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our dear heavenly father will 
we want to praise here in this place where 
we have come together to 
say hello on that Saturday and start 
that day with the concern to learn from 
your holy word 
that by ourselves we are never going to 
why we want to ask you to 
Accompany through your holy spirit 
to direct his thoughts 
our hearts our lips 
we want to ask you to bless our 
I try here to study subjects together 
that concern our generation 
help us for what 
what we present and talk about is 
according to your will 
It also helps that part of the technique 
technique everything works well for the benefit of 
all those who want to study in the 
name of Christ amen 
then I greet you cordially 
and at the same time I thank you for the 
invitation here in montevideo uruguay 
after 20 years that I'm treading 
these places in almost do not recognize anything 
but the sea is still there 
We are very well here to study the 
themes that I share are themes of 
prophecy and always have a relationship 
very direct our generation my 
condition is that Christ comes in 
our days to talk more specific 
to our generation what that 
means later I will explain but for 
Of course we do not know when this will be 
terms of years 
but if there is certain 
certainty that it will not be 
in other generations if not us 
we have to be prepared for this 
event and this is if this is so the 
message is urgent 
because I require your people to be 
ready for his coming at the same time he does not want 
that his people do not know what's coming then 
the prophetic message is is the means that 
Christ has always used to prepare 
his people 
There are many things that I would like to share 
with you 
I want to ask you to use your bibles and 
the prophecy spirit have 
the notes for that series of 
almost everything translated into Spanish there 
some missing texts still put 
in that language 
and during those days I hope we're going 
to finish and whoever wants to we will 
reach via email the pdf we have 
to organize ourselves as 
so that we have that in hand and 
we can read the texts and there are many 
texts that do not exist in Spanish then 
those parents not in their ministry of 
and translate them available to the 
They do not know English 
and this will also not my desire that 
you have an attitude 
verify everything that one presents here 
I am also a human being and in a being 
human can not be trusted so you 
has obligation to compare 
and to verify what I 'm saying and 
trying to share with you I have 
a conviction and I have the conviction that 
this is based on a foundation 
firm however I invite you and that is the 
attitude that we always have to have 
very well the subject I need to say something more 
introductory there just went into the subject 
the topic 
or the series that I try to share with 
you will light three or four 
stories the story of the beginning of the 
ancient israel 
what is the history of bassinet and 
liberation of the Egyptian people 
and the history of the end of ancient Israel 
that the height of Christ john the Baptist 
and the liberation of that people from the 
fables and from human teachings to 
one to a people free of all this the 
third story that is one is time to 
a line that is placed on top of the 
another one we could also call our 
small in seminar here online about 
line or line on line taking 
here a verse from Isaiah 28 in the 
third story to Moses Christ in the 
history and the mileuristas 
that story in our understanding is 
the story of the beginning of the Israeli 
israel ancient israel spiritual and that 
history also has an end not 
only the beginning of the spiritual isr 
but there is also an end of israel 
spiritual are four stories that 
let's mark 
christ moises and on the mileuristas in 
the beginning of our church and the 
old dolphin history 
this of course is our generation 
I have the conviction that our 
generation marks the time when God 
finalizes his work and that work means 
that he renews the pact with his people 
because his people have come out of his covenant 
that story those stories are lines 
that are absolutely the same 
the procedure of God 
he finds his people in darkness 
but in the end he has an army with 
the flag erected and here what happens 
between those circumstances of the people 
asleep the people hearing no of 
people in captivity and here an army 
that is ready and represents Christ that 
It is a magnificent work that God leads to 
out and he has carried out several times in 
the story that we find in the bible 
but what happens from here to 
here is the topic we want 
share and study because there is a 
event logic there is a sequence of 
events that we always find in these 
you will see very quickly that what 
what's happening here 
what happens here and then here is going to 
repeat on all lines 
and without a line we do not know what happens here 
you can look in this line because here 
I have been told what will happen here 
is the logic well in a few words for 
have an idea of ​​the concept that 
we want to share 
this model here is a model that 
we find in the bible and this is what 
that I want you to verify 
because if this is true what 
