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Publish Date: 7/16/2018
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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I greet you and thank you have 
patience yesterday I can not come thank you 
for your prayers everything is fine all 
very good I'm going to make a new one with 
shaquille with my subject that is the book of 
judge or the vision that starts with the 
vision of game one and then 
second part the main body of the 
theme is called the desolation of jerusalem 
interpretation of the application of 
those verses then how do I have a 
impression that there are other people who do not 
have been the day before 
let's review what we have said and 
step I will take advantage correct some 
little thing that I have missed 
like a thousand people warned me and they 
as in the mixture of two lines 
well then we are from the book of 
and here comes the word of the Lord 
a joel 
we give all verses 2 
and this elders and listen 
all the inhabitants of the earth have 
this happened in your days or in 
the days of our parents 
and as I said we do not know just like that 
answer because the information that we 
da is very scarce they do not tell us 
even what he is talking about and said by 
a question 
verse 3 of this you will tell to yours 
children and your children to their children and their 
children to the other generation 
we have seen that here we could also 
say to the fourth generation because they are 
four them their children the children of those 
children or their grandchildren and the other 
generation great-grandchildren 
four generations verse four 
we still do not know what he 's talking about 
what was left of the caterpillar ate the jump 
and what was left of the bulging ate air 
and the locust with me what earthquake 
it had not been 
then this verse is the key 
for us to understand that it 
what is it talking about here 
because we have seen that there is a process and 
that process now 
based on two of those two verses not 
we can understand how a 
advance an advance in a job and it is the 
work is marked as by a two three 
four generations in verse 31 
that's why 
4 insects 
that come to destroy 
those insects start eating 
and what one of her the next 
continues to destroy that is the image 
here that life proposes us with that 
ok then it 's a destructive job a 
I work a process and the process is 
easily explain a visible is 
easily the illustration that he 
begins to protect 
then he finds a job 
started but there's plenty for him 
then continue this as we know the 
lobster is capable of destroying a 
very strong way then that lobster 
here almost the work finishes but the work 
minuscule then in the last 
generation and the last phase is done with 
that destructive insect then here 
good propose a vision that has to 
seeing with four generations is a 
process in four generations four 
stations and it's a destructive process 
the bible knows this number 4 as 
symbol of destruction and I invite you to 
open with me only to see that that 
method that emilio I'm using in the 
book of 
the last book here from the old 
zacarías chapter 1 
verse 18 
later to the without my eyes and look here 
four horns 
that we are saying are not 5 are not 6 
are 4 
and that's a 19 symbol and it says forward 
who spoke with me that are these 
and he answered me these are the horns that 
they dispersed aid to israel and jerusalem 
then the dispersion of the people is 
work four horns and if they want 
you could put this here too 
4 on different strings all have done 
a job that contributed to the 
final dispersion of God's people 
and if we remember a bit the story of 
by the god in fact has been scattered and 
the nations did this I propose 
were these 
and egypt 
to syria 
I look persia 
and Babylon 
at the height that babylon and impact the 
god's bearing at that height the town has 
gone through a process of struggles 
wars and alliances and enmities and 
finally it will be scattered by 
elena white comments on that 
in prophets and kings 426 
second paragraph 
he has given a little note to this 
and says 
next zacarías saw under the 
four horns symbol the powers 
that fanned help that she 
immediately afterwards he gave four 
carpenters etc 
then those are four powers are you 
here they fanned those attacked or in English 
says they 
to israel and they just finished the work 
to disperse also help already jerusalem 
so that's why I'm suggesting that 
here in game we have a symbol with the 
bible shows us a job that is 
four generations ago and obvious 
dear brothers obvious that this is not 
four literary generations 
because that work here the story is 
Babylonia son are more than four 
literal generations 
actions come to be something like this 
as phases or stages that's what I want 
suggest here 
we have seen another appointment 
in conflict over the centuries 
in the first paragraph 
where he and nabai make a comment 
about this story about was he 
she she did not really comment was on 
he talks about another story but by the way 
It leaves us precious information 
because theology theologians do not know 
where to locate fire book 
accuracy there is no evidence only 
can more or less 
get some idea to have proposals 
but there is not exactly the possibility 
