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likes to say that you will think like 
to select and we want to grow another 
Since we are gathered here this afternoon 
that we can come to your word and 
cousins ​​who are present as saints 
angels so that in the rails that nothing in 
distracting message and also in the 
chapter that open hearts 
yet so much the spirit of each student 
and I do not know what's going on here 
taught that the habit of the second 
placed the lord jesus the girl 
banon and I want your name with our in 
all the way and with our my name and turkey 
I at least come in for the first time 
the great majority is my name is gabriel 
As everyone knows, I'm a brother to 
landmarks and it was more like understanding 5 
South Brazil in the years cassilândianews 
I'm going to Brazil study the reminder. 
physiotherapist and currently has just the 
government of the United States has traveled 
quite a bit so I'm a little tired 
not even to be a holy bolivia 
cross to be able to share a little bit of 
all that I am very important that are 
very important and at the same time 
simple to follow 
born in germany to expand the 
our first language 
Raise your hand in the crowd and let's 
this afternoon about moses how I look at year 
already won we will not choose over 
Lecce in gt1 in history on 
Also lines so that also 
we call the line be the form or it is 
prophetic patron 
This is something I really like and sweat 
We're going to use the court here because 
We are going to seek this on these lines 
because it is something that is better understood if 
It's one and I have na na frace that I 
I want everyone to learn to drag or 
Less leave by the end of this week 
and that in court, let's see how 
My mother already mentioned this study if 
based on a principle is a 
principle that history should be repeated 
We need to understand something God 
established in history if 
repeat this and this is ours from taca 
we can know what you will do in the 
if you know what happened in the 
past and again gppo we know what 
will occur is the following a certain so 
in theory let's demonstrate that this 
already lied healing throughout the bible as 
how history and Us 
random order form in a way 
very accurate and very precise 
we are always in the same sequence as 
boyler events some technicians for the 
interests and accompany them 
however knot 
we have seen in installments what we 
we have it printed said so is the cs 
conflict took place in the work of God in 
It presents surprising in nokia 
every great reform movement 
religious was again in the work of God 
she had was presented acronym tooth 1-1 
analogy analogy analogy another word 
the amazing in every great movement 
or religious when I looked there 
for the first time I thought 
German with us a reformer martinho 
Luther did not know for so many years pulled 
at some point she said in every 
another movement of reform movement 
Bible Story Reform 
Let 's meet some this week. 
it is clear that throughout the movement of 
reform the amazing similarity in 
principles that men are always the 
same in the important movements of the 
gain agree with those of antônio 
the experience of the church 
times that were in selections of 
great value for us to us 
Ministers, you are very important to 
we understand is past because in 
elections for another time in the 
translation in the quote of beauty 
manuscripts released bt 1 437 he said 
so all messages given since 
1840 1844 that even if forced to 
time because there is much that the personas 
lost sleep like the 40 to 44 
Let's get acquainted this week that 
She said that it's important, it has to be 
forced because many messages 
on to meet all the requirements for 
the others 
de jô christ let his monsters ross 
because it comes because today because in this game 
that many prophets in that other 
babies came in ninth eron 16 
there it adds of purple tones that came 
back that would be in 1843 and 1844 the 
that occurred in this period it 
important and trivial issues 
learn a lot about these subjects 
this week one as a duty of each 
at the 
among these basic things for the 
Adventists who because this their own 
history shows the history we should 
understand in detail 
another eyelash conflict text 
page 596 so it is that which unite 
the whole Latina would already consume in the work 
universal power and extraordinary power 
movement from 40 to 44 
was a glorious manifestation of power 
of bino was manifested and in history the 
the reform movement of all 
mission stations across the land and 
in some countries it was distinguished by 
most interest him I only this 
there in sight in a country any way 
all this will be overcome by powerful 
movement that the last one is 
hoping to a reform movement 
last by the mighty of what we have seen 
in the past years that they had drunk them 
much bigger than let's open accounts 
apocalypse 14 
Day 16 is 14 6 to 11 
apocalypse 14/6 where it was said baby 
what is it about here that I can say 
the softness and the other to roll through 
of this year that would have imagined the eternal 
to suffer in the years you live in 
land and the tona national and tribe 
language and puebla descending in eighth 
long because in the 
south early and drink and worship to want 
teaching and the land and sea ​​and in 
sources of water and another snack and 
going down to fall into Babylon 
that's great to insure because he is the 
given to drinking to all bi citizens. 
