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morning today so what we're dealing with this is the seven thunders but we're dealing with it that it's the Seven Kings as well and we're now at the point where we're taking these Kings by their names and their histories and we're isolating four of them because scripture isolates four of them this is the seven times of Leviticus 26 and we're marking Manasseh as the first way mark Joachim joy at chin and Zedekiah as the last three of those four way marks we're leading to the point where we're showing that these are a symbol of the scattering the symbol of the four generations of Adventism identifying how Adventism is scattered that's where we're heading with this but right now we've identified that Manasseh was understood as the fulfillment of the first expression of seven times in Leviticus 26 the Miller rights never would have said that but they applied it that way they mark the breaking of the pride of power with Manasseh so in spite of the fact that they did not understand that these four kings represented the four generations of Adventism they put it in the record allows us to build on the foundation of the Pioneer understanding what else was Manasseh the breaking of the pride of the power and his name forget okay and then we started looking at Joachim which we're saying is symbol of the empowerment of the first angels message when the angel comes down Joachim meaning the Lord arises or we were going through that the characteristics of the second expression of the seven times saying that this represents Joachim and we got bogged down just a little bit but was worthy to consider that beasts were going to be sent among the history of Jehovah Kim the the the scattering that's represented in Leviticus 26 was fulfilled upon the ten northern tribes and upon the two southern tribes of Judah it was literally fulfilled that is not what we're considering here at this point we're considering that these four kings represent another fulfillment of Leviticus 26 and that the second expression of seven times in Leviticus 26 is emphasizing the history of Jehovah Kim and there were four nations that were sent against Joey Kim and the children were robbed marking the prophecy of Hezekiah children being carried to Babylon that was fulfilled by Daniel and his all of his ways would be desolate marking now command when we were talking about all of his ways being desolate now we're bringing it down to applying it to our history that there is going to be two classes beginning at nine eleven when the Lord arises when the angel comes down and one class is going to be in the old pass and the other class is going to be in the ways of destruction and we started off down through that consideration saying the first test from 9-11 is the spirit of prophecy and we're showing how Joe Jolla Kim is the classic King for taking the spirit of prophecy cutting it up and throwing it in the fire therefore he's symbolizing the first test of the spirit of prophecy and we were reading through on page to the passage from prophets and kings for 28 and I put it in the record on the bottom of page two yesterday we're sister white quotes Jeremiah 22 18 and 19 bottom paragraph of page juices therefore this date the Lord concerning Joachim the son of josiah king of Judah thou shalt not lament for him saying oh my brother all sister they shall not lament for him saying o Lord or all his glory he shall be buried with the burial of an ass and drawn drawn and cast forth beyond the gates of Jerusalem he's it's here being Joe he was being associated with the burial of an ass and the word of awe can be translated as whoa whoa and it's repeated why are four times symbols of 911 the rival of the third whoa so the next paragraph brother Michael top of page three but first the Lord of Mercy informed the impenitent nation of his set purpose in the fourth year of joy constrain Jeremiah the Prophet spake unto all the people of Judah and to all the inhabitants of Jerusalem pointing out that furet for over a score of years from the 30th 13th year of Josiah even to this day he had borne witness to God's desire to say but that his messages have been despised and now the word of the Lord them was and what is that emphasizing rejection is spirit of prophecy in this passage but think it through we're marking this we're applying this provide prophetic lead joachim is the first way mark and we line it up with 911 where the Lord stands up to shake terribly the earth but what's that first sentence how would we apply that first sentence into the story of Jehovah come in that history would be what wow maybe bill that's not what I'm saying no you got within a few years this terrible judgment what's the terrible judgment the Sunday law okay but what did he do first okay increase if knowledge or almost there what does the Book of Amos say she's saying it right here she's repeating the famous verse and Amos she surely is no I'm just the river into one spot no I'm surely referring to a verse in a mule surely the Lord thy God will do nothing except he reveal it through his servants the prophets oh it's emphasizing that that there has been a warning message that leads up to joya Kim and that