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blessed father that you die on top of the 
Dear sir, we want to ask you for your company 
this morning we want this to be 
our special guest sir and that 
are you our teacher that everything to 
through the georgian brother and you can give us 
the understanding of your word that 
we need sir please open the 
mind of the hearts of here the 
brothers present so they can 
embrace this holy truth and lord be 
ready for your next coming stay 
with us we ask you in the name 
of Jesus 
and now 
I go to all 
good day to all welcome again 
especially yesterday we were 
studying about the methodology we 
let's conclude the studies and today 
we are going to finish our 
we stopped to powerful universe we stopped a 
little to read about Miller's dream 
we get to place in order I had 
that I needed more still not 
get everything in order what 
we needed to produce in a beautiful dream 
See you where everyone remembers well 
the dream that we read in yesterday 
the tricks of the cylinder attitude 
here we are going to consider that all 
a point that is in bold and is that 
here I am not here 
a point that is here in bold here 
in the text if you want to also fix my 
piece chest says that they too 
they made pieces of the chest and fired 
they are being measured yesterday 
they scattered all in the middle of the dirt 
that would not be it 
page 58 
so that would be what I suggest more than that is what 
what is that society 
to each market 
if we went to our beach 
but false teaching 
always also 
everyone already has page 58 not the pair 
259 on the page of the first part in 
page 59 we have a text 
the first text on page 59 
which tells us here that the garbage is 
the false interpretations of the bible 
let's read the text says well the 
minds of the disciples were high 
degree influenced by traditions 
and maxims of the Pharisees 
that he placed in the commandments of God 
on the same level as their own 
inventions and doctrines the scribes and 
the Pharisees did not accept or teach the 
scriptures in their original purity but 
who interpreted the biblical language 
to produce feelings and 
injunctions that god never 
pretended to produce they placed a 
mystical construction on the writings 
of the old testament and tornaron 
confused what the infinite god had 
made clear and simple these men 
introduce educated put before the 
people their own ideas and they made the 
patriarchs and prophets to those responsible 
of the things never pronounced 
these false teachers buried the 
precious jewels of truth below 
the society of their own 
interpretations and aphorisms and covered 
the simplest specifications of the 
prophecies concerning Christ 
they made custody of the 
commandments of God to appear a 
lots of rigorous ceremonies so 
useless and foolish that the force of 
God's law was destroyed they 
they met demands on 
commandments of god that could never 
achieve thereby diminishing the respect for 
and then we see that those 
false teachers messed up the jewels of 
the truth based on their false 
interpretations and this we see that 
the scribes and Pharisees are suffering 
then we see that text is 
is referring to the scribes and 
Pharisees and scribes and Pharisees 
we use this grammar method 
and the scribes and the Pharisees used 
this grammatical method 
by that method he 
as I am not miller 'destroyed' and the 
prices of this bible so also that 
method as in miller's dream 
destroys the precious truths that in 
the dream in miller were presented 
as interpretations and hides them 
under society and 
and the traditions of the 
human interpretations 
we go from his methods the stranger to his 
origin of the Protestant circus both goals 
both methods the historical grammatical and 
the critic's historical have their 
in the Protestant circle in the 
the difference between him is a list of 
the traditions that I keep here what 
their parents received the difference 
among them is that one keeps the 
traditions they received from their parents 
and another book and the other one is liberal 
trying to pull these traditions 
aim of making these traditions and 
interpret to live in a way 
rational interpreting the bible of a 
rational way 
we do not know if we read the next 
text that we have here in our notes 
we do not want to see that he is used a 
bible with a common book 
we are going to see that they use 
the bible as a common book 
first the first text where it says 
historical-critical method the method 
historical-critical is a method of 
interpretation of sacred scripture 
that presupposes the release of premises 
dogmatic and that he adopts the reason as 
main criterion of the evaluation of 
biblical text he is born from the illustration 
of the first features of what 
