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Lord God we are here before 
you about us lines because 
we recognize our lack of understanding 
we recognize that we have in the past 
we have not done the tasks that you have 
and therefore now in those times 
the last times before closing 
of grace that we have as a people 
we have to hurry to understand but 
that is possibly your grace 
the mere fact that here we are in 
tranquility and we have that time 
precious to study your word is to 
cause of your because of your love for 
with us, thanks sir 
and in this way we do not want to fail ty 
seize please be present 
help us to understand I directed my words 
and other understanding and understanding in 
name of jesus christ amen 
although the brothers after the 
yesterday more general introduction to the subject 
I invite you to open your 
brochures on page 20 6 27 
as you will have seen how they already heard the 
topic that I want to study with you 
it's called the investigative judgment 
I think that the first hour I keep 
very very easy to follow because 
there was simply a development 
of the classical understanding of our 
church that is the investigative judgment 
later in the presentation we are going to 
get to deeper issues and a little 
newer on what that means 
more in detail but now general because 
you know we are a church that 
has that doctrine that they do not share 
until I understand that is one of the 
the doctrine of the existence of a 
investigative judgment that distinguishes the 
church just the seventh day of all 
the other Protestant churches that do not 
they have that understanding 
that is one of the main doctrines 
that distinguish us from the other churches 
then we believe that there is a 
investigative judgment and the other churches 
do not believe then how is it that we 
we believe in that and what is the biblical basis 
for that understanding we are going to read 
enough texts this morning and they 
I invite you to start with the first one 
is up on page 27 
that is from prophets and kings page 528 
today the spirit in the spirit and power 
of Elijah and John the Baptist the 
messengers sent by god remember to 
a world destined to the judgment 
the solemn events that soon 
have to happen in relation to the hours 
end of the time of grace and the 
appearance of christ jesus as king of 
kings and lord of lords 
nothing new for us but that 
concept we have to understand well is 
true there is a judgment as there is a 
judgment and in the idea of ​​our church 
is that understanding of the trial has 
disappeared a little 
because if we imagine one more time the 
events in that story in a line 
the Sunday law the next great 
event that we have present as a church 
after the Sunday law we understand 
a time of anguish 
but what's that anguish or like 
we call you 
after that time of anguish there is a 
time of great anguish 
that time classically we see announced 
in daniel 12 
verse 1 where miguel gets up 
elena white describes that moment as the 
moment in which I christ as 
intercessor leaves that function leaves its 
clothes his priest clothes and 
he puts on his soldier clothes 
warrior to avenge and to carry 
out the trial that's also the time 
of the 
seven last plagues 
is the time where the earth is not going to 
be on its foundations as a state 
that everything moves that's the end the 
total destruction 
and that time ends with that with the 
coming of Christ 
in the life of Christ there are some events 
special to the resurrection special 
it is not true 
at the moment in which they are awakened 
some representatives of the bad guys 
all the times 
to see this moment to be witnesses in 
that moment 
and also of course here the glorious 
awakening from the dead of all 
righteous and all the saints that the lord 
is going to take to heaven in him 
it is not true 
and here then from here to here 
the period begins 
of the thousand years 
and then again Jesus descends with the 
saints to give him 
last judgment 
and the destruction of the bad guys and 
satan that forever 
with the lake of fire that's the end of 
that is the judgment now in the idea of 
us from our church 
if we talk about judgment 
where we place the trial or what is the 
judgment with the church I speak of judgment 
when jesus 
and lift 
I say for the future when we are 
speaking now for us we are 
prepared for trial brothers and 
then here it refers is here increase 
it means 
already correct but in preaching in 
those churches is not what is taught 
I'm asking what I'm like 
does not focus here in some way on the 
Sunday law the trial now I yo 
I'm starting from understanding how 
how we see it as we hear it in 
the churches 
in the churches he told us that that is 
correct I do not say that that's 
and those are going to go right now or actin a 
although this preaches that in the second 
come from being judgment that is not very 
precise is not true as we are going to see 
now and as you know the judgments 
they have different parts and it's not like that 