in the derby of fury I do not love to open 
and your image and take the front will be 
tormented with fire and suffering from 
saints before lamb go up to 
always those who worship the east and its 
image on the ground I can already day and night 
only one that they took in the cna 
we must serve in its tone in the 
message at 3 to unhappy and said so 
a verse 6 and another to wiggle about 
one and a half of heaven that feared the gospel 
eternal life to harm us there 
He lives there already 
we need to understand that emma and mark the 
suit because this message that is 
the proclaiming 
everyone knows that this everlasting gospel 
can not decide the three water idea 
in the perfect life of Jesus than what other 
303 15 interns we find ourselves defined 
where in these 3 15 
eternal the message is clear and a 
little internal hard and mentioned the 
previous presentation in question 
is that in these 3 15 
sm is among the woman in the head 
And you wanna walk among those 
I was there in the pick and women in 
Bible in eternal prophecy between two 
group to woman group 
the segment of tanas all understand this 
11 a simple concert by a lot 
important because this responds to us 
many questions 
sometimes we want to find a 
commitment and a path between here 
nóis understand that the soles of the e3 
groups of god with noé sinto moreira 
of God and that in it and in the phrase I wanted 
learn from the terms we all 
have to write in the pen and honor in 
the eternal is not inspired by us 
I mean he described moe very much 
clear and straightforward approach in this 
year and note en 
so the everlasting gospel in the work of 
Christ of the ego's eye demonstrate 
classes of worshipers in the 
entering a message is 
prophecy of proof consisting of 
three steps this week what is 
eternal banker 
this work of christ 
to look away and the ego to demonstrate 
of the classes of worshipers 
past and between km 
of a message is prophetic 
of proof 
which consists of three steps 
and how the texts or groups that can 
copy a template in others 
this very important lack of definition of 
others we are demonstrating that it is 
is that this work of internal Machiavellian 
the work of holy spirit to separate 
two groups through three steps and 
three tests 
Moyano Ok let's think about all the schools 
in the story of bass 
I think everyone is more or less 
story of bassinet in the right and why 
is a good example that we can use 
to learn about the work of 
gospel a reform a movement of 
reforms and if necessary when 
necessary when the part of their 
ways the Bible is stories of 
he is worshiping other gods is 
being born should not merge 
war in this story 
we have many stories of stories like this 
that bc should go his own way and 
always when this crazy send 
his prophets 
heron author of the guards and we slept and 
overtime months and until the 
and punctuated the night another way 
needs a reform in the renovation I 've seen 
face that what again and to overcome it 
in two groups those who want to follow 
we do not want to know what ever 
end of this reform still groups as 
how to get in later because there 
The proof brought by it have already passed in the 
this reform movement whenever 
this in a defined time 
It is a time when there is some 
prophecy in which the sound that they to God 
They know that mixed the word 
that there is to come a prophecy 
thing will be to fulfill in this time you and 
They know they 're waiting for water. 
someone who has been released and is 
My age is always at that time 
a time of darkness and so it was in 
times of moses where I was in israel 
Egypt and how was the team was like the be 
quote could be born what I wanted 
slaves was to announce that they are 
slaves have no liberation 
concert could follow their religion 
will keep this Saturday there 
We will certainly open at 70 
the beneficial I do not know if this is yours 
said to himself and the glory of God as soon as 
its seeds would be foreign in the 
which would treat the south for 400 years is 
to spend 400 thousand without Egypt for 
cause of his is this prophecy that 
is given to abraham and already knows that his 
offspring away and to last 
to spend 400 years as slaves already 
was declared before because it always gave 
declare the end of this principle 
Let's open ex sweet OJ. 