later it will be called theology 
liberal Protestant although its origin is 
European influence extends to everything 
the world coming to Brazil ' 
we continue the historical-critical method 
has its academic roots more 
deep in germany spread by 
europe came to usa and has spread 
around the world and today is accepted as a 
considerable number of domina of 
Christian denominations theologians 
who adopt the historical-critical method 
understand that the bible must 
interpreted as any document 
secular once it was produced by 
purely human factors is this 
lineman states that in the method 
historical-critical the concept of 
sacred scripture is re the vine 
Relativized of other religions 
used so that the bible is not 
more than a religious writing equal to 
other religious writings once 
other religions have their writings 
sacred can not be assumed that the 
bible be singular and superior to them 
that's why the bible must be 
treated as a book equal to any 
the last one we do not know it here that 
I tried bible like any other book 
it's a common book then we 
we can see that they deal in the 
bible like any other common book 
how to put this here as 
for the next election 
if we give ourselves a bit of this are 
philosophers in these names if we 
we study history a little bit 
They are philosophers and want to understand what 
he lived after the special maximum way 
the books what they want to understand 
the bible has been a normal way of 
the same way you understand any 
book of his time 
and one thing that they lack to that they 
I criticize the bible without opening 
and one thing they do is criticize 
the bible has been a very open way 
down here we do not make a context 
about self-criticism below we have a text 
about the high criticism 
that says if the two 
historical criticism also known 
as the historical-critical or high method 
critical is a branch of literature 
criticism that investigates the origins of 
old texts with the intention of 
understand the world behind the text 
this means that that's what 
it means that it means a method 
historical-critical and seeks to understand the 
the historical-critical method he seeks 
understand the bible studying society 
his writer lived studying society 
in which the writer Jesus lived giving 
tongue unused studying the 
language used and the original text 
world tour and also seeking to understand 
life prospects conditions 
of the author's life for what for whom 
is writing because it is 
and it has been left because we saw what 
He commented that all the prophets are 
stopped teacher our time 
weak times and that's closed because 
we have seen the beginning that 
all the prophets spoke more for their 
stand for our time that for your 
own time in asturias 
the husband in criticism in this study that 
they own critic can criticize them 
they end up creating lives 
the diversity of holiness of the bible 
they end up creating doubts about the 
veracity or the sanctity of the bible and 
state are exposed group and state that 
doubt is dispersed among the people 
as greater as an excellent herbal 
and Maliki 
and his see you 
we say we do not see what he owns is more 
it is only possible to die in satan 
we see that this method pose 
origin in satan because when you 
Depara with Christ not from arts of 
center are because when he faces 
with Christ in the desert the temptation 
the ifab a christ places his videos not 
about his simple pedro he speaks cool and 
it tells you if you are the christ converts 
those stones in bread and has disputed since 
he had heard what God testified 
of his son 
he says that is my beloved son we 
more satan does not care that he criticizes 
the doubt that he is the son of god and 
another moment of the bible itself to 
tempt Jesus and in another moment of light 
to the same bible to tempt jesus in 
language you do not feel like we owe 
stay with 
or as god go to give any is easy 
in the following text 'the one in water and we 
it says how we must deal or how 
God must deal with Iran and see will go to 
deal with them to fight that 
we can read the last text of the 
page 59 
says like this when men talk about 
high criticism when they put their judgment for 
on top of the word of God call the 
attention of them showing that they 
they have forgotten who was the first and most 
wise critic has had thousands of years of 
practical experience he is who teaches 
to the so-called high critics of 
today's world god punishes everyone 
those who as high critics are 
they exalt themselves and criticize the 
sacred word of god 
come on we have here that I go out to 
punish all of his parents we give him 
We have here that God is going to punish 
everyone who does that 
of such fact 
a detail that I do not place yet 
here or lack of these people say that 
