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so once again I like to invite you to kneel down for prayer for the priests was a bit on campus a few thousand heaven would praise you listen to the water we arrived at the end of the stage so Matty be a father said Julie we're also coming a little closer to the end of this prophecy school don't even we cannot be prepared I thought I said to a called the prophecy and we still we still need to understand some things it's all the components are ten shoes so we ask you to bless us in this our denominator since we want to understand the final events of yours history component is even on to distort a portrait a new work directly so decree not ever horn and we have to honor to be able to understand them is that one oh no the Polycom home in Christ's name please direct us in this study all the creative ideas you know set it you don't say happy if your Holy Spirit yeah you evict all studies please amen I mean all right so you have been studying with us Daniel 11 Daniel also 4245 I don't I go outside basically right and we started in verse 47 come on silver second moto we understood this was 1989 is that we don't cause it a - ok Scoob enough time off the end tendu lhasa we've seen verse 41 he's a university karate we enough to do this this sunday law that we go city law what you dream of and we have to add his son law in the united states and in the war so take a cell and what you do shows it as you need okay now what's coming next we have to see no security no signal do believe what you just remember here at this under there were three things happening soon evo sermon okinawa demotius senior with quarrels considable to Tsubasa first thing was the Sunday law kimono Gladwell Ujima the conquering of glorious man who gets you big Louie you the second was as many shall fall I'll see should come bottom one and we understood this is this is a prophecy regarding adventism is that one completely improve a super upper eyelid Nazis no and finally we have seen that at the same time that many fall if you never know some of you may move on pretty October another group shall escape I know Telugu Bishop all right this is our standard understanding actually on the Sunday law unless also language emotional face since the moment the last moment the last call to the world the Momofuku mode yes we read in Isaiah to become will have only two eyes that you do this last call is given through God's people so Daniel op le dunya have a loop a prodigy which also portrayed is the glorious holy mountain so he got no they click on La Motta and Santa Cruz which is higher and raised above all other mountains he brought a tutor to Montana like today I saw that you have a volcano no coca Volcom which is 4000 meters high key if they don't get me made that teaching you can see it this is the highest mountain of the whole area Bevacqua selamanya pretty lovely also due to starvation this is the image that the Bible is using here the magical ability diseases so what comes next Lucas gives you a play what happens after the Sun alone the United States cities paths a killer what would emerge shows it has beneath in history no needs to ah I think all of you now supposed to be savvy too so there's not a Sunday law right yeah you know what is Amash it's a Sunday law in the whole word I don't - Leonardo so let's go and see if this is what our Bible also tells us what you see again mother could not be renewed in 11 verse 42 yes he can do he shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries and the land of Egypt shall not escape a little drowsy summer so let me repeat Egypt initial kappa so we have said since the beginning that the Bible makes the emphasis on on territory you could have made no fasoli TV to us on the land Sula P on on geography so as your glasses so it says at the land of Egyptian or escaped okay this if Nisha kappa so what is the land of Egypt say pornography digital the world no but didn't we say Egypt is symbol for atheism mechanism particular sheets it assemble party for the key of to South for a while you see though so we have here we have a symbol it has two two meanings yeah and this is nothing special its new backing sure this piece yeah well if you know that the line is a symbol for Jesus we serve you to scan yours it's not someone pushes you but the Bible also says that the devil like a roaring lion is running around us me la musique le moco Christy come Cosette I command you which is so cool to do you you have the king of the north as a symbol for the pagan powers what you know example do the National pie yet but in Isaiah 14 the battle says Isaiah tells everybody that the Debra wants to sit on the throne which is in the north good let me versus what sort of 22 know how so they're the true king of the north is Jesus Christ no see Krista so this is the symbology in the Bible has sometimes two different or more different meanings okay listen boy don't let people buy for fritters you guessed wrong this would be a problem if the Bible would have said that the king of the north he attacked Egypt so I tell em see wabg secret was you know attack initiative but it uses the symbols differently Malucci designs if you assemble it says it attacked the King of the South is it a kilowatt a pseudo implication we understand is in Egypt implication coupons in Egypt oh but when it says here now in verse 42 Judaism at nowhere see calendar that he tips are not escaped coolly shipped new ships kappa acaba like this then it's a different area I love it cyclic Trudeau's if you know many of you already know this is symbol for the word it would not focus a because y'all some more do you want and let's see how we can defend this come on put different Wasilla let's open our Bibles in Ezekiel 29 wanna be do I secure about nerves on 17 to 19 Ezekiel what nerve he said add is enough and it came to pass in the seven and twentieth year in the first month in the in the first day of the month the word of the Lord came unto me saying city life developing City money o Polamalu ponies you jamala purchase in your van watch his own verse 18 son of man Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon caused his army to serve a great service against Tyrus even had every head was made board bald and every shoulder was peeled yet had he no wages nor his army for Tyrus for the service that he had served against it Babylon of a service on our mango service conclude here today Donna Deveny show Battuta pilate on a take-off she super no no cancel any tsunami occurs the chief for a service Utila feckin fellow therefore thus says the lord god behold i will give the land of Egypt Antoni baka needs her king of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and he shall take her multitude and take his fall and take a