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dear lady we invite you to be 
is present 
and so we can understand your word 
something that is higher 
and much more allied of our infinite 
human mind we ask that you send us 
that guides us all the truth 
in that holy spirit dear father for 
please tell us that way to your 
the one who teaches 
in this hour and therefore direct those 
on the other side on the side of those who 
study and listen please direct the 
hearts for 
have all are spirits of the 
villains studying verifying 
checking and understanding what is your 
will on behalf of jesus christ amen 
those brothers although my subject is the 
investigative judgment I will give a 
introduction a little more 
I'm going to take the first first 
hours for a little more introduction 
beyond this and I've already told you about 
lines and that way I want to start 
place that logic here 
of lines or events 
let's place some line 
that line represents that of that 
movement of prophetic events events 
historical because you know how he 
and nabai to explain the prophecy is 
the fulfillment of events in the 
history then we have here events 
that in history have become visible 
and then there are events that will be 
visible in the future still 
I have here some texts that do not form 
part of our brochure 
but I think 
that that text should be here 
in a second 
it's very short text I do not know where it is in 
your moment does not matter 
or start with a text that says the 
following are in conflicts the 
and what I'm doing now for 
those who want to take notes or for the 
notes that you have 
we are using I use the 
Texts and codes of the center white 
of the patrimony white 
elina gual with a died in it a lot 
material and he assigned a team to 
control to manage everything 
I had left him 
the church broke that contract and did it 
in their own way however we have here the 
cool line texts of today and has 
a code and that we are using and sometimes 
that is the book and the page are not like 
the books that we have printed are a 
little one pose few pages before by 
what pages later but so that 
find we have the website of the 
white center or the applications and 
assured you all have your android 
or iphones have the cute application 
waite the white center and those codes 
we are using ok to find it 
now here that are in conflict the 
I should look at it here in Spanish some 
things are not translated here they're going to 
allow a bit of the challenge of being 
traveling and teaching in different 
places different languages ​​and sometimes that 
it prevents having everything in a language not 
conflict the centuries 
the centuries are in conflict in Spanish 
page 390 
390 better exactly 30 91 the first 
and it goes like this 
the parable of the ten virgins 
the parable of the ten virgins of 
Matteo 25 also illustrates what 
experienced the Adventists 
the parable of the ten virgins 
It also illustrates what they experienced 
Adventists help me dear ones 
brothers to remember how was that 
parable how the word begins 
the realm of lucidity thus begins is 
similar to what 
that is the beginning of the parable because 
Jesus tells the parable is not true 
because the account because he wants to give 
a lesson about those events before 
to enter the heavens 
and that we have in that same word that 
we have at the beginning 
10 virgins 
at the beginning 
that the next thing that happens in the 
maybe we open we open we can 
open we have matteo time 25 
matteo 25 
I imagine that very easy my question such 
that's why they answer us but 
to be right here at the bottom of the letter 
let's read in that text together another 
as the brother has said verse 1 
I killed 25 then the kingdom of heaven 
It will be similar to ten virgins who 
taking their lamps they went out to receive 
so here we have the 10 virgins 
with its lamps 
and the van 
towards the husband 
because they go out to meet them they 
the cycle 25 of them were prudent and 5 
foolish now here there are many things 
already 5 were cautious 
as you know it is 
by oil but they had all 
they have oil 
but everyone has at this moment 
they still all had but not some 
they had enough for more salt and that 
moment was hard to see 
you see in your mind it looked like a group 
homogeneous you have virgins all ten 
here it does not distinguish 
the bible does not do on purpose it does not 
distinction but it provides us with a 
information now that those are divided 
in 5 and 5 
the circle 3 the foolish ones taking their 
lamps did not take oil with them 
more the wise took oil in their 
vessels together with their lamps 
you know the lamps pretty much 
they had to like this before 
a mud container 
with a handle 
and here was a cord or something like that is not 
so einerin was nourished with aesthetics had 
then they had this their lamps 
today it would be 
something like that is not true 
and I have my battery in here 
but a group of these 
because more on top of that they had another 
with extra oil 
that after its time has come could 
fill your lamps I'm sorry that's 
how do they understand 
the circle 5 
and take us the husband all lacked and 
they fell asleep and at midnight I am a 
clamor here the husband comes or go out to 
receive him 
then the next moment in that 
story what is the next moment 
but let's say in terms of chronology 
now day 
true midnight she 
when he falls asleep 
verse 6 and at midnight there was a 
clamor here the husband comes out to 
receive him 
then at midnight there is now a 
those are all as you well know 