it is necessary to look for the bible is that the 
fact that these people said that 
it is not necessary to study the Bible and that 
it is necessary to forgive the Bible which 
knowing language and versioning knowing 
the original language about where 
spirit is the culture 
knowing about the culture 
a purpose neither depend without making 
the town becomes dependent on me 
scholars of studious men 
which depend on people who 
they learn wrong things they make 
people learn closed things 
those who learn that people 
depend on people who learn things 
and his soul granderson world this is a 
great curse for the people today of the 
angry with Jeremiah I do not trust myself 
God speaks through darn Jeremiah 
the man who trusts another man 
come on 2 
ways to interpret the bible so much 
dramatic or together with christian 
both ways of interpreting the bible 
both grammatically and critically using 
the same models the same principles 
they use the same way the same 
principle the big difference between him is 
the big difference between them here a 
sayo is tradition you will be attracted to another 
liberal is that one of them follows the 
traditions and the other 
is liberal I have a principle that made 
and they have a principle that they 
they call the single writing 
and two other friends that that especially 
you know what that is, writing alone 
and I told them that life already explains them 
by himself 
they say that the bible she 
explains for itself and the authority 
original doctrine and she is the authority 
by teaching the doctrine and when you 
critical wardrobe not so as far as the is 
the historical-critical method that is not 
so he does not see the Bible as being something 
sacred they do not see the bible as 
watching something closed 
but the differences are bones the 
big differences are those 
the next beach 
on the next page 
we have the text of the 28th and 
we go to our bibles 
36 28 3 
verse 3 
says the word thus of jehovah 
it will be commandment after commandment 
mandates on mandates reglon behind the 
line line on line a little bit there 
another little bit there until they go and 
they fall on their backs and they have broken 
linked and prisoners 
We will look here 
some main verses the methodology 
of level we see here some verses 
some main verses of the 
miller twist methodology approve a 
test text a little here a bit a 
little here a little there kid on the 
child line on line 
and then talking here against those 
they do not want to hear it is obviously another 
time that methodology that course in its light 
they hear the message through 
this methodology plus they reject the 
light or excuse 
although obviously if we finished 
I study something that I said yesterday briefly 
before finishing our miller study 
an intimate relationship with numbers 
is that the truths that were opened 
a miller have a relationship 
intimate with the numbers and here we see 
something interesting and here we see 
something interesting that to contract as 
achilles that although on a universal level and 
what happens to them who do not want 
hear according to verse 50 25 
things to countess ellis bone the loft the 
sky by others the ska in back so 
they are soon broken without pregnancies 
the five are bound and are imprisoned 
bodies are five things 
there are the verses 
in verse 18 3 10 outputs 5 
they question and you see a number 5 
represented to and the streets of seen the 
number 5 you see it represented 
here in verse 13 but what do you want 
saying that is a group 
540 will happen on a Thursday for those who do not 
we want to live there is a group a group 
that five things where they go with them 
because they do not want to hear 
the new program 65 the cde fairs 
virgins or wise or all I'm not going to 
try that now but this number 55 
things refers to the virgins or wise 
or foolish 
we take everything in deciding on the 
virgin times we were 
studying these days about 10 
virgins and we saw that the glass 
the experience of the event represents 
two words and we saw that 
for them the experience of 
advent represents the parable 
we saw ourselves after the first hole of the 
first month we saw about it 
from the first day of the first month imagine 
cardoso who marks the beginning of time 
of the delay of the delay or we see your 
first hole of quilmes we have 
seen the first day the fifth month 
and marked damián love which marks the 
Midnight Cry 
and the tenth day of the seventh month 
and marked precisely the door that marks 
the door closing thank you 
the next night everyone remembers that very 
all right 
or maybe it's already forming here in this 
deferring to this experience what 
is talking here he is doing 
reference to this good experience 
They want to relive the period that 
