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good afternoon 
and I received an email recently 
frankfurt reuters a and half brother who 
I had not listened for a long time 
of the 
in the framework of a brother who grew up with 
Brother Gabriel with Brother Marko 
and twice this happened in my 
twice in which there was an attack 
direct perpetrated and intentional against 
my person and the message once 
It happened to me in Georgia 
and on another occasion that confederation 
contention in germany 
but in the two attacks 
consisted of three men who 
put together and in both circumstances 
there was one of those men who was in 
the two opportunities that I went 
and the two times that occurred 
They tried to accuse me of being a heretic or an ethicist 
and practically launch my work 
to the trash 
in photos that he exists but in these 
two confederations 
there is a man who was part of the two 
and there was a time when the family of 
lived together with the family of those 
people that you know from whom 
I'm talking and well I'm going to show you 
the email 
I received an email from this brother that 
I'm talking about three weeks ago 
and this man was exalting me 
raising and almost that worshiping for the work 
I was doing the truth 
wonderful that god has done 
and I thought about all these men 
they have been 
that at some point they put me to bed with a 
knife in the back and that person 
would be the first on the list that I 
attacked once 
so what kind of blindness would this 
that now that we are reaching the end 
of the world 
send me an email 
almost that worshiping me goes and I do not want 
be here talking about me and I know that 
it may sound like if I want to talk 
from my 
but I want to make a point with all this 
we are getting to the point in this 
message and in this movement managers 
a black that has put events in light 
that if you have not been walking with the 
growing light 
the light 
If you have had the opportunity to 
receive this light 
exact and has not met your 
responsibility to accept the light 
then you will reach a point of 
darkness corresponding to the light that 
you did not take advantage of receiving 
and I can tell you that I really am 
starting to see one of the dark 
in the biggest people that in all 
my life had come to see 
and what happened to me a few days ago 
and I have no idea how maybe some 
of you are going to have the ability to 
understand it 
because I know some of you have not 
been following this message for 
a lot of time 
and it would be impossible for me in this 
such short period of time 
explain every point I need 
so that each one of you can 
understand what I need to share 
and I need to warn you before I 
we are this close to the end of the 
and the truths that are opening now 
They are too deep 
and that if you're listening to them 
first time 
and if it is possible that you feel tempted to 
think that this is bigotry 
or sensationalism or energy that can 
be a very extreme light and I want that 
you recognize this before you 
let say 
what I am what I want to share 
here if god allows me 
I want to talk about what happens between 
Midnight and the Midnight Cry 
and now let me do a little 
how many of you understand when I 
I mean midnight and the clamor of 
if they understand what I mean with respect 
what is midnight and the cry of 
midnight now look around medium 
half living does not know what it means 
when I say between the clamor of the 
night and midnight 
and I'm not trying to be critical 
I want that I want you to understand 
the level the levels what we 
we found in this room 
It's going to be difficult for some of you 
accompany what I 'm going to leave behind but 
I trust that the holy spirit goes to 
bring conviction 
and that the Lord that the spirit can 
teach much more quickly if 
we allow it 
so let me give you a little 
recently sister 3 was in the 
arkansas school 
and she worked a presentation at the 
which proved it proved that on 9 
November of the year 2019 
and the closing grace closes 
for the priests and I think some 
of you neither know what it means or to 
what I mean when I say priests 
so good here where we 
we will find 
Sister test found that 9 
November 2019 is grace is raffia is 
midnight and that here at midnight 
and I 'm going to try to talk about what 
what happens between midnight and love 
of summer when we get to 9 of 
November 2019 
the sister had testimony after 
testimony to support your claim 
united states but she was 
referring to the usa 
in that month and the us at a point of 
reference for this movement and for 
this message 
this movement began in 1989 
with the fall of the berlin wall 
and with the understanding that was opened in 
that time 
and that the united states on earth 
glorious standing in the united states and 
that a Dominican law was about 
of happening in the usa 
so from the very beginning of the 
air my first ipoker apdcm if the 
the united states are the primary focus of 
this message 
in united this was all about what 
was going to happen in the usa 
and what was to begin in the us is 
the law of the crisis of the Sunday law 