they are all prophetic symbols symbols 
that are that Christ was lent in the 
culture procedure 
in the Middle East how it was done 
how the marriage began 
since the marriage parties 
verse 7 then all those 
virgins got up and fixed their 
Sleeping lamps do not need light 
of course when they sleep it's off 
but once 
they get up they turn it on again 
and now the thing starts and the 
fools of the 8th century told the 
prudent give us your oil 
because our lamps go out 
the wise responded by saying 
so that we do not miss us and 
you and you and rather the 
They sell and buy for you 
also same 
but while they were going to buy wine 
the husband and those who were prepared 
in the jar with him to weddings and he 
close the door 
then comes the arrival of the 
and we have here a very important event 
tragic at the same time 
the closed door 
the arrival of the husband has two faces 
for ones it is 
the beginning admission to weddings and for 
the others are they stay outside 
what other story do you know 
where the same thing happens where the 
door can not enter no 
then brother you already have the 
concept of parallel lines this 
history is a line parallel to the 
story of the ark of noah and it 's easy 
because kind of you will see here to a door 
closed also in the history of noah 
and what happens in that door are some 
inside and others are outside that's the 
separation into two groups and loved ones 
brothers this is what the gospel 
does not it true it tells us so we go there 
genesis 3 16 
this is the first mention of the gospel 
eternal in the bible 
genesis 3 
apology verse 15 3 15 
Genesis 315 
and I will put enmity between you and the woman and 
between your seed and his seed 
is of injury to the head and you 
injuries in the calcaneus 
although this because that is the gospel 
Protestants called him and loyal 
elena wild so call it this is the 
internal gospel here because that's the 
eternal gospel 
because it is verses of the gospel 
exactly here is in this verse 
of the 15th century that lived three we have 
many things enmity between who 
between the woman the pure true church 
the seed of it that is the church to 
over the centuries 
and then the other side is the snake 
is the church of the devil and his 
followers we have those two groups here 
and then the struggle that combines 
the cross where Christ crushes the head 
of the snake but he manages to move the 
then that's the same story this 
is the eternal gospel in action those 
are two stories that illustrate the 
eternal gospel how it works 
God has a time for his people and 
he works with his people, he does things for 
that they wake up so they see the 7 néstor 
from noah 
you see the animals for example 
you have the sermons of noah 
of matusalén de enoc that all 
they preached of the flood 
and all that was to wake up his people 
but there comes a time with that time of 
grace for the land for the people 
ends and the door closes here 
We have two groups and the same as here 
five in five outside 
those are symbols of their numbers here 
we have more outside and less inside in 
this story 
but that's that's how it's been 
sister as well easy we can see here 
are parallel lines we can we could 
now enter those of italy no 
it's just that door that's the same 
as here there are much more details 
and that are parallel 
we go to our first text of 
conflict the centuries 
and that's what I want to do with you 
elena white says 
the parable of the ten virgins of 
Matteo 25 also illustrates the experience 
or what Adventists experienced 
now tell me about you who have to 
see this line with Adventists here 
we have a word that Jesus told 
and the sister saw that is like 
as the intimate of noah we have a 
parallel and but he in the white did that 
is the line of Adventists 
and that's where the dilemma of our 
that we have done one thing 
we have worked to erase the 
history of our past that's not a 
house that is not a casual work is a 
active work 
many villages do that they erase their 
history or they change it the just not 
true so that it sounds better so that it 
see more beautiful the similar story and 
the Egyptians they only drew 
your victories 
in those in the statues in those in the 
monuments in the buildings only in 
victories then if you read the 
history and they are in the written Egyptians 
by the Egyptians it seems that only 
they have always won 
Victory victory of writers but 
It is not like this 
they have left out the defeats though 
we as a people have felt seventh 
and we have done something very similar 
the stories of the disappointment 
they are more and more outside until 
we are at some in some extremes 
we are doing the following we did 
that's the history of the miners 
but that's not stabilize in chalk 
start after 
we are disconnecting us from this 
story like that was another story of 
the pioneer minerists but that 
it's not the church blessing laws before or 
then if it starts later but it's 
our history that is the same 
history that same people at the root of 
the Adventist church good then that 
it's because we 're not very familiar 
with this concept here 
in the history of the mileuristas because 
he no longer white says the miners the 
experience of the people experience 
Adventist people and he says 
Adventist and a first place 
refers to the mileuristas because 
they were Adventists who waited for them 
Advent of Christ 
someone find him somewhere 
that would be the closed pota for example 
for the mileuristas 
for william miller for the movement 
what date would that be? 
