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Welcome to this second presentation 
from this series the old paths 
we'll start with a prayer again 
That dear father please tell us 
that hour we want to continue with this 
aims to place a base a 
foundation remember the rationale about 
which your people should be placed 
direct us that now they direct my 
words and bless those who participate 
very well we have finished the last 
presentation coincide in thousand 616 this 
verse that gives us the motto of our 
there are some more things to say about 
of what is the foundation as we have 
placed here or as a platform 
which also called the rock or as three 
steps that are the first second and 
third angelic everything is the same 
I want to read that text 
comes comes from testimonies for the 
church took eight pages 311 and 12 
the enemy is trying to move the 
minds of our brothers and sisters 
of the work of preparing a town that 
can subsist in those last days there 
then the problem is not a people 
that can subsist in the last days 
that is a work that is already taking 
out with his people 
the town is not prepared by itself 
because he is an Adventist not because he 
baptized not because he believes this or that and 
prepare villages are missing a 
preparation process 
his sophisms are destined to set aside 
the minds of the dangers and duties of 
the hour attributes a little value to light 
that Christ came in heaven to give 
for Juan on behalf of his people what is 
that light that Christ came here Christ 
brought Juan 
what is the light that is not estimated to us is 
apocalypse are the prophecies teach 
that the events that we 
they confront are not important 
enough to receive attention 
there is a truth of heavenly origin and 
they strip the people of God and their 
past experience 
here some very important things that 
he says they attribute little light to the 
against certain events and I what 
I say any event 
what makes the earth tremble is something 
but there are certain events that are signals 
that we divide recognize the world was 
completely changed from the breeding of 
the towers 
and I remember having been able to swim in my 
absenteeist I think it was him 
usa a magazine 
where a grass responds to letters and a 
question was that on condition of 11 
September is that some special event 
of the prophecy the answer was that 
basically that there was nothing nothing 
specific that it was just something one of 
so many things ladies of the times but 
which is brothers is a fatal error because 
understand what conditions to date 
the church is left with that answer that 
it leaves you basically quite calm 
at times like I should be on alert 
and the second get isaac and cancel the 
truth of heavenly origin and taketh in 
God's people of his experience 
gone then this is the experience 
past who we know that 
experience who remembers the events 
that were carried out of that 1100 240 
ac thousand 54 that is our experience 
passed there as origin in the church 
of the seventh day 
science is cut off from our 
for not repeating it as God said to his 
people who have to repeat their 
vices in grandchildren and great-grandchildren 
the big events like this is not a 
village should have remembered what 
God did in that story but he has not 
there is no material little video material to 
little keep written 
one could not even easily 
find where to read that or see is in that 
and they replace the past experience with 
a false science if that false science 
is in place we have talked about is a 
series of solos m jerusalem in a fake 
science that from arrivals to take the 
place of past experience so said 
carry the roads for others and look and 
ask about the old dinners which 
be a good way and walk 
no one is trying to undo the foundations 
of our faith the foundations that were 
thrown at the beginning of our work 
obviously the foundations of faith are 
thrown at the beginning of the work 
not at the end not along not at the same 
time the foundation does not work first 
first foundation and then what comes 
and that has been the reason for our series that 
are the foundations and basically it 's all 
what is here of your diagrams here 
those are the foundations 
and that's what the billiards 
they understood they taught at the beginning 
these are the messages that they took 
to us from the other churches this is 
is nothing 
although you can not understand grab 
see mention is a complex of topics 
pretty good 
and understandable and isolated 
men can suppose 
who have found a foundation for a 
new path that can be a foundation 
stronger than the one that was thrown but 
this in his great deception 
jumped a little 
did not have the first disciples that 
Faces the sayings of men 
they did not have to hear false theories 
and then having done everything remains 
sign saying nobody can put another 
foundation that the one that is 
and so we also have to have 
firm to the end the principle of 
our confidence 
in that story that god 
and will have with his people 
what is a story 
if we start with the first couple 
exit from that town 
you have the two patriarchs 
the exit 
God forms a people called the twelve 
