
from the Eden garden 
when he finally arrived knowing everything 
this and they rejected it 
and that 's the story will repeat itself will be 
it will be possible for the people of god- a 
more time with everything he knows with everything 
that you have seen when what you have studied 
will reject 
like chris they had a second time 
well this is what we want to see and that 
It is part of our studies following 
part of the text the same text continues 
wherefore as the holy spirit says 
if today you are his voice today today his voice does not 
harden jce your hearts as the 
provocation on the day of temptation in 
the desert where they tempted you 
they tried me and they saw my works 40 years ago 
cause of which he told me is that you 
against that generation and I always said 
they are wandering in their hearts and they have not 
known my ways so I swore in 
my anger will not enter my rest and it was 
well or it did not happen after 40 years 
the desert that happened with the town 
they entered the celestial heavenly channel 
earthly fiance 
Well, no 
about to enter the channel 
they committed a rebellion and I do not 
he allowed them in anyone of those who 
had left egypt entered channel 
except two people 
that later they became that 
turned that town into a leader 
the sad history of israel but here 
it tells us one thing 
and lic what I'm going to try to do 
now during that time apply things 
that speaks of ancient israel but we have 
seen that this study is repeated and when 
it is repeated it was not repeated only what 
well the same thing is repeated and it is not 
this is repeated that sad experience 
from town 
we are Adventists 
in his name says that people who wait 
the advent but notice what God 
says about this town that thinks that 
Christ is coming soon they open their Bibles in 
amos chapter 5 
verses 18 
masters 5 18 
there are those who wish for the day of jehovah 
so why do you want this day of 
Jehovah will be of darkness and not of light 
How can that be who wants the 
day of jehovah 
I wish he came, he said to you, not what 
they want 
we want Christ to come 
we wish the day of jehovah with 
the day of the ioba is not precisely 
only at the coming of Christ is the 
Sunday law onwards 
the day of jehovah 
and us as an Adventist test 
we have great expectations of the law 
Sunday we know it's going to be bad what 
what's going to happen but that means for 
we now if christ comes 
but notice what God says to his 
village there are those who wish there are 
those who want the day of jehovah so that 
that day of jehovah grows 
you know you have a 
conviction because they want Christ 
come on 
another question you 
and you know why they want Christ to come 
because they want that 
to go to paradise 
so that everything bad ends 
so I do not have to work anymore 
to live forever 
because we want that 
what is our motivation so we have 
learned that way is if we think they have 
what to do 
what do you want that day says god 
If we do not understand what 
means the Sunday law 
and our function at this time 
we have an idea completely 
incomplete or false 
of what is to come and God says to and from 
those who want this day because 
they have their selfish ideas they want to 
heaven because they want to save themselves 
sky but we do not understand that here there 
other things that God expects from us 
we are going these days to talk about this 
we want to clarify these events and 
we want to make it clear for God 
place these events here because God 
allows a Sunday law 
they open have they ever wondered 
why is that time of anguish coming 
because that does not work because God 
allows this this we have very clear if 
we are not clear this verse is going to be 
a reality for us there is 
those who want that clear day here 
it tells us everything you have to read more 
refers to those who do not know to 
what is that day that has ideas 
wrong in relation to that day by 
course it is good it is necessary that 
we hope and we long for those 
events of course but we have to 
know why 
a small example 
I think it's totally normal for 
we celebrate birthday 
with one it gets older 
the birthday is not so important 
over time one no longer wants to tell 
the years because no longer 
what one longs for will arrive 18 
years to get that 15 goes into the 20 is 
when one reaches 40 to 60, no longer 
It's so interesting 
but to think that in my family was said 
a little the habit of celebrating the 
I started one day looking for where 
you come to celebrate the birthday because 
you remember the bible in some 
place where the birthday was celebrated 
and rejects 
that party 
maybe if I do not know if that was in a 
birthday can be 
other examples 
no no where there are birthdays in life 
a birthday party 
and then thinking that I thought will be 
that party maybe is not something that 
we should do 
and researching more I found a 
information that left me with the hairs 
stopped because he took me to a 
to a path that I had not thought 
there is a church in the world that is not 
Christian but totally the opposite and 
is the church of satan is a church 
to that church especially us there is 
many of its churches church in 
satan and they revealed an interview 
that they have two main parties 
in the year and the main holiday that the 
have the year that thinks that party is 
well it's not halloween it's not Christmas either 
neither is carnival new year either 
they are the main holiday of them is 
because because on birthday they say 
