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and all good morning everyone 
today we are going to start studying a 
little of the prophetic pattern today 
we are going to start making a 
little about the prophetic pattern more 
wide we started talking about the pattern 
before starting to develop the 
pattern what will make some 
principles I want to establish some 
principles we are peace is 162 of 
the newbies 
we are on page 62 of the notes in 
your brochures 
and we're going to start with a text of the 
big full and now we 're going 
to start with a text of the great 
of acronyms 
that says well the work of God in the 
Earth presents century after century 
surprisingly analogy in every great 
movement of great reformation or religion of 
reform or religious the principles that 
they govern God's dealings with men 
the movements are always the same 
important of home agree with the 
of yesteryear and in the experience of 
church in times that were enclosed 
lessons of great value to the 
our in all here we see 
then we here we see that to works 
to God to presented more amazing ml 
we see that the work of God is present 
here a surprising similarity other your 
God with men is always the same 
God's dealings with men is 
always the same 
and the events of the present I have 
it is to be read by the two past and the 
events of now in our 
present time have their parallel in the 
we are not come also in a next 
the next situation we're going to see is 
also in the next message appointment 
written volume 3 of selected messages 
took three pages 386 next in their 
says each of the ancient prophets 
he spoke less for his own time than 
for ours so that their 
prophecies are valid for us and 
these things happened as an example and 
They are written to annoy us 
we who have reached the 
the end of the 1st Corinthian 10th centuries 
these were revealed to them not for themselves 
themselves but for us they administered 
the things that are now announced to you 
for those who have preached to you 
gospel for the holy spirit sent 
of heaven things in which they crave 
look at the angels 
here we see something that all the others 
for the favaro stay us here 
we see something that all speakers before 
already the favaro prophets spoke more for 
a bear I have lucky unemployment I have of him is 
that the prophets spoke more for 
our time that for the prophets 
for the time themselves and here 
we see that his prophecies are of 
utilities to hear us and we see that their 
prophecies are useful to us 
today we are not water dollars the beginning 
a bible now we are going to look 
this principle in the bible we go to díaz 
46 open their Bibles in Isaiah 46 
versus I did not see and you give verses 9 and 10 
says if you remember the past things 
since ancient times because I am 
god and there is no other and nothing is similar 
to me who announced what to come from the 
principle and from antiquity what 
it was not done yet I say my advice 
will stay and I will do everything I want 
here we see two important things 
here we see two important things first 
of the dogs that we get rid of two things 
of happening first God asks us to 
let's remember the things of the past and here 
we also see that the announced end 
of its beginning and we also see that he 
announces the end from the beginning we 
we can see and that also if we vote for a 
little a bible 
we can see that also closing 
if we go back to the Bible isaiah 44 in 
Isaiah 44 verses 66 verses 6 and 7 
it says well like that says jehovah king of israel and 
his redeemer jehovah of the armies I 
I am the first, I am the last and 
outside me there is no god to whom 
will proclaim the future will declare it and what 
will put in order in front of me as I do 
me since I established the old town 
announcing what is coming and what is 
to come 
joaquim sometimes see you then here 
once again we see that from the announced 
end of the beginning that day announces the 
end from the beginning and here we 
we can also see that isstey god 
an order and we also here 
we can see that God has an order 
we can see this also a chapter 42 
we see is also in chapter 42 verse 
noble verse 9 of Isaiah 
says if here's where things were accomplished 
first and I announce new things before 
come to light 
I will make you notice them here 
we see that god of lennon faes nothing is 
compares us here we see that god 
does not do anything without first speaking no or 
announce the way you announce 
those bones and the way he announces it 
these things is through prophecy is to 
through the prophecy 
we are going to 
masters 3 versus h we go in our 
bibles masters 3 verses 7 
we know well the same thing where 
we are going to see the same thing 
says so because he will not do anything jehovah 
sir without revealing his secret to his 
servant the prophets 
from him he always reveals to us what 
wants to do 
then God always reveals to us what 
He is going to be 
it is of extreme repetition the story exists 
a repetition of the story 
we can prove that in Ecclesiastes 1 
do not forget and we can prove that in 
