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graded for the invention we need okay this step came in on the email we could it's kind of cool I it's one of these things though until you do one of those uh what is that website that checks there's snopes but it's still it's very believable okay so we can read this together they're not right yeah so everyone already knows it no I'm done I scuzzy I'm having a problem busting dildos hey Michael we're going to route we're going to read it right now all right that's okay you can read the first paragraph Michael Zola Levitt discovered an amazing correlation between Jewish holy days and the gestation of a human baby from conception to birth while preparing for writing a book for new parents Zola contract condo contact with a gynecologist for some help and understanding gestation during that session the gynecologist showed him a series of pictures pointed to the first one an egg and the sperm instead on the fourteenth day of the first month the egg appears the statement struck a chord in his Jewish mind because that was the day to pass over he remembered the roasted egg on his family's on his family table every Passover now from the first now for the first time he knew what it meant not wanting to leave the gun colleges offering the subject at hand didn't say listen the rooster dig go ahead that's what I heard exactly the gynecologist continued the egg must be fertilized within 24 hours for it will pass or this reminded Zola of the feast of unleavened bread and the seed of green that fell into the garment dyed in order to produce a harvest the phosphorus of which was presented to court next day John John Powers is said within two to six days the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the room and begins to grow and sure enough the Jewish advantages though the face of the first face up first race is observed anywhere from two to six days after Passover next he was shown a photo showing arms hands fingers legs here eyes and so the caption says 50 days the gynecologist continue around it is day in takes only the form of a human do that you'll need to be careful Zola thought that's been called Brittany the next picture showed the embryo at seven months the gynecologist said on the first day of the seventh month the baby's hearing is developed for the first time I can hear and distinguish sounds outside the womb Villa knew that zilla knew that was a date for the Jewish festival trumpets the gynecologist continue I'm a tenth day of the seventh month annual globin of the blood changes from that of the mother to an assault this sustaining baby so I thought that's the day of atonement when the blood was taken into the quality of all days mexicana colleges said from the 15th day of 7th month the lungs become fully developed if worn before then the baby would have a hard time breathing and Zillah thought that's a taste of tabernacles our time of celebrating the temple home of the Shekinah glory or spirit of god in the New Testament the great term minima normally translated as breath is applied to the spirit first takes place on the tenth day of the ninth month eight days after birth and Jewish families a son is circumcised Zola noted that the eighth that the eight days of Hanukkah are celebrated right on schedule in nine months and 10 days after Passover no human being can have stood just Jen's period gestation of gestation period 3,500 years ago of the establishment of the Jewish holy days was given to Moses by Joe himself if correlation with the human gestation period is not only remarkable first tell us what does first the excellence of intelligent beyond this world group proves that there is a creator god that guides the affairs of there's a lot a lot but the cycle mentioning and also what he said it's about us first piece of firstfruits not even sure how to get six days up that's dude jewish tradition that's pretty cool so seniors have said this is true snobs pardon me they said this is true who did you said you got this I said I just got this this morning before I say it's true probably you have to go to snopes and see if it's even the true story but it's interesting it it fits you know you got the Jewish tradition in there I I never knew it was a Jewish tradition that I'm Passover you have a roasted a okay they probably do because Jewish traditions got corrupted with paganism just like Christian traditions got corrupted with paganism but you know with what we understand about the Luminum protein and the 46 chromosomes and the stem cells producing 25 hundred and twenty no 220 different types of tissues believable at a certain level so let's we're still now we're dealing with Hester you know what I was thinking while we were praying what came in my mind maybe I have maybe out of turn these into written assignments it's a bad idea and then you can retake it yeah well we could all critique it then I could put a date on it for everyone you have to have your subject written out by this date and then we can bring it it we can bring them in and put them out everyone can critique it give you a little time no give you more time you were going to fire away next week but if I put a date on it and I put it six weeks down the road where everyone has time do you have six weeks ya no me problema ok maybe mark no no maybe you should fine-tune some of the things that are going better corresponding with what we're doing here but ok let's read through this this is just a few quotes that has to do with Esther which we're looking at and I'll try to bind off before I get out of here tomorrow parts of a familiar story the events that followed in rapid succession the appearance of Esther before the king and the reason I have these highlighted she's emphasizing certain events from the story of Esther and it seems like this is what when she concludes his sentence by saying all these are part of a familiar story the familiar story would be the prophetic narrative so she's emphasizing certain characteristics that should be recognized in the prophetic narrative which is what we have on the board the events that followed in rapid succession the appearance of Esther before the king the marked favor shown her the banquets of the king and the Queen with Haman as the only guess the troubled sleep of the king the public honor shown Mordecai and then humiliation and fall