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Publish Date: 3/14/2018
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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Good morning everyone to have a good 
rest night 
I see that many judges have been here 
yesterday during of yet they could not 
join us 
I would like to congratulate the 
You guys because they're on time for 
begin and understood that you 
continue to be punctual so that 
we can follow the subject schedule 
that I will address during my 
with the landmark already said is about 
this is nothing more than the way 
You interpret the Bible as we do. 
seek to obtain the knowledge 
so say what God desires 
participate today only one 
An observation that I would like to make 
before entering the theme is something to 
those who study this message 
time is already well known 
Let's go out at 46 09 10 
say so remind you of things 
passed since the antiquity that I am 
God and there is no other god there is 
another similar to me who announces the end 
from the beginning and from the antiquity 
things still did not relent and say the 
my advice will be firm and for the whole 
My will to show God 
from the beginning to remember the 
past because history repeats itself in 
methodology is no different. 
maybe we have different names today 
versions we have no different or 
different way of interpreting the 
But if we go and look at the 
principles used 
we look at the principle used the same 
principle that we will read the 
you go on page 56 the 
can to the first 386 sessions the immense 
recipe added 3 next 386 
one of the ancient prophets spoke - to the 
your own time than for our own 
so that its predictions are 
usefulness to us these things that 
examples have been written 
for our warning from us 
about whom the five centuries have 
come to them it was revealed that not 
for ourselves we for you others 
minister some things that now 
announced by those who have the 
holy spirit sent from heaven in 
preach the gospel things these yours 
angels there ask them if they in 
first city ​​to each of the 
old drawing boards for the 
own time because for the minister 
so that his prophecies are 
valid for all these things 
happened as examples are written 
to accommodate our others are 
achieved not even acronyms 
yourself and not to manage 
things that are now announced by 
always when I raised the holy spirit 
In venice, what is daniela miranda? 
the reason for placing before during the 
Presentation I do some 
during presentations when you 
some beauty placement with him 
maybe it's not 
have studied and obtained three 
this advertising application does not have the 
interpretation that I know from where they 
came the expenses with the dogs but the 
prophets spoke all our time more 
that their time was a prophet they threw 
more for our time than stopping time 
and the same place as well at the beginning of 
the information because you have placed these 
item begins the presentation where on 
to tell me how many 
Bible study exist today to enclose 
I do not know how many times a method the 
hero in line with our night 
the methodology used in the test 
the methodology that miller uses this 
type of problem but my question 
It was as the methodologies and gentlemen 
questions are very correct 
methodologies and feel nowadays 
When we meet, there are many 
I will not go into details of 
methodologies in detail today. 
only the first race in the front row 
second and with no history of 
knowledge and sam claflin stayed in 
third to the dramatic history and 
third and without grammatical history 
the reason there are many 
denominations today is soft for 
they choose without much greed in this 
there each interesting interpret 
the Bible as it should be. 
way that fits well over 
30,000 different denominations per 
account of this type of difference 
look at the bible 30 mi 
different denominations because of it 
the difference in how in the other extremes 
in the Bible while looking at the other ways 
different ways of interpreting 
other ways of marilia do not 
was different when the way in which the 
Brazil the Bible periodically of the day 
simply work 
it is simply the bible and the account 
with a sex there and went out and they say 
the holy spirit guiding sa to pass 
they do not continue at the end 
simply that verse but they do not 
continue the message of God to them 
on that day to that day to them nothing 
I'm going to spend most of the time 
talking about the methodology of 
miller the proof text 
beyond the methodology of miller that this 
did the reason to do it because when 
you want to discover something is missing is 
reason for the selections that when 
Do you want to delete if you need to study? 
true first true first 
know the characteristics of the 
characteristic guinea in the 
correct method with the importance for 
we today know the methodology and 
use the correct methodology 
what is the importance and know how will 
true correct increase 
Acts 20 29 and 30 will act in this 
vigil in niches well have overcome the 
9930 to conquer verse 29 and 30 
so because I know this after the 
my departure have entered into the midst of you 
not obstruct not spared 
flock of yourselves have raised 
men and spoke evil things to 
attract the disciples to say 
because I already know they were starting 
entered emails from other games boys 
who did not forgive the flocks and voice 
on them and raised the month that 
besides perverse things to track the 
pole is amusing the church knows 
and no one here 
she suffered damages from bad people 
that in the slang damages that 
he read the damage evil forces people 
intentions if they would enter into their midst 
to fulfill his that would enter into 
them to stop with Dom Pedro on the scene. 
