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so in our last class we were looking at the original intent of inspiration and application I think it's a really important concept that we need to become more familiar with more and more if you watch presentations or go to what watch classes you'll see this this emphasis being made more and more that in the past work with when we've read portions of Scripture or spirit of prophecy which thought that the original intent was this whatever that this was and now we're beginning to realize that actually sometimes it isn't that straightforward so gave an example from Leviticus 26 remember one side says duration and once I says intensity and I'm suggesting in its the original application it's dealing with intensity and our opponents will say we were right you people don't know what you're talking about you're wrong so you know we're willing to admit when with understood things in the incorrect way we're willing to learn but what I find interesting is that when we consider the application and then the original intent our message goes from strength to strength it doesn't weaken so people look upon this mistake that we've made if that's where you want to express it as an admission of guilt and I don't see it that way I see is a recognition that our movement our understanding of these truths has strengthened we have an increase of knowledge so now we see intensity we say yeah its intensity and we're going to take that concept of intensity and bring it into a reformed line but we might call these four kings or seven thunders if you like and we'll be starting about seven thunders we see a series of events not time a series of events but crescendo will become more intense as we get to the very end so a simple example we have nine eleven we have 2014 then we have rockier but even those three events are only stepping stones to the Sunday law so we see this concept of intensity so that's what we looked at in our last class now coming back to our model here of Matthew 24 which is here verses 29 to 31 when you start looking at these verses what we've done in the past they say we've got an option that it's either option one which is 1798 to 1844 the Miller right nine or our line 1989 to the second Advent which is a hundred forty-four thousand line or 1798 to the I'd been which is a third option which I've just called adventism so which one of those is correct I'm saying you could apply those things differently but we want to understand the original intent we've spent a lot of time now looking at verse 29 here Sun Moon and stars there it is verse 29 and we know and the white tells us we don't have to miss read anything or apply in some funny way we've got 1780 in 1833 for the purpose of this class we're not going back and understanding what 79 so what 1780 in 1833 mean there's separate and distinct remarks they're not the time of the end we agree with that but they're there events that cluster around the time at the end because in Matthew Mark or Luke II doesn't mention time at the end does it all it mentions is those days or the tribulation again we've taken the tribulation or those days to equal what 1260 do we all know that that's not correct it's not technically correct who doesn't know that that means everyone knows it okay so someone doesn't know that it says in the verse so maybe someone can find it immediately after the tribulation of those days which worse is that 29 there it is immediately after the tribulation of those days the Sun shall be darkened what year is the Sun darkened in 1780 he says immediately after the tribulation so the tribulation must have ended before you get to the dark day do agree with that and the dark day isn't 1260 it's less he stole 60 - 18 years so the tribulation must have ended before are we okay with that does that make sense yeah so what we've done is we've just approximated and we've said the tribulation is 1260 the days are 1260 the Sun Moon and stars are 1798 I want us all to recognize what we're doing we're just doing it that way because we want to our point is we want to study something else if you want to study something else you can make a simple point without going into the detail so we spoke about that in their class before are we okay with that concept it's not wrong to say the tribulation is 1260 in fact if you lined up the verses you could even make that argument but it's 1260 but technically it's not everybody can read that yeah so we could mark the end of the tribulation has been 1773 if we were going to be accurate but I don't want to go there that's not the purpose of this class so I've marked verse 29 1798 and we know it's the Sun Moon Stars literally so we have that here and then we go to verse 30 and verse 31 here we talk about the end of the world these are real angels the entourage of Jesus when he comes and they're really going to call the people with the trumpet to resurrect out of the ground we're literally going to flow up into the air that's how we understand that that is the second Advent so this is revelation 1:7 what we have done in the past in this movement we've taken that verse 30 and we said there's a cloud here we know that 1798 this generation shall not pass we want to make this a literal generation a living generation therefore we're going to go and May verse 30 1844 and call it Daniel 7:13 so that's what we would normally do and I'm saying I'm questioning that now we're questioning it and as we've questioned it what have we seen the problem is so we've seen the problem that if this is the second Advent here however you would consider the Miller right reform line where would October 22nd 1844 go would it line up with the second Advent we know it could not have been that way if it had been that way Jesus would have come in October that's the simplest evidence that we know this light besides all the doctrinal evidence that we have the fact that he didn't come no you know that the way Mark's can't line up so we have to do this we have to put 1044 back here we can't line them up and Eve verse 30 we could but verse 31 with it if that's lining up with the second Advent here then October 22nd can't be an equivalent of that now if we were going to follow through with original intent we'll go with the original question what shall be two questions the destruction of Jerusalem the