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Heavenly Father thank you for bringing us together this morning to study your word as we open your word we asked it to grant us the presence of your Holy Spirit that Gypo your ladder rain out upon us that you blessed not only the time that we spent in this room but what's being recorded and being put on the internet that you would bless that as well we thank you for bringing us together safely after some of us have left on travels over the weekend and we ask for your blessing now in Jesus name at the conclusion of what I was trying to share with everyone but I also walked Laverne and Chuck through in terms of the structure being passed by at 9/11 and so I'm gonna just I told myself before I got here that if they didn't show up again today that I'm gonna pass over Miriam and come back to it when they return because there's a something that we can go over perhaps by the time I get out of here it's really interesting and it's in the book of Esther so if you want to turn to tester and what we're going to look at and there's lots of little nuances in this is that there's a feast here and 9/11 whose feast is down don't worry about Esther who do we offer Pharaoh how do you spell Pharaoh are that right then there's a feast here now the certainly names more than one feast here but the primary feast here it's Pharaoh and there's two primary things here Herod and Bill Schneider okay so Esther is a story of feast I think it's are they cooled it you can see that the same word that's translated feast in the book of Esther is also translated as banquet and when Esther does a banquet how many does she do - I see so that what I'm saying is is even though it's the same Hebrew word the translators of the King James the word feasts are feasting I think it's like 13 times in the book of Esther but when it comes to Esther's to feast its banquet there's a distinction because it's gonna line up with them in that crowd but we won't get the death today but yeah Esther's in the Bible yeah yeah yeah there's lots of feasts but I think Esther is the one that gives you the the real punchline of the feasts so let's take let's dissect chapter 1 to begin with and you know there was a guy that the Adventist Church came out and put their seal of approval on 22 verses to oppose this message about the time of the new court shaking in that time frame maybe a little before a little bit after forget his name but I could dig it out if I had to but he was one of the main leaders of the Lord our righteousness movement you know with the Lord our righteousness movement was sister White's assistant fanatic citizens that came in the early part of the work will be repeated at the hand and one of the fanaticism zuv sister writes history was the holy flesh movement and the holy flesh movement ended up where they were wife-swapping so you know there's going to be a fanaticism and AD in the world of parallels at history the Lord our righteousness was that fanaticism began up in Washington State up in the Newport area not close to Newport but if in that area and then it migrated down to Arizona and if you were paying attention about probably 1012 years ago now that guy that was ahead of it was arrested down in Arizona where he was you know being promiscuous with the the girls the young girls the teenage girls that was into his ministry and it was based upon this foolish idea and the name of their ministry was the Lord our righteousness but it had the same doctrinal pinnings as the holy flesh movement did and one of the main elders that left the Adventist Church and joined this movement has recanted of it in the seventh-day Adventist Church said well you've been in a cult so you're the expert to expose this 2520 movement and they put their seal of approval on it and I was going through my emails the other day I realized I did a write-up on this guy in the logic I used was it's clear that if someone's in the Adventist Church and they get wrapped up in spiritualism of any kind and the Lord our righteousness movement was definitely spiritualism that they're never supposed to be given a position of leadership ever again even if they do repent so the Adventist Church in identifying this guy to be the the spokesman against this movement they're going directly against the Council of the spirit of prophecy so as I was going through my emails yesterday most people don't know it but in 2011 there's a brother that was speaking in Alabama when you were speaking and in 2011 he supposedly had a dream and in his dream you know he's he's giving reverence to this movement and the Lord said he's going to be a speaker in this movement and be used in a mighty way in this dream and now he's calling this movement are called so if this movement has been a cult and he was involved with it and he was a leader in it and he even seen himself portrayed as a leader in this movement through a dream that he states is from the Lord then maybe he can be saved but he's never supposed to have a position from speaking from the pulpit ever again so maybe the brother that was in Alabama teaching at this movement was a cult yesterday needs to sit down and keep quiet so there's 22 verses pardon me two verses each now it came to pass in the days of a has awareness this