they a pedro 2011 second stone of the 
title spouts do not say much 
similar said very similar 
there were also false people 
prophets as among you 
there will also be false doctors who 
they introduced minds and 
detours of doom have denied 
income by bringing about themselves and also 
makes the prophet between poems like abraham 
yehôshua other master tracks that 
between the iran sends I also have to 
structures have denied you that 
two cases still on this minimum of 
sudden instruction 
At first we saw it at the beginning and 
we initially conveyed what was the 
history repeats itself 
winning that general story is 
a sign is worse apostolic there have been 
director's photos then he says 
apostolic times see what makes the 
more brought today also opened these 
people who taught things 
apparently mobility 8 environment 
abrampa science zones in spiders 
things to do before apparently 
it's true we're not imagination 
next study of notes volume 3 398 
next and last session the notes 
times receiving beds took 3 page 
454 the following will indeed be between us 
in this scenario of wolves disguised in 
knees and persuaded some of the herd 
of god to sacrifice to other gods 
before the master 
young people who are not established 
rooted and entrenched were actually 
corrupted and misleading 
Blind drivers of the 20 
doubt designers offer contempt 
the sovereignty of the bid where days and 
a false god on the throne in 6 of his 
own invention a completely 
just like themselves 
these instruments will be in the hands of 
satan to corrupt the thirst in 
There calculations now one of the 
mercenaries sometimes goes 
today offer sacrifices to other 
sealants Mr. convenience voices 
not established deep-rooted state 
which will in fact be broken and 
dragged by himself and gus wanted others 
blind of the wicked of the providers who 
uses interest in which sovereignty 
Lanciano days chose who entered a 
of a service of its own initiate a 
to be totally similar 
they will be hot in the hands of 
satan to corrupt to be 
settled in washington that existed 
teacher votes in the past we see here 
However the 600 a maestro without a past 
existed today there were also eight 
environments and animals 
feature that we can 
locate in life and it will not put 
a feature that we 
we transform find in the bible 
blind with the blind bingo and enjoy 
being so goal and that we know if 
insert the followers of scribes and 
we do not know if he scribes zones and 
so we go here the first group 
back in senators will see that 
first group and in the bands most 
I will not prove them any more 
stirrups used this 
grammatical historical method does not 
sign up in two installments 
knowledge of the 
grammar history but if not 
approve the autonomy of the new test 
we know that it is considered a 
blind church and in others we know that he 
it's this arsenal and cska will be nobody 
arrives then we can see that new 
sold in these 
other way 
so we can already see who he 
had expired and without this 
environments but in another way as we 
defend from these false teachers as 
advocating in other people to do 
more 18 21 
there is only 21 have met a 
Bible verse in known law 
of testimonials 
they do not speak the second word because 
there is no light in them, and simone se 
they do not conform to this 
because it is not mature 
language in a major conflict and in 
white remembers ones at large with a 
great conclusion of watermelons 
on page 579 in Spanish and 
20 verse this is only 90 and 
cell says of God sent to the saint 
structures such as the safeguard against 
influence of staging bones and 
power in the eyes of the spirits of the 
darkness or indicates that this search 
great writer will safeguard against 
influence do not over brought in 
be options of the spirits and 
A little further ahead exists throughout the 
development of God's work 
the prince of evil is right for the 
more intense activity 
a little more her previous ones and god 
this year in marriage to the work of God 
is prince mauá acts with greater 
energy and today and feeling the 
desperate effort to prepare 
to the final with the other 
the other game screams of nense 
true that it will be impossible 
distinguish between the two in 11 
the other part is in black little girls say 
will resemble both in reality that 
it will be impossible to extinguish yes 
structure oscillation 
we need today know well 
we profess to know how to give the reason 
We're three months ago hi 
we need now to serve in the 
truths and to serve because of 
not be accepted 
knowing reason to give an urn 
resonance that in the future we will be 
confronted by why in the future we 
we will face them with people want 
get us out of the right way with people 
that try to get on the right path 
but they do not do it overtly 
they do not do it overtly 
It's something very subtle rehearsal of bob 
elphinston next situation if 
finds in the conflict 
so we are adept at citing the 
structures for their own 
the passages you are making 
the consortium will weigh to the 
president point 2 
I do not even know Satan much to me. 