warning misset message is identifying the approaching Sunday law so what's referenced here yeah in that history our history the last six verses of Daniel 11 the first message this is the first message has been going through history giving them a warning of the impending judgment and we're placing this sorry history is that if I misrepresenting that I understand how we can say it circles the Sun de l'Opera there's there's a Sunday a lot DeKeyser sunny la joie 911 you can't have a third was out of first in a second this was seeing within a few years this terror which if it was to be visited on Joey again yeah yeah but this is a progressive the Lord progressive judgment but Jeremiah is warning him of the destruction of Jerusalem oh you're trying to put in the context I'm trying to apply it prophetically he's been forewarned about all this from the days of Josiah where's the Josiah back in there way before she's referencing Josiah isn't she from the 13th year of Josiah there's a message of warning about what's coming not specific just specifically to joy a Kim but it it's the message of warning about the Sunday law is Etta kya yeah it's progressive okay fire away brother mark next paragraph let's say it's a lot of horse because you have not had my words behold i will send to take all the families of the north see if the Lord and Nebuchadnezzar compressor or nasal fear the king of Babylon my seventh and will bring them against this line and against the inhabitants thereof and against all these nations round about and will utterly destroy them and make them an astonishment and unhe sing and perpetual desolations moreover I will take from them the voice of mouth and the voice of blindness the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride the sound of the millstones and the light of the candle and this whole line shall be a desolation and an astonishment and these nations shall save the king of Babylon 70 years okay so what is that message summarized verses 8 through 11 that mark just did in the context of how that what what message is that typifying in our history the Sunday law but what it what kind of message is it a warning message warning about what yes but what does the voice of MURST birth gladness bridegroom and bride sounded the millstone and lighted the candle what is that a symbol fired me it's it's a symbol of the close of probation no no you take this phrase and you run it it particularly in the Book of Jeremiah you take these components this is a close of probation message ok so the Daniel 11 40 or 45 is a close of probation message it's in many things but one of the things that it is emphasized as in the scriptures is a close of probation message that's why when you get to Revelation 18 I'm not denying that it's not part of the parable of the ten virgins I'm just saying that this is though that symbolism represents the close of probation in Revelation 18 sister White's is something like every word of Revelation 18 should be carefully studied especially the last two but I think the last four have to be considered verse 21 and a mighty angel took up a stone like a millstone where is that drawn from yeah but what is there a profit that takes a stone up Daniel 2 is it no is there a profit that takes a stone and wraps it in a cloth and throws it somewhere that's Jeremiah know someone read Jeremiah keep your finger there someone's read Jeremiah 51 verse 62 through 64 what's it mean that a stone is cast into the sea Jeremiah 5162 through 64 if I can read my writing sister Brittany Jeremiah 651 462 through 64 soraya when now comes to Babylon and Chelsea and shall read all these words then shot they'll say o lord thou has spoken against this place to cut it off that none shall remain in it neither man nor beast but that it shall be desolate forever it shall be when now has made an end of reading of this book that thou shalt bind in his stone to it find the stone to it and cast it into the midst of Euphrates and thou shalt say thus the show Babylon sink and shall not rise from the evil that I will bring upon her they shall be weary thus far so verse 21 says and a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and cast it into the sea saying thus with violence shall the great city Babylon be thrown down and she'll be found no more at all this is the close of probation for Babylon in verse 21 then verse 22 says and the voice of the Harper's and musicians and Piper's and trumpeters shall be heard no more at all in thee and no craftsman or of whatsoever crafty be shall be found any more in thee and the sound of the millstone shall be heard no more at all in the in the light of the candle shall not shall shine no more at all in thee and the voice of the bridegroom in the voice of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee for thy merchants were the great men of the earth and for by and for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived sister Christy read Jeremiah 734 and sister Tamina Jeremiah 16-9 and sister Bronwyn Jeremiah 25 10 from the cities of Judah and from the streets of Jerusalem the voice of mirth and the voice of gladness and the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride for the land shall be desolate sixteen