Ecclesiastes 199 and 10 
says yes what it was that was the same as 
it will be what has been done what 
same that will be done and nothing is new 
under the sun there is something of what can be 
say behold this is new it was already in 
the centuries that have preceded us 
and I ask is to say something new and there 
I ask them is there something new that already 
it has not happened to you before 
has happened before 
we can see this too 
no more to show the past were 
what was that what must be because 
yes that's if it were so there's no 
nothing new but here what the 
text is that what has been was already and what 
that what will be done will already be done 
also in the past that means 
that there is nothing new under the sun 
he had already announced before it is 
sum repetition a pattern his god exists 
a repetition a pattern of God we can 
see this also captured three records 
of hashish we can see this also in the 
Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes 
versus 14 15 verses 14 and 15 
says yes 
I understood that everything God does 
will be perpetual over those not 
will add neither of them will be decreased and what 
God makes it so that in front of him he fears 
men what was already is and what 
what has to be was there and god restores 
what happened here we see ourselves clearly 
more you see me or want I am me who has to 
be also already strong here we see once 
that what is already was and what has to be 
it has already happened once 
imagine we can clearly see a 
repetition of the story 
then we see here clearly 
a repetition of history and harmony 
whitestone main and the occasion and pizza and 
sister water and also relates that 
repetition a next situation the 
low buses at the next appointment in the 
notes that you have says well 
and the experience of the past prepare 
prepare for the future it has been 
repeatedly shown that the 
past experiences of the people of 
God should not be considered as if 
they were worthless 
we should not treat the history of these 
events like we would treat an almanac 
of the previous year we must remember the 
facts because history will repeat itself 
the darkness of the mysteries of the 
Night should be illuminated with light 
celestial not here we see ourselves put together 
teachers is nice that we have to 
remember the past stories because to 
the two if pitcher then we 
we see here the water sister is saying 
that we need to remember the 
past history because those things are gone 
to repeat 
for cost overruns next text says the 
bible has accumulated and gathered its 
treasures for this latest generation 
all the great events and the solemn ones 
transactions of the history of the ancient 
testament have been repeated and are being 
repeating in the church in these 
last days 
Moses still speaks teaching the 
denial of himself in wishing that the 
same be erased from the book of life 
in favor of their fellowmen so that 
they will be saved David headed the 
act of intersection of the church to 
favor of the salvation of souls until the 
ends of the earth the prophets 
they still testified of the sufferings 
of Christ and the glory that should 
follow all the truths there 
accumulated are not presented with force 
so that we can take advantage of his teachings 
we are under the influence of all 
what kind of people should we be 
we who have been given this 
all this rich light as an inheritance to 
find all the influence of 
passed with a new and enhanced light 
this all that follow 
gives them an intensified power here we 
we see 
although we opened the bible he accumulated 
all its treasures for this last 
generation then we here we see 
that the bible accumulates all these 
treasures for this last generation and 
Here we see that it is not another 
event that seems to save 
the last days and now here we 
we see that it is not one or the other 
event what is repeated in these 
last days here the time to take out 
all the great events and 
soler nationalizations of the old 
testament are being nothing and in the 
last days sister why says 
clearly that all events 
are repeating in these last days 
and here is also that 
and if we take on the influence of everything 
she also tells us that we 
we are influencing the 
influence of everything 
and here we see that what I think 
that the notes she did not put the text 
here in the notes more we do not know what is 
of plate two hours for each operation is 
it says a light but we know that 
for each generation there is one more light 
the new independent new light of 
have already more the new light is not no is not 
depending on less is not independent 
of the old light new light at a time for 
glorify to see the light the new light 
she comes to glorify the old 
it is an unfolding of the magical truth 
wonderful truth of the forgiveness of the 
oldest truth 
the face 
all get to understand the story 
now everyone gets to understand the 
repetition of the story 
and say Amen amen 
let's install there is skewer done 
then we go to Isaiah 28 that still we 
we found your principle lines about 
girl that is where we find 