is a hazardous which reigned from India even unto Ethiopia over 107 and 20 prophecy provinces that in those days when the King on the throne of his kingdom was in Shushan the palace how long okay 180 days I'm gonna put this up here you can we can challenge that we go but as we go throughout but put the things we're seeing six months right hundred eighty days BOTS come on huh it's this board and get your thinking about right because it's so Wiggly and you forget about spelling go ahead my brother the other third year okay third angels message here let's let's keep going you'll see it gets all put in place when these these will expire the keep leading a feast unto all the people that were present in Shushan Palace both unto great and small seventies in the court of the cabin of the king's palace where we're white green and blue hangings plastered with cords of fine linen and purple to silver rings and pillars of marble the Bates would have gold and silver aquatic people of red and blue and white and black so what's that what did you just read about a second feast there's a one for seven days ones for the leaders okay what are we going to call these common common people in contrast with the leaders but where does this take place this is the key I think did it say already yep in the gonna show takes place in the court oh alright Georgia and this takes place in the palace okay everyone seeing that everyone know what this this is Tom you already what satire they eat they eat they eat me where did we get that from second chronicles 29 okay go to second chronicles 29 keep your finger in Esther because Brittany's going to do seven and eight and we get done with second chronicles 29 and the priest went into the inner part of the house to cleanse it the inner part of the house to cleanse it and brought out the uncleanness that they found in the temple into the court of the house of the Lord and the Levites took it to carried out abroad into the book brook Kedron now they began on the first day of the first month to sanctify and on the eighth day of the eighth month they came to the porch of the Lord and so they sanctified the house of the Lord in eight days and in the sixteenth day of the first month they made an end so in second chronicles 29 what word those verses I just read 16 and 17 eight days to do the sanctuary and eight days to the court so sister house okay so what that's he's still commenting on this feast yeah okay the vessels let's put vessels to go with but the next the next two verses is where where it adds another line the royal house which belonged to the king hazardous on the seventh day when the heart of the king was married with blinded seven Chamberlain's that served in the present space so what's going what and where's going on here there's another feast vast I that's tea or whatever is there what the magistrate okay because as we read on there's also going to be seven Chamberlain's okay then there's going to be seven princes what's a Chamberlain I mean it's a servant it's a servant Prince's church and state okay church and state isn't going to be marked in here but let's read a hit let's keep reading Vashti the Queen before the king with the crown Rome to show the people and the princess her beauty for she was fair to look on but the Queen Vashti refused to come at the Kings commandment by his Chamberlain's therefore then the king said to the wise finish new lines for so was the Kings manner toward all that new law and judgment and the next unto him was Christina Shepherd and Tarshish years you can send princes of Persia and media which saw the Kings face in which shot the first initiative okay so you have in this history during this feast Esther's having a feast and when you get down here to the end is if I'm reading it right but maybe it's at the beginning it's at the end he's he's one ambassador to come and she refuses to what she but she's a church what church is she she's a church that refuses to come in this history right who's that who's that who's the church that refuses to come in this history because this is the midnight cry this is the last purification of Adventism this is the what we're calling the opportunity for the honest harder to come out and what what is this history this is the history of the image of the beast so what do we have we have seven servants Christ was a servant Christ is the church we have seven princes we have the state we have church and state marked in here in this history and right here at the Sunday law it's where she's supposed to show up at the king's command but does she know she rebelled okay the vessels that in are emphasized in the feast in the court that's corresponding to Bell showers and Herod's feast it's a symbol of this feast Belshazzar brings the sacred vessels in Heron fills the vessels with wine in fact vast eye is probably so lonely because the arguments going to be made that if as aware us allows fast eye to get succeed in this rebellion then all the women in the realm we're gonna follow her example so salomi is doing a dance of deception to deceive all the women in the realm so vash die or batch d how do you pronounce it bash disaster she's also a symbol of salami righteousness who did last night she did it out of principle of righteousness does that matter no it's