but when that comes judgment 
generality to a thousand year trial 
newly willing and a thousand years is not here 
at that time you are looking 
There is no judgment here there law 
a trial but for our church not 
you understand very well this is not not that 
brothers are preached 
in Sunday law the time is running out 
of grace 
you are going to listen to us 
we hear that there is no judgment there is judgment 
it is transported well to lalo the farthest 
possible let's say not outside our 
reach cas 
so that is important for us 
now see that the concepts of the trial 
that the investigative judgment in our 
churches are not good 
located or very accurate 
there is no such a clear statement 
so everyone knows how it is, I do not say 
everything is false I'm not saying that but 
there's maybe a little bit of diversity and there's 
false teachings no doubt there is ok 
in this we want to reach and explain 
that's how it is 
because to transport the trial until here 
back leaves us in a comfort zone 
already leaves us in a pretty state 
nice because 
what I know of the church is 
basically if you pay tithes 
If you come to church on Saturdays if 
you do not eat is no sin like that 
tremendous honorific 
so basically you already have the 
and you pass through that area here you are already 
entering the day has is the typical the 
ticket the label 
for the passport already with the stamp of the 
visa is not true 
on Saturday of course you go through here because 
you're going to walk here, you're not going to fail either 
let's say no that does not look like a test 
we are affective we charge on Saturday 
we understand that that's not how it is not seen and 
I'm saying one more time it's not what I 
I think but that's what I hear 
teaches you do not see that here as a moment 
that will harm us a lot 
more has to be firm as well as 
it's supposedly firm then it's going to 
pass but it is not true is not 
let's see that that is completely 
false to teach this 
that's why here is the first text with 
elena white says today in the spirit and 
power and elias and of john the baptist 
because it says in the spirit of those two 
who have done those two days with the 
Baptist they have not given peace 
to church 
nor the leaders of the state have given peace 
they have not left them in tranquility have 
announced their sins and they have 
admonished the truth they have led 
make decisions and have consequences 
serious but why else says here and diaz 
and Juan because those two because he had 
many more that have done that 
in God number 1 
generates number 2 ies 
and there are a few days 
number 3 hit 
who is the leader number 3 
people of God 
and I also prefer to say the 54,000 
without defining now this but for it is 
why and he says that 
the second elias john the Baptist and the 
144,000 but we would have to add and the 
the eleventh hour 
and because this 
what we are doing here is called the 
triple prophecy application 
we know this 
life has a lot of testimony about him 
how he died on the day 
he did not die 
we know this also how he died 
second elias 
of capital 
but we do not have words so simple 
or light on the third and diaz 
immortal or that there is there is that 
that's right but not 100% because 
the third if not that is a technique that 
is part of the methodology as if the 
prophecy if we have a one we have a 
second and we do not know the third the 
third is a combination of one and two 
that means the first goodbye no 
died for that the 144,000 do not die are 
immortal the second Elijah died 
and here we have the others them what's up 
with the workers jobs of the 
eleventh hour they're going to die they're not going to die 
to die persecution 
martyrdom will die and then they will be 
those cited is not true and they will live 
forever but they go through the 
Elijah's story then this second 
the day teaches us about that second 
group is my mail and it's where you have about 
the first group 
and we know how is an application 
why and tell you this 
today in the spirit of Elijah's power 
the 144,000 
and from John the Baptist 
the workers the eleventh hour the 
messengers sent by god remember to 
a world destined to the judgment 
a world destined to the judgment the 
Solemn events that soon 
it happens in relation to the final hours 
of the time of grace 
and the appearance of Christ Jesus as king 
she also distinguishes is not the same 
thing the coming of christ is not the same 
thing like the final hours of time of 
grace I do not do it at least 
understand the phrase so make a 
distinction and we will see that that is so 
here then a definition that is the 
investigative judgment 
the investigative judgment is a term the 
for the judgment of the people of God- before 
of the second coming of Christ 
that is very important 
It is a trial 
and apprentice theology understands this 
of course it is a term that designates 
a judgment of God's people that is the one of 
Adventists before the second 
coming of Christ and distinguishes it from 