44 this here is in the parallel story 
now of the 1844 miners 
a little more specific 
on October 22 
there a door was closed and that was a 
controversy for a long time 
the theology of the closed door 
they fought to understand that they 
they understood theologically 
prophetically that here a 
door because that being a door here in 
this day because it happened 
day of the trial see where was the 
judgment nothing happened on earth not 
but because it was judgment day what happened 
on that day 
where Jesus Christ was here 
exactly he entered his 
administration in the center of the place 
holy to this compartment here at 
Holy place 
that really happened that was a 
real event 
and what he did to date 
it has effect for us 
we are living now in that time 
where are you administering it here 
and that is the work of the high priest 
they enter the most holy place on what day the 
I enter there in the old testament as 
flame of the day 
the day of atonement is exactly 
the day of expiration is the day on which 
erase the sins that is well 
accumulated during the year 
that that that illustrated the completion of 
a process here is finally being erased 
sins were completely does 
good but that was all here a guy 
still because it was not the end of the world 
it was not the last trial it was a trial no 
but because there was a closed door 
here for the mineworkers where the 
door for those who will trace the door 
because here we see the tells him to illustrate 
also the experience of the 
Adventists experience 
that we have had as Atlantists but 
where are those who are left who 
stay in here on that day 
and you all know this 
where are you going inside are 
and I hope not 
in itself technically 
here a division between which groups 
to the Protestants 
and here the division is done in three 
those groups 
who was the people of God 
let's put here the beginning 1798 who was 
the people of god 
the Protestants that means the 
Lutherans and the Calvinists yes Baptists 
Methodists if God's people chosen by 
god of avilés in the desert that the 
God's people but they are still the 
God's people today 
do not 
since when as from that date and not 
here we have that day of a separation 
of that is a story of the 
Protestants here the Protestants leave 
to be the people of God on this day 
that is a very serious event 
they were not few because the protestants 
now it is paradoxical 
in the church mind is the seventh day 
wants to be protestant 
I mean, and I do not mean the sense 
Protestants original protest not 
there are want to be recognized how 
the other concert that's a one 
work that the church does with a lot 
effort they want to be recognized among 
the protestants the ideas of 
Protestants there were many assemblies 
many many talks many congresses 
to be accepted not only 
as Protestants in that is a story 
especially the 80s much was achieved 
finally the Lutheran churches 
they accepted and without a flyer they are also 
protestants and they brought and that's how 
back down because God took us out 
separated from that village 
just like the people of israel in some 
moment ceased to be the people of God 
chosen he stopped being and god got divorced 
of his church and he raised the Christians 
the primitive church is not true 
then that we have here is the parallel 
that is the closed door and you 
remember maybe that sounds very serious 
for you xinxin if you have not 
already heard sometime before but 
notice the first writings 
let me see where that is at first 
written you remember 
the vision of the sister white 
is one of the first visions that already 
I had 
It may very well be that to see 
I'm just looking at a context here 
those first writings 42 
therefore she says Christians 
that they slept before the 
access door to the most holy when 
ended the midnight cry the 
seventh month in 1844 without having saved 
the true Sabbath rest 
now in hope he is known here 
terms that we are applying is not 
There are some 744 thousand a door 
closes and Protestants that before that 
they had not understood many things and not 
they are counted as sin because they do not 
knew those who did not keep the Sabbath and 
they slept before 44 they died god did not 
he's going to tell you as sin that's because 
they did not know that light only afterwards 
opened but that was not what I wanted 
see with you 
maybe the stories no more and there are several 
remember where that is 
that is the vision where she sees that the 
father gets up 
here is the place is not true in a 
fire truck goes to that place to the 
backwards or for that place and the son 
