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very good then 
here in this moment from which the angel 
goes down and that's what we 're going to have 
what to see here 
an angel descends and the message he 
I had received receiving power that is something 
which is a new concept for some of 
us but the message that I am 
it arrives in a moment and 
I will miss some time until 
this message received power the message of 
the three angels is thus the message of 
the three angels come to history in 
a moment but beyond years later 
received power let's see that our 
mining videos when we get to it 
the message is received here he knows that 
have to do but the message does not have 
effect no no no 
but here when the angel descends 
now the message is a league is one thing 
of life and death 
in his mercy he leaves the time to 
the human being understand study analyze 
make the changes implement thing 
but there comes a time where what counts 
what one does 
then it's a guy let's see the 
first angelic message that here what 
happens with in that moment now when 
Moses now enters Egypt that thing 
I wanted to go has to do it in fact 
it's the first thing he does with him he goes to 
Being one with the elders comments 
your plan 
and then he goes to Pharaoh and uses it 
for a first thing that asks the 
let my people out is what I did in 
Exodus 5 is not what he asks he feels 
I left my village but not from Egypt 
but why do we worship the Lord in 
the desert the inah variously explains what 
he tries to do here is he has to 
be settled on Saturday I was on 
no no no town will not leave egypt 
God takes us out of town but more 
the town is a pagan people and not 
only because they have name or 
lets what is going to release that god does not 
Moses was prepared the village now 
it also has to be prepared 
to leave egypt 
because the merits that has no merit 
they are true not because they are of the lineage of 
abraham they have 
they are treated differently than the other me 
free him the other no no they have to 
pass it through a process have to get 
to be another of God's people in their 
facts in their convictions in their 
hearts then what does the 
town is that it has to have it again 
a foundation 
in foundation of their unfounded faith of 
your faith there is no covenant 
without foundation of a law there is no 
been there is not a passport there is not a 
driver's license there is no marriage 
you need to know on what terms 
does that and who are those who are going to be 
my town now we have a mixture of 
cultures here in egypt is not true 
who is my people and those who keep my 
and here the command that stands out is 
on Saturday they did not keep the Sabbath 
then that is what God demands of 
in games of perfect pages 263 leo 
the next 
but Moses had shown his people 
that obedience to God was the first 
condition for its release or be it 
them first if you want to be 
released and that is that here release 
of sin is not true that 's what 
for us that's a story of 
the liberation from sin 
and Egypt is a symbol for that I do not know to 
spiritual level 
and you can not get out of sin like that 
just me I 'm ok ok you can not 
buy you that you can not, you have to 
go through a process the condition 
first condition for the release was 
obedience to God and the efforts made 
to restore the observation 
Saturday observance had come to 
the ears of their oppressors then the 
Saturday here is for the town the 
foundation on which they have 
place your feet now again and 
when this happens and the nineteen 
do that which is the reaction 
because the enemy now slows down the work 
the activity of the enemies is what 
first now now we see it go into 
the story God has brought us a 
work out and start the release and 
comes in that enemy deliberation 
intervenes and that does increases work 
and it makes it almost impossible to play on Saturday 
that 's what happens now 
and that's to slow down 
to stop the release for 
intervene the process is the idea of 
devil to make home just that 
I had told Moses had to 
and if that is the first message here 
now we have a second message 
that reaches that story and that second 
message will be presented in front of the 
pharaoh and it has to do with the 
the snake that Moses shows 
what does that snake mean that the 
made ahead of the pharaoh the pharaoh asks 
a sign god had prepared him for 
that when he does he should throw his rod 
but what was that for? 
it was only to show that it can 
make power has iodine for what 
wants that 
and that the purpose was to show the 
pharaoh that god was the true god 
and that is in front of that town behind 
of that town that had to be convinced 
from the previous 
or with this town and we read here in 
battery and prophets pages 267 
however, although I despise their 
message the divine power prevented him from 
hurt him 
ok pharaoh despises that message 
message although it is a message that always 
are messages are things that you 
can you intellectually capture the pharaoh 
despises the message what he does is 
reject the truth 
and notice what he does the magicians do not 
they turned their bars into true 
snakes that happened in history 
then Pharaoh calls his magicians and 
they also throw their poles and also 
they are serpents because the serpent of 
bassinet with the other snakes elena 
white tells us the magicians do not 
they turned their sticks into true 
snakes helped by the great 
deceiver produced that appearance 
through the most the magic was beyond 
can satan change the rods in 
living snakes looked like snakes do not 
they were snakes 
down the bassinet was a snake and 
the others were appearances were not 
snakes but the interesting thing is now 
the explanation because all this 
through the work he did for 
intermediate of the magicians made appear 
before the Egyptians to Moses and Aaron as 
simple magicians and sorcerers that was the 
Devil's attempt 
these men are some of chicheros 
more than here they want to do something they want 
cause interest 
to call attention look at my hands 
there can also be nothing special 
with those guys 
and I made them understand that their demand 
deserved individual respect to the message 
from a subscriber what 
and Pharaoh rejects is the message here 
and God rejects what he wants to do 
He is aware he knows if you put a 
God the message of God and goodbye rejects 
the here at that moment and practice 
I should have spoken is is smart 
in this form the satanic counterfeit 
he achieved his purpose 
he lifted the principles in his 
rebellion the bully or in the slow what a 
the Egyptians in their rebellion and provoked the 