to mark it because the book does not 
clues of kings or characters 
but the water 
she reads here 19 
May 1780 sure in history as 
the dark day 
Since the time of Moses has not been 
never registered any period of 
darkness so dense and of equal extent 
and duration the description of this 
event that the 
historians is nothing more than an echo of 
the words of the gentleman expressed by 
joel 2500 years before its fulfillment 
and her appointment was 231 then what 
the water does here 
She talks about an event in 1780 
and said 
2,500 years before 
Well he preached this 
then of course we have the 
possibility of locating that date 1500 
years before they take us to the year 
720 1 taking into account that this is here 
before the cross 
before Christ- 721 
and then there my little boy came 
papelón or as we might call it 
I exposed him now online where to place him 
and in history 
where is that prophet 
in those lines here we see that there 
and shortly before of course we have to 
run towards this towards here we have the 
year 700 23 
in this year 723 Assyria had finished with 
the history of the northern tribes with 
Samaria the same prisoners 
and here the story is finished 
there is no more Israel anymore 
will come back and history knows this as 
the ten lost tribes of israel or of 
Samaria or frame disappear 
and with this story has just begun 
that tremendous is that terror in the brother 
in the country 
in the northern kingdom here joel them 
speak these words 
all the brothers the trills that you do not 
have been led to dispersion to 
captivity in Assyria all and then the 
ask now let's see that with 
aware of that historical background uy 
this elders and listen to all 
dwellers of the earth has happened 
these good days are the days of 
your parents 
and everyone knows what it is 
that dispersion has happened yes it has clearly 
they led him to freshly - 
the tribes of the north if in fact we have 
seen that ok 
then he says it's a job in 
four stages or four phases and he is 
giving a warning message 
and from there we were continuing with 
This lecture 
it is located 
this is here 
or you are 
the last king of israel but here 
there is still time this is the king 
what droughts 
one of the things we've heard with 
that other hand 
in his presentations was that the lord 
in his mercy he does not bring judgments without 
strongly warn your people and this 
it's just that chapter here the lord 
based on the example that just happened 
in the north now he gives a message 
prophetic to his people 
the remnant in Judah that the same 
it happens with them 
if they do not repent if they do not take care of themselves 
they do not understand what just happened 
then there at that time we should 
continue reading and we can look 
here as 
how the information continues in verses 
they will wake up drunk and cry 
jimmy all you must have come to cause 
of the must because it is removed from 
your mouth 
and what does that have to do with the 
moment of destruction in this 
story here how is the 
village in what conditions is 
they are drunk 
I'm going to put action on 
they are well Hebrew 
they have lived wine so happy in their 
condition they are sleeping and they do not give 
account of what happens 
it's that 
drunkenness for them is fatal 
because verse 6 now says what 
happens without them noticing 
because the innumerable strong people 
he went up to my land his teeth are 
dandelions and their teeth millstones 
lion ravaged my life and discourteous or nanny 
of all the naked area and demolition and their 
branches were white 
then that power that threat that 
just take advantage of the drunkenness of 
village of israel and destroyed that village 
were the Assyrians in history were the 
this is that is history 
but at the same time that is prophecy 
then the next step that we have 
what to do so far all clear what 
true is not very difficult to follow that 
logic of that from that of that information 
reading just that text with the caterpillar 
and with insects like that does not 
a lot of sense but having two three 
guidelines one can locate and understand 
that message 
I have communicated and we have not read it 
only this way of the memory I have put 
some parts of that quote then I 
I have told you that we are using and 
we should use a principle that elena 
white explains 
in select messages or 3 
the same as we are going to read 
explains why the bible uses that 
message or that method but he used a method 
and it goes like that that text we are never 
absent from the mind of God God is 
our joy and our salvation 
every one of the ancient prophets spoke 
less for his own time than for 
ours so that their prophecies are 
valid for us 
one question is whether we believe is 
only but the one who believes understands the inah 
white says the following well wrote 
for his generation but not as much as 
for ours 
his prophecies were valid for that 
time but still more are valid for 
every one of the ancient prophets spoke 
less for his own time than for the 
ours so that their prophecies are 
valid for us 
and she is 1st Corinthians 10 11 and 
these things happened as an example and 
They are written to annoy us 
we who have reached the 
end of the centuries 
of course you could argue and say 
those things are valid for us 
but who are we? 