get up and follow the father of that place 
to that place but there's something special in 
that moment and tell him I saw a company 
that were firmly there gathered not 
it's true and the angels were 
around that company because satan 
I wanted to put darkness and the angels 
with their wings they scare the darkness for 
than that company for receiving the light but 
at that moment 
God and Christ get up to go to 
holy place wants 
10 October 22 44 at this time 
many of the company see that Christ is going 
there and they also get up and 
they follow them but they do so all 
the vast majority, they do not realize it 
they do not even see that and even there and 
what they do there where they were 
they work praise God hands 
prayers to heaven to heaven where the 
send and selena good 
and they go to the throne because they think 
that on the throne is sitting me but 
God is no longer on the throne 
then he tells him what a terrible scene 
and describes him at that moment 
similar to the devil but as it seems that 
from you I speak in the vision comes and it 
feel inside or take over this 
moment and that is external receives the 
satan receives the prayers of all 
Protestants who have not gone with 
Christ to the most holy place 
and what he does with prayers 
as it says there is no how you remember that 
answer as not of course answer 
and the Protestants who receive a response 
to their prayers that they think 
Of course I answer him but not if 
god is no longer god is the devil and says 
that there was not no 
right love nor my sweet light or something if 
they tell you in those answers that there was 
miracles there is no prayer response for 
that protestants have answers 
prayers if things happen they work ask 
a car and I gave him four or something 
A) Yes 
they think it was god but it has not been 
but I'm not saying there is not 
protestant that all Protestants do not 
They receive answer to their prayers 
I am saying this is already a matter of 
heart today but as an entity 
as a group in total god divorces 
this Protestant people at this time 
and there is a new group that can be made 
a is the closed door of the parable of 
10 virgins 
and we wanted to understand but more then 
who cried out midnight 
love and night was an event was a 
in a place that is called exact 
and how do we put here the dates of the 
history that was 12 
of the same year 
now here we have put clamor of 
if you study the story a bit more 
in detail 
you are going to realize that there is a clamor 
during that successful camp there is a 
specific moment when the 
clamor and that was not it was not in s 
it was not a specific day and it was not 
hand to the will teach us more of those 
things here we do not need now in 
trains hospitals 
but there was a clamor that cry was 
a message given by brother snow 
and that resolved that detail or that 
solved that message 
because as the town was 
I was asleep because I was asleep 
town to census 
for the delay of the dance of who 
who was taking the husband is the 
same thing that happens here in the 
moment is not true 
the delay of the husband those are the 
same events and at what time 
produces the delay of the husband in the 
experience in Adventists because 
they thought it was late 
because they came when we came 
we are talking here before them 
they thought as he says here in that diagram 
that Christ was going to come when 43 did not come 
no wine was taken in his experience 
43 here tells you the diagram several times 
so when Christ did not come in 1843 
that starts the moment we call it the 
delay time 
and they fall asleep 
Now that's not all those dates either 
they are as easy as we are here 
putting more or facilitating but not so 
that was the exact date here who knows 
very welcome sister here very well 
come and join us 
Sit down please 
when a husband does not come 43 he did not come yes 
but how was that in the reality of the 
experience and the mileuristas as was 
I finish 43 and it ended if they when 
expected a Christ waited Quito 
January, February when they expected it 
there's the thing because in this 
here they have to spring with life 
of Christ 
at the beginning of the year then here there is 
one thing now Christ did not come in January 
he did not come all year round he did not come in December 
They were waiting for the whole year of January 
Christ did not come until December 
Then they understood one thing 
that like here line lights here that 
we are using 
what is that calendar called 
since when did you make the calendar 
of this century more or less remember 
Sir, how good is the 13th century? 
