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for Benito you will burn on top of the 
Lord sky on this morning we invite 
Sir, you accompany us, we invite you 
so that you are our teacher for 
that you address the words of the brother 
daniel and so also those of the 
translation so you can infuse 
your message in the heart of each one of 
the brothers rush from the steps of 
the brothers who are coming sir and 
open sir the mind and the understanding 
of the brothers here present for 
understand your word sir we beg that you 
stay with us and protect us from 
all kinds of distraction sir or 
setback on behalf of Jesus we ask 
all this amen 
good all good morning everyone 
what has happened has gone down due to possible 
I want to do a quick review 
I want to be sure that you 
they are following reasoning very just 
in that matter to attend four groups 
presented etc is very important this 
matter so that we can 
understand which group of these people 
we are understanding and so and so 
We can perceive the size of 
our responsibility that we 
we have monster yesterday we 
we show that first when Jesus 
began his ministry that first when 
Jesus started his ministry wants to be 
squeeze courses later and that work 
first for the Jews and then for 
the Greeks then delivered bein 
also the Greek who makes no exception 
of people will only follow first a 
group and then word plus the first flame 
first call a group and then at 
I am me first rooms 
12 12 we saw that Jesus first 
few calls to 22 
a special favor profes of 12 
disciples have a special job 
what to do and after subtracting internal and 
in cap aligning or external a job 
internal or external is a question for 
they go to the lost sheep of the house of 
israel 22 
these are the so-called 12,000 meters 
are jesus sweet they spent a lot of time 
preparing with Jesus what is interesting is 
that those twelve spent a lot of time 
getting ready with gestures and this meeting 
terror circles and that's what now 
you have to know with me and with you and 
if those are some of the 
characteristic of sweets those are 
some of the characteristic of the two 
of power are the twelve how many types 
of energy 
after calling the twelve stories 
disciples jesus sends 
and this from the period of his gospel all 
that in a period in which jesus brings 
that gospel 
and the gospel comes when the book 
descend is a story and they will see 
that in our history first of the 
first month as a symbol the first day 
the first month as a symbol of 
balance of feeling in the day when the 
book of one hundred of this cold trade and 
you have to eat this book and if 
was that he authorized his parents 
chapter 3 we are going to here is the 
chapter 3 verses 1 to 3 
you are going to see that when ezequiel 
com the book he has to talk to the 
house of israel 
so it's the same thing with the 
disciples that the disciples have to 
eat that a power your desire the bread that 
descends from heaven what is that 
christ who is christ 
the word that that bread that 
descended from heaven is like the book that 
descended from the free sky of the 
profession and is the book that gives us the 
study the prophecy of his courses in his 
top form the trials without umbrellas and 
Jesus was constantly talking the 
things in parables we stop 
part of them because just as the 
text that the hidden things were 
given for the people of God are Sunday 
us three 
and if I 'm not wrong this 23 that the 
hidden things were given for 
we but for the strange people a 
mateos is a sad trail of 11 3d mateos 
verse 18 that says well 
Matthew chapter 13 verse 10 and 11 says 
so then approaching the disciples 
they told him why you talked to him 
parabolas he answering told them 
because to you the states to see the 
mysteries of the kingdom of heaven more to 
they are not given 
first the gospel comes for the 
500 people after the first 20 
212 and within the people of God first 
comes for the 2.92 it's character other 
group is a teacher but it's not because God 
discards the other group of people 
wants to first occupy if you please 
yours if it goes in favor if it's not because the 
first you have to prepare a town is 
so that it leads to the other and the other 
boy who was a vote beliefs from here 
when willy beans and anyway 
what you are wanting to say now is 
that when the book comes down it has 
prophecy that the prophecy that or less 
easy results from your cycles is a 
message that Jesus gives you is to say although 
It's dirty like the bread is 
from heaven like a book that makes a 
a chapter to distinguish as the book 
of ezekiel that chapter 3 have to 
eat the stigma message to give to the eye 
they have a message to give to 
town because their door is 
to close that is another example that 
we saw with respect to that in the 
purification of euros in purification 
from the temple of 10 how long it was 
purified two groups worked on 
when the temple was purified two 
groups worked on it 
chronic we saw that there in 
second and chronicles 51 29 and they are the 
his groups makes two crimes and for a 
time they are in the group of 
priests and the Levites what 
purify the temple 