we present we are able to understand 
many things that happen now and where 
we are if god comes we we 
We need to know that God comes and does not 
it helps us if we see that dad 
is doing because because dad does not 
is directed in that way 
for God and God allows things that do 
is in control of the story but the 
life directs us to take our 
information about how we should 
trigger where we are from the word there 
we know that is our our our 
guide our map then 
I invite you to open your Bibles in facts 
there we will find a summary of the 
history of bassinet 
facts chapter 7 
as we do not have much time we have 
calculated that we have about 6 hours 
for that series of presentations I'm going 
to do something that is not so ideal but I 
I will issue sometimes omit the evidence 
that is 
I am aware that everything one 
he says he has to prove and I think what 
we can do what I can do but for 
lack of time we just can not 
read two witnesses for each 
event for each step 
and there you go that have to be taken 
time then to verify it if that 
it's true but to enter our 
topic I want to read with you facts 
chapter 7 
verse 6 and verses 7 
says so 
and God told him so his offspring 
would be a foreigner in a foreign land and 
would reduce them to servitude and 
they would mistreat for four hundred more years 
I will seek God said to the nation of the 
which will be servants and after this 
they will come out and serve me in this place 
who has given god is the prophecy 
abraham although we here have the 
announcement of the future 
with much anticipation 
we are a story here 
and says that for four hundred years of 
village will be in captivity 
we are not going to look at everything that happened 
in that story in between but let's 
jump to the end of that story when the 
people will be released and the 
circumstances of the history of bassinet 
they are simply a people in captivity 
because the people were in captivity 
what had happened as the town 
he came to captivity if they were 
free men with him were in egypt 
it is not true 
over one of their own was the regent 
vi being an agent of the Egyptian empire and 
how is that abraham his descendants 
isaac and jacob are now slaves 
they were not conquered, it is not true 
an interesting and rare story 
because people come to do 
they become slaves of being men 
free with special rights in 
Egyptian and here of course there is a 
intervention here something happens in that 
and I want to read here of dismissal from 
help me to the abbreviation of 7 that 
means the triumphant christ is that 
I dont know 
yes with as as christ 
It is Christ triumphant that is a world 
emotional I think yes page 111 says 
so the Lord allowed the people to say 
I was captive to Egypt because I did not 
they walked in their paths 
then they caused that 
situation did not walk in their paths 
rather he was dishonored with his 
continuous transgressions there subjected 
to oppression and hard servitude not 
they could observe the Sabbath of God and 
for its long prolonged relationship 
with an idolatrous nation they confused and 
corrupted their beliefs then the 
men was there all right men 
free but what happened they started to 
mix and mix not only your 
relations but 
their beliefs because of their long relationship 
with an idolatrous nation they confused and 
corrupted their beliefs 
why of the situation that each of 
we know about his own life 
this is one of the three reasons why 
hay bay strongly advises us 
leave the cities and live in the 
field because we are so fragile 
human beings that mass does not shape us 
it is very difficult to resist the crowd to 
the societies to the culture to a nation 
we can not all a town here that had 
his cult had his beliefs with the 
time was changed without believing and it 
adapted and that produced this situation 
there is a know how in the bible it is called 
is that process of mixing what 
that if God with what is of the devil there 
a term in prophecy I understand that 
your search is not that is the mystery of the 
when there is a mixture of god with the 
children of god or the seed of the 
woman with the seed of the snake 
that process that mystery the liquidated 
the catholic church that has done that does not 
it's true has arisen from Christianity 
but it has mixed with paganism that is 
the mystery of iniquity and that is 
produced several times in the history of 
humanity and that's what they did 
the Israelites and they mixed them the divine 
with the pagan 
result darkness then that's 
our base situation we are the people 
is in the spiritual darkness and of 
you will see they are slaves 
and that situation marks here we are 
reaching the end of the 400 years pre 
said in abraham and I now go to 
cause a reform then another name 
for our studies are lines of 
the lines of reform 
and maybe 
to visualize what we have said before 
They can open their lives in Isaiah 
chapter 28 from there we take those terms 
verse 13 
for some a verse a little on 
Enigmatic image but it is not not so 
complicated actually 
especially if one considers what 
read about verse 13 16 28 the 
word then of yoga will be them 
commandment after commandment mandates 
on row command after row line 