then the bible was written when 
long before then god does not use the 
Gregorian calendar if we 
we are using this calendar we are 
wrong because the dates of the bible are 
in another logic 
this in the calendar 
the Hebrew calendar the calendar 
biblical now if there is now you say 
listened to the expensive calendar and is that 
It is that because there are so I said no 
So simple things but they are very 
interesting to me they seem very 
the 10,000 edges 
they studied and smote them into account 
we have to elaborate the dates 
in its corresponding calendar in the 
biblical calendar and clear in the biblical 
function is different because the gender 
biblical is not like ours ours 
calendar how it works depends on what 
our of the moon 
our we say our 17 we have a channel 
solar the Hebrews did not have a heat 
solar of a lunisolar channel basically 
happened at the time of the moon that did not 
matches perfectly with the sun 
and we will not go into your details in 
that moment here but what we could 
understand is 
that the end of the year has three suits 
drunk was not yet the end 
the end of this year came 
when we entered the year 44 in 
spring in our calendar is the 
end of Hebrew calendar for by 
we the end of the year only 
spring but for the use of the end of 
year exactly 19 
April the biblical year ends here 
and it does not end here on 12 of 43 but the 
19 of 44 and that's why they extended that 
time of waiting for Christ the 2,300 
years where they are here they did not extend 
up to 43 
and with one came 
then the disappointment occurred 
and that disappointment produces the delay in the 
experience they thought that 
it had taken and they fall asleep 
and when they sleep and what was that 
here we are talking since 19 
four months not true until he 
12 d 
Aug. 4 months 4 months and nothing happened 
it was then that nothing happened to the miners 
they were convinced because they had left 
to meet the husband 
they had started selling sandstone stuff 
they left their job 
and those things were waiting for the husband 
the husband did not come but they were 
convinced that everything was correct 
because everything is correct 
and has the experience that God blessed 
that movement 
it's one thing that you have your theories and 
another thing when you realize that 
god bless what you understand 
then an experience grows 
then grow them in an experience 
With God 
walking together with god as in ok side 
next to him seeing that god was 
guiding but suddenly here as no longer 
there is 
there is nothing 
there is a vacuum but that is empty I do not leave 
that they 
at least many still follow 
believing many have left but many 
they maintained they stood firm 
and only those who stand firm are 
the virgins 
those who came out are not even from 
group of ten from here only 
we have the ones that are still 
convinced that Christ is coming 
that they were convinced that Christ 
comes only in half 
and will receive the husband 
and numbers was not even half 
how many were 
in numbers when they will be here 
with big black the movement here 
then here that height of the helmet 
50,000 outside 50 inside although it's very 
little but those numbers here are 
symbolic 5 and 5 but represent the 
50,000 and the 50 interesting like the 
villa works 
then this is what the inah white 
he said when he refers to the words 
virgins is also the experience of 
Adventist people 
now another text 
that's the magazine revue herald 
one of the most important magazines to 
in history in our church 
that's somewhere you have the 
text but as I'm dating a 
little here of the outline of the presentation 
and let's pick up the thread we're going to 
really start the next hour 
we are here talking about a text from 19 
of August 
of 1890 that there is only in English those 
texts already 
he says many times he refers to the 
word of the virgins 
five of which were prudent and 
five foolish and now and he says it 's a 
those keywords for our 
generation this parable has been and will be 
fulfilled to the letter 
again this parable has been and will be 
fulfilled and adds it to the letter or 
be exactly as it was fulfilled 
that's why we saw here this 
parabola we have done it very 
fast has a lot more details but it 
fulfilled has been this way the compliment has been 
fulfilled in the history of the 
Adventists of the mileuristas here 
will be repeated verbatim and that 
the brothers there we are 
We are 
living in which the regeneration that 
experience the repetition of that word 
the verbatim 
I do not know if you know it I do not know if 
you believe it I do not know if they are 
willing to accept it but we are at 
foot of the letter of that parable again 
and that's a lot about what we're going 
to fight here with you in this 
and a little bit I want to introduce now for 
finalize my first presentation on 
what that means to us and what 
let's do and the same way well 
without going into many details and without 
provide many texts because these are 
presentations that we have already 
recorded in Spanish we have not made a 
congress in was not that in Cochabamba two 
my brother also made gabriel 
to turn on is all accessible videos 
on these lines with the vital ones and the 
texts that one needs to be able to see it 
words of virgins history and the 
miners and now our history 
if elena white says that word is 
repeat at the letter then it has 
that there must be a closed door 
two have to see a clamor of 
and this has a lot more details but 
only here we are giving some there 