prey and shall be the waitress for his army Cebu considered a senior position movie dunya an implicit reservoir to Babylonia Lupe Egypt in honor of one I will teach you yeonbok Taurus on retainer deep whoo-ha it's a Sarala lasalle a person army so Egypt is going to be given into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar no please do so I do then only Mountain if you can in token is king of Babylon why do I be done so likewise spiritual Babylon Assyria Babylon spiritual king of the north he will receive Egypt as his payment consume a leadership to come so Saleh for the work that he has done whoever will kill sa so one sense you can see that Babylon is doing a service for the Lord there are service below senior all right his his his army doesn't need space or exclusive agency yeah son of man McCann is the king of Babylon causes army to serve a great service against iris fizzed only because reservist with water Babylonia history of sonar me on console Visconti achieve this is service that Thailand did for the Lord Sri Sri school of Babylonia a policy Nia for the Lord Peis the payment is Egypt it was a live CD she did the very same thing here in this history busiest under work la booty Athena and he receives his his recompensation yes what's that I compose conversations Egypt she don't lose it you still need to see why Egypt is the world ProQuest college experiment one level we understand this already and you're looking for this job because we know that after this Sunday law there will be a son-in-law in all the whole world emotional so we expect this to happen no pursued a service I know this is just a logic now firstly the logic of what happens to Egypt no glasses pues la loo chic do Suki Tsubasa a legit dos y values ito I think that's okay that's enough next text from the 10 commandments exodus 20 new texture Steven don't cut the do commodity come on Mike sattva because we want to understand what does Egypt represents exactly Tito Exodus 20 verse to exert valve acid I think you notice by memory rose kuehni see back up it says I am do not die God which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage to the senior katifaq it is sorted repaid a ship dilemmas on the savage judo so what does this represent this kusudama prisons because this applies to you that's cursor a new septic a new you did God's people did you had been free to spiritually from bondage Richard Moodle is clevage and Galit the book of colitas tells us what the sponsors represents in Chapter four get snooty kiss Google croissants this is clever okay Oh Chevy truck at huh get that cat through three verse it says even so when we were children were in bondage under the elements of the world as he knew see Oskaloosa to offer newsy to sav Oh silly mother mother though Egypt is bondage clevage being freed from Egypt means to be freed from bondage Italy bill a delicious initiative a leader is clever respondent means being bound to the world least clever see that's hold you mundo so therefore Egypt is a symbol of the world it's about you Mulder okay and this is simply what what we have been saying always visible to Judy Sunday lawn United States demotius it does we need Sunday law in the rest of the world Allah what you'd emotionalize to do Mulder there's what we see is happening here in this verse the new boy yoky surpasses it also they say there were several other text text you can read testimonies vol 1 133 computing - William a pissant wah just to have a little bit more backup here suchan see well I don't see the point you'd want to Megan in this point for the city - young sorry go jump to the next fix so no text - Shiva this is testimonies volume 5 steam on your forum such a set to manage volumes sank dose only six okay the church has turned back from following Christ a leader and steadily retreating to work Egypt leg Lisa Sadie tornadoes three CD tornadoes fever christened Alicia is so it so what you have happy novel Egypt oh so what does this mean okay with you means the church's you're treating her to the world yet fewer alarm or astonished at the one of spiritual power Putin person telling me we tune it'll be so speedy trainer John Satan would have ministers who preach self instead of Christ would have whatever does set all of them in Dominica keep pressure on what all you do crystal blue velocity well it's just giving him a more extensive description so don't do description of what what's happening in the church Sookie surpassed knowledge Lisa and this is a description of the church has become a worldly keep so good at least of your Monday and she says it is like it's retreating towards Egypt radically ship so tuna legalese vote on Vallecito right so there are texts like these get it takes come solo where and why does making this application it churches the church we are returning to Egypt League Lisa don't go to non Egypt or we return to the pots to the food of Egypt no look oh boy I knew each other a shifter we are putting our setting our tents every time closer to Egypt new place oh no - I thought we really ripped up making disassemble to return to the world oh we understand very well in this Old Testament history when they left Egypt they left the world it is okay to remodel so amongst many symbols Egypt is a symbol of the world she's a virgin all right when we continue to read in the next verse here in the very same book of Daniel 11 Daniel Unicode senior Elijo verse 42 in verse 43 come on do you want what but he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver and over all of and over all the precious things of Egypt and the Libyans and Ethiopians shall be eight steps I know you do see some asshole EP invade Egypt Anisha Papa maloja pre-social III so Dhabi - oh it totally shows Christians in Egypt in Olympian easy to blossom as a street so Egypt is simply it's now the last step nuclear ship simulator it up the papers is taking control complete control of the world look at whole completely motto and we said remember that we said that it needs to conquer three geographic areas the king of the south why did Taurus land in the world it's always the same situation and now you can really say that the deadly wound is completely here in my new vehicle a blister Martelly complex Mogadishu no other study we showed briefly that before this events here before the Sunday law is easy but noisy learn what it emotion there is this face if we call midnight to beat that cry and at this time there would be war in the world Eleni when I get on a mountain in this world the papacy to invest money it doesn't dare is it as you need to obviously the latter to help United States finally suppress the King of the South phylidia screaming what is it in animal so there's money he's claiming back now no you do not owe the whole situation that we