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I 'm still in 17 17 22 
the love of midnight and midnight 
in the context of number 8 
but I'm trying to emphasize as 
that we are advancing in the meaning 
of November 9, 2010 and no no 
and I want to add those arguments before 
back to genesis this is one of the 
arguments of this milestone is what 
November 2019 and I'm suggesting that 
is the size of raffia that is midnight 
the nation's closure for the 
and these girls represent numbers 
prophetic that we have understood 
for 2 thousand 300 days 490 
we have understood that many of these 
new symbolics can also be 
divided in half of 245 in half 
of 400 we have the 220 that is a number 
that we have also understood 
half of 110 
we understand 151 and 126 
then these symbolic lines 
represent these symbolic numbers that 
let's understand and if we project from 
on November 9 
back in history 
also 300 years old and it brings us to 282 before 
of Christ 
if we go back 126 years it brings us to 1893 if 
we explain learn the logic of this 
structure here 
and in green is the story to which 
we come back is that amount of 
years from here is the explanation 
of experience conditions in this 
entity there are three stories 
that are not simply the year because the 
really story of contention 9 of 
November so I have that marked in 
for example 220 years since the measurement 
of a dictator 
we understand that jesus illustrated the end 
from the beginning so when we see 
all these stories 
they speak but three of them in 
reality happening in our well 
the wall of Berlin fell on November 9 
of 1989 
30 years before the family, now 
people are saying that we are 
placing time that we should not 
place or mark time and we 
we are marking time but we are not 
doing it in the same way as 
1000 wounded did they maybe you 
It takes a little time to establish yourself in 
the logic of what I am saying 
but I saw the biggest one was that they were the point 
of beginning of three time prophecies 
508 is the starting point of 2,335 
677 for the beginning of the next 
mind and 457 for the beginning of the 2300 
so the time stamp of the 
millionaires is based on taking a prophecy 
of time finding the starting point and 
calculate in order 
the end point what we are 
doing is using the element of has 
as a symbolic pattern and we are in 
protection to not date 
but primarily the history in the 
start talks about the story of the ending 
we are using the mathematical argument 
that if you start in this year and add 
so many years you are going to finish here we are 
making the lines argument about 
here they are between the lines 
and these lines have numerical values 
but 2,300 years before the first in 
land between the king of the south and around 
That happened 
suggesting that at this point of time 
the war between the king of the south and the 
reveal will start you in our 
story if this were the only line 
that we had 
it would be a testimony of two or three things 
to be established 
this argument does not even produce two 
days about this story 
this is how to calculate time in this message 
it's not about calculating time it's about 
about producing an argument one 
understanding when bringing the line over 
I'm not teaching this, my teaching is 
on exercises 15 17 and 22 when 
let's move on but I'm going to argue that the 
Midnight starts on November 9 
of 2019 for us so I want that 
I want to show that there are many reasons 
by which to choose that point 
to spend our entire camp 
talking about these parallel lines and 490 
years before we have the spiral battle 
desperate in particular in this story 
and the most restricted was not 
invading europe 
the rate of vienna that went brake 
so we suggest that at this time 
here the important convention a decree 
and Islam is going to be restricted 
If this is true, let's specify a couple 
of witnesses two or three 
two hundred and forty-five years 
we arrived at the first congress with 
continental of the united states when 
the meeting when the conference is 
met for the excluded constitution as well 
that here we have witnesses for a 
important congress 
and it has to do with the constitution 
120 years old 
we have several lines that emerged that is 
at this point when the 
trump dictatorship if we go back 151 years 
we take to 1868 there have been three 
presidents are the united states has 
threatened with 
one of them resigned before the process 
of the impeachment 
and then two of them were in fact 
but in fit means that you go and if 
they are judged in the house of 
but for the director it has been confirmed 
then there he goes to the senate and ceilings 
you have to confirm the decision of the 
house of representatives that has never 
happened but there have been two 
presidents who were to receive the 
in 1868 and he received the impeachment 
because he wrote to one of those 
Cabinet members 
now because he asked them 
and is advancing 
I was threatening myself people and 
since the democrats 
last week he will resume control of 
the house of representatives 
if they are planning they put a pigment 
Trump is spoken publicly 
and this president has received the 
impeachment because he fired someone from 
your cabinet 
and the other president who was 
he recived implements mind 
of clinic 
and for lying under oath 
weeks and that week the legal team 
this research is responding 
questions that come from thousands of man 
who is doing the research of 
and the legal team of donald trump 
by answering these questions 
the first thing that they are worried about is 
that they think he can answer 
to a question because it will respond to 
the questions and look to accuse him of 
perjury in you 
and the president's story that 
I quit 
quit because 
they caught him getting intruding into the 
office of the democrats 
steal and stole your information 
if we can not see the cars there 
some pigs that joined us 
Besides the accusation that 
are made against show that before 
your choice 
an image sometimes information 