some time that is also here the 
must be at the letter that is 
all those events 
exactly they have to be repeated 
ask for the most accurate letter can not be and 
is this which is just another 
generation other years other names 
other actors exactly other dates 
already but we are in the same story in 
the same because as it says as it says 
everything under the sun already there was no certain no 
there is nothing new under the sun and we 
we use those those proverbs those 
wisdoms as well as things things 
generals that have already had everything is not 
true there's nothing new but it's a lot 
more life we do not spend a word in 
vanity this is a truth that applies 
to that store to our envelope also already 
there was that story that town dentist already 
there was 
so to speak that experience and already 
He passed another town in the same way and 
react in the same way and they took 
the same silly decisions and some 
the same decisions good and it worked 
always the same and this is going to be up to 
last moment is not true 
I do not know only what happens with us 
although we know how it will be 
same we made the same mistakes is not 
true the children commit the same 
mistakes of the parents always is not like this 
the same thing happens even if they know it 
although they say it then in our 
history here we are going to close this last 
about ten minutes to make our 
presentation in our history there is a 
closed door where is the door 
closed alone plus I start here 
because what is easiest what more 
we know everything in the sunset will be 
our history when the 
door the Sunday law 
amen of Sunday law 
as you know well that is not what 
everyone understands in our church is not 
in our church it is understood that there 
longer than the Sunday law 
the church teaches that there is time until 
Christ is coming 
but for our church there is no more 
thereafter, the sunset 
it was done there the door was made in 
the Sunday 
neither is that so simple there is more 
information that we are going to hear this 
there is no door just in that story 
neither a door just 
I'll tell you one thing beforehand 
putting of grace for the town of God 
part of it was made to be born 
how do we know that 
Well, that story was when the 
door in that story here 
in history and the 10 virgins when 
The door closed 
43 because it says 43 
and many and because the door was closed 
what asks me maybe again 
where in the experience in the words 
of 1010 virgins the door closes 
here or before 
at this moment in the midnight bed 
the groups are divided is not true 
and so to speak the door is already 
closed because those who are foolish 
here they do not return they can not enter 
another group the groups are divided into 
the midnight cry is not like that 
at this moment when love arrives 
division is made 
and if you are a foolish virgin in that 
there is no way to get back 
in history you can not travel in the 
time to back and get oil 
I can really thank you already 
close here for the virgins 
that's very easy to see in that story 
of the virgins although in legal theory 
you can associate it here if 
when they arrive at the gate 
party and there they are not admitted but I do 
to zero the door here for them 
they are divided and you could still 
say already here but as an event it is 
here at that moment 
we all have the right 
the grace of God appears to us from zero if 
we keep the door firm 
was done now if we want each one 
the door can be closed for him 
right now you can make your decision 
you do not want to go in, it's not going to force you 
already but in heaven enough 
still open 
God is waiting for you just as he was going to work 
with you but here in the camo tell me last night 
that was that camp and loved ones 
brothers and I want us to understand that 
very good 
that 's a parable that's not true 
because that parable tribute his 
compliance in historical events there were 
a camp there were many camps 
but one when a message arrived 
special and if you accepted that message 
you could continue in this movement 
If you rejected that message, you will be the 
door for you 
they are not mystical events anymore no longer no 
there was an angel or something weird a miracle not 
there was a message 
what is a message a teaching 
who taught snow 
snow who you were not because nobody was a 
young pretty young the boy and those 
days here you are going to have several 
young boys 
and I do not know how they see it, we're not 
accustomed sometimes to listen 
young people teach us the ones we do not have 
more experience and what I have 40 years 
but God works like this works like this 
because he works so he has his 
reasons that I think we also understand 
not then the young man arrives here and he 
has a message he teaches that there was a 
error in understanding that date 
that is error of the full year 
pretty easy simple small detail 
a miscalculation they did not understand the 
full year 
when an autumn starts in autumn that 
have to finish 
then they did not understand is to edit 
and if you understand is detail everything changes and 
it was no longer 43 it was no longer April 19 
where is that here in your new life 
that is not true if it was not 22 
October small detail that here made 
a big difference a difference of 
April to October not true enough 
important difference that was that he 
discovered but he discovered not what 
discovered in April discovered in August 
I had here just two months to 
get prepared 
that was nothing more than a message something that 