and it's there is the time of purification 
of the temple in our history then 
these studies and xd put 70 of them 
genius what he now wants to say is 
that after the 70s come the 
we are going to read about that hour 15 
pages is in your brochures the 
last text says well 
crowds will be gathered in the alcohol 
and many of those who have known the 
they have corrupted their way in front 
of God and they have departed from the faith 
Really thin rows will be filled with 
those to whom Christ refers 
when he says go to the hour 
eleventh there are many with whom the 
spirit of god is still fighting 
the moment of destructive trials 
God will be the hour of mercy 
for those who have not had the 
opportunity to learn the truth in a 
the stressful moments of your days and of 
opportunities for those who did not have 
opportunities and understand pomegranates the 
moment of the destructive trials of 
God will be the hour of mercy 
for those who before those who have not had 
the opportunity to learn the truth 
when they are delivered from the great Dominican 
of users when we get to the law 
Sunday in our history 
It is when time ends 
opportunity for the pool goodbye and it's from 
grace for that opportunity and that is 
the grace period for those who do not 
they had the opportunity to hear this 
true because we can continue 
the Lord tenderly contemplate their 
merciful heart will feel 
moved his arm will continue to spread 
to save while closing the door 
for those who do not want to enter will be 
admitted in large quantities those who 
in these last days hear about the 
true for the first time the first Felix 
they hear the truth for the first time 
and if they are represented but there was the 
tourist right now they are 
represented by the workers of the 
eleventh hour so you can not escape 
spoke of weimar swing for those who do not 
you know this parable is in mateos 20 
we are going to read a little of it not 
You see a sketch in the verse of 
verse 1 to 7 
it says so because the kingdom of heaven 
It is similar to a man father of 
will occupy your hearing induces only one 
point says the speech that the kingdom of 
God is similar to only one man he goes 
to be the comparison now with the kingdom 
of God 
we can continue to kill 20 verse 1 
to 7 
because the kingdom of heaven is 
similar to a man father of a family 
that he left in the morning to hire 
workers for your vineyard and having 
agreed with the workers in a denarius 
a day he sent them into his vineyard out 
near the third hour of the day saw 
others who were in the square 
unemployed and told them and also 
you to my vineyard and I will give you whatever 
fair and they went out again 
close to the sixth and ninth hours and he did 
the same and leaving close to the time 
eleventh found others who were 
unemployed and told them why are you 
here all day unoccupied here and all 
the more 66 and how many calls 
then they have done here 40 when 
now you have 
at 3 o'clock so now I'm 
now they are not together but in the 
sixth hour and the ninth come together from 
you and now 11th and then comes the 
eleventh hour this now a dismay and 
represented pelosi news the hour 
eleventh is represented by the 
Gentiles and the millions or the neos 
choice as was the election as 
over those of the others to frescoes that 
has xunta or grove dance in this as 
the sheep of the other flocks that 
they are going to gather this target flock of 
god and restoration new videos because 
God's goal is to restore 
new to God's people to the two types 
and rooms separated the past the two 
tribes of israel separated in the 
past of our south the north 
and the one from the south to our senses the 
from the north they continued with the Gentiles 
bombings and those of the psoe followed them 
with the people of God of the vows 
it's a number and now the gentiles come 
to complete the number so far 
and so restore the people of God to 
take it to heaven 
and that's when the kids come in 
we go to our bible in 1st Corinthians 9 
verse chapter verses 12 
1st Corinthians 9 verse 2 
1922 verse 2 
in this verse I want to show that 
There are two kinds of servants, not 
Levites the priests the Levites and the 
of tineo soles class forgiveness says well yes 
for others I am not an apostle to you 
I'm certainly not because the seal of my 
you are the apostolate in the Lord 
then we have the priests the 
Levites and fools 
22 first and 49 2 
30 minutes 
chronicles cross an error first chronicles 
9 forgiveness, chronic sisters 
first chronicle 92 verse 2 says well 
the first inhabitants who entered 
his possessions in the cities were 
Israeli priests Levite and 
servants of the temple all its beautiful 
spaces from there then you see 
the three groups from there the Indians 
illicitly endorsed in another time the 
Neos also work in time 
so I'm told that they were given 
some kids the little pigs in the 
issues that were given to the 
works for the Levites results 
lived to help the Levites the 
stanford they are from outside open their 
youtube marshes let's see that in these 
eight of his vinci verse 20 luís spoting 
annotated because annotated limitation goes 
this is chapter 8 verse 20 not 
