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Publish Date: 7/16/2018
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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Now it's fine 
this bookmark marker blue red black 
if he is serious 
this is test 
what is that now yes good 
good some good night and greetings 
I'm very glad to be here with 
you after 20 years have not 
been in this town 
it's a joy to see the room so full 
very well and not all of us are here with the 
help from the Lord after planning 
think wait a few years a seminar 
it became a reality I'm glad you have 
I come 
I'm going to give a few little words of 
nowadays it's going to be the little program 
different as you have already seen 
we are going to have a work in total 
I need that 
today we have about an hour or so 
but we are two speakers then 
we are all going to do 
both an introduction of more or less 
half an hour ok to enter the subject 
so that you listen to what we are going to 
speak and what we intend to study with 
you here during those days that 
we have in those subjects are topics of 
prophecy I think that that's clear for 
we are part of a movement 
It is in the frontism worldwide 
and that there are also some of gràcia 
part of the attitude that we have is 
convey the reason for what we are 
doing and also the methodology that 
we are using to study the word 
of this also concentrates more or less 
Around your my subject 
it has to do with methodology and how 
study the word of God and why the 
we study today as we are doing 
my name is bad neighborhoods i am 
Bolivian but I'm also German alive 
17 years of bolivia there I am married and 
from there I move and travel in the world 
with that message 
as I said something gives me a start I 
I've been here in the mid- 90s 
final studying theology a little 
and then never again could I go back though 
I really liked that time 
although everyone says that here everything is very 
different at first glance everything seems 
I'm going to apologize anyway but I do not see that 
positive cutest of course more 
neat everything but things are there 
where they were and well of course has grown 
of course but it is also worth seeing 
so things are as one is 
ok dear brothers, I want to invite you 
to open their bibles in the game book 
the judge's book 
contains several interesting prophecies 
has received the name of one of the 
books of the little prophets or 
little small prophets and sometimes it's 
little prophets related to the 
Importance of message as if it were such 
minor who at last like Isaiah or 
the intention is clear to talk about their 
name is simply a little shorter 
his work and maybe also his work 
but that book starts with a 
with some very interesting phrases but 
the enigmatic time 
and I want to fight with you 
phrases and open this for a study that 
will end up looking a bit at the 
history of our church 
the history of our church since 
closed the union movement and the 
things that have happened because here is 
continue to give us the pattern because we should 
do what 
then we are simply going to read the 
first verses 
word of his divine son the son of 
petu the wii and this elders and listen 
all the inhabitants of the earth 
good days have gone by 
days and our parents 
a moment what do you mean? 
normally when one starts a sentence 
well it is assumed that beforehand and had given 
an information has happened this 
it's a basilica is talking about what you 
you mean good we hope that such 
time in the next verse is going to 
clarify what you mean about this 
you will tell your children and yours 
children to their children and their children to the other 
but what are they going to tell or that we 
we are going to contain that mountain that is 
speaking through vehicle 4 more 
help what he ingested from the caterpillar with me 
I do not jump and what I want from the jump 
he ate the button and the lobster ate what 
that of reboton had been 
and then the next paragraph begins 
this here is a little puzzling because 
because it does not clearly say what 
refers but at the same time if it says it and those 
danny appear is extremely interesting 
because it challenges us through 
structure of the construction of 
informations here we should have been 
able to understand what he is referring to or 
what are you talking about 
first one thing that is interesting 
is that when he does the first 
question u and this elders listen to all 
the inhabitants of the earth has happened 
this in your days or in the days of 
your parents 
and now I get three of these cons and 
Bloodhounds, children and your children 
children and their children to the other generation 
you see here that the 
information that is not understood that is not 
it is understood covers four generations 
the generation of the one who is 
listening to the generation of their children 
your grandchildren and great- grandchildren ok that's a one 
information that is not on the surface 
but that we can find clearly 
here and then as totally unleashed 
of the context when the speech of their 
insects although they have to see those 
insects what was left of the caterpillar 
with me the santón and what was left 
unleashed with the button and the lobster 
ate of the button had been 
then I'm going to draw here 
to make it a little more visual 
that the way 
who has just explained 
and I do not know exactly why you can not 
really knowing exactly what insects are 
those here is a bit difficult some 
say it is the same insect that 
unwraps others say they are 
different insects there is no clarity but 
it is clear that these insects 
nobody of us wants to have his 
insects in their truth 
because what those four do is all 
the same thing and we distribute them true 