on line 
a little here a little there until 
they go and fall on their backs and they have 
broken bound and prisoners 
that concept that the word of God 
will not be in this way line after 
line line on line 
elena white says that way more or 
least I say with my own words says 
that way we who lived in 
your day the bible 
what we are going to find here that there is 
a line of reader of bassinet and if 
we place that line on the line of 
Christ let's see what is the same line 
on line pioneering the same 
line line on line that we are 
doing here 
and those lines are they produce a 
separation of the truth from the darkness 
produce at the end a process or a 
result and it is the separation of the people 
in the dark to light then at 
final there is a product there is a there is a 
result that god that way has 
acquired has produced has caused 
ok so the situation of the town the 
story of Moses is easy because the 
we know we do not know well we know 
events like this we do not have to not 
we have to read everything that happens but 
some details let's read why 
there are such that maybe we do not know 
very well 
when a time of prophecy ends 
here we are reaching the end of the 400 
that is a prophecy 
when we reached the end of that time 
this as it is called that is called the 
end time 
many times we apply the 
term end time as the end of the 
world is the last the last years the 
last decade or whatever of the earth 
but the time of the end is not like the 
bible uses it not necessarily that this 
It is also true but there are many 
end times the twelve hundred 
sixty years had their end when he arrived 
the end of those years was the time of 
those years here mark the time of the end 
for this generation this generation of 
What we know is what is clear here 
at the end of that story or you and it's going to be 
the chosen people of god or were you going to 
stay in Egypt and count as of the 
pagans was your end was a judgment here 
this story does not seem but it was like that was 
a story of decisive moments 
for the eternal life of those who 
they lived here the end time has come 
for these 
in genesis many times those times and 
end are marked prophetically and so is 
here also in genesis 50 we are going to read 
the following genesis 50 vehicles 24 
and jose told his brothers and I'm going to 
die more I will certainly visit you and 
will bring you up from this earth to earth 
who swore abraham isaac and jacob 
very I know what he does here he is he 
is renewed to a prophecy and the 'islands 
I was going to be you are going to get out of those 
you are going to fulfill the promise 
that we have received as a people and here 
we are in time know meet that 
with cesc is about to fulfill that promise 
would have to look at milestones that keep 
your finger on facts because I want to add 
something that counts here 
the bible about the history of moses 
Chapter 7 facts still from the 17th century 
87 17 
but when the time of the 
promise that it was the time of the end for 
this generation but when it was approaching 
the time of the promise that god had 
jury to abraham the town grew and he 
multiplied in Egypt until it 
raised in Egypt another king who did not 
I knew jose 
I am using cunning with our people 
abuse to our parents so that 
they exposed their children to death 
that did not spread in that same 
time Moses was born and it was nice to 
god and was raised three months at home 
his father 
ok moisés is now the chosen person 
Moses since his childhood will be prepared 
for a certain work 
at this time here someone had to 
fulfill the role of liberating the people 
Moses is the liberator of his people and 
if Moses is from the liberator of his 
town he is a guy from whom de cristo 
clearly Moses is a type of Christ 
then it will be very important and very 
interesting to see what Moses does and what 
has to do and how are the 
expectations of God because what is going to 
being will prefigure the work of Christ 
and elena guay comments let's read inside 
of a little bit that the devil knew that very 
well he knew very well that's why he wanted it 
make fall from the beginning that's why 
I wanted to annihilate I do not know what he has done 
the devil when he was born, Moses sent 
kill all children is not true the 
same story of the intimate of Christ 
again the same when he sent them to 
kill all Christ in the hope that 
among those children will also fall the 
chosen the messiah the deliverer of his 
that's Moses here their roles 
important because God can do that 
work to liberate its people from the alone but 
always choose humans to carry out 
your plan 
we almost always see that there is a man 
there that he has to carry out and 
lead that work 
then births of moses in 
patriarchs and prophets pages 248 we read 
the following while that decree was 
in force 
they were born a son in abraham son they fit 
Israelites devoted to the law of the tribe 
of levi 
the child was beautiful and the parents 
believing that the time of liberation 
Israel was approaching and that god was going to 
elicit a liberator for his people 
they decided that the child was not 
interesting what parents thought with 
the parents had studied prophecy 