the crisis of the Dominican law according to 
is spreading 
when the test sister started talking 
from November 9 
one of the reference points that she 
is making are the us of america 
united states and if you remember the 
history of the pilgrims when they arrive 
to the United States 
Obviously that was before 
there were the us 
there were not even 13 colonies in 
that time 
but the historical record says that the 
the first time the pilgrims saw the 
glorious land 
it was on November 9 , 1620 
so the prophetic beginning of the 
glorious land is November 9 
when what started this movement 
beresford was the fulfillment of daniel 
11 verse 40 
which identifies the fall of the wall of 
berlin in 1989 before historical the mind 
marqueta cofemer and the historic event 
that marks the fulfillment of that event 
it was the fall of the berlin wall 
and the Berlin Wall fell on 9 
November 1989 
trader and what the sister showed 
is that on November 9 , 2019 
Donald Trump is going to start a dictatorship 
In the USA 
the descent 
what would essentially end the 
glorious land and sister white 
that the glory of the us 
it's your state constitution 
and if the us sometimes gets to the 
point weather center where a 
the constitution is going to be abolished 
would be futile so the sister was not 
teaching is close to November 9 
well and which is in context and in 
agreement with this message is more it was 
the glory 
this message about the earth 
the glorious land was recognized the 
first time of November 9, 1620 
and on November 9, 2019 
we have a lot of evidence of Cameroon going 
to have a drastic change in the usa 
the game point the stress and there is a point 
in the history 
in which this movement comprised 
that donald trump the last president 
of the states the president 
was in fact the last and that the 
president who was going to bring the law 
and in the presentations of the sister 37 
twitter minds and already proved lethal until 
that the last president the last 
Governor of the United States 
this plan is based on that fight or 
battle that exists between the king of 
north and the king of the south 
that the last president of the us 
I was going to enter into a kind of 
relationship with russia 
and of course in the USA today against the 
Democratic party that opposes Donald 
donald trump on streak 
they claim that there is something that is 
happening happened under the table 
Between Donald Trump and Russia 
and activate this type of activity 
when laynce the test sister placed it 
and identified it in the lines 
so that already above refers to 9 of 
November and the earth and this here 
down is to about 9 am and donald trump 
I am saying that in 2019 
that donald trump is going to start 
certain type of dictatorship and if you do not 
They knew this is at least twice and 
maybe more than twice for ready but 
at least twice the sister white says 
in the united states in the usa de aspe 
thyssen will be stable despotism 
it will be established 
and the definition of despotism is 
projection and if you are thinking 
that I 
radical with respect to this prediction 
already the sister wide had said that 
the united states would reach the point of 
its history where the dictatorship 
would lift 
and the point is that you need 
solve what is to avoid would be donald 
trump I would like to highlight 
efe jeter that donald trump if he 
become a dictator 
and the prediction is that he will achieve that 
on November 9, 2019 
and I would like to tell you that on 9 
of 2016 when he was elected 
president in one time version 
the one that love from spain in line and 
there has only been one time and only one 
occasion in which donald trump was 
in russia 
if it was only one day on 9 
November 2013 
the brigadier eggs if you 
remember donald trump 
he was in charge of the university of 
he was the owner of a kind of 
fashion beauty contests 
and in the year 2013 
this contest of the miss universe 
and donald trump visited russia in that year 
on November 9 and there are people who have 
been suffering for at least two 
years of exam without extracting happened and 
that of there is something sinister that 
that day happened 
so the message with which we 
we are dealing 
is symbolically represented in 
daniel 11 44 
lewis and I hope everyone is 
familiar with this 
probably here 
but news from the east and north do not 
they will frighten and come with coming 
to destroy and kill many 
in verse 44 he is talking about dad and 
the next verse is when the papacy 
comes to the end 
but in verse 44 there is a message 
I've called news 
and this message is double 
says that it comes from the east and that it's from 
north too 
and the message from the north is the message that 
refers to the papacy 
the message that the papacy in the north 
and the message that arrives is saying the 
Papacy is going to be destroyed 
and that of course will cause 
concerns to the papacy 
but the message that he would do in 
and in biblical prophecy the east 
and Islam 
so immediately after the 
sister test made his presentations 
which was based on a message that 
was based between the conflict there 