see here regarding the word situation situation situation that we recall from the Middle Ages did you go to Vienna where the paper said control of the means to Lavanya the gained control of land DP enough money a deduction usually when a family or very often the heritage of the family went to Catholic Church I swollen it doesn't find me Ali I don't need this cattle it you they made invented some rules and some some forms how how they would become rich easy for me demand their poverty solution and this is something you can see and just previously and very same chapter it on mmm shabby huh when we back up a little bit go BA doli cabeza Placido verse 37 of Daniel Evony that's a concept I'll do Daniel let's just read a little bit here of history which we said is the theory of Chiapas in the Middle Ages cities 12 does that one think cities 12 don't do that with you my gosh it says neither shall he regard to god of his father's in you I pay yeah would you disobey or the Pope will not regard he will not respect the true God nobody gonna respect oh look at you not a desire of women when explanations the desire of woman is to form a family ladies yes the nuclear launch this because so she knew the form in familiar but in the Catholic Church there is no legally Schedule II in the church itself or priests there's no way to build a family nevertheless it is it is commonly accepted now was the cumin amok city that the priests can have relays with a woman Kulu click baba well that's not making fun it only has to be more or less Secret Service like this okay but this is totally normal it's so normal did one Pope from the Vatican Palace do poverty go she build a bridge to the house of his mistress in a cost we are poor economies all the same actress nothing very hidden but the desire to form a family in official form the Damania official he does not respect us alright their attention to this but we leave it just here yesterday I only set up through 38 but in his stage the honor shall he honor the god of forces and God whom his father's knew not charlie ona was gold and silver and was precious stones and pleasant things I said less you know Valhalla Judi Fox yeah because yeah so every ditch actress you say weekly shows the producer Rob yovan you can embark on new super so this God that his father's did not honor no sir su casa para bernoulli and when we say father its refers to his apostolic church it was good Indies on paraphilia foreign soil it is apostolate there's a God in mythology yeah and you don't I need to Lucy and I have seen this God in different museums we don't feel it's a woman seems that and you have this in different cultures let me know if you want to chew and this woman has in her head has a crown okay this crown is it one it's not is the town oh it's a yeah a wall see I'm really I do envy know exactly it even has the door no importa si so this is a symbol of his specific goddess Circe a virgin dear spectacle yeah she's the cheese I think this is what is describing here is your Sookie deceased some time is different in different languages we see it on in verse 39 sorry on what nerve I don't know it's 38 yeah it says the god of forces may I say bless you no no hello Judy Fox so this can also be under as a god of fortress would utilize or stronghold yes so this goddess here said they saw in history or mythology is Diana and Diana is is just the Greek form of what originally is Semiramis Samir Amin so Semiramis is the wife of Nimrod I found an importer the king and and the king of of Nene be no no sorry did Babylon do what do Babylon and the me Rama she invented the first wall assume you know I mean you are because because Nimrod he wanted to have complete control of the people they were not allowed to leave the city in the lollipop army duty today we're not allowed to live in the countryside everybody to live inside so the god of fortresses Judith of the race-off symbol of sin Iran is Deanna Semiramis so Jan the other thing that this goddess has yeah you know she's known as is carrying a little baby in her arms and when you concoct a baby those aha this is the this is her got some so not you yes more what's his name what was his name the question is this in no I mean it in Babylonian culture Tammuz and Tammuz is the reincarnation of Nimrod it's a musalla can a pseudonym water this this this image of woman goddess was a child in her arms setre sete imagine dear Victor no philosopher and the child because he was reborn as a god oscillating neo neo commodores aren't you because the child is reborn in the child is a God the mother has to be a god as well if asked oh no for a needle you whoa a trillion trillion I member to see eight hundred this is the whole idea on which the Catholic Church boot cost we to construct the theology around Mary this is Mary here she's just goddess which has the little child in her because Jesus is God then she also so God can we see dude she's the god of fortresses got that her father's the Apostolic Church did not recognize as a God legally support Cunha tokuji all right but the point I wanted to make here the focus of really see it did to church honor sir with gold and silver and precious stones and certain things Christian issues deputies she's rich why is she rich because she robbed it took it from the world village and this is repeated here deputies and another proof of that is revelation 18 no Silesia Vito 4:16 and saying alas alas that great city that was clothed in fine linen and purple and scarlet and decked with gold precious stones and piers it is not enough alas they don't Wilke TV to the fauna adieu poop with the carrots a peridot we do practice you see do paella and cried when they saw four in one hour so great riches come to naught come on you're delicious not Eva Polly what's it is this CL the city this is fallen Babylon so it's a symbol for the Catholic Church in several ways it's portrayed is extremely rich riches you will be able to have the United States to recover from her defeat sudafed Oh defeated raffia sad if a tortilla and then a victim and this will turn into a victory at Panem it was the morning dew our opinion okay so this is the situation here there's just some more information verse 43 for my sake I want what and you see what I said yesterday these dresses are a little bit quicker to understand that will probably come to verse 45 today if it did come back here sake I want psychology we're almost there right you Cresco and so let's see what else does it say here by was here Duty see was 43 says they can't wah and kay and the Libyans and Ethiopians shall be at his steps Allah finally led be honest it should tell so much sweeter so apart from Egypt we oppose the Libyans Europeans is it you tell today we have an idea of Libya and Ethiopia you know when we think