they can score because it 's worth it 
when when we attend a 
presentation we only 
we retain 20 or 15 percent of what 
what has been said 
that if you do not notice what they are now 
listening probably from here to a 
week you have forgotten everything 
what is it that you are talking about 
to write down to believe what he is 
if it is not precisely for you 
can verify if what he is 
saying is true to verify for 
you can verify they have to 
know where to start when painting 
cubic enjoyable then write down 
everything that you think is going to 
forget these other switch 
these 8 verse 20 says well and of the 
servants of the temple to whom david 
with the princes he put for the 
ministry of the Levites 220 servants 
From the temple 
all of which were designated by 
their names fifth - round two points at 
service then they were given by 
David to the service were entrusted 
the outside for ministry 22 them 
they gave for the ministry of the Levites 
social two new user in our 
softworks story then ourselves 
the priests carry the message to 
the Levites of the new groups 
messages for the missionaries and the two 
groups together carry the message for the 
sailors with advisors in our 
watson the most interesting when they are 
now the neos here in the verse 
220 euros and 220 is a number that speaks 
of restoration here 600 other search and 
there 677 that when you see for fencing 
which is when the town is dispersed 
after 200 definitions after 
two hundred and twenty years he led serbia 
order to party now is when he receives 
the order to restore Jerusalem 
here there were women word there the town 
it was scattered 
220 years later 
after the town is going to start 
get together again 
God is beginning this process now 
of restoration of the wind sweets 
is Thursday's link the number 220 is 
joining them that's why I want here to 
it membrane 618 400 that's why I 
I placed here to not forget 677 457 
you can write 677 people was 
you can write in 457 that the 
decree was given to restore 
jerusalem and this only have to 
do math and you are going to see that 
they are 220 years old 
portugal question about this prayer in 
other place that you have about 
restoration and when I'm talking 
about the temple and the favor and solange wow 
he talks about san juan with james 
she finally 
and lots 
with regard to article 20 
there is 220 we are going to open in 
our bible when verse 20 
he cheated with his party now show and there 
let's see what jesus is talking about 
says so 
2 verse 20 says juan san juan 
they said later the Jews in 46 years was 
built this temple and you in three days 
you will not raise your time then he is 
talking about the restoration of the temple 
46 jones were built 46 years 
they were built 
the equivalent will be raised in three 
days are talking about various things 
he is talking about his body he was going to 
stay in the grave for three days but 
his tree is also his mount 
he's also talking about the history of 
miller and is to be the merit was news 
extremely action youtube the story 
milanista was from 1798 juan hasta 
new excelso and 44 1844 
how old are those 46 46 years their 
time shtick I built my 46 
the milanista temple was built in 46 
years and is so understand their history and 
exactly in that story when he arrived 
three public messages and when they arrived 
the three messages in the limes 46 
build 46 years the temple was 
built 32 and placed and in three days 
it was going to be placed in the centers today 
when the bulls or is it interesting that 
talks about the restoration are the 
sweet bits is in lucas 220 
but when the 20 other evidence that yes 
you see a story in other evidence that 
we see it is in history 
bilinguals that james is that in the bible 
English in King James that the bible 
stones used that is the bible that 
Protestants used reformers the 
reformers is called bible that was 
muse extension is a bible that was 
released in 1611 
and if you add 220 years from that 
31 of 1831 
first in 1831 is when william 
miller began preaching the truths 
that he had understood and the methodology 
that he used and the methodology that he used 
the methodology take you in the methodology 
correct years on the lyon because a 
little line on line a little bit 
here a little bit there he was using 
this bible king james in English 
he was using that bible king james 
in English and Aviles and was used by the 
trainers that is the bible that was 
used by reformers who 
they went through a process of papacy 
that went through the process of 
papal persecution and warn bible and 
and in the Bible that William Miller used 
to preach in the three messages 
angelic of the advent I do not know how 
is called 
and I do not know how king james is 
Spanish but in Portuguese it's totally 
different from English 
English but he is talking about the king 
james in English 
show the six groups here 
showing the three groups here 
this represents the neos are then 
represented by the number 220 which is a 
number that talks about the 
restoration and use that is 
finally it is now complete where 
we had the bag and it's finally when 
Jesus talks about the final restoration of the 
