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our dear precious my father once again we want to thank you for this time and opportunity that we can come before you and that learned here to you we ask for the guidance of your Holy Spirit and also placed a proper words upon but just lips that he present to us the lessons that are so needful at this time and that we also be able to comprehend it we just thank you for every blessing and thank you in Jesus Hills precious and all I hope you all have the handout from Christ's Kingdom this presentation tonight is 40 minutes in order to replace the class we did on Sunday morning which was an hour and a half so it's review but we need to put it back in the record so it's part of the what's on the web so this was after this would come after the Sabbath study Sabbath afternoon and there was a little bit of discussion about the kingdom of grace in the kingdom of glory yes we have an extra set if someone needs it 15 it should have for cummins on on the second okay I'm looking for the one the first subtitle is setting up the kingdom of glory and the second one is for Cummings so everyone set this should this should be pretty straightforward for us there's there's a couple things in here that I've added in based upon our discussion so one paragraph each I'll start setting up the kingdom of glory I saw that all things are intensely looking and stretching their thoughts on the impending crisis before us the sins of Israel must go to judgment beforehand every sin must be confessed at the sanctuary then the work will move it must be done now the remnant in the time of trouble will cry my god my god why has thou forsaken me the latter rain is coming on those that are pure all then will receive it as formerly help us all would be overcomers by the grace of God all could be overcomers by the grace of God through the blood of Jesus all angels are interested so this is not countering but it's just adding to the idea that she says that Christ sets us up his kingdom at the second coming this is obviously when the close of probation arrives and the seven last plagues again he's setting up his kingdom because we know we have quotes that the four angels fully let loose when Michael stands up so we're trying to show that the setting up of the kingdom is progressive brother permitir you don't have one read for Cummings the coming of christ is our high praise to the most holy place depends of the sanctuary brought to view in daniel 8 14 the coming of the Son of Man to the Ancient of Days is representing damage 730 and the coming of the Lord sees temple foretold by mother kind are descriptions of the same event and this is also represented by the coming of the bridegroom the marriage described by Christ and then parable and their dreams of 1935 so what I said about that on Sunday I don't remember everything i said but there's four cummings in there and then we had a discussion about christ's coming twice in the early Christian church once once at his birth and then at the Isle of Patmos and the point I was making is that in and we're going to read that one next arianna read it but the point we're making is that every coming of Christ is in some way somehow typifying the second coming you have for cummings of Christ right in that one a passage that she's placing it october 22nd 1844 therefore at the Sunday law but she's taking his birth and he's come into Padma switcher not so pathetically significant perhaps and she's calling that the first and second coming of Christ you want to read that we don't have an extra one of these I got it go ahead and you can hit that jump in the days of the early Christians Christ came the second time his first effort was at Beth them when he gave his name for me a second esman was at the Iowa Cutlass when he revealed himself a glory to John directly who fell at his feet as dead when he saw him but Christ strengthen him to endure the sight and then gave him a message to ride to the churches of Asia the names which artists and descriptive of the characteristics of our future I don't think you don't have the one yeah but I handed out one with the same title as this one you have another one how many do you have okay so revelation you have noted their revelation 1 verses 8 11 17 and 19 which are emphasizing that Christ is the beginning and the ending the Alpha Omega the first for the last so the birth of Christ being marked by inspiration as his first Advent and him visiting John at Patmos being his second Advent in connection with Christ illustrated the end from the beginning his birth is the first Advent but it's also typifying the second Advent because he illustrates the end from the beginning so just the point that the comings of Christ are all in some way typifying the second coming kola the next one at great controversy 479 a behold why not the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the Ancient of Days and they brought in the air before him and then was given him Dominion and glory and a kingdom that all people nations and languages should serve him his Dominion is an everlasting Dominion which shall not pass away the coming of Christ here described is not the second coming to the earth he comes to the Ancient of Days in heaven to receive Dominion and glory and a kingdom which will be given him at the close of his work as a mediator it is this coming and not his second husband to the earth that was foretold in prophecy to take place at the termination of the 2300 days in 1844 tell me by heavenly angels our great high priest enters the Holy of Holies and there appears in the presence of God to engage in the last acts of his ministration in behalf of man to perform the work of investigative judgment and atonement for all who are shown to be entitled to its benefit so when's he given the kingdom yeah 1844 but here she's really saying that when he finishes his work as a mediator but he comes in to receive it in 1844 but he can't receive a kingdom until the citizens or subjects this is actually this is in the same section okay all right Tonya page two now we're going to start talking about throwing the grace throne of glory and before we do let me remind us was it God's will that the children of Israel had a king now