my parents are us are those children 
that is where we locate and why I say 
what is now 
and here the inah white to that connection or 
you make the connection with 1st Corinthians that 
says that those things in 1st Corinthians the 
Examples of ancient old men 
testament have been given to those who 
for those who have reached the end of 
centuries I am saying of course that 
this is specifically information 
for us because we are in the end 
of the centuries 
now it would take a little more time 
to show why I think that 
we are the last generation and 
because we are in the end really of 
the ages 
but that's maybe another issue and I think that 
will also come out of representations 
of my brother who is going to play in the 
girls and events to demonstrate 
just that 
continues she 
with the first quotes of pedro 112 a 
this was revealed to them not for themselves 
but for us they administered the 
things that are now announced by the 
who have 
preach the gospel by the spirit 
holy sent from heaven things in the 
which yearns look at the angels 
the bible that has been your book of 
study is fine that it is because that 
day they gave god's advice is the 
conductor of all saints 
influences that the world has contained 
since creation we have the story 
animator that not what I walk with god 
if not that I walk with God at that time 
of degeneration just before the 
destruction of the world by the flood 
we must receive values ​​to be stimulated 
by his example in the sense that 
we do not need to be contaminated by the 
world but in the midst of all its 
influences and trends 
with producers we can walk with God 
we can in the mind of Christ give you a 
example then that we could 
back to the story and not that but 
understand perfectly that that story 
concerns us today 
in this example here of game I want 
study with us that is not 
simply an application at the moral level 
saying there they were bad we are bad and 
well that kind of application that also 
it can be done but I want to go a little 
even more to an analysis 
that would explain why there are four 
generations so far we have not seen 
because 4 
because they are not 3 
waters because they are four we have seen that 
there are four seems to be a symbol is a 
symbol of a progress 
sometimes it 's number 4 of me I like 
as a symbol of positive progress 
but mostly he uses it as a progress 
of something that goes from bad to worse 
then we have gone to verse 5 and 
we've thought a little bit about what 
means this here 
because the situations are 
so terrible because the people 
applied to those conditions of 
to be here and to be conquered 
by the king of the north for Syria because and 
Of course it was gives us very information 
valid very important here let's see 
again verse 5 they will awaken 
drunk and crying at me all those who 
you must come because of the must because 
it is removed from your mouth 
the situation of the people here 
is the next 
the town has 
have two options 
of green this bottle here 
or drink from this bottle here 
what is the difference 
once again I do not remember I do not know very well 
how the word must is understood 
there was fresh is nothing more than this what 
the meaning of the word in Hebrew 
It is very clear the word that is used as 
wine is explicitly fermented wine and 
the other word that is used as a must is 
I use you as must means fresh juice 
of freshly pressed or pressed grapes 
New wine 
then that is the difference come 
of the vine the two but let's allow 
He is a bad guy and certainly a symbol of 
sin and the other thing is cool 
two are both are wines 
we open to understand a little that 
symbology the book of San Marcos 
because it would help us understand what 
He is saying 
verse 22 222 
nobody and nobody throws new wine in wineskins 
old otherwise the new wine 
breaks the otres and the wine spills and 
the wineskins are lost but the new wine 
in new wineskins it has to be 
so this one came here in this example 
goes to a wineskin 
I do not know here but 
to that kind of others that are made from a 
part of the animal 
in Spain at least leather I do not know 
those are other 
and this wine if that wine could be 
contains this here 
but if you put this fresh must it breaks 
so what did Jesus mean by this 
who symbolize the old wineskins in 
the time of jesus 
who are those who could not 
receive wineskins or beautiful wine 
cool that he was bringing 
is there someone says something that was 
right then I also understand this 
we could have read 
they want all the people 245 
for all onwards 
the teaching of Christ filled the box office 
there was the interpretation teaching 
of Christ although represented by the 
new wine 
we wrote that down 
of Christ 
the teaching of Christ represented by 
a new wine was not a new doctrine 
then it was 
it was a doctrine it was not new but it was 
a doctrine 
it was not a final add-on 
but the revelation of what had been 
taught from the beginning or was it 
an old doctrine 
