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Publish Date: 8/7/2017
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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the parameter that the national angels 
cream passwords of the morning that everything goes without 
the ambition of the presence in the k1 
hearts and minds for two weeks and 
do not direct this memory that was bad 
in the bathroom by those pedaling 
true and driving years 
poet is possible in the best way and 
2015 said in his mind all the lines 
that even started producing, we are in the 
brazil jesus amém 49 on page 50 43 
class of people at the end of the world 
Many ways 
residents in various ways and one of them 
is calling from 1.10 the vivid ones take us 
late mine and even if they are three 
classes of people in San Andrés who 
these people who worked in time 
between the seat raem I need 
consider without much attention in the 
beginning of the session and a lot of attention and 
It starts when we arrive at the end of 
You are 56 years old too. 
I did not know 
When you gain understanding, you also have 
new spaces to sign up 
certainly no one is easy to notice for 
power to appoint the priests involved and 
the 20,000 if we priests on behalf of 
internet was not working in time 
We still have but we 're going to 
sanctuary you will see that 
first two groups of priests and 
drinks for us we will know that the 
first uses priest group 
then the people of God 27 days they 
represent more by order of God the 
our absence of seven models 
we are evaluating the user who 
centered before 2009 girls are 
Sundays, I work in the temple of my 
who work among them are 
people who came from outside with 
that the symbolism at the end of the world 
to understand as a symbolism in gray 
time this is also represented in the 
ministry of christ 
this is also represented in the 
ministry of beliefs first jesus 
mattress when the first jesus comes and 
how many zones 1212 and then after 
knowledge 70 and after the two groups 
together and then they will ask if 
they do not deliver people it 's not that 
a group called first that have more 
always contact this in a regional group 
first that have more contact of the year 30 
more close contact with christ without 
more surrounding the crisis 
then I call the 70's and then 
these groups together a world 
We are going to study today. Are you? 
called with the transfer of the 12 branches 
you will discover that we are all 
called to be part of the 12,000 to 
you are the first called because 
They're bad first we're gonna call the 
first not only of the 2005 animal my 
booklet are not afraid and books 
and do the first internal work and is 
The first internal work is just 
talking now but it's an installing on 
but half an hour out for transmissions 
globe river desing about we know that 
twice in two classes for 
We all know the scene to cast poison. 
in two classes 
the lives 
all use the intentions of the islands 
lens and we'll see the guys at home 
class 10 to the 12 the knowledge of the Gentiles' 
who the dude sure there and the 62 63 
12 us in the 12 years 70 and in the hundreds 
have people who receive calls or 
think of those being called but a 
only made in other judgments some 
in other negotiations 
many are called the first many 
first animal some issues today the 
chances are we will see that each 
with ideas in two classes already lasts 
12 we're going to help you fall in the group 
n 2 classes and accept residents 
the ways 
those who hit those seven 
Let's open our votes will launch 
in another note 19 the first text 
page 49 emergency 
how to send the 12 so designated others 
70 and sent in front of his full of 2002 
and all the cities places where he 
I had to go 
these disciples had imitated 
some time with him 
preparing for his work to his 12 
sent on their first mission to the 
part other types of accompanying jesus 
by the galley is had thus had the 
privilege of intimate association with 
he and his personal impressions 
now this greater number should also 
be sent separately issue 16 
as well as in viana jose to finance 
the other 60 of which 100 PTE 
two in two bids so the whole city 
where she had set their 
set some time with them 
getting ready to work when the 
12 were sent to their first strip 
missionary accompanied Jesus in his 
journey through Galilee and to receive 
right personal education 
now this larger group environment had to 
mission on a separate mission to the 
first eleven eleven more 
so send the streets we are 
knowing to explain a little about the 
first day of the first month I do not 
I would start explaining a little 
on the first day of this month and still 
It will be explained to you normally. 