they rejected the Lord okay so but they get a king's all right so from salda Zedekiah the lord has entered into this agreement with them i mean lets him have a king it's not his first choice but once they have a king is he has he disassociated himself from them so it he's he's connected to that crown right so it goes from Saul the kingdom gets divided and it finally ends up with the last king zedekiah and that's where Ezekiel 21 gets in today if you ever thought about it they they reject God by wanting a king he let them have the king anyway so they can be like the other nations and not only do they just descend into greater and greater abominations ultimately the crown is given to a pagan nation you know that's what's going on in Ezekiel 21 it's going to be removed from Zedekiah passed to Babylon meta Persia Greece and then in this history Christ is going to come so this down here in this history when he's come is clearly when he's going to set up his throne of grace so because we're seeing a second illustration of this both from passing of the crown from Pergamos to the papacy to the United States to the United Nations and then to modern Israel down here prophetically it's acceptable to see that he is now setting up the throne of glory okay and so we're going to try to put some thoughts in place along that night just a thought Jeremy we see the crown from Israel to the pagan nation and then at the very end then the crown that gets transferred game to the king of glory which is Christ Ben right right and so why is it getting wiser getting past some program s on down later is that what your question is I was just kind of noticing where the crown eventually ends up oh yeah he's taking it back go ahead Dan house which had been made by the disciples correct in the event to which excited were even then taking place the time is fulfilled the kingdom of God is at hand have been their message at the expiration of the time the 69 weeks of Daniel 9 which were to extend to the Messiah The Anointed One Christ have received the anointing of the Spirit after his baptism by Johnny and Jordan and the kingdom of God which they had declared to be at hand was established by the death of Christ the kingdom was not as they had been taught to believe an earthly empire nor was it that future the immortal kingdom which shall be set up when the Kingdom and Dominion and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High that everlasting Kingdom in which all dominions shall serve and obey Him Daniel 787 as used in the Bible the expression kingdom of God is employed to designate both the kingdom of grace and the kingdom of glory the kingdom of grace is brought to you by poll in the Epistle to the Hebrews after pointing to Christ the compassionate intercessor who is touched with the feelings of our infirmities the Apostle says let us therefore come boldly into the throne of gays unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace Hebrew for 16 the throne of grace represents the kingdom of grace for the existence of the throne implies the existence of a kingdom in many of these parables Christ uses the expression the kingdom of heaven to designate the work of divine grace upon the heart of men's tiffin so the throne of glory represents the kingdom of glory and this kingdom is referred to in the Savior's words when the Son of man shall come in his glory and all the holy angels with him then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory and before him shall be gathered all nations this kingdom is yet future it is not to be set up until the second advent of Christ see the contradiction though it's not a contradiction yes it's going to be set up at a second coming here but in the previous quote it's going to get set up when the four winds are released and we're not supposed to use one saying of the Savior Savior to destroy another so we have to relate to him as if they're in agreement with one another so just as it took 30 years to set up the kingdom of the papacy the setting up of the kingdom is progressive next one sister Alison when I planned this device for the redemption of the guilty raised it then existed in the purpose and by the promise of God that through phase think men could become its subjects yet it was not actually established until the death of crisis even after entering upon his earthly mission the Savior we read with the stubbornness and ingratitude of men might have drawn back from the sacrifice of Calvary in Goose M&E the cup the cup of woe trembled in his hand he might even have wiped the blood sweat from his brow and have loved the guilt erased perish in their iniquity had he done this there could have been no redemption for fallen men but when the Savior yielded up his life and with his expiring breath cried out it is finished then the fulfillment of the plan of redemption was a shirt the promise of salvation made to the simple parent Eden was ratified the kingdom of grace which had before existed by the promise of God was then okay so a couple things in the reason we're looking at him is it she's emphasizing when the kingdom of grace is instituted and when it's established if there's a kingdom of glory then we probably should see the same characteristics in this history this is all taking place by promise and as brother Michael points out this no doubt represents the courtyard once it's established now you're in the holy place until when to 1844 and we're suggesting that I don't know how to say this it that this is the kingdom of glory begins here but we're not King done we're not trying to oppose the direct statements which says that it's at his second coming go ahead is that if you that helps to see what what what you're saying is that if you did you look on the left hand side you have this little bracket thing with grace bombs you should have that same bracket over at the other side this is Gloria prawns yum entrance yeah yeah maybe maybe you see why you're saying that she said I'm not so sure it's not back here Oh to start it back there's that it's not Institute I'm for one reason it the grace is instituted here at the first cross the first spilling of blood epified this cross and I'm not I'm not taking a position here I'm acquainting us with what if we're going