they knew that we should be more or 
at the time of the fulfillment of the 400 
years they think well that has that 
commission that faith 
that's why they fought for their son already 
and they decided to do something so that I can 
survive that killing 
and as I understand it, it seems that they had 
expectations that he can possibly 
work that way for the lord not 
it's true he can be the one chosen to 
that time as well as in the time of 
Jesus the mothers thought that maybe their 
son I wish your son can be rammed 
then that's interesting here there's a 
prophetic awareness of 
circumstances of time so is that what 
that I expected in his village the town 
can you know it's not blind the town 
I was expecting some expected the release 
and understanding studying prophecy and what 
they knew that here the 400 years or so 
Now we should be arriving at 
those years you have to apply that 
first of all in your time you have to 
see when the 400 begin at least 
true so calculating they took out that 
congress conclusion in genesis 15 we read 
that prophecy of which we are already 
in the prophecy abraham 
genesis 15 
and in article 13 
be sure 15 13 
then jehovah said abraham time 
true that your offspring will dwell in 
foreign land and will be a slave there and it will be 
oppressed to four hundred years 
ok exodus 
increase over this 
sexologist chapter 12 verse 40 
the time he told us that israel had 
they will inhabit to inhabit Egypt 
four hundred and thirty years and past the 
four hundred and thirty years in it 
all the hosts of jehova came out of 
the land of egypt was then fulfilled 
that prophecy of the four hundred years 
more specific were 400 and 30 years 
but here there is no problem 
there is another study that we are doing in 
is called 
the number 4 in the prophecy the number 4 
is a number that God applies several 
maybe the chapter that woke us up in 
That was the book was the luxury 1 or 
1 speaks a strange prophecy 
speaks of four insects or an insect 
and begins to destroy well the next 
insect and continue the work of 
destruction and they are four insects and judge 
says that those are four generations 
the 4 in the prophecy is a 
is a symbol of destruction or is a sim 
it is a symbol of a specific time 
because what says the ten say 
commandments I will punish the liquid 
parents for how many generations 
233 up to four generations 
in that abraham time how much how many 
years was a generation 
right there we can find it in 
genesis 15 
well we read a little bit more 
today one generation is 20 and little 
years and that's how I understood a 
generation this 
from birth to the age of 
reproduce more or less 
when in society more or less cs 
they marry and their children are generated more or 
less a generation that today by 
society depends on 25 27 more years or 
that 's the ninth logic of how it 
count a generation 
in genesis who says to himself 
if we continue verse 14 15 14 more 
also to the nation to which they will serve 
I will judge and after these they will leave 
with great wealth and you will come your parents 
in peace and you will be a deputy in good old age and 
in the fourth generation they will come back here 
because they have not yet reached their peak 
Evil of love eo up here 
so how much is a 
If the punishment will be 400 years 
captive and 400 years 
and I tell you in the fourth generation 
moderation with its generation scale 
is 100 years old 
that was that time 
that was clear reducing with time 
at some point one generation was 40 
years and today we come to 
half of that inclusive 
then what you expect here in the last 
is the 
it is the consummation of the punishment 
and that was true in the time of his 
The day is divided by the time of 
captivity in four steps in the last 
then it is consumed and we see that 30 years 
after they leave 
very well there is always a space 
of time in their own many times the 
prophecies we see there is a space of time 
for example two thousand two hundred sixty 
from 538 to 1798 mark the time of 
persecution of the people 
but when the persecution of the 
people who hurt 
a little a month 
25 years before 1700 which 70 
between three they have to be 
that's how it does not cancel the truth that 
here is a captivity is a time of 
1260 years that is correct because here 
comes the sword on the papacy but the 
same persecution ends a little before 
not for the mercy of God 
so that yes here says that 
four hundred and thirty years and they come out 
digit no no no no 
that's not a problem because it's the same 
that generation in time of preparation 
it seems here for this generation 
what happened here someone remember that from 
very interesting steps 1773 in that year 
the dad of that time 
clemente 14 I think I do not remember the number 
the earth annihilates the order of the 
you were already an order that you have to 
close the order the Jesuits taught 
because they were too powerful already 
col and they gave with the interests of the same 
good and that caused it ended 
there are no Jesuits with persecution 
what the good story is not understood 
then of course that order did not last 
it was an eternal order or according to the papacy 
but it did not last because afterwards some 