the principle of lines on line 
we can see is versus I did not see three of 
we are going to read articles 9 and 13 to 3 to 
13 gate 
says well to whom science will be taught or 
who will be made to understand doctrine to the 
awakened to those torn from the 
breasts because commandments after 
mandate mandate on mandate reglon 
after being on line balloon lines one 
little bit there there because in 
stuttering tongue and in strange tongue 
will speak this town to which he said 
this is the repose of rest reached and 
this is the snack more they did not want 
to hear the words of jehovah will be 
commandment after mandate 
on mandate 
line after line line on line 
a little bit there a little bit over there 
they go and fall on their backs and they have 
broken bound and prisoners 
the largest trade as headquarters over 
stop 3 and in brother and already started with 
you on verse 13 and took the 
bar we'll take a little if they have 
to see the other verses 
now let's take us a little 
time to analyze the other verses 
let's start placing your name 
let's start with verse nine 
of the Bible and Portuguese in a bible in 
Spanish for what I perceived 
in the bible in Portuguese and the bible 
Spanish what I could perceive 
to see if it does not come complete with the delivery 
sound sorry here in verse 9 the 
ends with an interrogation in a 
question arise water but additional nothing 
English is king james alone he is not 
well the original in the king version 
james a verse is not going well we have 
presented two questions in the beginning 
verse 9 presents us two 
questions at the beginning and still your base 
trying to ask myself without 
answer the questions and the latest 
hours and the last sentence is not a 
question rather if it is an answer to 
the questions verse nobilis here then 
knowledge transferee since it would be 
in jr doctrine verse 9 says to whom 
water science will be taught who will be made 
understand doctrine the wife and the 
Mom answer is carrying milk 
out 26 
the weanlings and those torn from 
the breasts more I use streets of more what 
We are not 20 dollars and milk 
we are going to see now what is that 
milk because I agree with that we 
we see here to name your name according 
to what we see here in the 
verse 9 for 
in the argument they make you understand 
doctrine we can not drink milk for 
teach knowledge or understand doctrine 
we can not drink milk we should 
see who is law and then we 
let's see what that milk is 
Hebrews 5 we go in our bibles 
Hebrews 5 
versus 12 to 14 verses 12 to 14 
for stealing a detained man 
I want 
2. 3 
Hebrews 5 verses 12 to 14 says well 
because they must already be masters of so much 
time you have need for you 
re-teach what are the first 
rudiments of the word of God and bird and 
you have become such that you have 
need for milk and not food 
solid and everyone who participates in the 
milk is inexperienced in the word of 
justice because he is a little boy or child but the 
solid food is for those who have 
reached maturity for which by the 
use have the senses exercised in 
the discernment of good and evil the 
first thing that we see here the 
first thing that we see here 
so we should be more three 
players is Pablo telling us that 
we must already be teachers with 
this that with time 
we passed as such that we needed 
the first foundations plus us 
we make like we need milk 
in these in these times 
when should we be the food 
solid more events than we already 
we should be feeding us with 
solid food in the barça 3 
days that a milk so that 
criminals are experienced a 
Swiss word here tells us the text 
that milk is for those who do not 
they are experienced in the word of 
justice because they see and not because he is a child 
nothing not to me portuguese come and in a 
breeding in his bible says pussycat that 
means a child a child in a 
little more nothing than james of english 
but in the quiniela in English yes baby 
says baby 
that the one that needs milk that is 
the one that needs or depends on the 
milk universe 14 a few days that a 
solid moment in verse 14 we 
says that the solid food so that the 
is that it is already at maturity and 2 is for 
those who are already experienced in 
and those who already have feeling 
between beit umma or those who already have 
discernment between good and evil 
we're going to see a little more about that 
in first current stress 
we are going to see a little more 
about that in 1 Corinthians 3 
verses 1 to 3 verses 1 to 3 
1st Corinthians chapter 3 verse 1 to 3 
brothers so I do not I can 
speak them as spiritual but as a 
carnal as children in Christ I gave you a 
drink milk and not because it's not yet 
you were able nor are you still able 
because you are still carnal knowing 
among you jealousy strife and 
dissensions you are not carnal and you walk 
like all men and see what 
here is that 
it needs a delight then we 
we see that those who need the 
milk are channels are carnal Indian 
spiritual show still they are not 
spirituals that you want there 
spiritual than that which is spiritual 