hardening of Pharaoh's heart 
against the holy spirit commission but 
the prince of evil still had a 
deeper object when doing your 
wonders through magicians the 
I knew very well that Moses to break the 
yoke of the servitude of the children of 
Israel prefigured Christ 
so for the devil here he was 
much more at stake I knew that that 
history here has to do with another 
history and what you are going to do here is going to 
what will happen in the future 
prefigured Christ who had 
remove the yoke of sin from over 
human family 
then another game has been played here 
I knew that when Christ appeared I would 
great miracles as well as many great ones 
miracles to show the world that god 
Satan had sent him 
he trembled for his sunset power falsifying 
the work that God did through 
Moses hoped not only to prevent the 
liberation of israel but also exercise 
an influence that through the 
coming ages would destroy faith in the 
miracles of christ 
now that was at the time of crisis what 
that satan prepares the town 
when Christ comes he does his miracles 
there were other magicians and miracles 
satan was doing things today that 's 
a very good community thing there are many 
let the satan come out healthy 
churches that heal that I 'm sorry 
pedalero there is a table of things that the 
town gets confused anywhere 
who knows 
it's not true all of them or you do not know and 
that's what it is through here you 
invent in that story and introduce you 
this technique is the method to confuse 
so that you do not see what is the truth 
this here that is the second message for 
that generation because it produces a 
here in that message it was always possible to 
a decision and the pharaoh's decision is 
against god 
God is not God we will not accept that 
let's play now against him 
because up to here I was not against 
of Pharaoh was all open so that 
work together with God and do the 
will of god but from that 
moment he decides to put god now 
that 's what happens here is simply 
a beginning that has now its 
its culmination in the 10 plagues 
the second message tomorrow I'll see from 
improve the graphics a bit but the idea 
is that the messages arrive and you receive a 
power arrive without power 
then here I have about 10 plagues and 
10 plagues is 10 true miracles with the 
conversion of 
water in blood the frogs all the 
things that happen here 
we are not going to stay much in this 
but what interests us about the last 
plague because the last plague 
what is the tenth plague of that is going to 
close the chapter 
and the last plague marks a judgment 
the final judgment later I had 
said of the people will come out yes or yes 
then it says here in prophets for 279 
the first trial about which is 
attractive to egypt 
had to be the last to arrive from 
the beginning and we had seen god had 
informed the lighthouse nor will I do the 
last they say to mike trial is already a 
judgment the last plague is a judgment 
so history always closes god in 
that process not only releases a 
town just like that but it's a process of 
spiritual that takes place 
that's one is a spiritual one fight 
it stands next to the people of God or in 
against his people and in the end it's a 
and those on the side are going to be 
eternally lost or liberated 
in the same moments of the trial the 
village has to carry out 
pasqua is not true 
and if we remember a little the Easter the 
Party and peace with brand perfectly 
what is the trial 
the town that is going to be elected the town 
of God- that here we have not taken the 
time to describe the entire process not 
always the town was prepared 
through the plagues of miracles 
in the village forced to second 
convince yourself to respect to take again 
courage to remember the basics and 
who at this point of the town was 
almost ready for only missing was missing 
which is the call of character 
the judgment is the seal also that God 
place on your town 
this step and it is the me here came to be 
let say 
mark the door posts the 
brushes on the door that was 
those the angel went through and he was not going to 
kill the others were going to receive the trial 
of God 
we're almost ready with that story 
let me add a few details or a 
detail nothing more 
here interestingly 
appears in those lines in numbers 7 
17 we know is a symbol of 
is the last day is the finishing of the 
creation is a symbol of harmony and 
peace with the god of repose and it's just what 
this is right now here he is the 
work is completed and marked with a 
symbol that is perfection the number 
seven here is what party was coming after 
of the easter 
the festival of unleavened bread that lasted 
how many days seven days because those 
mark that in branding in that this encouraged 
see here the number seven of 
some way 
and to put a bridge for tomorrow 
here ends the story is all right 
the town is happy 
because he's not happy about what happens 
shortly after leaving 
egypt now 
ok justice goes beyond 
or that of persecution not very soon 
of newly released will be a great disappointment 
here is a disappointment 
and those who find history a bit 
of the miners are going to see that here 
comes the disappointment 
to read that story here a great 
panama red and white says about it 
in constituting the centuries pass to 451 
let's finish with that appointment the 
history of ancient Israel is a 
patent example of those that 
experienced the Adventists 
that online on line is not a thing 
but more there is more truth 
and there is more truth in that than discovering 
it's a clear story of what 
they experimented with using 
refers to already God led his people 
in the Adventist movement as well as 
took the unusual from egypt 
this story that I take out and is enabled 
digit in the same story as god 
intervened in the times the miners 
taking them out of what 
of Babylon that was Babylon in that 
less time 
more specific let's say 
sports statism elena white says that 
clearly the Protestants had 
lived of the wine of Babylon and they 
they have to be released separately from 
the Protestants 
and tells him that same and a lot of history 
that shows if I am a mileurista of the 
same story when the great disappointment 
His faith was proven as was that of the 
Hebrews near the Red Sea where that is 
that story here with the threads you get 
to the red sea they have their helmet they have their 
despair you suffer proof that happens 
here in my moments the Adventists 
get god tomorrow by and then 
well thank you for your interest and thanks 
that we have here the possibilities of 
meet and study 
then another is a prayer we should 
do and we conclude project