human being becomes the center of everything 
on that day I am the most important I am 
he give me everything to greet me 
all of them call me what I 
I want to do on that day is going to do 
the exaltation of the self in life has a 
term in state Hebrew 
that is the term that the bible uses to 
exalt a person more than what 
what corresponds to it and so I want 
to be in a place that does not belong to me 
that is to win 
the disciples wanted to sit in the 
table above with christ those gadahn are 
they wanted to put there pharaoh wanted 
govern the world that is every day the 
dad wanted to rule the world those 
channels that's the idea of ​​putting myself 
higher than bigger than I am 
jesus català and the idea of ​​birthday 
it has to do with that ok 
they say that they say that's why 
It is the biggest party in the world 
great for them in the year and no longer 
I really wanted to celebrate that 
but of course you can say hello to 
someone can wish for the best but 
you have to be very clear why one does 
that's because I'm saying that if 
we have a false idea of ​​the 
Sunday law 
come on and about us and it's not going to be 
a blessing if you do not see a curse 
we can demand the birthday but a 
very conscious way 
taking care of us that he does not exalt himself 
the person and that does not happen this is 
just many times a problem with 
children because they really are the 
center of all that you should not encourage 
it's bad for the same child for his 
character get used to that and so on 
we continue here then this text 
here already masters 
possibly we will reread it 
I just wanted to place it here not 
they will enter my rest 
who is referred to here that quote from 
who was talking about elena balcony him 
He said that they will not enter his rest 
of ancient israel 
but he has told you that we 
we repeat that story 
dear brothers the idea of ​​what people 
of god basically everyone has the 
insured entry for the pse for the 
sky is a false idea 
again the idea or the conviction that the 
God's people are assured the 
entrance of heaven is a misconception 
it's not true it's not like that is not what the 
bible teaches 
notwithstanding the sons of Josh and with 
security are going to go to heaven we are going to 
try to d 
balance that information and 
leave them with a clear idea at the end of 
his seminars on those details 
that's why he says here they will not enter me 
I see brothers and sisters who do not have 
none of you bad heart 
of disbelief to depart from God 
I live before exploited ones to 
others every day as long as it is said 
today so that none of you 
harden by the deceit of sin 
Hebrews 3 7 to 13 remember this the 
history is repeating 
that's why we have the simple 
achievement in this subtitle seminar of the 
seminar the repetition of history 
remember this 
us as a people of spiritual god 
and we repeat the history of the town of 
ancient god 
the history of ancient israel will be 
repeated by the history of israel 
spiritual Adventists are going to fall in 
the same will repeat the same thing and they will 
finally reject Christ equal as 
old star made this 
that sounds through very hard 
very serious but dear brothers we are going to 
have time those days to show them 
because it's like that 
remember this story is being 
repeating the dangers that the people of 
God- found in the past ages 
they will find again 
satan has gained influence over the 
men whom God has honored over 
all human intelligence 
the honor to Solomon 
satan has gained influence over 
our town 
this is what elena white informs us 
very well with all that information what 
we said yesterday it did not seem like maybe so 
serious and what we are saying 
listening today that does a little more 
it is not like that no more a repetition of the 
nice israel story if we're not 
regrettably repeating all 
and to not do that we need 
understand that story 
for this is the story as a solid 
as well 
very well now let's go into a 
in another in Italy another subtitle the 
mining history that is the history 
who was guillermo miller 
one of the founding founders of what 
of the church has lied seventh day 
they agree they do not agree 
someone does not agree 
here are two that do not agree 
because they do not agree 
because when he was a founder to the church 
before the seventh day 
863 when he died that lemon and the 
840 and if I remember well 48 
then he can not have been a 
founder of the Adventist church of 
seventh day because he died long before 
its answer is not completely false 
but if one specifically says the 
church has come the seventh day good 
he was not at that moment in that 
then again who was guillermo 
a pioneer 
a chosen of God 
there were many pioneers 
and there were many pioneers 
in the movement that was later called 
in motion a mileurista had 150 
150 speakers, those were all thousand edges 
but because the so-called mileuristas 
what position did he have to see 
ok william miller laid the foundation 
he was the first we can say the 
first pioneer 
was the man who opened this movement 
mileurista and the mileurista movement 
became then the Adventist church 
of the seventh day that is he is the father of 
our church 
so to speak spiritually he 
the one who opened that story and because he 
was the person the reformer in that 
time the movement is called the 
movement a mileurista 
because what he discovered us 
they accepted what he proclaimed the others 
was the leader let's say movement 