a symbol it's the symbol yeah but it she was a symbol of righteousness she should be why not a symbol of wickedness because yes she disobeyed the king but she did it on the principle that she was not supposed to belong to our beauty that all the other men yeah but who is she in the story I don't know she's the church and at the Sunday law is the church called the show her beauty to all the men yeah she's gonna be lifted up as an ensign to show Christ's righteousness I get I get your point at the the literal level but what is she what does she record she's having a counterfeit feast here during this feasting time and she refuses to respond but let's move on and see all the Chamberlain is an officer of this state they're eunuchs like Daniel who was also an officer of the state somehow in the church center no I'm Chamberlain as eunuch is a servant in the house of the Lord even if their work even if they're getting a payroll check from beginning right all right yeah that's what Paul is saying is that she was acting righteously in the literal history but you know whether she symbolically representing us what we're dealing with to me she would symbolize God's people not following man's orders okay so she doesn't come in in this history right there's a feast going on that is a feast in the courtyard who is who is as its as in swears it's the kings of the Medes and the Persians is he righteous or unrighteous he's unrighteousness he's drunk is he forcing anyone else to be here no okay so I don't know that you can automatically take him as a symbol of unrighteousness any more than you can say Cyrus another meet and Persian King is a symbol of unrighteousness Cyrus is a symbol of Christ yeah well Lord willing this this presentation here is serving wine to everyone two kinds of wines but we got to see the whole flow of events we've got to see the whole flow of events before we really have the context in place right who's next sister Madison did you already read sister Christie princes but also to all the bridges into all the people that are in all the provinces of the key to this and this deed of the Queen shall come aboard on all women so that they shall despise their husbands in their eyes it shall be reported that King generous commanded before okay I'm gonna stick with my argument in this history she represents a church that's commanded to come in and refuses to do so who's the church in this history that's commanded to come in it's a very remnant of Adventism such Kings invitation it's a king's invitation and what is what is her even though literally she's being righteous I'm not gonna argue that literally in that line but what is she doing when she refuses the king's command rebelling but but what is she placing above the king her own herself and the definition of the image of the beast is the combination of church and state the combination of man and woman the combination of wife and husband with the wife in control of the Alliance she's she's exerting her will above her husband's will I'm just you know did she not do that - did Abigail not do that - open the boxes yeah that Abuk you'll not do that Anshu and he he was breaking the law but the husband so is it so is as her iris breaking the law when he's forcing people to drink the wine of Babylon so he's not forcing but when he's offering no lying about pardon me I'm just following these guys logic I don't accept it without true we're in one history that when what in what history is Abigail placing her will above the wheel of her husband her husband's well why wasn't Abigail going against her husband's well did she be there did he know that in the story in the story it actually says that she didn't tell him so you tend to assume that she's going against his will but he made no command against her when she found out about it the Bible purposely says that she didn't say anything to him she went out to David to do what to preserve her husband and her husband's asleep but she's in this history Abigail's activity in contracts with Nabal's in this history but I'm arguing we're in this history let's keep reading you guys are a hard room how come how come you ended up verse 17 how did we get off on Tuesdays where we're in another knowledge brother Jason two three eighteen through twenty including all of them eighteen nineteen twenty like washed up ladies of Persia immediate safe dances all the Kings princes which have heard of the deed of the Queen that shall arise too much contact around if it please the King let there go a royal commandment than him and then it be written among the laws of the Persians and the Medes that it be not altered that Vashti come no more before King as her eyes and let the King give her royal estate unto another that is better than she and when the Kings decree which he shall make shall be punished throughout published published throughout all his empire for it is great all the wife shall give to their husband honorable to great and small so when's the Kings decree gonna be published this is the decree and it's for her rebellion against her husband in this history here that she is what she's set aside so I mean she may in the in the actual story she may have been acting up on principle doing the right thing in contrast with her husband but at the prophetic level