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father benito what monas in the part of 
Lord heaven, we want to invite you to our 
meeting where we want sir that you 
you are our teacher our guide sir 
honor not please with your saint 
presence in each of our 
Lord hearts and open our mind and 
pour your holy spirit upon them 
so that we can have understanding of 
the word that the sister is going to 
introduce us here stay with us 
We ask that you pray for Jesus 
I'm going to all good morning everyone 
we saw a prince in line about firewood 
yesterday we saw then we the 
beginning of line on line and 
talavera is raccoon 
we see each other and only part of the 
text of Isaiah that we read 
it was beautiful I want a break a 
snack mentioned verse 12 and was see 
what is the meaning of rest 
the snack that we mentioned 
in verse 12 teachers we see from that 
more before I saw that I wanted to show 
he tested six principles and lines about 
girl I wanted to show for you from 
beginning of lines on line 
how not to its pioneers and 
sweated that they were the way they 
our pioneers studied I have 
here a great conflict since 1930 I 
I have a great conflict here the great 
conflict of the abbreviations of 1980 that 
has imposed that is this is in 
Portuguese and if you dollar and here in 
low and if you look down here to 
profession explained in girl 
the prophecy explained online and I 
I also have my English bible here 
I also have my bible here in English and 
if you are a dollar and here we also have 
line and if you look here too 
we have a line 
we are not at 28 if we go to 
Isaiah 28 We go in our Bibles 
we just got rid of that 
we remember 
Do not see your boyfriend as a question that 
insist they would make an awareness that 
would doctrine understand verse 9 
begins with a question and I know to whom 
water science will be taught who will be 
understand internal doctrine as a phrase 
next sport auto is milk mom and 
now 26 then the next sentence is 
the response to those ripped from the 
breasts already weaned 
and then we see each other because 
commandments about commandments after 
we see because it is commandment 
about commandments lines about lines 
line on line a little bit here a little 
a little here a little bit there to take 
are 22 16 what 
that send me over send me in your line 
about line a little here a little there and 
verse 12 tells us that what 
commandments about commandments line 
about line a little here a little 
Rest is beyond the break 
this is the most extensive snack but 
so what is that 
have more situation we have an appointment 
all the photos of the 6 shows in their 
notes will be the first written 
but it's in the first book 
page 279 paragraph 1 that says if they had 
received the latter rain or refreshment 
of the presence of the Lord and they had 
rekindled the living testimony by 
everywhere had the last 
great reprimand 
waving and offering the inhabitants of 
the land they had not wanted to receive 
the whole message here we have to 
limache I have then we have 
here to the sister water and saying that a 
snack that the snack turn 08 
in the latter rain and 
and Africa here we are here to 0 already here 
the question that is the rain returns 
late we do not know what to do now and 
audio normally a holy spirit 
we know that the latter rain is 
the outpouring of the holy spirit more 
as vih fazer8 more as the rain comes 
late we are going to have or not to 1032 go 
to another boyfriend 32 verses united 
verses 1 and 2 
32 verse 1 and 2 
says well listen to the heavens and I will speak and 
hear the earth the sayings of my mouth 
drip like rain my teaching 
distill to as the dew my 
reasoning like the drizzle on the 
grass and like the drops on the grass 
then we see what 
to his bar 
then we see here that the 
bottle the doctrine is the drip of the 
doctrines not Spanish 
of interests that at that time not in 
Spanish is very correct translation 
it's interesting that 
and then you see that from chile to me the 
word like the bathroom later says that 
will distill my word like the dew 
we do not make him take that low bottle 
linked with the doctrine the word of 
God then we see that the 
rain is dripping is linked to the 
Word of God, let's go to Isaiah 
55 we're going to see isaiah 55 versus days and 
11 verses 10 and 11 
says so 
says yes because as it descends from the 
skies the rain and the snow and it does not come back 
there but it waters the earth and makes 
germinate and produce and give seed to 
sow and bread to the one who eats like that will be my 
word that comes out of my mouth will not come back to 
my empty but it will do what I want 
and it will prosper in that for the 
send this here we see what 
here I am comparing to his word 
then we see here that god 
is comparing his word as Robert 
idea s like the rain that descends and 
that rise and that rain rise that fast 
produce and sprout and give mind in the 
rain that makes produce and makes sprout and 
give rise seed and is not 
had that for you want to be 
farmers for those who are 
