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we manufacture price the morning father 
heavenly we want to rent this morning 
es9 to es11 Turkish death offered to this 
rate is very fast and again 
to be the guide of our in our studies 
in estrie that we can understand 
our own story 
ar 500 bsa and how things like 
we got there 
louis menard dallas 110 rooms and 16 may 
to criticize that we were not doing 
understand is lived as being 
just critics not say this 
but like lessons n 5 of type saas 
is something that stinks who can we 
help decision made and therefore help 
our brothers who are here to understand 
their story plinth and scarlett a string 
10 terminals inc including even guigou during this 
morning so her horde her fans and 
bless the think fathers m 
chris neil in the name of human crisis 
so in our line we have advanced 
a little bit we got in 
the 1950s from ace to warwick 
explains the bit more and more accomplished 
your form accreditation process is so 
the last time we explained from 
more complete way the process 
accreditation and a connection is 
total Chinese liu methodology and a 
relationship with that to the introduction 
of a new methodology the scene of 
self that kate from dust is monster and 
Rome and cultural 
but I think the current crisis we 
know that so we can 
seeing his quotes we had 
two steep hills 
I told you to sakho coup 
Chinese said shi and 1 it's him who 
was behind so the accreditation of 
our schools and knitwear remains at 
define on the tce is actually this 
accreditation of our schools will help 
therefore to establish a new theology 
walis and neo engine methodology so 
introduces a new methodology for 
infants the Saharawi media and or to 
stephen lang put us in the object 
but we saw yesterday how he has 
how they defend is so the 
new methodology rff 
I do not know if you do not have this 
text translated into French pocket ats 
bike high chalais this bike but in fact 
this book which is written against it 
is very revealing ok so I do not say 
not that we interpret the Bible as soon as 
tonight his pack every moment for that 
it is admitted disengages minigore 
newtech family from a point of view 
technique that's what the meaning of 
hermeneutics technics to talk about 
steve between good friends to use so 
techniques to understand 
ability to interpret magnetic 
but this theological term 
hermeneutical category that delegates for 
what we can see the dangers that 
are underlying a young apn is 
suicidal place of 16 minutes and at the 
end you can see that the Lord is going 
use that as 
an original way to get us to 
drop conclusion of the ring of 
cooperation during the preparation of the 
book questions about doctrines 
cultural that makes this problem 
cotrel it was faced with the problem 
to explain castaigne deposit studied so 
the time presented the daniel book 
with the historical index method is this 
that it does not favor with me 
traditional Adventist understanding 
smile took all these words that 
torrent made scandal 
so he wrote a request to all 
scholarly attentive important perhaps 
neither horrible who know Hebrew n 
do you like you have the request to 
asked for help and edf would be deported 
at Ghana to sporting giving him a 
interpretation of daniel 8 14 all this 
is the prophecy of 
2300 evening and morning at the commercial port 
with the historico method 
historico-critical an art n 7 was 
keynote string theater notes 
explained and everyone told me 
that they should not be able to 
explain the communities fans and a 
alfa the effort he could not defend 
1844 cool solis up there you know you 
are he really afraid to implement 
that they hunt the lands he left 
there as was 
the entry range these committees have a deposit 
cocktail between relationships and church at 
document circus units on a book of 
daniel and the apocalypse to fail of that 
in sports to find a solution 
to this problem 
cantonal pates contests but they do not 
have reached no conclusion 109,5 
its finished that did not give anything 
so we know church according to the eba church and 
completely we are like that 
slowly but surely so the 
methodology in our grid has changed 
completely and you live now 
in a generation distress yes of 
ties of way of china state that has 
rediscovered the way we should 
to know to interpret to know the Bible 
and if a really important step 
yes yes no if nadal 22 backlash of 
pregnancy and we 'll see another 
event that contributed to everything 
necessary processes related to leaders 
who thus serve these the year 1957 
other pop star then he goes 
so start the last and fourth 
what happened in 1957 the scepter 
before there was a communication 
and a wheel of the weeds leader so I 