between the king of the south and the north and she 
comes to the conclusion and of course they 
I'm giving here a very brief summary 
of that 
immediately after we had a 
We returned to the classes 
in the title for the trio brother 
from Canada 
he came to the same conclusion from a 
completely different direction a 
second witness about 9 of 
and some other more dates and the message 
from theodore 
is the message that is structured or 
built on the message of Islam 
is based on the prophecy of 391 years and 
15 days found in the chapter 
9 of apocalypse 
so what was opened 
maybe man 
in a very short period of time is that 
the news of the north and the east and 
these two messages agreed with the 
same the same the same date 
that the closing of the grace for the 
priests would close on November 9 
of 2019 
and what Brother theodor added to 
scenario that we have here 
he showed that from November 9 
of 2019 
that if you go from November 9 to 252 
days and the 252 is a symbol of the 25 20 
and the 252 take you to 2020 
and what I'm going to argue is that it's 
that on November 9 , 2019 it would be 
midnight and that on July 18 
2020 the midnight cry and that in the 
mean here 126 days of 126 days we are going to 
see the cross 
and the priests of Adventism are going to 
be put on that cross and be exalted 
like a banner a flag 
to attract the Levites of the 497 and 
what I 'm going to be presenting here 
is this 
but I 'm not going to be able to have the time 
to introduce them and defend myself 
arguments of theodore and test for 9 
November 2019 
the information but if you do not 
understand the seriousness of the message of 
them two 
then the information that I am going to 
present to you is not going to end 
being as important as it should be 
so I needed you to see 
on November 9 and what we 
we believe we decide and according to my own 
how many of you have seen the 
sister test presentations 
although I did not take or ok not many of 
and good for those of you who already 
They saw this presentation is 6 
of eternal investigating 
it will be that there is someone here who can 
say that I would be prepared to say 
not worth investigating these 
presentations of her 
let me ask is this way 
for you who looked at that 
and how many of you would like to have 
the sister is here for a week and that 
will teach you that 
I want the evaluation of those who 
they saw the test presentations 
is very cerebral in because they are 
so there's no way I can 
explain in ten minutes everything 
she checked and spoke in her presentation 
but let me take you to the focus 
yes yes it is possible 
brother white said that we will be 
judged by the light 
and not simply because of the light we had 
to dance but also for light 
that we could have had 
if we had taken each one 
of those opportunities that we were given 
to receive it 
so based on that principle every 
person in this room 
will be responsible 
for being a priest of the 29 
what they are the date 
it does not seem 
today is November 16 very well you 
they have 
10 you have 358 days 
to prepare for the closing grace 
from each one of you 
if what we are saying is 
and if you divide 358 you are going to see 
Vicente equal should be 51 
we had fifty 
fiftyone so 51 
mathematics in the glorious land is 
different from math in Brazil 358 
is divided by 7 
it means that you have 51 Saturdays 
to prepare for the closing of the 
grace of you 
meet me sabas 
and that does not seem long ago 
when I already listen to these presentations 
it is one of the things 
most discouraging I had heard 
and na wai and you know why 
because I realized that it was true 
and I realized that many of my 
family many of my friends 
and it seems impossible like some of them 
they will be able to be prepared 
but we have been seeing many miracles 
that are happening in the hearts of 
the people from those presentations 
and we hope that the gentleman goes 
to finish that work that he has begun 
although mine 
so well I'm going to start my 
presentation now is this simply 
trying to place the context 
giving to you 
summary of what we are going to see in pro 
moral maintains and as I 
I get it 
tampa bay wintour 
I'm probably going to say some things 
that Brother Marko was already 
sharing that he was 
because I 'm going to go back to the history of 
and before I get there I also want 
show them some things and what is all 
pretty old news in revelations 
sporting in arak 14 apocalypse 
first site there are three messages 
the first and second and third angel 
I never knew what a tall fractal does not 
and I think I still do not know what a 
all right 
but in apocalypse 14 
and we had understood the fatal 
apocalypse 14 and we had even 
identified the fractal before ni 
even know what the word fractal 
it meant 
because we were teaching this 
that these three messages in 
apocalypse 14 in the first message 
you had the characteristics of all 
three and what we came to understand in two 
months was that the first message 
angel was a fractal of the other three 
based on many demons and the three 
footsteps of the first angel 
we had several witnesses and testimonies 