of Libya we think of it as of the candidates produces petroleum okuni boss to welcome a big new teapot you dope it whole and it's quite a rich country right shall be a city shot but of course we cannot do this it is eco like we said in the morning communities matter there's a struggle in in Adventist on what methodology we use yes and the Bible is nice you can be totally zip on that block and some people believe we are we do use a very simplified methodology no we do not take into account the circumstances you can go see them well is your constants or the history who you swap but yes we do of course you know corner Avenue look at Libya in the context of its original meaning civil goodell LEP total context assess there's a significant from yet or Libya and the times of the Bible do la la it's simply very poor country stop it say Libya is 80% Sahara Desert see you dude is that a person that EBC disorderly do that Sarah Libya doesn't have very much in the soil you know not saying precious Chris you don't know some sort of it's a poor country stop people opposite to it is it's European missile oppositely to P if super which is in the south of Egypt it's not only has not only green vegetation enriches and in the soil and minerals delicious Don a Saudi Domingo but everybody who had to travel to from the south at what to travel to Egypt me to suck it in or acidic boyish it cross through its yo Pia do we travel silly Chucky and they they they needed to pay taxes to cross the country it will kind of say to be the repeated attacks so it's European the Bible tons of the Bible's the similar for rich country nuclear superiority December the padishah and you remember the history of the of the king of Ethiopia who came to visit Salamone a souvenir he stole there are any chocolate it is a it's a prominent country stop a point me know and here we can open our Bibles in Revelation 13 in order to see how this history is in parallel in another chapter of the Bible I believe suit Reza because you you might now the universe 11 the Bible is addressing the Sunday law cervical OS e also be parallel ydt Bosch it's the very same point in time didn't employ see not at all it's a parallel chapter ballerina and then it says and I beheld another beast coming out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb in his fate yes a dragon coz I gather you know Tibet soft solder that they're a lava Duke on some blah blah said an annual public comment haha just the earth pieces the United States but it speaks as a dragon now speaks like Rome come home speaks like Catholic Church calmly agree scattered like you devil it's speaking means to release law italy's knots due to met complex when you are so this is the Sunday Lord is what we understand and if it is common and what we do much and he exercises all the power of the first beast before him and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed you say Alex yes to recorded upon your bed the hotel if I could attend to Sookie do me I develop from your best-known a play most elevated Grigio and this is what we've been saying the deadly wound is here in this time period 17:08 period the Torah bless your mortality ratio it's absolutely in harmony with Revelation 13 sit up so you know a couple creeps at Kaiser and he does great wonders so that he maketh Fire come from heaven on the earth in this side of man it is not allah first you see a solitaire alive it is done you know we jump a little bit Maseo temple verse 16 he says and he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads and figure to strategic offensive only because it's a safety or swap in my own home and watch one loop all of these are the two groups the rich the poor the free and upon Jesus Club etc okay this is the same thing that the Bible is saying yes awesome and we have the parallel verse here to the information we receive again in New Testament we don't a new booty stuff so Daniel 11:40 to 4045 explains us the final event of this history Daniel was chaotic I want seconds explicitly is even more fee no delete all data the final rise to power off the papacy motifs in our Delilah priests or saliva booty I think we are ready to go to next verse what some paleo guesses you know it's 44 say cannot to come and you're scared but me out of the east and out of the North shall trouble him therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy and utterly to make away many made a new vendor less did you know to blow Sipowicz of generic engulf you'll put it with a complete might ceremony bokudoh job what is happening now guess he's super smart at all all this was victorious time for the papacy to assess it on Victoria Parvati is almost he reached aim veto he controls the world and now at this point we know we see something I support I don't get a good shows it doesn't just want to control the world wants to extinguish God's people we can exterminate Oprah Dodger and the motive or the excuse for this you know motif excuse me he's hearing something Sakina dog and cashews so here's something that's troubling him you know sceeto to block what does he hear Kazuki not all because people are working and they work don't know swelled into a loud cry soft on a cold feet you okay we we know that after sunglow does about cry that's why we always located Lord cry say oh you look adorable and this Lord Christ loud and the papacy here is it a suitable ATO and what does the Lord cry saying he's gonna call Chrissie shop not come out of her my people did you mean you them what for and why not CBS CB she this information includes the information that crisis coming please cause not the woman is getting ready for a husband men she used to be undefiled and to be ready and distinct from the world that created this new model in order to receive the husband I thank you this moment is happening here it's an immersive sec and the papacy hearing this yo solo because yesterday we hear we read in Isaiah 2 Vasco Young's every know I say you do because people's like a holy mountain and the world now is running towards it you know you want to be saved it was OB they go there he is evil right and this is a little bit too much for him so he's getting angry okay so malkorok and he intervenes in this way it says he has great fury now to destroy Langan fuel Buddha tree huh you want to destroy many it ok so let's look a little bit further on this information here ok don't appreciate our mess we see let's open the Book of Amos who live with them also chapter 3 chapter 8 I'm sorry almost Rita verses 11 and 12 I'm oh sweet in that day will raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen and close up the breaches thereof and I will raise up his ruins and I will burn it as in the days of old that they may possess the remnant of Edom and of all the heathen which