but revealed or explained or interpreted 
but the Pharisees 
for the Pharisees the truth of God 
had lost its meaning and beauty 
original for them the teaching of 
Christ of the new in almost all respect 
and he did not recognize her or they were 
then this is the must 
that can not be thrown out to the old ones is 
the pure or true doctrine 
from the perspective of the Pharisees was 
It was new again but actually it was 
since the foundation of the earth 
only for them it seemed new 
we continue next paragraph jesus 
pointed out the power that false teaching 
has to destroy the appreciation and the 
desire for the truth none said that 
living in the annex wants the new 
any is the distance is better 
all the truth that had been given to the 
world for the patriarchs and the prophets 
shone with new beauty in the 
words of Christ of the scribes and 
Pharisees did not want the precious wine 
rowing until Jesus did not empty 
vallejas traditions customs and 
practices they did not have in their mind and 
heart place for the teachings of 
then why can not the 
must in the other old 
because it's full is not true 
that's what it says here it's full 
and that's why of course it can not be 
thrown in has to be emptied 
first because 
here it says what is in here are 
the old women 
what else 
and practices 
and where did those old women come from? 
traditions , customs and practices 
to be here 
then it is not a symbol 
for doctrine 
but only if the wine is ours or 
If it's fresh then it's healthy 
If the wine is a fermented wine it is a 
false doctrine and it comes because I want 
make him ferment 
because it is also doctrine also speaks 
of God also speaks of the word 
concert talks about Christ opens the 
same things but it 's fermented or it's 
messed up by these things here 
traditions and practices 
this is the problem and that is the 
situation of the people whom in this 
easy also the same with the times of 
jesus and the fates them in these times 
the town was full of false 
wants the result out 
the destruction for this 
who are and want results for the 
Pharisees and Sadducees also the 
destruction was because of this 
because those doctrines have 
tremendous consequences 
the false doctrines did not allow him 
understand Jesus 
and this is here now the situation of 
game or he warns and cries out to his people 
to understand this because they by 
sure they also have those things in their 
and if we are capable now of 
accept that they are actually talk about 
we should start 
think that by being this here that is 
what it is 
puts us in a situation of drunkenness 
of being asleep and the centrist knows 
perfectly the symbol of you are 
sleeping one thinks about the words 
virgins or one also remembers the 
situation of the odyssey 
who does not realize what's going on 
they think that everything is fine like that 
drunk but everything is wrong 
then this is pretty much the point 
departure for our study is a bit 
well in the background and what I want 
I want to place here and I want you to believe 
that we can see quite well that is 
history of insects actually 
tells us something else that the town has been 
destroyed simply by allowing 
enter false doctrine 
false doctrine form of customs and 
practices and old traditions 
in the history of Jesus 
we can amplify a little Jesus 
how was this 
so we would place the cross 
the beginning of his ministry 
in the year 27 
he found the same situation that 
situation the same situation as it is 
the same situation the town was by 
be destroyed 
who destroyed it who destroyed people 
of God 
as the king of the north who was the king 
from North 
in the year 70 after Christ 
pompeyo comes the truth comes tito was 
discuss and you come near the city ​​and 
does not allow anyone is good makes 
and killed or they kill themselves or 
die from hunger or illness 
that is the final destruction of the 
ancient israel in that logic the 
warning that came here for this 
do not happen 
but the problem of this generation was 
this problem here was a problem 
doctrinal was a problem that was 
here in the head 
they could not understand the message 
they could not open their minds for the 
warning they were destined 
to die and it was the same generation that 
this generation 15 and how many years are 
here for there 
the disciples some lived so 
John the Revelator least he lived and 
his eyes or with his conscience he was 
present here in that time 
is that generation is a generation the 
Appetition always arrives at a 
generation because 
because if I warn you 
it's a message that you have to 
impact is destined for you does not have 
meaning if I talk to you but in 
actually that message is for your grandchildren 
because your grandchildren do not listen to me 
just listen to the voice story and not 
it is felt because it does not warn 
simply to them when their 
time the warning that comes from joel 
and it comes from jesus john the baptist was 
for that generation because that 