to know what they represent 
the holy spirit and bin laden sixtina in 
the in John 16 8 and will convince us to 
sin of justice and judgment 
and the way of the uncle jehová is in 
tussam to disclose we have the atrium and it's 
albert where low sin is dealt with 
law plate the holy place is where it is 
represented justice 
móstoles plate and in the place santíssim 
in this field is where the trial 
the messages of the three angels are 
represented around all 
writings of various forms 
but the first message the ico says that 
God gives me 
that's the first message give glory 
that is the second message 
because the time of his judgment arrived is 
the third message 
many of us had put this in 
the presentations for a long time 
without knowing anything about those who 
the characteristics of each of the 
three angels two per extension it 
find in the first angel 
and then we come to understand that the 
first war message is found 
also in chapter one year in daniel 1 and 
that the second message 
you can find it in daniel 2 and that the 
third angel can find him to 
Priori in Denia in 3 
we had come to understand you not going 
that convinced of sin 
in calling the people to the people for 
that they joined to build the ark 
and few people responded and we arrived 
to a point in history 
where there was a glorious manifestation 
of the power of God 
and these lines represent the 
glorious manifestation of power 
in the history of that was the animals 
getting into the air and right here in the 
there was a door that was closed that there is the 
disaster in this story here 
based on several lines 
we started to understand that that's where 
the glorious manifestation of the power of 
God for containment I went into Daniel 
One, two and three 
the features that are 
related to the messages the first 
second and third angel can be 
and when we look for that 
based on the first biblical reference 
that is, we had not understood that 
when the animals have me a 
long for the before Lujians it was 
the time to enter the ark will be in 
the bow if the animals were still 
entering will be that they had time to 
get into the ark too 
and of course I understand the question 
they got in the long run not so what 
they made them failed 
because that test that was visual 
we had understood that at this point of 
the story 
reuters is that there is a visual message not 
a visual test and that visual test is 
a warning that the door will 
was about to close and they knew that the 
door for you for us for you and 
for me that saw prophetically in the 
Sunday law 
if you are an Adventist and the Sunday law 
and you are an Adventist and well I do not 
I want to get into trouble in this crisis 
you will receive the mark of the beast 
large viteri of an hour and a half 
everyone you understand what I am 
trying to say and if you are adventist 
and they know the difference between Saturday and 
and that Sunday law comes 
for sandy and you end up deciding what 
you're going to put domain guards 
assumed that at that time receives the 
beast in that sense is when it arrives 
we come to the understanding of the closure of 
the grace 
it was when we got to where the brother 
says the Lord has shown me clearly 
of you and me seven feet of that image 
of the web beast and for me by profession 
with the image of the beast will be formed 
before the law of the moment before the 
grade 6 English closure when it is locked 
the grace to tandil or in the law 
Dominican Dolores sound micheletti and the 
sir has shown me clearly of you and 
me george davis that the image of the 
will be formed before the closing of the 
and this is the test by which the 
God's people will be tested and approved 
for all eternity 
it's a test that came before the 
it's a test for you for me that arrives 
before the saw closes 
and in that test our eternal destiny 
it's going to be decided 
and Sister White calls him in the test 
of the image of the beast 
and in the history of 9 will be typified 
typified by the beasts when 
are getting into the ark 
so when we got to danny 
chapter 1 you find the message 
the first angel in youtube which of what 
it's about chapter 2 of daniel 
Nebuchadnezzar are a great image 
well, from michigan state by the screen it was 
will start to start and once denied tested by 
that image 
nobody could say 
and all the wise men of the kingdom 
they were going to sacrifice this dance this year 
it was Daniel tried by the dream of 
nabucodonosor and if he was tested by the 
image of that dream warming up 
talk about the proof of the image 
so it will be that it was a test of a 
death now 
the sister white repeatedly always 
that daniel chapter 3 in a 
illustration of Dominican law 
golden and mitch are you going to have to 
kneel before that image 
and about daniel one 
if the first message in gel and with the 
apocalypse 14 and it is de facto in a 
fractal of the three angelic messages 
the new chapter one should not also 
danny some 
be a fractal of the three messages 
also by anne klein ministry if I 
what I am saying is true 
will be that some of you know the 
chapter 1 I hope all of you 