are called by my name says the Lord they do is this I'm chapter 9 this is why we were looking also fits pretty well almost enough of a Doozer effects key it's okay thank you for for Felicity I'm oh sweet oh they do Steve Lee what you see here this in this this verses said I must not lose it you saw that that God's people will possess enough never secularity huh I'm loose enough cuz that was all I wanted to read 8 and i read nine really ownership it could witness you decide who knows what you can see it was in chapter 9 that cause people take hold of Edom ella no no Chabot Hanafi new CD Kolhapur prodigy poor a sissy Adama the children of the papacy not become the children of God apathy deviant Manolis of all did you toxic called young of course this makes you come to North angry Sula watch No Kulik yeah but let's go to chapter 8 go to that school in Yokohama mo sweet and do so photos Emma's alright for this Emma says Jeroboam shall die is this correct because my lingual by Roku because could indeed be Lanka and then what happens behold the day's come says the Lord God that I will send a feminine in the land not a famine of bread nor thirst for water but of hearing the word words of the Lord my solution to the senior do Soviet Famine donna p no pain famine the pan in swath do me don't worry about all the senior and there shall wonder from sea to sea and from north to the east they shall run to and fro to see the world a lot and shall not find it easy they were watching me I wrote with a generalist in ku wholesaler poochishita biology senior in unit who papa so prophetically worth the work of a sigma will upon all of the world is to be found in the north and in the east you let oh no yeah let's stop right so this is the message that comes here to the papacy GX booty is a message that comes from the north it's a mess about the north and the east suppose you know we do let's stop it's God's word xalapa or did you this is what is troubling him it's a spirit who block and if you go into the sanctuary is if with a little song track you remember that the whole process starts Yeti from the east to look possesses Komatsu Lester and then he inside a suit an attire the process ends at the north because this used to tell me no not at the shewbread table on a tablet about the proposition okay so this is another symbol of the north external symbology north and the east this is a symbol of the redemption on board you like it don't you this is a symbol of christ the crystal which you can see here christ coming to free his bondage children Phoebe this is honestly just message on the pout sister don't pursue massage is a prophetic message Sammy says poverty that's the eternal gospel missile emoji detail hello the gospel of Christ Little Italy stop and this message is coming becoming very loud it's a message to be careful it is not just successful you say it makes the Pope angry a lollipop oh cool it because the true it is revealing his true desire and his true aims ladies are so glad we talked all right then let's open up a few other verses in Isaiah 50 52 verse 7 the only acceptable said is a second dude excess enter easily second of excess Seto how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that brings good tidings that publishes peace that brings good tidings of good that publishes salvation that says unto Zion thy God reigneth come here samba Solomon's anita sarita opposed to the bonne nouvelle capability kept off to the Vancouver concern Olivia capable in Ozaukee gsutil geranium the dye Watchmen shall lift up the voice was aid with the voice together shall I sing for they shall see eye to eye when the Lord shall bring again Zion scenery live I cannot be without this you're gonna see no harm in rostrum so this message here so me sad to see this is the word the room us this is the same thing here see the good tidings this is what he's hearing susukino top he's hearing the good tidings bonne nouvelle oh this is this is a message of salvation Tommy says decided this is why I'm saying that the message that the Pope is hearing people second sequel to mrs. Krabappel top verse 44 uber second cat from the north this message is the gospel so Miss Ashley vanilla is the message about Christ coming mrs. daubeny do Christoff redemption don't sir this is really annoying him it's all and only never memo next text in Romans chapter 10 verse 39 text to swivel Mandisa kaiser council command esau cuz I counseled oh man disguise our chance it says for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed and how shall they believe in him whom they have not heard and how shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach except they sent as it is written how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things so a Sufi come on top 70 repeater sylvio Kelly no battery a common quality no sir we don't see no potency violation a cannot hold on Cecil's a predicate consider a mightiness 100 years so no critically come here somebody pedo Sookie fresh lavash yield up a pea pod the bonne nouvelle Devon shows up this is the message today hearing salami sir cheese on top this is a message spread in the world the message of salvation okay and he is getting angry about this Leon Cooley I put this up because the papacy is understanding the Christ is coming to claim the world when police caught young population his children this is awful next text thanks to God Matthew 24:27 Mathieu Bank advanced ate so much you've enjoyed one sex for as the Lightning cometh out of the east and China's even unto the West so shall also the coming of the Son of man be set calmly clear so the less he preaches can West RC so how silicon you do fizzle oh sorry is definitely also a symbol of the coming of Christ no clarity Galois somewhere do that we need to Kristin everlasting gospel announcing the coming of Christ it okay I know that when you do please this is the message it is this is part of the light cry tsunami said to be about to do you conscious alright next text there are many things that we can see in these messes in this message on these tidings out of the east and often all compose also massage the new belt in Oviedo Lester Malachi 4:2 manner chic at Hoover see dude but unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings and he shall go forth and grow up as Carlson of the stall me Amano Soleil don't watch yourself ha I look like a me so no sister little subsidy if you constantly calmly would unit up where does the Sun of righteousness rise whisker to level the solar system rises in the east unless stop this is why they had to enter the sanctuary from the east simple second to be ultra horizontal esto this here's where the process of salvation starts see loud possesses the sadhu Canosa yes the Sun of righteousness that rises so knowledge is 60 