forty and time we had and this 
is to inhabit the maniche you were 400 30 years 
and spend the same 430 years left 
all the leaders left the england 
we have books that are 400 years old by ac dc 
430 are not to be confused with this because 
this is the same prophecy peru the year of 
2 of details of there gave in the same 
It's already fair here the time that Israel 
first to pass on the team as 
as a consequence of his 
if so is the spirit of prophecy 14 
if there was a state of degradation 
morality and corruption similar to 
sodoma condition cost before you go 
to idolatry and reads in the dark 
spirituality that reigned Egypt on the 
from bass 
here we see that when Israel was in the 
Egypt already lied was on parole in 
one dark compared to ccom sodoma 
Egypt is and celebrated the hit and it's here 
that the moral degradation and corruption 
a similar happened to face sodom 
before that the wax destruction was 
terrible in no way could they 
following is always the beginning of a 
movement we will have a time of 
darkness of schooling 
that in the prophecy in this case which prophecy 
that is fulfilled 
how many friends 400 years 
in a certain 
another word that described this 
condition here what we call minis 
mystery of the gnr of iniquity 
what should happen in the mosque of 
two things that should not be mixed 
solid light said so is Christ 
triumph allowed the nautical team 
Why did not they come before they played? 
with their continual transgressions for 
continue disobedience 
hard and can not observe and Saturday 
the long idolatrous well has confused 
and corrupts their beliefs in 
association with the wicked in the same 
influence in which one believes the truth 
unless you keep it that way. 
always so that the spirit and its 
protective shield is the same with others 
other hymns we get into a world 
we can not 
continue in the film paths 
are two things that should not be 
merge ss in the same chain of seed 
woman and the snake 
let's accelerate genesis to 50 
call 50 verses 24 and 25 
said so in those 50 24 and 25 
and you drive your brothers the 
history of the council under the 
come up in what color or open jacó 
going down 
surely the snbci will have and it is this 
get here as this time 
announce soon to fix the 
who know 
let's open actions cet 
text jam on here right then 
be the crane again you read 
that the time is near and that 
Did you know that this time is 400 
400 years of being bi dung and other 
I do not know if it's this time 
a few were waiting for the 
arrival of this time this time we 
know that you noticed you remembered at that time 
only broad in those I knew there was 
prophecy says patriarchs and prophets 50 
h1n1 was young will request a 
liberating not to sacrifice their 
hearts and the first commandment and the 
g1 the story here is in the morning 
had issued a decree 
and you knew you were here is fulfilled 
in the prophecy here that mass was 
waiting for the end of this period minus 400 
said here in the priests wanting to have 
can the liberation of ijuí rs ends 
in countries and that no one is talking 
Moses here just parents and 
moses sabian they were waiting 
to free 
He knew that God is going to send a 
who has the chosen teaching and finally 
a prophecy here then if we have a 
of knowledge 
the project is born with us if one menton 
spiritual knowledge and a 
knowledge about prophecy 
until now we have gifts in the right or three 
and goals and the countries of Moses 
'concert in all know the history 
of Moses will not go into each 
detail if everyone knows how to survive and 
it suck been there the opportunity and 
the dirty guy for a certain time and 
then we will read a third of the 
249 patriarchs and prophets said so I 
Did you know the windows of the mother's prayers? 
his faith was rewarded with profound 
gratitude and undertook super is that now 
did not enter a mason who had prayed 
in the love of Moses that he is able to 
educate the Swiss and only offers and so 
he hit and he and enjoy the end of 
to educate Switzerland to God was safe 
which had been preserved for a 
great work 
he knew that bass will be special and 
I knew I should deliver soon 
I assume the active councilwoman would receive 
severity of influences that 
would tend to squeeze you from God you are 
this the short time that he attended was 
very precious 
he wanted to be a fool to prepare the 
Swiss Moses because soon it will 
to grow up in Pharaoh's house 
we have read how it was in the field 
This time in team - helton is equal 
to sum all I'm there that more 
diligent and take care of the instructional census 
which is in order in flesh in reference 
God will live there and see her date. 