first destroy 
the second 
happy of what I had first 
or left over 
continues to destroy 
then we have the lobster here 
the lobster also that lobster that 
appears in crowds 
and the yang 
and then the last little bug 
a little fantasy here as it looks 
it may seem a bit funny here but 
that what tells us the truth and the 
information that gives us now 
the little information that gives us what 
is talking is an information that 
now we have to put in context 
verse 4 
can not be unleashed from cycle 3 the 
talks about the same thing does not seem to speak 
in the same thing but by tying the ends 
here we understand 
verse 3 tells us to make them from 
a generation of the second the third 
generation and the fourth generation in 
verse 4 he hints at what 
focus when he talked about that 
generation is because a generation 
spends many things but the issue that 
young interested here 
is symbolized by those insects 
judge refers here to a story of 
and obviously that destruction of his 
those insects begin a work 
destructive and through a two three 
four generations finish the work 
this is a biblical teaching the bible 
and we are going to give some examples shortly 
the bible represents or uses numbers for 
represent events or things 
number 7 everyone knows that 
represents number 10 a symbol of the 
commandments number 3 symbol of several 
things also the bible we know 
some numbers but verbal number 
strengthens one of the not so well known is 
a symbol of destruction 
or maybe a little more precise a symbol 
of a process 
because there is also a process to 
positive as in this case it's a process 
to the negative from bad to worse 
now what he prefaced normally does 
to see what he's talking about here is 
man here look a little history 
now there are cases as they are like 
difficult because if you are looking for 
single game comment they are simply going to 
read that you do not know when he has lived 
you do not know there are no clues in that book 
clear that they help us to place is that 
man somewhere specific 
but we have the spirit prophecy and 
I want to read here a comment that she 
indirectly makes about the game 
is the comment is found let's leave 
see moment 
in the book of conflicts the centuries 
page 300 
309 conflicts of the centuries 
and they talk about something else says what 
August 19 you would have in the 80's figure 
in history as the dark day 
we know the dark day 
where the sun for half a day and in a 
moment became dark without explanation 
some since the time of Moses did not 
has never registered any period of 
darkness so dense and of equal extent 
and duration the description of this of 
this event that the 
historians is nothing but one that a 
echo of the words of the Lord expressed 
by the prophet joel 2500 years before 
its fulfillment the sun turns the mind 
mists and the moon in blood before 
come the big and frightening day of 
lord of jehovah then here as a 
step information elena good tells us 
1780 is the dark day 
and then she connects in a sentence 
a phrase that explains this here 
this of this had spoken out and she 
gives us the valuable information 2500 and 
20 2500 years before and 2500 years before 
its compliance 
then it is a the mathematical you 
come to evolution that this then 
it was 321 years before Christ 
this is the location of the message 
that helps us help us 
it helps us a lot because ten years a year 
traffic in the history of the town of 
I will not go much into the details not 
worry we are not going to do here a 
history a very history lesson 
but this year here is almost almost the end 
of the existence of israel 
723 the last king of bone history 
from israel not to play 
the last king of his story here the 
final deportation and what we 
we know the extinction or the end of 
ten tribes 
perhaps someone knows where the 
ten tribes of northern Israel 
the articles on those wheats carry 
the title the ten missing tribes 
there are theories but you never know where 
their tribes have remained 
they returned the captivity after 
after that they were the pure era is not 
thing here the dispersion of debt of 
and never again 
and he wants them I do not want to locate him 
inhabited by the Samaritans good before 
of bones we have some kings 
important we have here 
play here 
if it's not true like that or so 
this here is sisters is 
that was 
from the northern kingdom samaria israel 
'juan cas' 
this was Josiah I do not think Josh 
we go 
I think they are the last kings of the 
history the last seven kings and in 
that story if we have a bit of that 
we are here 721 
two years before the extinction then 
when games says this 
and now we go again 
when the fire tells us that is 
situation is the reality of the town of 
and that old people and listen to all 
dwellers of the earth has happened 
this our days are the days of 
our parents 
has not appeared yet has not 
this appeared 
of this you will tell our children and 
your children to their children and their children to 
the other generation four generations 
what he wants from the caterpillar he ate the 
jumpy and what was left of the protruding 
romp the lobster ate what the 
revolution had been 
final destruction will see very soon the 
their town is going to be destroyed and 
deported disappear in history and 
there in the insurance five wake up 
drunk and now we simile all the 
who live but because of the must because 
It is taking away our mouth 
because strong people and an innumerable 
he went up to my land his teeth are real 
of lion and its teeth lion's teeth this 
it's reality 
this town here is about to be extinguished 
why because Babylon Nebuchadnezzar 
I had already entered it is not true I had already 
thought to deport people but they 