they devote to agriculture they know that I 
that rubbing mind they know what they do 
sprout the seed the seed 
08 in the rain the late rain 
early or early forgiveness more equity 
because he eats more what they gave to the one who eats 
so that up to a degree of maturity to 
for the grain to mature and help 08 in 
the latter rain and indie verses that 
it will be the word of God and the verse 
11 tells us that this will be the word of 
Here he tells us that he has come up here 
says that the rain is what gives the bread 
I do what you ask me for now 
my question is that is the bread 
someone knows thousands of cars someone knows 
say it's bread 
very well 
and Jesus Jesus 
it is enough to remove the great conflicts 
we go to a date that is in the great 
conflict the centuries we go to the notes 
is not in your notes so point the 
great conflict of the centuries page 500 
91 96 96 
596 for funds 
from paragraph 1 to 3 we will see all 
the paragraphs we are going to read 
all neighborhoods 
we are not going to read all the birds anymore 
after playing on bus table 
for interested men when 
you have time can also 
read all the paragraphs that are very 
here there are more than 140 thousand 844 here the 
sister white talks about the movement of 
1840 to 1844 
says the Adventist movement of 
1840 to 1844 was a demonstration 
glorious of divine power but all this 
will be overcome by the powerful movement 
that has to be developed under the 
proclamation of the last warning 
of the third angel 
this work will be similar to the one 
performed on the day of Pentecost 
the great work of evangelization does not 
will end with less manifestation of 
divine power that the one that pointed to the 
beginning of it the prophecies that are 
fulfilled in time of dissemination of 
the early rain at the beginning of 
evangelical ministry should turn to 
meet in the time of the latter rain to 
end of that ministry those are the 
times of refreshment in which he thought the 
Apostle Peter when he said so 
repentant and converted to be 
blotted out your sins for you 
the refreshment times of the 
presence of the Lord and will send to 
Jesus Christ 
but here we see each other then here we see 
a simple movement transparently 
after four manifest form are 
glorious of power videos then the 
movement of 1840 1844 was the 
glorious manifestation of God's power 
and as we saw us 
presentations and as we have already seen 
in the other presentations 
it's a moment in that period this 
movement in that period was emptied in 
my prophetic mission was based on a 
prophetic message 
if we think about the age that I and Christ 
if we think about the time of 
Christ was also emptied of new 
prophetic installation was also based 
in a prophetic message I chauvinist 
I folded having Messiah John the 
Baptist preached the coming of the messiah 
Wouter applause bowed to Jesus 
apostles preached the return of Jesus 
in all these movements then in 
all these movements 
let me go through a message 
then the spilling of that 
rain was through a message 
a message began prophetic 
prophetic because that day experience 
now because it would be different now 
and as we see each other in Italy without 
twitter and as we have seen in 
Isaiah 28 or rest the rest and a 
freezer I that is the snack and to rise 
0 since it is the latter rain he bei 
and it comes through a mission 
prophetic through a message 
prophetic commandment on commandments 
commandments about commandments lines 
about girl line on line a little 
here a little someone a little here a 
little bit there 
everyone came here they all understand up 
say amen 
we're going interval now or practice 
now we are going to see in the 
practice that online concept about 
line the concept of line on line 
if we are not the first Corinthians 14 if 
we open our bibles in 1st 
Corinthians 14 versus 36 and 33 verses 
32 and 33 
first of Corinthians 14 verses 32 and 
say yes 
and the spirits of the prophets are 
subject to the prophets because god is not 
God of confusion but of peace like all 
the churches of the saints all of us 
we see that the professed spirits with their 
sexes prophets then we see 
that the spirits of the prophets are 
subject to the prophets a prophet entered 
is already agreed as another then a 
prophet agrees with other isaiah 
is not going to finish the jewish buki we are going to 
the mass and he is not going to talk about anything 
that Jeremiah has not spoken everything is 
paid the same fuck they all agree 
they speak the same thing they are 
in agreement they are in harmony 
let's say you do not see a god and confusion and 
god is not a god of confusion god you 
keep in a father god has an order 
has a pattern was first is the 
first station that we read is the 
first station that we read that 
It is the most amazing fairy sml 
every moment so that there is 
a striking resemblance in all 
reform movements 
you are to place him as 6 we have only 
one more text that we want to read with 
We offer to us six lots in 
Spanish and Portuguese 
he is not in your notes of you and not 