judgment of the wicked after the 
second coming 
then this here is the trial with the 
second coming after the second 
skill is the judgment of the wicked 
but here and that we have to clarify and 
we are in your presentations 
clarifying here I am here before 
it is the judgment of the others 
and I'm doing they passed Sunday law 
because this includes this group here that 
just here after communicating together 
to God's people right now here 
it ends is the trial for the trial 
we do not have those big groups and 
we are not going to study this here 
because that means you understand 
well that 's very clear but this here that 
just that it concerns us 
here are things to solve 
if the sister 
the workers of the eleventh hour are 
the other sheep that belong to the 
Herd of the Lord means all those who 
they are not the artist's people in the law 
Sunday until this moment 
they will not hear it in other 
presentations but also in a few 
words those atheists other religions 
Baptist Catholics that at that time 
they wake up 
of tineo is another word in children 
It is where comes the term brother 
remember the works of indes and 
to get better 
anyone remember where you come from the 
and that to fly 
remember it is for those of the line 
where the owner needs workers and 
It is not true and after Inba 
again and in the last one again it will go 
the last workers and all receive 
the same salary salary 
those are the jobs of the last hour 
that at the last moment they enter 
and participate in the work that needs to be done 
second text 
and testimonies for the church 
like 8 pages 16 what is our work 
is the same as was given to John the 
Baptist about which we read in 
those days came John the Baptist 
preaching in the desert of Judea and 
saying sorry for the kingdom of 
the heavens has approached 
Well, this is the one who spoke the 
prophet Isaiah when you said you cry 
in the desert prepare the way of the 
sir straighten your paths 
all who are truly 
engaged in the work of the Lord in these 
last days have to carry a message 
that many times 
we do not like it 
educated in Greek and Roman education 
we do not make decisions or 
decisive messages we have messages or 
theories that can be evaluated I put something 
under discussion 
and many times I already told that experience 
once I was in a group as well as 
this in Mexico the brothers say 
brother is going to talk to you this Saturday 
of our church please and I do not 
I have a problem but you have to 
talk to the pastor if I have permission already 
it's not do not worry it would not be the truth 
is not that 
and on Saturday, everything was 
I was going to talk and the 
pastor to interview me interviewing 
briefly before the sermon 
a young boy 
fresh out of the seminar 
and he says he asks me two questions if I'm 
you 're fine with the tithe 
what does this mean, I'll leave it 
pretty open that means it was not 
very accurate you're fine with the tithe the 
second question 
if you are an artist 2 you are in the church 
these two questions was not difficult for 
and that was all 
and I could preach then I did not 
it felt good with this not there brother 
but I want to know what you want to say 
that I'm going to talk about this 
of this this 
it's okay brother says we here there 
different opinions of things and 
some brothers who believe so I do not 
I think so but in my church that does not 
there is a problem, that is, if I present something 
what is 
diametrically against what they 
they think it 's okay because you can argue 
there is not certain space for opinions that 
this is wrong there are dear brothers the 
pastor did not do his job at that time 
I should have investigated well and then 
have to see if that is right or not 
because anyone can not come and 
teaching anything is not true 
I thought it was incredible but that's the way 
reality of many cases and many cases 
of setbacks that do not even ask 
and you can not talk anymore because 
do not want in advance and already we already 
they have a prejudice 
then here all those who are 
truly committed to the work of 
sir in the last ten have to wear 
a decisive message 
read the first verses of 
chapter 40 of isaiah here we are going to read 
the woods cry out in the desert to prepare 
road to jehovah straightens road in the 
loneliness to our god every valley has been 
raised and lower all mountain and chanted and 
the twisted straightens and the rough 
ally and the glory of 
jehovah and all flesh together the truth 
because the mouth of jehovah has spoken 
forest said he gives voices and I answered him 
that I have to say loudly that all 
cannes grass and all its glory as a flower 
field the grass dries and the flower 
withered because the wind of jehovah 
I blow on it certainly as grass is 
the village dry and the grass withered and 
the flower plus the word of our God 
remains forever that chapter is 
full of appropriate instruction to 
us in this at this time the 
The word of the Lord for us is 
repent prepare the way for a 