so level and it brings salvation it's a menace and justification by faith and healing and I give is on all right this is Christ's sake Easter next text Ezekiel 43 Ezekiel c'mon twat verses 1 & 2 afterward he brought me up he brought me to the gate even negated looketh toward the east and behold the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east and his voice was like a noisy noise of many waters and the earth shinned was shined with his glory Cibola off to kick out their list it was still at once with Israel the net ricotta duelist it's a variety communist on the book we do it at em on his latest when he said the sidewalk okay so once again we see here this is the easiest symbol of Christ for the crystal coalesced it ensemble do Christophe its glory the Sanwa who we have seen at the 9/11 that movie concept on the angel of Revelation 18 came down launched the apocalypse so did this sounds Russia well I think you're going to see this very soon in the studies offices that Amina - Dalia did you determine up this work of this angel is a symbol of Christ no they say don't get all sunburned at least I swear it comes to an end now there's the message of the east so the message really stops the everlasting gospel live on Sheila tell me there's more that we can see in these symbols of eastern and north Esther a novel let's just add a couple more Isaiah 41 cause I'd say Katya and these are proof texts Ceramics all day it takes to Partho Isaiah 41 verse 2 that's a dude let's just read from the beginning okay when you're the pillow DB is a guarantee on let's see honey do ya behold my servant whom i aboard mine elect you know my soul delighteth i have put my spirit upon him he shall bring forth judgment for to the Gentiles he shall not cry not lift up nor causes voice to be here in the street and then 25 and 2700 his first loss in space okay yeah there we go just first two who raised up the righteous men from the east called him to his foot gave the nations before him and made him rule over kings he gave them as the dust to his sword and his driven stubble to his PO they can tell me I do let's stop Isis it island wa laka booka sweet Oh leave her innocent of on me Elif Idomeneo leave our little if they are Sony pick Abdullah Arizona Commission developed then let's jump to verse 25 then also do they save on site oh I've raised up one from the north and he shy come from the rising of the Sun shall he call upon my name and he shall come upon princess is upon mortar and as the potter traders clay who hath declared from the beginning that he may know and before time that he may say he is righteous yeah there is none that truest yeah there is none that declares here there is none that here is your words 27 the first her say to Zion behold behold them now we give to Jerusalem one that brings good tidings Svensson Kevin said Johnny Liu the antonov ileandra you so Lenovo in Avoca mano-a-mano hastily passed on solarmoxie a cobra position Ishida Killa declared Peru comas mahogany session a Davos Africa nudists yo le gustó Winnie a person kilowatt wienie a person Killa digne wynia person count on me Papa hole I think you have a lot of evidence forgive you guys soon what silly was the issue - you with an M aunty upon to the bonne nouvelle Oh I think you've seen our lots of evidence is a message from the east and the north to Loomis astralis did you know it's a symbol for the coming of Christ when you do this and his message in gospel just a lot tried it is proclaimed in the same but there's another other there's more to this symbol Bianca please - yes - someone let us open I let us open in Revelation 7 because there's more that comes from the east first first one there's one of these interesting verses that we we have all read and never understood sound is honest if it's equal access who you saw me concrete but this message brought understanding to it mr. cvetic the role of Islam in Bible prophecy Lord Islam not a prophecy baby is presented and represented in the three walls I'll tell only time at Earth that's what the Pioneers put there it's good if you knew plus CC see the forces representing the first and the second woe upon you doesn't matter there's a third world that just didn't know what it was it was in my room we say upon Costco's easy and this is connected here to this verse unless you vote yes over say so let's read verse one and after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on any tree yep I see should you be catfish kiss ooh Tony Accardo quantity photo no leak at home voter that day - kuruvamma sufen solitaire he saw a man is walking out and I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the Living God issue the undercard motherless Gianna so did you people and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to her to see and descend into calivita to need to devastate at arena me so another thing that we see here okay no shows can you buy we see from the east this ceiling is coming see code or Lester assembles the ceiling angel large you said no the four winds though and white gives an explanation on this verse songs ever say and she says these four winds they are an angry horse cat who goes out Roberto could've angry horse though in Bible prophecy is a symbol for insulin a prophecy be big stuff somebody stop into revelation 9 don't forget it's an earth the Bible speaks about four angels people about the cat-car shop they bring destruction the earth is also right there same thing as revelation 7 new revelation 9 we can identify this wheat that is for angels our symbol for Islamic powers to see cats ah if your cell sample do like so system they are not angels from God engine from the devil nobody saw Jujubee this also job ok so when you take his information put it in here look Ross compositor phone is way cooler glassy see there's another component yeah composure you have to role of Islam once more showing up in history at the Sunday law he's so nice to her at the same time you have to ceiling again too nervous anymore and you see that the angel it gives a lot cry you know what cool or stone and concrete so this is something you have to add to you this story I was thinking you do doors closing to fill the door for the word is closing the papacy is hearing this the word is hearing this why the word is hurrying up to get on the mountain civil second also differs from ulta salon talkies what if ABC become so angry so Sabu todavía see it out of text to support this we find in Leviticus 16 17 textbook souvenirs Aladdin Johnny Pacheco 1670 set on the v6s vercetti Seto Navy success versus sets and there shall be no man in the tabernacle of the congregation when he goeth in to make an atonement in the holy place and they will he come out and have made an atonement for himself and for his house and for all