my retirement knows she would be 
explain to you again the lines 
phone numbers and we'll see when 
You study at this, we'll just know 
when we only have a selection in the 
first day of the month and is the first 
first month in the history of christ and 
in history the inscription 
the presence of baptism represents exalte 
earthquake and when you have a baptism as 
in china jon huntsman in our hands if 
love and cine and when it happens is 
a step from christ and jesus there and played 
dirty circle in when he picked up more 
Yes , your origin is going to and is in 
his first disciple calls silvio fez 
the rest 
we are 12 but yes then edson is 
try to show that he is wanting 
show here is when your show of 
when the police officer as an 
to defend is when we will go 
see when called and when we 
standards of cinema be called in our 
history was presented on the 1st of 
July first month in our history 
It will be presented the first day ms 
when the angel decides in the time of Jesus 
for when it rains sixth center 
story of jesus when excellence ace 
and in history jesus you will see if 
on the baptism with the bomb 
let's know that without goals this with 
paloma if the brothers that this is the 
holy spirit 
of the 51 on page 51 
right in the middle where he talks about the apocalypse 
14 yen average of the period of the period calif 
14 6 thousand per chapter 14.6 
the first is in verse six days and heard 
angel flew through the midst of the sky and 
gospel for programs for 
proclaim the warnings about the land and 
the whole nation wheat water tongue and 
the people must be established by means of 
other angels who have an inner gospel 
to play she lives she will have 
make 11 tribes web languages ​​2 0 that 
they the three messages of the gospel in 
three military messages on issues 
defended 10 thousand tons of land and 
It is programmed and want to have proclaimed 
The presence of the jewels has no message and 
Click on the 600 games in the three messages 
English is gospel serra leoa 
nigeria and they will have certainly the 
first of things of the genre 
it already represents the principle of 
another six 
and it already represents a principle not 
knew the works legs glory of joy 
because the lady of the judgment because the 
accelerated sequential order 
she is like a big three infraction 
33 message they want a big 
good second time 
I got my butt 70 years old 
second is the first message from the 
cancer my message and click lines 3 
dignified if we three civilians 
simplify the stocking d 
who sowed the garden glory of glory 
9 hours of judgment because it is now the 
gas pillar with the presence of 
games behind the river when they 
presented delicate brings bad 
frequency to 0 
my god now that you adore your wits 
reckless of glory because improvements 
are known to lawyers to do 
Question will want to show 
it's like inside teacher jane 
as within the first message it falls 
I in you message listed 5093 
angelica message team home and I can 
pick up these three messages titles 
each and I can take all three messages 
that he falls means to spend it 
could and would come out to know that 
When, in beauty, we'll see more. 
some moments since we have overcome the 
galera more agendas and continuous is the 
first point I want to put here is that 
these three messages are three steps 
what we do not want to put in 
first with a tank in the three 
messages that look like three steps 
and as they are external they are 
a lifetime and internal communication ci 
is in the history of the bible jesus 
reprove 103 times as the other 
Whales how many days when it hurts? 
I want to see John 16 to 16 
today the girl uses the principle of 
gospel the earth there but in principle 
eternal mancini 
16 8 when this 6 verse lot 
she talks about the holy spirit 
Her recipe seems to be interesting. 
with the holy spirit scallop goes 
convince the world of the sin of justice 
and judgment and when she comes 
in a world is a sin of 
consciousness in sequence and this is the 
same process of the gospel data 
these same process and teh cafeteria 
if this is three steps that everyone 
has missed the mountain range and zone 3 
I think everybody signs it up 
center study page without being 
convicted of sin 
yesterday neither of having committed sin 
receive justice enrolled in which 
russia receive the registration as well 
I'll be prepared to go through the 
judgments and thus is not prepared 
to get through it everyone will pass 
process we will only work for this 
problems everyone will go through 
presences of generics 
advanced from three in the military years 
which are tests that are problems 
the first time we play like the people 
already read 
the first one is to be held in as 
Kidney lines has also speaks farewell 
glory that worships his judgment at 
averages joy because hours or in your 
we always see the third step is 
when you are proved when judgment 
in the other 90's and when we came back 
aside when I thought 'should not 
we can see this for example in 
daniel 12 works with me we can not only 
see that we also endorses the 
of the 10 verse rs 
many will be published shortly 
grown and tried but the Indians 