nine and twenty five ten so we're mark read it from prophets and kings page 4 30 those two paragraphs are saying that Joachim has been warned about the last six verses of Daniel 11 which are announcing the close of probation at the Sunday law which was a lot of things connected with that but what message is empowered when the mighty angel came down yeah but in the basic scenario what is it the first message for this history that that's the empowerment of the first message in the first message is the last six verses of Daniel 11 so Jehovah Kim is marking the empowerment of what of this message that Ellen White is saying the message that began in the time of Josiah who's Josiah where what was the foundational message for this history that last six verses of Daniel 11 right everyone getting it okay so that gets empowered there at joya kim so let's read Jeremiah 35 and we're still dealing with the characteristics of Jehovah Kim and so what and we're almost done with it but let's remind ourselves of what we said about Jehovah Kim his name means that the Lord raises up the lord rises we're saying that here is where this is the empowerment and when it comes to our history sister right says when the great buildings of New York City are thrown down then shall the Lord arise to shake terribly the earth we're saying that it's here that the the children are taken captive where where are they taken captive from Jerusalem so we're saying this is Jerusalem on this side and there's some children that are taken out of Jerusalem at this time they're carried to Babylon and they are going to be those that glorify the Lord right how many are there for ya so Shadrach Meshach Abednego there a fulfillment of this prophecy that we know that there's going to be two classes in here because they weren't the only Hebrews that were brought out of Babylon right there are just the ones that went through what in chapter 1 the test the testing process the testing process in and what was what was their testing process how was their testing process typifies okay food you're going to eat the food of the Kings table what who's the king king of the north are you going to eat Roman food or are you going to eat you can eat devil's food or angels food ok so we've marked that and the way that this joy kim dies is emphasizing the restraint of the ass ok he's going to die the death of an ass ah how did it say it all four times yeah so there's a 3-1 combination there okay so now the issue here is is illustrated in Jeremiah 35 which is still in the time period of joy kim we probably all know this but let's let's break up chapter 35 and do some groups and just go through it real quickly how many verses are in chapter 35 there are whose turn is it to read so let's do four verses each then I took the son of Jeremiah the son of husband ayah and his brethren and all his sons in the whole house of the retro bites and I brought them into the house of the Lord into the chamber of the sons of hanging the son of a divine a man of God which was by the chamber of the princes which was about the chamber of Messiah the son of Shalom the keeper of the door what's the door mean threshold okay so he's taken he's taken a group of people the reca bites I think maybe it's retro bites how do you pronounce I rekha bites whatever he's taking these people in and he takes them into a chamber where it's a guy who's the son of and a guy who's a Sun Oven if you look at those four names the inverse for the chamber of the sons of henan egg dalia and may us CI a-- and shallow shallow you'll see a four-fold progressive lifting up of an ensign in the meaning of those names okay you check it out you'll see it's there so I'm saying that this is another illustration of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in this history because it's in the time of Joachim that's my first thing but they're brought in and what's set before them wine okay sister Tanya okay for those that are watching this on the web you're probably going to have a poor picture for at least the word a little while our electricity has went off here leave that door open sister and but we're going to carry on because we can still record without electricity so we're taking off from verse 9 of Jeremiah 35 so these people that are brought in by Jeremiah there therefore father gave them a command and their command was what not to drink wine and not to build houses plant vineyards or so so what's a build housing plant vineyards and so mean we're perhaps but they were supposed to be pilgrims and strangers seventh-day Adventists were supposed to be another class of people on planet earth and they weren't supposed to get attached to the world okay so this represents a class in Adventism in the time of Jehovah Kim that is spiritually minded that had understands that they weren't supposed to drink the wine of Babylon right is my argument you can test it out as we go through continue on sister loud and clear so we 12 Jerusalem so when does Nebuchadnezzar come upon Jerusalem in the days of joy you Kim he's come upon Jerusalem and these four are these these group of people the reca bites they come to Jerusalem because of the impending Sunday law what are they coming to Jerusalem for a