European Russia the budget that was 
preserved is all the influence 
You're this time, Moses, after 
grow in the lighthouse house and know that love 
some time and know the cause of beacon 
because he knows that this is why 
certain is that a certain gdp said 
so the social and edson 17 23 25 17 
there a year of success we can 
print just before st 
but as it approached and field the promise 
of the cord I knew cured abramo created 
grew and multiplied in Egypt 
the one that rose up another king in Egypt 
I did not know you 
in this time when he had promised this 
using astuteness with neutral injunction 
who treated the night so that his 
nests for which even time was born 
moses and it was nice to God and I went 
created three months at his block house 
okay and now 23 
We read from 2011 nothing but five but yes 
of the post is Pedro on Faro Island where 
he created the contest as mistakes and 
I was taught bassinets all over the 
wisdom of the principles powerful wrath 
the animals and animals you've been through 
for all the education in the lighthouse house 
imagine if as i wished surely 
tennis the best teachers in a certain 
I want education that was a 
education team track in the middle and 
when the complete group is the exact 40 
years the good boy tati to visit the 17 
years in the animals 1040 moses siqueira e 
in the house of Pharaoh and then go out to 
visiting your hands at concerts is and 
how did you see the uniu that it was in cured 
defended is equal to that found in progress 
I thought your brothers understood 
What god did you know to give this fight for 
but they did not know 
understood here wanting to defend his 
Israeli killed hermano y in one sector 
You know that afterwards everyone released 
in this story 
thought he had nationalized had seen 
do not know that even if a work 
special to be by what goes well 
I'm candy to send it as I eat 
the prince 
about others in the backcountry 
let's warn 
which is that in the new test continue 
girl, let's learn here to complete 
I'm a little bit here, so it'll be 
us 400 to 1000 sky and Japanese kibo 
from bass 
this here you will know more for 
let's learn how it's the first 
message is better because we follow this 
sequence will come here is this 3 
Following three steps we took 
mentioned in a certain let's know now 
It's the time and the next that passed. 
after you kill the team and 
go to another land in the ready sky 
my million 
Something wanted to teach me kills in tones. 
moses to egyptian turkey 
You already know, it does not work. 
I was respected in a certain you want 
to carry out a work that, in the 
God had not sent him yet to 
free your lap even take the 
initiative and that is the right time 
however on arrival here from its 
force itself to be something that here 
it was a roof on the other time of patriarchs 
and the prophets said the girl had 
fallen and even the best made 
was often tried 
to realize for himself that God had 
promised to be very important because 
Let's know this is repeated. 
we took the initiative for the sake of 
we want from them is a work that is not 
leaves they leave and at this time however the 
our deliverance from by people of 
war as Moses thought because as 
had been instructed the excess as 
Pharaonic surely learned 
I am fighting the military and 
to understand power 
is a military leader in a certain then 
Did you think going to the ox to grab this? 
strength and came to lead I put myself in 
war and we're going to leave Egypt for this 
God God's plan is not proposed to 
liberate superior through the church 
compensated bass signed by 
power went up so that the glory 
attributed solely to goodbye 
Despite the one that's right you 
failed and lord to compete at 1 of this 
act to process price charged worked and 
if it is better to fulfill your 
Moses was not prepared for his 
great work had spent 40 years with the 
Are you there with an education in 
Egyptian sense of head was not 
prepared by the abia at 1 would have to 
learn the same teachings of faith that 
You know how I taught you I opened my cup. 
this being an anode depend on and 
fulfillment of the dangerous promises 
strength and wisdom to nom 
divine power had to learn from 
depend on our own force that 
others we have to understand there were also 
other selections you know says 
I received half of the solid by the mountains 
However, he was not prepared to 
free him and one of how many years 40 years 
I was prepared for this 
self-denial and illness had to 
learning to be patient and to control 
your passions 
before he could rule wisely should 
be educated and obedient before 
can sow and knowledge of ademi 
of a voluntary mine is already the 
bia heart is in full harmony 
with god through your own 
experience has to be prepared if 
to exercise paternal care over all 
What do you need in this to be in your aid? 