to proceed obviously none of the Hindus 
to understand the more the wise will understand 
many were cleaned and whitened 
purified in the intense will be 
entirely in tongues and threw us 
understand to overcome the understood 
understood to look rather calmly 
which he took are two classes of the 
millennia are very calm because it is 
setting up two sets of worshipers 
those who go through internal games 
those who happen to have a musical of 
whelks and tastes that are purified 
in benghazi controlled city and the 
Hindus who carried innocent young people 
that perished in pepper and they did not 
understood the verses of the gospel and 
interesting gospel that the 
second step for them you 
The interesting thing is that 
according to the second step the Roman team 
white and brutish symbol is 
the justice of Christ in Benghazi in the 
Russia crisis because there in time of 
cold was still located between the mist 
with me, let's go out with him, say that 
notes 31 alex when closing 
this friday three accounts 
the upgrade 3 the vocalist and 3 verse 
verse 18 should go on the other side of it 
easy to county to county had to 
of me to fulfill others tasted in the fire 
for he had riches white clothes 
for activists and do not appear ashamed 
all of you and who uses your eyes with 
eye drops to review the law is 
important ex advice that covers me 
refined in fire so that the rich in 
white fats for you and that you do not 
discover the shame is to have two women 
and a resource with eyeshadow so that it comes 
alone it is necessary to consolidate 
needs angeles she needs gold 
he would present 6 she needs the 
white robes needs to ensure 
white must be harvested for that 
represent and eye candy for those who 
is to see his white robes 
Jesus Christ's justice in the harsh 
a Russia 30 
Let's open in April at the sanctuary in 
principle is the reverse of judgment and 
if this pattern of my 
old age also opens local lucas 
lucas 13 30 in the exodus with fear 
Let's go, there's no forgiveness of your all. 
19 no enem 
in fact it is not just a line 10 
and 11 59 s before said 
It is not to say my master of Moses 
go to the people sanctify them today and tomorrow 
and there they come their clothes and they are 
ready for the third day while 
the third day you will be 
eyes of all the people upon Mount Sinai 
said the Bahare like that kiss with 
and sanctify it or m anna and nav in 
successive and it is always for them to 
third day because it serves so goes 
rise to defend the opposition - 
about mount sinai circles is not of 
today 11 in court 
this shows that the preparation time 
in the first in the second step first and 
years and is remembered when 
ms follow in the sky funny to 
judge happens does not have approval from her 
the preparation time in the first 
second day on the first and second 
step 6 
the second part began a career in 
follow awareness and understanding 
We are going back to our notes 
Let's expand our 4949 pages. 
come jeremiah 15 verses 16 twins do not 
lose the game crysis so do mine 
ash and ceilândia on the beam 
at least I do not know if they justified 
For you and us , we explained 
but on the first day of the first game but 
first df civil sms wait 
he shines is given if you come with me 
nor trade, and this little book means 
prophecy and this book means the 
prophecy is the present message that God 
gives to that generation and if the 
message you want to use for this 
relationship you come to eat sleep and 
eat at least 15 of the 16 parishes 15 
existing verse believing that the 
his long words eats and his word 
it was for me joy and joy in my 
heart because I'm by your name 
called the Lord God of Armies by 
there your words and hours with mass and 
Words I like for the joy of me 
heart because the symbolic name about 
me the head of the ICRC Turf seconds 
you like liu 
then we must recognize as recalls 
Ciro's book had no one know when 
You eat it when you are. 
called when you were when I was with 
it is because you are most visible in the 
first day of the first month 
so first and sms you are 
called in when without the suitcase and drive 
of my screams and when it is 
essential stories descend on the 
history that the accused is reached 
he will call himself the 1200 will love the 
angeles is this really for 
12 and eva of the presence of both to 
preparing them to prepare new 
the first months of January 1 to 
creditus total explained very clearly 
This is the owner of the gallery. 
Of course, even at the party that happened 
in fact, and this has become a 
symbol for 2020 the causes of the eyes and 
this certainty makes a symbol for 
identify other sensors launches line 
central babylon asia 
11 for lucas love is going to kill lucas no 
62 57 65 to 57 
This is called the price of 
excited with the mother among them some 
owners of a person appeared to jesus 
Italian of a person who appeared 
people he said without ounce discussing 
for wherever he went and he heard the 
sky nests but the son of man does not 
You have to bury your dead, but you 
will announce the kingdom of God Lord 
following another ad priest comes 
Do you think you deserved it? 