generation that same generation was going to 
be destroyed 
and if we now place that 
example as a parallel to that story 
already then maybe you remember 
that elena white compares this here with the 
Sunday law 
and tells him it 's a symbol 
as roma surrounds and for them is not 
prepared then the town will fall 
of god like that time the town fell 
of god that is the test for that people 
then the whole context of 
those verses here I think they are 
interesting and important to us 
because you can already perceive because I 
I'm saying and because they put it here 
like because we're studying that ok 
and now I was saying that we look 
a little bit that time and that only makes 
a little bit of my memory 
I want to place some information here 
where those old women came from 
how those things came in, what the 
He was unable to understand the truth 
is not that all some will be able or 
true and there is one thing in common between the 
who are able to receive the wine 
the announcements and the Pharisees 
it was one side and others that followed and 
Then there were who 
fishermen were right the 
street men 
the prostitutes people that maybe 
we can summarize from a low society 
how did we do that 
low or simple class and in that context what 
that interests us here with little education 
for the little education in that case was 
salvation was benefit of them because 
for not being educated 
they did not have those things very present 
and those things did not cause no hindrance 
they became a barrier to 
accept the new wine or its other 
It was quite empty 
a little bit the bay down but it was not 
very problematic to take it out 
then there is a group here 
there are exceptions it is not true we have 
listened nicodemo for example there's 
some exceptions of people who 
although they have been educated although they have been 
trained in the old ways and 
traditions in schools 
have been able to 
listen to Jesus and surrender and 
empty all this weight that was 
in charge 
the history of israel I do not know many times 
we do not have it very present what happens 
many things happen here but when 
jesus arrives 
and about was not free is not true 
who ruled israel 
he ruled israel 
because how is it that with Roma I came to 
joke was an empire that was in 
expansion and Rome- came to Israel without 
want without wanting were the Jews themselves 
who had asked for the help of Roman and 
the pioneers scored this has that 
158 years here says league time 
among the Jews of the Romans is 
a well-known date for the 
in this year the Romans between a league 
with the Jews the Romans have 
done that all the time 
that was one of his expansion techniques 
Roman has fought as much as others for 
expand your empire 
we protect you can be 
incorporated at different levels of 
incorporation to the Roman Empire that 
It costs a course for a bit 
soldiers alliance taxes but you 
you come under the protection of the mother 
of the Roman state and the Jews sought 
that alliance because the Jews were in 
they had been threatened by the Greeks 
the Greeks were about to finish their 
history here and the Greeks 
specifically suicides 
by empires the murderer had been a 
threat and because they could us 
defend they came the Romans 
this is here a story that the bible 
he knows that story many times 
People of God - instead of going to God 
in need situation goes to egypt to 
true obama forgot that god 
could have protected makes alliance with 
roma all that situation here in which 
It was us in the time of Jesus 
it was their own fault and they had 
looked for that alliance they sent 
ambassadors to Rome to ask for an alliance 
with the king of the north 
that alliance was not going to come for free or 
true and then there is an unfolding 
because román really already has to 
submit afterwards with military force a 
long story now but at the same 
there is an interesting situation 
because who was before roma ' 
now you know maybe that 
Alexander the Great came to conquer Israel 
and the Jews had read the book 
Daniel and when Alejandro hands came 
they knew that he was going to come to the 
they knew land is left Havana 
this man the prophecy of the body 
strong that ram that collapses to medo 
persia knew and when alejandro bad 
came the gates of the city it 
they opened they welcomed him and they 
they showed the prophetic texts because 
he is you are the one written here 
for Alejandro macro that information does not 
helped him a lot just helped him 
and his self-esteem was even more pushed 
he already thought himself a descendant of God 
demigod and now he is also the 
prophecy of all the peoples of the world 
then to him good alejandro marco 
then he dies but 
and it brings remains in the hands of the Greeks 
there was going to be a battle between 
the two empires the genocides and the 
Ptolemy but in that time here that 
extracted fell into the hands of the Greeks had 
a part of that empire that is called 
the whole kingdom of the Ptolemies 