the congregation of Israel and he shall go out of the altar that is before the Lord and make an atonement for it and I don't see the point and the Bible is telling us one thing here now be renewed you shows off that the was in east wind coming for days to given you and I guess I ever just the wrong over CS or might be in different book or might be you can look it up but this is another symbol connected to the east mister noticeable conduct a reckless the wind that comes from the east and west and the east wind in the Bible in a voter less than I did not like here in Revelation 7 - KO mook ellipses a to see the winds to the whole back so he stopped again is symbol for the Arabs some reason or symbol for Islam with ELISA oh it's the Bible causes the children of the east community blue lapel is not father Lester so this message also is connected with some activities that we can see that Islam is is having at this point in time activities love you mama this is a whole different study this study about the role of Islam merely true that food you ordered Islam you can trace through the Bible the symbology that the Bible gives for Islam but wholly collaborative is police' it is the donkey accion Anna it's the horse should i it is to wind no no it's the Easter you know that the men came from the east to bring gifts for Christ Jesus sambuca nucleus Dom so when you do less the poor needy please no issue these were these were the men that came from the Arabian area shown to the hardship so this also is part of this history Salafi party to Arabs we understand half a double role Islam as a double role it is a devilish power simply saw snobbery but it intervenes to help God's people may not know Papa did you this is also this is also the tidings from the east city controlling you been to Lester one example is issue of Christ unexhausted he stole the crystal where did Christ's parents flee to Westerley please don't free their food they went to Egypt so it's all you know which is which is in which is an Islamic country Chiapas yeah in our time period so that's what they read to talk but also they received help me again we see the letter from this man from this the three men or mystery man this man from the East Sea much so in the time of crisis and health persecution the Islamic world no more these Sami intervenes and head school children the same thing happened to is it Joseph was it son of Jacob they went to Egypt no Jack okay tell me she talked yeah exactly so he when he was put in the pit by his brothers not a tweet back sister they can main men from the east these are the lists on phone yes they were there were Arabs the rescue team you know so big so in the bottom we have many times with disembodied G when I be pretty old as its sample system everything was in the time of the of the 1260 years I mean - so Spanish Martin Luther called the Muslims mastery leave miss limited not oh you call this the Scorch the flu yes of Christianity deluxe agency today were like a lot punish Christianity with them okay coolest listen you're pretty setup catotti but in their history formation with only Soviet fault the Muslim several times came in the head new year we do not necessarily consciously first be shot but in Sarah situation intervened it was a great help for Reformation okay so I'll tell the news 18 conduct what I thought this is again as I say this is a whole other topic for the procedure sermons few but this is what's happening at the same time mrs. disperses your memo this is also this is also some information from the east that the papacy is hearing in CNMI I know you're my so they're less to collaborative why on top all right so we are almost through with our hour now please go tell me need not well perhaps we can go to Ezekiel 8 verse 3 and 5 did I see can we dress it as nacho how shall we have us comment oh ok z kill eight verse three and five Ezekiel aids to vision of the abominations in Jerusalem you can read Salafis your days that would mean a solution was Alan and there we read and he put forth the form of an hand and took this yes and and took me by a lock of mine head and the spirit lifted me up between the Earth and to heaven and brought me individuals of God to Jerusalem to the door after you negate it look us toward the north where I was the seed of the image of jealousy was provoke us to jealousy and behold the glory of the lot of Israel was there according to the vision that I saw in the plane clip up in mesh two methods Italy scream only those who lose that Terry Rossio mum not only visited you I shall sell em and hopefully report Ontario Quixote of the balloon off within research the leaders relation was ET provocation you see it was silico out to Judas my little ass through life is aerco miss Yoko sure if you don't have bread then said he unto me son of man lift up lift up ten eyes now the way towards the north they lifted up mine eyes the way it was the north and behold northward at the gate of the alter his image of jealousy in the entry in wisdom left is you there no show no they don't miss you the ocean and you know if what's even overlap off to the hotel set eternal I shall use the adultery so in the temple of the Lord King Manasseh he had set up an image image of another God you could use this image of jealousy the master I said missus so the north is also symbol for the jealousy of of the devil no not stake and support when I shall you see two table so and he claims to be the king of the north you know the tidings are teaching the papacy in Manali new bellows Angela pappu T the true king of the north is coming good not just why so furious well second is to show you this as I said read also in in Isaiah 14 Lincoln motto is a e-cat also is a ketose verse 12 sedusa how are those fallen from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nation's come on you told me you said all this affair 50 matter komari t about you a tear to Atia simply selling a strim for thou hast said in thine heart I will ascend into heaven and I will exalt my throne above the stars of God and I will sit upon the Mount of the congregation in the sides mysterious Oria madula come take asily coated you know so same information here - king of the north yeah do what you know the true and default crisis antichrist say no please do not see crystal not a true king of the north is coming this is why it's getting furious okay what you know exactly sure you so far so good which is collectible we can step forward to the next the last verse of Daniel 11 - Daniel also and he shall plant the Tabernacles of his palace between the Seas in the glorious holy mountain yet come to his end and none shall help him truly a credulous Netanyahu use to the freudian ossify personally I popular Surcouf how does it say in French between the Seas in the