who looks deaf management or just 
get a solid food that we left 
to chapters dois and if we go to 
chapter 2 versus 14 15 
verses 14 and 15 says well but the 
natural man can not perceive the 
things that are of the spirit of god 
because for him they are madness and he can not 
understand why they have to discern 
instead the spiritual judge all the 
things for him is not judged by anyone but 
he is not judged of anyone all here we 
we can see that that spiritual 
then we can see that that 
what is spiritual getting to be 
nairobi taken he gets to discern the 
good of evil 
we can not in the area that spiritual 
like the one that I have menchú balance 20 
then we can relate that which is 
spiritual with one who has the solid 
food and we are not seeing some of these 
from here the alma mater talking about 
solid food the first elements 
of milk then we are going to see 
here some texts of sister water and 
talking about milk 
about milk and solid food 
let's start to see a sober bed 
from its first foundations here to that 
we are going to see about milk 
about the first rudiments what is that 
I'm not taking 6 is not in your notes anymore 
devotees since different more is brought to 
write the references there 
first you are the stars made 
of the apostles is the first text 
page 220 first for degree 
says if it had been the work of Pablo 
instruct the Corinthian converts in 
the rudiments the alphabet itself of the 
Christian faith had been forced to 
instruct as those who ignored the 
operations of divine power in the 
heart at that time were unable 
to understand the mysteries of the 
salvation because the animal man does not 
perceive the things that are of the spirit 
of God because they are madness and can not 
understand why they have to be examined 
spiritually Pablo had made an effort 
do not 
if he had tried to sow the 
seed and others should water it 
they followed him they had to carry forward the 
work from the point where he had 
left giving light and knowledge 
spiritual in due time when the 
church was able to receive them because 
we see that his oaths then 
we see here that the rudiments 
that to the lecce that is the own milk 
crystal afe's alphabet is own 
alphabet of the Christian faith or in other 
words is the basis in other words in 
and the next situation the next appointment 
up to 20 stimuli for and by 5 is 
in testimonies for the church he took 5 
page 247 first couple agro 
says if some people should 
be strong and be established in 
Christ are like creatures in their 
understanding and practical knowledge 
of how it works the spirit of 
God after years of experience 
they can only understand 
elementary principles of grandiose 
system of faith and doctrine that constitutes 
the christian religion do not understand which 
it is the perfection of character that 
will receive this recognition from God 
here we see what 
that we are still like babies not intensely 
then we see that some are 
as babies in their understanding since the 
you have to after or not your experience and 
she says that after years of 
experience are able to understand 
just their movements 
abbas of them are just capable of 
understand hardly the abbot of the 
rudiments of faith 
the next situation the next appointment 
my paths are in places 
is in the morning in the places 
from page 185 sorry point 5 
the Christian is first a newborn 
in Christ, then he becomes a child 
must make continuous progress in 
proportion to opportunities and 
privileges that are always granted 
you must remember that it is not yours that has been 
bought with price and what to do 
best possible use of your talents that you 
have still relied on the childhood of their 
spiritual understanding the Christian 
must strive to do the most 
decided advance towards life more 
elevated more holy 
Here we see that initially all 
crystal was a baby 
then we see here that in the 
principle every Christian is a baby and a 
Baby presides over his injury and a precise baby 
of milk more than 1 final is the citation to 
the tinder 
that is not a childhood or cristian to be 
a lower cost of constant operation 
progress but here at the end of the 
phrase of the text says still in childhood 
the Christian must make an effort to 
get the most understanding 
spiritual and grow 
in other words from the nothing of 
remain drinking milk in other 
words means that he should not 
stay drinking milk 
6 to the same book 
at the next appointment she will leave there 
it is in the same morning itself 
Heavenly Place Page 186.2 Diners 
let's read them like this an experience 
genuine Christian develops day after 
day bringing to its possessor new strength 
and resolution and taking it to growth 
constant in the spiritual life but the 
Christian world abounds in professors 
of religion that are just dwarfs 
many religious seem to have 
graduated as soon as they learned the 
rudiments of the Christian faith do not grow 
in grace or in knowledge of the truth 
they do not do anything by their means or by their 
influence to build the cause of 
god are drones in the hive this 
group will not stay long where 