village in three groups and is completing 
its people a course only a village 
and then comes the return the return 
christ with potatoes 150 we go to the page 
51 I invite you all to see 
I'm pretty and I'm going to erase that and 
can you already copied 
do not 
Well, no 
April 2005 we are going to mateos 25 
I think it's the best known word 
let's lead it let's read it from 
any way by your version to see if 
let's read from verse 1 to 
verse 5 then the kingdom of the 
heavens will be similar to 10 virgins who 
taking their lamps they went out to receive 
to the husband five of them were prudent 
and five foolish the foolish 
taking their lamps did not take with them 
oil plus the wise took oil 
in their vessels together with their 
lamps and taranas the husband nodded 
all and they fell asleep 
because removing offholes will generate all 
because it is that the husband took and all 
nodded I hope to be fine is a 
lonely word 
you paid much attention to the 
presentation of German or tyler fled 
der being first of aiming 
because the test is in the first 
what condition is a question that 
happened in the first disappointment 
when its first 
when when the first chat with 
he was fulfilling what he says in 
mateos 525 5 is used that took and there 
many other months and there are many 
all others slept to do all their 
fears messi did not weigh 66 maxwell is more 
in verse 6 says one thing and says 
so at midnight I am a cry here 
the husband comes out to receive him ukip 
it was an end of youtube that was that 
it was in the history of the miners and 
it was fulfilled and it clearly says that it is the 
parable of the ten virgins was fulfilled 
and it's going to perfectly meet in 
our history 
is the first text on page 51 
let's read says often I mean 
the parable of the ten virgins five 
they were prudent and five were foolish 
this parable has been and will be fulfilled 
foot of the letter because it has a 
special application for this time and 
as the third angel's message has been 
fulfilled and will remain true 
present until the end of time 
then from sitges changing and china 
to talk then when people heard 
that midnight cry in the parable 
he pointed 
he is pointing to something that happened 
in the history 
and how Brother Tyler said that 
happened on the first day of the fifth 
month but that was summer 
and it is worth noticing that stations 
of the year 
because sister white uses it to 
identify when the events happened 
then in the summer of 1844 
the midnight clamor was heard 
what we are going to talk about little 
about that then you think cords for 
more in detail let's talk more about 
that in place wash space some of such 
appliances now let's talk let's go to 
think all 
he wants us all to think about the 
details of the parabola stein which is what 
that the virgins have as a lamp 
and although 
and what is the oil 
Spirits are the Holy Spirit 
what is happening in the clamor of 
and other advanced without holy spirit a 
society like the other are found without 
the holy spirit and world 
I do not want you to see that clearly 
when the midnight clamor happens 
when it happens some have the oil and 
others do not have that to think 
if you have to think and look 
that the midnight cry is already 
decided who will go to the door 
through the door grace and who does not and everything 
of creating dominica or without xavi maybe 
dessert knows then in the Sunday law 
we already know that the door 
closed manuel a 
more in the midnight clamor its 
decision is going to be made this 
agreement that 's why we now 
we need to pay close attention now 
do not 
do not think that we are going to wait 
the clamor at midnight and after 
take our decision 
we are already defined 
that tubes things so defined the 
two classes and he's going to put something there 
that it is important that you define the 
two different classes that are 
from ji ji ji 
and the same 
if you say in 
insight you 
those that do not 
is if 
in the two different classes you know 
who intense whom is prudent 
what the oil made between 
lamps forming on bus l provides us 
the odesur games are and what is the 
work of the holy spirit 
jones 26 Apr in Juan 16 verse that 
verse 3 
and he 's talking about the work of the spirit 
holy John 16 verse 13 
we know that the holy spirit 
sometimes convinces us of sin 
justice and judgment to be presented 
convergence letter that is represented 
like the gospel jr 
we should already imagine that the 
eternal gospel the prophecy is four 
more projects here in verse 3 that 
will make it clearer for us others 
says yes but when the spirit of 
truth and will guide you to the whole truth 
because he will not speak on his own 
but he will speak everything he hears and you 
will make known the things that will come 
and they are going to announce what is going to come 
then the spirit being the speech that 
I suppose whiskey barcón from his profession 
if I'm talking about one thing that's going 
to happen then I am 
prophesying prophecy the holy spirit 
is going to give us prophecy understanding of the 
understanding of the profession 
That 's why we accept the 
holy spirit 
it seems that oil is the spirit 