think it was the president of the 
federation of pennsylvania 26 cents 
steps to cry and he sent so the 
green book jesus it's that time towards 
fenerbahce the bodies they sent in 
does how to tell the evangelical author 
well known tonal not mouse who 
is called donald de barnaoul 250 g liter 
super level and nietzsche said to 
magazines and so he had a magazine n 
already dubz the cloud 
many people for human rights cable 
ranked in the league world 
so read a lot of these publications 
sports sites and like 
but damascus where he did not do not like this 
book is said but greens and varicent 
com critics and whitecaps kreis and 
he made a very very critical 
acerb of this book so to Jesus is 
the best way two pussies sharp and 
- sharpe hades and so where all summer 
shocked by this as a destiny that is 
at hwacheon at this time so our 
church at your choice anna stock beit 
including our church was finally known 
as being a sect are not 
recognized as a church of Christ 
church are a Christian church 
we were seen as being insects themselves 
degrades in shape he is in france on 
an arthur formula bring him the weight 
stay in pink and a brother informed me 
that in France we are part so 
of the Protestant cause federation 
of acts of those enrolled and does that to 
its sources in this story 
microsoft this event to be called the 
911 for the second round so thanks to 
these events that happened in 57 
we are now part of step 2 of 
Protestant world but accept pressure 
but that time he accepted us 
not like Christians to criticize our 
rights and the white sox and so where 
so this man wrote a strong 
criticism on this book of the whites who 
alas it was almost given seven themes that 
you like his rating had said yes to 
what's the use so he realized that he has 
failed to give evidence therefore that 
we were Christians cherries 
land seizures and a high 
communication so that causes and the 
well and change 
there did you do wrong and therefore has barroso 
asked so another very evangelists 
known walter martil d apos colas they get 
are both scholars placed 
nasty brunswick 
they understand both so free them 
and the Greek then james 
these are theologians would know is a 
sponsor at the time who has him 
asked to write a book to appear a 
book about the ads that are the 
Adventists road 
what is this sect not having to 
math but walter mortal a release 
he has entered into communication with 
the Adventist church of Corsica and wanted 
to dream of this cash that's what he 
wanted to have discussions on that 
they see this score there was a he was 
so finally when and where are people 
cross and as a theologian he 
wanted to do a good research 
how he wanted to know what is that 
these people so wait-and-see believed himself 
church weekends when it came 
in church that china state this chance 
so the church understood this as a 
undeniable chance this fruit committee 
same and so they established a committee of 
three men from the three men masters 
meeting swiss damascus these three men 
have had secret meetings with 
walter martin it's also later so 
barbe also joined 
joined these encounters and stream n de 
steam coral reefs is 6 1 3 
were given a code name 
frida who is fresh in like in a life 
enterprise is known as had the 
military operations have names of 
inhabitants code the desert storm 
negroni of sherry bitten toast and 
what's mine having only those who 
are involved in this operation 
they understand what it means 
ok meetings 6 so this is a 
meeting in the middle between 1955 and 1956 
and religious an event is heaven & hell 
to lead you to an event that is going to 
switch to 57 rooney 
so that's an acronym times like 
the irak from so it's lee roy efron is 
what you know about iran and from 
her from here on leads theologian 
Adventist historian a historian he 
must be healthy healthy person is 
we will say that he wrote books 
important so on the stories of 
tists benedict cars sonnet mitch 
such efforts example but he was a 
enemy of the perpetual for example then 
even to blinds your head in first 
ichat and I do not know if you 
remember the history of the charter of 
1852 this cat and his worst of the recession 
so this charter has disappeared from our 
not the best person dare to speak 
but no one had tested this 
story or a sister who found him 
around the last of it there are 
a sister who has found her rudders 
nominated red state 
she does sisters which is part of a 
ministry in the united states shiwen delahaye 
brit air the years in a 
library of your games so there is a 
special piece so in this 
weed library here's team in 
is dead 
nativel where he keeps so all the 
really important material in China 