know chapter 1 because the first 
message is that God gives me I come to give 
because the time of his trial has come 
daniel chapter 1 this year edgar daniel 
I feared God that I was so afraid of God 
who refused to eat the king's food 
paper webmail and then the lord what 
put in grace in front of him zhar 
and ask him to think about them let me have 
a time to promote ideas give me a 
10 day test 
and at the end of those 10 days guards of 
year what is it that you are going to try on 
Daniela when doing the problem in 
daniel schmitt his image Yes mich 
but later we would leave the king's me 
there was the image of daniel better 
healthier than your partner's and 
So it was Daniel step 
in chapter 1 
and says that at the end of those days and 
experiences he was brought before 
nabucodonosor for another test 
he was brought before Nebuchadnezzar and 
Nebuchadnezzar is the king of the north 
so Daniel was brought forward from 
the test of the king of the north and it will be that 
danielle passed to the north test as well 
it happened 
danielle chapter 1 
has the three angelic messages 
contained in the Cáceres de Pacto 
because of chapter 1 fractals because 
Chapter 1 represents the first angel 
and the second angel represents the second 
the second the second chapter of ariel 
and chapter 3 the third message 
angelic and because I wanted you 
knew that about this teaching here 
but he has been 
in the public domain for many years and 
you can grab your bible and study it 
so you can master it very well 
and many of you here have heard 
these presentations in detail and what 
I can guarantee the water 
and I'm not worried about those 
above presentations for jal 
but I want you to understand the logic 
that the first message is a fractal 
of the three messages 
danielle 1 2 and 3 is simply another 
representation of the three messages 
but I want you to see something right 
genesis 15 
genesis 15 is the first message 
danielle 17 the second angel and genesis 
22 is the third message 
and these three chapters are the three 
chapters where God makes a covenant with 
and genesis 15 has the three messages the 
contents and abraham is the first 
with which the gentleman entered 
in terms of a chosen generation 
armani the lord made pacts with adam and 
eva 'but it was for all mankind 
he made a pact with is not but is that 
Covenant community for all humanity 
but when he made a pact with abraham 
it was the first time in which the lord 
Impact with a group of people 
that would be called the chosen people 
then at the end of our 
says sister white that in the past 
days of earthly history 
and is that the Lord will renew his covenant 
and yesterday in portals the gentleman enters a 
agreement with a group that we call 
the 144,000 say hear and jesus always the 
ex textile in illustrious the end with the 
so the pact of the 144,000 
is the pact with him in which with the 
which god came in there will be districts in 
those three chapters 
and those three chapters are illustrating 
they illustrate the Lord entering into a covenant 
with the 144,000 at the end of the world 
so it will be that we can stop a 
now here to make a prayer 
to receive past because if I am 
rightly I think that Saturday ends 
to arrive 
so let's go to genesis 15 if you 
I allow it 
in this movement there is a beginning 
pretty familiar 
well familiar and says more or less 
so we can not have a third party without 
have a first and a second and I'm going to 
try to say that the genesis 15 17 and 
22 are the first second and third and 
that these chapters have to be 
studied line on line since they are 
a single message 
in genesis 15 god will come in a covenant 
with abraham 
and in that 17 among other things he's going to 
give the covenant of circumcision 
and circulation takes place on the day 
we know that circumcision is 
replaced by baptism 
how career 
as we move forward in our studies or 
try to prove that since 911 
until midnight there are seven days 
from midnight to the clamor of 
midnight until day 8 and that has 
a lot to do with circumcision in 
llanes stuani in genesis 22 
let's find the cross 
because they are going to sacrifice their 
son isaac 
and that typified Christ on the cross 
and after Christ was crucified 
his disciples were looted 'rating' 
by brother white says that the disappointment 
of the disciples typify the disappointment of 
the thousand wounds and 1844 
and October 22, 44 was the time 
defined where it says that although 
late vision 
because it will not be long because it will arrive in the 
exact time virtualiza kennedy time 
tap and that time there pointed is the 
October 22 to leave 44 
which was typified by the cross of 
really to take out fighter air already its 
once it was typified by the sacrifice of 
but both isaac the cross and mineritos 
in the chaco all of them point to the law 
Sunday in our history and the 
third angelic message is from sandy 
lamas and the message of the decree domain 
that is, do not receive the brand 
and when 
abraham was asked to sacrifice himself to 
your child is thinking that typifies the 
Sunday law 
and the Sunday law is the third message 