revival of my work 
we have a message then like that of 
john the Baptist and how r elias 
and you know what they have done 
you know what message they have given elías 
led the people still to make a decision 
which side are you on 
this is with jehovah this is with val that 
it is the work that we have to do too 
but look 
let's go there is a topic that you hear in the 
and we're going to take time to talk a 
little more than that I think 
the message of Elijah for whom it was 
for people of God the message of Juan 
the Baptist for whom it was 
for God's people that 's a message 
what it says here in this time 
there's a there's something very important about 
understand who heads our 
message we have an explicit message 
for our people 
but we are going to have an explicit message 
for the world too 
and the two and the seventy that I'm 
listening there are distinguished messages 
we have this message now 
now the time that we are has a 
special message we are a very moment 
special maybe they do not believe it maybe not 
they realize maybe we did not tell each other 
but we are no longer in times like 
we are no longer in time 20 
years put 44 it's no longer the time 
take the message to the world 
we already passed that we entered the straight 
but let's see we are really in the 
final line 
1st Corinthians 15 42 
that text here is very important for the 
understanding of the investigative judgment for 
our church over there 
we can draw the logic of a trial 
first investigator of Corinthians 15 
verse 42 
so is the resurrection of the 
dead is sown in corruption 
will resurrect in in corruption sowing 
in ten ondra will rise in glory will 
sowing in weakness will resurrect in power 
it is sown to animal body will need 
spiritual body to the animal body and to the 
spiritual body 
the circle 51 
and here I tell you a mystery not all 
we will sleep but we will all be 
transformed in a moment in an open 
and close your eyes at the end of trumpet the 
final trumpet because it will touch the 
trumpet and the dead will be resurrected 
incorruptible and we will be 
Where it is there for trial 
researcher I do not understand does not talk about 
like that is the key text we leave to 
from his pioneer john andrews 
andrews you maybe remember it was a 
pioneer who was quite young in the 
last line white 
he was not one of the first pioneers of 
second generation of pioneers not 
they were experience from the start he came 
later on that but it was one of those from 
the first 
great of our church he was the 
first missionary for europe 
with elena white and found the first 
church in switzerland in europe he spoke 
seven languages ​​was a very very man 
blessed and he discovered some things 
important that were incorporated into the in 
the understanding of our three cars 
and he talks here that's 
the abbreviation is j I do not remember for 
what is that 
page 8 in English we have translated it into 
Spanish these passages and he explains now 
1st Corinthians these passages are 
certainly convincing the resurrection 
of the saints is for immortal life 
that is clear are results and has a 
new body 
and they are made immortal in the same 
moment of the resurrection then the 
decision of their cases is taken is 
taken before his resurrection because the 
nature of the resurrection is made to 
severe tiba is up to see you going to 
eternal salvation 
so what he says is here 
if one dies at that moment 
and if you are raised here when Christ 
come and receive a new body then 
when was his trial 
it has to be sometime here 
if the trial comes here then still 
does not receive the new body because first 
we should see to see how 
yes or no but says here that he is resurrected 
receives a new body 
that is the spiritual body then already 
the decision on his fate is taken 
is taken at this moment has to 
have here in that phase after your 
death a judgment on him and that's the 
investigative judgment now they do not know chalk 
he started they did not call him that's it was that 
hard in turn times assigned this 
second text is west jaime white 
of 1857 there was still no church 
the last text on our page 27 is 
says of the righteous blessed and 
saint who has a part in the first 
therefore their cases are decided 
before jesus comes to resurrect us 
of death 
where is the first resurrection 
here or here 
the truth is that it is green first 
who is in the first resurrection 
the Saints 
those who are going to go to heaven blessed 
and saint who has part of the first 
therefore their cases are decided 
before Jesus comes, I will need 
the death of that from the same logic as 
if one risen and the body is received 
immortal at that time then your case 
it has already been decided before in some 
moment before we are not yet 
specifying when I saw that not only 
the general logic 
ok logical is not difficult the trial of 
the righteous is while jesus offers his 
blood to erase sins the saints 
immortal will reign with Christ a thousand years 
in the judgment of the wicked 