makes a place where there are texts 
elders are secured to which 
join us that she went into 
one of his pieces 
she wanted so was looking for books 
or material she did not know 
no wen i have this in the porsche fans 
saw so precisely on one of 
display stands to gain shape as if 
it had fallen there is a last t shirt 
head so behind so the display stand 
am fan of stars adenauer 
so she saw this charter that was 
wound is stirred rocket hot tin has 
taken from as to see is one of the readers 
zero and she asked if she could 
see in the reading room of it 
there was a cat escalation so it's like 
that we rediscovered this 
charter us it's part of our 
story by the crisis is part of 
the increase of knowledge 
my children in the east so in the 
libraries you had a little paper 
matter hitchcockian task that actually 
so we tried every booklet at every 
careful equipment when you take sports 
so when you have to as we say 
take back this book will preach book 
had to put your name and the date are 
loads of debt and therefore dance 
on this pussy was the last one that 
had read this time who had taken this 
charter published in 1984 its mandate in 
australia and so that was more 
of twenty years the cada drags a breaker 
of bones and guess what had happened 
it was him 1 a unit do not belong 
gains to derogate from 
hordes of enemies and he fought against 
we have seen the old view of the perpetual 
twenty cat 
but on this charter is 16v the cleac'h 
was to hold 
Judy clearly that the perpetual this tag 
nfc social paganism 
this is the old view sims so you have it 
we appear small just try to make 
this walk and bike what he tried to 
do away with the evidence times cyril 
of atheros fanning a list for a 
theory of which useful 
he was fighting lift because this 
charter is a great proof that on this 
that pioneers believed the Nestorians 
so that's a little story about 
wonders here patrice for this is 
necessary but so has his books and his 
theories had a big impact on 
Atlantism this blur even deros rich 
did not get crowded 
there was fortunately reid there was no 
this cct three Adventist theologians 
Chinese when I get to small it was 
a disciple of conrad ii was on is 
not the only horse in Cyprus came to him 
of the institute of the community of 
public research 
mani sky like clues you remember 
you I told you that most of 
so these people were in this club 
ok 110th anthem is west so these are 
three people met each other 
with the if of looking at her answers 
with precious so he had several 
questions the opposition fears so our 
position on the nature of Christ 
stent apposition our position on 
the explanation at this level in ouakam 
how can one sin be defeated 
wight the role of helen white magna 
hastings and many more 
tel the live is the students of 
dentist circles to achieve and some 
complicity of weeks if he could 
convince his men head we believe 
200 and that we believe the same thing 
that sows f excludes the greens and 
Protestant standing discretion if 
we have a Protestant understanding 
of these things you are new you think 
at small we would be great 
possibility to be recognized as 
being Protestants is what like 
Christians between Uzbek brand bing 
poop and to lose that label 
to be seen as a cult 
ok this this morning at stoke so that's it 
that they understood those critics in 
internal investment they have invested 
to convince them 
in 200 m free 3 dj and to tell them what 
that they wanted to hear sounds and 
it was very successful 286 
weeks during these meetings these two 
men have come to an understanding 
really positive of the wait-and-see beat 
all the trial whistles for them 
so have this positive perception ten 
these three men had to twist the 
theology aventis head I wish I had the 
full terex 5 7 8 and 9 
they had to explain things that we 
do not just believe that a smoking room is 
simple give you an example been cross 
at the cross 
spelich the Protestants believes the crisis has 
finalized this man his explanation and 
financial if everything is accomplished they 
cross or an iphone and five soldiers and 
crisis does nothing else after in the 
heaven or on the other hand understanding 
protestant d awa be at 100 9 cents 
but it's not an understanding in 
as an Adventist in right black this 
which is misunderstanding in any case 
in front of this we can not believe stephen 
hester evening we put are in everything 
case of which six who is going to be at the cross she 
n mean kallio and his farces fares in 
as a sacrifice company is a 
so it's complete it perfect a 
fatal determined t-notes 
final be taken 
but he did not finish his work between 
almost minds as a priest the 
investigative judgment because of 