destruction of the world or the end of the world what's associated with the first question with the destruction of Jerusalem it's the sign of the destruction of Jerusalem the end of the world the sign of the end of the world so we've got two questions and each one is Part A and Part B now if we were going to say that Jesus could have returned before 1840 before 1888 when Ellen White makes a comment about that then we know the Miller right history would have been the final and last generation therefore we need to look for an event here which would be the second age when Jesus would have come so that's what I've begin to lay out here on this line when we start doing that I want to ask the question are we adding way marks onto the Miller right line are we adding way marks okay so if you said we're adding my brother you said we're adding well we're adding to whose understanding who said this was me right history and now we're here and we're adding to that who was that person over here that said this is the definition of middle right history we so we're adding to ourselves who else said yes who are we adding and what we case oh we're adding to our understanding it's not that you go to a spirit of prophecy quote and that says that 1844 tober was the Miller right history and it's all finished it's all done and dusted there's no quote like that but what we've done is we've inferred that that is the case and what was the primary driving force behind that but made us think that this was the end well what made us think that okay we bored their conception that red Kappas fulfillment of the message of the hour yep these big answers are not wrong brother William why don't we focus on October the 10th 3 October 1844 when yeah why do we say the Miller right line ends here why why we zoomed into that we say is this it's because the first angels message points to this and I think that's what by the campus was that's what you I think that's what you meant when you said that perhaps ok so I was thinking we so fixated about this shut door the shut door has driven us to save his door shot he must be the end of something so to me that was a primary thing that was driving us to make the line end here one more piece of information so the 2300 years that does it so it's the first angels message so let's list them out here first angels message so we've got the door there and then the 2300 days then the shot door where else rather Roger spoke about it yesterday afternoon which patterns did he take us to John John chapter 2 and in John chapter 2 what would we plug in here 46 years and I'm going to put 46 in parentheses because we don't care about 46 what are we carrying about temple so we're caring about the temple which we're going to get from the 46 years let me ask the question does it take 46 years to build a temple or more or less do you get my question so my question is 46 years does it take less or 46 or more years to build a temple I think John chapters 2 and he says 46 years is this temple being built and we say 46 years is the symbol for building a temple let's see who would be disappointed with the rhodium indices like what because you like what you said Oh literally yeah okay sorry so I'm gonna put Herod you should Herod Herod's temple he's 46 years that we distinct Solomon's house and find the temple I don't know because I just went to John - they said 46 years and that's 46 years okay what about another temple it's a rubber balls temple how long does that take that takes 46 46 20 you wanna go with 20 so we've got 20 years head is exactly 20 years or more or less I don't know so you want to go from five thirty six at slide 16 okay so to cover ourselves in case brother said those watching which he wrote be approximately 20 years Herod's temple does that take 46 years okay so I'm gonna argue that it takes longer than 46 years okay ended days before the destruction of Jerusalem anyone else so when you come to tweet see 14 6 years of this temple okay so once you know that it's not fully secured you can go back into the verse and read it in building he's been built so I think it's 19 BC it begins and there in 28 when that happens and I think if you do that math so I think it works out of 46 years I think it's 19 but the temple it continues to get bill I think it's in 63 where gets finished but you can go to other commentaries where it says they were still doing some slight finishing work even up to 66 and even up to 70 but I think the official date is it fishes in 63 which is a significant because of 1863 but correct and the prophet yes that's why the 63 becomes significant because of the seven years 63 to 70 and then you have a chiasm in there because you've got 66 three and a half and three and a half years so we used all of these concepts to focus on October 1844 and so when we did that we just assumed that the line would end here but we know that's not really correct because the people who are here and we're going to give the third angels message one of the characteristics about them is that they would have had to be the same people who gave the first and second angels messages and then white has a comment about that so I'm saying this group of people is this group of people so this history hasn't changed especially if we go to Matthew 29 24 verse 29 and 30 he's verse 34 if we take this passage and read it as it's written and then apply it to them in the right line we know that it must extend further we know that this sharp door is not the end of the story of the Millerites because they haven't even reached the third angel what just begun here in real life this is 3a what is 3a what's the main focus of attention at 3 8 on October 22nd 1844 when you think about Daniel chapter 8 the Ministry of Christ you said something usually someone spoke it was you I know give me your opinion and got you into trouble ok what is 3a marking here October 22nd 1844 to begin what to begin investigating judgment of the Dead so if it's with the Dead then you have to go you have to solve to work out the living this is when their line becomes complex in my opinion so I'm saying that their history hasn't finished so even though it looks like we're adding new information we're not really adding new information without the 1850 chart in our thinking in our focus for a long time now at least from 2005 if not before when