tribes the take out of ib3 is the town of 
that town without history 
the divorced god no longer calls his 
in his town he divorced him and called 
a new town 
those are the primitive church 
primitive goes through a process enters into 
the persecution of the twelve hundred 
sixty years 
experience a 
in the Protestant fire 
and continued to be God's dustmen 
but after 1709 
when the persecution ends in 
44 God again divorces the 
and call the 
that's a story and I always cause 
here a revival and cause a 
remember the basics and says he 
and noval that we should not forget 
separate us from the 
from the beginning of our trust the 
principle among our confidence is that 
history here 
what I placed in your heart 
we should not separate but we are already 
he gave you away 
and I 'm not even here is 
good next text 
this text is 
of selected messages as one page 
says the following 
in a night vision I was shown 
clearly that those opinions have been 
considered by some as 
great truths that have to be presented 
and be highlighted today 
showed a secured platform with 
solid beams the truths of the word 
of God someone of great responsibility 
in the medical work he was directing a 
man and another to loosen the 
beams that held that platform 
Then I heard a voice saying where 
there are the watchtowers that should be 
standing on the walls decisions that 
they are sleeping 
this foundation was built by the 
master worker 
founded was built by him and here 
He says 
very clear that here is spoken 
master worker and built that 
for the master worker and support the 
storm and the storm 
will allow this man to present 
doctrines that no experience comes 
past of the people of God 
the time has come to act 
past heritage defending in the 
past experience that's not there 
forget that there is no denying is a 
history is the beginning that is the 
beautiful beginning of that relationship the 
enemy of the has also sought 
introduce the assumption that there was 
make a great reform 
among the architects of the seventh day a 
great reform among equals among those who 
among the rentiers 
and that this reform would consist of 
give up the doctrines that are in 
stand as the columns of our faith 
and engaging in a process 
reorganization if this will be done 
reform that would result 
with her the explanation will continue I do not know 
what platforms are placed on 
enemy what he did and what he did with 
success is to convince our church that 
foundation improve it make it more beautiful 
but what would be the result of indicating 
the doctrines you have past experience 
says the truth principles that 
God in his wisdom has given the 
remnant church would be discarded 
Well, if that 's the case, the day 
the principles of truth that god has 
given to the remnant church they would be 
discarded this is the case here we have 
represented the doctrines 
fundamentals of our church those who 
taught proclaimed 
and today we have a pretty good idea 
far from many of 
here the logic of the diagram is that they are 
1234 basically columns 
and they go from top to bottom 
chronology then here we have the 
first prophecy that came to the 
to the understanding of the military ego the 
years in years of persecution d 
the spreading of the people of god not 
we believe the destitute 
in these circles of theologians of that 
church are also downloaded the 2900 
that nothing happened on October 22, 44 that 
it really is not no indicates 
no specific event 
here to other new points I do not want 
go into details this time only 
508 continue we discard it as well as the 
pioneers have seen it we do not believe that the 
continuous represents paganism 
neither this here the function of the role of the 
Islam in history 
the past and the future either 
Is taken 
correct how it is placed here and other 
things plus many other things that have been 
discarded and changed we have another faith 
that devil's work of changing the 
Initial experience is changed 
they wanted to change our would be that 
through that religion 
that's why we play today 
so much with profession we look so much today 
with what is 
people who care about them 
they are often called historicists 
those who return to the past 
and we have a theological version against 
all this the fundamental principles 
who have sustained the work during 
last 50 years would be considered as 
error this is today the case 
a new organization would be established 
we can talk at another time that 
Containment also be written 
books of a new orientation many 
books have been written a new 
orientation years we taught that 
the Antichrist 
we have always had that conviction 
in consequence of what the 
identified today we deny it 
is the antichrist is a concept is something 
what happens in the heads of each one of you 
you can be antichrist of the antichrist 
make antichrist the antichrist and we have 
another another idea and books are written 
of these that conviction is the beginning 
would introduce a system of 
intellectual philosophy the founders is 
the system would go to the cities and they would do 
a wonderful work of course 
would have little regard on Saturday and 
also to the god who created it I do not know 
