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I have a short break between them you're making your they said you would spray consider an event even a para para nosotros para para para but facticity en el rey de paris honest it was built initially actually Italian kyusovich when I was to predict a man going to NCAA hockey on the enemy targets were also nominated I'm here with you for a few days only okay I know most of you are expecting maybe some really spectacular news about on the end of the world do you expecting me to give you some kind of Wow information so if that's really expecting you're probably going to be disappointed most of the information that I'm teaching you probably are familiar with but why try to do is piece things together perhaps in a way that you're 11 you have not thought of before you're not familiar with so I certainly want to try and bring this to some kind of conclusion you know even though these are introductory studies but for me more important than just me giving you some information or telling you that the end of the world is about to happen and you need to be prepared more important than that I want is to become familiar with studying our Bibles and more than that I want us to become to a place where we enjoy studying our Bibles in my experience many people frustrated in studying the Bible because they don't know how to approach study it doesn't make much sense for many of us our devotions we should be studies they degenerates we pick up a spirit of prophecy devotional then we read one page we know he's not really done much for us release we've tried to do something we kind of manage to get through our day before we go to bed we might pray and that's pretty much most people's religious life yes and the backdrop of all of these things that we try to be nice so if that describes your experience something like your experience or something like it I'm suggesting the reason that you do that is because you haven't fallen in love with study and rather than blaming you I think the responsibility lies at the doorstep of the educators in our church so no cost in any accusations against anybody in particular but what I want us to do is trying to become familiar and he actually enjoy studying the word know some of you were familiar with the study that we did yesterday the story of Noah but those of you who are not familiar with it even though we just it was just a cursory study I'm hoping that it intrigued you made you think that your parents are this you read that story so long no doubt you've heard sermons on it but perhaps you never made the connection about the animals perhaps you never made the connection about what those animals work now if you thought that was the end of the story of knowing it's not there's much more now we're not going to be studying the story of Noah but I want us to pick up one more thought and easy thought that we can get from the story of Noah so we're in Matthew 24 I see here and we read verses 36 37 and 38 and 39 I mentioned the word flood it means says in verse 38 and 39 it mentions the words blood so we're in Matthew 24 8 and 39 and we're picking up what word I owe so a problem that you often face is when you try to study your Bible in a different language sometimes he's not so straightforward because he wasn't translated in the same way as the King James so I'm gonna run this study using the King James obviously and I'm hoping yeah having done this in Spanish that it will connect in the Spanish as well so what we're gonna do you know you almost I said why are we going to do cancer so we're looking at the word floods we came to Matthew 24 picked up the word floods and what's he talking about the story of Noah so we'll go to where would we go to we go to Genesis you're marking and how would we know what verse to go to we'd pick up the words flood and if you knew your Bibles well you could find it or you use the concordance and we take us to Genesis chapter 6 verses are people who say verse 17 remember the only reason we go in here was why because we're studying the endtime prophecy we're not studying history and what does Jesus say the end of the world is gonna be like the days of Noah so let's remember the connection of why we're even go into this story again so we're in 6:17 I see the kind of things you say and we'll read that verse so already we can see I see if you understand the context of chapter six what is the context of chapter six so he got me doing a face has the art began to be built yet it's no it's not begun to be built so the preparation work has not even started and what does now already know he knows that there's a flood coming so it's the flood is a similar of some kind of catastrophe at the end of the world what do we know the god yes we'll pre warn us before the event and not only will he pre-warn us the events happening what else is he going to do you're much faster if the catastrophe is the flood how are you going to be safe from our side by building a boat so not only is he gonna pre warn you that the destruction is gonna happen as you know there are very beautiful bubbles he tells you how to prepare for it you know the basic prepare and you remember we discussed this yesterday there's this there's this misnomer in Adventism this misunderstanding I my little minion 11 though we don't know when the catastrophe is gonna happen when the end is coming and we don't need to know you know sorry because we need to be ready every day for 12 years and sometimes people even say Jesus will come tomorrow and so you have to be ready to die then if you've ever heard that statement King Jesus come tomorrow yeah at my Hannah so I see one or two people saying yes and some people say no now we're all seventh-day adventists and we all know about the mark of the beast and we know there's no mark that's happened yet no Sunday law in America certainly no Sunday law here in Argentina not the same one that we're talking about because there are Sunday laws in America already on the statute books but it's not the Sunday law that we talk about a Bible prophecy so we know