the democrats were captured and they 
believe they were captured by the 
but they say that trump is 
collaborating so the features 
of these presidents 
that were where they went to throw 
expelled they include the 
characteristics that few know in the 
horizon here when the first 
implements contentious 151 years before 
126 years before the allen measurement 
we have the chicago chicago series yes 
World Fair in Chicago 
if we look closely at that story it 's 
a story that actually starts in 
thousand 888 
in 1888 when Sunday writing 
introduced in congress is called the 
proposal mentions doubles and the reason why 
which in this secret story 
dominical the law of Mexicans is not 
because there was someone who is very famous 
who entered the congress 
it was explained to him in the congress because 
it was wrong to pass that decree and the name 
in thousand 888 thousand 893 is the crisis of the 
Sunday decree and in 1.083 there is the 
international in chicago 
the Protestants who were organizing 
this fair decided they wanted to decide 
close that fair on Sundays what 
it means this 
Protestants say we want to close 
on Sunday 
to be able to use the bible but in that 
point the catholic church was wrapping 
the catholic church here comes with 
that identifies that they are 
they have no justification to keep the 
Sunday from the bible 
they tell me Catholic explains that the domain 
is not supported by the can not be 
try on the bible and the church 
Catholic at that point affirms 
and that the fact that Protestants 
they want to close the chicago fair 
proven friends was proof that 
they were following Catholicism 
there's a lot we could say about that 
period without - the thousand chicago fair 
and I know that here at the end 
the catholic church is going to identify that 
Protestant churches are his daughters 
and that what they do in this story is not 
it has nothing to do with writing 
to 110 years before this point we have 
the last general conference in which 
He participated 
and that was 31 years old when he attended that 
conference and when we go to that 
conference when when we look at that 
general conference we see that the number 
81 is a symbol of midnight 
talking about how here and at the end of 
we hope to be at midnight 
81 is a symbol of midnight 110 years 
before 2019 
attends the last general conference 
if we went to the trees that already 
presented at that conference identify 
they identify the characteristics of 
81 years before 2019 
in 1938 
if we are going to the revolution 
we would find that on November 9 
for everyone while we were there was like 
a holiday a may holiday was his day 
so in November 1938 what the 
Germans call the night of the glasses 
broken and this great persecution 
physics begins against the Jews 
and they enter the cities 
in your stores breaking the glass if 
let's go back to last week at 
elections that happened 
and the controversies that advance us 
after the elections 
and an article that writes the conflict 
that there was the elections and the title 
it is said that this is a moment of the 
broken glass and the moment of the 
videos broken in the context 
is that in the public buildings of the USA 
for wanted to have 
covers he sent and to get to 
we have to break the glass and 
sound the alarm 
so last week 
in this election process that 
placed in position 
in which they can place in said mount 
it was called a moment of the 
the purpose chose on November 9 
to start with that persecution because 
it was a date that was recurrent in its 
own story then in this 
history here the persecution against the 
Jews whoever it is that 
Jews are going to reach a new level 
and it's midnight and Christ was a prisoner 
63 years before this 
63 and one half of 126 there is a 
Nikita Kruschev speech of a 
speech he made at night 
in Russian history it is called the speech 
Midnight crochet 
elsewhere equal and what is not 
since the beginning of the Soviet Union 
the book has been to be in the front line 
and it was Stalin but Stalin governed by 
a very long time and he kept in 
stalin like that but many many more 
people who have ever hitler 
hobby nobody knew what was 
happening in the Soviet Union in 
that story not even the people in 
the countries that were part of the 
Soviet they knew but it 's good rose 
himself as an idol 
and all this perception these murders 
that happened for decades were 
they remained hidden until 1956 in 
where a new leader 
the speech where he revealed everything 
that Stalin had been doing for 
this is what historians 
they say that there is the fall of the fall of 
people all the people that were 
serious communists 
do not 
you are jealous because they believed in their 
great leader me to be but here they are 
let everyone know about the union 
Stalin's Soviet era 
was greater than the one down here in finals 
Russia has symbolized because it has 
dirty information about so much that they're going to 
throwing to the arena the public that is going to 
contribute to your impeachment process and 
to push it to the point where 
pace your dictatorship 
I am the one who Brazil is the word that 
use the instances 
is that there was 
an alliance between greece and usa 
it was very serious 2013 he stayed in a hotel 
in Moscow 
and the suggestions that whatever 
happened in that hotel room or what 
that has happened in these 
meetings with Russian politicians 
it was recorded and they 're going to be taken out 
light here in the future that actually 
points out one of the reasons why 
clinton bill after 
so they go to 30 whole year takes us 
to 89 
this message based is based on that of 11 
40 45 and I was there from the beginning 
and introduce himself and I've always taught 
that danielle 11 40 is the 1980 the 
reason is because when roma panama like 
precise world control conquer 
three geographical areas in 89 
and had to be 
the east the earth 
glorious and when he took control of the 
world had to conquer three horns 
and the us the ostrogoths and the 
vandals so I argued that 
when roma modern I take control of the 