of Haman upon discovery of his wicked plot against the Jewish people all these are parts of a your story in a marvelous manner God wrought on behalf of his pennant at people and a counter decree issued by the King allowing them to fight for their lives was rapidly communicated to every part of the realm by mounted couriers who were hasted and pressed on by the Kings commandment what were you supposed to counter decree is now would cried the third angels and in every province and in every city whithersoever the Kings commandment and his decree came the Jews had joy and gladness a feast and a good day and many of the people of the land became Jews for the fear of the Jews fell upon them when this is going on if this is the loud cry of the third angel that begins at the Sunday law and earnest counteracting the Sunday law decree then there's also a feast in that history Michael on the day appointed for the destruction the juice their destruction okay sorry their destruction the Jews gathered themselves together in their cities throughout all the provinces of King OTT i swears to lay hand on such as soft of their hurt and no man who will stand them for the fear of them fell upon all people angels that Excel and strength have been commissioned by God to protect his people before they gathered themselves together and stood for their lives the drive experiences that came to God's people in the days of Esther were not peculiar to that eternal the regulator looking down the ages to the close of time declared by inspiration the dragon was wroth with a woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ in the near future we shall see these words fulfilled as the Protestant churches unite with the world and with the people power against commandment keepers the same spirit that are created those who persecuted and executed the to church in ages past will lead Protestants to pursue a similar course towards those who will maintain the royalty to go instructions need of their making preparations for the last great conflict this sheet when she says in the near future we seize fulfilled the Protestant churches unite she she's talking to the Dragons Rob Roman persecution is that a proof that we can tie together with the United States being the dragon question that's what's most probably because then you have the dragon who Satan but you also have essentially represented Kings governors and rulers have taken upon themselves a brand of integration are represented as the dragon testimonies to ministers page 38 but when it says we shall see these words fulfilled no doubt it is identifying Revelation 12 there but the opening sentence it allows you to say that we're going to see the words of Esther fulfilled as well i was just reading up that I've John wait for the other day and those times where he was confronted by people and he was beaten but didn't feel like you know I was talking about in relation to superhuman things that were protecting him let's see for the decree which is to go forth against the people will be very will be very similar to that issued by half shares against the Jews in time of Esther the Protestant world today see in the rotunda keeping the Sabbath a mordecai in the gate his character and conduct expressing reverence for the law of God or constant review to those who have cast off the fear of the Lord and our cramping up on his said the unwelcome intruder must be must by some means be good out of the way so the decree that goes forth against the people of God the Sunday law decree right is is typifies by the decree of Haman you know right but there's a counter decree and I'm saying the counter decrees the loud crowd the third angel and I'm saying that you can even call the third angels message a decree because it's been typifies by the three degrees from that very history so the third angels message is the counter decree that goes forth at the same time sister Laverne ages past is still seeking to rid the earth of those who fear God and obey his law Satan will excite indignation against the humble minority good conscience I refuse to accept popular customs and traditions men a position and reputation will join with the lawless and the vow to take counsel against the people of God wealth wealth genius education will combine to cover them with command persecuting rulers ministers and church members who will conspire against him with voice and pen by both threats and ridicule they will seek to overthrow their faith by false representation you can anger angry appeals they will stir up the passions of evil not having a dusty of the scriptures to bring against the advocates of the Bible Sabbath they will resort to oppressive connect went to supply the left to secure popularity and patronage legislators will to the demand for certain laws those who fear God cannot accept an institution it violates a precept of the economic on this battlefield comes the last great conflict of the controversy between truth and error and we are not left and now as to issue now as in the days of Esther a mark on the Lord will vindicate the paragraph that sister Laverne dis read the decree without it the enactment because it miss paragraph the final image is the Sunday law but what is this history in the night-time the image of the beast it says to secure popularity and patron edges legislators will yield to the demand for Sunday laws in the plural this is the image of the Beast testing time that leads to the Sunday law that fulfills Bible prophecy yep and brother de boracay was that should be the position of Honor fondly on fire on Haven he was next king I sheriff's and great among the Jews and accepted of the multitude of his brethren and he sought to promote the welfare of his people us did God bring his children people once more into favor with the real Persian court making possible the carrying out of his purpose to restore them to their own land but it was not until several years later in 7th year of an exact she's the first successor of Xerxes dessert sees the grave that any considerable number returned to Jerusalem to assist their brethren in August duration under the leadership and spirits or watch care Ezra okay so when God is bringing his chosen people to favor where is it where they come in to favor the medo-persian the two horns powers court go for the gym under the favor shown them by Cyrus nearly 