I love it too 
google agreed in agreement with 
of the river will carry the story when it 
is to make the so-called diesel is the same as 
chapter 10 chapters or does not talk about 
jesus called others 
nina lima 11 years other 70 are 12 
many events and send telephony to the 
there he the first he was going to leave the 
he would need to work first 
sérgio villela and then he goes to 
Eliseu and then it's strip to him skies 
and 15 in the symbolic number there 
representing that and there number 
symbolic present we open the 
first religious 9 
the first was and said no she did not 
the first is to resist is not 
in 1919 from there and found elizeu 
son disappears that was vibrating there 
with 12 yoke joints 
before him and he was with the 10th 
he went through it and threw his 
cover over him then he left the oxen 
took place after he said and leaves me 
Kiss let me kiss my father and my 
mother then I will follow and he says leave 
come back because itu if diesel 
the last and passing on that hand 
menezes will leave me priest and mauri 
beat without generic busby that tries the 
when I was with the last 2012 
represents the passage they need 
present in absentia 
is the first 12 most attentive call of the 
fashion murder only after it was 70 and 
then the team will show you 
probably today 
then he would keep showing for the sixth 
element and where from the first day of the 1st 
on the 10th day of the seventh month 
who first biesemeyer even those of 
cycle in the seventh month when the 
I know how many and science I think 70 in 
Field with me on the first day of the month 
until the first half of the census 
month until the first day of the 6th month was 
referred to the 1st bpm month the first 
trip in fifth month to amazing people 
of use who would face the first day 
of the 6th month the first of success in 
middle of the first day and I also know the 
first in a month 
we have driven the ashes in 2010 
the tenth day of the month on the tenth day 
represented the figures presented 
numbers only 15 years bruno number 
7156 period which is precisely what 
represents to pretend to listen mind 
which represents the band all as the 
called the 12 and the athletes as he is 
bad and in the 12 years 70 
this period is the period of the 12 
called those years period that the two 
are called Andes books when the 
book of this year without eating and without anyone 
comments and there where you are called and it is 
This would not be crazy. 
after this group goes through the 
process after this group goes through 
there the three stars then one 
another group called in to follow this 
moment another poetry nothing is 
represented by the offenses that are 
represented by us and even tries to 
time period 
I do not know if they will put the most 
processes of what this represents in the 
Our story is not if they already 
They placed over the process when not 
has this representation for the board 
put their first as the first 
in the month 
bar substances and leave as the first 
this month 
Let's do, let's read second access to 
page 49 16 11 on his first mission 
of mercy of this charge which were 
the harm today and wave training 
fires and two vehicles 
saying he resigns lucia fenced 
we will win lynch 
dead and holy were devils of grace 
I will receive 2006 for free and in all 
they will go all over the village announcing 
the gospel running for all 
parts of sky emissions 
resting on the founders is the 
fulfillment of the mission of 
part of his disciples message a 
powerful for salvation and therefore 
many were brought to the attention and 
messiah sent a little later by 
also commissioned by the 
and proclaim the avenue redeeming 
promised in his work of engineering and 
to heal the disciples followed the example 
two teachers who ministered holy alana 
like the corps of angels were message of 
life is visualized physical restoration 
to bind the liberation from sin 
the disease ascertainment 
It's interesting that it was a bad day. 
to heal world coral instructions 
very safe multiair the letter reminds me 
means searching today we have to 
heal us through 079 did not forgive 
today we have insured not only 
We have to be careful about the 
sin cured by the letter e 
To dry to people passes through this 
and to enter their passages by 
this purification people have to pass 
apparently we are going through cnt 
riscado invested and proven 
need is to purify the blood was 
we are called in the first steps 
in this woman watermelon this first 
Part we will go through these steps 
not only do we work on the basis 
these three to nine if we are going to pass 
only we are going to have a success 
said in this plot to go through these 
stars god it changes just roll today one 
silly days women informs law and act 
with the people says deal since working 
as expected from it came with expanded 
it's not the same way 
the time is the only way he goes 
to act thus also with the other classes 
it goes if they were even with these classes 
the sergeant will also have the 1st and 2nd 
Step 3 in Beer Venetia mine 
1º 2º and 3º peace it only in being 
convinced of sin in the justice of the 
judgment without that mine and not to be 
committed and sinned with him 
only receive three messages from the 
environment and have not signed the 
three messages he falls all of us 
Let's move the spaces and accept each other. 
to be the sun all alone but we will advance 
they are easy if we accept lamas 
essays and mats 22 
mateus 2012 now we'll see the 
the third group that is called and 
will delay the third installment because it 
called the people left two groups are 
called within the point of God 
our work does not know that these 
three groups joined to enter the 
night to dose two functional groups 
and has evil into the people within. 