world has to beat three women the 
first wall was verse 40 the fall 
of the Soviet Union want that 
represented by the fall of the wall on 9 
November 1989 after they have to 
conquer the principle of the earth 
glorious the united states and what 
dale dominical conquest 
when the wall of separation between the 
the state is collapsed and they have to 
then the whole world as well as 
represented by egypt so that all 
the countries of the world reach a 
according to the wall 
national sovereignty must be collapsed 
and the national sovereignty wall is a 
global expression 
likewise start this movement we have 
taught that this message begins 
on November 9 
of 1980 and we do it on earth 
and what I want you to see 
what I am saying 
and for the priests this is the battle 
of raffia and if you understand this I'm going to 
this story is represented by ussía 
wanting to effect there sacrifice 
at that time and a high priest 
who opposes his work 
and a high priest so this is 
is about the development of that 
salvation and here in this story 
according to the way we do it in 
these times brings us to September 11 
a bit of a mirror like that 11 9 9 11 11 
it's about the priestess of the 281 
speaks of Jesus being the high priest 
and symbol of priests jesus is the sumo 
priest when he is twelve years old enters 
in the temple and his parents lose him 
sight and injured three days find 
the connections 3 to 3 days 
we all know that story 
and that I need to take care of the issues 
of my father as well as we agreed 
we agreed the story that what were 
the affairs of his father who was the one 
thing was a carpenter so the 
first twelve years for here and in this 
September 11th the beginning of the 
work of building the temple because you are 
a carpenter 
and 18 years later 
they take us to their 30 years 
and raise a priesthood of represented 
by the facts and how many years have you 
have to start this service as 
priest 30 years this story that 
begins on November 11 and ends on 
November 11 is a story of 30 
years and talks about the development 
of his service and Christ over priest 
is the example of this story so 
when we are talking about what is 
mark time on five levels 
the new one says that we 're never going to have a 
based on time this message from 
time is not based on time 
and is based on the line on line if 
you are willing to see them 
all this is a short summary 
what they are going to teach them is also 
well taught up here three revolutions 
We are going to call a revolution 
revolution because the German revolution 
is aligned with the Russian revolution that is 
aligns with the French Revolution 
we can easily and what them 
form with which the story is called 
American present the revolution 
and I'm saying that these seeds 
they talk about this story so what 
that descolocó in detail what I 'm 
doing well briefly to get to 
one point is that the German revolution 
this period of time is a revolution 
There is a short period of preparation that 
leads to a counterrevolution and that is 
reflected here revolution preparation 
against revolution we follow the logic 
I'm just a short screen 
towards a green screen of this 
story to get to a point the 
German revolution 
begins on November 9 , 1918 and 
there was a treaty that was where 
they give everything they had 
they just lost 
I thought he was treated versailles 
for the courage to say it and it was signed 
in November 1918 and this 
better with anger 
in this point 
That date 
and that's why 20 years later he starts 
the perception 
at the beginning of the revolution 
starting for 500 
here was then a prepared period 
then a period in which hitler 
assumes with germany 
to people of the action 
although no inheritance of thrips eggers 
this is the date 
on the way 
of the monarchy at the end of the 
transition of a type of government 
what I want us to do in this 
mark this story 
of 1917 when the decree 
press closes in russia the first one 
close the door of the printing house of the 
press that gets into the Russian revolution 
of contention the 99 of 1917 the 
French production 
marquez for working 
1789 the constitution of the us is 
but in 1781 the constitution in france 
it is established that it is called 
declaration of rights more so 
we have two constitutions at this point 
the sea opens that opens the doors for 
that we passed the town is in flight in the 
government when we come to benefits of 
July 1794 
the king france loses his head 
the beginning and the person who leads is 
roberts skin 
exactly one year later 
he loses his head if he comes to this 
point but here is in the calendar 
French they invent a new 
where there are not seven days in the week 
but it reads 10 and there are many 
and they are 10 months in the year 
and this says on the calendar the night of 
thermidor which corresponds to 11 
November so then the magazine 
German Russian and French are talking 
about November 1 
of what I do then 2019 where 
these characteristics 
these three revolutions are going to be no 
should be to repeat here I am 
suggesting that one of the writings to the 
what we could look at is that they go back 
to close cnn 
also that this previous week 
but I at the beginning the main man 
sn that enters its conferences 
and they are born in it took him to trial is 
something that will reach the supreme court 
But where is the court ready? 
is already protected 
so the dynamics of this story 
can be easily recognized in the 
history the work dynamics the 
dynamics of these revolutions always 
mark the first milestone for the beginning 
of the dictatorship 
always deciding 
and a dictatorship here does not appear 
in this story that the things that 
they produce the dictatorship happens 
and that's why we have targeted marked 
the night 
nothing so was elected president and the 
the only time he was in Russia 
It was on November 9 , 2013 
after that plan 
this time message is not based on 
calculate a starting point and a point 
final is based on the line methodology 
on line we open