that that event hasn't happened I'm the CEO and I can assure you your brass they moved out of there with a hundred percent certainty this symposium it cannot happen in 24 hours nowhere ever said I'm a deep-water owners so Jesus can't come tomorrow I think if this was not where it's gonna take him some time before he comes now we could argue at the Sunday law might happen tomorrow we could argue that but I would say even that can't happen tomorrow and I could explain the arguments why I believe that to be so but I am saying the God is gonna give a message to his church and it's a warning here's another area that the end is coming in Vienna and not only that innovation what else give us how to prepare so you might think that we've only talking in our church about a message that the end of the world is coming that the Sunday Lori's here are about to come we might believe rhodium that we have a message that the Sunday law is going to happen soon but there are no clear messages that are nice I plug-in how to prepare for that even I said oh come on at least not very frequent ones I haven't seen many virtual memory frequent astronomers we just kind of muddle along nosotros implemented come on you are and we have this implicit confidence that God is gonna solve the mess out in the time period we really not sure what's happening then when things are gonna happen the first thing I want to say is that can't be so we have to have this War II period and the time to prepare policy on ok so it talks about this blood I see you so I wanted to strike think about is what is that fly the symbol of it now in the original story its literal animals in literal water literal rain really today so this flood becomes a parable so I'm not sure if everybody knows what parables are of course we all know what parables are so parable comes from two words first one let's not break the words there let's just give a substitute or a synonym word that's an easier way to approach it you know the word parable sounds very similar to parallel so I know because they share the same roots so most of us have done high school mathematics therefore you know what the definition of parallelism is it's two lines of Alinea there in space and they will never meet or converge so hope that's a reasonable definition of parallel so if I did that it's obvious that's not parallel because you see they're gonna converge but if I did that it might not be so obvious because it's a very shallow gradient and he might be hundreds of meters before they converge but the math mathematical definition of parallel to unconverted lines and this is the concept of parables so how rules do is they take one concept and they get another concept and these two concepts related what do you think yes or no we think about parables so hates people saying yes and I'm saying no no so let me give an example my graphics are not very good I'm afraid so here's a man and what's his job he's a shepherd okay so we understand is the shepherd and now this is being and he's here Shepard he's nice Shepard this person is a king Lord is the king of a country he's the king of the universe and who is this person this is Jesus now I would suggest that this uneducated dirty smelly Shepherd has no connection to God they do too so totally separate ideas and concepts and for us to call God a shepherd would be such an insult to him I mean if we said that he was the king of the earth that might be some connection but he's the lowest of the low doesn't already have a decent job it doesn't have a very good job so I'm saying these two a totally different ideas now of course shepherds look after four and they get animals cause she I don't need you to see sheep and they you've seen a lot of cattle and if you get close up to a cattle you so cow they're not very pleasant to be around so I would ask you is she in any way similar to a human beings who was created in the image of God and I would say no sure yeah so we know obviously because we've been conditioned to do what an equal sign here and here haven't we but I'm saying in real life these two models are not connected and the only reason they connected is through parables and if you look at the concept and the definition behind parables this is how they work you get one concept here she finish effort and you get another concept here a human and God and you forced them together like forcing two magnets are not attracted to one another and when you force them together it startles you it has a shock value to it and you makes you think am I really like a sheep is Jesus really like a shepherd and the first thoughts obviously no but the more you think about it the more you see the similarity so let me ask you another question this is she look like a coin if she's got anything to do with coins of course not or do they yeah no but if you're gonna do a parable we know there's a story because this shape is a symbol of hope this person and this coin is a symbol of the same person therefore shaping is a coin so you can see how parables work they take a concept or a model there has no bearing upon reality when you force those concepts together it helps to bring light on the reality so this is the reality what kind of a person are you what kind of person are you can't think to yourself you needy you're inherently disobedient the Shepherd needs a stake to smack you sometimes he needs a hook to guide you sometimes so that's what this would teach us what about this coin what's this coin teaching us we all know the parable so you can't get any wrong answers oh you got to be larger it's lost it doesn't know so the first thing is money is worth something he has value so it's a valuable thing where's my eldest eight the story teaches because it's a coin coins can't think and the coin is lost and he doesn't know he's lost the sheep is lost no and he knows it but the sheep can't get back so you can see how these stories peaches about ourselves just one point the coin he's lost and he doesn't know where is the coin living in the house and weighs the house it's the church we've got lost people in the church