it will be converted and will advance or 
will go back because we see each other clearly 
and the Christian experience must have a 
constant growth a life 
spiritual then we see here 
clearly that the Christian experience 
must have constant growth in 
the spiritual life more than there are 
times earnings but there 
many in our churches that to 
learn the emergence of faith 
Christian that by learning the rudiments 
of the Christian faith or based on who 
was I exist or is the base the 
foundation of what it is to be an Adventist 
passion that were already formed are already 
soon they think they are already 
trained that are already ready to 
we do not know clearly what not but 
we know clearly that it is not 
Well in Managua and what we visited 
wants to be in fat and do not consume all 
true we process grow in 
grace and in knowledge of the truth and 
to grow we must touch a 
the dull moment to grow us 
we need to change the milk with the 
solid food 
at 40 some we will see 
a little more about or solid management 
then now let's see us a 
little bit more about solid food 
the situation is on the page 
a book evangelism 
so the appointment is on the page 
in the book of evangelism 
pages 149 paragraph 3 and 4 
says so 
the most solid food is not for the 
infants present in the truth as it is 
in Jesus line on line precepts 
about precept a little bit here a 
little bit there 
to talk about God's love 'in words 
easy to learn life the truth 
biblical story presented with humility and 
Jesus' love will have a remarkable 
influence on many minds many 
souls are hungry for the bread of life 
their cry is to give me bread and do not give me a 
stone the bread what I need to feed 
to these souls who perish who die 
of hunger 
remember our preachers that the 
more solid food does not have to be given to 
infants who do not know the first 
principles of truth like what the 
we believe in every age the Lord has had 
a special message for the people in 
this time so that we 
we have a message for the people in 
this time but when we have many 
things to say we can be forced 
to retain some of them for a while 
because people are not ready to 
receive them now 
I need to do the first thing that we 
we see in this appointment the first thing that 
we see here a higher salary 
food in auschwitz from china to 
crianzas is that the most solid food 
not intended is not for children 
for graphics we see that the element 
solid not the truth is that in the 
moments of truth and in the next 
paragraph she says solid food 
it is not to be given to those who do not 
they know the foundation of the rudiments 
of faith 
come on, it was a team 
and the language that tells us is that in 
every man I have a special message for 
the stand and the white sister tells us 
that in every age the Lord has a 
special message for each 
for your people there is no difference now 
it's not different now mister teyma 
message especially I pass by the lord 
he has a special message for his people 
plus many poor wishes plus many of 
his people are not man standing for 
that baby are not prepared to 
receive it because this man sells milk 
because he's still drinking milk and 
they are happy to drink milk and are 
happy and satisfied to drink milk 
by request both free 
evangelism the next appointment is in the 
same book evangelism 
pages 186.5 says so but have the 
workers discretion and do not give delicacy 
solid to those who are infants 
feed them with the genuine milk of the 
word do not mix in any case 
your own spirit and ideas with the 
truth concealing the precepts of God 
contradictions and assumptions have the 
people the truth as it is in jesus trachea 
but sometimes we do not see each other then 
Once again we see that here he writes 29 
they are prepared seems to see shuar 
domenge main that those who drink 
milk are not prepared to receive 
the solid food 
a truth and nautical no formula the 
phrase she is going to reformulate the next 
repeat network 
here is that I have no basic knowledge 
those who do not have a knowledge 
basic a fundamental knowledge if he 
is precision without injury new argument 
solid they need milk and not 
Solid food 
because that sketch of really solid to 
a baby because if you give a food 
solid to a baby but it will not get 
eating he will not be able to eat 
and ornaments we go 
but several of us are now following 
let's see 
next verse I am a defender of 
Isaiah 28 Let's open our Bibles in 
this 10 28 
here we see that growth has 
given that skiing 
the faith is already well established 
Christian then we see that the 
knowledge is given to those who already 
are established in the Christian faith and 
now let's see how that knowledge 
has given and now let's see how it is that 
this knowledge is given to us 
and although we should see cities and already 
we know it verse 10 
because commandment three commandments 
mandates on mandate reglon after 
row line on line a little bit 
there another little bit there a prince who 
does not know we do not know is a principle that 
we already saw as brother hears me 
