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very welcome dear listeners to 
our series the old shops les 
I invite you to save live with me 
That dear father 
we intend to study 
again some essential themes and 
fundamentals I directed my 
and works in the hearts of those who 
they study with us here 
in the name of Jesus amen 
very good the idea is to undo is a give 
a base an introduction for those who 
they still have not had much contact with 
those prophecy themes 
the idea is to make it pretty simple 
place the texts 
fundamental essentials that are that 
build let's say the foundation on 
which all the prophetic understanding of 
this time is being built we have 
done that in the past years and years 
past I mean the years 
easily before 2005 2004 
and then 2008-2010 at those higher altitudes 
or less but there's a need again 
record all this 
that we have an access 
more direct and easier to prophecy 
it seems already prophecy we need to place 
a foundation maybe there is someone who does 
or has never done it is not aware 
that there are different ways 
study prophecy 
little by little and through that series I hope 
let's see this let's understand 
that and we're going to 
know how we should get in that 
book and why 
we also have a syllabus or a pdf 
that you accompany to be that you can 
downloading from internet is going to indicate the 
Web page 
and accompany the reading 
the first text that I want to share 
with you 
and we say for the church as a 
page 300 
and 3 
he says well there is no biblical sanctification 
for those who throw a part of the 
the word of God is light enough for 
that nobody needs to get the truth is 
so sublime that he admires the intellects 
higher and yet so simple 
who can understand and be instructed 
for her also humble and weak son of 
God, do not see beauty, the truth 
Do not give importance to the message of the 
third angel will be left without an excuse because 
the truth is clear 
there is no sanctification again by repeating 
the first biblical phrase for those who 
they discard a part of the truth 
let's do a lot of emphasis on that 
part of the prophecy in this series 
normally part 
and it is estimated a little 
all that God has revealed to us is 
the text continues here 
that is a previous page 302 
it is time for the people of God who 
is in and here one can place the 
city ​​where they are originally located 
he directed the Wisconsin tasting is already 
time that the people of god that is in 
wisconsin finds its place who is 
by jehová 
where does that question come from? 
is the story of Elijah where God asks 
to the people to make a decision on what 
side is found 
who is by jehovah should be the 
question asked everywhere by the 
faithful experienced god requires that 
get out and move away from the various 
influences that separate them from 
others and the great platform of the 
truth about which you are gathering your 
the idea is that one has to rediscover 
and approach and climb again to the great 
platform and another word here that 
we do in which we emphasize and 
let's explain what this means 
it is to that text the following is the letter 
97 of 1902 the most important issue 
is the third angel's message that 
covers the first agés of the first and 
of the second angels everyone must understand 
the truths contained in those messages 
and to show them in daily life because 
this is essential for salvation this 
it is essential for salvation again 
I want to emphasize that the common idea 
nowadays in our church there is a 
message of love that is the gospel 
and that's the essential 
does not match what elena white says 
and na wai says that is not all that is 
a part is an aspect of everything that God 
has left us declared the subject of greater 
importance that third angel's message 
which covers the messages of the first and the 
second angels everyone must understand the 
truths contained in those messages and 
show us in their lives we will have to 
study with fervor and collaboration in order 
to understand these great truths and 
our power to learn and understand 
will be striving to the extreme without a doubt 
some those who have entered into that 
experience know what it is 
a challenge 
that we often have to recognize that 
we can not 
We can not solve this for us 
impossible and we always get to 
points where that mental capacity 
to its limits 
but it is a beautiful experience at the same time 
whatever the progress 
intellectual of a man 
you should not think for a moment that you do not 
he needs to scrutinize and 
continuously writing to get 
greater light 
no one does not get on that land never 
will reach the point where one can say 
I already understood it even though nobody says it 
well but many show it in their lives 
that have that attitude and like that already 
no it is not true it is impossible as a people 
we are individually called to be 
students of prophecy 
this also we take for the very many it is 