which we also know as egypt 
the Greeks knew a state of egypt 
and in Egypt the Greeks started to 
expand the Greek culture them 
they built the famous library there 
of Alexandria 
that was Ptolemy the second who did 
that in that time there was translated to 
certain agent the translation of the old 
testament from Hebrew to Greek and 
Greeks who had financed and 
invented that they supported was a situation 
we can say in perspective in the 
world beautiful culture art literature 
he made a consul museum in Alexandria and 
he became a center that was very 
interesting was like a magnet and many 
Jews went to live in Egypt many 
formed a diaspora 
a deliberate dark day was not for 
to flee was because it was attractive and for 
then in this time here 
the thing is 
what was going to cause problems later 
because the greatest thing that Alexander great 
he left was what in history we know 
as the same 
that was the same 
the same is the Greek culture 
Greek education for the whole world 
it was all a current and an influence 
that impacted actur the cultures don 
alejandro magno placed on his skin 
and the Jews 
they accepted because they gave us 
we have our religion not 
we have to put religion that was 
that was what alexander macro the 
sold you do not have to believe in 
our gods 
but that education suits them 
education in sports 
as it is called in talking about studying in 
the letter in mathematical geography 
geometry those things 
they introduced and the Jews 
they really gave themselves they thought 
we can maintain our religion 
no problem we do not have to believe the 
gods of the Greeks 
at the same time we can introduce those 
education techniques did this 
they started to form Greek schools in 
israel and of course the Jews who lived 
they went there and they also brought the 
culture for there 
to such an extent that one can read that 
the priests themselves began to do 
physical education and one of the things 
things that they one of the sports that 
the Greeks did in wrestling 
so it would be called today are not from 
wrestling then fight them 
priests and a genius with their beards and 
his robes did wrestling as 
physical exercise for the for well-being 
the body for and they had no problem 
they saw no problem with their religion 
ok this is the same then they existed 
those two things like parallels in israel 
Greek schools teaching and education 
but that's not all about Greek education 
begins to explain or to walk I go up a 
thinking model 
a thinking model that is totally 
different as a model of thinking of the 
Now this is what really started 
impact here 
the minds now we have here old 
traditions and practices 
there are things that come from many years of 
the Greeks the truth but in that phase 
the impact was brutal 
today we would say something like wine 
at the level of education was raised by 
the ones by the same there were new methods of 
scientific research study 
books literature word 
and that was the problem for power and os 
for this by those teaching methods 
for those doctrines that affected 
reason and study and interpret them 
they had problems now 
when Jesus came to attract them 
the message that had always been in 
the people what they had before 
it is understood 
dirty their minds with the same already in 
this phase they were not able to understand 
because they had no other way now 
you have seen what 
we use certain methods of 
possibly some say good not 
I agree 
that's not how one should study the 
bible but maybe if you have seen 
that the media we cross are not 
they are not everything and logical for heaven 
the minimum 
I've had several conversations with 
and one thing that theologians say what 
you as they teach that is logical 
but we can not study like this 
because they have a 7 method let's talk 
of that later a little bit then I 
what I want to say that the situation 
in which the town is located in 
this generation here in the last 
when it is about to be destroyed 
in that situation the town has gone through 
that process 
nowadays we can look for other words 
to describe that but what was pure 
at the beginning that message for us is 
new today but it 's the wind thing is what 
same as before but we for some 
process by which we have passed 
things the truth in essence we 
it is not acceptable is not understandable is 
weird is fake 
that was the problem of Jesus we think 
to the adduced they could not no 
they wanted to accept what I was saying 
they had the same word they had the same 
the same access 
and I met in everything now preparing for 
the next hour I want to make a 
a perspective of what I want 
study with you 
and I want to apply this 
this to our history 
I am proposing that the church 
Seventh-day Adventist or the 
movement to the centrist 
was formed or was placed on a 
foundation 1844 
or start 
it depends how we want to say it but there 
started that story that after 
ends in this 
and this movement received a 
was taken to a process by a process 
