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you father we want to thank you for this afternoon we want to thank you for the day behind us and the work that we could do your guidance your protection the blessings we receive we want to pray for continuation of these blessings in the phone and continuation of your guidance and protection be with us with your Holy Spirit open our minds in our understanding that we might understand your words as we open your word and be with brother popularity meets out in this study and be with everyone here protect us and guide us in Jesus name we pray amen amen so I'm just going to spend a few moments aren't you in a question that someone's given to me let's read let's go to Daniel 11 as you turn in there the question is in Daniel 11 oh let me just tell you what the question is the United States is Egypt how and why do we say that so Daniel 11 and if we can read from brother turbo read verse from verse 42 42 1 verse each verse 40 and at the time of the ends of the King of the South push at him and the king of the north shall come against him like a world with with chariots and horsemen and with many ships we shall enter into the country and shall overflow and pass over he joined are also into the glories length and many countries shall be overthrown but these show escaped out of his hand eventine of Edom and Moab and the chief of the children of Adam Carlson he shall stretch forth his hand also upon the country's ever land of Egypt shall not so Daniel 11 verse 40 41 42 this is dealing with the King of the South the glorious land and Egypt and who do we identify each of these three powers of thing okay so you said communism so we will be specific as the USSR and what's the difference between the USSR and communism mr. spiro spiritual mullerian communism was the religious spiritual part of the country it's a theology a psychology okay so you said country let's do exist okay so he said country sister Tiffany okay so but what so what is a Soviet Union then so it's so it's not an ideology and it's not a country so some people said it's a country but it's not a country it's a union of countries and any and I think it's really important for us to understand that concept that it is virtually identical to the United States the United States is made up in many did in many ways of individual countries we call them States and in theory not in practice today perhaps but in theory there's supposed to be autonomous or at least semi-autonomous with a very soft federal government overseeing certain aspects to keep them all knit together that's how the United States were supposed to work and the Soviet Union is very is I don't be similar in ideology or print Paul but it's it's a group of countries that are all they're all together in this United fashion so that's the Soviet Union and the glorious land we understand this to be the United States and Egypt the world which eventually is going to be another United States so you can see that all of them in one shape or form is going to be united states so just a thought which isn't germane to what we're talking about what makes the United States strong and that what what I'm not they are not looking for is the separation of church and state I'm not looking for that with respect to the Union what makes the United States strong so I'm thinking about the States so the United States is is a piece of geography that looks like this which is broken down into individual states and it has over over it an overarching federal government and these are the states so what makes the United States strong what we say think about the relationship between these two entities the states right so the thing that keeps America strong is that the states are independent and they're able to self-determine without the federal government having an oversight or control of what they do that's how it's supposed to work that's what keeps the United States strong so you know that things are already started going wrong from last year where you see not the federal government but the federal court system and now taking control of the state court system the Supreme Court is is dictating to the individual states what they can and cannot do so we're all familiar with that with that dynamic so that's what keeps the United States strong the USSR what keeps the USSR strong and what kept it strong coming communism so if we have the you've got the exactly same situation you've got these individual countries and you've got this federal government that goes over it and those individual states they're actually individual country so you've got these countries and what keeps the Soviet Union strong it wasn't what keeps America strong what keeps America strong is the individual states have their own rights for self-determination and as long as you keep the state and the Federation separate in their own compartments everything works but here oh so for the United States for everything to work properly what needs to be strong the state or the Federation the states the states have to be strong and the federal government has to be weak that's what that's what keeps America strong if that works so the