angelic are following my logic 
Isaac is sacrificed in Genesis 22 
this is Daniel 3 this is the third message 
to be followed by circumcisions 
is on is a signal 
and really the way I've 
expressed in genesis 17 is what 
in English says talking 
and the signal is something that you can see 
something visual 
so the second message is visual as well 
as the circumcision was visual 
it was a Wi-Fi signal vision of the moment 
so good in genesis we should see 
all those elements and in genesis 15 
we also have the elements of the first 
angel so let's go to genesis 15 
what is the first word of the first 
what gives me god 
the second word of glory and the 
third sentence because prayer is so 
that the first message takes off begins 
with fearing god 
after these things came the word 
of jehovah abraham in vision saying no 
topics for me I am your shield and I am your 
big reward 
and some of them are adults some 
you already had children and when there 
Something in the night that scares your son 
comes to your child and tells your child not 
be afraid 
so when abraham okay sir 
Luisa Brahm is no fear while 
it involves hitting fear god 
but I say that chapter 15 should 
have the elements of the three angels 
there contained 
when it was that we started to create is that 
We have to finish 
ok let's read 15 2 to 8 and he responded 
There will be a Lord God that they will give me 
thus being without children and the 
butler of my house is that other breast 
eliécer gives healthier to marion europe are 
good maybe I can interrupt some 
of illegals who are in the ies 
eliecer eliezer 
in liniers 
but who is this the 1000 who 
It represents 
Everything inspires the Holy Spirit 
the holy spirit dayron and later 
is going to want to get a boyfriend 
and who will you send to brand so that 
look for your son's wife 
and who is the bride that marries 
isaac katz people 
God's people are urging us that the 
God's people in this story 
So the IEE is going to look for the 
wife or women where 
the drawing of a woman 
it will be that there is a church today in the snack 
of being there is a church today in this 
land east to that church we are not 
us because these said I have other 
and when I called her 
so at the level that I am 
tackling this country the world what I 
I'm saying is it says it's 
joining a woman at the end of the 
world since all the prophets speak 
of the end of the world 
and right now the spirit the spirit 
saint is preparing hearts out 
to join in the crisis that 
it's in front 
and the more they study the history of 
10-0 throw in the bible are going to occur 
realize that it is the holy spirit 
the only person that I have here 
with me who takes care of my house of the spirit 
holy I'm not saying that abraham 
I believed or understood that exactly as 
I'm saying but what I say is 
that the day represents the spirit 
ruby placed who replaces aaron 
when it moves 
replace it 
so you're going to see what we can 
always apply symbol because it's going to 
nahún and the other one that would be the iese 
so let's go to verse 3 said more 
there will be look that you have not given me son and 
here that in is my heir one born in 
my house and then came in the word of 
jehovah saying he will not inherit you this one but 
that the one that will come out of your entrails was the 
that I inherited you 
and in verse 4 I want you to see something 
emerging farmers 
it's so you just gave him the promise 
They have to have people who have a 
an heir to an heir that is going to come 
of your bowels 
later we know that there will be ambato 
maragall and will try to meet the 
force the promises of the lord 
but this promise is here placed 
from the beginning and when we get to 
verse in chapter 17 is for more going to 
have an addition with a component 
added in this promise in this covenant 
young boys 
have a prophecy because I am 
saying to brand you can not have 
children you can not have heirs display 
of experts I had it so abraham 
You can believe it, do not believe it but follow 
being a prophecy made by god 
so in chapter 17 
there's going to be a blouse added to this 
and when this added light arrives 
it will be that abraham will believe the 
finally chapter 17 this level and 
it has to be lava believe in the chapter 
no, not her, not the Greek, which is 
the light added in chapter 17 the light 
added in chapter 7 was the element 
there came a point in history where god 
He told him you're not going to have your son in this 
defined time 
what abraham did 
and he laughed 
and when that message was heard made 
if she also reveals herself so the 
two laughed at him they laughed at the 
promise of a time defined by God 
and if you are not looking for this it is 
possible that not even you can see it 
eggs can go mustache birds but to 
As we move forward we are going to 
point there 
and it is a very important point 
you know how you can get to know 
it's a very significant point bikers 
when the time of steel wheels by field 
because when the time prophecy 
it's from quest born isaac nation 
and how he was called 
he was called and shark westminster that 
means the one that is filled in ball 