for the church all 5 leave 663 and there 
and that is part of the intention of that 
series of topics call you dear 
brother and sister wake up to that 
called because you're called a call to 
be individually be student 
according to the chronicle at 20 
verse 20 
according to the chronicles 2020 
when they got up 
in the morning they went out into the desert of 
tekoá and while they left josafat 
he said today he helps me and residents of 
in jehovah to your god and you will be 
insurance believe in your prophets and you will be 
from the beginning 2 god declares through 
your people that we need 
understand all that complex not only 
the scriptures do not just believe in 
jehovah but also to prosper 
in the prophecies in the prophets and for 
you have to study that 
understand it 
and we want and need 
to flourish 
and so we have read will not nobody ever go 
to get to the point where he no longer understands 
more always have to study more 
it means to learn more but in that 
process enters just according to the bible 
To thrive 
the theme of believing in the prophets 
in another text isaiah 7 
verse 9 
says the following 
and the frame head is Maria and the 
head in Samaria the judgment of royalties 
if you would not believe certain 
I will remain jce 
then do not believe 
prevents one from remaining a town of 
and rejecting a part of the truth has 
as an inevitable consequence this 
no it is not an issue in which we 
we can decide and direct that we street 
more interesting that we are called to be 
students of the prophecy 
individually and all this is part of 
what we need to understand second of 
chapter 1 
in the 19th century 
According to 'Pedro 119 
we have also is one of the texts 
keys and fundamentals for our 
church has always been we have also 
the safest prophetic word to the 
which you do well to be attentive as 
a torch that shines in a dark place 
until the day clarifies and the star 
in the morning come out in your hearts 
very good 
and here 
and next to that text I want to read you from 
signs of the times sansor times' the 
second of June 1898 the word of God 
as it reads is the basis of our faith 
that word is the sure word of 
as is true the bible is the word 
of god but here says that word is the 
sure word of prophecy 
and demands implicit faith of all 
who claim to believe it is authoritarian 
containing in itself the proof of its 
divine origin then that is the process 
of separating prophecy from what is 
gospel from another part of the word 
is something that is not not in accordance with the 
bible in the bible is prophecy prophecy 
it's bible 
we have to come back to understand this and 
we have to incorporate the 
prophetic study 
and there the text in one of the texts 
keys for 
to understand 
the need is in the first book 
of the apocalypse well at the beginning 
we read that bliss 
a publicis a verse 3 says 
blessed is the one who reads 
and those who hear the words of this 
prophecy and keep things in it 
written because the time is near 
and well starting the book God leaves 
Of course it means what it would mean 
if one really takes that book seriously 
and if I would study it and understand it 
receive a bliss that is a 
blessing a promise of blessing god 
is going to bless you this do that 
is going to have consequences for your life 
spiritual and your life in 
and so he comments then in testimonies 
for the ministers on page 113 
elena white saying we do not understand the 
word as we owe the book of 
apocalypse starts with an order and 
always almost every presentation and I 
I stay let's say surprised and 
amazed at that expression of elena 
white the apoc free book starts 
with an order and if it says blessed 
that that's not an order is a 
promise is not true is not an order 
but he clarifies that that is an order 
I understand it so good if God 
promise to bless us if we 
we study understand that book that's not 
it's something we can refuse 
in this way an order is made 
we have to 
it starts with an order to understand the 
instruction containing blessed 
the one who reads and those who hear the words 
of that prophecy facing God and keep 
the things written in it because the 
time is close when as a people 
let's understand what this book means 
for us , a 
great king 
that food has already risen and is big 
that kind as 
accustomed from some decades of 
regulations is no longer screaming is not 
emotion is not true not basically 
if something very solemn is not something that 
it produces that changes lives 
in the whole world of the sons of god 
as a people we understand understand what 
what wheat means to us 
severely we a great 
training is something that we need 
we would like that to occur between 
each one of us 
where there is need cientista 
I would save 
in his own life in his family 
we do not fully understand the lessons 
who teach despite the mandate that we 
it was given of scrum scrutinizing it and 