50,000 of the children for the captivity had taken advantage of the bit of the decree permitting the return these however in comparison with the hundreds of thousands scattered throughout the province of NATO Persia were but a mere remnick the great majority of the Israelites have chosen to remain in the land of their exile rather than undergo the hardship of the return journey and the reestablishment of their desolated cities and home that's the first decree Cyrus a sperm or of years passed by on a second-degree quite as favorable is the first was issued by Darius his stats bees what to score ideas how do you know how many years ago this 21 years no but she said she's about about 21 years okay Busta got in mercy provide another opportunity for Jews in the medo-persian Rome to return to the land of their fathers the Lord foresaw trouble as times that were to follow during the reign services that housewares of the book of Esther and he not only brought a change or feeling of feeling in the hearts of men and authority but also inspired Zechariah to plead with the ex house to return now you got to pay close attention to this this is a second decree and it's the midnight cry boat when does the second decree arrived in our history and not let me rise right there with Cyrus right so there's being a distinction made about the arrival of the second decree and the proclamation to come out of Babylon and the proclamation to come out of Babylon precedes the trouble asst times of the book of Esther and they are the troubles times that lead to the third degree alright did you have a confused look upon your face Cyrus was the first decree what Darius was the second decree but he there was in that history there he wasn't the only King that ruled during the history from Darius to our desert sees who passed the third degree from the rise of artaxerxes there's other kings in that history right okay so they can build one that mentioned that I've Caesar Caesar sees food ok serve season in service degrades the great so our tech services is Esther's reserves these disasters house from the desert sees the greatest artist services that gives it the nominee and searches the grade is the Artic services gives the degree later and xerxes is Esther's husband ha sweaters I don't know in the previous quote the last paragraph it says but it was not until several years later in the seventh year of artaxerxes one the successor of Xerxes to grace our litter sees the great amount eater sees one artaxerxes one is who did Artaxerxes he's the third decree says urk sees the great which is Esther's why husband comes before the third decree but she comes after de rious so she's the history of 911 to the sunday laws where we're going home Esther's in the history of 911 to the Sunday law and beyond because there's more to the story of Esther than it doesn't end at the Sunday law but we're marking we're marking where these kings go in history and recognizing that from the arrival of the second decreed arise until the arrival of the third degree our desert sees the first there's a king in between that is Dirk sees the great and he's the one that was married to bash died and Esther ok next paragraph sister Christine what is that the 2nd angels message when is the 2nd angels message come into history 911 ok the same as whoa whoa whoa ho whoa whoa what do you mean it are you saying is the Hebrew word ho ho also whoa whoa i don't know someone have to check it in the hebrew yep was a message given the scattered tribes of Israel who had become settled in many lands what does that prove most of Adventism doesn't understand what that proves because most of Adventism doesn't think about 911 very much let it come to the day that when you get the 911 adventism is scattered it's in a scattered condition sister Tanya okay go ahead Christie as Fred you abroad as the four winds of the heaven Santa Lord deliver thyself as I am that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon well they were scattered scattered the definition of their scattering is that they've been spread abroad as what before one so what how are they scattered by the number for a four-fold gathering good in for the save the Lord of Hosts after the glory at least I sent me unto the nations push forward you for he that touch with you touch it the apples I for behold I will shake my hand upon them and they shall be a spoil to their servants and ye shall know that the Lord opposed has Zecharia 2649 prophets and kings ok so we're placing by the Kings they're replacing from 9-11 the Sunday law the story of Esther in their brother Tyler occasions of indole things such as our picture in the first chapter of Esther do not flora fly God but the Lord accomplishes his will through men who are nevertheless misleading others if God did not stretch forth his hand his restraining hand strange presentations would be seen but God oppresses human minds to accomplish his purpose even though the one who can make who the one you even though the one used continues to follow wrong practices and the Lord works out as planned through man who do not acknowledge his lessons of wisdom in his hand is the heart of every earthly ruler to turn whithersoever he will as he turned the waters of the river through the experience that broad Esther to the medo-persian throne God was working for the accomplishment of his purposes for his people that which was done under the influence of much wine worked out for good to Israel so the Lord took this evil feast but he used it to illustrate his providential leading here at the end of the world right ok good Esther who's the relevant anglers to Syria papacy modern battle chapter 4 17 verses there are 10 of us here this morning so let's do two verses each as Esther chapter 4 and I'll start when mordechai ax perceived all that was done Mordecai rent his clothes and put on sackcloth with ashes and went out into the midst of the city and cried aloud a bitter cry what were they allowed a better crash yeah okay with a loud and bitter cry what do you suppose that might be and came even before the King's gate for none might enter into the Kings gate clothed with sackcloth okay so what what's he what's he sign and crying for four yeah why because he sees he understands his decree and but it's still yet future right the enactment of it so where is he sign and crying is he signed