saints who have the decks the work in 
as long as the work in the place in the 
very simple places including the säntis m571 
it is by these words that you have not 
d'arnaud tissot and so the world 
Protestant does not see do not believe that 
Japanese output is out of all 
judgment logic with 6 gatif 7.65 
tenine and light ruby lighthouse of some 
thing that needed to be clarified analysts 
point of household steam falls a 
hill this theme is teamed back 
try to convince them of us 
believe the same thing as douites yes 
yes 5 300 singh an infinite cry all 
thing here between 16 and today the 
Adventists 10 there is more judgment 
investigative tornadoes 
you know that my official position of 
role and it was 3 hesitation 
the only thing chris is doing now 
of inscription 16 and that's how he 
alive on Thursday was flat either holds 
that he applies what he did the paw 
it's nothing new 
after the cross it's a change 
major in currency theology 
constant the Ghent his voice to 
contrary to what must be taught 
change everything 
it's something they'll try 
to change in Adventist theology 
and they received recognition from 
Protestant world and 9.2 in France 
and all this was under the knowledge 
complete without the pros of the conference 
general knew it was done 
opposite the weed world did not know 
no more than that was kept secret and did not 
think more about the discreet continentals and 
your secret stats' product could have 
stay secret 
but something happened in 
it depends on osny this fn meeting and I 
think these encounters were 
finished in this marina area so 
these two men were enough 
Sunday two new scenarios will be 
demanded that this new view this 
new theology nor super standard 
must be written 
it's forgetting your heart of which 10 believe 
what you say 
she praised kneading to the diocese and we 
are happy to see what you 
do not say you do not dream that 7.7 and fade 
but you have books that he says 
different things 
monday for example different things 
to depok set your side 
there are many other beautiful books that 
live different things underlined 
jean tiberi flaccid this news 
Theology must be transcribed and 
bri which they have agreed on it 
sees to be writing this week for 
write the book questions about 
french grafton doctrines no to the wharf 
godefroid place 
why feeling that I do not know 
maybe see high schools so is 
question doctrine so we do not have in 
French it's a book that was written 
in 1957 and where marc collin start of the 
fourth generation out of this 
book so this book has formalized and 
formalize this new theology 
sports side they do not pass to the nation 
that this book became a best seller in 
atlantic in saône-et-loire high school 
gaunt leicher when he was released 
so it seemed to them a 
official statement yesterday but it was 
just the result of this team that 
was there and not 25 m of his quality is 
so what this person so other 
she played an important role 
it's as if this fine what told it 
the following thing destroyed participants 
his agent tony stewart minister is at 
we these three participants of the 
general conference were 
administrators it was not scholars 
public gip that has them a little belittle 
progress so poor men 
sometimes problems  while 
tackling the stickers doubi times 
he had problems responding to 
questions from his scholars tony explain 
this meeting is he explains that during 
these meetings 10 continues this weekend 
they have 
ask for help on a continual basis 
shorts to coach so to offer 
Doctors cotrel hate than to scor life 
us and for another 
rudy a sordid feld eye and crazies 
ouattara and so this dollar the euro 
how to say they were ok they got him 
said what they had to answer to a 
Excess say they helped them with 
the exegesis of white spirit of the 
intended was needed to be helped 
you see it was them who was the 
brain behind all this thing there 
yeah event yeah if that's we 
said added in the arena the finally good 
they were still celebrating even more 
secret that others if this sdk windows 
I need a grid that boralex 
said so they did not stop 
come to us indeed for months to 
have help on the Greek and on 
Hebrew and on the exerice nec james 
cameron will do so to trust 
general is neither this eve monnet which is 
on the right foot what force he was saying that 
every donation that works at the conference 
general with every morning he had to 
to be at work so at 4:30 am this 
pole is she is forgotten 
so it's very early to be 
you work at 4:30 in the morning there 
so had a shot at his office at the 
general conference cff by the way 
stoic except his hump so all the 
days of the week except the Sabbath he 
was available and so every day they 
