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this evening study he's just going to be a brief overview of how I think we should be approaching Bible study particularly when we think about endtime prophecy I understand we're all Adventists I understand it we're all Adventists and we all have a very good understanding of Revelation 14 I assume most of you have read the great controversy particularly the last chapters and you have a good working knowledge of who the papacy is at the end of the world what Babylon is composed of three fold Union who the woman of Revelation 17 is and kindred issues that surround these elements of Bible prophecy yet it's my experience the many of us are still missing many of the details that we need to understand perhaps one of the most primary things that there's various opinions on is that when we think about the Sunday law so I just draw that schematically if this was a Sunday law on a time line and the Sunday I'm speaking about is the one that's brought to view in Revelation 14 verses 9 to 11 the question we need to ask ourselves as Adventists because we know after the Sunday law that we're going to go to the world according to Revelation chapter 18 verse 4 and we're gonna give a cry to the world and what is that cry it says come out of her my people and in context the her is Babylon so in this history is a loud cry so this now cry that's given by God's church happens it's the Sunday no I think that's a well-established truths and most Adventists the question that people are not sure about is when a God's people require to be ready now we know on a personal level we're required to be ready every day but I'm not talking about on an individual basis talking about the corporate body as a church we speak about the close of probation and close information that could sometime after the Sunday law so these close of probation we see identify the Book of Daniel chapter 12 verse 1 when Michael Christ finishes his administration in the most holy place and leaves the temple and following that event between him leaving the temple and the second Advent we have most of us understand a period called Jacob's time of trouble so I think I'm hoping everybody understands the structure is familiar with it the trouble tha I did so this is Jacob's time of trouble now when we speak about the close of probation here the question is some Adventists many Adventists perhaps are not familiar with let me express it this way there's not a uniformed understanding on this subject and that is when does the closed approbation occur to the church is our probation closed at the same time here is the world is does our probation closed some time before my understanding is and you may agree or disagree he's at the close of probation for the church he's here at the Sunday law and if that is so so these are the close of probation for the world and if this is the positive probation for the church then you would have to ask yourself the question what preparation do we need for the event I'm sure all of you agree the the clothes operation here for the world for them to be able to understand what's going to happen there they need to be given the warning and we see that warning in Revelation 18 verse 4 and I will just explain that so I'm saying that this warning here that's given to the world precedes the clothes of their probation so I see people turning to Revelation 18 verse 4 let's read that verse the reason why it's important to understand these principle is that we understand that the Lord will do nothing o Allah for his people without warning them first through his prophets reverse for them our secret of finalizing your confidence here yes yes a leadership for the people but I can say for this offensive because so I'm saying this warning here people warning here so this warning I think it has to precede the close of their probation if it were to happen afterwards it would serve no purpose I think most of us can see the the logic in that so here's the warning the probation is about to close so I'm saying if the close of probation of God's church is here and we also need to be warned so that we can make adequate preparation for this event now as Adventists we've been well trained in this concept so it's really explain where that training happened before I discuss our history we just have a very brief review of the history of ancient Israel in the book of Exodus when the book of Exodus and Israel have left Egypt there in the wilderness and there's no food available so God is miraculously gonna feed them and he sees them with manna you will know this story by the way in John chapter 6 when Jesus speaks about that manner what does he identify that manner is being he says that manner miss ELISA manna was me he says when you add that manner he was eating me remember me so in that principle he brings to bear in that conversation when he says Eunice you need to eat my flesh and drink my blood both of you and what did many of the people who were listening do when they heard that they walked away from him the reason they did that is because they were unwilling to follow a Bible principle that we have to understand at the end of the world the literal examples like eating manner must be understood symbolically representing the relationship that we have with God and when this issue was presented before that many people rejected this so come back to the story of Exodus it's Thursday which is the fifth day then is Friday and then it's Sabbath the seventh day when food is delivered to them on Thursday how much good did they have and which food are they given just one day's worth of food now they can collect more than one day's worth of food what would happen if they save it it was rot so they would talk this lesson for 40 years it was reinforced it's not just Thursday it goes from Sunday to Thursday but Friday things changed now you require to do what collect money for two days and what were you not allow to do collects food upon the Sabbath on pain of death so this lesson teaches our stomach very important as you approach the Sabbath issue there is something that's reinforced by the Word of God when you're in the day of preparation you have to do things differently in all the days before most of us understand that fast forward three and a half thousand years to today we all know there on Friday are we changes we do different things on Friday than we did on Thursday and Sunday we make special efforts to clean our homes to prepare our bodies to prepare the food so that at sunset here earthly work is done incomplete because God was to reinforce in his people this concept