you put is depend on not wanting to hear what 
that in the period they wanted but 
good to want an end how long he 
He chose to depend there for not wanting 
hear at the time they could 
the book rauch reds like he is 
God is going to be something terrible with them 
how do you have to cheer from here 
God will be punished as in the text 
that elena white in hawaii that 
we just read it says they will be 
punished by god 
that's why we see ourselves basically the 
same rope is shaken in Isaiah 815 
we see practically the same 
same thing 
so there were hardly any words of those 
five things there is hardly a word 
of those five things that change 
8 15 says well and many will stumble between 
them and they will fall and they will be broken and they will 
will be entangled and will not be caught and will be 
imprisoned and we do not see each other 
the word 
and above all it's like a fire 
the initial years stumble stumbled 
then we see that enisa already 28 
verse 13 the word that says go 
is now in isaiah 8 15 as 
will stumble to first agreement that he would 
consist of these men and that you 
they tripped the first thing that goes 
to happen with angel as those 
men is that they are going to stumble 
all already read a first at first 
victory language everyone already read 
know the first management of elena 
white if it was not like that 
with suárez 
of first writings 
is in our notes we can read there 
a small text on page 60 
and everything we are going to read everything says 
while he was praying before the altar of 
the family the holy spirit descended 
about me and it seemed to raise me more 
and more above the dark world 
I looked towards the earth to look for 
Adventist people but not there in 
any part and then a voice told me 
go back to look a little higher up moose 
the eyes and I saw a straight and narrow path 
drawn far above the world the 
Adventist people walked that path 
in the direction of the city that looked at 
its last end at the beginning of the 
path behind those who were already 
there was a bright light that according to me 
said an angel was the clamor of 
this light shone throughout the 
path and illuminated the feet of 
walkers so they did not stumble 
in front of them and lower your guiding them 
towards the city and if they did not 
His eyes were safe but they did not take long 
some get tired saying that the 
city was 
there was very far and that he expected to have 
come to him sooner then jesus 
he encouraged them by raising their glorious 
right arm from which emanated a light 
that waved on the web be a dentist and 
exclaimed hallelujah others denied 
recklessly the light that shone after 
saying that it was not God who 
had guided it there but then it 
extended for it is the light that was 
behind and left his feet in darkness 
so they stumbled and lost 
sight the white and jesus fell out 
of the path down in the gloomy world and 
perverse first writings page 14 
the first then we here 
we see the first dream of the in water and the 
first vision of her with the spirit and 
a narrow road 
talking about the town 
Adventist on a very narrow road 
and if we add that it is a guide for 
stumble and there is a light that guides them 
is going so that we do not trip on that we will look 
public love damianovich that light the 
sister white speaks that is the love of 
midnight and if we go 
let's say a structure of parables of 
the virgins and if we think by 
put it like that in the structure of the 
parable of the ten virgins the 
opening had love our own domain 
separation from the clamor of 
midnight there is a separation 
at this point people start to 
deny them 
I have been revealed by God at this point 
people begin to deny the light that 
It was revealed by God and cross context 
when the dream and it just goes off 
according to the text that when they 
they do that the light dies out 
our weight and fall from the world below 
they stumble and fall to a world there 
a detail that I think is important 
this fact here is what you want this 
they are doing here is that they 
are saying that that light does not come from 
and in doing that they are attributing 
the work of god to satan and his destiny and 
that according to what Jesus told us 
teaches the empire is unforgivable 
as a first step that at the expense of those who 
fall the first step that happens is that 
they fall we see the wise virgins 
we have the prudent virgin 
the young all and the virgins 
a class when they reach this point 
like this street a class when 
we get to that point it starts to fall to 
and the other accepts the test and she 
continues faithful 
the first one happened the begins to be 
demonstrated here the classes 
the first step is demonstrated here the 
two classes are evident there from 