this is the church that doesn't respond to come into the feast of this history and what happens to him is their probation closes at the decree and who who's going to replace their ultimate who's that Esther okay so what could it be that Esther is a symbol of the church triumphant and okay anyway but yeah I'm not arguing that so what do you get where you gonna put bashed up you're arguing that I'm not arguing that I'm trying to think of a prophetic example that will move us off the literal is is Peters only a symbol of righteous or also of the unrighteous but it's one person I mean the figures the figures can have more than how many meanings more than one the only way I can see the work is that God allowed the king to do what was wrong in order to allow Esther to come to the palace at a time when God could units her to say his foolishness Michael no one's arguing that Tanya no one in here's arguing that in the story vast I was at righteously incense and you and Paul are not getting beyond that is that to Zechariah when you read the students that could I he's greatest there's no alternative in that sense he was the better is Esther why are we doing that Tonya why are we doing that because we're seeing that the story is contrasting two women what two women are being contrasted astir investors who do you suppose Esther might be yes she's going to be the righteous Church in this history and she's being contrasted with who what she the church militant is definitely in this history that she set an example that there are tears in the church militant that are going to refuse to come in during this call to come in I mean that is not the midnight cry a call to come in the Kings invitation to come in and she's a symbol of those of a church that refuses to do so much and she's being contrasted with Esther which overrules in the context of the prophetic narrative that overrules the fact that she was having a righteous feast in contrast with artaxerxes artaxerxes is another name for a source where us right I can say our dessert sees but I have trouble with Austin swears so I'm going to say artaxerxes artaxerxes feast whether they're righteous are unrighteous or absolutely neutral the two feet are lining up with this history the Assyrian is the road of the Lord's anger and his anger as a righteous judgment that is using the unrighteous symbol to do righteous judgment and what's the context where what are we supposed to bring the context what's our point of reference on this line Ezra seven nine is the point of reference the lives are seven nine is the point of reference time at the end nine eleven midnight cry Sunday law we take the story of Esther and we bring it in here this is the first point of reference for the context is it not so was was Elijah killed he was he wasn't so was John the Baptist Elijah yes was he killed yes turn just exactly opposite right did were they trying to arrest Elijah yes if King hunted for Elijah for three and a half years did were they trying to arrest John the Baptist yes they did just the exact opposite same symbols right where where does all the lines of prophecy find their effect and come together in Ezra 7-9 it's our point of reference in fact that if we're we're kind of uh we're kind of struggling here but I I've been thinking with the hundred and twenty provinces here and seven more provinces they're based upon other lines versus thinking this is the problem with combined other people are thinking things that don't fit a prophecy and reading it she says we are to do this and it says that was too wrinkly divide the world of truth and the only way that we can rightly divide is to place it on a lane the wine and the lanes upon the lanes upon when tedious work that whoever the symbols called not our own wisdom and understanding that's what we have to get past let's keep going this is I found this a really fascinating story but it seems like it's causing several of you to stumble one or at least protest a little bit maybe you're right I've been wrong before brother Tyler verses 21 try other Paul 21 22 and the same please the king and the princes and the King did according to the word of me before he sent letters unto all the king's provinces into every province according to the writing thereof and to every people after their language that every man should their rule in his own house and that it should be published according to the language of every people so this issue is going after the whole world Sunday law crisis okay let's go into chapter two brother Tyler and these things after after these things when the wrath of King as Iraq Penzer Eris was appeased he remembered Vashti and what she had done and what was decreed against her then said the King servants that ministered unto Him let there be fair young virgins sought for the King who I haven't thought this one through but where's that place pardon me eleventh hour workers okay but when did the 11th hour workers come in at the Sunday law right so what did what did artaxerxes do there he remembered it's a where's the remembering take place Sunday law okay and let's take the first three and it's looking for fair young virgins at the Sunday law and let the King appoint officers and all the provinces of his kingdom that they may gather together all the fair young