four-step testing process I don't know four steps going to confuse things but a testing process that's been typifies by the four people in verse 4 and x Shadrach Meshach Abednego and Daniel they're coming to that history of Joachim yeah this is the gathering together and while there's a scattering there's a gathering going to get on okay continue on will you not receive instruction to hearken to my worries saith the Lord the words of jonadab the son of breakin the humanity sons not to drink wine are performed front of this day they drink none but obey their fathers commandment notwithstanding I have spoken unto you rising early and speaking but he hearkened not unto me when what does it mean that the Lord spoke to them rising early pardon me it makes you think of morning worship but yeah it's the it's the prophets it's the prophetic message that warns you in advance surely the Lord thy God will do nothing except so in what we were just reading previously from prophets and kings she says from the day quoting Jeremiah from the days of Josiah he warned Joachim what was going to happen so he rises early he raises up a profit in advance of the crisis to forewarn his people that's what that expression means in the Bible Josiah corresponds to the publishing of yeah that's what I'm saying here because your side is the foundation Joe sighs time and from that time forward until nine eleven you're being one before the testing process comes into yes but you gotta say that a lot if you're going to say go ahead evil way and amend your doings and going out after the other guys to serve them we shall dwell on the language i have given you given to you and to your father's but you have not incline your ear nor hearken unto me because the sons of jonadab the son of raychem have performed the commandment of their father which he commanded them but these people had not hearkened unto me to classes keep going therefore thus saith the Lord God of hosts the God of Israel behold I will bring upon Judah and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem all the evil that I have pronounced against them because I've heard sorry because I've spoken unto them but they have not heard and I've called them to them but they have not answered Jeremiah said them to the house of the record bytes let's save the Lord of Hosts it out of Israel because you have obeyed the commandment of Jonah day of your father who kept all his precepts and dad according to done according unto all that he had commanded you therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts ago to Israel jonadab the son of Rome shall not so who's who's jonadab bad answer who's who's jonadab there's a there's a class of people represented here that are brought into this testing time they have that are going to drink the wine of Babylon that are being identified as the ensign that gets left it up lift it up in contrast with those people that refuse to hear the prophetic message and the reason they get lifted up is because they obeyed the words of their father jonadab know he's not the wise virgin who's jonadab there's the words of their fathers pioneers jonadab is the the miller rights they were they obeyed the message of Adventism as it was given in the beginning right mom pardon me you guess yeah that's who they were I'm asking who jonadab was he says he's not a symbol in this context jonadab is not even if William Miller is if you use William Miller saying that he's the the father of that is represented by jonadab in this context is not that he was a wise virgin it's that he's he's the one that represents the message that this group of people of bays yeah and if you look at verse four if you look at the the two names and their sons you'll see it's easy to see that these Rekha bites if that's the right way to call them are the people that get lifted up as an ensign in this history there's a progression in those four names read the next definition means it's the combination of Jehovah and Nate app and together it's Jehovah pals room house or in pal sorry I'm my night there's a different and largest there was a its lifting up type but anyway so what I'm saying is what am I saying that and the time of joy oya Kim what does jeremiah 35 teachers and what is the message that they receive yeah why that might have been a bad question what are they tested with their that's easy when what they eat once again this is a parallel to Daniel chapter one right to test over and it's the test of what pergolas right this is the test of Pergamos whether you're going to eat the hidden manna or you're going to eat the food that balaam offers we is eating food sacrificed to idols and committing fornication so what we're saying is Jehovah Kim the history of Joachim first off it fulfills the characteristic of the seven times the second time the seven times is referenced in Leviticus 26 Joachim meets those characteristics but simultaneously Joe the history of Jehovah Kim is illustrating the testing process and the prophetic history that is marked at nine eleven in our time period or at August eleventh 18 well the one thing that we mentioned about Joakim yesterday in terms of their raining the first three years what what what did he do he was the