seems to be in the scriptures and 
interpret passages 
the precedents when that will be so 
on properties 
we see this clearly in the 
writing desert 
we just have this clearly in to be 
given the temptation of 500 goods and funds 
without improving the table they do 
we are exactly in the desert of 
temptation of the nasa exactly this line 
of course, and the tendency is 
structures to make Christ come out of this 
he quotes the scriptures so that 
inscription to hit the crisis in this 
if so the indicators follow the 
example of Satan to direct the 
games also the masters acronym in 
English hundreds of antennas for the 
champions disincarnate to take out of the 
walking out today within 20.8 
within the victims the majority 
software the years of this 
make the most suffer daniel 
surplus she went until they were 
from the basis laid down in 
past they were moved the trend 
foundations in and passed it were 
they have lost the essence of the victims 
they have essentially lost aventis and 
accuracy in prophecy but generated 16 16 
let's turn to Jeremiah and 16 
the public is invited to return to 
your old life the other guests this 
imitate him to return to the path of 
Old Absorb 66 Jeremiahs in 16 
thus saith the Lord unto some friends of the 
green and ask for the old paths 
with some way goes for him 
I 've cried so much for your souls. 
sometimes they say we will not walk in it 
exercises for 100 on the paths 
emirates and asked about the scenes 
old almost ego on paths and walk 
I will give him rest for water if 
turns but filled up if not 
We'll walk and mateus if it's 16 
It's not wrong because it was not me. 
Feeling by their fruits you will know them 
possibly run silva pine or 
sons of brambles said so mateus 
who has made strong fruit not 
They recognize the houses and turn the gas and 
on corners or equal to 100 on clay 
was we compare sixth with person 
What are we seeing now if we 
we enter to compare consensual sex 
we are seeing the beginning time 
Miranda wanted the illustrious so to say 
principles if the church is in a 
general condition of Israel who neither 
has a condition of alicia having been 
from the foundation because it was 
The Fundamentals Of The Invitation Forum For 
that it should continue to be so limited 
so that the bride and the men 
against that work that God 
thirst and in the shadows stands and finds 
if installed any day or if we 
we can see fruits and demonstrate if these 
men are not guided by the 
correct methodology of teaching God 
our green campaign of fruits and 
these shadows are sent by the 
talk or row methodology 
we call this close to the basket 
proves how the miller method 
to study vision as a method of 
miller in itself motive of our say 
we have witnesses saying that 
she is correct 
sent his good angel to see the heart of 
a farmer who had not 
the Bible in order to examine the 
prophecies angels of god repeatedly 
visited the ones gathered to guide 
your spirit and open your understanding 
prophecies that always denounced obscure 
for the god's people of jesus gave 100 thousand 
your lingerie to mobilize 
heart of a farmer who before 
do not believe in the bible and indulgence 
Dreads the prophecies angels said 
repeatedly that stifled noise and 
guided understanding so that 
understand in the prophecies that always 
had been revealed the powerful 
north saying that miller was reappointed 
hated by god what miller 
he was led was guided 
necessary to understand even 
they were obscure to every Christian 
realizing the truth is that this hour 
all the time to 75 have been consolidated to 
flowers office motif jobs 
of which is in units exactly 
By using the time of the cerrado gil 
was precisely to use a 
wrong methodology 
method or grammatical stories 
grammatical historical method 
he owns grade sony traditions 
it is ltn the crossing of the bible of a 
literal way and he will interpret 
villain was a liberal way he used 
of the original language used 
languages ​​to be able to 
to understand every year 1990 
buy a cross match found 
in cross concordances 
the date is also considered the time of the 
we also know that these seven 
scut for some time just like me 
I believe that most of the water and this 
I entered that we all know him sometimes. 
we know 
so we 're going to go at the beginning of 
line 2030 we have the methodology 
being placed in all of us. 