to find an institution and an establishment for the kingdom of glory then we'll have to figure out where to put it whether it's here here here we've been going with here okay okay the logic completed that is that once the kingdom of grace was instituted it was through think that she could enter into this kingdom but you weren't actually in the kingdom it was only by promise about faith it's the same thing with the marriage supper of lamb it's only by faith that you can enter into his reception yeah the enemy and by faith is a good argument but it may not be the only thing that has to be considered notice 1844 because it's heavy goes to receive Dominion and glory and a kingdom yeah well right here right here he's moving into a different position in the heavenly sanctuary and right here he is too so you could infer that that when he sits upon the throne on the right hand of the Father here that he said I found the throne of grace so I agree with you that that's my my logic to but isn't there a place where Jesus says father glorify them as you have glorified me yeah okay yeah we all know that you don't have to look for it my point is is that that was in this history and he's instituting the promise of glory father glorify them so I I'm not settled I just I don't want to lock down on this too soon we've been saying it's instituted here and then established here not at the Sunday law or in the Sunday law in the hope as a period of time yes sister Tiffany well I don't see why I can't start in the garden as well because in the plan of salvation was laid out from before the foundation of the world I get that too I I agree that what's provocative to me here is on this history if you just put a promise and glory go ahead that given further out actually from the very beginning in Christ and the father was the had a king of glory it was him that basically created the earth and then he gave it to Adam and Adam Lu it and then before they fall me right after fall Jesus was a ray of priest after the order of Melchizedek it wasn't he the one who actually did the first landing of the sacrifice for Adam no kiso dick I found her sister why she she talks about that that he was a priest after the order milk isn't it yeah but that I know we all know those texts but when I'm asking did I hear you say that Melchizedek is the one that Slade the offering in the garden oh that's nice a Christ I said Christ was priceless he was a priest after the order of milk in it ok so here he was function is the priest when they slayed that say that lana and it would have been after all right but that's outside the scope of this and this is an hour and a half that I have to squeeze into 45 minutes I'm just talking about the kingdom of grace because really the king of the grace goes all the way down to the close of probation yeah yeah no argument there but I'm not ready to go for the to the priests was yet your turn no you read ok top of page three disciples of praise we're looking for the immediate coming of the kingdom of his glory but in giving them is this prayer Jesus taught at the kingdom was not there to be established they were to pray for its coming as an event yet future but this petition was also an assurance to them while they were not to behold the coming of the kingdom in their day the fact that Jesus bade them pray for it is evident that in God's own time it will surely come now notice is this next sentence brother Jonathan the kingdom of God's grace is now being established okay so since she's saying we're saying it was established at the cross but she's placing it down here after 1840 fortresses it's now being established so whatever established represents in its fullest sense it's progressive right yeah it would be the same progression for the kingdom of glory so you might see the perfect fulfillment of into the second coming but it's being established over continuing my time go ahead my brother Jonathan the kingdom of God's grace is now being established its day by day heart hearts that have been full of sin and rebellion yield to the sovereignty of his love but the full step establishment of the kingdom of his glory will not take place until the second coming of Christ to his room okay we've discussed that sentence in classes what's the peculiarity that we pointed out about that sentence my brother Jonathan it's one word full full what's that mean yeah complete then it's saying that before this time there is an establishment that is not complete but if there's an establishment going on this doesn't prove that the establishment is at the second coming it proves that there's an establishment that precedes it that reaches its climax at the second coming yep no he didn't I interrupted him as I often do continue my brother the Kingdom and Dominion and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole the whole heaven is to be given to the people of the saints of the Most High they shall inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the fountain of the world foundation of the world and Christ will take to himself his self his great power and will rain yes that Kingdom being the kingdom of glory yeah I don't think the kingdom of glory would have been an afterthought after the plan of salvation it had to be there right right I just wondered if this instituted can be set in motion so you can look at the setting in motion as the plan that or this the fact that it's prepared before the foundation of the world or you can even look at it maybe as the setting in motion of the marriage the reception of his kingdom it begins or maybe it can be both maybe it can be this progressive different stages of this sister Sarah this is stephen haskell this is not sister right when the Savior entered the inner part apartment of the heavenly temple he went to make up the subjects of his kingdom he came to the Ancient of Days the father and that was given him Dominion and glory and the kingdom and the Kingdom and Dominion and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High whose kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom this is the marriage of Christ and the work of the ceiling angel is to put a sign up on those of the last generation who are prepared for the wedding supper the voice from heaven