is in Spanish and Portuguese 
is it so 
is only in English that the 
1.088 materials that are the materials 
of 1888 
paris page 800 4 paragraph 3 
we opened in previous presentations 
from here we saw in the 
previous presentations here the 
bandoneón box on eggs to the eternal the 
Brother Daniel talked a little about the 
eternal gospel and he is in all 
bible and he is in all the bible and web 
ansar letter we do not find 
mentioned and apocalypse 14 is plus three 
messages we do not know and the gospel 
we do not find mentioned in 
the bible in apocalypse 14 in the three 
angelic messages 
the text says well god has given the 
messages to messages from apocalypse 14 
its place in the line of prophecy and its 
work you should not be until the end of 
the history of this earth the messages 
of the first and second angel are still 
true for this time and they should be 
parallel with this following the third 
angel proclaims his warning with great 
after these things he said when I saw 
another angel descend from heaven 
gaining great power and the earth was 
illuminated with his glory in this 
lighting the light of all three 
angelic messages this one combines me here 
we see that we are not at first 
second since it is a ministry 
generic then we here we see 
that we have the first the second and the 
third angelic message more than after 
of a factual union monster 
but then another angel comes a quarter 
angel and that wide room and that room 
angel as we did not know he combines the 
three messages like us we already saw the 
combines the three messages 
until it goes up there all right 
not here we do not do more than we call ourselves 
3 major combination here we 
we have a combination that we 
we call 31 and simple ways berisso and 
a simple way to see that I'm going to 
show here we have 
Christ I'm going to show here we 
we have christ 
adam and eva 'and eva and defense we have 
an apartment and suddenly we 
we have a disappointment and there it arises 
and there comes to see 
his department before chasco must 
have lived in communion during 
Christ Adam and Eve 'lived in communion 
direct with Christ more after the 
sin of pointing more after the 
sin of disappointment the space to worship 
the gates 9 they go to worship in 
the gates of the event we do 
as well 
we also have him and UFO 
to fitness UFO having UFO 
end and ends 
although fluffing and there is also a 
at the end and fini woman or ends die ark 
the ark is lifted the lemon the 
limo ere and surge zamora and samuel emerges 
we just see 
and we also have estrada 
first second and third decree already 
extras the first the second and the third 
decree of extras is 300 apartments 
while he has a disappointment they do not have 
Levite have no Levite intel 
emerged fourth the creator has seeds 
then a fourth decree appears 
enemy as 
we will continue here more or less still here 
the logic 
let's turn it off here 
so we are 
is the first the second and the third 
decree is the one redondito only 
he puts him 
behind the secrets that speaks the 
extras book 
we can erase 
yes although 
to go 
I have less we saw god of the patron 
then as we saw God has 
a pattern 
she is going to place a pattern here 
all the lines of form starts with 
dear ones and you create the whole line of 
reform begins with a period of 
darkness and not doing it its end time 
then we have the time of 
see you a moment of knowledge 
we see an increase in 
we are not formalizing messages and 
we see the formalization of 
when the first message 
the time of the end when the first 
message arrives there we have the first 
message is reinforced decide now 
we have after the 
formalization the first message being 
strengthened that I love infringed upon me 
celestial symbol of yes that is the 
moment in time a celestial being 
comes down 
we do not have the established foundations 
we have the foundations laid down 
and there we find activities and 
his enemies and there we find 
the enemy's activities and then 
the second message comes 
a click of aim there is a 
I'm disappointed in this denser moment or a 
to second message of strengthened the 
second message receives power wants 
when to a manifestation of god power 
which is when there is a manifestation of 
power of God to third message comes the 
third message arrives 
even from pointing to a disappointment the 
third message of more Swiss costumes and the 
third message he brings the trial and how 
we saw in tome is that combination 
trace maison after his third come 
factual and as we also saw 
there is the combination of three plus one and 
the fourth angel consoliden fourth 
Frankfurt to be third the fourth 
angel comes to strengthen the third and 
how we saw elektra of combinas three 
messages and as we saw the 
combine the three messages I here do not 
he estimated his overcrowding 
the three messages then we here 
we have a repetition of the three 
here also from when third message 
he arrives here also when the third 
message arrives we see a 6 and we 
we see the number 7 that was show how 
the works that I know were developed 