the 2520 came into prominence so had it around for a long time so if we were to put 1850 who would that be speaking of which reformed line would that be a part of 1850 we would not be part of the middle-right reformed line yeah I think it would and I think we've known that for a long time but because many people have focused so much about the shut door in October we forget that we already know there's an 1850 and what's the purpose of the 1850 chart sorry so public evangelism so if it's public evangelism what are you saying to people when you evangelize them to them what you say you come out of her and come into coming to the Church of God and who's saying that all these people that produced the 1850 chart if you just say James white Ellen White it was a vision from God Nichols all of these people they've produced this chart and this chart was the cry to go to the world to gather them in before the great day of Armageddon yes okay I don't know who watches these videos but someone asked me a question so I'm going to hold on to that thought and I'm going to do what we shouldn't do sometimes I do it is to jump out and make an application okay go jump out of this story and make an application if you're okay with that I'm going to take the door out here we are 1850 my brother said this is public evangelism I don't if we only agree with that does anybody disagree so we're going to make public evangelism and this is the time where we're going to do what to them call them out tray we're gonna batter forgot your vandalism but what would what would what do we what does it look like when you can evangelize someone said it here so this is the loud cry we're okay with the loud cry so I'm gonna call this the loud cry so that chart over there is going to be the cry it's going to be the symbol we could call it the end sign if you like is there going to lift it up thinking it's gonna be inside that people are going to now be drawn into the Church of God are we okay with that model that concept so if that's the case and that's a loud cry let me see if I can find the passage otherwise I paraphrase okay so I'm going to go to 13 M R 13 M R three five nine point one so don't read it just find it and come back and pays let's have a little conversation so feel free to look for it but don't read it yet 13 M R 3 5 9 paragraph 1 now this is the loud cry so I want to change the wording from the loud cry to what what other words do we have is as a loud cry her brother no my brother what do we have any sort of loud cry that's right laterade we can put that arranged that's a good answer so another one I'm thinking of another one of this day Harvey's time now cry three loud voice click it back Miller write history when you talk about loud cry midnight cry so when it changes to the midnight cry and if it's the midnight cry I'm going to come back into this history as you know as the midnight craze here here's the midnight cry and it's we're gonna ask the Miller writes what day is that sister Emma so this is July if you ask them on the right for the roofin what do we say it is okay we say it's August so it's July for the Miller right it's August for the hundred forty-four thousand are we all okay with that yeah so when you get to the midnight cry in August Bates is standing up doing some boring presentation and Samuel snow sister is listening to the sermon board and Sam you snow comes up and he sits next to her excited and she stands up and says what to joseph bates your sermons are boring can you get down and let's have some interesting firmance yeah because you're not teaching us anything and this person my brother got something to teach us so does she already know about what he was teaching or did he tell her in about five seconds just there and then or did you really know I have a feeling she already knew what was going on she already knew what he's he's really preached this twice before first time Boston second time Concord so Yuri preached it he's her brother blood brother her husband is the middle-right preacher his brother-in-law I think she already knows he comes there and she's like saying you need to preach he's saying I don't I can't put myself forward she says if you're not gonna do it I'll do it so she stands up and tells that Joisey folks to come down that's my version of events so when he stands up how many people object to what he's teaching no one it's a unanimous voice he preaches the next day and everybody agrees and then when they all leave camp and the white says it goes like wildfire or something across the nation so everyone is giving me this message so it's pretty much unity on this except for a couple of key people like William Miller and Heinz and a couple of people but mostly it's everyone's accepting this now when Miller says this is crazy what's Miller's alternative what's Minard alternative to snow's message no says this is the midnight cry this is it over 22nd what's Miller's message he's original one I'm gonna suggest he doesn't have a message he just says business as usual the boring messages of Joseph Bates he has nothing new to offer are you okay with that that version of history that interpretation yeah snow has this cutting-edge new message and Miller has no message oh we okay with that does anybody else have any messages no one so I'm saying in the middle right history there's only one message no other messages no competing voices I want to say it that way no voices that compete against them oops no are we okay with that is that fair representation of that history those Rogers grew with that okay so midnight cries aloud cry so here we are in 1850 so this is the question that someone asks and now we want to read 13 mr if you haven't already read it I saw that the chart making business was all wrong why you smile brother Robert she made you smile she says no okay so what's that teaching us in that first sentence my brother what's that teaching us in their first sentence okay okay not that okay so this a lot of tots or what's that teaching us they're valid of varying there's varying opinions based opinions on what so to answer that question what is the what in that sentence what is the what what is the what he says there's varying opinion that I said varying opinions on what on charts so that what is the chart what did we just defined the chart as the Lao cry so in this history