which during the loud prices come out of her my people gathers guests for the supper from the very last people of Earth probation closes when the last guest has accepted the invitation sister Kathy this is also Stephen Haskell in the tenth chapter of Revelation John was told that in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished when the seventh angel begins to sound in the first part of the period of time set apart for his work the mystery of God would be finished in the seventh angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign forever and ever the kingdom can 18 a kingdom can never be truly said to pass into the hands of another power while either at the territory the capital or the subjects are beyond its control it takes the three subjects capital and territory to make the full kingdom the work of the investigative judgment is Christ making up the number of it of the subjects or in other words taking one third part Kingdom and when the judgment is ended then is given to him the holy city the capital of the kingdom the second third part when he comes to the earth he takes possession of terror took up the territory and possesses the kingdom in all its fullness forever the way he says that makes you believe that he thinks that's the third coming because he doesn't take he doesn't touch the earth at the second coming but go ahead she says the full establishment he has a second right call me this is this is sister wife hey thoughts the mount lesson we just ready she says that the full establishment is that the second coming so then at some level look it seems like maybe he is okay so everyone understands why we're looking closely at the kingdom and grace and the kingdom of glory it's based upon the fact that in the fourth Kingdom he who's right will come okay and he took the throne of the kingdom of grace at the cross we're suggesting october twenty second when he moved into the most holy place he moved that same chrome thrown from the holy place to the most holy place but prophetically it now becomes the king throne of glory and it it's still the throne of glory when he returns but because of that and it i want to look at an argument because the in Sabbath there was an argument about god's people don't get glorified until they get the immortal body and that is you know there's a an element of that that's true but that isn't true so we'll quickly knock out a few bible quotes to see if god's people are glorified before the second coming and if they are then we're maybe we're making a case that those people that exist during the time of the investigative judgment that they are subjects of the kingdom of glory primarily at a prophetic level so sister Tamina would you read Isaiah 4423 brother Gabriel 49-3 Marco 50 55 salon 60 verse 9 and then Chris Ezekiel 28 25 Tyler Ezekiel 39 27 I'll do Jeremiah 30 verse 9 Michael can dude Zechariah 916 the Lord glorified himself in Israel brother Gabriel God is going to be glorified in his people brother Marco Isaiah 55 5 behold thou shalt called a nation that don't know is not a nation's that you not be shall run unto thee because the Lord because of the lot by God and for the Holy One of Israel for he has glorified be because people get glorified in that one there we're going to tie in with Zechariah 916 at the end because it's the enzyme we've already we already know about but the enzyme we haven't put much emphasis that it's an inside because it's lifted up by a group of people that have been glorified not to the extent that they have an immortal body not to the extent that they have the shining faces of Moses but they get that before the second coming to in the seven last plagues so there is a some level of glorification that takes place among them and we won't even deal with the ensign but that one kind of inferred it next I sixties night sorry the aisles shall wait for me and the shape of tyrosine first to bring thy son from part their silver and the world within and the nine of the LORD thy God and to the Holy One is of a royal because he have glorified z co 2825 thus saith the Lord God when I shall have gathered the house of Israel from the people among whom they are scattered and shall be sanctified in them in the sight of the heathen then shall they dwell and their land that I have given some my servant Jacob so they're sanctified their glorified in front of the heathen this isn't having to do with having a immortal body there's some kind of glorification that goes on my brother tada Ezekiel 39 27 when I have brought them again from the people and gathered them out of their enemies lands and am sanctified in them in the site of many nations okay Jeremiah 30 verse 9 I got it I got a wrong quote in here and I'm not knowing what made its 19 okay nevermind it's in there that's a typo on my part go to zip it's 19 and out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of them that make merry and i will multiply them and they shall not be few i will also glorify them and they shall not be small so then you can run down all the inside quotes of Isaiah but what draws the eleventh hour workers to this position is the first fruit offering 144,000 and they're glorified so that's an argument that they're in this happens in the kingdom of glory no not the body but yeah but they're the human experience is glorified then you still have to get the immortal body but the I that's the point I'm going to make in the last two quotes is once you receive the seal of God it's for eternity your higher nature is sealed it's it's straight even if you still made the body Tyler um I just want me to let half a sentence from the great controversy is 612 um and it begins servants of God with their faces life lightened up and shining with holy consecration Oh hasten from place to place to proclaim the message from heaven so I think there might be an argument to me me yeah I've heard people use that to make that argument but we'd need a couple more references to that right yes at least one because that could be that could be a human what would it be adjectives like you're jealous I guess yeah that you but you can take it is that they're actually glowing and in that case they're glowing from the Sunday law on more on word if that's where it's