came to him to ask him 
ok building is this the Rwandan state of 
saleh always realistic this beautiful monday 
later when they decided to 
bounce off to publish this sports book 
happy and that of this man 
book so will get the answers from 
these three areas enough o2 and eat 
list and any explanation coach alex planes 
instead they explain after 
quick decisions a response 
when the decision was so two 
taken to publish the answers frida 
nico so nicole is not the monks 
were horrified to say prabhleen of 
morlaix it is only three aces for 
therefore comes to the idea of publishing their 
inadequate response as a book 
wash wash and established f icons and high schools 
cross of the state would then be seen as 
being who would be considered to be 
an almost official statement on the 
Adventist doctrine 
select here so it's interesting to 
see foolishness 
the capitals therefore if a man so 
Severi Rudy was pleased with the answers 
partys man willaeys in may well two 
men realized on behalf of senna drian 
lips the strength that schola them 
excess say it's not really at 
level of our required to meet rudy 
either to ride or not but what 
we are now denying prost 
was this committee and he proposed 
to establish a committee 
they rewrote the answers heynckes 
and guess who wrote the answers 
still these are these two men his 
basilica still remains 12 questions 
questions about crimes it's a 
work of these two men or accept 
twice that a woman and I have 
been asked to make a critique of these 
documents and put them under a 
more acceptable form 
that's all it fits to watch is the 
own stocks so in 2003 so 
our city 
reprint this level indeed in a 
series called the classics of 
afc atlanticism staged is clear 
that here is Portuguese in Spanish 
nice proposed to try it is a sapling 
so does a book with a grace a 
trench without a trance to the north and 
the occe like not have you go so 
it is a set 
a book of value m a defect that you 
know it was so that it is c 
book itself is the result 
this is the result of the response of a 
hundred of the pastor scholar 
Adventist wishes she said 
innocent in libé that's the opinion 
of the wait- and- see world and where are you 
go there it is true that there was a 
hundred pastors and theologians who 
were invited to participate in the lead and 
did not test but they did not 
participated in this manager his debt and albi 
some do not have not answered no 
did not want to be part of this project 
but the church 17 arguments as if they 
were in agreement soc 3 tspo and so that 
gives us a false impression of 
what this book is one of the sports can 
that to love down to the nes a ground he 
becomes a best seller in 
wait-Saone little concession and 
loire since the 3rd set class but 
because not seen 
it would be considered to be a 
quasi-official statement decorations 
because ultimately so our bright 
our church had a book why at 
canada so you can see all the 
answers to soaring questions these 
fishlabs minerals if they look like 
official answer 
watchmen what is the judgment 
negative purse she is the 
second coming 
it's the nature of Christ ttsl last 
scene is what he said since he 
had not since 6 or 7 
what is the position is desert there is to 
a month a hundred questions with 
seneschal answers strong conference 
in a really comprehensive way 
the perfecto that we absolve is a 
perfect book no new york but was 
a new theology and I asked 
once a pastor in Austria that 
when did that time it was 
I thought that at that time he was 
a student of theology and the sq of 
finances to ask him if he 
knew this book was born that same 
school year 
he told me I remember this book 
very good we ask teachers 
while one day one of their teachers 
teacher he will create or coming to 
that he tells me ah we have a new 
sifaoui book code to win my book 
everyone will read it vast hunt 
except it was just accepted in n2 this 
has evidence we this expensive book 
spock brother 
the two foundations and if he introduced 
a new factory in very large 
you in the stupidity el oued of 
operate pope when this book was 
so the publishing house did not want 
to print the delirious fans there had been 
they did not want to print so there 
had a field list is gorged score 
because he understood what was going on 
by the conference the present the 
general trust put the pressure 
for him to be obliged to 
print it and when so there was 
they melted all the books did not want 
not reprint it in this kind of 
because this book is the cause why and 
destroy planets master this is 
for that we have a lot of 
independent departments in the wait-and-see attitude 
why postpone and from that 
moment there are ministries that have 