god send for 40 - year-bian 
with whom she spends time looking 
and among blacks is exactly what is 
very tense having to country and 
prophets and and today happens you read 
this is what this chapter is even 
interesting and we are here is 
very important for you to understand what 
if you were learning why this is so 
both for bassinets and for 
others also that this timeless tone 
prophetic thinking about the 3 to lose 
this side there that replace prophecy 
God keep you in a sequel in a way 
to teach institute to represent world 
already in the others we ask and in the world 
you are Moses and was in Egypt 
the other pamphlets in the world pointed out that 
wait on the others and select from that is 
Moses had learned so much the 
which he drank forgotten when in his 
education in the light of 40 years in house 
he had learned many things that 
drank or admire the influences he 
had played in this tone is mother's love 
adopt your own lead to position 
as grandson delley and debauchery than 
era and refinement in subtlety and 
mysticism in the religious and cult feast 
idolatro andré grandeza of architecture 
all this had left a 
deep impression on your mind 
a bia to change our habits that 
added to the atmosphere of 
prepare the Swiss on a certain day as 
escape from the influence of education was 
a country a rich and short and 
advanced god wanted to get you 
invite all this and as you forget 
god strategy he pulls on selton 
says so are three things that are 
necessary for others to 
we invite the things we have learned 
in a world each one in tse time and exchange 
of environment and communion with God 
could be could be disappear these 
what impressions are the three that 
change of environment and communion with God 
these three are necessary for the 
1 out of egypt to give me the 
back we have learned in the world 
this facilitated the one that would 
to defeat even the cássio in the 
death battle announced jorge and hit 
in fact when it is a conflict 
too severe for your forces 
it is a very painful process 
I was as hard as we have 
learned here in this world is not worth 
nothing because in choosing other gods 
is another and transferred the Moses himself 
in the courts of luco dom of each 
of these will be gratified to a 
more private school 
here sir could be in communion 
with moses and so educate on qi and go 
having a knowledge of the difficulties 
problems and dangers, not even 40 
years pass right moses 
with way right Madian and then gave up 
prepares for his work to free 
bearable to draw the people of egypt 
in Egypt and that occur on the way 
that's what we're going to see a little bit like 
is manifested of those who come to God to 
what causes the pass which is like a 
more day than as in the ars 
modern atmosphere 
Let's know what went up 31 to 4 says to you 
and the peace under the bassinet and tron er eron 
of madian behind desert and bino to a 
lots of firearm goals and a half 
a farce and emeron has sent that will launch 
your goal and those of ours consume the 
Let go and time to see this great 
mission because you answered and here 
Let's continue in verse 15 and said 
the before we read return 55 says so and 
I'm here and bitch night comes here 
so many toes shoes because 
place where you are holy land is 
very important how are we going to study 
other lines of reform 
the time you spend here in the evening 
moment like this written in history 
Holy Moses was a sacred moment 
Let's see how we got to some 
special is what anyone in your 
we will follow up and 15 said the john and 
disk but god of Moses Abraham 
isaac god leaves the sent miami cup 
to others 
sometimes he saw himself on the commanders as I wanted 
be of your own strength 
Now if God remembers it with your 
credentials in the certain this name for 
memoriam all these eyelashes and see 
listen to the elders drawing and from them 
I go and August God the priests and the 
of Abraham of Isaac and jacob me 
showed up coming down said eto 
them and visited and seen at what was to be 
governed and ny and her face flexed 
from Egypt there is strip of cinnamon and 
ethel and the woman and offered and will 
found in others we will go to the 
hour journey of three days for him right 
What do we mean to Jehovah of Homs? 
now if this year in the message on how 
sometimes it has been prepared for 40 years and 
this is the first year here 
I was able to show power and I'm here. 
the first message the one with this 
One day we are going to study the mass attack. 
for now and we will continue our 
next studio and we will try to 
completing this line is in heavy an 
little detail because it is 
important and we are going to accelerate a bit 
this is important because we are always 
studios like prayer 
For us, we just want to thank another 
for the precious lady we have 
now it's over in hours we can 
study your word and we want to ask you 
that helps us understand and apply 
the lessons we have seen in the life of 
many of you there what is important 
is that we have left the condition of life in the 
world and that yesterday arrived a time that 
we do not want to prepare the setpu the pir 
jesus name 
the girl