so we had put here the trial of 
the wicked 
those who are resurrected carried out 
in his judgment is those are the doctrines 
the fundamental compressions of the 
cent and here we are reading the 
first Adventist texts where 
they elaborate that concept what is is 
an investigation now and we're 
traveling to the back time and the 
pioneers have understood 
the saints will not only participate in the 
judgment of the world but they will judge 
fallen angels 
next page 
now here is the text 
we have already quoted from the same text 
but that text is 
important because at the first time a 
of the first times that we 
we discovered that a pioneer used that 
term investigative judgment or judgment 
both classes will be judged before being 
g of aroused from death 
the investigative or investigative judgment 
of the house or church of god here the 
there is no specific then 
they understand there is a investigative judgment 
from the house of God of the house of God 
only from the people of god of the 
Church of God and will take place before 
the first resurrection 
thus the judgment of the wicked will take place 
during the thousand years 
of apocalypse 20 and they will be resurrected to the 
end of this period I think that that is not 
difficult I think that's clear 
I imagine that 
almost everything we understood about that already 
but also for me it was interesting to see 
those first texts like them what 
elaborated and understood the basis of 
1st Corinthians 15 they understood nothing 
it has to be that way there has to be a 
judgment and that that judgment then is 
the air the line that 
at that moment 
we actually put it here first 
towards the increase is a phase before the 
skill has to be judgment before 
that Miguel gets up has to do 
that judgment 
now online white 
first text this 
spiritual gifts there is no in Spanish 
and some brothers here every time 
in each presentation 
our stop to not with that problematic 
most texts by elena white 
they are not translated in most of the 
there is no in the espanyol 
in other languages only in English 
If you do not know what to advise your 
children study is not to study that 
leaving to study English 
It is very useful in those times to read 
the texts that have not been translated 
and selena white 
while Jesus has been administering 
in the sanctuary 
the trial has been going on for 
the just dead 
and then for the living righteous she 
only says the trial 
first abuse that term the 
nothing more trial 
in a trial for the just dead and 
a trial for the living just then 
this is the investigative judgment 
to her and she wrote that the same year 
1858 we are here still before the 
formation of the Adventist church 
as well 
1858 elena white recognizes that concept 
we already see and we have seen that jaime white 
He wrote it 
57 and the other investment text is not given 
when this text is also very 
so here are those concepts 
the church is legally established in 
ok is completed in continue text is 
completed the ground members the wedding 
of the lamb finished and reindeer and the domain 
of it and the majesty of the kingdoms below 
of all the whole heaven was given to Jesus 
and to the heirs of salvation and 
Jesus will reign as Lord the Lord is King 
of Kings 
because here that text we are 
associations of that research a 
little historical not true the in water the 
first talk about a trial he understands 
well there is a judgment 
for the holy dead and a trial for 
the living saints 
this is that book 
in English it's like that 
that gene that means narrow 
what in Spanish would be translated gifts 
but as I said there is no Spanish 
simply translated that paragraph from their 
paragraphs here 
and how they look is like one 
I think three volumes 
then there are many books that do not 
There is in Spanish 
next text this is from the time of the 
redemption page 396 
and that text came out first on the outside 
fraud and spirit prophecy in years 
1840 84 
and now if he already uses the term trial 
just as the sins of the world were 
transferred formerly 
figuratively the earthly sanctuary 
through the blood of the offering by 
sin so our sins are of 
epson transferred to the sanctuary 
heavenly by means of the blood of 
christ and as well as the typical purification 
of the earthly sanctuary was carried out 
by removing the sins that 
they had contaminated it 
so the actual cleansing of sanctuaries he is 
who will be fulfilled by removal 
of the sins that are registered and 
that we all understand I imagine very 
all right 
this requires an examination of the books of 
record to determine who is by 
means of repentance of sin and the 
faith in Christ are able to 
receive the benefits of his atonement 
cleansing the sanctuary at 
so much implies an investigative judgment 
here he uses it now now if he likes it 
this term becomes a term for 
the athletics 
that work must be done before the 
coming of Christ to redeem his 
town because when he comes to bring 
his gala award with him 