first three years he's onion submission to Nebuchadnezzar but then he rebelled he symbolizes someone that fells the three-step testing process so Joe at gym where did they get brought down soft us to bring into sharp contrast the obedience of rijeka bites with the disobedience and rebellion of his people the Greco bites had obeyed the command of their father the dilemma pardon me it's a leper it's it's it's the two classes and in this in that history this is what this is part of the story what happens at 911 okay they're they're brought out of Jerusalem the chadrack Meshach Abednego and Daniel are brought out of Jerusalem into Babylon but these rekha bites they're brought to Jerusalem so there's a Jerusalem after Joey Hakeem and there's a Jerusalem before what's the Jerusalem before that's the Sanhedrin that gets passed by and 911 and now the Lord is going to build from 9-11 to the Sunday law he's building Jerusalem all over again they were they were nomads no they I'm sure their descendants of God's people their relatives but the several representation Jews which the wrecker bites the woman else news that come in at that time to become Jews but they weren't you all I'm asking is historically they're not juice no I don't think they were Jews will have to look that up but I think their descendants of God's people okay just like Edom Moab and Ammon our descendants are relatives of God's people but if you were going to say how do they how are they illustrated by sister white at nine eleven sister white talks about in Isaiah 28 talks about with stammering lips in another tongue will I speak to this people and sister Weitz's men will be called from the common walks of life okay so the people that are being called after nine eleven are people that are there's a distinction between them and God's leadership before nineteen 911 and someone do the research on the reca bites I think they're their relatives but I think there were nomads that that traveled you know they were traveling across the desert traders Joey Jin so what we're recording here brother Tyler is it just going to be darkness on the web ok I'll read Leviticus 26 23 to 26 I'm saying this is this is the third expression of seven times in the vithika six but what I'm saying is that the characteristics in this passage represent Joey chin and it says and I will bring a sword upon you that shall avenge the quarrel of my covenant and when you are gathered together within your cities i will send the pestilence among you and you shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy and when i have broken the staff of your bread ten women shall bake bread in one oven and they shall deliver you your bread again by weight and ye shall eat and not be satisfied the coral of his covenant and I don't have the notes in here for the coral of this covenant because that's a big subject but what I'm suggesting is is that the quarrel of the Covenant is the cleansing of the sanctuary the next passage says that let's read these next two paragraphs and then discuss if there's any validity to identify in the temple cleansing as the coral of his covenant can you should see it over there the Prophet says I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was like when his glory and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon is fallen is fallen and has become the habitation of devils this is the same message that was given by the second angel Babylon is gone because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication what is that one her false doctrines she has given to the world that false Sabbath instead the Sabbath of the fourth commandment and has represented falsehood that state first old even he's the natural immortality of the soul many kindred heirs she has spread far and wide teaching for doctrines the commandments of men loud my brother when Jesus began his public ministry he cleansed the temple from it's sacrilegious profanation among the last acts of his ministry was the second cleansing of the temple so in the last work for the warning of the world two distinct calls are made to the churches the 2nd angels message is Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and then the load cry of the third angels message invoices here from haven't seen come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues for our sins of reached unto heaven and God remembered her iniquities so one of the characteristics of the third time seven times is referenced and we're saying this is joy a chin is the coral of the Covenant and what I'm saying here if we go to Malachi chapter three and sister white more than once applies Malachi chapter three to the temple cleansing that Christ accomplished when he was on earth and he cleansed it twice as we just read and in Malachi 3 when the temple cleansing is going on Jesus identifies himself as the messenger of the Covenant okay and this is the quarrel of the Covenant so I'm saying the connection there is seen by identifying Christ as the messenger of the Covenant and in chapter 3 of Malachi verse 2 servers one behold I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me John the Baptist William Miller and the Lord whom seek shall suddenly come to his temple Christ in the