centuries later it was instituted again 
very well 
now what we have seen so far 
it is only the time at which life 
it takes us and it is at that time 
do something the town is mixed almost 
the town is no longer physically distinguishable 
by blood yes but spiritually 
the Egyptians have mixed are like 
the others and who insulin who dances 
united just will not give more on Saturday 
they could not the circumstance prevented it 
then a dentist who does not keep the 
Saturday is from artist 
that's not the situation they gave 
Jews but no place on Saturday 
then God's point of view 
and they are no longer his people 
let's say in their what they manifested 
God had to do something and that was the 
plan he knew that here he would do something 
and we have seen now that he to choose 
a person that is moses 
nevertheless he is the chosen one but we know 
what happens as the being is moses 
he receives a brief education at home 
but that education is going to be fundamental 
and then he goes to the court of king and 
receives a second different education 
perfectly educated as possible king 
future king 
you need to learn everything that a 
future king needs to learn and of course that 
It is extremely pagan what he learns he 
I was aware in large part of that 
but although he is aware of that 
better we read that with the words of 
he is not he is influenced by all 
circumstances and that we find in 
boats and prophets 249 
in the third paragraph says the mother 
from the mother your masters is as much time as 
could but was forced to deliver it 
when I was 12 years old 
from his humble cabin was taken to 
royal palace and the daughter of france the pro 
children but in moses the 
impressions that he had received in his 
childhood could not forget the lessons that 
he learned together with his mother he was a 
shield against pride disbelief 
and the vices that flourished in the middle of 
splendor of the court 
in a great juice with a high grade 
the mother models fate with her hands 
of their children influences the minds and 
characters and work not only for the 
present but also for eternity 
many times the bad today does not 
understands that his position is a position 
absolutely important santa 
and we have seen here that we are not 
talking about a little thing of educating 
a son what he was going to do she was going to 
take effect 
in terms of eternity and it does not have a 
effect for your child and more went out to 
the people and beyond for the nations 
although then that work is 
extremely important 
the work of a mother at home 
it's a job that God has assigned him and 
he has to understand 
it is a spiritual task that she has 
what to carry out 
ok now moses in spite of that good 
equation despite the fundamentals that 
he had of course in court not 
can resist 
in every degree to what influences him 
and in that way he understands we're going to 
read here on page 251 of the same book 
The elders of Israel were informed 
the angels that the time of his 
release was very interesting 
I did not know that here at that time 
angels began to visit the 
village elders 
and they were told to get ready soon 
are going to be released then the 
guides elderly people knew 
someone is going to emerge something is going to happen and 
we are going to release them promptly 
and that Moses was the man that I know 
I would use to do this work 
notice that that was very specific to them 
they knew now this young man there who is in 
the court is going to play a role 
very important 
man elected the angels too 
they instructed bassinet 
then imagine that today is not 
true but leaders of our church 
would be visited by cristian angels 
those men there or this man is going to be 
that will lead to being a prophet and that 
same man receives visitation from 
Angels of the Moses knew there in the court 
I knew he has to do that 
Christ knew he had to do what he 
I was doing if Christ knew that 
perfectly is a bassinet or is it a type of 
Christ does what he is sure 
that Christ was going to be but 
the angels also instruct moses 
telling him that jehovah had chosen him 
to end the servitude of his 
supposing Moses that the Hebrews had 
to obtain their freedom by 
strength of weapons 
I expected to direct the hosts of Hebrews 
against the Egyptian armies and having 
this in mind he was careful with his 
affects to avoid that by attachment to his 
adoptive mother or Pharaoh did not feel 
free to do God's will 
then he understood but there he 
shows now his education 
has fighters answers for this 
purpose what is the misconception 
he has because it is thought to 
with the army and with force are going to have 
that conquer the oppressors 
here remind us that in the history of 
for money 
to the Pharisees not 
a lot of his disciples who thought 
until the end that Christ is going to emerge as 
a super powerful king is going to take the 
throne will direct the hosts against 
the Romans is not true and those who fall 
in the battle is going to give new life 
and the dead will rise army a 
endless army that was the idea the 
idea really that they had men who did not 
can die or die and that only 
resurrects that king there but mixing here 
spiritual things with 