state can self-determine and the federal government can't over lolly over them but what keeps the Soviet Union strong the Federation it's the opposite the thing that keeps the Federation already know the union is that this is strong and this is weak so how do you destroy the Soviet Union you destroy the Federation and you give the rights or the strength back to the individual states and that that's what that was a dismantling the Soviet Union that's what happened in 1989 when Soviet Union got this man told all got all that got this mounted was this federal government or this federal system was dismantled which was the thing that kept her kept it strong and all the rights were given back to the States but when the United States is going to be brought low you're going to get the opposite you're going to see that the states are going to be stripped of their rights and the Federation or the federal government is going to be made strong so the thing that keeps this clique working okay that this should be weak and that this should be strong so you can see that there's a chiasm between these two so to dismantle this Union you get rid of the Federation and to get rid of this Union you destroy the strength of the states and you and we see that work already beginning it's going to it's going to escalate so that was just an aside but we've got the USSR USA and the world Egypt is a representation the world but we're now starting to teach that the United States is also Egypt so the question that's art that's been asked is why we say in the United States is Egypt and our simple response to begin word would be what that symbols okay symbols have more than one meaning yes they can have more than one meaning and that kind of gets us out of a lot of problems because we can get almost anything then so if we're going to say symbols could have more than one meaning then we're already going into the wise out you know what's the most obvious protect that we give for all of this proves the logic this one the line everybody talks about the line yet we've got at least four lines that come to my mind in Bible I've got four what what what were they normal lion Christ Babylon the devil and Judah do that the tribe of Judah and the fifth one a real lion can rule line but that would be a symbol then it's a real line okay isn't here we think in the Bible per our time yes learning one who named of the world com point B what do you mean by that point we were this obscure the connotation to a normal mind okay okay yes okay okay what reason what logic have we got let's try and work through this together as much as we can why is it why do we say you've the United States this Egypt what's the reasoning the question is this is all new can you can you show they can you prove this you know with over the years we've gone we've proven all of these King of the South the logic for the king of the south we put here then we have a logical glorious time we have a logic for Egypt we have some proof that why we saying the united states is egypt USA is it to chief king of the ten Kings so the main king so we're saying this that the United States is the king of what thinking's king of ten Kings okay so where you getting that idea from I mean 17 okay you got with revelation 17 so you've said the United is the king of tanking so if you've got 11 Kings there you've got ten Kings so he's a king he's one of these kings okay so this is revenue getting useful revelation 17 okay so how's that going to get us any further how's it going to get how you're going to get from here to Egypt cliff the ten Kings comprise the whole world there's different testimonials as well as ten Kings comprising the whole world there's one in there Genesis so okay so your honor you're going to get the world and get it into 10 parts so so now you're saying that the United States is the king of 10 kings and these ten Kings here at home the world so this is Egypt is that right yeah and so you're saying the United States is the king of Egypt and the king of Egypt's name is Pharaoh which I can't even spell ph a 0 ph or one person one person ph a sorry I can't even listen Pharaoh is the king of Egypt the United States is the king of ten Kings and the tank kings of the world at one level they're the United Nations wonderful day Greece but another level deja because we've got Egypt here everybody ok with that piece of logic yeah how do you show only they don't yours is are the king will be denoted engines so how you how you showing that he's the king of the tank kings from the Bible or from sort of secular wherever you want to go what's your what's your logic what is a couple of logic thinking about why was that he he can give the be the biggest sponsor or is that the biggest Shay in the UN or what I'm Osmani so you're saying the USA basically runs the UN but I put that yeah he's the paymaster so he he who pays the piper something something cause the Q so he's he runs the UA and that's your what other reason than you have there's more to that what more Tim you got the shoots of Tarshish ships of Tarshish so what does that mean so the cheese merger it's gonna have the most money so we know that we're in a 