and crying at the Sunday law or before the Sunday lost the Ezekiel 9 tipo cleansing where's he at he's at the gate do we have a gate here you know Ezekiel 9 have a key they come from the key turned off and there's the priests fig out together it's mocking the other stuff over okay so if he's here any sign and crying is this the loud cry of the third angel no what is it it's a beginning of that but what is it this would be the midnight cry yeah which is going to swell into the way yeah okay so he's but I mean he's crying a lot right brother Michael never problems with the Kings commandment is degree candy there was great morning among the juice where what are the provinces the world the whole world the whole world is going to see this right fasten weeping and wailing and mini leggings a cloth Nashville so Esther's maids and her genius came and told it to told it her then was the Queen exceedingly grieved and she sent Raven to clothe Mordecai Mordecai his take away a sack cloth from where he received it not so no doubt if when you look at Joseph as one example joseph has changing closed all the way through his story there's got to be something here about him ranking is the clothes machine scented him clothes and him refusing them but I don't know what it is somebody will figure it out no doubt brother Chuck no no brother money yep they called Esther for kata 11 of the Kings Chamberlain's who had appointed to attend upon her and even a commandment to Mordecai to know what it was and why it was so hot ash went forth to Mordecai unto the street of the city it was before the King ski and more time told him alone and had you have the sum of the money that Hammond had promised to pay due to the Kings treasurer for the Jews to destroy them all so he gave him a copy of the writing of the book reading was given that shoes and destroyed them to show it into the ester and to keep the Clarion and beaver CT charger his he should go in and do the King to make supplication unto him and you make requests before him for her people so who's this does anyone know what had catch me too busy I didn't he didn't have a meaning I don't know it's just an artist but listen that you sort maybe he does somewhere else stuff okay so who is he this is this is someone that's attending Esther like taking care of Esther so what's Mordecai given hashmi Natalie verily truly yeah a eunuch and the core part of it ok so truly truth I don't know so when mordechai gives hate attach a copy of the writing to give the ester he that strikes he that strikes is hey touching yours what does that mean and struggles so what's the Duke what is the copy of the decree kisses Mordecai's representative people here that are awakening Esther a church to the issues of the Sunday law in this history right and in order to awaken her to it he's going to give her a copy of the the law that's been framed by Haman and approved of by Xerxes what is that damage of the beast why because it's something she has to see she has to be giving this thing and she reads it and yeah understands anyway now to me it seems like what awakens that church at this time is the word of God and that this whole history has been illustrated in the Word of God and copied in the Word of God this history of Esther is the history of what sister white says Revelation 12 17 where the dragon is wroth with the woman isn't this how we're going to explain the history to God's Word is well does it demonstrate Jones yeah he went before the Congress Congress yeah and he spoke against this these standing in the trend defense of truth and righteousness when the majority forsake us to fight the battles of the Lord champions a few but this will be our test perhaps your turn is it two more two verses and he came in to Nestor the words of Mordecai again Esther statement I'm to hate hung and gave him command command line urgent work i know that's good brother Damon 11 and 12 all the king's servants and the people of the Kings from her menses do know that whosoever whether man or woman shall come unto the king into the inner court is not well there is one of his to put him to death except such to whom the King shall hold it the golden scepter that he may live I have not seen ben een all to come in unto the king these 30 days and they told to motor carrier systems words ok so what is that hope that's okay explain it to us brother Martin well firstly there's a 30 days they are so it's only North attainment in midnight cry and quit go a fairy pieces of silver we've also got another 30 DS month like Daniel with a lion with it the IDS Whitney's pre and you say so there's 30 days already in here on more than one witness yeah and you're saying Mordecai is here yeah alright but 30 pieces of silver but many are called and few are chosen no we understand that groups as cold chosen what about faithful in my Mordecai but no this is marketing in you group there's a three-step testing process in this history which is called called chosen chosen and faithful yeah and now you're saying yeah that this three-step testing process also goes on in this history yeah it says where the man or woman shall come into this king into the inner court who is not cold so it's Markinson because now we know that would be that the courts marking the time of the labor so this is mark in the colon this history yeah into the court because we know that this and you're saying Mordecai hasn't been called into this history well because he's already faithful he's already been tested yeah he was called back here he was chosen here and he was faithful so he's he's not one that's called into this history go ahead okay that's what I see suffice market doesn't visit there's a specific people get cold here and 30 days in verse 16 you gotta get there okay where we see stuff in there but we haven't quite nailed it down yet let's move to the next two versus brother Jason you're doing 13 and 14 right then more cock you mated to answer Esther think not with I self a Dalek escape in the king's house more than all the Jews forth out altogether hold the side piece at this time then shall there enlargement and delivering to rise to the Jews from another place but thou and my father's house shall be destroyed and you would know if whether thou are coming to the kingdom for such a time as this and as your payment is a choice pardon me it's basically saying if