study it 
we do not fully understand the lessons 
they teach and you can take 
examples as they take books that our 
church published about apocalypse 
to see where the symposiums go 
that is not believed to meet to what extent 
can they solve some 
problems that have been evident even 
who are professionally engaged in 
study that book come they have reached 
your limits of those books have been 
with chapters 
missing are not served us 
explain some details and summarize 
something that is very deep in 23 words 
that we need that we need 
progress in understanding and when 
that happens and we are dedicated to 
the word to the story of the cove 
prophetic I can put you practice 
that is to that promise 
old conflicts that will arise at a 
new life and danger would access the 
God 's children everywhere to anxiety 
is taken possession taking position of 
the human family is saturated all 
the things that there are on earth 
student the apocalypse my relationship 
with Daniel because the story is 
will repeat 
us with all our advantages 
we must know today much more 
of what we know if that's something that 
that I think everyone is so smart in 
to admit 
let's look at the videos or around 
we are already at the end of the world 
everyone with the majority admits that the 
Sunday law is may be very close 
to the events that happen indicate us 
we are in the end times 
but our understanding about things 
that are revealed in relation to the 
end time are very scarce 
lack to understand what God declared us 
it seems time and how is that how is that 
that we come to the end the prophecies 
they declare the end and we do not understand these 
there is a problem in our town all 
our religious advantages with all 
our advantages, we must 
know today much more than we know 
the angels want to look at the truths 
that are revealed to the people that with 
contrite heart investigates the word of 
god and now to get older 
lengths and widths and depths and 
heights of knowledge that only the 
sir can give 
as we approach the end of the history of 
this world the prophecies that are 
relate to the last days demand 
it is especially our study the 
last book of treatment is found 
full of a truth that we need 
you have reached the minds of many of 
way they will be glad of any 
excuse not to do the book of 
apocalypse his subject of study of 
and what are those excuses 
there is no time 
they warn us in churches that they do not 
we should study because you can have 
To stop 
cause separation in the churches is not 
true only the experts should 
study is a layman should not 
then there is not even much where 
resort there are no books nor are there 
specialists or there are pastors who 
they preach a lot in their subjects 
those are any excuse it 's true that 
the devil puts 
so we can not 
study that book but Christ continued 
the text through his servant John has 
declared here what will be in the 
last days and he says blessed the 
What read 
and all who hear the words of 
this prophecy equal in things in the 
written testimonies for ministers 
also page 116 and 16 
God gave men the firm word 
prophetic angels and even the same 
Christ came to make known to 
Daniel already john the things that should 
soon important things to happen 
that concern our salvation 
they were not shrouded in mystery 
So here we have already started 
we've seen that's not why are not things 
simply of interest 
curiosity does not 
they are not superficial or complicated issues 
or until they're not important because 
they are very complicated 
these are things that concern our 
salvation my brothers and if we 
we are aware of that 
we have to unlearn the idea that 
for our salvation we 
we only need to accept the work 
redeemer of Christ 
that is with 
for a son to accept that his parents are 
their parents and then not doing what the 
parents say to him 
follow him name in his name 
here it says the important things that 
contain concern to salvation not 
they will be good in the mystery 
these are things that we find in the 
Daniel book and the book that was revealed 
to Juan 
things of 
that considers our salvation now 
one of the arguments that we have 
that we face many times is very 
complicated and now 
here we have a 
and the pioneers are going to talk 
late in our series of 
presentations but for many that 
It seems complicated 
do not 
same seems almost the same after what 
means that and 
names dates and why because everything 
this I do not know why faith has to be 
I have implied these are really a 
small challenge to understand that is not 
a big challenge to be human but 
we often fall already on 
they are like a stumbling block and 
we reject the prophecy because 
contains this we would need to understand 
this dates symbols 
and so it says then of the sierra del 
that's in evangelism page 196 
the preachers must present the 
sure prophetic word 
as the foundation of the faith of the 
Seventh-day Adventists 