that in the day of the Lord's preparation things are different to the days before we believe that prophetically we are now in the day of the Lord's preparation and this Sabbath issue is this Sunday law issue and this lesson that he's taught his people for thousands of years was to prepare us this more tests that we have every week is to prepare us for the prophetic test at the end of the world this prophetically in the and above all people on this earth we should know one thing do we cannot say the we're ready for the Sunday law issue every single day prophetically speaking there has to come a time and in the moral it's Friday these 24 hours this day when men are supposed to work comes a special time when we're supposed to prepare comes a special time where we're supposed to prepare for this issue here the Sunday long and the test is in this history whether or not we're going to prepare adequately or not you know when sunset comes on Friday evening if you haven't prepared properly it's now too late and you fail the test its reinforced in our minds because God wants to prepare us for the soon coming Sunday Lord now we just want to give a quick story that we're all familiar with and it helps to serve the purpose or showing how we should understand Bible stories hopefully a number of you are probably familiar with what I'm gonna say but I think he still serves as a good introduction we're gonna go to Matthew 24 Matthew 24 important prophecy it's mirrored in two other books chapter 13 a Luke chapter 21 so we're Matthew 24 if we were to run through that prophecy you'll see that it begins in the history of Christ ad 31 80 31 and he goes all the way to the end of the world and he's broken up into discrete dispensations or segments by the time Jesus has come to the end of this prophecy around verses 30 to 31 he then finishes the chapter by giving parables and we're going to read one you will read from verse 36 very young for become one we stop it just answer so reverse 38 & 39 39 so the first thing I want to note I want us to know he says in verse 36 nobody's gonna know the dandy error of Christ's coming he says only the Father Knows but this verse is given in the context of war subject verse 37 is given in the context of the story of Noah he says but as it was in the days of Noah it will be the same as the coming of the Son of Man so we've just read Matthew 24 verse 37 now this prophecy of this sentence is given in another book it's giving Luke chapter 17 verse 26 the reason we're going to read both passages and I'm assuming it's the same in the Spanish as it is in the English if you know anyway in Matthew and Luke 17 36 26 he says the days of Noah the same as that coming of the Son of Man and he looked 17 26 yeah he says the days of Noah should be the days of the Son of Man it's really slightly differently now the reason it's important to see this because if you just went to verse 27 or if you went back to Matthew 24 38 whenever I'm either in the quadrant pain or truth is it will go back to Matthew 28 because when he talks about the days of Noah it then says as it was in the days that were before the flood so when you piece together these four verses we can understand when we think about the story of Noah it talks about the days days so these days of Noah we know when they are because in verse 38 it says in those days they were eating and drinking and the days were before the flood comes so I'm saying the flood you drank liquor so when he speaks about the flood this is the close of probation so when he speaks about the days of Noah it doesn't just speak about the flood he speaks about the days before yes personality examples so when he speaks about in verse 36 or 37 the coming of the Son of Man it's not just talking about this history here the coming of the Son of Man because when you talk verse with verse because we're required to prove text and bring all the verses that bear on the subject together explains in the passage from Luke when he took it's about the coming of the Son of Man it's not just a second Advent it's also talking the time that's before it we would call the preparation time so it's an important principle when the Bible speaks about the second Advent or the coming of the Son of Man we know is preceded by the close of probation and we also know it's preceded by the days and these are the days of preparation now I believe we're supposed to take one concept and build it up on another concept so these days of preparation are the same as the sixth day Friday and this day here where you have the blood it's talking about the seventh day or the Sun or issue and hopefully will demonstrate that when I say the days of preparation in the story of Noah no one what is being prepared here they are I mean you asked me so obvious the ark is being prepared and do we know the ark took to build of course we do 120 years so the question is why are we giving all of this information about the story of Noah we're given a lot of information if you start studying that those two chapters they must be information in those chapters that God wants us to learn about the end of the world and one of them you know is that when you consider or start talking about the second Advent warmish you also consider not only the Sunday Laurie shoe but the days of preparation so that's one simple thing we can learn from the story of Noah we're so familiar with this story we don't even need to turn to the chapters to read the verses about it so we've got the boat here and there's a door with a ram and here's Noah and though he's been building this Ark and when Ellen White says when he was putting these planks are in place what did she say about every hammer blow do we know she says he was a sermon so you're familiar Hannibal I was a sermon to whom not to himself to the people who are watching let me ask you a question when you're giving a sermon when you're listening to a sermon on someone where is all that happening MacGyver see my boys in the church they live around the church she's in the church so when he's given this sermon to this person this person must be part of the church listen he otherwise he couldn't be servin izing to him if you only give sermons to people in the church so you've got these 120 years that this sermon is being given to the church and what's he saying the flood is coming and what must you do prepare so is the church being warned before the close of probation I would say yes so I'm saying the story of Noah teaches as much about end time prophecy now we're just doing an overview we could go into a lot of detail once the park is built the door is open still