moment we put to see who knows that already 
everything from that moment on is possible 
for us to distinguish who is 
prudent and who is foolish and those 
things that he has counted but verses three and 
six in suites and the other things that 
it happens in verse 13 of Isaiah 28 
showed and deeper truths of 
I'm apparently not like it here 
they bring us deeper truths of what 
that apparently brings us the text 
first he left three verses six 
first timoteo 3 verse 6 we are going to 
our bible 
it says well not a neophyte is not a mba 
being born falls into the condition of 
verse 7 it is also necessary that 
have a good testimony of those of 
outside so that it does not fall into discredit and 
a tie of and linked from the devil 
we see here that the fall is something 
which represents the condemnation of satan 
with him is stumble and kingston among the 
from the same generation extra tones 
fighter when they stumble when 
they fall are entering the same 
condemnation that satan is going to have is going to 
falling dissolved way did you buy yourself a 
spirit in a certain way that happens 
in that period because it is a truth I 
progressive plus there is a truth 
it is a progressive process 
test is progressive and the fall 
perfect or total of them happens there 
and that point in our history 
in the Sunday law 
and if we go to daniel 11 verse 41 
Snow tells him 
and ugt 1 h the glorious tray ballast 
daniel relates that the king of the north he is going 
to enter the glorious land and when 
the officer and his many cairo and when 
he infers are many will fall 
we can read 41 
will enter the glorious land and many 
provinces will fall more these will escape from 
his hand and he dominated most of the 
children of love do not exist at that time 
but it was yesterday when the and Sunday 
arrive there at that moment people 
that will fall when the Sunday law 
come from what water 
I have presented that the elders 
worshiping the sun in ezekiel 8 this is 
represented by the elderly worshiping 
to the sun 
the third and third thing that 
happens with those men that they go 
to be broken when these happen 
very employment things so that promptly 
the lic 
an example for that brokenness is 
the in 
the parades he went his own way 
of disobedience in relation to their children 
and when God's patience ran out 
it was finished falling by others in the callus 
back of book and broke 
in Jeremiah that 7 18 we found a 
other information 
and we find other information 
and it says well verse 18 shame on 
zeal that persecute me and do not embarrass me 
I am their men and I do not 
astonished brings on them bad day and 
breaks those with double breaking 
and Spanishista to break in its version 
of him is different is the bec in the 
Spanish version is the word 
to break explain is then not 
need to spend time explaining is 
more that word that will soon make you die 
without knowing it means to destroy more the 
word break in the original 
means to destroy the envelope to their 
methodologies one thing he had said 
about this methodology are very similar 
is that they are very similar to both 
a personal language they use the 
original language of the Russians as 
authority to interpret the bible 
but they use it as authority to 
interpret the bible 
there is nothing called and use the 
original language is not bad 
in looking for the original language based the 
new way its main means to itself 
understand that the bible that extra more 
he is not the main means to 
understand the bible what the bible 
wants to teach 
satan is placing a lot of truth 
many truths a little said what 
Satan does is put the truth a lot 
truth with a little bit of error here I think 
Jesus is a bit of ferment I'm going 
to give all mass but what the bible 
says what Jesus says is that a little 
ferment raises or ferments the whole dough 
we see that the correct methodology is 
uses principles that those 
methodologies left by a hundred then 
we see that the methodology 
correct has these principles closed 
what we see 
for its principles 
this is the methodology methodology 
correct to the correct methodology by 
his principles 
has principles the methodologists leave them 
that closed methodologies where 
we also adopt 
the fourth step the instant 
the other two accused the fourth step 
are between the notes there says the 
Linked word and first loves 33 
We do not know that they are private packaging 
besides his key in 1st timoteo 
we see that they are linked 
for the two of the devil between 1,050 or 
spit christianity bieber your bus 
church this 9 verse 12 
let's try let's go there in your bibles 
says yes because man does not know either 
its time like the fish that are prisoners 
in the bad network and like the birds that 
they entangle themselves in a tie so they are linked 