we have the safest prophetic word 
we have read and now 
we read that this should be the 
foundation of faith the Adventists 
seventh day in the proclamation of the 
is that of our reality is not not 
our reality how many times in this 
year you have heard we are 
how many times we have to study that 
must study carefully the 
prophecies of Daniel and the apocalypse in 
relationship with them the words here 
the lamb of God that takes away sin 
of the world then again what 
we would call the gospel 
in relation to him 
of the redeeming work of the lamb has 
that join that what has been separated and 
that's a story is not magic 
that's not something we can not explain 
if in history they are not 
it happened on purpose 
it was decided a separation of those two 
blocks of 
of gospel themes there is prophecy already 
we are left with the gospel 
and we delay some 
and that way in reality three of us are 
everyone should study carefully the 
prophecies and daniely of the apocalypse and in 
relationship with them the words here 
the lamb of God that takes away sin 
of the world chapter 24 of Matthew has 
been presented to you repeatedly as 
something that you should attract the attention of 
all of what this chapter talks about 
the beach of the ten virgins 
I've got 24 is those 25 is not true and 
the 24 is the question of the apostles 
that will be the signs of time in the 
and those those details that answer that 
Jesus gives that they are answer that explain 
what comes the Sunday law 
something that repeats what happened to the Jews 
in the dissolution of jerusalem and so on 
the signs in the heavens to that is 
she refers 
repeatedly the something that we should 
dedicate ourselves to understand this we live today 
at the time when the predictions of 
that chapter are being fulfilled 
explain our preachers and 
teachers those prophecies to those to 
who instruct 
exclude from their speeches the matters of 
less important and present the 
truths that will decide 
the fate of the well 
good if we convert that 
We live in times of the end, it's time 
there should be this in churches leave 
of the topics that are not so 
I give the attention that for the pastors and 
the teachers in the sermons 
in the studies that are done in the afternoon 
and also the sabbatical things to these 
topics here 
in truth is that they consider all 
who live today we have to proclaim 
to the world the great and solemn truths 
of the apocalypse those truths have to 
enter the same plot and principles of 
the church of god is pronounced a 
blessing on those who present all 
those on which they lend due 
consideration to this communication the 
blessing is promised to stimulate the 
study of that book that we have already seen 
public 13 that blessing is pronounced 
to stimulate 
the study of that book of any 
way we have to get tired sometimes we do not 
we tire 
not necessarily physically but not 
because of the complication we do not get tired 
study we have started to open a book 
and we have never gone through the first 
because we get tired we do not understand not 
he just can not grasp those things we 
they seem difficult 
We should not get tired in any way 
we have to get tired of studying it because 
to its seemingly mystical symbols 
Christ can give us understanding should 
have a more complete study and more 
diligent of the apocalypse and a 
most fervent presentation of 
truths that contain truths that 
consider all those who live in the 
last days and we brothers live 
today really in the past 
years of that earth 
we have to have that clear that this 
education page 123 but teaching 
most valuable of the bible you do not get 
through occasional study or 
we have to understand that it is difficult 
what is a challenge what is 
is essential 
it was thorium 
but we can not do it isolated or 
functionally preserved occasionally or 
we can not do it, I was just 
the afternoon 
a little energy a few hours 
It will not work, we will not get to 
come to understand to embrace that and there 
is the problem not true because 
we do not provide a study 
biblical that time in our lives not 
There's time 
we do not find time 
his great system of truth does not show up 
in such a way that you can discover the 
hurried reader 
how much time does your 
your devotion 
of the morning 
how much time do you invest if it is 
that does it right 
here we have now a one a challenge 
and you have to solve it you have to solve it 
what I've seen around the world 
brothers who come to that conclusion for 
themselves or they tell me I have to 
change the configuration of my life 
I need to work less 
get up earlier 
water something has to happen 
I have some friends who live in Portugal 
and they have decided to separate themselves from their 
which was integrated into the 
employment and so on they bought a field 
divine already of agriculture and sells everything 
they sow reap 
and his plan is this we or they have 