for abu warda check country music like this is 
because in the parable of the oil that 
makes the light in the lamp forner we are 
he is the one who provides the light what you 
turn off who went down can delete here 
what yes 
when was it when it was the first chat with 
the milanista history 
in summer of 1844 it was not cousin to see it was 
in the spring 
tyler talked about that yesterday 
so it's eternal you notice they're going to 
forget that from here to a week or a few 
hours to the north that's why he's asking 
that you that night 
we are going we are doing these 
lines several times here and we can 
continue boss skies because it seems 
forms are placed today and we are going to 
continue doing them because several 
information is placed first 
of the first month on the first day of 
first month néstor warrants 
spring thousand 644 that in history 
milanista is the spring of 1844 the 
control is the first since it was when 
they had the first disappointment 
first disappointment 
and here today it happens until and it's here 
where the delay of you happens 
but if you need it 
and that's when when from the afternoon 
they used towns taking the husband is 
who nodded all 
We took it aggravated as it was like 
we are a symbol of the number 
ok let's go now he's going to show for 
we the symbol of 120 and 70 
where are we going to see the meaning and the 
implication of each of them 
if we see the first day of 
first month and the first day of the fifth 
month that represents with numbers rhythms 
we are going to see that I am 
represented by the number 20 how many 
Sometimes we are not here 
how many months do we have there for months 
first first 
how many months of the first day of the first 
month to the first day of the fifth month how many 
months there 
when we have the first day of the first 
month we have the first second third 
fourth fifth make this profession of 
encounters and now it 's a prophecy of 
how many days do I not get into the prophecy 
How many days are 
30 30 days a month all ends 4 and 
means then we have four 
months when we do it when we have 
very good 120 
this period here and I have presented you 
this period there is represented not only 
as a fair period of sanctions not 
only as the period in which 
twelve are called that is to say they are 
represented by percent and beyond 
they are represented by the 120 also 
you can place 120 on top of 
authors here that make them all 
payments and leave the 12 there because also 
it is part of him 
you even make a symbol I want 
leave one thing very clear that the 120 will 
they become a symbol of their history and in 
our story that there is an event of 
moment I 'm not saying there that 
It takes 120 years 120 days 120 hours for 
occur the next event after 
related to time after 1844 not 
there is more prophecy related to 
time from here 
we have already said several times that 
here then we live as according to a 
bible cruise even several then 
the 120 becomes a symbol in which 
it was a cowardly bible in which he goes 
in the bible now and try in their 
industries and I linked the places to look 
those symbols that is number 120 in 
other places 
and when I have that symbol, I know he 
is talking about that period 
we are going to see how we saw 
yesterday the first day of the fifth month at 
tenth day of the seventh 
if we add the first day 
from the fifth month to the tenth day this one has 
we have 72 certain environments without 
doubt is period then 70 becomes a 
symbol where in this period as well as 
well your feelings and tone no doubt 
this period as well as 120 are last 
from this period your water shoots bible 
solicitors their singles understood 
medicine cajaol then we go 
to go now the bible to try to 
understand how it is that these symbols 
fit the first of the examples that 
sheen appears 150 and the first example 
is on page 50 second chronic 
five verses second chronicle 5 version 
let's deprive let's go to it 
5 11 
eyes of cats 
from verse 11 to verse 14 says 
so and when the priests left the 
sanctuary because all the priests 
who found them had been 
sanctified and did not keep their turns and 
the singing levitas every day to 
fat those of nam mum and those of redoubt 
together with his children and his brothers 
fine linen dresses were with 
symbols and psalteries and harps to the east 
of the altar and with them 120 priests who 
they played trumpets because with their ardor 
how many priests among 120 among 120 
that those errors 
talking about the same period and 38 christ 
a little bit us the interesting thing that 
trip so much with a trumpet 
and we did not do any study with respect 
to that yet but general jones and two 
as català jazz to play converts 
but that's when God places this 
laws to play the trumpet 
we can continue verse 14 
verse 13 forgiveness and when they sounded 
for the trumpets and they sang all to 
one to praise and thank the jehovah 
and as they raised their voices with 
trumpets and symbols and others 
music instruments and praised 
jehovah saying because he is good 
because his mercy is forever 
then the house was filled with a cloud 
the house of jehovah and they could not 