time of John the Baptist's coming to the most holy place in the time of Miller even the messenger of the Covenant the Lord whom you seek is the messenger of the Covenant John the Baptist is the messenger that prepares the way there's two messengers in this verse even the messenger of the Covenant whom you delight and behold he shall come saith the Lord of hosts but who may have died the day of his coming and who shall stand when he appeareth or he's like a refiners fire and like fuller soap and he shall set as a refiner and purifier of silver he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer unto the Lord and offering in righteousness then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the Lord as in the days of old as it and as in former years we were understanding this passage correctly before the Lord opened up Ezra 79 but Ezra 79 and the names of the Kings allows us to see that from 9-11 to the Sunday law law the Lord is rebuilding Jerusalem and he's a preparing a first fruit offering that comes in two parts the hundred and twenty in the 70 to carry in to the most holy place when Zedekiah arrives okay the offering of the fifty Miller rights was carried in on october 22nd 1844 but the offering that we call the hundred and forty-four thousand is carried in at the Sunday law lifted up as an ensign a way of offering and the way of offering that is marked in Scripture because all the prophets are speaking more about the end of the world and the days in which we live is the two loafs of Pentecost they were the wave offering the Pentecostal offering and they were to commemorate the two tables of the Ten Commandments and the two tables of the Ten Commandments typify the two tables here okay so when these two loafs that are developed between 9-11 the Sunday law lift it up as an ensign as a wave offering at the Sunday law it's tying in with Malachi 3 when the messenger of the Covenant comes and he does a work of purification which sister white is connected with the to Temple cleansings we were already understanding that before we had the details of the names of these kings and Ezra 79 they're really starts building the structure of what's going on in raising up the temple and and all that but we were also already recognizing that in this passage who is being purified the sons of Levi so where does that take you to take a what dope fur rule of first mention where does it take you to know taking the tempo the golden calf it takes you to the golden calf okay the golden calf was what the golden calf was a Sunday law what was Moses doing at that time he was getting the two tables of the Ten Commandment and what are those what's what's the second commandment it's identifying God's character and God's character is he's a jealous God okay so the the jealousy of the second commandment is being counterfeited by aaron's golden calf in that story and who is it that was faithful in that story and what kind of what's the number of the judgment that they bring it's at that question but how many people they kill so this is this is typifying the first Pentecost the first Pentecost there's a there's a contrast between the unfaithful that are going to receive the mark of the beast bowing down to Aaron's golden calf and the Levites are faithful and when the Levites in that first Pentecost bring judgment they kill 3,000 at the Pentecost in the time of Christ how many people were converted 3000 okay there's a connection with that number but what Aaron's golden calf is the counterfeit image of jealousy because the two tables were an image they were a holy image and that the commandment that represents his characters the second commandment where he says I am a jealous God and I visit the iniquity upon the second generation third and fourth generation so it's placing it right down here in the fourth generation of Adventism he's going to do what he's going to visit the iniquity at the fourth generation alright so all these all these little lines of thought or come in coming in here but what when Moses threw down the tables what was he manifesting righteous indignation what else was he manifest and what's another way to say that God's jealousy and sister white takes Malachi 3 and says that it was fulfilled when Christ cleanse the temple 2 times right yes okay so go to John chapter 20 yes that's the temple cleansing as well in John chapter 2 in verse 16 he's concluding the temple cleansing your verse 16 is the end of the temple cleansing John chapter 2 16 says and said unto them that sold doves take these things hence make not my father's house a house of merchandise what are they selling they're selling a false latter rain right message but what does verse 17 say and his disciples remembered that it was written the zeal of thine house have eaten the up and the zeal and jealousy are interchange in both the Greek and Hebrew God zeal is his jealousy his jealousy is manifested when he cleanses the temple verse 17 that yeah Psalm 69 9 you want to read that let's read that this is what they remembered it's the temple cleansing yes what is the temple cleansing what's the characteristic that is manifested when you see a temple cleansing typify din the scriptures divinity flashing through humanity