children of men in bad time 
when it suddenly falls on them 
as we do here that the philis or 
they are only thrown when time 
more get from gp2 or goods then 
we see here that the children of the 
men are canned when suddenly 
the bad time arrives in front of them 
what does this mean for us not 
we know when Ale and Dominica should 
get there we do not know when it's going to 
come the law Dominicans do not know 
when will he give thanks 
much more we do not know when the 
thank you door closes for us 
the Seventh-day Adventists all 
we prepare ur if we do not 
we prepare now when this time 
arrives when this time comes to be 
we have foreseen and surprise we will be prey 
surprisingly we will be in guasa 2 
we will be linked to taboos like giorgio 
tied like oxen to make us 
instructed proforma to be destroyed 
and we will be treated as straw to be 
destroyed by fire 
24 in Jeremiah 50 verse 42 to 50 the 
circle 24 
chapter 50 verses 24 
says if I put you a tie if you were taken or 
Babylon and you did not know it you were 
still found prey because you provoked 
if I return tickets very information 
that verse brings an information 
important to apply and succumb the speech 
with respect to Babylon but now it 's 
will apply that with respect to the people 
of god- public new vivona of 
knee of your bonding or the town of 
God is not Babylon we want to leave that 
well clear 
God's people are doing something 
similar what babylon was doing 
I 'm fighting against messages and 
they are all fighting against 
God's message we do not want to live 
they want to hear 
and he wants to live and because they do not want 
hear zero no more all of them were 
linked by god 
that link and that link together be 
prisoner the fifth step concludes in being 
presto that is the fifth one for us 
we have them here we are 59 bears 
2 and 3 that presenting in our note 
we have at least 59 verses 
12 and 13 
says yes for the sin of his mouth for the 
word of their lips be they prisoners 
in his pride and by the curse and 
lie that they utter ends up with 
furor ends them so they are not and they 
know I know that God rules in jacob up 
the ends of the earth 
why reasons that are only prices that 
verse shows us already why why 
reason people are prisoners 
suffered because of sin and the 
words that they prefer in this 
company because of sin and because of 
word that they prefer we have 
seen remember is there at 28 we 
roberts 2 when methodology presented 
with the ministry has presented if 
we went to verse 12 with the 
methodology already presented that they do not want 
we go quickly to Isaiah 28 
the circle verse 15 because it says so 
because you have the pact have 
made with death we made an agreement with 
the sun when the whip storm passes 
will not come to us because we have 
put our refuge in lies and 
in falsehood we will hide 
they are answering something terrible 
against the support message included and 
destroyed and this is why god is going to 
destroy the proverbs six verses 
a lot of testemuña presi 
proverbs 6 verse chapter 1 
verse 1 is the last testimony for 
this we you here we look 
one of them we have some other texts 
but we are not going to read it 
the humble verses 1 and 2 of 6 do not 
proverb 6 verse 1 and 2 says son 
mine if it came out inspiring for your friend 
if you have pawned your word a stranger 
they make thrown with the words of your 
mouth and has been imprisoned in the sayings of 
your lips 
by the words they said they 
they will be prices 
236 in our notes the next 
reference about mateo 12 36 
where Jesus speaks that by his words 
we are going to be condemned 
Did something 
and therefore without noticing that is something 
important that we want to notice or 
rescue and only one criminal vibrates pines 
know a common Chinese this does not have 
what to see just with our common routine 
we are talking a lot with so 
ruthless in the barns if we 
we are all the time there counting 
things or doing or making jokes 
is to also have a way that we 
we have administered and profession this 
It also has to do with the way 
that we received the message 
I think that they are going to present the 
six messages recorded at 20 
I think it was sister we are not going to bring 
for you what the rain is the 
late rain is a message to 
if we are not and we have that message, 
We can be prepared if we do not 
we accept that message we do not 
We can be prepared as well as can 
look and his friends as well as it was daniel and 
your friends but it would be approved in a 
moment of testing for them to be 
tested at the time of the test 
I need to give some examples that 
these methodologies file or interpret the 
bible I need to give you some 
examples that those methodologies fail 
at the time of presenting the bible 