you may know that church 
that church project of safety system 
brazil that is called new seed is 
an Adventist church but 
for rich 
that is about 
hide your relationship with the dentist is 
an idealist 
it does not do not put the name or logos 
and they recently told me that they 
try to completely deny and not 
mention the important thing of Saturday 
that is something that happens 
has also started this in our 
nothing would be allowed to 
interposed in the way of the new 
no no 
I'm going to cut that do not worry 
no no 
the leaders would teach that virtue 
it's better than vice but having 
put aside to God solve 
they would resolve to depend on human power 
that has no value without God its 
foundation would be built on the 
sand and the storm and the storm 
would stop the structure that just from 
what jesus warns us in the night 
where how to build that house on 
sand or on the rock and our church 
has been placed on the rock but 
decided after a while of 
get a new building moving and 
placed a building that looks beautiful and 
tremendous and big but on sand 
who has continuous authority of text 
to start such a movement we have 
our bibles have our 
experience of your experience we have 
which is our experience of 
our town of this church the 
we have actually is among us 
but we have forgotten it why we are 
doing this job 
that's why we're doing that 
series to remember to help 
rediscover the origin the basis of our 
we have a truth that does not support 
compromises we will not repudiate everything 
that is not in harmony with that truth 
easy and I delayed sending what the 
God's spirit prevented me from writing to me 
prevented writing did not want to be agreed 
to present the disorienting influence 
of those falsehoods but in the 
God's providence the errors that have 
state is entering they had to be confronted 
today many decades later 
us for us this what 
I saw coming is a reality 
and what happened in this time and what happened in 
that time from 1840 to 44 
to see if we can fill a bit with the 
without going into the details here 
because that's just an introduction 
as we can 
that we can 
in which we can see what happened in 
that story because we said that 
is the foundation that was placed in 
that time but that is it was 
in this time that is that on condition 
- That is one of the books that most 
a series of books here we take tomo 
no other language was translated 
they are many books 
it says well the truths that we receive 
thousand 841 thousand 842 thousand 853 thousand 854 have 
to be studied now and proclaimed 
they have to be studied now 
the messages the first second and third 
angel will be proclaimed in the future to 
great voice 
walk 2 with sincere 
and the power of 
those who are teachers 
they have to be healthy 
let his people know he has 
emphasis on what happened on that date 
the three angels of publix 
to those who accept the light of the 
messages from god and they come out as agents 
yours to trumpet the administrations 
throughout the width and length of the 
testimonials jewelry took 256 idea and 
we continue god has called his church 
in that time as he called the ancient 
ancient israel to him we have said that 
here in a long sequence of 
peoples of god or to represent them from 
God's people I always had to 
called 3 his poor call exceeded 
get it out and here says it too 
that way it's not true I've 
called to his church in this time as 
He called ancient Israel again 
do not did it again from certain 
circumstances and slavery so that 
stand out as light on earth is the 
purpose of God's people so that it 
pay for God not only to be 
God's people to make unique healthy 
no that's not the idea the idea is to be 
light on earth 
by the powerful ax of truth the 
messages from the angels first second 
and third the separate from the churches the 
has separated from the churches and the world 
to place it in sacred proximity to 
himself with the sacred 
God has separated has separated his people 
of the other Protestants 
he made a 
to place him in sacred proximity to 
he has deposited it himself 
and he has entrusted the great truths of 
the prophecy of prophecy for this 
time like the holy oracles 
committed to ancient Israel are a 
sacred mission that must be 
communicated to the world the first message 
that's in the same book but page 
121 the first message the second one 
they gave in 1843 and a thousand 854 and now we're 
under the proclamation of the third but 
even now we must continue proclaiming the 
three messages 
still valid now of course 
it is as essential as at any time 
past that I repeat it to those who are 
looking for the truth 
we must resound his proclamation 
using the pen and the voice should show 
its sequence and the application of 
prophecies that lead us the message 
of the third angel there can be no 
third message without a first and one 
the first angelic message 5,798 other 
Now let's bring the texts as 
but the messages arrive and they do not 
they are necessarily understood, we say 
they still do not have power but it arrives 
increase in history with the military 
they receive power 
that the message 
and tells him that they are proclaimed are given 