although I did not want to be any leader anymore 
very good william miller is man 
He was a humble man as we know him 
it was nothing more than a famara communism 
farmer already had a 
the animals I think I did not have but 
he had his as his fields are called 
and that man let's talk is more about him 
but she named this movement 
this mileurist movement is the 
movement from which our church comes 
and that's why it's important to study that and 
let's see more reasons why it is 
I have to put some information 
basic here 
Gabriel and I are also going to study 
with you 
step by step 
and more in detail 
but you can have as a 
outline in the head 
that the mileurista movement the history 
miner began according to the bible 1798 
although guillermo at that time only 
was 16 years old 
the movement started but it was not 
nor aware of this 
the movement ended in 1844 
this is a story of how many years 
how old are these here 
from 1798 to 1844 
I'm listening to the rumors but to see 
who raise your hand 
64 that have said 
because this is important 
it is very important you are going to 
understand right away if they open with me the 
in san juan 
chapter 2 
verse 22 
we started saying an 18 san juan 2 18 and 
the Jews responded and told him that 
signal you show us since you do this 
Christ had just purified the temple 
what signal do you do to us since we already 
do this 
Jesus answered and told them to destroy this 
temple and in three days I will raise it to what 
Jesus was referring here 
here temple to your body 
in three days and he's going to be resurrected 
but they do not understand and they say they said 
then the hatreds in 46 years was built 
that temple and you in three days 
you will raise 
well the Jews confuse the 
and this is a problem dear brothers 
great for us today 
Christ gives a prophecy is not true 
because this is a prophecy that Christ 
it was here 
make a group want to answer here 
because that is a prophecy in three days 
the time will be raised as it was 
I will raise because that is a prophecy 
simple you know because that's a 
because Christ announces something that 
it will happen 
in the future it is a prophecy 
and that's not guessing that was true is 
an information for them that that 
give a prophecy now how do you have to 
interpret a prophecy there are two 
you can respect a prophecy 
or you can 
interpret a prophecy the miners 
they use the figurative word 
you can also say symbolic 
that difference 
if christ says the temple will be raised 
what would be the literal interpretation 
acoustically I did not understand 
the temple and sun in the temple temple 
literally the temple that was out there 
of stone 
that is a literal interpretation the 
literal temple 
it's an interpretation but that this is not 
I was talking about this Christ temple because it is 
prophecy required an interpretation 
what did he mean when Christ spoke 
From the temple 
to your body 
then the body of Christ 'is a 
the temple that had been built by 
It was also a temple 
but this was the literal interpretation 
of the Jews and that was the intention 
of Christ 
Christ gives a lesson here this way 
interpret is false 
that is very important for us today 
you have not heard that there is 
brothers and that there are churches that say what 
what happens in Syria now is compliance 
of prophecy because the church because the 
life says a lot about syria 
have you ever heard or that Christ 
may to jerusalem 
then many believe that Christ 
literally it comes to the literal city 
from jerusalem 
those are literal interpretations of 
and the 144,000 are the twelve tribes of 
what would the literal interpretation of 
what the 144,000 really did to us 
will be formed of representatives of the 
true twelve tribes that before 
existed and that today there is no longer 
some miraculous form will reappear 
people from those tribes 
and that is a literal vision that many 
this is a contrast to the interpretation 
figurative prophecy christ many 
collides with the Pharisees because they 
they want to understand him figuratively 
while he says you have to understand 
they want to see the literal and he says 
it has to be figurative 
another example that you know has not 
said christ you have to eat my 
has said that what is the interpretation 
eat read start eating the meat 
and that was the reaction of the apostles and 
of the Pharisees he says 
your meat 
and that was the figurative interpretation 
not accept is not true death of him 
of the spiritual take your blood accept 
redemption and we were able to explain many 
things here but those are two 
interpretations that go totally 
two brothers that's one thing we have 
to be clear and that I've only done 
a parenthesis here but I'm going to go back to 
ask yourself about this very well 
then here 
in that example 
the Jews say the temple of herodes 
that tells us here but that we can leave 
as information 
It was built in how many years 
in how many years was the time 
of herodes 46 
then 46 is a symbol for what 
a symbol is the number 
it can be a literal number because 
they really have israel temple in 
this time that jesus was built 
at one time in a span we did it from 
46 years 
but here in that sense we see 
interesting that the miner usually lasted 
46 years old exactly 
because this story was also the 
history of the construction of a temple 
what temple 
what temple was built here in 46 
here in the history of mining 
the spiritual temple of the town 
here at the end we have the temple 