with the weapons of the swords and the 
arrows that had very strange 
that we do have is had I was addressing 
but he thought that I 'm not going to 
use as I do but him with his 
wisdom d 
military science techniques and so on and they're going to 
get free and this then brings you to your a 
his false decisions does not go then 
your program does not want to release and kill 
an egypt we know the story then 
for this circumstance god who has 
what to do as you say 
They not have to prepare not true not 
they have to have bassines they have to learn 
much of what I had learned how to 
it started on Saturday now I'm going to release 
the village of all ready sir but I do 
I know no digit you have that I have you 
put a school first 
and we carry is here in a process and 
we find this process is a 
learning process 
we call it increase 
this time I should have 
to put a bassinet here 
and that bassinet went through a time of 
increase of knowledge 
and where it takes place is increase of 
knowledge not in the palace not in the 
city has to go to the desert 
and in this way not only prefigures 
to Christ but also to what other 
person in the history of Christ who 
he has to do the same thing Juan 
Baptist in the circumstances of the 
society of the 
of the cities is not possible is not 
possible to simply prepare the character 
how God needs it 
it is not possible to play the image of 
Christ us with those circumstances 
he in hawai has an expression that more 
or less goes like this among a thousand families 
no or just or hard one for 
be able to prepare your character 
while I lived in the city 
between 1,001 wow this means almost 
it is almost not possible there will be one or the other 
for has a position the roles 
specific videos are designed to 
but it's really impossible like that 
he has to send for him that he has 
that and to give it true it has to 
purify for the work in front of 
of himself he has no idea what he's going to have 
what to do 
everything he has here has to 
get out first the layout is good 
the idea well the willingness to serve 
God to surrender for this work 
the honor that they are if they are not well but 
the methods how to get there your character 
it was missing a lot 
then that time passes 
and here it says in the same country book that 
prophets 254 
the time the environment change and the 
communion with god could they do 
disappear these impressions 
those impressions that I had captured in 
Egypt time change 
environment and communion with god 
those are lessons for us because 
course not today tomorrow we are not going to 
change its character 
Time takes time 
change of environment is needed it is already so 
leave the cities I left the I wrote 
Nahuatl and Cesc 
that's not ay ay ay ministries do not know 
he says they have that as the subject 
many things are taught and they can learn 
many things about how to do that 
would be the field because if the field yes 
I understand that this is why the objective 
I should know why elena white 6.900 
preach that 1900 
we are already pretty full entered into that 
time as long as 
we should have understood that 
there is a lot of information how to carry out 
you have to hurry but they have 
your plan to us 
I'm not even there where the 
I think it should be but while 
that God allows then if one goes but 
one has to make an effort to do everything 
possible that it is in your hands then 
the time the environment change and the 
communion with god communion with god 
It is not a thing that just like that comes 
it may be that you all understand 
that they have to have more time with god 
but if I have a certain job sometimes 
it's simply impossible that I'm going to do 
I am 8 days 8 hours a day and in that 
almost impossible or study or I mess with 
certain subject or I get hooked on certain 
projects then we have to 
respect and also understand how to achieve 
that in our lives and how to steal 
rob us how to take more time out 
to god because if we are here 
we are at a time in which 
it should be all or nothing 
Halfway through, it's not time for 
friends things we are 
shortly before the coming of Christ and 
we have to understand that here everything 
we're going to lose or we can all win 
ok moises then he is ready to 
this work he has to be prepared 
because otherwise he will not be able to carry out 
and that time in the desert that seventh 
of knowledge increase not knowing 
he does not know what he has to know god 
have to prepare 
I'll leave it 
human perspective absolutely who 
better than it is and I believe that the elderly 
of the people who received the messages 
angels watered god is perfect there is 
there is the almost the under the prince 
who else but what he had learned 
there no changes did not use also is not 
then he would also serve certain 
knowledge there but 
God had to teach them much more 
still that he had already learned 
this is not 
and so it happens we all the time 
many times people are in the 
situation where they say but god has 
put here 
has given me this job to give a 
example then I have put here not 
it can be false it can not be weird honor 
how I should now finish that 
but I just put to show here in the 