virgins under xuxa and the palace to the house of the women under the custody of Haggai the Kings Chamberlain keeper of the women and let their and let their things for purification be given to them and that the maiden which pleases the King be queen instead of a sty and the thing please the King and so it was so so what are they going to do in this history if this is where we mark the remembering and it's going to be made up of all the virgins all the women that come out and what did that what happens to him in this history it's a purification Rite brother Michael verse four five and six three three and four I read one and two No okay five and six well who's the who's either son of he's the son of three men this is the third angels message what does it has the the Strong's look at what Jer means look at what chimney means and look at what go ahead and go to the next level okay so Jer is to be luminous and shimshi Jamia jamia famous heard a sound so it's a message it's a message and the next one is a bowl keep going next level both to been used so trap ah to set a trap this is the three angels messages right here and what's it gonna do it's gonna set a trap who's it gonna trap who's Mordecai gonna trap trap Haman and who is eight sons right does he have eight sons or ten Kings I has ten sons this is the trap for modern Babylon that's being set right here by Mordecai at the gate what's the gate the gate it's a church okay needs ascendant of the three angels messages and this message is going to be a message that's the second guy it's the message that shines this is the loud cry message that's gonna brighten the world but it's a trap for Haman and his ten sons and sister White says this is fulfilled with the Sunday law go ahead you left off one verse my brother so he'd been carried away with jeconiah that stricture Joe a chance huh Gina Daniel came with him okay that means something we don't know what it is yet but it means something brother Martin what's Hadassah mean Myrtle Myrtle tree okay I don't know what that means either verse eight so it came to pass when the Kings commandment and his decree was hailed and when many meetings were gathered together that Esther was brought also unto the king's house to the custody of her purification with such things as belonged to her instead of maintenance which were which were meat to be given her out of the king's house he preferred her and her maids unto the best place of the house of the women answering that showed her people nor her kindred for Mordecai charged her that she should not show after that she had been 12 months according to the manner of the women for so were the days of their purification is accomplished to wit six months with oil of myrrh and six months with sweet odours and with other things for the purifying of the women and this came quick what's murder yeah but what's it a similar no it isn't what's a symbol of good we're saying I'm saying these women get brought in at the Sunday law right and they're going to go through purification process for twelve months and six months is myrrh and six months more its abided for some reason for sweets ailments is that sweet odors but myrrh is a symbol of persecution Smyrna is derived from the word myrrh is it not okay just pardon me um with the churches I know well can you apply them in more than one spot yep in the same in the yep so you can have summer not at Sunday law and at Matalan yep all the churches are active in this history it's they're not a persecution that goes on in this history no yeah I see that goes on here yeah but this the perfect persecution is here just increases okay is it tell me you know if if we're getting off pace here who's next and this came every maiden under the king whatsoever she desired was given to her to go out of the house women under the king's house in the evening she went and on the morrow she returned into the second house of the women to the custody of chef Jacques the Kings Chamberlain which kept the concubines she came in unto the king no more except that came delighted in her and that she called now when the turn of Esther the daughter of our hail the uncle of Mordecai what's a beheld mean keep reading who had taken her for his daughter was come to go into unto the king she required nothing but what Haggai the Kings Chamberlain the keeper of the woman appointed and Esther obtained favor in the sight of all them that looked upon her so Astra was taking unto King Azeris into his house royal in the 10th month which is the month Tibet in the seventh year of his reign father might also that is possessing the daughter of the person I don't know what that means so Esther was taken into Azariah this is housed in the 10th month in the seventh year of his reign and this started in the third year of his reign so she's taken it in the tenth month this is the history of seven months and from from there until probation closes right if you're marking her coming out at the conclusion it starts in the third month of his reign it ends in the tenth month of his reign 10th month which is the month of teba in the seventh year visionary okay so it's for four years to the close of probation if we're if I in this what I'm saying is that this represents everyone that comes out during the loud cry message of