you have knowledge of this you've got no choice but typically or if you have knowledge of it yeah it's been same way if they ought to get a hold of a piece of this time this was this does a death sentence but then when you have no choice it's like that's that court that says about the the faithful if they'd known the what was going to come upon them do it a kept silent but no they have no choice they have to go forward so what what's that speaking to it's speaking about the message that the midnight crime a successful you're talking about proclaiming it but isn't it talking about the people that respond to it yeah okay the p.o who hold on so who's the people that respond to it in this history movie rights the Levite or who are they the prudence bed Adventism here okay this is the end of Adventism and they have to respond or what they die and Esther bait them return for Titus answer go gather together all the Jews that are present and xu shiiin and fast you from me there eat or drink three days night or day I also my maidens will fast likewise and so will I go in up to the queue which is not according to the law and if I perish I perish so Mordecai Wayne is away and did according to all the Esther had commanded him so let's let's go back and consider this dis this interaction from Esther sends hate a ch2 Mordecai to ask him why he's in sackcloth and ashes and sends him a suit to dress he sends hate act back with a copy of the law heey coins Esther with the Sunday law decree and then go ahead she's going to my feet here because she doesn't think she's cold maybe because that's markandel low to see condition here doesn't understand but she's going to go by faith anyway because she said she's a group of Adventism that has not recognized this history that from 9-11 onward they don't think they've been called into this argument yeah this is so we're investing and so will I go into the king which is not according to the wall and if I perish I perish so she's going forward I don't know I don't know specifically what did I guess we know that there's a visual taste there they're going to see the evidence of Mordecai who's the requisite got the incarnation they're going to see this decree being set up this is what she's seen right here so she's gone for my faith she doesn't truly understand everything but she says okay I'm going to go forward anyway at my parish at parish when did she go into the king after the past is that here is this the three days which is also 30-day the third day right here she's going into the king if she parishes she parishes the tents like past tense present tense of what she's saying in relation to the 30 days so she's saying i have not been called and this is the 30th day she said she's at the end of the 30 days when she's missing okay I'm 30 days i have not been called to see the king what'd she say I don't know if that helps the place is that so is the fast than beginning here one two three because it well there's a three-step testing process for the eleventh hour workers for positive with it Daniel my gosh fast didn't they fast for 21 days but they see fit is mock into the church triumphant so she has to obviously a Kaiser comes before the Sun so is this the end of the 30 days if either the midnight ride have to be in the 30 days of the so no wonder that's interesting Jesus that's a month oh there is a one month there's a one month or it's a one month one month where I love them in that great rustic the end of the fifth trumpet is any other 66 time in nighttime 561 there's a look gathered though they were gathered to cast now this is the gathering this is where the Sheep of naib all are gathered there is a gathering goes on here so let's go back and see you're saying that there's a one month here of 30 days that maybe that qualifies as Mordecai's 30 days let's go back and read verse 11 and see if that's it and all the king's servants and the people of the Kings provinces do know that whosoever whether man or woman shall come under the King into the inner court who is not called there is one law of of his to put him to death except such to one the King shall hold out the scepter that he may live but I have not been called to come in under the King these 30 day what's this it's mercy and forgiveness according to secure right when I when I was scanning through these quotes on Esther I don't know how it fits in here that it's his the power of Christ it's the power of Xerxes because I hope is associated with a scepter to know there's something with that the Sunday law to put a certain as the one mom did one two three days of fasting and then at the Sunday law he holds up because he does later I think pulled out of a sudden fasting started my experiment at the same time maybe not them my dish stretch okay you should the golden sectors mercies in ideas it's it yeah at one level I don't know what it is in here but sister when I was going through these quotes of Esther if you look the scepter when when he extends a scepter to her when she goes in it was life or death and sister why commenting on that says that we can go and expect that he will extend his scepter to us which is mercy and partner any closing thoughts on that we got some loose ends hanging there right alright let's move to chapter five knowing that we still have some loose ends in Chapter four maybe mark and resolve those when I fly out of town chapter five is 14 verses let's do to each now came to pass on the third day this is the third day of Esther's fasting that Esther put on her royal apparel the Sunday law that's going to be the Sunday law right she's went into the king and this is the perfect fulfillment of the Day of Atonement so that helps us put these three days back in here well we know that Daniel was given royal up Attolia because he was cool here games cool did far fold which is royal apparel it's a scalable so are we putting her here no no I before I'm saying it could be here because definitely you're going to see that the definitely the banquets that Esther holds for Heyman are here okay so this is heard this is her activity in this history in order to set up Heyman right here I think maybe we ought to be seen her here well as did all this take one down Matthew but no go through them stic pen some cheese do be cool and those things better okay look I'll bet that we have to place her third test right