and to reward everyone according to 
his work 
and we are going to read your texts after 
then that goddess hands I do not doubt that 
you all believe it they understand it but 
that investigation trial has already started and 
we now understand the logic 
the pioneers have used to understand 
this and that has to be before the 
second coming of Christ 
more specific before Miguel gets 
but we are talking now of two 
judgments as we have already seen trial 
but that trial is divided into two cases 
in the one of the living 
and of the dead 
this we have already lived here 
let's explain that now 
the difference when they start and when 
very well 
then down on page 28 up 
now questions or that is all clear 
first the judgment on the saints the 
just this is from andrews again 
the righteous must be resurrected before 
that the wicked have their resurrection 
this shows that the examination of their 
cases occur before being resurrected 
because the final differentiation happens in 
the same act of resurrecting the righteous and 
leave the unjust for the resurrection 
of condemnation 
but the other dead did not return to 
live until they are 1000 years old 
This is the first resurrection 
Blessed and holy is he who has peace 
of the first resurrection 
the second death has no power 
over them but they will be priests of 
God and Christ and will fill with him 1000 
years this concept we have already placed in 
the blackboard 
plus those that were considered worthy of 
reach that century and the resurrection 
from among the dead neither marry nor 
they give khan in marriage because they do not 
they can die more but they are equal to 
the angels and they are sons of god to be 
children of the resurrection 
if in any way I reached the 
resurrection from the dead 
Philippians 311 because as well as in adam 
everyone dies too, even all will be 
modified but each in his / christ 
the firstfruits then those that are of 
Christ in his coming 
there is a resurrection next page 
which is divinely appointed as the 
first resurrection all those who 
have peace in this resurrection are 
pronounced blessed and holy the 
second death has no power over 
them this resurrection is this from 
between the dead 
Paul worked fervently 
to reach it will be at the coming of 
Christ only those who are Christ's 
of the underworld is in it all those who 
have to have her are the children of 
god because they are the children of the 
resurrection for life 
I think that explains it very well I do not know how 
you see it 
it does not make it very clear and andrew will be a 
very good teacher 
It was excellent to teach no gift 
for I am I think it represents 
very well here in these words 
these facts clearly prove that the 
examination of the cases of the just 
precedes his resurrection in the 
'adventure of Christ event which is 
really makes imperative as to your 
innocence in the sight of God and his 
eternal salvation 
those that are accepted by god are 
resurrected the others sleep 
resurrection for condemnation these 
facts are decisive proof that the 
just are judged before being 
resurrected I think that among us there 
we have problem with this 
If you are in conversation with others 
with those who are not of our faith this is 
an issue that distinguishes us 
we have another understanding but it is very 
very logical logical that you have to see a 
investigation trial 
because the other churches do not see it that way 
simply because for them with a 
Christ died 
all work done there is no intervention that 
is the idea of ​​the Protestants the 
Matter Christ ends his work 
we always say Christ finished his 
work on the cross 
yes but just like a lamb I do not eat 
priest as priest continues 
and this point then that is different 
in our church like the others 
churches that distinguishes us 
although nowadays it is not so different 
it is not true 
at that point he is losing he has lost 
quite strength in theology in 
our church there are theologians who do not 
they accept that they also do not see 
Protestants that there is not no 
even a celestial sensor 
well ok the last paragraph here of 
andrews but we have a statement yet 
more explicit to notice says our Lord 
plus those that were considered worthy of 
reach that century and the resurrection 
from the dead 
etcetera then it is true that the act 
to count as worthy to achieve the 
resurrection from the dead and a 
part in the world to come precedes the 
resurrection of the just 
we have stressed that again those who 
They were considered worthy of reaching 
that cycle and the resurrection of between 
the dead then it is true that the 
act of telling as worthy to achieve 
the resurrection of the dead and a 
part of an amount of money present from 
his resurrection from unjust then is 
a statement that is made in advance 
and those that are going to be worthy of being 
raised here at this moment that 
has god has to know it before and what 
know why he has investigated it 
studied the cases 
but that act of finding men by 