you don't even know they're lost so let me ask you a question here's this beautiful woman it's a woman a house is a woman a house no okay we just said that the coin was lost in the house whose house is that by the way I'm going to say it's David's house the house of David lost in the house of David who lost the coin the woman lost the coin so she was responsible irresponsible why is a woman in Bible prophecy to church in this house the house of David he's also a church you can show that from Acts chapter 15 the talks about the house of David there so the church loses its own people while they're in the church that's the important thing for us to see is that two symbols can equal the same thing even in your parable if you see well over 130 boy let's allow me in to two symbols can equal the same thing in one parable similar the church symbol of the church so let me ask you a question put your hands up if you're lost and you're an Adventist and if the churches thought that you lost because that's what that parable teaches isn't it if you're gonna apply the parable the church made you be lost while you were in the church so put your hand up if you're one of those lost people and Noah's putting their hand up for the camera because they're going to be true to the parable because it's a parable if you will be true to the parable we'll decide that you don't know if you're lost or not do you because the coin doesn't know so I want to think about the real-life implications of this there's this church that losses people people don't even know they're lost if you don't know you're lost are you in the church you probably think you're saved and to me by me than about you but that sounds like the lady seeing condition doesn't it what is it yeah that you think you're hot but you're lukewarm you're not in a good condition when I was young and it says the latest series in this condition do you believe that there's nothing new Under the Sun yeah tells us in the sunless autumn in Ecclesiastes sorry these things it tells us it's nothing new Under the Sun so do you think the condition of the church today is the same as the condition of the church in the time of Christ soon in the same condition what condition are we in internet' para nosotros we're blind so much here isn't this coin blind no someone else it's own condition with the people in Jesus's time blind yeah think of how many stories about healing blind people there are I'll give you a Bible verse Matthew 23 we're in verse 24 yes years because people so it talks about the guys who is a guide as you know years here it's a year it's a shepherd leader teacher I thought so he says that the teachers are blind as the user who knows my throw signs here so if we're not sure about that I think he's gonna pass the order setting by yourself and I'm not saying anything about the leaders I said go let's go to the chapter 15 verse 14 speaking about the same guru they've had enough so see you all here this year yes you so who who's blind in this verse I think the shepherds the leaders the guide so near Matthew 15:14 who else is blowing everyone the guides of line and all the people are blind yes everyone's blind in the church when Christ comes to earth but not only are they blind 100 years they have other problems too what's the problem with lay decisions this is their blind visiting us here poor and naked didn't know this nakedness is that in verse was he referring to clothing yeah now do these latest scenes where anything they're naked cool stay down you know they're like us they are us they will dress up nicely if we bein on the outside but were they on the inside but in a couple sign Jesus gonna comment on that go back to Matthew 23 so it talks about cop I was decide to do since bite the inside clean and the outside it's gonna have even stronger language in st. Anamosa and in verse 28 unlike us the Jews didn't already bury their people they had changed or supplicants which were above ground and they didn't cross only they used to paint the outside of these boxes white and was on the inside dead people the bones had rotted and Jesus said this condition is the condition of these people he says you appear righteous on the outside those truly bring the inside the dead causes hypocrisy I'm saying that this is the latest in condition Lois's when Jesus came the first time was there is an Advent yes its first Advent we're now anticipating his second Advent if you go through the Gospels you see that Jesus and the people having an argument quite frequently very disappointed time either and over and over again you know the argument is over what subject so for the Sabbath what you're allowed to do on the Sabbath and what you're not allowed to do on the Sabbath and they accuse Jesus of what been a Sabbath breaker and they told him he was not the Messiah so they failed the Sabbath test and they also fail the Adventists in Russia so they have the issue of the seventh day and also the subject of the advent so I'm saying those people are a clear typification of seventh-day adventists they're having to address the issue of the Sabbath and the admin just like we do they're having to address this issue they're blind as you sow away remember this story about the parable of the coin who's speaking about us or them primarily speaking about them and then we make an application to ourselves so they were blind we can also recognize that they were naked they had a pretence of righteousness but they were not really righteous they had well but they'd lost the wealth they have all the characteristics lady saya and when you can recognize that you can see that the story of the Gospels teaches much more we might at first realize now you're familiar we're taking a sheep in a shepherd and paralleling them with a human in Jesus or we could do the same thing about the coin here whatever parable it is we take this literal story and we force it to fit another story the spiritual reality that we as Adventist thing that we're familiar with doing this but I want to suggest that were not very familiar with doing it we've got a few parables