10 does it so we've been if we look at the 10 ships or the 10 merchant ships okay so she shifted the moss money okay thank you note with the UN in the ten rows here again with the most money so Tasha so you mentioning Tarshish and you're saying this is the symbol of America yeah okay so which verses are you picking up from here anybody can help okay so we're going to go to Psalm 48 so Sam 48 says that the East Wing is going to break the ships of Tarshish okay and we understand that to be what let you sit 911 yeah the brick that verse is marking the beginning because it says as travail as a woman woman in travail kinds of a woman in travail so x 48 is identifying the economic hit that the United States makes Tarshish and how you showing that this is the premier one there's another passage yeah so I'm 83 I don't know what's in Psalm 83 that you were director stood well my work to Christian Tarshish he say he's saying the question of brother Marco asked okay that all looks good but prove that the United States is the king of the ten Kings prove he's the technically so brother Cody that said number one the United States runs the UN then he says Tarshish Tashi she's a symbol of the United States and he's picked up verse I think you gave verse 48 son 48 the East Wing Islam at nine eleven is going to break or begin to break the ships of Tarshish which is the economic strength of the United States and then use do you want to take us to Psalm 83 okay so you want to take us to Ezekiel 27 so let's go to Zika 27 and as we're turning there without reading the verse tell us what you want us to see in easy to 27 why taking us 20 27 what we're going to learn from that it's a repetition what we read this is a repetition of so this is Ezekiel 27 so is that what you wanted to take his brother coalesced you familiar with this no okay so we're still we're still with Tarshish okay so you need to go to verse 12 we were going to think we're gonna pick up in verse 12 but brother Aaron is going to take us so we've gone from king of ten Kings a king is Pharaoh the ten Kings are Egypt we pick that up from verse 42 so that's fine but how do you know this is identifying the United States you've said one secular reasoning is United States run the UN then you said Tarshish so we've got some forty eight nine eleven the ships of Tasha's begin to get broke and this is the economic collapse of the United States when they got attacked and now Bravo errands taking us to Ezekiel 27 and what you're going to tell us what you tell us what you trying to show us in Ezekiel 27 don't do that the same as yeah but you said that already but tell us without reading the verse 25 to talk but we're at tell us first what you want to show us who sits right and what the ships of dashes are growing our mighty swing what do you want to set show us that the two more empowering economy okay in verse 26 it says there without reading the verses just tell us what first and then we'll read the verses that people can sorry and see what you're saying ok so at nine eleven the economy will be destroyed by Islam and you want to go to verse first world stirring verse 25 or 26 25 and 26 you say these all it's going to do he said it's the same thing that's all 48 okay is that what you saying brother area yeah okay so you go ahead to read verse assault verses 25 or 26 sister Allison and then you explain it to his brother in the ships of Tarshish jit singh of the in night market and thou was replenished and made very glorious in the midst of the seas they rowers have brought thee into Great Waters the east wind has broken d in the midst of the seas what's that saying to us brother area that the ships of dashes are broken by a nice with he's also telling us that the ships of Tarshish is glorious I mean which verse verse 25 the ships of Tartus this thing of thee in the mutton by market and that was replenished and make very glorious in the midst of the sea who's made glorious tasha sure the person he's singing too I think it's a personally singing 20 so so let's start from verse 12 let's start from verse 12 and what as we reading I'm just going to skip through the verses and let's couch so verse 12 double reed verse 12 lashes was dying merchant by reason of the multitude of all kind of breeches with silver parenting okay so Tarshish is the merchant of somebody and that somebody in verse 25 I think is going to say was replenished and made very glorious the person who tarnished is is the merchant of so verse 12 says Tarshish was the merchant let's read verse 13 number 10 I'm still waiting they're taking us so let's try and work out this collection and we okay up to this point here yeah yeah you are cuz it was your suggestion of asking everyone else because the ten Kings here he's verse 42 yes he is the kimpton case housing Pharisees well if the ten Kings that are a gypped it says here Egypt is the world and we know that world if you tie in revelation 17 and the ten Kings so we know that the tanking czar a representation of Egypt and then if you just ask who the king of Egypt is the king of each of his Pharaoh so he's saying he's not prove this but he said that the United States is the premier