independent who started to 
work against the church a lot of 
independent ministers have risen 
to fight the doctrine of the church 
and this is the result of this book 
it's rudy Adventist so this book has 
created a division in the storefront 
this beautiful girl maneuver that will only 
never healed resist this is the case a 
writing I agree sow but the same 
boat there are things that I do not want 
more remember me later devastated in 
it's really devastated this week 
this book also talks about the meaning of 
service of the sanctuary and 
the explanation at this time is very 
famous so theologian and pastor milan 
andrea who was called andré only one 
will get angry stones it was a 
sanctuary specialist and Hindus 
worst I'm going to talk about accreditation 
is far from open air france is relaunched 
when they opened their first 
Adventist theological seminary and 
west-france title lift france the actress 
land he was the first in signing the 
madeleine you can not take on the darkness 
that's when you can nevertheless the 
consider to be the dentist 
conservative I think these encounters 
have passed endlessly 
meeting someone there he was informed 
so there were meetings 
secret birds of wadding this summer 
so he had announced on alert 
ok of six names should not have been 
known his admirer who have you ever 
focused when he heard that he 
asked asked the question to trust 
general what happens between 
time just like ssd and he came in 
in a conversation with them and he is 
clear if he wanted to clarify things 
said wang to speak about in five days 
and he wanted to talk about what is our 
position on the shrine doctrine 
it emanates louisiana meetings 
he demanded donations as we say 
meetings with the general trust 
she defends the meeting artists if they 
have they agreed on 
some meetings god that incarnates 
so you can come and we yes yes 
it's team of theology and we're going 
send back a team of theologians 
and nice is ok but my problem if I 
am alone and they are several 
but he said we have to record 
these encounters and events rate 
record and they did not want the 
save it as such but it does not 
did not trust the church 
that said neither yes nor knit he said we 
have to record them this meeting said 
ok we will record six meetings 
not you that give you a copy of 
these recordings 
his evening of the atm date being four 
meetings so that's why they did not 
no meeting eventually it's the 
challenge is so it seemed unfair 
but also the freight exchanges between this 
evening and because he was afraid they 
can hear these words n 1 of cortes 
iv lice except the cup and because of that 
so he has published so some 
kingdom letters is stable and swing 
house at the clean match he made his 
public that's why we 
so let's know these encounters 
improbable insight therefore seeks a 
Another problem is that because of these 
struggles enters the 15-year-old church to 
cause of resistance for publish so 
this book of weeks louis h 
these two men we were anxious 
tsx myg notes they pay promise that 
weeds can not keep 
their promises n 2 tonight has been 
found to be captain that's what they 
have kept their promises between list 
to know they came out so 
their book on Atlanticism and so 
their statements on the right he is 
very positive 
a list of which he wrote an article on 
Adventists the explanation and they have 
said on Monday that weeds are 
Christians these probes and protests end 
face every time and it was such a 
shock for his voters 
Perhaps sex so asocial 6000 
readers abandon their children have 
canceled their subscription to this magazine 
canada m but at that time it was 
something very different from our 
excellent i did not accept us 
as being a Protestant church of 
seals at this s for example even if all 
was if we mean you see a little 
like Jehovah's Witnesses by two 
members like Mormons and white of 
young categories were in this 
category and its microphones colt or a 
Christian sony sect of a tram is 
complicated but in terms of what the 
warranties of wanted they had accomplished 
their goal 
since then we are recognized as 
being a Protestant Christian church 
young at ego for example you 
know not dig digging except that 
the courses the artists were 
invited to participate in the meetings 
mg either atterrisage it is one of 
results are far from our 
piet promise when the clues 
have not published so the book as he 
promised him so much agree and ken 
so martin so wrote an article 
still andy medicine meeting manufactures and 
so he made his meetings secret 
who made them public strive 
church that what had forced him so 
the church to keep their promises hold 
their promises they weave and in 
the 80s later when the book 