here she's someone that has come out of this history you're saying for your sink her three days of famine would be 911 to the midnight cry so or or maybe in this little period here okay but yeah let the standing DS then yeah I don't know now it came to pass on the third day that Esther put on her royal apparel and stood in the inner Court of the king's house over against the king's house and the King said upon his royal throne in the royal house over against the gate of the house and it was so when the King saw Esther the Queen standing in the court that she obtained favor in his sight and the King held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand so Esther drew near and touched the top of the scepter brother Michael in sub bikini / what wilt thou be nasty and what is that request it shall be even given the two half of the kingdom and that's her answer if it seemed good unto the King let the king and Haman come this day under the banquet that I scared for this is actually this is the midnight crap this is what hair did that's what here did what that was salmon he said yeah she did the dead since up when she's like i'll give you up to half of my king of him yeah so this is here and what's the request okay yeah but what's a request is a request a question yeah it's a question an inquiry ok it's just marking the inquiry here that goes on in this history also yes um yeah the petition I was singing if we do market there to marking the 30 days there I don't know if that's necessarily wrong week and then taking marking the 30 days here yeah because because then we can look at the three days these are fasting still as going from 9-11 to the midnight cry and you know it was repeating on large or something yeah Frackville yeah one has ones representing the whole history netherlands just represent in that portion okay let's keep moving forward and then go back through whose turn let's leave it this best part again yep then the king said cause he meant to meet he's that he do as a stop I said so the king and human came to the banquet that first up after pill how many people come to take to come to her feast this is her feast here and that we got the number two in this histories always emphasized the doubling on the king's head up to Esther at the banquet of wine what is thy petition and it shall be granted thee and what is my request even to the half of the kingdom it shall be performed sort it's a banquet of wine it's a banquet of wine its hair the secrecy this is Herod's feast and you have an inquiry being emphasized on both sides okay brother Chuck yep then answer mr. and said my petition in my request is if I have found favor in the side of the king and if it plays the came to grant my recomputation and to perform my request that the king and Haman councils advantage that I shall prepare for them and I will do tomorrow when I went through Esther this is just for my personal personal observation for myself I'm not making a big argument about this but the word and Esther that's translated feast is the same word that's translated as banquet and to me this is evidence that the Lord was overruling the translation of the King James Bible because this banquet here being not being translated as feast as in the rest of the book of Esther the banqueting that goes on with Esther and Haman and xerxes degre the reason when when you see that the word banquet is used in there it's placing an emphasis and a distinction on this story from the other feast they're all feast but for some reason the translators were led to call this this it's a double banquet there's going to be two banquets I was just thinking when you say that with the double banger I thought I and is that out of banquet she says well I'll tell you if you come to another thing it's almost like it's marking the Dublin it is the doubling of you are sure yeah that's what that's why I'm so certain that this banqueting is here go ahead go ahead sister Laverne yep horn but when Haman saw her coming skate that he stood student honor nor MOOC of him he was full of indignation against for their lives came and refrained himself and when he came home he sent and called for his friends zarish his wife and Haman told him of the glory of his riches and multitude of his children and all the things for him we're in the king and promoting him and he had advanced her Esther the Queen and did did that no man Tony and then she came into the banquet that he that she had prepared by but myself and tomorrow am I so what's that this is really cool when you do it what is that that's strong delusion he's thinking he's thinking that this is a good thing and it's a bad thing strong delusion brother David and strong illusion goes right in here you know there's a strong delusion that takes place here but the perfect cover them with strong illusions right here yeah let's take it all with the door at the end yeah we're glory yep yeah all this appeals to me not from ya it means what misery misery strange dispersed inheritance gold gold okay verse 13 and 14 sister Brittany yeah I'm skipping over because there's only two more verses in this chapter yeah nothing so long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the Kings gate then said Suresh his wife and all his friends unto Him let a gallis be made of about fifty cubits high tomorrow speak thou unto the king that Mordecai may be hanged there on then go thou and merrily with the King up to the banquet and the thing please taemin any cost yeah Oh screaming okay they're preparing the gallows what would the guys in this ok Bo ok so where do we place it ok so how high is it 5050 it's 50 a symbol of the Sun day long Pentecost pardon me a cardinal menuism so now now that we got this in place with the banquet to haven't started yet let's go back this one more time and see if we can put some clarity into chapter 4 where is Mordecai when he rents his clothes at the Kings gate and sends a copy of the decree to Esther he's here too is that what you're saying okay so in verse 11 it says all the king's servants and people of the Kings provinces do know that whosoever whether man or woman shall come into the unto the King into the inner court who is not called there is one law of his to put him to death except such to whom the King shall hold out the golden scepter that he may live but I have not been called to come in unto