king of ten Kings so the USA would be fair that's his logic to say the United States is Pharaoh and Pharaohs the king of Egypt therefore the United States is Egypt that is his first this is his first evidence then brother Marco said well can you prove that the United space is the king of ten Kings so now this is a sub proof to just verify that this this assertion is correct so he's firlock first item of evidence will say just go into the newspapers and everybody will tell you that the United States funds and runs the United Nations so you might say okay that's good enough but it may and may not be good enough then the second part he's saying is Tarshish now we didn't read Psalm 40 a because I think we're familiar with some 48 but Psalms Fortier talks about the assembling of the kings and it can be marked but not by 911 because the East Wing comes and breaks the ships of Tarshish so do we need to read those verses no sir I think we're familiar with that so we're marking that that the ships of Tarshish got broken at nine eleven by an east wind and we know if you if you go into history 14 15 years ago you know that that was an attack on the United States a ship is a representation of eckin extrends and so that attack was an economic attack upon the United States in fact as you go through the collapse of the United States you'll see that the collapse is really an economic collapse when Ellen White talks about national apostasy she'll be followed by national ruin that ruin is an economic ruin because we know in great controversy that she says that the reason why would they want a Sunday law is what why do they even want a Sunday law temporal prosperity so you know everywhere you see the attack is an economic attack even though it's it's done on a military front it's brought its its device to bring down the United States blow-by-blow to its knees economically so that's why he's connecting Tarshish to it to the United States so these two pieces of here they're just to show you that just talking about the USA USA runs the United Nations and the USA is symbolizing scripture by Tarshish that's what Psalms 48 teaches then brother Arian took us to the Ezekiel 27 these equal 20 7 verses 25 and 26 they say virtually the same thing as Salm 48 deny said let's go into that stain is equal 27 and pick up from verse 12 in verse 12 it says that Tarshish was died merchant and then I'm saying let's read the verses down and we've got to verse 13 maybe for the lack of time I've read verse 13 I'll read the verses verse 13 David sorry javon javon tubal and me shake they would buy merchants so I won't read diversity so there's number 2 verse 15 the men of d-dan would by merchants number 317 Judah and the Land of Israel they were by merchants for Damascus was by the merchant verse 18 verse 20 d Dan was die merchant 21 Arabia and all the princes of Kedar they occupied within lambs and rams and goes and these word I merchants 722 by merchants the merchants of Siva Sheba and Rima they will die merchants 8 verse 23 heron and Canaan or three kunia and Eden the merchants of Sheba assure and chill dad would I merchants and I've missed one somewhere let me go back Tarshish they've got Tarshish verse 12 me put verse 12 here verse 13 verse 15 but it just says die merchants is clay groups them together verse 16 verse 17 verse 18 verse 20 verse 21 and verse 22 the merchants of Sheba were thy merchants there's 22 and the last one is number 10 which is verse 23 Quran is by merchants so we've got ten merchants that are the merchants of whom which verse we can start to begin the chat to go to verse two so let's read verse 1 & 2 brother cole s the word of the lord came unto me saying came on came again unto me saying now the son of man take up and lamentation papyrus so these are all the merchants of Tyrus and the first one that's been marked here is Tarshish and so I'm suggesting that Tarshish is the premier merchant of these ten merchants who are the merchants of Tarshish so when we come in here we saying Tarshish is the top merchant we've already shown that Tarshish is a representation of the United States from Psalm 48 let me put it this way Psalms 48 is going to teach us that the United States is a represent is represented by Tarshish and Ezekiel 27 verses 12 to 23 is going to show that it's the top merchant so that's the evidence I think that we have that the United States is the king of ten Kings you've got just secular history stage in that but you can show it prophetic bay from San 48 in his eco 27 it's the first of 10 merchants the king of tanking it's all Ezekiel to show you that dead to you as a target first off of many yes and then let's go to where we're going to go save one two three so let's go to Ezekiel chapter 30 is equal chapter 30 so what we're showing here is that so because I think EZGO 29 is the reason displeased that this Battistelli came on oh I don't know this person just ask this question Oh women in general because the fact that we can do sir to study the topic about Egypt that we came to Russia may we is a lease movement now yeah yeah yeah I'm not arguing that is ego 29 yet what yeah so let's give a second witness that Egypt is