priests be there to administer 
because of the cloud because the glory of 
Jehovah had filled the house of God 
the glory of jehovah filled the house of 
God, it is the first of the first month 
in both history 
we are going to see that in the first 
day of the first month in our history 
when is the angel of apocalypse 
18 from 1 to 3 descends and their stories 
nearest time 26 
and you can find out to verify in 
that time of us which I am 
illuminate to our glory the angel of 
apocalypse and 8 illuminates the earth with its 
in that period of the 120 the period the 
priests internal consultation for 
we can give for 153 we go to the page 
53 50 
he did not notice but page 52 he 
he spoke and it was all for you 
now let's read calmly to stay 
well established points puig 
then as a dad of about 53 comes 
six very sweet verses solve this 
crisis let's go to page 53 in genesis 
66 verses 2 and 3 
ok that condemns for both we are 
sending milk that is what happened 
in the word of the ten virgins in the 
midnight clamor the worked 
they went there with oil and others did not have 
some have spirit and others do not 
they have the spirit lessons and six then 
we can read genesis six verses 2 
to 3 that seeing the children of god that 
the daughters of men were beautiful 
they picked women chosen among themselves 
all and said jehovah will not contend 
spirit with man forever 
because he is certainly flesh more will be 
his days one hundred and twenty years 
then the spirit of god is not going to 
stay with them for more than 120 years 
finados de vinci at the end of the 120 
that in our history the 
Midnight Cry 
as a word 26 as well as in the 
word of the ten virgins we do not have 
spirit have no more writings the 
clean the wicked those who are 
They mix guasmo to read those that are 
they mix between women 
with women 
now we go to daniel 63 us that 
each group of this the priest the 
Levites and neos and these 75 or the 12 
the 70s and gentiles passed process of 
eternal fusion go through the process of 
eternal gospel 
and what is the eternal gospel 
address went away three months action 
social and remember that we already 
we read that they are the three messages 
angelic are the three steps that do not 
we are that last are the three steps 
that we have to go through as 
work the holy spirit that 
convinces us of sin justice and 
remember that we saw that yesterday and not for 
the software the busy ones are are earthquakes 
who both in the sanctuary we 
we have the patio place being in the 
place santísimo floor astérix steps no 
when it served you they are spark against their 
rivers that are the three steps that in the 
third, which is the most holy place 
happens the fair trial we want 
show and produce is what I want 
show for you here each group 
green that going through those three steps is 
that each group has to go through these 
three steps and 6-3 
these three tests 
the priests will go through the three 
waste tests two new levites 
and also the money and this 
represented he lives and is represented 
in the bible 26 see his matrix Daniel 6 
verse 1 to 3 
says well it seemed good to build 
about him over the 120 kingdom is traps 
forgiveness constitute over the kingdom 120 
are you catch that they rule in all the 
kingdom and over them three governors of 
which Daniel was one to whom 
these satraps 1050 
with expression then how many 
governors or princes god 
150 106 vinci 120 
and all that location without period of 
study and that locates us in 
what period of history here here 
about the express beige tapas 
or govern and about them on how many 
satraps 33 the logical internal resources 
only this is what is represented in 
the story and he wants us 
let's understand this logic I have no desire to 
a story I'm not going into the 
background of the story is and is a symbol 
profession the first verses but this 
prophetic symbol already in the first 
verses 63 the 120 and the 3 boston that 
his discourse of his history shows that 
if people are going to study this story 
we know that we are living in 
that period 
and that's what I want you to do 
the lava of another 94 we go to Deuteronomy 
30 verse 430 
chapter 34 but its verses 7 
he says well he was Moses of age of 120 years 
when he died his eyes never 
darkened nor lost its vigor when 
wilson to the few years months died 
120 this audience 
for this town here is where it closed 
the door for love 
with the death that is the sealing 
interesting here 2006 passes products 
software passports and what's interesting is 
that after moses passes to another group 
of people because in those last six 
and who he replaces months 
we're going in front of a gas 14 we're going to 
another boyfriend 31 verse 14 
it's like that 14 times and jehovah said to Moses 
here is the day of your day 
death call to dessert and wait in the 
meeting tabernacle for me to give 
the charge were therefore Moses children and 
waiting in the tabernacle of waiting 
in the meeting tabernacle 
verse 2 now 
and he told them this day I am of age 
120 years old I can not leave or enter 
besides this jehovah has told me not 
you will spend this Jordanian in all the thread a 