we know the principle of the line is the 
millennial history inta in methodology 
that those gentlemen of the thing put the 
methodology things go without this line 
experiences in another incident in 64 
in the year 1940 the other noted the 
fulfillment of prophecies has awakened 
general interest 
two years before josias mits one of 
main factors that preached second 
adverci published an explanation of 
apocalypse nosos predicting the fall of 
ottoman empire 
according to their calculations this power 
should be submitted in the year 1843 in the 
August and only a few days 
before its fulfillment and wrote 
assuming that the first period 150 
years before with the permission of the 
deaf and that the 391 years began days 
at the end of the first period and 
will end on August 11, 1940 
when it may be beaten could be 
Ottomans in Constantinople in 1840 another 
in fulfilling the prophecy of the 
chief ministers 
according to published in this chapter ninth 
of the police who seemed to fall 
is lower taking according to their 
this power would be derived in 1848 
registered during the month of August and 
few days before its fulfillment and 
nintendo that the first period of 
150 years were completed only before 
that things ascend to the throne with 
permission of the Turks and 191 years and 15 
days began and ended the first 
period expired on 11 August 
1840 day in which however before and it seems 
What am I taking into account in another? 
will be broken know all this 
story story meets beautiful 
pregavam miller lpk was a stranger 
prophecy that this time was of the 
or rather incorrectly 
they were misinterpreting 
we turn here or alone in 
their little monsters there, wages are 
paulo under the sound next to angels with 
trumpets and this is in the 
angelis trumpet earthy tones 
apocalypse are generated apocalypse 
the two trumpet differences are not 
talking about Islam in 2030 
the importance of this event for us 
this event is important for us 
another hi but more specifically in 
our study now more specifically 
for it hurts 
he used the methodology of living for 
to reach this conclusion is 
that he used the nf methodology 
to akz to reach this condition 
from smith 
he describes the bible talks about it 
the social Islam tells them crime by 
island sales totals years it gives a 
specific time since this power 
be beaten and it 's a time 
specific for this power to be 
slaughtered him gifts of August 1, 1947 
Lancia likes girls from 5 to 40 
the final fulfillment of this prophecy for the 
the purpose of moving closer to the 
of the following paragraph he is not really 
specified time to Turkey by 
through their ambassadors accepted 
protection of allied powers in the 
europe and so this direction post 
of Christian nations the event 
exactly fulfilled the pressure when 
this becomes known 
crowds were convinced of the accuracy 
principles of interpretation 
Prophets adopted by their mines 
wonderful companions momentum was 
given to the advent movement say by 
their ambassadors in the protection of 
of allied powers in Europe 
so cristiane event exactly 
there is a forecast of when this deal 
convinced that it incites us 
prophetic interpretation of salt by 
mile and his companions were correct 
when you want to receive a boost 
Wonderful moving the dentist 
there are many things to say to 
on this subject 
there are many things to look out for 
respect to the system used 
but what I'm going to remove from here only 
In this the confirmation of the methodology 
Of these we will only admit to adding here 
exactly the confirmation of the 
methodology in 1941 was 11 in 1840 
confirmed whether the fulfillment of a 
prophecy if the correct methodology 
We have confirmed that we have to 
are brothers 
already the current methodology at 12 knots 
let's use next understand the 
realities of our time 
we are using to understand the 
truths and brings us a commentary 
about these rules and emails or to 
no comment on the rules and 
My family's team is for these 
five years to be very friendly 
interesting for us today that it is very 
interesting for their actions 
it exists those who are engaged 
in proclaiming the third message 
evangelicals are in need of censorship 
using the same plane if the doctor panel 
angeles looking for the same platform for 
miller august 
we today have the third message 
evangelical other hi we want to proclaim 
in being to be radical messages in truth 
present for our time is true 
present for our time we need 
using the question methodologies is 
as a result the generation of thousand and 
used this methodology questions 
what results of guillaume mile 
administer this methodology truths 
beautiful discoveries barbecues 
precious stones to discover also in 
truth are related to numbers 
relate to numbers how many here 
all man alone some years ago 
at least 
How many do you know here at least 
a year between the naval of simons a part 
without the postage does not appear another part 
Do not tell me much about the 
numbers means he sent a safe through 
six years 
curiously at home and open the safe and 
wonderful place value value place about 
a table on a table 
I started thinking that she owns the animal. 