world of french when the book was not 
more outstanding 
once again sentences of 16-7 and Thursday 
9 the animal prog and they went to 
the church they said but this book one 
is no longer available 
we are free we are we are scared 
that if you did not resume having reprinted it 
not appreciate this match and win that 
our perception is still changing from what 
threshold of the 20th and that this chain is in 
trust before playing as we do 
two evangelicals therefore had a 
important influence on our church 
holy year after a departure emilie va 
everything follows the aventis creams 
superservers they are not at 
reprint the book right away but 
in 2003 they will come out edited with 
a special version ok this game but 
we said enough a 
shoe indulges so we understand 
of communication place when the strong man 
cup too much chat spa and 
jazz and you can a lion so the 
book letter to the churches that was written 
by andrea areas where it is translated so 
in France is a country explains ron 
elite formation of others agreement 
information so about this story 
so i can see nguyen fifties sixties 
and we are in the 60s and 
we come in the years in 50 
in the 60s from 5 6 to 7 to 9 and 10 
so the 60s were known as 
the time of libya generation is said 
that the team is stable critics whose 
a generation of people who are 
educated who are beginning to criticize louis 
5 and 1 response is stable in 
established truths 
yes students apprentices or not 
public universities after he returns 
in the Adventist church 
stephen mindset with in state 
of different mind if this new 
generation but never tubes of 
60s sung that said if as 
challenge and traditional ideas 
Adventist also surfing indeed there are 
but that prices in the young man 
interrogations that was educated in 
the worldly education of ide was going to be 
in March he either leaves the continuity 
end in march out of the stadiums all 
web challenge and the fools while he 
dream but it chases what we 
believe this movement's clue in 
the wait 
madické diakhaté of tunis so on the 
students who have they have for 
educate second oxygen pipe 
strong sales people and the 
women association they formed a 
association wii speak now parrot in 
sexy nokla we are in 1906 and that's 
good 67 protocol slots 
the association association for which they 
formed an association of forums 
Adventist those health organizations 
So they organized in this 
entity 29.9 tunes 
parrot offered so it's a group 
of students who are going to talk so about 
our faith s new world title waka no 
as they want to talk about it too 
creative new approach as soon as a bitter 
new creative approaches to supers 
black times of education and 
antwerp in the background they have a 
world education looks at itself and rotation 
without paying attention where ideas to 
traditions this time it's important 
the costa rica died because they were 
later on we can no longer organize such 
writings of the web of victims by excess of 
big m 
I was in touch with the conference 
general of the tablecloth kings is about to 
movement was not a movement if 
paris has only one thing on the screen so 
it was under the control of the 
general conference she makes them the 
wedges at high school magazine and a later 
they pulled out a magazine from this magazine 
people scots and who's called a 
spectrum 1 in the final of this magazine 
I do not know if you know this 
magazine is 7th 16th sad strong friendship 
so he is he is published in four 
times a year in 2006 ilan which he was 
created in 69 
there is also a website 
ten movements of this movement and this 
magazine acts it's a meeting 
point a blog a forum a place of 
meet new ideas attentive 
new criticism to plaintiffs 
of opinion so turned to like in europe and 
so all the people who had 
so their own idea so they can 
bring them here from cam from report but 
they organized themselves under is 
they are people who have been 1 
who have an education n 2 in the 2nd pillar 
can you find on 
wikipedia and critical thinking instead 
tahrir they applied one a thought 
critical who are going to have taken in their place 
of study and that they were therefore 
how well they were dominant 
at that time they applied so 
this critical way of thinking so or 
beliefs and practices or pratice 
to Adventist spectrum practices 
magazine is written and clings madoff 
has two forms so the magazine 
spectrum so it's the most con 
the accomplishment of this Adventist forum 
provide athletes ford 1932 is so 
sacred a good frame for the thoughts the 
more creative in the wait-and-see attitude 
she has 36 min cia of weeds that has 
had this opinion he said anne choice 
to be fluffed to story nominations 