the first is the blockade can give the 
first example that I can give you 
after seeing everyone about the 
metric of the grammatical method the 
speech to grammar to understand the 
bible like 11 million they use the 
grammar to understand the bible as 
the name already says grammatical to take 
note of what he is going to talk about now 
we are not here in the 
notes that is printed 
in lucas 16 from verse 19 
from verse 19 we are going to 
reverse verse 
lucas 16 versions of 9 
from silverstone jesus the eve with 
a parable from that verse 
jesus tells a parable we do not go no what 
we will read to gain some 
this parable is very little studied today 
day so we talk about a man 
called lazaro new mexico is a man 
and another rich man is that those of 
rope for you the same gene he says that 
according to the parable the two die 
an egg and another sick 
one goes to heaven and another goes to the 
hell 16 degrees and another suffering a 
it stings in the sky of abraham and the other 
there is one not left in the bosom of abraham and 
the other one is down suffering 
plus one gets to the other 
if we rise like a tree and thrown 
we take this as something literal 
we do not have to demand brakes 
we see that there is a hell 
that happens from the moment in which 
We die 
and that if we were righteous 
we could go to heaven starting 
from the moment we die 
but we know that that is not 
then in this methodology it does not get 
interpreted interpret correctly 
this passage is necessary others 
principles to have did you need 
from another beginning to understand this 
as part of his birthday this compare 
text context a bit here a bit a 
little here a little there 
this is an example for this methodology 
113 per team 
seen another example that can be seen 
under a goat is in relation to the continuous 
we all know that there is that everyone knows what 
what is this 
they do not know what is the continuous 
today your sweets came in daniel 812 
now as continuous sacrifice 
welcome today everyone will be written 
in this way sacrifice with a Chinese 
d'angelo 82 is written this way 
the continuous sacrifice 
for that reason like the books 
first writings but the brother water and 
in the book first writings do not give me 
a part 174 if I'm not wrong is in 
page 74 the speech word 
sacrifice she says the word 
she does not belong to the original text what 
I was augmented by human wisdom 
she was augmented by human wisdom 
more she does not that word does not belong the 
I am not very little in Portuguese in 
grammar i am not very good 
in the grammar in Portuguese we do it 
is to go to this word more if you take out 
that word or without doubt of vercelli is 
totally about this from here with china 
then the sense of the verse is 
totally on that continuous word 
what does it mean 
more than you want to say that word that 
means he 
constant 6 
if we bend to interpret are the 
our pioneers 
if we look at the interpretation 
of our pioneers the lossio we add 
the diagrams he's a lot since he did 
paganism they are going to tell you that 
that is paganism 
in other words are the genes that 
He ruled atheist and for his disobedience 
in other words they are the 
governments that govern the earth and 
to the people of God in their disobedience 
did some Chinese and that's continuous one 
behind the other and this is bigger 
public 13 of other series are 
trampling the people of God and his pointed 
as a prophecy and is on behalf of a 
prophecy the prophecy of the 2500 20 years 
I will use own 
prophecy head 
and now he is going to be the same prophecy 
that you just quoted to give an example 
about the historical-critical method 
and levi turin 5 in Leviticus 25 I will 
place with a statute for the game 
God places a statute for the 
town and what to do to have a Saturday 
to rest 
since the earth is going to have a Saturday 
to rest they should gather 62 
holes could cultivate work they 
they should count 6 years where they 
they can cultivate the land 
it's the seventh year it's a Saturday they 
they should not cultivate they should leave the earth 
rest and they do not do that are 6 yes 
we are going to Leviticus 26 June 2015 
25 another is where the 2,525 are 
the found but this here 
26 min 6 verses 
able to see 34 
34 35 from verses 34 and 35 
says so 
then the earth will enjoy its days of 
I rest every day that is ravaged 
while you are in the land of 
your enemies the earth will rest 
then and enjoy your rest days 
all the time it is ravaged 
will rest for what did not rest in the 
Sabbaths when you live in it 
it inhabits byte we see that public of 
the words of his enemies 
then we see that the town of 
God is scattered in the land of his 
enemies and that to buy super quarry 
apostles consecrate and that happens for 