confident they thought that they are going to 
continue and continue straight man assist 
it is important is to be here 
because bad accesses of the 1st 
that the closure underneath is king 
Israel wants its independence 
and since that time 
it's not distracting that chooses the kings are 
the countries that govern israel that 
choose the kings is basically a 
puppet from that time on but 
in all means more or less accommodated to 
those circumstances and thought that up 
they will always exist but that time 
it came to an end under you 
was installing a last call a 
last call finally cried out for 
awakening the people to be to go to 
captivity and disappear for ever again 
because we are interested in that text 
because this would be interesting for 
perhaps we are all interested in the 
dear brothers the importance of that 
text text and that information here 
based on one on a guess or on a 
belief and that belief is this 
Ancient Israel is a symbol of Israel 
what happened in that story to 
convince happens in our history 
and we have the authority of 
think well not only morally 
that things repeat themselves and we do the 
same mistakes but in detail 
also in relation to matters or events 
from the movement of circumstances 
the enemy that is here and what happens 
inside the village to many details 
because the prophetic spirit tells us a 
thing all the prophets spoke less 
for your own time that for our of 
way that their prophecies are valid 
for us 
and she got and will give you some texts of 
a testament to prove it 
if we have that concept in mind and 
that present information then I play 
for you and me it should be committed 
a text 
that was not written so much for that 
generation yes as we can see here 
game was a message for this 
generation but even more so a judge is a 
text written for you and me 
and me in those days and my brother 
totally with believe you demonstrate that those 
stories here of antiquity those 
stories are not morals those 
stories are prophecies that nowadays 
are happening 
what I am saying is that we 
we are in this generation here 
we are in that generation 
to give you an idea 
who was that fierce enemy that was 
there waiting to devour the town of 
to Syria was here and here at that time 
Babylon is not true lavín osorio 
Babylon Babylon Autism knows 
Babylon knows kiss Babylonia Babylon 
It is a symbol 
this story is the first application 
to work with symbols the enemy of 
Babylonian gods village here 
or as my brother said 
to Syria but that's what Badalona is 
same are the kings that were located at 
north in israel 
revive they know Daniel 11 as the 
kings of the north the threat of the north the 
great power and enemy of the north the king the 
north and the brothers is a symbol that 
in consciousness athletics always 
it has existed 
the threat of refuge of God in our 
time is the same as at that time king 
from North 
and the king of north for us is the 
Babylon too 
maybe we are not very aware of 
that logic 
the logic that lives it develops several 
times is that the people of God will be 
destroyed by the north ray by 
Babylon this is the threat that has and 
the conquest actually knows that because 
the end 
we always associate with the law 
Sunday in Sunday law is something 
that something is induced that is pushed by 
the papacy who spiritual pavilion 
who is the king of the north 
so here we have the same story 
but now the challenge we have if 
we want to build on that concept of 
that each prophet spoke less of his 
own time that for ours of 
way that their prophecies are valid 
for us then we have 
a challenge to understand what it means 
specifically play with talks about their 
four generations 
we can do this here and 
find four generations or four 
and I want to say those four 
generations are four phases or four 
stages in the history of the people of God 
because prophecy if we put it in its 
time can never be literal 
it's always symbolic and you can not 
say a generation there is a 
generation hey a generation there were 
100 years or was 40 years old depended on 
time today a generation is 
account scientifically as 27 23 years 
we can not do that drying we load 
adding years and then getting to read 
mime not what it is 
then we need to find that 
represents a generation and why not 
in the same fuel book 
and it is not 
the information that he is talking about 
of generations 
I'm looking a little bit further back 
it is not present in my mind but it is 
in the pilot if I remember well 
we will go 
at some point here in the game 
explained in the visions says they are 
but I do not remember was not this 
there is two versicles 
10 of darkness and darkness day of 
cloud and shadow as on the mountains 
the dawn extends so a village will come 
big and strong similar to him not what 
there was never nor after him there will be in 
years of many generations I think that 
another text here too but do not 
but that same concept that we already saw no 
it is true your generation your parents your 
children and so on that here does not bring us to 
understand that he is talking about something 
that has to do with time 
it's a 10 of movement and that movement 
God's people in a situation where 
the pool does not even know that the 
destruction comes that is verse 5 
and we go to the 5 minutes that we have left 
let's try to make a point about 
of it 
the 15 wake up drunk and cry in me 
Everyone who drinks wine because of 
I must because I have removed you from your 
because he says this 
because innumerable strong rose to me 
earth then we are here in 
that generation 
we are in this generation in this 
moment the alarm comes 
as a symbol I will put here a 
Trapper the prophet is alarming his 