a sure game that historians the future 
historians of the denomination preview 
cash but I accept reading 
betrayed me by teachers will see it so 
the appearance of spectrum as a stage 
major towards the maturity 
intellectual of our church 
the catch has as if a child to be 
hunted out of the stars who believes in his 
baten kaitos universe and not a lob the 
background the child towards the university friend 
one can check 
he returns this hunt begins to do 
no longer believe his parents have criticized 
the criticized aspect for questions 
sensitive players to remember some 
something like that and we like to happen a 
national test of this watts magazine 
paul allen wright stage there is a so what 
magazine became essential by 
report so to studies and white this 
movement here so he started so a 
new era so the 
the 70s white us for the 
first time the clues started to 
study and white critically so 
critical what happened before so 
for the Bible so it was an approach 
criticism I think she looked at a 
critical reviews with regard to 
again right and they started they 
to do the same thing with the white ones 
gesture that is an example for you 
give an example an excellent white 
boss when the black was so exiled in 
it was written so since I was in 
anger a little bit against the leaders 
102 tuscan frontists the astc so 
the elites and rudy so they said yesterday 
in nice and aix 
you need to analyze a short text thou 
as stent the criticism you have to 
understand these critics sex fans 
toys of the circumstances of which she was 
angry that when you're portrait too 
school because they put so we 
australia be anastasia was using the 
so it's understandable that she 
used these words I'm a bird but 
she was an anak woman when we love 
we do not intend to control his emotions 
what you need to understand 
wrote neither flowers nor 150 years 
and if you understand the circumstances 
from crash to pressure on the web is 
a happy woman the man was alone at 
the event so her husband did not live 
more with el niño ref 
it is tenuous between french and haas 
teng the law so there you got to a 
different understanding of what she 
practice so this is the criticism to 
the place is so applied so on 
shouting so that's what started 
here she must be distinguished a 
book that was written at that moment she 
does not mean services ex 1976 edwards 
teacher she enjoys health 
this tariff agent prophetess of health 
a study of dwight this transportable 
this is the first book that was written 
so that they were very critical 
on his banny writings was filled that 
totally destroys so there trust 
that we can have as it is far away so much 
that prophet challenger of said tim 
roth and it's a challenge of the idea 
that she was really inspired that's 
yet what has happened juda cicchitto 
khadir from many to most this book 
has come to the conclusion that the taken 
its this idea of ​​different people 
who goes out she sold her ideas like 
being his own inspired ideas and 
of hope it's every year 
this book was a shock in the wait-and-see attitude 
she's funny scene from this forum 
spectrum and so this was all happening 
so dance in this context with his 
forums and with the spin magazine is 
why by the city ​​of this podcast ska 
we here so this book was discussed 
eynden at first this the actor km to 
the ears to proof the ch'ti after others 
of this style have been published so this is 
that's what I wanted to share with you 
with you a teacher then said 
that we take our development and therefore 
our idea about football development 
doctrine and as scream claira becomes 
more clear chapelloise doubt china 
peking it started just for a doubt 
at the beginning and now when we arrive 
here so everything is possible everything is 
it's martine carol is in turmoil there is 
nothing particular sense now 
506 moulinex case slowed down but there is 
still other things that will come and 
we will see next 
presentation the experience will end with 
before women so heavenly father if 
devastating we see a 
story that really have me a 
devastation leaves her the kansas and better 
but we can believe in the weight of 
triple type with better protection than 
you keep your poem fouta protection they 
were ends of being thing for 
defend the truth of aesthetic care 
hunting that's why he has to 
teach she must he remains megas in 
their hands and 5 draws that we need 
to learn a lot because 
you prefer but this story is ten 
meters of debris but hansen so that 
we can understand from him 
but those of the eee pc of our fathers 
destroyed but anna stent and that we 
can understand why we 
believe certain areas we must 
now we get rid of priceline 
in the name of crisis mm amen