bag for the deaf 
then he can not pass the Jordan 
it works 800 and jones at the end of the 120 
years and he is replaced by bassinet and he 
is replaced by bassinet 
now pay attention very well here that 
let's see another example help doing 
this trick the two points where is 
doing this exchange of priests 
by avoiding wastage or elias to 
eliseo this transfer 
for jose bono 
3 let's go for numbers 33 
I want you to pay close attention to 
what are we going to talk numbers 53 numbers 
33 and 38 verse 38 
says so and the priest went up to 
Mount of gold according to the saying of Jehovah 
and there he died 40 years after the departure 
of the children of Israel from the land of 
Egypt in the month in the fifth month in the 
first of the month like when it was that he 
a 40 with 40 years of Saturday and that 
happen there remember that the museum more 
what is the date on which he died 
first of clinton on the first day of 
fifth month on a single the anthem has 
120th annual its first and fifth month but in 
the first day of the fifth month is 
represented as an end of the numbers 
between vinci is represented as the end 
of the number 122 5 thousand 6 boston 
Austin and Vinci as well as Moses died in 
the end of the 120 in his presence is 
more like from the south 
that represents the frame of the clamor of 
midnight arrow no a box set 22 aaron 
does not die of 120 years the secret memory 
who marked but he also dies there 
in that framework 
there they are more than us and we need 
know where we are in what 
frame we are and when he talks about that 
he died on the first day of the fifth month 
and added until the world 
shows that he died in the clamor of 
then Aragon that he who replaces 
let's go to number 20 verse 23 
who were set to follow him 
followed potter 
they managed to follow the later point 
they got into having easy makes sense 
say amen 
amen 36 issues 20 verse 23 to 26 
says and jehovah spoke to Moses and Aaron in 
the mount of gold on the border of the 
Don's land saying male will be 
gathered to his people because he will not enter 
the land that I gave to the children of 
Israel because you were rebels already to 
my commandment in the waters of the 
They took to eleazar their son and 
make him climb the hill of gold and naked 
They took off their garments and dressed with 
them to eleazar his son because they aaron 
will be reunited 
will be gathered to his people and there he will die and 
it's interesting the fact that bassinet does not 
can cross the river and now we love 
and dragons and Aaron not to go where 
it does not leave you wanted to build in the 
land that he gave him for his children in 
the sky for its version to see some 
stories is what I want that 
you see the parallel of that story 
as well as the sexmon geronto of images 
same as Moses dies there in that 
marco aaron also dies in that frame 
and he is you have people who are going to 
replace it with how they are josue and eliazar 
joao say an excuse himself and the order the 
what happens is the same bassinet 
Aaron is not able to vote eviction and 
the order is that Moses and Aaron can not 
cross the river or enter the land 
With your hope, they will not kiss or not 
she is very pretty for this is a good 
place to stop that we do not want that's 
that is a kid that with one more size 
full I want you to forget one 
thing that goes for tomorrow and here in the 
years of history that here being 
I enter history and I know that she 
it means a game of chance you know 
what he is the meaning what is his 
another name of eleazar 
and lazarus is in the story of the cry 
midnight and it's like you're a 
greater and that's what I do not want that 
you forget for tomorrow 025 that 
we will see how the 
health is also in the clamor 
embrago is being then tomorrow 
when I'm going to ask you about the 
steel I want you to remember not 
is that he 
do not forget that chance is equal to chance 
or systems times like this smile 
we have more example for 
show about this when otegi 
then do not have here the thing that 
you can listen to photo and 
advantages of it when possible 
to take a picture and will try to make 
the same box for tomorrow so that 
you can continue the logic now 
let's pray 
the truths 
dear father thank you very much for 
those truths by habib reading as 
those treasures for that last prayer today 
the bible shows us all the treasures 
for our generation two genes to 
apocalypse in sports of digital sil 
apocalypse genesis 
we can see those details and 
how you had it in the same way 
accessory cultures together two poles and 
as the Lord has done the same 
way with all the stories with all 
the people one moodle that the lord does not 
changes its adductor to this inheritance that the 
Lord kept all that anger 
everything is present this gift for 
us for us 
in this last generation 
and so I ask the Lord to help us 
understand the importance of all this 
besides Saturday that helps us to have 
will to study this word more 
not only fish to understand 
every point that a mind gives us 
refreshed to understand each point 
that with us the rest of the day 
we ask you and we thank you on behalf of 
Christ to me