here when you have the loud cry message what you have you have varying I'm going to change it to competing voices or Christ so you don't have one loud cry message you have maybe you have many you have many voices which ones right how do we know Nichols one is right my sister how do we know Nichols one is right because it's already been approved by God I agree with that anybody want to state it in a slightly different way instead of saying it's approved by God do you know it's a backup to since the white he said sister white sister white says it's a packet to you show me the passage they find that for me Tracy fulfillment of prophecy and my sister said God approved of it her brother I'm not sure sorry the great Denise and let me think of what the question is you got that you've got this chart we're good 8050 chart is the loud cry and now we've got other charts we've got other loud cries so you got five loud cries maybe more than that how'd you know which is the which is the correct loud cry so you have a little easier as you know you see them is wrong this time but they all are beautiful they look nice don't they don't even know that is it all based upon war say what was written on that chart here that's that you can say this is the midnight cry she tell me what what's on that chart that says midnight cry or now cry so you can't tell if that's the correct one then you're stuck now that was the wrong run we've tricked you all of these years my brother written back how'd you know which is the correct chart it contains everything that they're studying previously that's a good that's a good question either one bugs the previous thing they'll be sitting up at that point okay I think that submits what my brother said that it's the culmination of all the truths that they've learned I think that's what you're saying okay my brother here at the front so that's what my sister said the one got approved off which I think he's okay by just recite in a slightly different way okay let's read this then you tell me what this means I'm going to skip a couple of sentences I saw this is the like the third or fourth sentence I saw that God was in the publish Minh of the chart by brother Nichols I saw that God was in the publish Minh of the chart what does that mean so I think it's slightly different that God approves God was leading so I want us to see that God was leading in this chart how do we know God was leading in this chart she says so we told the public we have a vision from laughter his work I don't know what the other charts are doing if they're giving that correct information or not I don't have visibility of what those other charts look like except that she says they look ugly okay have you found that a bucket quote 5mr paragraph one so before we go there I want to suggest because we're going to come back to 13 mr I was just when it says that God was in the publishing of the chart God tells her to actually produce a new chart so I can't remember that quote is maybe someone can find it there's a stronger statement that God's tells her to produce this new chart so she's in the design she's involved in the design of this new chart with some kind of direct revelation from God I don't know how close God was involved in that work about the placement of all the information and what the figure should look like but this is we've got FD Nicholls on there but this is Alan White's chart and this one is whose chart not Heinz this chart this is bitches chart bitch sat down one day I think someone helped him Paulus Heil so they sit down together and they say let's produce a chart because they've been other charts before and they work out in the picture work I don't know who does the artwork for them if they do it themselves but they produced that chart then Himes is the publisher it's the same as Nichols Nichols is the publisher the person who designs and creates that chart really is Ellen White and she's doing it under divine instruction so I want to say that the way you know which chart is the correct chart is the one that God has authorized it's the one that God has directed and mandated if we're okay with that that's why God would approve of it we're gonna come back to 13 mr we're just gonna read 5mr the next yes so in 30 mr it says there's a prophecy about this in the bible and we already know there's a prophecy about this chart in the bible we already know this is a backup too don't we yeah she tells us that in great controversy so 5mr 2:02 2:03 okay we'll check where we want to begin this okay so I go to 202 point for God showed me the necessity of getting out a chart I saw that it was needed and that the truth made pain upon tables would affect much and would cause souls to come to the knowledge of the truth this is written in 1850 and it's a letter dated November the 1st so the Lord must have shown of this a little bit before this so this is the passage that I was thinking about when he says God showed me the necessity of getting out of chart so God saying you need to produce the chart so he's involved in this chart then I'm gonna read the next part give me a second I now return to brother Nichols the Lord gave me a vision and showed me that the truth must be made plain upon tables and it would cause many to decide for the truth by the third angels message and so a message with the two former being made plain on tables I also saw it was necessary for the paper to be published as for the messengers to go for the messengers neither paper to carry with them containing present truth to put in the hands of those who hear and then the truth would not fade from the mind and that the paper would go where the messengers could not other things I saw which will appear in the paper so we can get a number of things from that so the first thing and someone just commented upon this a moment ago she says I also saw that it was necessary for the paper to be published as for messengers to go out so we don't just need missionaries we need some paper for them and she's shown this in this vision and we read that from laparis work she has this vision and that was a thing November 18th when she has that vision in Nichols work sorry in lovers work 1848 I'm not saying this is the same vision but it's talking about the same thing so she's going to connect the paper we the production of the 1850 char which is the