then live in the element of time 
connect with potatoes and blood is a 
symbol of disbelief when it comes 
the element of time defined at 
God's people 
let's keep reading verses 5 and what 
took outside and said look now the 
heavens and count the stars and the 
you can count and told him this will be your 
and he replied lord jehovah who 
know that he makes inheritance 
and I say I am from the Chaldeans for this 
to give you 
I want to go back to 5 
that is what abraham has to be with 
the stars since now you have to 
count them you have to name the 
present jones and I have a party 
a recent power presentations 
but there is a presentation that I know that 
there is a presence that I made of which 
do not take the picture rick adair in take 
picture and since I did not take the picture that 
at choice I had to tell that the 
and I'm not very good at telling anecdotes 
I did know that 250 and after 9 of 
November 2019 calls us took us 
on July 18, 2020 
would be 
of yours 
help and I knew that 
wilander web and I also knew that 
we had understood what was the means 
changing in the middle of raffia 
what you can not remember 
then I had to before that study 
I had to go to a calendar 
and count 126 
to be able to arrive at March 14 
and then count 126 
to get to 18 this is calendar 
and it's the calendar that we use for data 
of rain 
before that we used the Julian 
in the Gregorian 
but in the Julian calendar in March 
in March 1 
but without more 
now I do not know how you guys 
because Europeans do the things of 
contrary way as they do here but 
in the us on the first of March 
to see how it is in Brazil 
meanwhile it would be the opposite 
a like that way 
well I like the right way 
cold water the same so I want you to know 
that in the Julian calendar on 14 
March is the first the verdure that would be 
julian and when you start playing 
with the Julian and Gregorian calendar 
and then also use the calendar 
biblical first day second day and then 
start using the face and the calendar 
French of the revolution to leave everything 
begins to get quite an umbrella 
because there is one thing that I do want 
see what is that in the middle of that story 
in the end 
that structure is that prey and 
typified by the week of Christ the 
week of the covenant of christ with israel 
from the year 27 4 
and he was hung on the cross the year 31 and 
remember that in 31 
but what if I wanted him to see 
to bennett soul a guy is that the first 
time in history that the Lord came in 
impact with a people and I have chosen him 
one of the first things that the lord 
he said abraham 
and told him you need to know how to tell 
try to count the stars count the 
stars is harder to tell in 
the calendars I want you to know that 
there in the very beginning the story the 
command to know with the key 
and good to be verse 5 we go to 7 where 
we go to verse 8 
and he replied lord jehovah in that 
know that the inheritance that we were going to 
abraham raised a question 
taylor I want to know how I can 
I get to be sure that you 
you go to mister you are going to fulfill his word 
with me 
is something that will be a good paraphrase 
what did he do with that verse 
because that is really so the lord 
it will be 
we know the history not you 
See how the man says to brand takes 
five animals 
and what kind of animals were those 
they were animals that were animals at 
service there was no kind of pig 
and you so you can understand the 
sacrifice that points to Christ and if 
you understand that, say amen 
have and monetize countries so every 
one of these sacrifices chapter 15 
with work 
every sacrifice was a prophecy includes 
the animal typifies Christ then every 
animal was a prophecy to manifest 
how many prophecies were given will have 
to sacrifice of wayne there were five 
what happened with the first 3 kirchner 
here is a prophecy two three four 
animals five animals 
what happened to the first five 
prophecies or animals could be cut 
say they were cut in half 
what I was going to check bye bye 
abraham that god was going to fulfill his 
word was the prophetic word of God 
his wei and the prophetic word of God 
was going to be given in two ways 
prophecies that had to be stung by 
and prophecies that had to be left 
it will be that you understand what I am dealing with 
to say with that they will be exhibited let's read 
little more 
this what he marked has been talking 
ok let's follow more Pablo a little bit of this 
and told sir what to know about 
inherit and told calf apartment of 
three years a three year old goat and a 
three-year-old ram a turtledove also 
and a palomino 
you know 5 and you got something and like the all 
these things and split them in half and 
put each one in front of the other more not 
match the birds and birds descended on 
the bodies show and there will be more 
Drive away more at sundown 
abraham dream and here that the dread of a 
great security fell on the then 
said abram 100% that you if you were lying was 
pilgrim on land not yours and will serve 
there and be afflicted by 
four hundred plus years also to the 
nation whom they will serve will judge me and 