the king these 30 days speaking of the inner court this is really saying I was the court would be there's there's two classes in here there's one everyone comes in to the inner court but you're going to die when you go into the inner court except the Lord extend the scepter to you so there is a class that are not going to die and a class that are going to die and Heyman we're saying Mordecai is here and he hasn't been called in to these 30 days Mordecai so what would that mean he must it could be that he's representing the Levites they the Levites weren't called in here who was called in here the priests pardon me she said yeah yeah so maybe Mordecai's represent the Levites that are presenting them that weren't called in to this time period but they're called in to this time period yes no maybe so too many pieces in this puzzle okay let's let's start down through chapter six and there are they did not does not have not been called to come in on King these 30 days so it's before the 30 days so in place the 30 days ask people for three days okay I'll talk about more so if you've placed that 30 days there has to be before has to be 911 on what does the 30 days the 30 days marks all says it says before the 30 days that the interaction between what I action after he said I have not got the concept I have not been called in come in unto the king these 30 days if you pay still certain days it has to be before the 30 days but there's a principle of repeat and large and that sub that I guess that's what I was I would say is that we can we place more if I based on context of what it's saying about more time not necessarily passage because there's sections worth stop summer breaks break it up in little pieces what'd you just say Oh what I'm saying is that mortify has things associates where he is Mordechai too picky okay you're still holding that more guys here yes yeah well I I'm not I'm not standing on were replacing I'm saying that he doesn't have on arguments that what if it doesn't necessarily have to come before where we mark 30 days because he may come based upon context the Sunday law hard midnight cry oh I don't know when it says here about the 30 days is she saying in the past 30 days I haven't been called to come into the Kings or or she saying because you would have to talk no cases morning all right mark I know but isn't isn't it Queen Esther saying that she has my car oh is it yeah coming to see the king and enter speak to hey tack yes this is all that helps i've been thinking like it was well okay what it is yeah she what's it been called for 30 days if he's saying what other Queen would have to be prepared to go in to see the king so if he says I want to see you in 30 days but she's saying I haven't been called so was the 30 days in the future or the last 30 days what last 30 days it's starting my coal companies in these surroundings so that that's and we go we reach this point before go ahead finish your time just I'm just wondering is it is it for the past 30 days or in a few dr mccall's she's 30 she's here Esther's here we can him in the next chapters we can show that she's here at the midnight cry because she's going to do two banquets okay and there's the inquiries that go on there so she wasn't called in this history therefore she's representing the church and that's called in this history this is the Adventists that haven't been in the shaking of 911 to the midnight cry right so Heyman has not Heyman Mordecai has sent her a warning from this history evidently right I mean Mordecai has been in this history he sees this coming yeah cuz he doesn't know that's what sits at all he sees it coming he's given her the warning message of the midnight cry so she says pray for me and fast for me from here here because she's going to go into the King here but then then she's going to repeat an enlarged Daniel was it for the king after 10 DS that's what was attendees mouse yeah it's at the end of it indeed we stand before the king ok so we are saying just 30 days three days please lean to the Sunday law when she comes me and in a repeat is the banquets and that's the history people i would say that from here to here is the 30 days she wasn't called into this history yes she's the she's the class she's the church that gets called in this history go ahead but couldn't her BTW i don't know this is kind of you could there be to sunday loss so from the midnight ride of the Sunday law if she goes in the king could either kill her or accept her so that could be so you're putting that in every then she says that the fasting would go then you start back over then the fasting would start and the people and the people were going to die is that going to be the sunday love them so you lost any us so she okay I'm sorry I i I'd lose people to I'm not being critical so she goes in for her she could have to be killed she could have eaten either kill her or she saved and he accepts her coming in and asking the request anyone i want to add or clarify what you just hit i think are you saying that from the midnight part of the Sunday law if she goes into the court there that he could kill her it could go either way he could neither she say it are there martyrs and this midnight crowd of the Sunday law time here is ogre saying well it could have gone either way sure they would have killed her but he chose not to he chose to accept her bull is I think what we were saying before is that people it's more in this context of the spiritual people can't go into people going in there and they die but then there's if the scepters reached out here that's not bad that's way does this is a spiritual did this is a spiritual duck yeah okay Snow Patrol so what what yeah so what you're saying is that there's two classes in that group that go into the midnight products Mordecai how do you spell that going to ec empty and the group that goes in there either you die spiritually or you get the scepter raised to you which is your being chosen and you're accepted which would be in Christ extending the rod or the scepter golden scepter okay but it's this beautiful up okay okay let me run this pasture Mordecai is giving the warning message to Esther Esther is the what we're calling the honest hearted in the parable of the ten virgins or whatever all right this is Adventism that hasn't been confronted with the they're not the hypocrites