the third angel so take you all the way to the end okay I know we're just walking through this together so I'm not gonna yeah yeah day of the seventh month which would be the climax of the Day of Atonement whose turn to read brother David 17 and 18 and the king all the virgins so she set the royal crown on her head and made her Queen instead of Russia she then the King made a great feast unto all the princes and his servants even after Esther's feasts he made a release to the provinces and gave gifts according to the state of the king what's a release divorce a rest this is an emergent arrest gave arrest to all the provinces what does that mean yeah yeah since the feast of tabernacles it's the rest the refreshing that comes in at the climax of the gospel you give us some rest to all the provinces every 7 years there's a rest but what does one of the last seven kings of Israel is Atman a him oh the next one then it's comforter the rest that's rest that's the rest the refreshing that comforter is the rest in the refreshing it was in the seventh year the rest was in the seventh year of his reign which would be this year okay all right let's keep going it yes yeah we asked what that meant you want to tell us what it meant Tyler I already did but we can listen to it again yes tell us what that means seems like so she's a she's a descendant the the pleasant scent and it's in this history where the the the scent is marked well okay but it make that that that connects because what is the what is the pleasant scent there it's the martyrs it's the martyrdom that goes on in this history right okay who read laughs brother Jason did you order me yep sister Brittany sister Madison verses 1 & 2 of chapter 3 and now after what things my sister the things that went before so this is give us a prophetic justification to say that this is now repeated and large as I think it does if we're under if what we're suggesting if what we're inferring about the first two chapters takes you to the close of probation now in Chapter three after these things is saying okay here's another line of prophecy that's going to overlay over the top this isn't something that takes place during the seven last plagues and you'll see that it's not go ahead no no I'm saying Brittany go ahead she will and Wednesday question why didn't we read that did we pass over that the King made a feast in verse eighteen dollars principle and when the virgins were gathered together the second time so when are the virgins gathered together a second time the Sunday law this is the gathering of the stick of Israel yes no I'm glad you cut that because I had caught that in the reading tonight I don't know how he passed over that Esther had not yet showed her kindred nor her people as Mordecai had charged her for Esther did commandment of Mordecai like us when she brought up with him okay it's here she hasn't she had up until the sunday lock crisis she hasn't manifested that she's a god-fearing Sabbath keeper but she's gonna manifest that this is the second gathering and the Bible teaches there's two gatherings go ahead Isaiah 55 13 okay keep your finger there go to Isaiah 55 verse 13 it's for an everlasting name huh the myrtle tree is a symbol of the Covenant go ahead read it for us my brother instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree and instead of the Brier shall come up the myrtle tree and it shall be to the Lord for name for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off everlasting Simon for a name this is the Lord entering into covenant with the 11th hour workers and the fir tree and the myrtle tree of both aromatic and the aroma the sweet-smelling is representing the persecution that goes on in this history no yes okay sister Madison continuing I thought we didn't did we pass over all of that yeah how did we do that me okay yeah go 21 and then we'll start all over again they were hanging on the tree winepress caress me strictness straight straight is the gate narrows the way so where do we place these two guys they're bad guys yeah yeah so they're gonna die in the winepress of the wrath of God and they're going to not walk the straight path so where would we put them where do they come out of where do they die where's the wine press where's the wine press speaking so no the wine Chris begins to Sunday love the perfect fulfillment I visit the seven last plagues but the punishment of the wine press is the day of the Lord how many of these guys are there so they're two bad guys whether they come out of where they're it's talking about their punishment there where they hang their name here they come out of this history that's where the two's the WIC yeah the two bad guys are in this history their punishment is being marked here right but but what what does what's Mordechai his relationship in this story he's not only the one that knew about it he is the one that presented the message about these two bad guys that gives warning to the king and he is exalted for giving this warning message about these two bad guys right so why is he giving warning to an unholy king this isn't an unholy King this isn't an unholy king in this story America is warning the righteous King about the unrighteous activities of these two false prophets in this history okay it's the whole