saying but if you're correct them I have a comfort level at Lisa and it's happening in the seven last play yes well she just says that she says their face less Moses was ok brother parminder will you do the one about the argument in this quote is she's going to say the world can only receive the warning message by seeing people that have the seal of God upon them okay so there's there's something different about people that have the seal of God and the next quote will tell us what it is in terms of what we're looking at the work of the Holy Spirit is it convince the world of sin or righteousness and the judgment the world can only be worn by seeing those who believe the true sacrifice through this room through the truth acting upon hi Holly principles showing in the high elevated Saints the line of demarcation between those who keep the commandments of God and those who trample them under their feet so this is the sunday like time period the sanctification of the spirit stick devices the difference between those who have the seal of God and those who keep the spirit interesting when the test comes it will be clear showing what the mark of the beast is it is the keeping of sunday those not there having heard the truth continue to regard this day is holy may the signature of the magazine food through talk to change times and board oh yeah what are you doing brethren in a great work preparation those who are uniting with the world are receiving the worldly mold and preparing for the market to be those who are distrustful self who are humbling themselves be forgot and purifying their souls by obeying the truth these are receiving to have any mold the hemet evil and preparing for the seal of God in their foreheads when you three whether when the degree goes forth and the stamp is impressed their character will remain pure and swap this for three so from the Sunday law down here till the close of probation the world can only be warned in this history by seeing people with seal of God the people that have a seat of God their character is fixed for eternity and the Lord glorifies himself through them and maybe they go forth with their faces lit up with holy joy but in any case there's some kind of glorification that goes on in this history which would contribute to the argument that this is where the kingdom of glory is being set up with it's perfect fulfillment at the second country but you know how we're in a time period we're sitting repentant sinner repent ain't that right so when we see the seal of God is there is that's the human that's the divinity flashes for Humanity is there a supernatural thing that's placed upon us that we just cannot sin anymore at that point after we receive the seal now you have to have that built into you before a Sunday though well know before midnight it's a choice you can see more yeah before that is the sunday by midnight midnight cry yes but before probation closes let's say it that way and it's more generic sense you've got to be settled into the truth so that when the shaking comes you will not be moved this is something that you have to have sealed in your experience be four yes but there's since we made you this this message no there isn't there's no sins outside of this message I don't not sure that I know what that means but the any kind of thing we might do is gonna cost us eternity at that point um you can even make an argument that at midnight there's a glorification that takes place aren't at the midnight cry not midnight I'm at the midnight cry there's a glorification when the yeah Lazarus is raised that it's great yeah but that is a Sunday law if we're not getting the fractals I mean you can put Lazarus oh I done there it's a Sunday law but my point and bring and saying that is that if you can show it's the Sunday law you can show it to the time of trouble which is when the final glorification takes place they're all midnight is a minute to minute cries a a type of the time of trouble so Jacob structure yeah it's time of Jacob's trouble so you should be able to see that glorification and type all the way through from midnight cry onwards yep so why are we even worried about this establishing the kingdom because we're talking about the kingdom of glory and we're making an argument that it's when Christ moved from the holy place is the most holy place in 1844 the thrones were moved I think it's the same throne but before 1844 it's called the throne of grace here it's called the throne of glory it's a process of setting this up until the second coming but in this history God's people that are participating in the time period of the investigative judgment they do get glorified at some level which would be consistent with that Kingdom so that's what we're trying to establish we try and establish beginning of the key that after that that left to that be that is left to be resolved we were I'm just catching up these thoughts yeah i'm not saying we've resolved that we have not we talked we acquainted you with idea does the kingdom of glory get instituted back here at the fall of man just like the kingdom of grace we've been thinking it's getting instituted here and established in an ongoing way but I've even brought up the idea may be back here when Jesus in this mystery said glorify the image to girlfriend me just read these father sends from a testimony vol 5 8 53 the pains of duty and the pleasures of sin out of towards with with Satan binds men in his snares those who would rather die than perform a run act are the only ones who will be found faithful you might have caused me patience again come before that from your precious a no-good son thank you came on for privilege or pray and study right word we thank you give all that you've given us a mind to seek your face whatever and you'll be on my own thoughts because asking crazy a law that we can really get by just these words fire drills make our lives be conformed to them for these things I thank you for and they also acts here father that would help us to build upon them dear Lord these things that were trying to find out for the label needing things ones that we're trying to get out you created your Holy Spirit will come father and bring and give us clarity hill as can pray in Jesus name you