connection that we made yesterday or maybe even the day before so I want to read this again so God showed her to get a char out I thought it was needed in the truth made plain upon tables would affect much and would cause souls to come to a knowledge of the truth they went to Nicholls house and the Lord gave her a vision and showed her that the truth must be made plain upon tables and it would cause me to decide for the truth by the third angels message with the two former being made plain upon tables so we'll stop there well brother how do you read that passage that we've just read yes and what was that what's she saying what what is she saying bit more sharp must be produced based upon what they were teaching my brother okay so stop there so we've got a chart and this is the 1850 chart and you're saying this is the third angels message so you've got the 1843 char and you've got the first and second angels messages by the amazing that is we are going to say okay so you big picture work is what you think that she's saying here okay so we went to this passage because I asked brother Robert to give me a spirit prophecy quote that says that the 8050 chart was a fulfillment of Habakkuk 2 in 13 M R it says it was a fulfillment of a prophecy that was in the Bible so we want to know what prophecy is we know it's the prophecy and then he says it's 5mr and he doesn't say her backup - but in both paragraphs 202 in 203 he says I saw it was needed and the truth make plain upon tables so it mentions upon tables which is Habakkuk 2 language and then in the second paragraph says the Lord gave me a vision and showed me that the truth must be made plain upon tables so it's virtually identical to the previous paragraph and it's that phrase there then it must be made plain upon tables which is a reference back to her back up - so is that the logic okay so we'll just cover for a little bit longer we've got memory battery space so we're okay with that it's a fulfillment of prophecy so I want to comment on this 5m are a bit more so when I understand a little bit more about this but before we comment back on this one I want us to just go back to 13 M R and I just want to make the point about 13 M R you've got multiple charts will cut will come back to 5m r in a moment because I want to discuss this as well I want to discuss more about 5m r but I just want to make the point about 13 mr 13 mr there's multiple charts one of them has been directed by God and it's the fulfillment of prophecy and the reason we know that is not only does God approve of this chart God was in the publishing of this chart he was involved in its creation so that's how you would know so if we could say it this way we know which chart is correct because it depends who's back in the chart what does that mean brother Robert what does that mean if you agree to your eyes asteriod funny if you wonder if you understood what I said not you have to agree with it how do you know which tight is right because it has the backing of God and who told you which chart God backs the prophet so one chart has got the prophets back in and all the other ones don't that's how you know the one that Ellen White says I'm going for this chart and when she says this chart whose chart is that when she says this one ask her yeah this is my chart so that's a bold statement she says it's my chart or no charm we can say that that's how you know but what I want is to see is that there are competing charts now let's make an application we're in 2018 and all of us know or believe or I've heard but we're in the midnight cry message so we have a midnight crime message and we know that there are competing voices or competing messages people are the green with this message they want to add or take away from or adjust or tweak or do something with and people have asked I thought here at the midnight cry how many messages were there one and it was a unifying message and the only dissenting voice that you had is a voice that says I don't agree with your message but I don't even have a message which isn't really much of a disagreement so you only have one message bring this history dude oh you have multiple loud cry messages all people doing their own different thing so when we come to our line what we supposed to do line upon line you have to combine them so we're going to see a component right now we've got competing voices or dissension of the midnight cry message can we see that well can we not see that or what I'm saying yeah so the problem with this is if I'm Ellen White and I say this 8050 chart is the right one by the way what are you gonna say okay so I think I know what you're gonna say approximately you would say that because it's your chart it's called self promotion doing your own witness so I'm not sure why you smiling Robert why you smiling for she's making you smart key some blaming you so what's going on there I don't believe that some people are dying every time I say something he's looking at me smiling not looking at your sister so that's not correct it's not true so you have to decide if this looks like self promotion or me promoting sister tastes when we promote in myself or whatever it is when I make this application because either it's valid or it's not but I wanted to just point that out to you with all the pregnant thoughts that associated with it because it just sounds like yes yes you would say that because you're involved in it in some shape or form and I'm saying okay everybody can believe what they want but it's not true we will try and be objective this is the class that I really do try to be objective and I'm saying that we have a line of Prophecy line of history that shows us when the midnight cry comes it's there's gonna be competing voices and let's read what she says about that I saw that the child making business was all wrong by the way today it's not chart making business what business are we in time set in so let me say that to you I saw that the time set in business was all wrong and you know I only smile or even laugh because I don't want to be seen to be attacking anyone so I want us to all be relaxed about it but think about the seriousness of that this movement has been given permission if you can recognize it by God to time say if you know we've got permission everyone saying let's get into the time set in business and if this is