that were passed by 911 and they're not the disciples of 911 that get separated and manifested here Mordecai is the wise virgins from this 30-day period okay he sends the warning message of the image of the beast and the midnight cry to Esther and she's just as I wasn't called into this history to this 30-day sister so she's called here and she says but I'll go into the king and when she goes into the people from from this history they go into the king the Sunday law and receive the righteousness of Christ okay that's the end of their three-step testing process this is her three days of fasting and then she gets up royal apparel she gets the royal apparel right here this is this is joshua and the angel take off by filthy rags and put on the royal apparel but what's going to happen now if she's going to go back it's going to repeat an enlarged she's going to go back here now and she's going to do a double banquet that draws Heyman into this history this then all this flows together with lots of witnesses from across the border oh my question is I don't know of all the witnesses for the 30 days but team do we lose are we losing witnesses really when you put it there all right you know can you fit all the other 30 what what they what you have to resolve if there is a 30 days here that it's actually addressing is you have to resolve what we understand about call we're called at 911 no I'm not I'm not not to being that I think that you know but mark was saying before from the midnight part of the Sunday law there's 30 days mark there by several witnesses I don't know all those words 30 pieces of silver yeah but remember symbols of my bike by context you know I know but why is it you're saying in here there's there's 30 pieces of silver here with Judas not here whoa dr. smock and it's at that point he casted then flip book he's finished before yer technically I think with Tyler saying is that what we do with the 120s we gather every where it says 720 we signal once five so we've done it with the 30 days as well now that all about every 120 is the 120 from cheaper from a co your retina stupid so there is our thoughts about things like yeah you can put the 40 in here you can put the 40 in here yeah I think you can probably put the 40 all the way down here to the close of probation too so it's by context so I don't know saw them having 30 days to your 30 days here in 30 days I'm not saying it's wrong I understand just make sure that we're thinking of that I don't know if we're contradicting yourself I think what I think what defines the context of this is the call I was not called in this 30 days we haven't found any evidence that in this little period of time whether it's the four years of the hundred that follows the hundred and fifty the five months 180 there isn't any evidence that we've got a called chosen and faithful and here's I I think it locks it in there Mordecai would be it makes sense because work I would be the faithful at that point he's called choice and chosen mortified what does Mordecai me I don't know if I was saying that he rinses clothes crying and sign for the abominations Thunderstone takes place in my lab so you can see that Mordecai is definitely marked at that and what does she say did Mordecai what did she do she sends him a garment to put on this is no he's gonna put on his garments over here it's cooked a little why you know washing for a pie oh pardon me what's it mean she said that means warrior warrior and little man who's the little man in Bible prophecy Peter Paul Paul that's what Paul means it means little small and that's his testimony in the scripture I am the least of all the Apostles and it's the humility of Paul that's expressing his name and his identification of himself that corresponds this is this is the humble here that are Mordecai but a worshipper of Mars I don't know that how that faith of a Paul was a warrior so okay tomorrow we'll come back and look at the two banquets any other thoughts is it on this as we close it up you'll have to finish the 30s okay Mordecai in the first part of chapter 4 he sends a warning to Esther okay Haman and xerxes have framed the law against your people and so he sends it to Esther and Esther response I have a he wants you to go into the king and stand up for his people her people their people and she's but he hasn't even called me into the court for the last 30 days so in the three-step testing process that begins at nine eleven the first test is called the second is chosen and the third is faithful so when she says I haven't been called these 30 days she says I'm not of the church I'm not those that were called in this history therefore she's being called right here by who Mordecai's calling her right here so she's in this three-step testing process which is also called chosen and faithful so she's saying I'm not called in this history I'm called in this history I'm not a priest I'm a Levite I'm not Judah I Jerusalem is not as cool marked by the court this adds a witness to the idea that 911 they were ready the papacy was ready God had a good to restrain their purposes by Islam coming and attacking them and keep them from hurting God's people because that's this ceiling time period because more guy comes and says there's a decree that's going to go forth and we're going to die so it shows at least it looks like it shows that the papacy was ready that way it's also made in the first month pardon me the decree was made in the first or Heyman and ascribes made the decree in the first one what verse is a 312 in it he says in 1 year from the 13th day of the first month so the decree is framed here and it's going to go into effect here so this is a year okay so so here to finish my thought would for you is it Mordecai towels Esther of this warning message she says I wasn't called into this history I'm called into this history therefore fast for me for three days and I'll go into the king so this three days that she's called into begins at the midnight crying it goes to the Sunday law and you have a movement into the father Harry Christ moves from the whole eight of the most holy place there's a movement to the king and she gets the royal robes at that point she's identified as faithful for going in but then we're going to find that when she sets up this to banquets it's going to repeat enlarges out here who prayed this morning