with Georgian brother and here we owe 
compare of this answered and that we 
we should compare text context a bit 
here a little and a little bit here for a 
little bit over there here we see ourselves very 
information to seas plus us here 
we see one more information 
and this is how we should compare 
Isaiah says how we should 
compare what line on line that is 
line on line 
with the onion and being a mom in relation to 
this the white sister has some 
texts where she relates is 
the first is 16 the first text either 
they are in their notes in an education book 
is in the education book 
171.2 higher 
the infections 
education the education book page 
171 second paragraph the bible is not your 
own interpreter must be compared text 
to forgive the bible is its own 
interpreter should be compared text with 
text the student has to learn to 
consider the bible as a whole and 
have the relationship that exists between your 
parties has to acquire the 
knowledge of his great central theme of 
original purpose of God towards the 
world of the beginning of the great 
controversy and the work of the 
redemption you need to understand the 
nature of the principles that fight 
for supremacy and learn to track 
his work through the chronicles of the 
history and prophecy until great 
completion should verify how 
This conflict intervenes in all 
aspects of human life as in its 
same case every act of his life reveals 
one or the other of those two reasons 
antagonistic and as consciously 
unconsciously right now he's 
deciding on which side of the contest 
is going to find what we see that 
the bible you explain for yourself 
then we see that here the 
bible itself explains that these 
they must be compared with texts the 
texts should be compared with the 
texts here everything I perceived nothing 
Spanish translation is a bit 
different here what I could perceive 
in the translation in Spanish is a bit 
different here is here where it says 
You learn to trace their working through 
the chronicles of history and 
prophecy rif would delineate his operation 
through stories of this prophecy 
that the English line origin 
that in English she says delineate not 
he says trace 
and delineate and delineate nothing more than what 
placing on a line does not mean anything 
more than placing everything on a line 
we are not design some other texts 
we are going to see this in some 
other texts 
the notes 96 navarra 62 the last texts 
in your in your brochures on page 62 the 
language comment elena white comments 
as apostle did like is that 
the apostle Paul 
says the apostle Paul felt a 
deep responsibility for those who 
they converted for their labors over 
all things I yearned for 
faithful so that I can glory in the 
day of Christ said that I have not 
run in vain my work or worked 
in vain he trembled at the result of his 
ministry felt that up their own 
salvation could be in danger if not 
fulfill his duty and the church does not 
cooperates with him in the work of saving 
souls knew that the mere preaching did not 
it was enough to teach the believers to 
proclaim the word of life knew what 
line on line precepts on 
I precept a little bit there a little bit 
there they should be taught to progress in 
the work of Christ because we see that 
paid then we here we see that 
Pablo knew that it should have been viewed 
I knew we should be taught 
about vineyard online about a little line 
here a little bit to read here a little 
little bit there and approached these a peace 
us 33 in the next appointment on the page 
63 cool messages 2 olmedo jce messages 
elected took 2 says so they were exposed 
before the people the events 
historical records showing compliance 
direct from the prophecy and it was seen that the 
prophecies constituted a delineation 
symbolic of the events that 
lead to the end of earthly history 
but that once again we see each other 
beginning here once again we 
we see this principle that is sum 
line show that there is a delineation already 
I confessed meichtry leads to the end of the 
history of events that we 
lead to the end of the story as of 
lines to a prophecy a delineation of 
the prophecy 
especially in a book that is 
triumphing at the next appointment in the 
book christ infant 
says well the books of Daniel and the 
apocalypse are one the first one is a 
prophecy the other a revelation one is 
one book sealed the other a book 
opened the special light that was given to 
juan expressed in the seven thunders was 
it was a sketch a delineation of 
events that should occur under the 
messages from the angels first and 
second me here more more times see you 
it is principle then we here a 
again let's demos of this principle all 
Tunisia state tax that is like a 
spiral both in the translation of 
Portuguese as in Spanish and it was that it was 
a sketch says it was a sketch more 
original in English more in the original in 
English and is that jaume of lines are 
of events says it's a delineation 
of events and the next situation the 
next appointment 
messages with two volumes messages 
chosen volume 2 
elected messages taken 