the correct application she's saying it's all wrong to do this time set in business it originated we brother Rhodes and was followed out my brother case means has been spent in making charts and forming uncouth disgusting images brother Rodgers what isn't what does no not you actually different question my brother waters uncouth mean something that is not pleasing tre yes disgusting I don't to use the word disgusting because it's already used but the Wilson uncouth uncivilized by now we should about a dictionary definition out someone's going to give us one strange unusual odd strange and unusual so uh money has been spent in making charts that were odd strange unusual and disgusting and had images further Rogers make an application for us on that just little that that little piece odd uncouth disgusting images so I should have finished the sentence and I didn't represent in angels and the glorious Jesus so the last two Sabbath's I've shown that parables equal Jesus equals the everlasting gospel equals line upon line methodology so those lines are a symbol of Jesus and he's angels we know it's angels because it's the first second third angel carry on when I'm efficient I'm going to take this because like Jesus but this is the everlasting gospel but the everlasting gospel an angel so Jesus and the angels is the prophetic language we have given so if I will use this time setting busy representative so when I do this and I say X and I say 2022 no one's doing a twenty two are they yeah okay no I haven't heard it twenty two side but that's why I put the 22 I don't think we've done one yet so I've got X and 22 and I say this is 666 years what does that look like uncouth and disgusting this is unclean and disgusting to do this kind of stuff so always to seriously consider the import the importance of what I'm suggesting here is only one message everyone else has been silenced there is no other message the best that someone can do which is Miller he just says oh I don't like what you're doing stop it that's the best he can do in fact he does worse than that but he hasn't got anything he's been silenced here Miller is not an individual person over here at the end of the world so that we will understand not talking about any individual if we say the 1850 was public evangelism it's the loud cry then these two are parallel events here it's the char that is the loud quakes the symbol it's the thing that's been lifted up weary in 13m are there are multiple charts there for multiple messages and if we made an application today we have not produced any charts but we're now in the business of time setting and if you read through this passage it can't be a coincidence I don't think you tell me what you think that it says means have been spent in making charts forming uncouth disgusting images to represent angels and the glorious Jesus and if we weren't sure about it before we've just spent two Sabbath's I think all of the presentations that have been done not just the ones that I mentioned to show that the reformed lines are a representation of Jesus and we know that the reformed lines are the other lasting gospel and the everlasting gospel is given by three angels in Revelation 14 but the languages she's using is exactly what we're doing now in our generation as its fulfillment so when she says these images you know if we did if we had done this 10-15 years ago and he said images what would we have been thinking about we wouldn't had no ideas because we weren't using whiteboards we weren't doing this kind of work we would never be imagine that this whole business that we're doing is all about images is all there so I'm suggesting it's the performant of prophecy and people who were doing disgusting things like this it's displeasing to God especially when we had the the chart that he was involved in the production of so that's how I'm reading it I don't mean to sound like I'm preaching or anything but I want to know what you think about the application that I'm suggesting a system Emma get your hand up what I'm suggesting is if char equals the loud cry equals the message when you produce the chart that chart becomes a symbol of the midnight cry message so I might saying what you're agreeing with or you disagree when you say your same message what is the message I would have put message equals what well I don't know what they charts look like so I can't comment on that what's the purpose of all of this information what's its what is it this is the cry that goes out to the world isn't it so whatever you're doing the end creation of all of that is the midnight cry message it's the message that you believe needs to go to the world that's why they producing the chart they're saying my picture work is what should be going to the world if someone says no no no mine is the watch to go to the world and the other way it says no it's this one that should go to the world I'm not arguing that they the act the little thing here but I'm asking what is an image symbolized to us what does it mean to us because you trying to say my picture of an angel what's the purpose of those pictures at the stage and say I don't know that I have no idea what this what what yeah but you can't you can't argue what you don't know I'm okay with that when I say they've got different messages I don't mean this they've got a message about the third Advent or something all of those charts are being designed to give the third angels message that's their purpose and she says your version of the third angels message is wrong period it's disgusting it's not right and all I'm saying is when I draw an image like this when we make an application but this is all wrong as well it's not what we should be doing we should all be rallying behind the 1850 chart not trying to do our own thing so we are playing tonight and we know the life that is being opaque midnight election November night so when we go and - and try to go ahead set to see these Sunday law and are we forming on coke uncouth images I don't know you asking the question that I'm asking so you can ask it to me so that's why I'm asking the questions you need to give me the answers brother Robert that my brother my brother so this is they are charged and what makes them no mission is correct is because they have professed okay so if I do a picture work like this one how do you know this