Now we are like we are doing 
studying is showing an analysis of 
the bible and you have to see if it is 
correct or not in prayer in study 
have to see they have to verify such 
Maybe they do not think it's nice 
can not explain it well is not true 
but it is a message that you have to be there 
to verify and so it was here is a 
message that was new 
that young man comes and says the calculations of 
Milan were not like that perfectly 
right here that Christ has to do 
that day 
tenth day of the seventh month in the 
Hebrew calendar why that movement 
it's called the movement 
of the seventh month 
from that camp to 22 22 of 
October the base all of a message nothing 
more an analysis 
a prophetic study 
that was to use more us sometimes 
we are used to expect other 
things I do not know great things things in my 
imagination that is going to be so huge that 
everyone is going to see it or that is going to 
impact emotionally but not like that 
they work god 
work with a Bible study 
ok a Bible study opened their eyes 
and those who accepted this study 
biblical they were prepared for that 
date here 
we have just shown here the law 
Sunday then as in parallel that 
event and what I wanted to say is if 
here there was a midnight clamor and if 
that envelope is repeated in stone letters 
we also have to see a 
midnight clamor before the law 
now they look for something about that in 
our church will not find anything 
and beyond our church you do not 
they will find those messages because 
nobody believes that but if you analyze the 
words of nagua me if you have faith in 
the words why do you think he was 
a prophet then that's just 
logical has to see a clamor and I 
I'm saying there will be no there yet 
there will be a night stretch for our 
generation of that is largely 
what the manna is going to share 
with us I'm doing this for 
we are in a way prepared for 
locate the easiest in the others 
presentations that will live 
we also had a disappointment in 
this sense in the parallel and is the 
chasco is another date that said 
happened for us 
on September 11 , 2001 
now yes where there was the disappointment 
and that already needs a little more time 
to explain that because it is not 
only one thing is here begins the 
thing to be interesting they need more 
time to defend that this is past 
to give an idea 
the event here parallel in the store 
miner had to do with a prophecy 
what does it have to do with these animals 
here what are those animals 
horses and that represent those horses 
and although in the bible but here in that 
prophecy that they represent that says here 
it's the magnetism that the Mahometans are 
Muslims who is a Muslim or the 
Islam 12 Muslims in Prophecy 
biblical have and had a role 
who knows about that because it is one of the 
so many things that our people 
discarded forgot discarded abolished no 
we know it is no longer true but this 
Muslims played a role in the scene 
miller and sta 
those are things that no no 
nobody teaches us is not true 
and the date 
in the mining area here for this 
event is August 11, 1800 
40 exact 
because here we finished what we 
we know in the bible as the second 
and we can show that in 2001 on 11 
September that term was restricted 
in the third one we are going to talk a little 
more of that in those presentations 
here suddenly you have some idea 
that there are parallel events 
here Islam enters the platform of 
history and the world meets for 
restrict it to be war against 
terrorists and here in 1140 the powers 
of the world the four main powers 
Europeans join to restrict the 
Islam there are also there are more things and that 
this is here you put is a conflict 
of the centuries that's nothing new 
the application if it is new 
good you have brothers we already fulfilled 
our hour 
we have an idea here we are here 
we are here in history 
we already have a good time 
from that period we are more much more 
out of 2001 I'm going to talk a lot 
about 2001 already in my presentations 
because it has to do with the trial of 
the living have to do with judgment 
researcher let's talk about that we're going 
to bring a little more depth to this 
because you should not think the 
towers in new york to a conspiracy 
of the 
from the bilderberg to the illuminatis 
etcetera we are not talking about that nothing 
to see that I'm not interested does not have anything 
what to do with biblical prophecy 
we are talking about that we are not 
talking about that plane attack 
they had gas and they had no expos 
we are talking about that 
we are talking about an event where god 
that is marked in life simply 
spirit persie has also seen this in 
good then for those who have not 
been before and have no program 
simply here our 
we are now again more or less in the 
we have taken it more or less in the 
established schedule and now there is a 
pause until one and now it's twelve o'clock 
an hour ago and there you will see love 
and at lunch after love it 
continues at three in the afternoon with the 
manu tyler 
it's fine then we have time to 
locate ourselves to do a couple of things 
let's make a prayer 
our dear sir we meet in 
very solemn heights 
because if we 
although it is something we understand and accept 
of the story in repetition 
then we can have an idea of where 
we are located where we are from what 
is still about us dear 
father please use that time and 
help us to also use it wisely 
to concentrate to focus for 
take advantage of those days that you have 
Giving the name of Jesus Christ amen