years of the revolution tells understand 
choice of childhood could 
put inside the safe and considering 
who could never never see the immense 
responsibility that did not touch the 
things in this house and find out how much more 
play much more 
the patients will go to these airports 
all the smiles on the stairs 
currency between the leaves of the 
financial women introduced a 
number and number of leaves 
false immunities mend there is no conduct 
knows in the grace of the people which he directs 
while hand and held so much more 
ramadan leaves and phase manners between the 
girls in tones and I started to read 
better physical strength to push them 
stoppage was hastening a person 
in the three but it did attract 
society as arena shafts and all its 
broom curicica one of the things of the 
coins in diamonds were all even 
courses and advises ambience purchase and 
2010 91 between laura it seems that after all 
he considered weigh me nina month beyond 
of decoration and by complex of way 
which gives me great great advice from GM 
Touch me, wake me up from God and hurt. 
fervently send me help 
immediately went out the door and when 
I'm your idol on tron de 
submission meeting in discovering 
there were hundreds and began to 
reformulate its realization that 
be careful because there were things 
the various cars inside the car 
happened that he did not fear if it was 
areas of bahia fire in height corks 
spurious coins went up 
all they left by ana as a cloud and 
political events and relationship with this 
and when the habits of the broom 
He had disappeared at the party things 
of gold and silver coins and nine years 
I was in the suitcases and the subway works with 
this repulsion in sounds on the table a 
much bigger and more exciting 
first and stacked stabbing the leaves 
of coins and diamonds trust 
that no society 
although some praise it before it was not 
greater than 1 to 0 and suckling 
even well and will see and check 
the show reminds me of things 
billion times more than the arena for 
Lucia those links to networks calls 
social in a lunch order within 
each one in this place 5 km that she knew 
because the level had taken a job 
with special business and shouted e - do 
safe box 
in this dream 
we see that he receives from God 
Truly precious little coffers one 
symbol for Libya within it we 
jewelry of great value inside it and 
we only have bigger big things 
special needs that are 
has a lock and this should open the 
safe to open used the methodology 
I was not always so 
concerning the numbers of the 
had spoken and an important detail is 
respect the number will be sent the 
safe had these measures offer the 
these measures 
10 for six days for 6% on the price in 
I have not seen that way another English 
so original in up to 6 years is not 
this way in English subscribed 
before this way we multiply 
That's 10 for 6, I know if we even 
multiply days per cent for six 
of its results and 360 
the numbers of the Spanish recalled something 
now remember now in Spanish 
is missing a number here the case 
one more measure in Spanish is 
doing there as 
we put brackets in there 
on Facebook on the notes 
but he put it in parentheses 
then 66 is original does not match 
to 6 originals 
he said that these measures for a 
yes in other regions were converted 
at 15 in a sexist but in a system 
virgin islands and the value of this 
truth this number has significance 
has no importance time them 
meaning mining because they 
calculated prophetic bahts looked 
made prophetic every biblical year 
he has 366 other 60 days with them 
in up to 360 days 
the numbers bring information 
precious precious information 
worth devoting time to 
we understand that it pays to stay 
to understand the good pace but the moment 
which supports enough and we can finish 
with a terminal with a heart 
the beloved father who dwells in the heavens to 
remains in the very scenes. 
thank you for one more time 
we can meet many 
thanks and once again we can 
be here and see news that we can 
study your word under conditions 
are comfortable and we can exclude 
speak in Chinese exchange have 
we ask that you accompany us 
during that day without the 15 year old 
company would be clarifying the 
new minds so we can understand 
which were presented by clarifying in the 
three months to be able to understand what 
was presented today tonight its 
spirit to impress our 
hearts have a password that the spirit 
between the heart does not 
we can make a bold decision by the 
truth you reveal to us so 
can we take an existed bag for 
who gave 15 years is revealing we did 
the part like those of not leaving here with 
no doubt it would be a password that 
we can be and clarify solisac in 
fat at some point I say 
argued for words in a clear manner 
or did not precede me in a clear and 
helps in understanding the spirit in the 
convention the name of jesus