decided to do this work and study 
and of course if one lives 
what you sow of your plants needs 
a lot of work for that to live on 
this completely then they 
they work a lot but at the same time they 
they have that 
that rule that everyone takes the time 
necessary to study daily and 
more or less balances half theory 
student theory 
working in the field 
very good this but have not say that that 
is the solution for all there are different 
ways to fix it but you have to 
face that problem many of their 
treasures are far from the surface and 
they can only be obtained by means of 
a diligent investigation and a 
continuous effort 
the truths that make up the great all 
they must be searched and gathered a little bit 
there another little bit there and 6 28 10 
once searched and gathered 
will correspond perfectly to 
each gospel is a complement to the 
others each prophecy an explanation of 
the other every truth the development of 
another truth 
he has realized that every gospel does not 
it's just a note like that but 
we usually think that there is the margin 
but there is every gospel that means 
that we have been teaching for years 
understanding and preaching this that the 
gospel is a job 
that is repeated and seen throughout the 
story in many stories in many 
it's a way God works with his 
village to separate them from their of their 
circumstances of darkness and meet us 
and raise them for the new town every 
Gospel is a complement to others 
each prophecy an explanation of the other 
the gospel explains the symbols of 
Jewish system every principle every 
principle of the word of God has its 
place each fact their relationship and the 
complete structure both in its 
purpose as in its execution gives 
testimony of its author 
I'm going to try a little more down 
to look for the different legs and 
study your relationship 
the faculties enter into activity 
superiors of the human mind 
nobody can undertake that study without 
let your mind develop 
it is a is really a challenge for 
our mind the study of the bible is 
the biggest challenge for the human being 
in that land to understand and study it 
there is no science that is more 
more challenging more difficult to understand 
why it is not from that earth what is 
whom he 
nobody can undertake that study without 
that develops in your mind that's a 
but that's what it needs like a 
continuous effort 
and the intellectual value of studying the 
bible does not consist only in 
investigate the truth and discover its 
intimate structure but also the 
effort required to cover the 
topics presented 
the effort required to cover the 
subjects presented in the busy mind 
only with vulgar affairs will 
it dwarfs and weakens and I think many 
of us are in those conditions 
Of course it is difficult 
study that book here of course we 
they look so 
insurmountable the prophecies of that book 
the mind went through a process we have 
Nourished year after year decade after decade 
with what 
we have given him 
we have given him television 
I hope not 
television achieves that makes it more 
small to the mind 
weakens it dwarfs things 
vulgar vulgar things to read 
nowadays few read books what they read 
they are themes of 
which is presented or not 
facebook or other applications those things 
with the 
the slogans that appear there 
that contributes to just what she 
of what you notice here 
if he never insists on understanding 
great and far-reaching truths 
after a while he loses the faculty 
to grow 
it really is a process the brain is going 
if it's not the same you can take the 
example of muscles or certain 
muscles of a human being over time 
more and more guys are going and not looking 
challenge if it does not work 
does not the brain grow like this 
and muscle does not grow with something that is easy 
to lift 
grows with something that is difficult that is 
and repeat it and repeat that I think it's 
an example that all of us understand 
very easily as Saturday safeguard 
against that degeneration as a stimulus 
for development 
nothing can equal the study of 
Word of God as a means of education 
intellectual the bible is more effective than 
any other book or that all 
other books together 
so that's what it is here that we 
we need to understand if prophecy 
it's hard 
it is a challenge yes but it is not impossible 
and it is necessary then we have to 
change something in those days we have to 
face that challenge and we have to do 
many are deceiving themselves not 
they have sought the truth as treasure 
hidden do not get the best game 
possible of your faculties your mind that 
it could be illuminated by light 
Celestial is disturbed and perplexed 
and yet, even though we 
we have this we have a mind that does not 
we have educated that he has not taken time 
for study 
repeatedly continuously in much 
time the word of god 
many times we give ourselves the luxury of opinion 
it's not true and where does that come from? 