cut but there came a time where no longer 
it was his place there 
and one has to understand the plan is 
continuing and one has to be free and 
open for god now begins the 
phase 2 
for us the same I had a 
wonderful job I liked and it was a 
blessing was a blessing for my life 
and for my faith 
receives a time where it became clear to me 
that if I continue with work you can not 
work for the Lord as I understood 
how should I do it then you have 
what to leave 
well as he says it's very interesting to me 
it seems that aspect in his life he was 
put in court but it was not for 
always and the one there was not going to finish the 
work had to go out and remove this and 
advance enter the school of God 
you have different 
ok now 
the thing now puts this put serious and 
moises now learns his character 
he is taken down from his even though he had a 
internal protection when pride and 
all that but he thought himself 
can liberate the town 
and here now the message is going to happen 
that he has to carry was not this 
message to form an army if not a 
different message god had a plan and 
now god is ready to communicate the 
plan and message somewhere 
the liberation message 
is formalized formulated I do not know how it 
says my ways 
formalized in English it says formula is 
That is the message that I have where 
happens that 
where I tell him he has exactly 
to be and how to proceed in the xarxa there 
Christ comes to him and tells him and he 
indicates that he has to do 
extremely the holy and decisive here the 
message is clear to him and what he here 
listening is what you have to say to 
we remember that is not true 
that we will always see in the stories 
parallel there is a moment where there is a 
message that is clear for that 
the generation does not know why the 
generation can not know how they can 
they know what the message is going to be for 
they are in darkness and they have not 
mixed they do not have the ability 
that's why god has to do that if he does not 
no no I did not have to get rid of the people 
that's why he had to send Christ in 
that time that's why he has to have 
that cause the movement of form in the 
miller lemon times already in that 
generation knew knew no no no 
idea were mixed and they were 
living the cup that the papacy would 
was delivering us also like this 
we are the odyssey we have no idea 
we think we know why he says that 
we think we're rich but here's 
a message that reaches the generation and 
they have to tell you what is the plan they 
with us 
we do not know 
we could know why in the bible is 
written god declares the end from the 
start is not true is all said 
although ten minutes we have more or 
less we make an hour is always that 
as you have thought 
and so 
and there was a thought to do two hours 
that night I do not know if that is 
one hour pauses one hour 
until not what if they want they can 
the problem 
in trouble a bit here the space 
because here there are many things then what 
I'm going to 
I'm not going to take everything out a bit 
already the thing is that here another line and 
halperin and aligned are parallel what 
what happens here and what happens here then 
we have what 
try to put a line 
I put you here the darkness 
in increase of knowledge 
and here the message 
and now that message has to 
have to 
they have taken away the town is not true 
that is the message 
How is that happening? Let's read 
chapter 4 
to see if you can explain me here by 
his verses exodus chapter 4 
verse 20 
now if something happens that is one of those 
incidents to which I refer 
when I say remove is some details 
of history we do not know very well 
we started verse 20 says today is the 
bicycle 18 so it went moses exodus 418 and 
going back to his father-in-law and another said he'll go 
now and I'll go back to my brothers who are 
in egypt to see if they still live and that 
jethro let 's say it 's peaceful said also 
jehova moses in marian de hibble 
go back to egypt because they have died 
all who sought your death 20 
then Moses took his wife and his 
children and put them on a donkey and came back 
to the land of egypt he also took 
Moses the rod of God in his hand and said 
that goes when you have returned to 
Egypt look what you do in front of Pharaoh 
all the wonders that I have put in your 
hand but I harden his heart of 
so he will not let the people go 
and you will say to the pharaoh jehovah has said so 
israel is my son my firstborn already 
I said to let my son go so that 
serve me more you have not wanted to let it go 
here I am going to kill your son you 
firstborn and happened on the road 
God had warned him from the beginning 
to the pharaoh who was going to be 
the last plague the tenth active plague 
the love of the firstborn from the 
start the male knew 
God declares the end from the beginning 
it's always like that that's the work that's the 
way the character of me be as well as 
that's how he works so he's the alpha and 
the omega then he does that he knows 
very well he knew very well what was going to 
come and because he was going to leave town 
go out 
let's go back to see this there are 10 and 24 do not know 
it says and it happened on the road that in a 
posada arriba went out to meet him and 