that the earth can rest from the 
they were from their residents in the were of 
this house the castles of the 
means about it is a punishment from God 
came on them for all more how much 
they leave for their land 
for the land of his enemies or 
periods their captivity or the period of 
his captivity when he hard 
70 70 years 
how long have they transgressed them 
that divine statute 30 70 chávez Saturdays 
in what opening rested then 
for how long they had to be 
in the land of his enemies so that the 
earth can rest all those 
490 years for a necessary 70 fabulous 
70 Saturdays were needed for their 
activity a bus and removed so that the 
doubt the town was removed 
490 2 490 years then a number 490 or 
the number 490 and free showed a time 
of grace you probation for the 
shows a time of grace a time 
test for the people 
sort out 
the duty was removed not the doubt the duty 
it was removed to a number 499 presents and 7 
probatory then the number 490 
represents the test time for that 
place same flux show this number 
490 more where else can we 
find that number 490 
daniel daniel of 70 weeks are 
determined about your town because it is 
debut but here I am proved that 
two meters from the hole also down the 
example so that this has been shown 
that this methodology is also closed 
I'm in another place is somewhere else 
I would be Pedro Jesus says to Pedro points 
from the greenery we know how many times 
she must forgive to be less 
seventy times seven 
and that's four hundred and ninety 
when the people who study this 
method and look at this that jesus I speak 
they are interpreting that Jesus is 
saying that we should forgive 
forever and I think everyone here I 
I want that I think everyone here already 
have heard this and that to buy 
because the pastors of last night and today and 
that happens because the shepherds of 
our church today all of you all 
they are instructed nasa methodology 
are instructed in this methodology 
liberal methodology is a methodology 
liberal who uses house over 
interpret abílio that uses reason 
to interpret human life plus the 
biblical biblical human reason 
this methodology was this is an example 
that this methodology fails more than 
citizen methods we see that own 
Greek prophet prophesies approved more 
the methodology used by thousands the 
same prophet elena white there is the proof 
we should compare this compound useful 
we see comparing the text 
context that we can reach 
They meet these truths are 
we can come to the understanding of these 
lovely precious truths and good to 
through numbers that come through 
numbers in their own way 
there was no way 
divine if it is understood in a way that 
it's not easy anymore it's a divine way of 
understand the way in which god of the 
oak or method is offered opposes 
a way in which God teaches his 
knowledge to his people the state of his 
past he gives an example of the past 
to teach the spirit its future to 
teach about the future 
I would seek to present here what I 
look to present here that we use 
it's a summary regarding the 
methodology that we use 
a mistake I made is that all 
miller rules here for you husband 
a little behind ours we the 
we have imputed 
a little behind on page 57 of 
our notes we have a bit of them 
with weaver 
does not mean the debt of the 
on Saturdays I had 
in fact 
57 the last the last two lines says 
so the above mentioned is a portion 
of these rules and in our study of 
the bible we would do well to pay attention 
to the exposed principles this is in 
the review of angela on November 25 
of one thousand 844 we have to do with 
we know that elena white recommends the 
miller methodology with insistence 
because we behave 
benefited that what we can 
give so that we can be 
benefited with what the bible does not 
can give 
and I prepare to be able to 
present the 6 very well that's what 
us he has prepared so that he can 
present to you but get your 
own and I hope everyone has been 
benefit for all 
to leave let's pray some uncles and for 
finish let's pray to god 
Lord God dear Lord Díaz father 
dear we thank you sir for 
more Mexicans we are here giving to you 
word we thank for a day 
more than we are here gentlemen being your 
word we ask that the Lord to the 
insensitive to look for each day more the 
knowledge that it provides if we 
We ask that you encourage us every day 
more to seek the knowledge that you 
provide is of yourself so that it has 
shown from the prospects sir for 
May we be carved by the prophets 
and we go every day sadder and 
we can more and more resemble each other 
christ we leave the spirit on new 
pour your spirit on us 
doing with that 
and making us reflect the 
image of Christ perfectly two 
sights and passion of Jesus 
these things we ask you in the name of