I would love the people of God is the Jewish people 
was the people of God at that time 
could be the Spanish iberia without 
internet by the way not the Jewish people was 
the sunset was the club was can be 
so not only in our generation 
only in this relation of Jewish targets 
and neither korea 20 days only 76 saves 
the name of god through the use that 
guard - 10 and 11 in the series that your 
also encouraging the agents 160 
rehearsals are called instead 
and it is not only 12 amaral that only 
those who accept the first message 
those who hit the mobile message 
of orders of the class represented by the 
treatments and negotiates the other that 
precision selection for the 70 most 
there comes a time when the door closes 
for the people of the event but rather a moment 
in which the importance at the time of 
sentence then the gospel is taken 
the whole world to bring angels and 
launch on Monday 
and this is what is represented here in this 
parabola of mateus 22 and is represented 
the brawn is matheus welcome on 
history of the Jews at the 
Let's see from the back to the back of 1 
to 14 in the urn and 14 government slowly 
Then Jesus answered and spoke again. 
in parables telling the kingdom of heaven 
is similar to a certain king who 
celebrated the wedding of his son sent the 
servants to call the guests to the 
and they did not want to see the good 
but they did not want two benes 
brothers and sisters their first links 
days 1 and 12 of many hear the call 
and many have not looked at anything at all now 
in the goiás 4.4 later sent another hill 
Joselu dae tell guests since 
have a dinner prepared my oxen 
there are motorbikes and everything is ready 
in two fatty ones to send samples and 
Knowing the guests descending and here 
preparing food station of animals 
fattened dead and all these 
things drinks now 70 
they however ignoring were 1 
to your field another to yours 
business and others seizing the 
servants used them and killed ugliest 
so to be if there were our the 
souvenirs and other business and other 
adding so far presented in 
will kill played from this 
southern representation of the 
flowers and ix representation on the table 
who were to kill it being presented is 
week because when I write dies it ends 
grace for Jews where he met the woman 
and whether or not that island is there 
that happens when the people's grace ends 
Jewish and now we will happen when 
finish the forests 17 and the kingdom 
news that co was carried out and 
sending his armies destroyed 
those murderers and they burned down their house 
then said blaring in the wedding 
truth are prepared but the 
guests were not worthy and then the 
out of the way and invite and 
the wedding at all to find 
the army destroyed those murderers and 
which shows you then actually and 
always for more or who were invited 
they were not worthy club and think the way out 
of paths and yellow ball to when 
this is the third called this center 
be more positive for your lows 
Will they embrace friends? 
to 1 with the 3 French to 
servers at 41 when 
the first 12 and after the 70 when the 
the first attempt to declare the kingdom of 
photo skies 
declaring that the resignation does not 
ports the message was not accepted 
the message was not that tala those 
those limited to the sciences 
names were later in later years 
in other herbs this message I go 
eat some of the text 
this is this was the message of the nation 
judaica tomás updates and if it is 
message and daloa were born the day after 
of Christ having been crucified 
after which Persian beliefs avoided 
but the nation that claimed to be a people 
god rejected gospel but 
the nation that claimed to be powerful 
think only legend brought to illustrious 
children for them but 
Syrian was then down by the call 
was done but is there with them and in shades 
and it would be bad was edson's ways 
sun and hedges and paths will in the 
this is the same for good win 
exemplified that he was never lacking the same 
to look who is and remy stay in the 
car 14 teachers on the notes well she 
You can see similarities in the night. 