it's opinion based on where it comes from 
simply and nourished 
for those passions 
we disqualify 
It is not important is very complicated da 
fear or whatever 
his mind that could be illuminated by the 
celestial light that disturbed and perplexed 
the care of this century and deception 
of riches and greed there 
in the other things 
entering drown the word and they are made 
influence and it becomes unfruitful that of san 
frames 4 19 such said the angel 
they are without excuse and that the light is 
away from them they did not want to understand 
the solemn important truths for 
this time and they thought they were fine 
without understanding them his light went out and 
they were walking in gropes 
and unfortunately many times in the 
brother churches are warned of not 
investigate not by themselves trying to 
search for 
the prophecies 
the process that is a process that like 
human being does not fall easy to us the certain thing 
and get away from that challenge 
but it is a process that leads to this 
that here says that those who do that 
they are without excuse 
and the light is going to move away from them 
well then I believe with those texts 
we have been able there is much more much more 
sexes even many many times that 
warning that we have to follow the 
prophecies the book of Daniel the book of 
apocalypse the shepherds should 
present those issues but I think I'm left 
pretty clear here with the texts that 
we have put 
and the next point that I want 
explain is the foundation of our faith 
prophecy is not only something that 
we have to understand if it is not 
we have already seen we have already read that it is the 
word the word of prophecy 
the foundation in that faith in a sense 
very specific 
I'm going to read a text to fulfill the 
centuries down to 349 and as peace as 
I always want to tell you that the 
references I have of the 
from the center white website 
those are the references sometimes not 
agree with some books that 
we have printed but that's here the 
after his resurrection jesus 
He appeared to his disciples on the way 
of Emmaus and starting from this bassinet and 
all the prophets were interpreting 
in all the scriptures things 
referring to himself 
the hearts of the disciples are 
they moved their faith was their faith was revived 
they were regenerated in living hope 
what was the situation but disciples 
they were in an experience christ had 
I think your hope failed 
of Christ 
and now they have begun to hear that 
he raised that they are no longer there but they are a 
little bit 
disturbed and do not understand well everything 
this then what Christ does good 
he approaches them they do not know that he is 
and gives them a help 
help to understand the 
circumstances to eat your time in 
which live 
and he says 
and he did what he does is the beginning 
of this bassinet and all the prophets 
lucas 24-27 the hearts of the 
disciples were moved their faith was 
rekindled were born of the 
hope alive before Jesus even 
reveals to them the purpose of this one of 
Jesus was to illuminate his intelligences and 
found your faith in the prophetic word more 
firm that's why it's only what Jesus base 
the first thing he does to explain everything 
what had happened is 
to see them explained moses and light 
we see that he is also a prophet 
so that to place your faith in a 
firmer prophetic word that's what 
what Jesus intended and achieved he wanted 
the truth be done be firmly in your 
not only because it was sustained by its 
personal testimony but because of the 
obvious evidence provided by the 
symbols and shadows of the typical law and 
for the prophecies of the old testament 
it was necessary that the disciples of 
Christ had an intelligent faith 
not only for their own benefit but for 
communicate to the world the knowledge of 
Christ and as a first step in the 
communication of this knowledge jesus 
He led his disciples to Moses and 
all the prophets then here 
we have something like a 
logic that we could apply to our 
lives too 
we have a first step 
He passed 
and all the prophets you too 
one could say 
and everyone 
that Jesus wanted the truth to be 
go firmly in their minds that's 
what we need 
have a firm understanding of the truth 
but where do we start here jesus us 
necessary that the disciples of Christ 
had an intelligent faith not only in 
own benefit but to communicate 
this to the world as a first step in the 
communication of that knowledge jesus 
He led his disciples to Moses and 
all the prophets 
does not anyone treat and those other text about 
the evangelicals 
page 306 nobody try to undo 
the foundations of our faith the 
foundations that were thrown out at 
principle of our work 
then the foundations are always laid 
at the beginning 
production dates 
once the foundation is 
it is well placed you can place the 
columns the roof and everything that is 
need nobody try to undo the 
foundations of our faith the foundations 
that were thrown at the beginning of 
our work by prayer and study of the 
word of God and by revelation about 
these foundations we have been and dif and 
for more than 50 years men 
can assume that they have found a 
new path that can take a 
foundation stronger than the one that was 
thrown out but this is a great deception 
nobody can lay another foundation that 
it is set at the first 4311 not passed 
many have undertaken the work of 
raise a new faith to establish 
new principles but how long 
lasted its construction did not take in falling 
because it was not founded on the rock 
that also here 
and what is the rock 
Christ is the cornerstone Christ is the 
when Christ does that work in his village 
is that they have moved away from Christ 
lost of sight christ have not been 
away from the beginnings of Christ 
then he has to take it to 