and that is an illustration of God's jealousy his zeal ok they his his character as represented in the second commandment when he punishes the iniquity of the fourth generation is a manifestation of his zeal of his jealousy go ahead it's same in Hebrew I become a stranger into my brethren so it's talking about that division and that's to talking about 69 very first verse and second verse says save me about for the waters are common to my soul I see d people in or a liar where there is no standing I am coming to deep waters but the floods overflow me the first thing or cleansing takes places is Sunday mom when the floods overflow and that takes place climax si yes climaxes in because it's progressive yeah what are you going to say nothing okay so his zeal is his second commandment it's expressed in the genuine image of jealousy and the first time this zeal is put in place in the scriptures the rule of first mentioned the two tables of the ten commandments which are the genuine images of jealousy are set in contrast with errands golden calf and in that story moses manifests God's Zeile who outs in the scripture Phineas what does he do okay baby what's going on it's a it's a protest against against whose doctrine it's a protest against it's a pro it's a protest against the doctrine of Balaam that is marked in Pergamos Balaam is the one that told balak a I know how you can destroy him is get the mold by women over there and throw a feast and start partying ok that's the bring him over him let him eat your food and when that started when when Phineas finally manifests in the Bible says that he manifested God's jealousy his zeal which means this is an illustration of the temple cleansing the second commandment when he did that it brings to a conclusion something that had been going on and what does it say but what was going on with Moses Moses hadn't seen it happening yeah he's too preoccupied or whatever it already got it got started it was all well underway before he dealt with it but when he dealt with it he's a symbol of God's jealousy so when the Lord enters into covenant with the people what's the typical especially for Adventists his spirit experience of Adventist what's the typical symbol of the covenant relationship marriage I mean yeah and there's several but marriage right it's a marriage so if you're broken the covenant relationship what are you doing you're committing fornication with the motive Moabite women so when the third time seven times is referenced in Leviticus 26 and he says I will avenge a coral of my covenant what's the coral of his covenant it's it's what what has happened that produces the temple cleansing he's avenging it Phineas is here with his rod he's going to avenge what's went on and what went on is that they've they've committed fornication with the Moabite women but oh yeah there are several ok so there's also there's more than more than Phineas she's taking us back and I didn't pass this over but we didn't go into detail when Moses comes down off the the mound he breaks the tables and then he says what who's on the Lord's side and who comes the house of Judah right levi's see that now you're back in Malachi 3 he's going to purify the sons of Levi and the sons of Levi are noted as the ones that are faithful in the test of the golden calf where wears it after she asked her questioner makes her comment go ahead yeah there is not with where okay I forget we'll start with with Aaron the argument is is that the people pushed Aaron to make a counterfeit image of jealousy with the golden calf right ok that's the controversy that's the quarrel of his covenant Moses comes down and he manifests God's ill he breaks the tables and he says who's on my side and he says okay go clean him up and they moved down to 3,000 rebels he will avenge the coral of my covenant the coral takes place and then he avenges it with the the sword of Finian does its peer opinion of the Phineas it's the debate takes place at joya kids when we leave things lying upon way we know that as a taste there and the quarrel the debate that argument begins where's the second witness to the story of errands cap no yes Jeroboam sets up to golden calves one in Dan one in Bethel what's Bellamy but stand me church and state ok these two golden calves just like Aaron's golden calf church and state but who who's faithful in that history who refuses to become priests in jeroboams counterfeit religious system that he sets up to counterfeit Jerusalem it's the Levites ok that so when Malachi 3 is talking about he will purify the sons of Levi when he comes as the messenger of the Covenant he's coming as a messenger of the Covenant to purify the sons of Levi when the coral of his covenant is taking place and Isaiah 28 is talking about two covenants in this history a covenant of death or covenant of life and the Levites are the ones that are on the right side of the issue so what I'm saying is is that Jehoiachin is marking the the temple cleansing but we learn from other scriptures that when you're going to line up joya kim enjoy a chin in the prophetic sequence of events where do you line them up the same place okay this is where they get combined so the temple cleanse he begins at nine