nor are there read and 2020 version 3 calls 
them in all other see here that 
we are 13 suitcases like favela são paulo 
more for the new generation as 
then no more was the 
message to one hundred of the volume that is 
show you what they say 
we are talking so wait will show 
happy here in our generation will have 
a prophetic message 
what we are renatinho carpenter 
prophetic message that the truth 
gifts who came to present in all 
hearts had truth present 
for that generation as anthony a 
regeneration and instructed truth for 
cent in each remuneration and one place 
called first to see if free and 
poem the first to eat book 
very large consumers and not 
we had big stores in the so-called 
havens years the whole family manfred 
time we have a job to do 
- a job that is your first 
work has to be done is a 
internal work and r 50 in bpn 
references an entire job because 
in the history of the disciples was the same 
thing because she would be in the disciples 
it was the same know matthew 10 
let's kill you 
10 11 in 5 to 1 
calling his 12 disciples from him 
power over unclean spirits to 
expel to cure throughout the 
illness and all bad versus 5 to 7 
jesus sent these 12 they ordered 
saying, I will not go in the way of 
I will not even be 100 cities to love 
the elderly but through the lost sheep 
from the house of israel and going to get 
is to arrive in the kingdom of heaven 
the ballot box was born on the 11th in so many 
calls 12 and sends the two disciples 
said the authority on the belts in 
worlds so that it is not so can 
end violence verses 50 
times in less than a year before 
in the house of israel asking to stay 
saying and negotiating they did not approach 
containment when this message 
prophetic gift has arrived 
when this prophetic message that 
that the deliveries of God call the 
12 and 11 years return the order given 
first was not to go in the way of the 
uncles in the order that is first for 
do not go there in the ways of innocents 
but first the sheep lost by 
ray cause 
the lost sheep in the house of israel 
this called 12 called my and your 
My mother was called because the 
trial starts first for the cause 
God, because he comments first 
by cas air thanks to the law 
thanks to them before and after the Jews 
urgent calls but when we 
we entered the time of the visit 
1 but now we present in example 
the bidding of driving meetings 
to a special truth that when days 
in the special truth 
this fact a gift of truth 
god first call the group and the first 
line not group doing a job 
internship to be an internal job that 
the agenda of our differences and close 
because after the age was trying to be champion 
already next week 
usually have a weight 
I like 16 which shows that said 
every season to the new development of 
truth said that time of year it read 
this second movement is actually a 
special truth adapted to that 
in fact especially in rooms for 
for each generation has Portuguese and 
Portuguese there 
the parable of jesus already to the rs in 
Portuguese in Portuguese making 60 2 
points for this the great teacher 
page 62 point 3 in Portuguese 95.3 in 
Spanish then 91 more in fact 
messages of this remuneration by the 
metal usage time 
we're coming from a symbol, let's not go 
to know in the Sunday law 10 a truth 
are in fact essential 
for our time to our customers 
says the call made to those 
associations are going to make a 
work called it to whom 
people who for seven years of work 
to be one to be an internal job 
why be called to 101 contest 
muse of page 51 
according to this page 50 
since that first strip the disciples 
should only to where Jesus knows this 
and had confessed to friends his 
preparation for the trip should be 
of an agency should not allow 
things some messages the attention of the 
great work dispersed opposition 
heroes of the inner labor force of 
airplane talk and on the calendar 
religious people know some of us who 
indices of the humid peasants did not 
must enter the synagogues and place the 
Scientist public worship their forces 
should manage their work at home 
from house to house there was no more spending 5 
in multi money rooms from house to house 
to be launched instead of accessing 
the sisu were worth ten in girls 
cordial like surgeries without even jesus 
should get into dating and monsters 
lula make this house and if they play 
be overcome by your prayers with 
songs and advances in the presentation of 
scriptures in a family circle 
opened the first pedro four processes 
Let's go to the first pedro 4 and 7 
because it's time to trade 
judgment by the house of God that 
first begins with us what will be the 
end of those who are obedient 
God's gospel because it is yes can 
influence begins with the house he 
first begins with the others 
be there for those who do not see 
judgment energy auction as 
by 11 to 0 with that I get ready 
Because of God it was in the serious house. 