It was left over that there would be a square 
I am going to show you now in the 
practice that's only here what 
you have a pattern that represents 
you can erase 
and this I think you all know 
well the history of bassinet and of free 
Tell me if you know the history of bassinet 
and of Christ 
not not many of the pests and the 
digitization of employment digit moses with 
the ten plagues and the release of the 
Egypt people liberation 
if you remember a little very well remembered 
formalization formalization 
as to greater times it is a bit of 
extortion to a bug 
take citation time by citation 
that if it does not take me long as 
you know a little about the history 
I'm not going to take the time to read quote 
by appointment because otherwise it will take us 
long time 
more perhaps have some point of the 
history to be called 
and if we stop to read but in case of 
that you and we find a 
point of the story that you do not 
know you warn us to stop 
and let's read 
there is the city ​​is the story of 
Moses represents and neither his daughter and a 
she represents the beginning of israel 
old there christ represents an end 
was at stake and the line of Christ 
represents the end of leaving the old 
and then start here I should show the 
two lines of unstoppable to the same 
we have to add a little time I 
I will start here I will show the 
two lines in parallel to win a 
little time 
this time and line 6 this is going to be the 
line of bassinet 
and here we are in graves or you can see 
or is very low 
it was written this is going to be the line of 
we are going 
how we saw ourselves then 
we saw 
girls eat become and bring them 
all lines begin with a 
period of darkness 
how are we Hebrew people when more than 
a little before emerging how was the 
Hebrew people a little bit before they 
Turkish moses or get up 
and go up to a work period this is 
a period of darkness 
another characteristic is the period of 
it is a mystery of iniquity is the 
mystery of iniquity that a mixture 
we come with Christianity that is the 
mixture of paganism with Christianity 
a mixture of cement and the mixture of 
the seeds so that we go more 
low if there were 6 everything that I am 
speaking here is in your notes of 
you and where can you be able to 
accompany more calm then after 
you will be able to accompany with more 
calm more character and then neglected 
after the darkness we have their 
times and marked we have the 
end time marked 
something that is related to a time 
of end and something that is related to 
the time of the end the fulfillment of a 
prophecy is the fulfillment of a 
prophecy there is no way like six in the 
history of bassinet we can see in his 
genesis 50 we can see this in 
genesis 50 versus 24 and 25 verses 24 
and 25 we go to your bibles 
genesis 50 verses 24 and 25 
says yes 
and joseph said to his brothers I'm going to 
die more god will certainly visit you and 
will bring you up from this earth to earth 
who swore abraham isaac and jacob and did 
swear jose to the children of israel 
saying god will certainly visit you and 
you will carry my bones from here 
then see you I was still 
then we see here children you 
saying what 
of the visiting I oppose that days 
visit and so a village that when he gave 
your appointments of this association for would be 
freedom and when god visits in his 
village the village would be liberated 
Bogota we have a moment when 
brad or if we go back a bit to the 
history we see a moment in 
what abraham l 
Israeli god who opposes would be slave 
God says to him that his people would be 
slave and what 
they would be slaves for 400 years or so 
and that he says he would be slaves for 
four hundred years or so and that 
would visit the fourth operation and that 
God would visit in the fourth generation 
God would give them a deliverer and what days 
would give an entire deliverer here when 
sample is like that then here when 
Moses is born 
we have a fulfillment of this 
prophecy we have here the 
fulfillment of that prophecy and black 
kind of faith that first some dream 
and that's when in the time of the end 
when the first angelic message arrives 
to barcenas ways of being his christ 
now if we go quickly to the 
story of christ as he was little 
before during the mind of Christ began 
the town before the birth of Christ 
slaves design 
the action is gone and Babylon they already 
they had left the vilonia for them 
they were prisoners to the traditions 
they were imprisoned in the traditions 
in the customs the Pharisees and 
Sadducees of the Pharisees and the Sadducees 
there was a period of obstacles for how 
there was a period of darkness for the 
spiritual without spiritual life 
she says slavery for sin says 
if it is a bondage it is a bondage 
powell and it had been from what 
a month and it's the town had forgotten about 
that the messiah a messiah would come 
interpreted the prophecies they 
misinterpreted the prophecies this does not 
there was a period of obstacles then 
there was a period of darkness 