eleven but I'm saying that Joe a chin is where the coral of his covenant is resolved so pardon me yes Joe a chin means to Terry this is the tearing time that's the Miller right now it's not only the I'm not necessarily laying it out because it's the Miller right time period I'm laying it out to to mark that these four kings among other things are representing the four generations did they have a they have a role of just being one two three four but when you get into the characteristics of what they represent that's where the combining goes on that linear because you have to take it linear at first before you start folding it right yes as far as what we know I think the Lord is beginning to teach us that all of those way marks possess a blending but not I don't want to go there in this class because it gets it gets in this and this is what we're recording and it there needs to be some preparation I think they were all combined back on the Miller right history too I know but it's not what we're teaching here we're not at the level to throw this into this class and someone watch it over the internet and have the right they don't why no you're not you're not because it's new light and it's and even though we've been addressing it for a while that new light it's even getting more so joyrich in the Korolev is covenant I'm saying it's marking the temple cleansing ok and that's Joe chin that's the characteristic the joy a chin fulfilled and where are we Joe a chin I think this is verse 21 he shall be delivered into the hands of your enemy in Leviticus 26 the third time the the seven times is reference it says that you shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy was Joey a chin delivered into the hand of the enemy was Joachim ah that's how that's a one you really have searched out what's joha Kim well yes he was he was dipika Nezzer came and put him in Chains and if you get into the Bible historians and even into the Bible and spirit of prophecy it appears like he was put in Chains but never carried a Babylon he was he was left there still to function for another eight years yes that's one that's the quarrel of his covenant let me say one other thing that I haven't said I've inverted but what were the tables of the Ten Commandments there the Covenant where were they put in the Ark of the Covenant these two tables are a symbol of our covenant so when air when Aaron's building the Golden Cap that's a coral of the Covenant okay all right it's the when when we get to 911 and we're told to go back to the old pass and they say we will not walk therein that's the quarrel of the Covenant and when the quarrel of the Covenant is marked that's where God's zeal is demonstrated and that's where he purifies the levites because they're going to carry an offering into the temple yeah not kind of he was what caused the way that I understand sequences is consistent with what you're saying is that Joey came rains for three years under Egypt and then then the third in his third year of rain he's putting a subjection to Babylon for three years and then he has five years oh it's it's Egypt ah yeah i forgot because he did put you away came into play and then babylon comes in as like no you're gonna pay me damson tributary for three years and at three years coincides with the three years that Daniels in Babylon for the first three years yeah they were there simultaneous he replaced Joe Hoya has with Eli ikemen and changed alike hymns name to Jehovah Kim so they're right there but what's interesting is that joy comes three years of subjection as far as I understand to Babylon is Daniel's three years of testing their culture they start and end at the same place and then joy can rebelled and and then he's you know for five years he's fighting battle yeah in the third year of Jehovah Kim yeah that's kind of cool everyone get that because I was saying it wrong earlier and you may not have caught I forgot yeah he was first in subjection to Egypt for three years and Nebuchadnezzar comes and takes Daniel and Daniel's testing process in Daniel chapter one is over three years and Joachim stays in submission to Nebuchadnezzar for those same three years but at the end of the three years Daniel Shadrach Meshach and Abednego they prevail because they insist on eating the good food and Joachim represents the rebels that l okay yeah this for 11 3 years Egypt three-year Babylon 5 years rebellion five foolish virgins in rebellion three years he's in subjection to Egypt followed by three years and where he's he keeps this objection of Babylon but at the end of that third year which is his sixth year of his reign he rebelled against the Babylon and he's got five years of being besieged by Nebuchadnezzar yeah the Syrians the Chaldeans the Moabites and ammonites okay let's in there and pray the Lord returns the physical light brother Tyler you want to pray we thank you for this day thank you for all the truths that you've been shown us recently we ask now that you would bless rest of our day help us to keep these things that were in online help us to go about our work in a way that would edify you we ask Lord that you would again return the power to Austin and let us honor you with everything we do and say you