between 53 44 if the first message announces the 
coming from the Lord, the truth announces the 
forthcoming judgment 
is proclaimed here and reaches the 
stronger programming at the end of 
this movement 
the third message follows in 1,244 
here in this story contains many 
but only to have a vision 
we understand that 
on April 19 this was the day of the 
first trust 
and then we have the cry of 
that was the same year an experience 
then here comes the first message 
here comes the second message 
so be able during our history that 
it's more or less him 
the framework but specifically what is 
understood in this this phase 
william miller who is the ambassador 
the preparer in the way of that 
history he studies the prophecies 1816 a 
18 those are the years in which they 
he withdraws a little of his occupations and 
he goes to his house to study 
proclamation of message 31 the first time 
in public 
more often officially can 
in mission of 40 something happens that makes 
the message is something that turns the 
those are the truths that place 
the foundation is placed there is a 
affirmation of the truths here 
the next text is not going to do much 
much more we are almost finishing says 
this is in 
the infant institute page 346 is a 
devotional the certain thing is the day of the 3 of 
December you have the emotional says the 
messages from the angels first and 
second although 2 is proclaimed but not 
you had to reveal more light 
before those messages had made 
his specific work 
this time or in those who proclaimed 
the message and they were participants 
of the discovery and the messages are not 
they understood and now we're not going to give 
that gave themselves in not 
they completely understood 
and later they realized what 
they had done 
by the help of the Lord the messages 
of the first and second angels though 
they were proclaimed but there was no 
reveal more light before those 
messages would have done his work 
specific this time 
that the angel declares with a solemn 
Oath is not the end of history 
of time or time of grace but 
of the prophetic time that will precede the 
advent of our Lord she 
refer here to a text 
apocalypse and this time they can open it 
briefly with me apocalypse 10 
articles 6 
to understand the reference 
publix 10 verses 6 
you can start in verse 5 
and the angel that lived standing on the sea 
and on earth he raised his hand to 
heaven and swore by the one who lives for the 
centuries of the centuries that created the sky and 
the things that are in him and the earth and 
the things that are in it 
and the sea and the things that are in it 
the time would not be more 
this time she says what that 
refers to this time when the angel 
declares with a solemn oath is not 
the end of world history or of the 
time of grace but of time 
prophetic that means that up 
this moment in history is not 
refer here 
angela from that point 
October 22nd counts 
here several lines had been fulfilled 
those prophetic times those 
since in prophetic only God was going 
to apply and reveal up to that moment 
beyond in the history of one thousand 854 2016 
henceforth there is no more there will be no 
more prophetic time announced 
previously by the lord 
that 's what the advent says here 
that is, people will not have another message 
about a definite time after 
that time covering this minute 
fifty-two thousand 854 there can be 
no definite time computation 
prophetic the longer calculation 
arrives until the fall of 1094 is what 
we just said the position of the angel 
one foot on the sea and one on land 
means the extension of the 
proclamation of the message 
then what have we said 
we have said that 
the foundation of our faith was placed 
was placed in a 
1848 time frame 
over time 
the foundation are the messages the 3 
messages are messages 
you can read by writing there is a 
a message 
what brand is the foundation the messages 
they are here because they come from the 
of the prophecies of the book of honey in 
first place and also some that 
he used this apocalypse 
then there is content to do it 
easy in content is here this all 
that is the foundation 
and they were proclaimed and were built 
they are events 
in the events the truths are 
they discovered here the event of the 
function of Islam in history was a 
event that with conditional now 
she says how the 
meaning of the related text 
same with him 
his memory and video nights 
it's what we put a little bit like that to see 
that here is study material behind 
of dates are not dates simply 
this is apocalypse 
as well 
those are messages and that's a text that 
written things 
of form in prophecy in the bible but 
they had their fulfillment in history 
and through those events 
and they carried out 
those messages the understanding of that 
all this forms the foundation of our 
faith 3 brothers you have to study many 
things is very interesting I invite you to 
continue with me in this series and in the 
next presentation we are going to give 
continuation to the rest 
dear father our history 
glorious story we do not want to forget the 
we want to remember it 
help us sir so we can 
discover what we need in those 
last hours of the earth the name of