nowhere it's been calling him for 120 years what happens no one enters then suddenly passes there's a thunderous noise what's happening yeah it's not the flood so these two lines will show two groups of animals clean and unclean so we've got two groups of animals coming on clean animals and unclean I want you to hold that thought and go to John chapter 6 I want to try and establish a principle you know when our is preaching to this man does he have an opportunity to get on to the ark of course he does when the animals start coming in here Noah's attention gets gets read up gets diverted who he start focusing on now the animals he stops speaking to the man so the animals start getting on the ark and the man is a can this man suddenly change his mind and say well do I'll sneak behind one of the elephants and while Noah's not looking or get on the ark can he do that well says because Noah stop preaching to him so that's we the verse from John 6 verse 45 by the sequel of our policy now well for your ticket for killing an enemy so in verse 24 once again in our circular one day he says no man can come to me to Christ or his representative so no man can come to Noah unless what it says unless the father does war draws him how do you draw someone by sermonizing to them preaching so when Noah stops preaching to the man he's no longer being drawn in and so he can't come behind one of the animals and get on his opportunity of getting on his start and the story teaches no man ever got on the ark no man got onto the ark now this is a story about endtime prophecy now that we believe we're going to start preaching we're going to go to a zoo and start talking to animals to come and join some people smiling so I assume you'd think that's silly so what's this story trying to teach us because he's only animals that are saved no human being is saved in this story besides Noah's family I've got so is that what we cited at the end of the world they're only animals can be saved no of course not we need to understand some symbology now we're all Adventists and we all know that there's this cliche phrase that we have says don't leave the ark so we have a similar phrase here the Ark is war it's the church so we got that concept from where straight from this story the Ark is a symbol of war sins of the church destruction of the individuals these are the individuals he's told remember he's a church member come and join this church we don't have time to discuss the dynamics of that but in I just wanna focus on these animals you're familiar with Acts chapter 10 Peter he's a joker he's a joker that's the city in Israel he's on the site isn't that on the roof of Simon's house it's noontime that's important derstand for a future study he's hungry and he goes in division he's hungry he goes into vision in the vision he sees a sheikh come down from heaven and it's all like ink unclean animals in there so these are unclean animals God says eat them he refuses and God says don't call things unclean which now are clean the Sheikh is taken off and immediately there's a knock on the door and who's there Gentiles in theaters and Peter now knows what that vision was the unclean animals are war they're the symbol of the Gentiles dealers now I don't think you've seen these charts before this is a symbolic representation of Daniel 7 and daniel 8 straight out the bible you have a lion a bear a leopard chapter 8 you have a sheep and a goat animals as symbols of Wars people so you know on the testimonies to the animals a symbolic representation of people so these are unclean animals the story of Noah what their symbol of people so I'm saying these unclean animals are a symbol of the world if unclean animals are similar the world what clean animals are symbol of has to be the church you know like that I listen so what we see in the story of Noah is a detailed story of endtime prophecy you have a church corporate structure you have know what a member of the church this man a member of the church these animals a member of the church can you see this as something God wants to teach us Adventists at the end of the world are fixed on this concept that we're okay we're saved no problems we need to do he sought the world out I want to suggest the story of Noah teaches otherwise first of all before you ever go to the world there's a man in the church who's given a warning to a man in the church I put one man in but there was not one man he was preaching to it was the whole world the whole church world this man refused to accept this message of warning and then there was a second opportunity for people in the church to enter into the ark so at the end of the world there are two calls given to God's church to prepare for the flood do we know about two calls are given to the church he may not come to your mind but we do when Jesus came to earth when he began his ministry what did he do is he went to the temple and cleaned it tells his first call at the end of his ministry just before he died what did he do he went to the temple and purified it a second time there were two calls to the church to purify the story of Jesus in that history was prefigured in the story of Noah now these are just a few thoughts that I want us to begin to explore in the few days that we hear together about the approach of endtime prophecy as Adventists we know a lot but Adventists there is two things we need to learn one of them is that we need to prepare for the Sunday law for the flood in that time of preparation we will be warned by Noah that is coming Bible says no man knoweth the day or the hour but that's in the context of the story of Noah do we know how long it took the animals to get on the ark took seven days then what happened the door shop no one comes in no one comes out then walk then they waited another seven days and then there was the flood so there's the seven-day structure there are built into this story and what I'm saying is the seventh day is dealing with the Sabbath and this is the Sunday law in God's church if you're in the ark the doors sharp and no one comes in and no one leaves if you read the story what's this man gonna do when it begins to rain it's gonna knock on the door and say can I come in now and mercy has ceased and he's gonna be destroyed by the flood let's pray just before you leave it's our home will generate many questions and we hope to have at least we're going to allocate some time for questions and answers so if you have questions you can write them down and please give them to visit to brother ever and we'll try to address those it's our hope that you'll continue to come for the remaining days