bring them to yourself again and place 
place the rock the beginning of our 
when it was the beginning of faith 
words of power have been sent by 
God for Christ to his people for 
take them out of the world and take it point by 
point to the clear light of truth 
I presented 
so this is also something that 
you can call it a process 
this process is carried out 
point by point 
maybe it does not make much sense to him 
but each point has its importance is 
a process and we're going to find several 
points that mark here is the foundation 
God has not given us a new message 
we have to proclaim the message that we 
has taken out of the other churches in 1.053 
in 1844 rebiun was on January 19 in 
all messages given since 1840 
up in 1054 
they have to be hard facts 
because there are many 
they have lost their 
your orientation or your course 
the message has to go to all 
churches with elena white talks explains 
of what is done at the beginning 
she says it's a process arrived point 
per point was something that did not stop 
the churches 
and we can 
add in parentheses 
and this 
with the two sexes that we have seen here 
it was something that happened 
in a time 
this time hard building 
ah that was the beginning of the work and I 
he says at the beginning he was placed 
the foundation 
another text review also April 14 
1903 the warning has come and nothing is 
will allow entry that disturbs the 
foundation of our faith about which 
we have been building since the 
message arrived in 1842 1,053 and 1,054 
because she who always mentioned him 
every year 
years are those points 
here something happens 
in all those years 
they are important years in that process 
that's george scored points in the 
different years 
those are also the milestones if you 
have studied again 
in the line of reform those are the 
I was in this message 
and since then I have been before the world 
faithful to the light that God has given us 
we have proposed not to remove our feet 
of the platform on which they were placed 
while day after day we looked for the gentleman 
by fervent prayer seeking light 
you think that I could leave the light 
what God has given me should be like 
eternal rock 
the Lord has been guiding me since 
said warning was given 
then that we have seen we have seen that 
we need prophecy is 
urgent is one is a mandate 
part of what it means to have the 
information for salvation is a 
challenge yes but it is can be solved 
because Christ is by our side if 
we do is the self and that is the 
process that Christ used to guide his 
disciples who were confused 
in a moment where they did not know how to explain 
the circumstances had not understood 
what had happened 
and it is the first step that Christ uses now 
in the history of our church 
also that was the first step we're going to 
spend another hour explaining the 
what happens in that time but this what 
passed to the beginning of our faith what is 
the foundation of our faith 
it's a story of having understanding and 
prophetic fulfillment 
were fulfilled in these years prophecies were 
those years understood prophecies of 
studies and proclaimed in those years and this 
is what got us out of the other churches 
the acceptance of the prophetic word 
that's what made us a different town 
You can end here with a warning 
that is in first subscribed pages 
so a company was standing 
well guarded and firm denying your support to 
those who wanted to upset the faith 
established of the body god looked with 
the approval in that company I was 
shown three steps the messages 
of the first angel of the second and the 
God did not say look at the companion since 
I move a block or pin of these 
the true understanding of your message 
it is of vital importance that it is 
vital importance is not in other 
vitality is life or death 
the understanding of the three messages 
illica decides you about our life 
in the words the true understanding 
of this vital importance the fate of 
the souls depends on the way in which 
are received again I was made 
go through those messages and I saw how high 
price had obtained his experience of 
their people got it for a long time 
suffering and severe conflict god what 
had driven step by step until 
put it on a solid platform and 
this is that platform 
one step by step that happens first 
those are the steps too 
independent as one wants to describe 
and explain the foundation of that beginning 
of our faith about which we should 
day certain people and now that's the 
problem like that after only approaching the 
platform and examine its foundation 
some immediately climbed to it 
with rejoicing 
and others began to find flaws 
in the foundation 
they wanted improvements to be made 
then the platform would be more 
perfect and people much happier than 
some got off the platform to 
examine it and they declared that they were wrong 
in this situation we are nowadays already 
we are in a moment where no 
only some but all basically 
they have downloaded from that platform 
They have forgotten 
but I saw that almost everyone remained 
firm on the platform still in its 
time and exhorted those who had 
down from it to which their complaints are made 
because I was the master craftsman and 
they were fighting against him 
they told him the wonderful work done 
by god who had led them to the 
firm platform and in unison they raised 
eyes to heaven and with a strong voice 
they glorified God this affected 
many of those who had complained and 
left on the platform these with 
with respect to thousands they went back up to her 
and that's why the Bible says in Jeremiah 616 
So says Jehovah standing on the roads and 
look and ask for dinners 
old which is the good road and walk 
for him 
rest for your soul 
more said we will not walk 
dear brother or sister