is represented at least Egypt is represented by the number 10 I'm not sure if this is going to be a second witness for brother Marco thinking about it chapter 30 will pick up from verse 6 brother Henry first 60 someone else can pick up if you're busy writing notes thus says the Lord they also did a hold each if shall fall and the pride of her power shall come down from the tower of Cyrene so they fall in it by the sword since the Lord God so let me I want to find a verse if we can just carry on reading from you right up to verse 6 so you read verse takes if we can just read from verse 7 onwards while I quickly see if I can find the passage that I'm looking for ok well let's close this one out some of the rate and the HIV doesn't in the midst of the country's then a develop and her City shall be in the midst of the cities that are wasted and they shall know that I am the lord when I have satisfier in Egypt and when all her helpers shall be destroyed in the day shall messengers go from forth from me and ships to make the callous Ethiopian afraid in great pain shall come upon them as the day of Egypt window and kammath which basically first night yeah let's drop down to verse 13 13 to 18 that says the Lord God I will also destroy the islands and I would cause the images to cease out of North and there shall be no more a prince of the land of Egypt and I will put a fear in the land of Egypt and I would make Pathros doesn't it in words that finds oh and it would execute judgment and not now we'll pull my fury upon sin the strength of Egypt now we cut off the multitude of north and I would set fire in Egypt sin shall his great pain and not shall be rent asunder enough shall have a distressed daily the young man of a van and Pete mrs. shall be shall fall by the sword and these cities should go into captivity and Ted funny yes also today shall be darkened when I shall break their the yokes of Egypt and the palm of her strings should season her as for her a cloud shall cover her and her daughter shall go into captivity thank you so we it from verse 13 it begins with north I'm from verse 13 to 18 it lists north pathos Darwin no sin Ivan pit bests and tougher nice so if you list them out you have eight but if we drop back to verse 6 it says they also that uphold Egypt shall fall and the pride of her powers will come down from the tower of Cyrene if you've got a marginal reference there and it says from Migdal to Cyrene or sighing sorry so I'm going to just go from eight and call this nine and ten so you can see that Egypt is divided into ten segments ten portions so again we have another representation that Egypt here is actually represented by this ten and it's an agreement with this ten of Tarshish as well and so the last bit that we would probably want to tie this all together is if we go to Jeremiah 25 during my 25 and if we are go already because of lack of time we'll pick up from verse 15 during my 25 15 for thus saith the Lord God of Israel unto me Jeremiah take the wine cup of this fury at my hand and calls all nations to whom I send thee to drink and they shall drink and be moved and be mad because of the sword which I sent among them verse 18 it masks on a list who's going to drink to wit Jerusalem and the cities of Judah verse 19 Pharaoh king of Egypt and his servants and his princes and all his people so when this cup of you is going to be passed around that's 25 are red vs 50 ladies 15 18 and 19 15 18 and 19 you see the order of people are going to be drinking so first it's God's people first cause people are judged first the church then the world and the next person that you see being judged is Pharaoh king of Egypt Pharaoh king of Egypt is a representation of the United States we know the United States is the first Kingdom to fall at the end of the world the sixth Kingdom at the Sunday laureate falls it's going to drink the cup of the wine the fury of the Lord it's the first ship of all the merchant of Tarshish the first merchant who supports Tyrus is Tarshish Psalm 40 a Tarshish the ships of torches the ones are the ones that begin to get broken up and destroyed that 911 Egypt is divided into 10 is that ok yeah brother Kol if we've got a few minutes one more proof tell us the proof first not diverse proof tell us what you what you what the what you trying to say tell us I'm trying to say is this we're not looking at the word passage I'm seeing that Tarshish in it is bringing is making something glorious it's the Lord making when the Lord is making something glorious is using Tarshish you use Tarshish in Isaiah chapter 16 verse line to make something glorious and also we need z-car 27 verse 25 again Tarshish was a wonder Tasha's made the person who was singing glorious okay so and that you're saying United States is the one who sets up Tyrus to make them glorious yes and who does so when you go to Isaiah 23 and who is the United States of representation of Hegel revelation 11 France France France he symbolized by to powder by two threads Sodom and Egypt to haunt power United States of to haunt our so one of the symbols of France is that it's Egypt and we're inferring that Egypt is also representation of the