to understand truths because everyone 
we know that in 1844 the movement 
miner was not complete in his 
understanding of the doctrines the certain 
not even in having the Saturday not 
they understood things of the divinity not 
they understood several things but god 
intensified his teaching over the years 
then very fast and consecutive 
consecutively come here 
understandings of the truths and is and 
this process finally culminates in 1850 
now for us that is symbolized in 
that diagram that was published in that 
they in this year did a review 
of her story and elena white received 
that they should reprint that 
diagram that was published 42 
eight years later and this diagram seems 
be the same as that but it is not 
perfectly equal in this diagram 
they had corrected the error that this 
the error that was here 
and how he figures as a witness is that year 
1843 the coming of Christ in 1843 
that date was wrong, they had already 
committed an error therefore they 
they corrected and here prominently 
place thousand 654 
but everything that is there is here 
some things were added because it 
compressed better 
the work of the sanctuary the angels 
well that diagram does not come out at all 
that year that year marks the end of a 
process they were ready they had everything 
illusions 50 and I today access by 
accident I found a dissertation of a 
how are they called to wear out the 
PhD in biology 
already a thesis 
and that brother wrote let me find 
he wrote the following 
he says the following the same thing 
it's a brother is the master is called michael 
example in 2008 of the public is that 
work and says in 1850 Adventists 
who played on Saturday had drawn 
a unique system of interpretations 
prophetic that followed him 
to the understanding that they themselves 
they were the remnant church of God 
that's one thing that in theology is 
you can mark it is understood that here a 
term process 
that date here is also interesting 
for us because here elena white 
receives his first vision this year in 
and this is going to be an interesting thing 
to observe in that study because what 
that I want to demonstrate 
in those days 
that our church has already gone through that 
same experience 
what game is professing here we 
we are witnesses of a process 
of destructive work at the level of 
we are here in that 
generation that I want to show what it is 
the logic because I'm saying that that 
what happens that what happened 
this is not to attack or to criticize 
it's not true that's in my understanding 
that's what you have to do because it 's 
a warning message 
we all know that we are the odyssey and the 
Once we think that everything is fine 
something does not work something is not right not 
it works thinking like this 
the bible is not correct in that or not 
we are the hate whether or not we are well and 
I want to propose that we are audience and 
that everything is not right and what is not 
all good is the same story on time 
of Jesus we have a problem 
how do we understand the truths or why not 
we understand them 
then what I am saying that 
this destructive process began in 1863 
that has to do with the diagrams 
let's study that and that first phase 
finished in 1888 
those years many of you are going to 
say something but because exactly 
we mark that as the end of a 
maybe I owe you there are some 
that stage then takes us to 1919 
this stage music the third generation 
today with this third generation 
and then we have 1950 
now in all those stages 
we have large- scale events 
events that are marked by 
conferences and decisions or by books 
the publication of certain books that 
they reflect the idea 
the official understanding of the church 
and those books or conferences and 
decisions are the result of a process 
a doctrinal process a process of 
Teaching understanding 
This here 
it would be the end of that process 
then up there just that 
presentation dear brothers and 
participants, I invite you to 
let him come tomorrow and Saturday also 
so that we can elaborate that concept 
more in detail very well let's go then 
finished with the prayer 
dear sir 
I have the conviction that 
there is not much time already 
everything can appear quite online or 
around us and so it has always been 
in all the stories sir where your 
the moment in which your people 
is going to follow a collapsed by the great 
the town was 
trusting in himself 
I was defending what I was doing what 
wanted to 
that's why you sent me 
message after message and prophet for 
awaken that generation that 
faced its end 
dear father we need 
we know as a dentist that the 
history that world comes to an end and that 
your town is going to be searched too and that 
has to come accounts 
dear father we believe what 
you spoke through all the 
prophets and we want to buy in that 
we do not want to close our ears to the 
warning that in mercy you have 
I thank you for that time we have 
here in this beautiful place by 
jesus christ amen