says if the weight of the warning that the 
People of God must receive now 
near and far is the message of the third 
angel and those who seek to understand this 
message will not be guided by the lord 
to make an application of the 
word that weakens the foundation and 
knock down the columns of faith that have 
fact of Adventists what they are today 
the truths that remain that have been 
been revealed consecutively as 
that we have made progress in the field of 
lines of the prophecies revealed in the 
God's word are actually true 
sacred and eternal those who toured 
the terrain step by step in history 
past our experience and that 
they saw the chain of truth in the 
prophecy were ready to accept 
and obey every ray of light everything that we 
we see what 
it is true that this state of being left in 
your order then we see here 
that the truths that have been 
unfolded in their order they are dates to 
through lines of prophecy they 
are made through the line of the 
prophecy I just see me not Portuguese 
Spanish was not translated well more than one 
more time both in Portuguese and in the 
Spanish was not translated to itself 
English is clearly line the prophecy 
more in English says clearly in the 
lines of prophecy and here we see 
than those who examined step by step 
based on a past history is a 
experience but here we see one more time 
which says those who examined and who 
examined labor separated the base of his 
Christian experience in history 
last he breathed out the true ones 
prophecies they saw the chain of 
truths in the prophecies and how they were 
prepared for that see and obey 
all airbus and with them they were 
ready to receive and obey all 
the rays of light 
more we have done one more example of this 
line on line of lines on line 
the christ written as christoph praised 
little as Christ spoke to his people 
for stops it has stopped and that is a 
a teaching 
an illustration says yes 
here in the eyes 6 definition the word 
to speak here in your notes I left 
for you the definition of what is 
a parable the word just flame 
position a parable is a fair 
position marc comparison one 
comparison the illustration a 
illustration the parable a parable and 
20 a verb means and comes from a 
verb that means to put more things 
place one thing or the other thing next 
of something else to be able to compare for 
to be able to compare you are no longer placed 
line on line or they are placed 
line on line and we do by 
get compare and so you get 
the times that are running out 
our time here is already ending 
ainda kerber like six verses two and 
I still want to see with you from 
verse twelve lower than the rod that 
is going to take this approach a little bit but 
we're not going to do now because that's going 
to take a little time and I do not not to 
your next is everything 
then in another next study we 
let's see why here to see all the 
parameters we are going to see what 
that here in verse 12 tells us that 
it is the rest that this is the rest 
you hear frigerio that this is the 
refreshment in other words in other 
line on line line on line a 
little here a little bit and a little bit here 
a little bit there the rest is the 
efe prisoner this is the snack and 
we're going to see internal problems all ok 
to that impudence holds frigerio then 
we are going to see in the next 
study that is that rest and that is 
this snack and it's you and that we're going 
see the practice done this we 
let's see in practice or with 6 
tuchin line on line the concept of 
line on line analyzing and 
studying the history of bassinet 
analyzing or studying the history and 
very fed 
yishai a goat from ancient israel 
comparing how I be Christ 
comparing with the story of christ is 
fine and I knew with you and the end of and of the 
ancient israel we are going to teach walls or 
let's do some prayer 
for wanted that this has been required of you 
that you are in heaven thank you 
sir for more than a day that grants us 
We thank you for one more day that we 
grant and for the opportunity that we have 
to help your word and for the 
opportunity that we have to study your 
We ask with gentlemen I recognize you we ask 
may the lord stay with us 
guiding us sir in all the truth 
guiding us sir in all its truths 
we leave suffering the situation of 
spirit of branches on us you 
holy spirit and enable our lord 
so that we can understand and train 
to the Lord so that we can understand the 
truths revealed to two the truths 
revealed to us use a mister use 
to the Lord so that through some to 
that through the other steps 
delivered and others can reach you 
give us a usual day of notation of 
Give us a day blessed in your so much 
presence and save them sir with what use 
in your bones and guarding the Lord with 
your holy angels that everything we see 
facer that all we are going to do is 
today apparatus to omni your value either for 
all arrangement we already got lady all 
peace grant the Lord your peace we ask you 
we appreciate this we ask you and 
we appreciate where you look goss in the 
name of jesus amen amen