that we think we understand but as an example the first major prophecy about the end of the world which was the story of the flood most people clueless of what that story is teaching us and now the yesterday we just began to look at a few things we should be taking the story of the boat Noah's story and paralleling that with our history and you saw how we began to do that yesterday and the simple point that I brought to view yesterday I'm hoping that you will recall this if this was the history of the ruling of the ark this is the flood and this is the building of the our has these two components and we talked about the days it includes all of this and I want to say it mentions days in the plural and I would make the defense sure because this is the preparation and this is the flood we talked about days it's talking about on the sixth and the seventh day and this concept of the sixth and seventh day is both viewed in Genesis in Genesis man was created on the sixth day whether that man was male or female because man really is not generally and does not gender associated with it woman existed just a female version of the same word so one is to remember that there's not much difference between a man and a woman for male and female or they're both man and do we know what man means the and what I mean by this you'd have to go back into the book of Genesis and see what the original word was you can probably guess so you could probably guess means what does EVP go red that's what it means see my asset of the question why it comes from the concept that when you're dead you become pale why you don't know blood but when you're healthy you've got a good blood flow in the English we use the word ruddy we had the glow of health and he comes from this content of glowing cheeks or red so one is to remember this because we're going to build upon it later on so I'm saying the story of Noah's Ark I think the way we should be approaching it is not just about what does the Bible say in Matthew the two things you pick up on the story of Noah he says as he was in the days of Noah they were doing something and they were doing something they were eating a lot of food feasting with alcohol etc so eating a marriage the two major crimes that they have now we know when it talks about marriage it means multiple marriages adultery etc and they were doing all of that in this history so we've got eating just one word 18 and marrying the amazing so they're eating and marrying in this history and it said for you and what we would want to do is we want to take all the components of this and bring it to the end of the world and when we do that you take a literal sheep and you turn it into something that's symbolic which is a human being a literal coin you symbolize that to be a man so when you go from one history to another I see you go from the literal to the symbolic so when we come to here a we be building an ark today course we're not what is the arc that we are building so it's a church this church is being built and the church is being built is the Church of later see that's going to be reformed and what speaks about this the Bible speaks about it the easiest way we could explain it would be 144,000 this body of people this movement is church glorious church what Ellen White might say the church triumphant or the Bible would call it a terrible army that has war banners the ghost to fight against the world so you're familiar with these kind of concepts the God identifies his church as a terrible army that fights did I fight literally - and of course not these are all symbols so we'd look at 1800 and we look at marriage before the seventh day before the Sabbath issue and we'd want to see that they have components or they have some meaning to us at the end of the world as an example from is it coincidence either in the church or outside the church there's not a clear understanding about the role of men and women in many different areas of life we know that the issue of marriage is become a very difficult subject in society we know that the issue not just literally about divorce is an important subject so when we talk about marriage I see one more they might be more young why do many women even get married in the first place what what's the point of that but we're loving what we love what are we smiling okay we put it here another parable line so we got this beautiful bride and she's marrying this handsome man they getting married what's all that about this is electro and from the teachers wha the symbolic yes ESP it's going to teach us the spiritual the symbolic so we've got equals here who's this woman the church who's this man Jesus so why do we get married what's the whole point of it it was an acted parable to teach us about the relationship the way supposed to have with God is to put it back on yours so if you've read the Song of Solomon as you should be required reading before you marry my opinion so the men don't have to treat women it would teach you what who is that man that's lusting after this woman with this passion that's Jesus is named you think about that it's that's Jesus and that woman is you it gives you a different perspective of how Jesus thinks about us and he's desired to be with us so I'm saying over and over again our lives are centered around this concept of parables so what happens when these two people join together they join together seven and two humans become how many humans one they become one flesh so when we join with Christ the human and the divine when they combine together they become one flesh couldn't agree with that other why says when you man attained Menomonee and divinity combined together we have what happens since humanity and divinity combined sin does not happen so there's no scene as you can night bigger no see I know why so when humanity and divinity combine there's no sin no because is this something that Ellen White made up or can you find this concept in the scriptures Jesus okay so we're gonna get to first John chapter 3 we'll read verse 9 first John 3:9 so when a human being Mary's Jesus they have this