when Jesus was born and when Jesus was born 
as a prophecy a prophecy is fulfilled 
meet profess 
a month and it's very good 
it is said a prophecy yes fulfilling here 
then there is a prophecy with 
seeing here here tomei there too that 
we are not going to analyze everything 
moises nothing if when jesus does not like that if 
we analyze both when you play 
nati when jesus is born is of an order 
to kill babies there is an order to 
kill the babies the language if it is that 
moises in water and says that Moses was a 
type that Chrysler foreshadowed Christ 
he was a type of Christ that he 
prefigured Christ and the next step 
we do not have knowledge increases the 
next step that we have is a 
increase of knowledge 
we are not seeing is a scale of 6 we are going to 
see this in the Moses story 
those who have been criticized 
we are not the peace of 64 of the notes 
we are on page 64 in their 
notes are purposes and locate not us 
let's read everything just so that you 
they are located we are not going to read everything 
for that we're going design me but what 
what are we going to read is there 
says so 
page 64 we will read by parts says 
so I take the opportunity faithfully 
of educating your child for god I try to 
inculcate reverence to god and love 
to the truth and justice 
I could not forget the lessons that 
he learned together with his mother 
here we see in white commenting the 
education that they give servant of his love 
here we see the sister white 
commenting on education that very much 
he received from his mother he and was taught to 
serve God he was taught to serve 
god and when he was elevated that basile 
pharaoh and when he was taken by the 
daughter of pharaoh the nose that is or access 
is that he learned consumption he did not forget the 
lessons he learned with his mother and in 
each one separately then the court 
the court by the court of the pharaoh as already 
I was more self - education and served 
then in the court of pharaoh moses 
He received the highest education both 
civil as military and so pod increased 
master gm then he thus increased still 
more your knowledge and in you 
the angels appeared then the angels 
they appeared to Moses to instruct a 
dancing saying that he is the liberator 
of little they instructed him saying that he 
would be the liberator of the town because 
Moses thought that the libertarian as only 
what Moses thought he would libertarian 
people through the force of 
weapons through force and from 
for not seeing those spread these videos 
but that was not God's purpose and 
the Egyptian then he has an episode 
where he kills an Egyptian and started the 
youtube pit and with that he flees from 
Egypt and he spends a time with jett and he 
He spends a time with jetró and also nothing 
spend 65 and you kill them 
the sister white on page 65 and 
our notes 
the days we talk is what annoying is 
and he has many things to unlearn 
She tells us that Moses had many 
things to unlearn to forget 
three things necessary for the inss 
grace and soon services his ideas had 
called and three things were necessary 
so that he was ready for the 
service that god what is called what 
seen what they have called I have time 
instead of environment and as one 
anchoring and communion with god how are you 
three things with these three things the and the 
impressions way and turin trauma 
would disappear well would be soon to 
to work 
with these three things the impressions of 
Egypt those had to have 
disappeared and he would be ready to 
perform this work according 
interested but see you one thing 
interesting for us to see no 
we know if the presentation prior to 
that we already saw in the 
previous presentations here that 
there are three steps that exist three 
steps the first to second the third 
message the first the second and the third 
angelic message 
and here we have frame is the excess of 
time then also your communion with 
god and we here see the same thing the 
needed a change of environment time 
and communion with God 
and once 
and prepared a lot of preparation and once 
Moses had that preparation time 
and although brand increased their knowledge 
that's where the increase in 
knowledge is not for your christ in the 
history of christ 
Christ was also taught by his mother 
Christ was also educated by his mother 
and a little before Christ do events 
of Christ and a little before birth 
of Christ 
we do not do what 
despite no amounts to interpret and 
bad prophecies we see that a 
Although many misinterpreted 
the prophecies also know their christ 
in relation to the coming of christ opened 
even more weights had some people 
who sincerely sought to understand the 
prophecies that were sincerely seeking 
understand the scriptures we do not do the 
Eastern magicians 
we have the wise men of the east 
we do not make two pastors 
we have the shepherds and we have and medium 
we have the simeon they have all already with 
you want that you usually do everything you know 
those stories truth that story 
and Christ was educated by her husband 
It was sent to scale 2 