I do not know what the temple would be like but I had 
several pillars 
no doubt he had a foundation and 
that temple 
that pueblo dondista 
I still was not happy on the seventh day not 
they had still understood the seventh 
day that was added a little later 
there were details that was not complete 
but the foundation was already very well 
46 years old 
another principle that the bible uses is yes 
you want to defend a truth 
important significant a truth of 
life and death 
you need to bring me two or three witnesses 
unfortunately in Christianity I do not know 
respect that our church does not either 
find a verse and say it's done 
a whole theology but you need 
always two or three witnesses 
he has not said Christ I did not testify of me 
alone but also my father and the spirit 
they testify of me 
and when the Jews wanted to accuse 
someone for killing someone 
how many witnesses did they have to bring 
always at least two witnesses 
so if I say that 46 is represented 
the construction of the temple you are going to 
have to ask give me two or three witnesses 
so that's really a truth 
and there's no problem because this is a 
Biblical truth you can find in your 
Bibles in the book of exodus 
of camilo circle 24 days of bassinet and 
the elders in the Sinai mountain 
and we are going to start reading 
the cycle 12 
then jehovah said to Moses come up to me 
to the mountain and wait and I will give you tables of 
stone and the law and commandments that I have 
written to teach them and got up 
moses with josue his heaven his servant and 
Moses climbed the mountain of God 
and the elders said wait for us here 
until we come back to you and here 
are on your are with us and that 
they had matters come to them 
that had issues then moses 
He climbed the mountain and a cloud covered the 
Mount and the glory of Jehovah rested on 
Mount Disney and the cloud covered him 
how many days 
how many days do I think they are sitting very 
back almost today he did not hear anything six days 
already for six days 
and on the seventh day he called Moses from 
medium of the cloud and the appearance of the 
glory of jehovah was like a fire 
scorching on the summit of Mt. 
eyes of the god israel and entered bassinet 
in fear and the cloud and climbed the mountain and 
he was Moses in the mountain forty days 
and forty nights 
so how much longer was that in 
the mountain 
not completely correct 
it was here 
six days 
ah and the continuous alone and that 240 days in 
total 46 days 
and what happens in the bush 
because I had to spend 40 days there 
well, look what he has seen 
next chapter that says the following 
chapter 25 
the offering for him traver na culo 
the ark of the testimony the table for the 
proposition bread 
the golden candlestick the tabernacle 
chapter 26 27 the bronze altar the 
lectern tabernacle 28 I do not know if I had 
the priests etc. and so on 
this was that he has seen that he has seen 
Moses in the bush 
the sanctuary 
the details all the details of 
sanctuary his service another word for 
the sanctuary 
the sanctuary is the temple 
then this tabernacle this temple in 
times of bassinet had a construction 
because God explained to Moses and he 
explained the 46 day plan 
then 46 becomes a symbol for 
the construction of the temple 
dear brothers here simply 
we have 
a very interesting number 
and that number is not a coincidence 
it is not an accident this number of the 
mileurista history from 1798 to 
1834 assigns that history a value 
special is the history of 
construction of the temple of god 
God's time reconstruction 
because god's temple had been 
had fallen to pieces I had to 
build again 
of course we have to go into the 
details here 
We continue with the next appointment by 
and this is very 
easy to understand and also very 
here we read that this conflict of the 
centuries page 444 
the parable of the ten virgins of san 
Matteo 24-25 also illustrates the 
experience or what they experienced 
what does this mean the word of the 
three virgins is the story of who 
the good artists of these Adventists 
here he talks about the mileuristas 
the story of the word of the 
virgins is the story my list because 
what happens in the words of knowing who 
know the word of the three virgins 
therefore we are going to open matteo 25 
so that we can all have clearly 
here what are we talking about 
san mateo 25 is not very long but it is very 
significant the parable of the 10 
virgins verse 1 
then the kingdom of heaven will be 
similar to ten virgins who taking 
his lamps went out to receive the 
how many virgins 
although they are different from the virgins 
and it makes them similar 
are all women here are all the 
origins already 
10 virgins and who do they take their 
lamps because they take their lamps 
they await the coming of the husband 
who is the husband in that story 
miner here we already try to apply what 
what she says 
christ very well 
Christ is the husband 
and those 10 virgins get up and 
they begin to walk to the encounter with the 
that is, they believe in the coming of Christ 
and prepare for it 
We have here 10 
we can already get the 46 
the mileuristas thought that Christ is going to 
come in 1854 
the minerists were those virgins 
remember literal interpretation or 
spiritual prophecy we are not 
talking about 10 virgins really not 
we are talking about women only 
that were virgins we are not talking 
symbolically being a virgin and they can 
to be virgin are virgins and in that way 
they can wait for the life of a 