story is saying that that Ash Waris or artaxerxes in this story is not representing an unrighteous king yeah he's he's a symbol he was what yeah yeah but so you're saying that you're not saying this but I'm gonna use your logic you're saying that that where I'm looking for their names big fan and tarish guys who are trying to overthrow okay so now we're ready for chapter again you want to do the let's start with a couple things what does him and me we really want to know about who a dag is but what does Haman magnificent and what does Hamad otha mean persian what i think it it says what double hammock diet means double I will overtop your hip that's what you have a flame okay but we don't want to know what we want to know what agatized means we want to know who a gag was in Bible history AG a g-ghost is that what it is a go find them in the Bible numbers the first time okay numbers 24 yeah king of the ammonites spared by Saul's slain by Samuel this is a significant story this is the king that saw refused to kill in Saul's very first tense and where saalfeld this test he lost his anointing to be king of Israel over this king and when Saul did that action what was he symbolically represented the combination of church and state because he was taking the priests role what he was supposed to wait for Samuel to do the offerings and he does the offerings himself he was supposed to kill a god but he didn't and Samuel kills him so humans are descendent go ahead pardon his his false flattery message above God's flattering message when's the liner in message reach its perfect fulfillment and whence the counterfeit reach its perfect fulfillment at the Sunday law but Mordecai refuses to bow down with this guy being someone that isn't going to Mordecai alright so brother David Oh Jason your verse three and four the king's servants which were the Kings gate said unto Mordecai live transgressors now the Kings commandment now it came to pass when they spake daily into him and he hearkened not unto them that they told Haman to see whether Mordecai's matters would stand for he had told them that he was a Jew so where is he where is this taking place we've been talking Sunday Lamba don't let that to trip you up where is he he's at the gate where is the gate it's Bethel it's it's the midnight cry this is in a repeating largest history and it's going to take us to the midnight cry so Mordecai is refusing to reverence Haman during the time period of the midnight crime right and he's going to give a warning message to the king about Haman about these two bad guys but it's going to ultimately be a warning message that slays Haman okay verse five and six sister Brittany that one can not nor did a reverence that was human full of wrath and he thought scorn to lay hands on work ai alone they should show him the people of war can wear for humans out to destroy all the Jews that were throughout the whole kingdom of a house where I see people more than that okay that's the persecution of this history and you're gonna see why in a minute when we get to the bakers maybe not today there is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of that Kingdom and their laws are diverse from all people neither keep they the kings modest therefore it is not for the Kings profit to suffer them so there at the gate right that's the midnight cry and what's a man's job what's burning a lot to cast lots what's going on what does it mean to cast lots someone's being chosen so in someone's being discharged for a year does it say fruits for 12 months 12 months is there separation process going on in this history that has it already been do we already know there's a separation process going on in this history okay who's the who's the the righteous one in this separation process in this story Mordecai and who's the unrighteous Scott Haman Haman who's that who's who's the other two unrighteous guys those two guys so we got we got right to send underwriters going on here and lots are being cast and what does it say about Daniel withstanding your life go ahead sister Tanya nothing okay next whoever's next David peeping over Michael any and Marv guys it's just this row all right go ahead Tyler fire wind are we already done nine and ten yeah okay yeah uh what let's let's do let's did we miss aim we did recommend on it you read it so they're laws this is an issue about laws okay this is about two classes of people here in this history of the image of the beast and one class is going to they have a different perspective on the law in this history they believe in the separation of church and state brother Tyler this is the same that argument makes in verse eight there it's the same argument that campus makes against Jesus it's it's expedient for us to kill that one guy okay so please confirm that there already but who scattered in this system ok the Jews are scattered all right all right so if Works is teaming is confirming that the Jews are already scattered you can begin to make me tonight that's because that our Scott was a woman but at nine eleven children go to captivity and when they cry the race for the captivity okay he's confirming that here though they're all in captivity alright brother Michael you went have a closing prayer then you getting from blessings go with the state