the prophets and Christ was educated by his 
mother and he was not sent to school 
of the prophets 
we see that despite the periods of 
obstacles and we see that despite the 
period of darkness 
had to be your neck and even the 
there was some knowledge about his 
come and many were prepared to 
that worse and many were prepared 
to receive it with proofs so that 
we stay from the formalization of 
the next step that we have in 
the formalization of the message 
a moment when 
a messenger and you have called him is the 
moment in which the messenger is 
we have not for us moses 
we have in the history of moses roasting 
sardines and the burning pie that 
moment when 
I see coming, we take what is the moment 
in what God calls a bassinet 
the moment that formalist jocelyn to 
messages units and this is the moment 
in which God formalizes the message to 
moses daniels christ in the line of 
Christ we do not make a messenger that 
Prepared way we have a 
messenger that prepares the way that is 
messenger who was this messenger 
Wahhabi when the Baptist 
daniels christ in the presents 
formalization of the message in the line of 
Christ represents the formalization 
of the message 
that's why he comes with a message from 
repent because the kingdom of the 
heavens is coming soon the next 
Peace that we have strengthens mails 
the first message the next step that 
we have is the strengthening 
of the message 
how can we see a pattern like 
we can see in the pattern 
he is linked with 
celestial symbol descended she is 
united with the celestial symbol that 
the celestial being descends nothing stadium 
they are moix is ​​in the history of moses 
when he is 
bolton of unemployment the ietu with his family in 
the story of when he is coming back 
for Egypt with his family a bone 
it seems an angel appears to kill more 
age is to kill bassinet because he and 
I have no circumcision they are yours because 
he did not circumcise his son not 
here we do not 
we made dinner celestial simple here 
we have a celestial being 
descending by how he is circumcised 
because of the circumcision and if we 
Formosa with the 662 and if we go 
to colossians 2 
to his 23 verses 10 and 3 10 to 13 
Colossians 2 
verses 10 to 13 
six months 
says so 
to be with my fellow prisoner or 
animal health that forgiveness that stress 
2 says yes and you are complete in 
who is the head of all principality and 
power in him you were also 
circumcised with circumcision not done 
by hand when you throw the body 
sinful that in the circumcision of 
Christ buried with him in baptism 
in which you were also resurrected 
with him through faith in the power of 
god that raised him from the dead already 
you being dead in sins and in 
the circle in circumcision of yours 
he gave you life together with him forgiving 
all the sins we see here that a 
to be consulted we see here that 
circumcision to a type of machismo is 
a type of baptism 
nothing knows its christ in the history of 
Christ when a celestial symbol of 
that when the celestial symbol defends 
in a machismo is in baptism 
and here at the time I approved 
eat and is here at that moment in 
that the test starts nothing is not time 
of bassinet in the history of bassinet 
doing a session was the first test the 
circumcision was the first test 222 
665 in his notes on page 65 
that said it 
says yes only the last part d 
prophets patriarchs and prophets says well 
in his mission before pharaoh moses was going to 
expose himself to great danger his life 
It could be retained only by 
protection of the holy angels but not 
I would be safe while I had a duty 
known without fulfilling then the angels of 
God could not hear him 
but here we see that he called mail and that 
it is necessary to trust completely in God 
then we see here that that 
moment in which Moses needs to trust 
completely in God as we see 
here he could not do 
as we see here he could not 
have not one thing pending and the 
history its christ and in the history of 
Christ is the time for the ifai to 
he deserted that is the moment he goes 
for the desert and the tested state and 
he is tempted tried and tested three 
times three times more is more you see another 
once more the number appears again 
three appears 
and that moment when the message hung 
the fundamentals of the message and that's the 
moment when the foundation is placed 
of the message is not several months in the 
history we are not saved in 
the restored 
we have the Sabbath being 
restored or poor to berlin 20 400 years 
unloaded a success the Hebrew people 
comes from 400 years of slavery in 
egypt the me actions that I've been all 
that he had learned them they had already 
forgotten everything they had learned 
before the floor in keeping a toad and not 
they kept Saturday 
Moses emerges and 10 yesterday is that it is necessary 
keep his commandments god and moses 
it comes up and he tells them that they 
they need to keep the commandments of 
god and have space to keep the 
Saturday then they go to save it 
and it is now its foundation has been 