one's correct and this one's not how you know this looks beautiful in this looks ugly that's your question so before we answer that question do you agree with the logic and the methodology that we would have competing ones and that they will all be wrong and God would not be pleased he said it's all wrong to do all of this stuff therefore they should all that money should be stopped being spent doing that and they and everybody should be getting behind that chart so I think you agree with all that logic so if you agree with that logic then the next question is well how do you know which one is the correct one so that's a question that we'd have to explore how do we know which is the right one but should we expect multiple messages and if we should we would already know that they're all wrong except one so all I want to get to that stage before we'd answer the second question or speaking in this condition - Matt is doing the runaround that's that area so it says that I'm understanding half point that probably these guys have the same is it but they were just you know messing up in the images but what was needed for the data just message to have an effect on people is the correct arrangement on those chants so when seaside is going to say that lake in 50 chat God was in the punishment of the 1850 child what she's saying is that this chat on the covector intimate which has their DDT - or we can peep on call the attention of the lady who's missing so in essence when we are making an application in our history I will stick the chat and the arrangement to be the message my brother I don't agree that they have the same message but those are they have the same topic of the message but when we see when check the content no listen because whenever matching empower this is this for you before you wait what is the topic said same topic okay so you great the third angel connacher something you see I saw that if the means that has been wasted in getting out chance have been spent in getting out that truth that what that truth means something is that those who have spent another Judgment Day Winston they didn't have the truth clear before that they're breathing in publishing tracks it would have been much good and save souls I saw that the chat making business has spread like a fever which paragraph is that one three three sixty last sentence was locked paragraphs read the chart making business has spread like wildfire like wild fever I saw yes I saw that if the means had mean they'd been wasted in getting out charts had been spent in getting out the truth clear before the brethren in publishing tracks etc it would have done much good and save souls has spread like the fever but they're all doing it in their own different way okay I like that comment I like that thought so if I understand what my brothers tell me if I'm understanding I want to try and Reis a what you said is it the proper chart he's going to have parables working correctly because they're going to connect the earthly to the heavenly and if we bring that to our own line which because they're producing these lines then the correct message the correct line if we're going to go use that argument is going to have correct way marks it's going to use correct methodology it's going to be the correct Powerball so the ones that are uncouth and they're going to have mistakes in them they're going to give you wrong information and I'm gonna suggest they're gonna give you wrong dates rude wrong events and if you do that you're not going to connect the earthly with their heavenly correctly which means I think sister Emma said this wrong doctrine ensures that you'll never have a correct or the properly developed character which means that you don't become a living parable so I like that sort religious one when we come to the issue this time only step of 1850 child I don't think this thing about the canvas the canvas will say that is these verses are illustrated on that chart so I'm saying the images that are in bt-50 chat become a symbol of the message they are given in that history and these are the records of the images which is calling on with images of Jesus and angels so two minutes are totally different message from what is only 250 chart so it's not so much like when we bring to the end of time we sing the Phoenix terrible outcry which is the decision that struck that becomes a single evil outright lambs sing if you don't apply to on the context of typesetting then that will directly refer to the movement because I don't think there's any one time sake I'll say this movement that's not directly affect us but we have two lines there to combine we have the mini vanilla resisted and we have that is within the deal of time they teach two different teams then added to network my battle several gameplay we up to 90 is would like sister case identified what about releasing a few tailgate I'm saying it is not wrong but it's so much depends on the methodology used to arrive at that event because we are go to that and code if that is output then there is a correct one like the 1850 chart and that's what I give you have been able to show from this type of parables the new price was given is less if you split a story and in this story like when we go to the end of time at least one of the semester in the party still hunter and once you at least connect with our history but you can't use two events and from beginning we and she she's rather decent product cases the ones who have been making decisions but if you put paragraph 3 of panting Emily became the last sentence itself I saw that the tax at for this and occupy practices mind when you should have been seeking heavily please don't from God and should have been hoping increases of the spirit and a mojito so like you can see she is trying to signal the chance no she is limited to make the book because it not true she makes that contrast like the teens you decide you don't eat certain food so it means the data time about a point as I as a pointing so I just want to eat it for something then we continue to the other day so he's gonna reach from we spoke about the legacy and condition beginning in 1850 and I asked for proof text we didn't read this one but I put early writings 107 point 2 which is a 1852 statement and cuz I was saying the early one I found was 1857 from testimonies to church