United States so Tarshish what the logic users for Tarshish is that is the net further proof but it's the united states that embellishes or in riches the papacy so that that that's the second proof to show that when we say Tarshish is the United States we're not just making that up you can show it through a word study so the second one is we're saying that the United States is France and Frances who Sodom and Egypt so Egypt Harry's been tied back to the United States but Egypt is only one of the two horns yeah but if you go into egyptian history Egypt itself is a two-horned power so Egypt is a to home power and it's known by the upper and lower Nile or land and and it's not just some symbolic thing I mean you go back into the history you have to be the king or the queen of two lands Egypt is split into the Upper and Lower Egypt so Egypt itself is a symbol of a two-horned power so you see that Egypt is a to home power Frances are two home power do you know Stacy's a to home power and whoever is going to be running these two horn power is Pharaoh which is the representation of the United States so you can go this is revelation 11 so we've used revelation 11 and you have used revelation 17 48 son 48 is eq 27 so there's two proofs that the United States is Egypt there's a third one we're running at a time okay chapter 12 right halftime threat Ezekiel 29 versus tell us what the logic is first and then we'll redo this Sunday law the dragon speaks and the dragon is a representation of Egypt right very good and the United States is the king of feral and can I region verse let me let me just get this number three at the Sunday law um the USA speaks okay and what's the symbolization that you're going to read to us the great dragon the dragon is going to what speak so the dragon is going to speak at the Sunday law and the dragon is home Egypt why us a dragon is so nice the United Nations so the Dragons United Nations Kings rulers and governors has taken upon is a brand of Antichrist and represented by the dragon so when the Dragons fix that Sunday law we know one line of logic says the United States peaks and it's a dragon speaks then that means the United States must be the reprimand represent a representation or a head of the dragon so read the verses Oh where's it found this is well versed Ruiz of time bursaries read verses 1 2 3 in the tenth year and then the tenth month and in the twelfth day of the month the word of the lord came unto me saying son of man Seth I face face against Pharaoh king of Egypt and profits are against him and against all Egypt speak and say that says the Lord God behold i am against the Pharaoh king of Egypt the great dragon not Liath in the midst of his rivers which has said my river is mine mine own I have made it for myself so they say it's saying Pharaoh Pharaoh is the dragon this is that what it said Pharaoh king of Egypt he's the dragon read verse 4 because most people never read verse 4 when they read this but I put looks cook me cooks but i will put hooks and I jars really slow you could next thing about these hooks what they're going to do but i will put hooks in thy jars and i will cause the fish of thy rivers to stick unto thy scales and i will bring the up out of the midst of dye rivers and all the fish of the river shall stick unto those scales ok so who is this person that's got all these scales it's Pharaoh king of Egypt and yeah but it's very king of Egypt and what's going to happen all of these things are going to do what stick to it so wherever he goes he's going to take all these other fishes with him so this is another representation that this power is going to have control of all the other fishes they're going to stick to him and wherever he goes he's going to take everyone with him and his name is Pharaoh king of Egypt he's going to be speaking and the only one thing that we didn't do which we're not going to have time I don't think is de speaking where do we pick up that you don't think he picked up the speed yes I don't think the speaking is his speaking but we're almost there we're not going to finish it because we run at a time but that we think we could go here and develop this this argument even if it isn't at the Sunday law even if we take the Sunday law out and the speaking out you know that Pharaoh is a dragon so I'm going to take this out here because we didn't prove that but what we have proven is Pharaoh is a dragon and what's going to stick to him the fish is stick to him so he's going to be doing what leading all the other fishes so he's a big fish there's going to lead all the other fish he's in control of all the sea life and they stick to him wherever he's going so that's another evidence that he this dragon is the king of the fishes let's close in prayer I hope whoever asked that question your question has been answered amen Heavenly Father we thank you for your loving kindness and your goodness towards us we ask and pray that you would be with us and bless us father as we open the study your word it's a pleasure and a joy that each of us can have as we come closer to you we thank you for the explicit experience and pray these things in the name of Jesus amen