town and he says the enemy is already 
eliminated yesterday has come and what is the 
problem of the people in that situation 
Time is the other Moracho are fatal 
sleeping fatal posts because you're 
happy in your dream you do not realize what 
what happens is not even very 
conscious in what situation are you 
there is the god mora chopper drunk 
that wine came symbol of that in the 
of doctrines then you are drunk 
it does not mean literal wine is true 
it refers to doctrines and we 
we know that that's doctrines because 
we know the symbol of the great harlot 
with the wine glass that got drunk 
all nations know that it is the 
Catholic church that through its 
Doctrines does this job 
then here God's people in his 
last generation before your 
final destruction and forever that's 
the story here of joel in that 
situation the people are less than 
- that ready for an opposite that 
ready to face the enemy 
we know can face 
any enemy because God is at his 
side and fight for him could here 
survive but it's not going because we 
they decided to do one thing that we 
they divide they have drank fermented wine 
and they got drunk ok now if we 
we want to transport this in this 
so here we are talking 
live agostinas 
how to understand the word 
this is the problem that is the problem 
of this generation and I say those 
services problems of the last 
generation of al frentismo and I think 
that we are that generation and 
I would like to demonstrate this 
that is the problem the problem of 
doctrine is ultimately a problem 
of how we understand the word and how 
we understand the word some say so 
others is nasa 
and that he is right and many times 
we put ourselves in a position 
Well I do not know and I do not care what 
I care about is the love of God his 
blood and believe in the Christ saves me 
but judge says something else here and says 
you're sleeping you're drunk you're in 
a situation of dying and being extinguished 
forever more than you do not know which 
is the truth you do not know that it is the 
correct doctrine because you have lived to 
other doctrines you liked the wine and this 
situation that the brothers understand 
in that application that is just not 
it is a dilemma 
and then my study begins and that 
what I want to share with you 
we could find our story a 
history of four generations we can 
show that we have moved to a 
destructive process 
an insect at some time began 
do some doctrines of our 
church then it 's sincere that you have to 
be within our same body in 
our church has continued until 
I take the god in a mental situation and 
spiritual who does not realize or 
even that you are happy because it is 
drunk who feels good and believes in 
weeks I say and I think we can see 
that easily what exactly is 
the bible also knows 
as the condition of the odyssey 
Well, we've run out of half an hour 
I believe that 
In a short time we have been able to see 
be something here there is some logic and 
some things here that contains that 
book that contains that prophecy that we 
gives then I want to invite you to 
tomorrow let's continue and let's go into 
that story to investigate that is a 
that question or that logic if we can 
demonstrate and see that that has happened 
within us and if that is true the 
only cause that helps us here 
is what he claims to have been the 5 
wake drunk the drunk himself 
it will not wake up just like that and if 
wakes up is not going to leave either 
and cry if a thousand all who drink wine 
because of the must 
what is more 
I do not know the concept of Argentina not 
stir as we see it here but it showed 
in logic and the bible is just playing 
pressed fresh juice or not any 
interference without any fermentation 
that's the same wine and Christ I wanted to give 
to the wineskins 
and the other elders could not walk because 
it was going to burst 
that's the monster the monster symbol 
of a message 
what good of god should I have 
to replace this wine that they have 
been living but in turn that 
message is a message 
difficult because because the old parents 
they would break 
that message not his message of love and of 
with facts of peace insecurity of love if 
is but sometimes we have another concept of 
love and it's not a message of peace and 
security in your message that they would go bankrupt 
the old envelopes and this what starts 
here we have now we can also see 
it's a pretty big problem 
some verses from one of his prophets 
at the beginning again with little sense 
for us if we use 
some interpretation guidelines 
prophetic I have used some rules 
to reach that conclusion are not 
my ideas but more associations but 
more are some rules based on those 
rules we have here now a dilemma of 
depends and that dilemma already show the year 
720 in this christ the dilemma until 2018 
between us then dear 
brothers thank you for your attention and I 
I'm already meeting tomorrow again 
we go to reason 
for them 
our father here we are going to see in your 
word in a small book 
the first words sr 
are addressed to us is your 
I hope you can show us 
that this really is like this 
if that is your will and if that is true 
we need the holy spirit so that 
guide us through those studies by 
so we want to invite you 
to work in the hearts if that is 
true we dear sir we are that 
and if that is true we have a great 
problem the problem is in the 
inability to understand the problem 
because if the Lord is not now 
Hardly understand what happens 
nothing but a convoluted miracle nothing 
more than your power your mercy your work 
for doing something here you want to see the 
the name of Jesus Christ I thank you 
we have that possibility to meet 
here you are flattered to create this 
turn on 
then I say 
the truth