glorious holy Martin or and ignorance for a modern it's good hostility unholy mayor credulous of modern glorious who don't have some time towards what's alma yeah okay so this is one of the where you can can have a second look see India yeah they do swap and it seems that they did not chose the best translation here because it also means between the sea and the glorious holy mountain let's go back again mangia I'll truly met a less sometimes I know you see this is the image that the Bible is is illustrating a city much could I be the least call that you have to glory holy mountain could you ever look like much on us not ignore yourself and then yourse we talk you have to see the Villa Mella and to see as you know is the symbol of the nation mr. subordinate so computer-savvy and he puts his tent here envy you miss adult Isis then he sends up a level the papers he stands up booty celeb because he wants to intervene masculine you wants to intervene in this process tell me you're not supposed to do so he wants to stop it will be she a movement more because there are many thirsty on a book would yes we have seen already there are many from here even a book would Allah that Wonder appear he fell on ECMO this is why he's getting there in place simple psyche submit don't want to interrupt this immigration he thought it was it's me costume he wants to interrupt this movement of the nation's going up unto the mountain anonymizer this is why he puts his tents tents of war suppose I can miss it don't you get between them oh okay just two we have said a couple of times that the glorious holy mountain is a symbol of course Church motel noticed our Sangha lately soldier let's have a quick look at this also in Daniel 9 forget you know DiNozzo verse 20 and once I was speaking and praying and confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel and presenting my supplication before the Lord my God for the holy mountain of my god it's all disco Shopaholic yay confess a movie she you know P should interpret Israel it could you please not ever should be consumed upon a senior module full assortment and so for whom this is Daniel praying here Daniel please he's not praying for Martin remote I'm just praying for his people he calls his people the glorious holy mountain lapel super blessed not Anglo user you can see this also in Psalm 48 it's the last text we are going to use to swath some geometry so verse 9 and 211 yes in the thoughts we have thought of the loving kindness of God in the midst of that temple according to thy name or God so is type traced on unto the earth unto the ends of the earth the right his hand is full of righteousness let Mount Zion rejoice that the daughters of Judah be glad because of their judgments so not only do I see it I do washes kaboodle at a time and what he planted watch you promise your service with equally feed oh she does who are get accosted a Jewish mob so Mon Sian is the daughters of Judah this only feeders read ah this is where the Lord has put his temple silicium is on top this is what this this is the area where he's taking care for saloon what else what this is of course his people if they also say some purpose the thought of Zion lastly the mountain the glorious holy mountain is a symbol of God's church LaMontagne do something no you see are several degrees don't you and when the activities of the papacy a kinase activity DARPA potty come to this to this level is own evil where he aggressively intervenes we like JC persecuting kids God's people we basically to know that did you and we understand that this years is the moment that we also know as the death decrees coming out so we can know Casilla pero todo de creme salut salut todo de Cali then he shall come to an end no it's the end of this paper see see I found a property for a short time he was ruined Award as he wanted kamilla but the coming of Christ destroyed his plans Melissa that we see block and from revelation 17 we know who he was killed how he was killed 83 it's the nation's that get angry against him silliness Yogi's we talk all every ten kings that kill him silly what'd you go to because they gave him power still do the priests also saves gave him power the United Nations Organization they gave him power no I knew we need that trusted him trusted him to rebuild the the peace in the world destroyed in this war yeah we did it we do sin also dare and to fight with Islam Eric Ludwick Lisa but he misuses to trust me it is a second trace the word he uses everything day he received just to to kill God's people you know chili pepper did you so they turn against them but then everything is too late anyways it Jota because the seven last plagues are poured out this my dear brethren is interpretation of Danny eleven forty two forty five so see me chef is awesome that suits Danielewski I won't take out one side that we have never understood we came to understand this time once again what I'm what I'm expanding you in physics Lidia has been written 1996 I think I mean everyone says new magazine in time of the end in half also in French magazine note on that when I am not sick right so it's it's an old understanding by now see my new consumer key data but is the new understanding for Adventism missing new el correo super advanced his mom you have to go when you have to check it you have to prove this makes sense should add resource nevertheless know what you can only do this the way we are doing it different methodology that our church is using we're modern how many new ticks you can never come to this conclusion I think let me know down this is why as we read today in the morning news no matter Sumitomo why dr. Cottrell is saying the doctor could sell see the tomatoes ology they are using that you are using let me to do logically Teresa will eventually create two Adventist churches and you have to decide and what Adventist Church you want to be if what they see they're all that can you saw its close was it prayer tell me no bad yeah Heavenly Father we praise you see listen to do what we could have blessed the time together we're still not at the end but we were able to understand the last verse of DNA eleven diversity Daniel house and the whole logic of this chapter it especially logic of the last verses particular monologic didn't ever say please bless my my brethren here see to be enemy processor EC and all those that are study without together going to study with us together a to Suki Virginia's are conviction don't notice you in understanding calcium what your word means DUSU the top our see what the true interpretation is you can say let me at once they can establish this info key point obvious Allah I pray you to help them fiddle-de-dee to understand its implications I compose will is empty guest room in Christ's name another case