who wanted to kill him whom time 
he wants to kill jehovah here 
a bassinet 
that is one thing that 
and I do not remember that they told me as a child 
when we study the Moses envelope god 
He wanted to kill Moses 
and condition the way that in a 
soba inn came out to meet him and 
he wanted to kill him 
then he went out he took a flint 
sharpened and cut off the foreskin of his son and 
he threw it at his feet telling the truth 
you are a husband and her blood 
He said let him go then and he said 
blood husband because of the 
circumcision that had happened 
because I was going to kill bassinet 
he had not circumcised his son 
he had not circumcised his son that's why 
only I say kill monsters like 
that's why I said it's important to understand 
who is moses here 
Moses symbol of Christ foreshadowed 
Christ a type of Christ 
and you can have many I was prepared 
it's not true it was all right with him his 
character was now prepared I was 
in a little little thing in your family not 
I was in order, that little little thing 
was going to open a gap to the devil we're going to 
read what it says elena white that 
and that is here too and patriarchs and 
prophets pages 261 
the pages that I am taking here 
they are always from the center's website 
white sometimes do not match with ones 
books that we have but that's what I'm talking 
Those are the 
and that's the 54 edition 
that here I have 
and says like that 261 while moving away from 
madián moses had a terrible and 
surprising manifestation of the displeasure 
of the Lord if the angel appeared to him 
in threatening threatening way as if 
out to destroy it immediately does not 
gave no explanation but Moses 
He remembered woman he knew he knew at that moment 
he was not he was conscious he remembered 
that had destined one of the 
god's requirements and yielding to the 
persuasion of his wife had stopped 
fulfill the rite of circumcision of his 
minor son had not met the 
condition that could give your child the 
right to receive the blessings of 
God's covenant with Israel and such carelessness 
He is chosen from the boss could not help 
that least ends up undermining 
before the people the strength of the 
divine precepts or whoever had 
left an open door for the devil 
it seems a little bit not true nor was it 
It was his family but that said a lot 
because what had he done 
because he said he was persuaded by his wife 
who did not want to admit that rite was 
another religion she 
and there the influence and that's why she 
also intervened perfectly that 
she had done that she was to blame 
sephora fearing that her husband was a 
dead and he performed the same ritual and 
then the angel allowed bassinet 
continue the march in his mission before 
Pharaoh Moses was going to be exposed to a great 
danger your life could with der 
be preserved only by protection 
of the holy angels but I would not be 
sure while I had a duty 
known without meeting 
well the angels sites could not 
and give it then here is what it does not 
I knew it was a known duty I knew and 
knowing he did not do it then that's 
it becomes a sin in sin up 
what does that mean 
that means that here the test 
the test time started in this 
here he was innocent he did not know after 
of the instruction here in a moment 
god says ok from now on the clock 
is running we are everything you 
you do now is a life or decision 
death you're going forward or you're going to 
that happens here that's going to be important 
for us 
when they arrive we make the conclusions 
for our time 
that is proof is not true because if he 
I was not going to do it, I was not going to be 
was going to be his death and god would have to 
have chosen another to release the 
another thing 
Of course we understand what 
circumcision is a symbol of baptism 
of the delivery of the character one hundred 
one hundred goodbye to the purification of each 
that from his sign that 
all by understood 
exodus 420 says that Moses took his wife 
and his children and put them on a donkey 
Moses's wife was in Egypt or not 
he was with him egypt 
they try to remember when life 
talks about the wife and the son not 
what happened elena white says 
for genre 160 same book the rode a 
ass not but before arriving in egypt 
but before arriving in egyptian mosque 
himself thought that for the security of 
them from his family 
it was convenient to make them return to their abode 
in Miami 
then the wife does not go 
the wife is not going to egypt 
and leave them behind and here at that moment and 
that's one of the things in the lines 
we have a donkey 
the tie in the bible is an animal with 
a lot of meaning 
we will see it often 
if you try to 
and remember how many times a 
star in the bible is very important that 
and meaning 
I can anticipate it because he does the 
is associated with a man and we are going to read 
briefly it does not have logic yet in 
the history of moses but we can 
remember and that's in the history of 
in genesis 
15 or genesis 16 I think 
and let's finish with that our 
first hour here 
that's in the genesis 16 
and it says well verse 11 
also the angel said to yoga here 
that you have conceived and will give birth to a son 
talking to grip