volume you run do you combine it only one in the early writings and there's another one in 5mr I saw it Israel move steadily along going according to Bible order they would be as terrible as an army with banners said the angel should any tarry that have the truth and can give an explanation of it from the Word of God no they must move quick they must go quickly then I saw brother Bates that he must buckle on the armor said the angel dust out expect to be free from trials fight the good fight the angel of God will go before thee and some souls will be benefited and receive the truth then I saw later scenes they will make a mighty effort will they get the victory one who has the truth will chase a thousand and two will put 10 will put ten thousand to fly they're coming to conclusions that bring them into close quarters and they cannot tell where they will be themselves so they are lost in the foggy terrible fear that takes hold of them anguish of spirit will seize them the they admit that the door is shot the sin against the Holy Ghost was to ascribe to Satan what belongs to God or what the holy ghost has done they said the shock door was of the devil and now admit it is against their own lives they should die the death look he at the pattern follow him for he is meek and lowly in heart shut your eyes to everything but the present truth ms 11 1850 December the 25th Christmas state so she says then I saw Lady seein's they will make a mighty effort will they get the victory so you cannot come lady seein's here in 1850 a sign ladies will do something so indeed we come okay so we'll discuss that in tomorrow's class you had your hand up about something else I had a petition about a law student I was trying to react from that location if you go to the will save it because we might be have to find it any other comments before we close so I will think about whether or not we can make this application of 1850 bring it into our own history and say that we should now have a singular midnight crime message and we haven't discussed which message that is and have to prove which messages is I guess the proof would be in that history the Prophet had RIT had created a chart with we don't have profit in that capacity but would have to go to methodology I presume to work that out so he found it in a man Beach 365 one so my comment before any reputation is that you see new chart making different that comes in becomes a distraction to the people in that they knows they know they will not be able to do the work that they complete each other they're going to do because that other distraction that I will compare their mind and if we come to a time I would expect that this mean that crime message has been given by the able to become a certain purpose of you've been saying is to call the last piece that are you leading advocacy and probably you get distracted by this mucus and what is making me say that is disco differences so that it means the missin in getting out charge has been spent in getting out the truth here because of read and in publishing track it would have done much to them same source I saw that the chat making business are spread like a fever so this is now becoming a distraction source are supposed to be saved by the means in producing the attempt to teach other X be occupied in produce another cat probably the means in our time is not producing charge but it's their occupation at our minds you know getting so all these cattle making business so they punctual applied into our time to be it's going to be a distraction and it is going to make as much perform their work life to me like I'm asleep these were making managers and they probably and reducible should be preaching the EE other indices your heart in commodities my understanding is they're part of the movement that's how I understand that to be duck that their part they then accepted a third angels message and I think the charts are they're producing a charts about the third angels message but everyone wants to make a name for themselves yes and I think his brother Rogers Robert said I'm saying the only people who are ever going to give a loud cry or a midnight cry is Ephesus is the movement the church at large you never is going to do that even though they dream about it and if we if we believe that we're in 2018 and we're given the midnight cry message we know that the the engine the thing that's driving this midnight crime message is not the production of these types of charts it's the production of these types of charts and what we're really discussing is time setting it's time setting that's that's going to be used to make something of any validity because we're not you're saying in the future something's going to happen we're marking the time period for that so it's the time setting and I think he said we're the only movement that would ever dare time say but the church would never time say you might get some funky stuff from some fanatics who would do that but they don't have a methodology behind them I mean they do worse things than this their methodology is crazy about time saying so I think it is an application about about this movement we're gonna coat the class because wait Passover time you were reading for 5mr I think when they do H what they do is in any article they do a b c d e f g h and each what letter represents the first time an individual is been spoken about and they just erase their name and just put H so H would mean the fifth person sixth person that she speaks about it's not connected to the actual that their surname begins with an H so would have you could go back to the original and find that I think if it's a letter you can find it so let's close with Heavenly Father we thank you for your watch care your goodness over your people we ask them pray that you would give us the blessing that we need but may we meditate upon the discussion of this class and if there's any truth in it or may we see the import of what you were trying to show us here at the end of the world may each of us learn the lessons that we need to learn so that we might not become like these people who are in the chart making business desiring to make a name for themselves or whatever their motivation was which ends up being a distraction to the necessary work that you have given your people to do go ask for a blessing in Jesus his name Amen