Worthy of a part of the kingdom of God is 
the same act in it is the same 
act absorb them in the trial 
the investigative judgment in the case of 
the righteous 
is then carried out before the 
of his resurrection as the resolution of 
the righteous is the fir of christ follows 
that they pass examination and are 
considered worthy of a place in the 
kingdom of god before the savior 
go back to earth and king to gather them 
with himself 
and to finish that part here a text 
from heine white 
I have not translated all that here only 
a phrase that seems to me key down what 
that are bold 
he found additional support in 1st 
depedro 457 that's not let me white that 
It is a book of 
yorke is called an atlantist a theologian 
if they send him 
every time later or tomorrow I bring 
that book 
you have it there 
is also in the place where he in 
Hawaiian with the application but only in 
English of course 
that is a book that 
highly advisable 
efe the fundamentals of the message and 
mission of the artists estimated days this 
book is a study and the history of the 
from the beginning sanz from the 
beginnings how did all the 
Adventist movement the history of 
Milan in a very Italian mining myth 
2 in study 
scientific and the first beginnings of 
the church is the book 
in the application 
claro en elena white talks about those 
Christian stories and speaks for 
course you have first writings 
that's a frontage that lives still 
he is a teacher in the us noaa in 
Spanish that is not bad we need 
translators we need young people who 
They know how to speak English or not young people 
matter is not true of course in 
is another book is a pioneer's book 
you know what 
the pioneers were not not inspired not 
I think the texts of the peroneos have 
been inspired except for some 
for example as the dream we hear 
That morning of Guillermo Miliar that was 
a dream that God gave him 
Jesus inspired but this here you have not 
inspired let's say this of andros but 
that does not mean it's wrong right 
it's an andrus research 
blessed blessed words and I 
I think very well but not inspired that is 
a scientific investigation 
and so far it seems very very well what 
we used for many years and it seems 
very very very correct what he investigates 
that's the story just history 
a study but here is a source of 
many of many treasures for information 
and the links and texts that mention 
to understand that story our 
story because dear brothers there's no 
there are no good books about this was 
waths up 
there are some books that have been written that 
there is also in Spanish that are as well 
I would say for children 
I do not want to say that children can not 
take a something more solid let's say no but 
they are so superficial, better said, if they are 
more are light is very light food 
does not go into many details 
that book if they go into many details 
I was not much more information and 
and from that text the last text that 
we have here and the talk of jaime white 
and speaking of hemingway says he found 
additional support in first of pedro 45 
to 7 we will read that text and with that 
let's finish 
with that phrase here and first of Pedro 5 
1 to 7 on 5 1 4 or 5 to 7 first of 
pedro 4 5 to 7 
but they will give first account of Pedro 
45 to 7 
but they will give account to the one who is 
prepared to judge the living and 
the dead 
because that's why it's also been preached 
the gospel to the dead to be 
judged in flesh according to men but 
live live in spirit according to God more 
the end of all things is approaching thirst 
sober and watch in prayer 
then he says he found support 
additional in first of but 45 of 
cent and it showed that in a trial 
of investigation of the dead saints and 
alive happens before the second 
coming of christ this may have been 
one of the first uses of the term 
well-known trial and investigation 
used between the administrative days for 
distinguish from the people's judgment of 
god- before the return of Christ in the 
judgment on or after the second coming 
very well then we have covered that that 
basic concept there is a judgment of 
investigation is the trial has to be 
before the second coming much more not 
we have presented now and now in the 
next hour in ten minutes pause 
we go to the fifth and after a break we are going to 
enter now in the details 
the research dead and what is 
say the alive we go to the connotation 
if not our 
we are investigating a little 
some concepts that are or should be 
every child of yours 
for this we have to 
go back to the beginning 
those studies in the history of our 
church things that many keep 
still today but many others 
I think sir you told us we have 
to ask about the old path and 
we have to get back on track and 
dear father, we are trying that 
we are trying 
we want to discover what is the truth 
in this it guides us and also gives us 
please a good break so we can 
come back and if you want to study no 
taking advantage of that beautiful time the 
name of jesus amen