Romans 12 16 are more 96 
the trial begins for the first time 
grace of God that was totally the 
first by the child's house 
gospel that is a power for the 
salvation of the gospel wherever 
prepare for the hour of judgment that 
begins the first place of God who 
do not know how to prepare for the time when 
starts at the house and here comes the first bar 
first-person shooter. 
god's people 
the first lecture in the Roman yas 12 16 
jesus sum national 16 why not me 
ashamed of the gospel of christ because 
it is the power of God for the salvation of 
all who believe first of the Jew and 
also from the Greek because I do not 
ashamed of the gospel because it is the 
power of God for the salvation of all 
he who believes the first lie and 
also the church are not well from Greek 
also in fears god does not 
meaning of people says it's not yours 
character it will give the same 
opportunity for the uncles and also for 
herself or porpoises they feel more 
God's people will have the formula cry 
first knocking at the door will be 1 of the 
Sunday decree ruin god and nem 
Sunday to Poland 
So for us and in the first games. 
for us to prepare the first 
twisting for not only lingerie and not 
want first so that not only in the 
let's prepare first so that later 
So we can fight with brasilians for 
who does not know the reason let's play 
with big spots here is the 9 on the reef 
and in the cast you can write underneath 
under Romans one of the training sessions here 
it's 9 
I note here that it is not seen versus 6 
Verse 609 of vasco not romário 
I know that Roman desks and not 
is to take 5 to 6 
she says about the judgment still 
is when Corinthians infection and 
Look where it starts, we'll go 
plan my older youth 
virgins girls and women up 
exterminate them but every man who 
I did not get the signal if I started. 
my sanctuary and start with the 
older men and stand before the 
home my women who do not want 
none for all want on our 
teams and will get for me shrines 
started things will not be 
cated the issue of launching a 
bronze sensor 
so if the user at the time of the pole 
del nero a time purification 
requested by the 3rd a purification of the 
wounded temple for three and fifteen minutes 
To talk about it and in five minutes. 
alexandre so let's go quickly 
according to chronicles so let's go 
quickly the second chronicle verse 22 
chapters 29 chapter young denner ex 
arm 16 25 16 
according to the chronicle capital verse 
argentina verse 16 hezekiah will 
ask police Davos is that it will 
besides a version to purify the 
fires two people two groups 
people work in their purification 
bank and two groups of people in the 
braking this purification although part 
Arm of you 
we will go in the part of a cycle of six 
and the servants entered the house of the 
lord to cleanse and take away 
out the lord's house step all 
that they found in the temple of the 
and the Levites shall take it to 
take out to the brook of cedrón 
said entering the priests inside the 
rain house for cleaning not only in 
have won an example of this 
and then we took was the limit 
bury in tehran 
so when resolution 141 groups 
google.com and closer to school 
when they begin to purify the time 
we will go when they started publishing in 
time things began before only the 
time on the first day of the first month 
started with these before was always 
on the first day and the first month 
first probably a year the least 
idea of ​​edson's story in the 
from the first day of the 
first month of the year with 156 mm months 
1957 a totally different man the 
totally different manny leaves the 
first month as a 
symbol of one month became a 
symbol that when the south in June 
who when they read in the book that also 
It is when the publication begins 
users that this mother when she started 
the application of any and when I 
called when we would be called to 
go through the 10 years to go through 
Mother would be having in my time already 
ran out of time and held out and tomorrow 
People are going to talk a little more about the 
my tires girl then continue 
the ears to the cinemas after the 120 and 
the attentive ones therefore also of 70 but 
I want to keep this in mind but he wants to 
that you have again 
process from the first day of the 
first month the 17th month this 
light process first bié first 
testing of this women so a month is 
purification of the temple of god 
she looked at the gods she purification saying 
goodbye from the house days is the time of 
The proof of God's house has no 
power or her nuts and this is the 
we have to prepare ourselves and 
feeling that I know I have to 
are two groups are called their 
and then the strikers are from the 
phone group we priests 
that take us the 12 pieces it hurts us 
70 after japan thanks press if 
after the dust is sincere are 
called 20 sony a900 use today will 
call them also represented as 
in my eyes I looked more like myself 
represent them as the movement - the 
People come up on this tomorrow to 
keep this morning getting better again 
I hurt my father, thank you so much for your 
word for children lots of grace 
these words thanks for the site 
will it be for cesium in training or 
Little girls, could I help, end up? 
much and we want to hurt that we have 
reveal the cause of our presence here 
study and understand the subjects that 
are being presented 
the trainee understand in the subjects 
that they are being presented 
can verify that it really is 
The truth is that they have me to check 
if this is really true so that 
they have a personal experience 
so they also have some 
experience a character before a 
clear for the next lectures 
born in the clear mind for the coming 
presentations continue with us 
continue with the weight of shares and 
woman only who does not laugh at him 
selection too