husband are not tied to another man 
and in that you can say a lot about 
the symbology we will not go into the 
details of this parable but they 
they symbolized those who were 
cigars that were ready to receive a 
husband ok 
we continue from circle 2 
five of them were prudent 
5 foolish 
that is, although they were all virgins and 
it seemed a homogeneous group there was a 
division of 5 
in the words of the presentation 
previous of gabriel 
as we can call this group also 
and how can we call that group 
as well 
how many groups are there in that world 
there are not three there are always two 
then we can put here cain 
what else could we put 
very well 
good are the wise 
here the wise 
there are many examples for the character 
we can have on that side what was the 
term that we used in the first 
presenting the seeds of who and 
the seed of the serpent 
and the seed 
those are the two groups always of 
extras is the bible knows only 
those two groups after all two 
groups nothing more than five of them prudent 
and five foolish the foolish 
taking their lamps did not take with them 
more prudent oil they took oil in 
their vessels together with their lamps 
and delaying the husband nodded all 
and they fell asleep 
now we are very far from going 
in the last minutes here a little more 
information and we want to leave this 
concept and let's go into those 
details so 
make a small effort to follow what 
that I try to explain 
them what happens now with them in the 
middle of the road 
nodded began to sleep and why 
step that 
because they companies also the 
story because of the delay the husband does not 
They have long waited for you and started to sleep 
in history and the miners there was a 
event that was called the first disappointment 
this was on April 19 , 1944 
as they had thought first 
that Christ was going to come and Christ did not come 
at this time 
the group of virgins was divided 
in the five coming and the five in 
and some were no longer prepared and others were 
They showed ready 
at that time it became clear that 
there were two groups actually all 
they thought they expected Christ but they were two 
we continue 
and at midnight there was a cry 
verse 6 here comes the husband going out to 
receive him 
the next event in that story 
is then the midnight cry that 
and august 
of the same year 44 we are going to explain what 
happened there we will explain all the 
but we want to give an overview of 
and in that event 
the virgins woke up 
it was an event 
then we finish here the parable 
then all those virgins will 
they got up they got up and fixed their 
8th century lamps and the foolish ones 
said unto the wise , Give us of 
your oil because our lamps 
they go out 9 more the wise ones 
they responded by saying so that we are missing 
so that we do not miss us anymore 
you and more and more to the 
They sell and buy for you 
but while they were going to 
buying the husband's wine and those that were 
prepared they went with him to the wedding and 
the door was closed 
then came zero bond the door 
this was here in 1844 on October 22 
The door closed 
if you remember in the diagram 
gabriel from the studio of bassinet he too 
had drawn closed doors and that 
happens in each of those stories in some 
the doors were made and here 
finally we have the group of 
the remnant 
the people of god and will be the spiritual 
we have gathered here the five the 
five wise virgins 
because we have explained that for that appointment 
the word us is that quote 
and we already finished in five minutes the 
parable of the ten virgins of san 
Matteo 25 also illustrates the experience 
what Adventists experienced 
this ok that we have shown here in a few 
words but the next quote is 
important to understand that for 
us that is August 19 1890 
I often refer to the parable of 
ten virgins five were prudent and 
five were foolish this word the 
parabola has been and will be fulfilled at the foot 
of the letter 
has been fulfilled in that story 
and it will be fulfilled in what story at the foot 
of the letter 
in our history 
that we are going to demonstrate those days in 
our story dear brothers brothers 
listeners this story of the ten 
virgins that is the story of the 
Adventists will be repeated 
to the letter 
then if we knew that 
history we would know what would happen in 
our generation or with Adventists 
at the end of the world 
that's the logic that's the repetition of 
the history 
this parable has been and will be to fulfill 
foot of the letter because it has a 
special application for this time and 
as the third angel's message is 
fulfilled and will remain true 
present until the end of time 
what he did will remain true until 
the end of time the word say 
thanks virgin is the history miller and 
sta those details then with this 
we finish for today and tomorrow God 
through we can enter more into the 
details of that story explaining 
all those dates here that you such 
do not know yet 
we make a prayer 
of your beloved god 
we have been able to advance a little with those 
with that information about what 
it means that history repeats itself 
it is not merely a general repetition 
but we see that there is a 
much more detailed information us 
we repeat the story distracts the old 
we repeat the errors inclusive 
we repeat rest of the 
miners we repeat the 
words of the ten virgins and everything 
this to the letter 
Lord, help us understand what it means 
in the name of Jesus thank you for everything