established and this is the foundation 
being established 
more as we saw the basics of 
day followed by enemy cities 
as we see the foundation is 
followed by enemy activity what 
that equates the phase when it started them 
to be saved and that what Pharaoh does 
when the town begins to save the 
Saturday aurinegro someone remembers 
they are sleeping sisters 
he still gave me another bullet increases work 
and to cause because it is because you are 
this museum are the pharaoh wonders the 
question to them because they are idle 
Internet increases load then he has 
increased the work and here we 
we have been wind and meego there is a city 
without friends then we see here 
the enemy working the activity of the 
enemy will no longer be your christ in the 
history of christ 
see you 
a foundation we see the 
foundation if we went to country 172 the 
notes if we go to page 72 in 
our notes 
72 the last situation in the last appointment 
only eat without gas past only the 
start of the appointment go 80 that 
Fundamente is going to tell us that it is the 
foundation says well christ was the 
foundation of the entire Jewish system the 
death of abel was a consequence of 
not to have accepted fell into God's plan 
in the obedience school to be 
saved by the blood of Jesus Christ 
symbolized by the offerings of 
sacrifice that pointed to Christ as 
we make it based then we 
we see that the foundation to Christ is 
and once foundation established and 
once the foundation is established 
when kris your convenience your 
ministry when Christ begins his 
ministry we see you take care of your 
enemies we see the activity of the 
enemy the east or kill christ he is 
they try to ride gray and here too 
we see ourselves polluting their self time and 
here we also see the contamination of 
the next step the next step is 
when the second message arrives when 
the second message arrives 
nothing is all the ideas in the story 
from bassinet to second message nothing comes 
with everything shows exclusions for the 
second message arrives when moses goes 
go ahead pharaoh and performed miracle 
the serpent and performs the miracle of 
snake me that fashion determinable and 
what is that forward 
the oil and the accent in the rejects 
rejects and this other miracle the subject and 
add against shepherd and he makes a counter 
phase one more against the line plus the 
rejects we can clearly see a 
second message and we can see 
clearly a second message fell fell 
fallen Babylon has fallen has fallen 
Christ was born 
the month 
when moses is born 
the truth 
here the basis of this 
when bombs of this christ jesus del 
Holy spirit when the dove 
descends when when Christ receives the 
Holy Spirit 
you are the question 
we do not see that the second message is 
linked with fell fell then we 
we see the second message that is linked 
with the message of has fallen has fallen and 
Schumacher gives a fall there is a 
group that is message there is a group 
that rejects the message for today this 
for a rejection in alfaro jesus christ and 
in the history of Christ 
the elected leaders the high leader 
reject him 
we have already saved 
our time today is ending 
nothing next now in the next hour 
we're going to finish and see the lines 
we are going to finish seeing the 
lines we will know is that after 
I read a lot of information material 
I advise you to read your material 
that has a lot of information and could already 
make notes for at the end of the day 
case though extremely deep so that 
you can make notes and in the end 
of the day you can ask questions 
as verón javier mentioned where as the 
brother tyler mentioned yesterday that matters 
I write six years here without goals is 
important that you leave here 
no doubt that we had to picture 
in picture in picture no matter if 
we have to repeat and repeat and 
repeat or matter that you are 
fulfilling the important thing that you 
understand let's teach in a 
we are going to pray then 
Oh, I want you to be your father 
dear that you are in the heavens 
we appreciate hashish I have more moved 
we are here united we appreciate you 
sir for being once again here 
gathered to study your word for 
study your word we ask that gentlemen 
I recognize you, we ask that the Lord 
stay with us we have about new 
spirit situation spilling over 
us your holy spirit and helping us 
sir to understand your off and 
helping us sir to understand your 
word and in a second man with streets 
full sir according to your will and that a 
12 through other steps to get here 
and that through us others can 
get to you help us understand 
help us understand that we live the 
last moments of its history that 
we live in the last in the last 
moments of our history 
help us sir so we are ready 
help the Lord so that we are ready 
forgiveness sir is more sins forgiveness at 
Lord our sins keep them 
construction years saving in 
how many holy angels 
there is a gentleman to all peace grant us sir 
your peace experiences we appreciate that you 
we ask and we thank you not to see Jesus in 
name of jesus amen amen