seed in them they're born again and he says they don't commit sin when do we marry Christ when do we become one with him I would suggest when we're born again the experience of being born again is connected to baptism so we have this experience when we're baptized now I didn't have any of these people here are married or courting if you're courting or if you're single you should be getting counseling for people in from people who are married and one thing they'll tell you is that when you first get married your loved one is pure and clear his first love however it's shallow and it takes time to get to know the person to deepen this relationship and that's what we're supposed to be doing after baptism yes deep within this marriage relationship that we had with him until you get to the time where we're ready to leave this world and go to the next so when we approach Bible study the way we're supposed to approach it is by seeing these parables I just typification spiritual realities at the end of the world and the one we're looking at is the subject of the flood so I want us to see when we spoke about the marriage the subject of the marriage which is the unity of the human and the divine is it has to be established here in the sixth day of the seven from the sixth day we have to marry in the preparation day the rule Adventist and you know that we don't marry on Sabbath because our focus would be in the wrong place so we can after we marry on Sunday but we can marry on any day of the week most people are voice Friday because you won't prepare for the Sabbath thing you see we have all these things built into our memory banks for me it shows me how kind and caring Jesus is he doesn't make it difficult now I know as Adventist or many things we don't understand maybe we didn't understand the story about the flood very well but when you start putting the pieces together I think he sees it for us to understand these things so I'm saying the subject of the marriage and I'm not talking about literal I'm talking about the human and the divine it needs to be sorted out before the Sunday no issue this issue of eating or fasting or feasting with making this yesterday which book did we discuss book of John chapter a Peter chapter 6 you know Jesus says you're required to feast on what the comers what are you required to feast upon it's like Jesus was offered him them his arm and he said take a bite and they said we don't do that kind of stuff we're not cannibals usually was this the end not yet know Jesus is commanding those men to feast on him what does it mean to feast on Christ to eat him to drink his blood what does that mean we do it four times a year don't we I did how often you do it here and I said well that's we have communion service don't we you eat the bread and you drink the wine symbols of his body in his blood since this do in remembrance of me when those other men refused to do this you don't refuse what isn't that symbol of I'm not talking about the foot washing yes Jesus was clear about this he says that symbol was the eating of the mana and mana mana is the bread of life it's in power yeah and how do we understand or assimilate the bread of life then they're much more similar but we'll read one verse and then we're close let's go to the Book of Ezekiel we'll go to chapter 2 god sends a commission to Ezekiel he sends him upon a mission and to preparing for this mission he says I need to give you instruction on what to say she's gonna get educated in what message to give to the people verse 8 says here what I'm going to say to you and do I tell you and we'll read verse 8 he says a human open your mouth and ate something that I'm gonna give to you in verse 7 he said speak to the people my words and then he said open your mouth I'm gonna give you something to eat and verse 9 tells you why he's gonna weed and verse 10 told you what's written in this book if we were into chapter 3 you'd see he eats the book and then he goes to the people and he starts speaking words to them what do you think the words he's gonna speak would you think those words are that he's gonna speak it's gonna be the words that he's just eaten so God has put his words in Ezekiel's mouth and all they see who needs to do we just repeat them and these words are where they're written in a book now what book is the words of God we know it's the Bible so he talks here about eating you're required to eat the book which is the Bible the way you eat the Bible is by studying yeah and when Jesus says eat my flesh he was saying the same thing have this relationship with me by eating my words so before the sunday Lord there's going to be a message and it tells you what this message is lamentations mourning and Row three components to it three steps it's contained in the Bible we're supposed to eat this and we were supposed also supposed to have this relationship with God that we marry him and all of this needs to happen before the Sunday Lorna afterwards and this message needs to be given to a church that is poor and naked and blind and what that means is they don't even realize their condition that they actually need to be healed this is the importance of understanding the sequencing of endtime prophecy not only do we need to know how to prepare but we need to know when to bring to prepare this break Heavenly Father we thank you for your watch care Lord as we begin to wrestle with the subject of parables we want to ask and pray for a blessing that you might guide and direct us to make a right application of these thoughts help us to understand the literal inland symbolic help us to understand how we through what you have taught us need to force these concepts together which naturally would not join we know that our boat is not a church we know that a sheep is not a human being we know that a coin is not a young woman yet you say all these things are so help us not only to understand these simple concepts but to develop our understanding of the more complex ideas that you have and did you want us to understand praying Jesus his name anyway so I have a bad habit of that