after this they will come out with great 
riches and you enter your parents in peace 
and will be buried in good old age and in the 
fourth generation will come back here because the 
evil of love inmate has not yet reached 
its with its last and it happened that I put 
the sun and already darkened the known one 
he let see a smoking oven and a 
torch of fire that passed between the 
divided animals 
angustia nin de marco is here to see you 
very well understanding that frame and 
covered part of this 
this is the first mention of a pact 
made with God to a chosen people 
there is a prophecy there of four hundred 
and according to lemona scriptures this prophecy 
four hundred years 
they are also four hundred and thirty years 
but that can be divided right in 
in 215 and 215 
this prophecy mentions four 
generations or the fourth generation 
and you can divide these 
generations right in the middle that 
prophecy also speaks of judgment 
the trial and a release 
I'm going to put the ten kings and the 
days are the ten kings of apocalypse 
17 are joined and together with the papacy 
at the end of the world and persecute the 
God's people 
so let's just read already the 
verses 18 to 21 and we finish 
that day he made a covenant with 
abraham telling your seed to give this 
land from the egyptian river to the 
large river the river Euphrates in the and the 
children the ashtrays the coalmen the 
seven or the strawberries you back them 
we go down rivers the Canaanites the chiefs eos 
and the Jebusites 
and the nations counted 
19 to 21 
from the egyptian river to the river 
big deal prophetically 
represents the whole world 
so how many people are judged 
according to this passage is a message of 
judge our message a message of 
the mining message spoke of 
beginning of the trial 
but our message talks about closing 
of the trial 
and the message of genesis 15 is a message 
of judgement 
the pep team and over I get 
the first trial message and miller the 
delivery courier 
and he gave the message of the hour of 
so in the vice passage 
how many people are judged in those 
passages together towns for me 
Amen and I do not mean the whole passage 
how many people are judged 
everything is to say that they are all like a 
very easy answer has an answer 
now when I say I mean a 
says that in the fourth generation 
they will come back because the wood is not yet 
has reached its peak american 
emptying by ball so the 
the iniquity of the Amorites becomes 
in a biblical symbol and little and nav 
cap fan and a symbol of people who are going 
filling the cup with the indignity of 
and when I arrived in that cup of 
iniquity are going to be judged 
that's why the rivers are made are the 
Amorites are judged there so that is 
a town 
webber is for you 
of verse 14 says that also to the 
nation to which they will serve to judge them 
if they see that there is it that the nation of 
those that the Israelites and they saw were 
the Amorites 
it was not the Egyptians in beijing as well 
that in verse 14 
in English it says in English in both 
first words tells you that I too 
I will judge 
let's see the law says more also to the 
nation to which it will serve to judge this well 
that also means that there is 
someone who was tried just before the 
nation to which they 
so who was judged in the 
previous verses 
gatsby bulgaria the people of god was 
Be certain that your next will be 
pilgrim on land not yours and serve the 
be afflicted for four hundred years 
there are three groups that are judged in this 
way in this in the end of the world who 
It is the people of God 
Adventist Adventism 
it will be that Adventists Adventists 
are judged in the end who 
have judged first 
how many the trial begins 
begins with the house of God in whom 
is speed king so in genesis it 's 15 
catpeople that jats in genesis 15 the 
God's people judge 
first and then who is judged 
the nation in which the people of God 
you find who they are at last 
of the world 
the earth 
the us and who are the Amorites who 
the kings are the rest of the world 
which fill the cup of the 
iniquity at that time in the same 
this will be that there will be before my goodbye in that 
history will be that there was a glorious 
manifestation of the people of visual god 
it will be that it concluded with a trial 
fear God give you glory because the 
prayer judgment so that genesis 15 are 
all its elements contained there 
genesis 15 is the first angelic message 
and a couple of things that we 
we need to see is 
the one that God gave a prophecy a 
prophecy that is later going to be 
has added the element of time and 
when the time element defined and 
in a test so abraham and sara 
and those two ways 
prophecies in a singular way and 
prophecies that could be divided into the 
these two prophecies that were given to him 
to abraham are the same tests that 
they will need to believe to be able 
believe justice 
and receive that covenant promise so 
tomorrow we will talk about chapter 17 and the 
22 the 9 syringe way and then we're going to 
go to address in the week of the 
midnight and midnight clamor like that 
What will we do