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Heavenly Father thank you for this day and thank you for this opportunity to come together in peace instead of your word Lord asked that you send your Holy Spirit upon us that we might understand these things and that we might be changed by these truths please forgive us of our sins and watch over us in Jesus what we're doing at this point is trying to build a platform for understanding the unfolding light of the midnight cry we started yesterday by saying that in Matthew 16 rightly understood Jesus places that history in our history and he tells the disciples he's going to then he began to then unfold to them he's going into Jerusalem and what he was to suffer okay Matthew 16 is the verse 21 with someone read that just to remind us I think it's 21 but I'm probably wrong okay so from that time forward when Peter is giving his testimony that he understands the message of the Dove the message of the empowerment of that time that Christ is Messiah and Peter's also speaking for Satan he's illustrating the everlasting gospel in here and Jesus is warning them about whether they're going to eat the bread of heaven or the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees in this history he says from that time forward Christ began to unfold them about him going into Jerusalem and when he goes into Jerusalem that's the triumphal entry and sister right uses the triumphal entry to illustrate the midnight cry of the Miller I'd history so at this point prophetically Christ is removing his hands from the disciples eyes and explaining them about this history in here the tearing time the midnight cry in his time period and then the upcoming newsletter secondary witness there's a midnight cry set up at the beginning of the path but in the front on the path the way to heaven Christ is waving his glorious right arm and sister white identifies that when he raises waves his glories right arm that's him shedding light about the midnight cry so the opening up of the midnight cry is a subject of prophecy it's something that is addressed student not just something that we're observing by our own human reasoning it's a symbol it symbolized and that's it symbolized in the Miller I'd history he removed his hand at the tearing time in the middle right history and then they began to understand the truth there they had to understand they were in the tearing time she says the fact that the churches started fighting against him was necessary to prepare them to accept the message of the second angel and led to the Exeter camp meeting where they have this message that led to the closed door of the cross and the time of history of the time of Christ so what I'm saying is we're now at the point where those three witnesses Matthew 16 of the Miller I'd history Ellen White's first vision are showing that the Lord is removing his hand about this history and what we're dealing with now is he's doing it he began to do it in a profound way with Ezra 79 Ezra 79 in conjunction with Ezekiel 12 it's where you have the effect of every vision so now those of us that are seeing the effect of every vision have the responsibility to try to rightly divide the word of truth and put these things in place and we're finding all kinds of things we're finding the 120 right we're finding the 70 we're finding the three months but if you have three months here what do you have here for months so this whole history is seven months so we know that nine of them from Joel and all the related stuff that you have for generations that are going to take place in here that's the four months right you can be tested by the history of Adventism the the four months from from what we understand about the four generations it's it's you know the four abominations of Ezekiel eight what we're what we're doing what we're actually when we study what we're going to try to put in place here today is that it's the four times that the expression seven times its found in Leviticus 26 all these things are coming together right you follow me so like with like with here if you if you understand that these if you can see that 120 days is four months then there's at one level that this history here is divided up into four months and you already know that in this history you're going to be tested by the four generations and you've already established that the four generations are the image of jealousy the secret chambers the weeping for Tammuz the bowing down of the Sun and you've established that this is Ephesus right they forget their first love what are they supposed to do remember there's Manasa okay then this is Smyrna persecution starts this is pergamos a falling away that leads to Thyatira there's going to be a class of people here in this history they get to the fourth month that will have developed the character prepared to represent Thyatira but we know the correct pioneer understanding is that there is a four three division in the seven churches okay the the pioneers understood that of the Miller rights there was two classes one class was Laodicea other class was Philadelphia and the Miller rights believed they were carrying their message to Sardis okay so when we get to here at the midnight cry we've already understood that there'll be two classes from this history that are manifested and sister white says the foolish virgins are laodiceans okay so when you get to here and find you have no oil what are you Laodicean if you have oil what are you and we know that the Philadelphians are going to carry a message to those people that are still in Adventism that haven't been confronted with this message so they're sardis okay yeah may this this gets repeated out here does it not once once all at once the first fruits are developed because we've got the two-step development of the first fruits in our history once the first fruits are developing the doors closed the first root offering is lifted up as an ensign adventism that receives the mark of the beast Laodiceans are spewed out of the mouth of the Lord Adventism that receives the seal of God Philadelphians are going to carry the message to the 11th hour workers sir des artisans right in this temple cleansing this is a fractal alright in this tempo cleansing hear those adventist that haven't been confronted that have not been held accountable for this light here are the Sardinians that are going to hear the message now this is this is important to see to this is this is emphasizing the experience of the other wise and foolish virgin so this is this is basically you can read back into this the parable of the ten virgins okay which is illustrates experience of seventh-day adventists so this is seven churches but we know that the seven seals also have a 4-3 breakdown right in the last of the seven seals these seals are talking about not the internal struggle or testing process within the church but the external that's pioneer understanding that seven churches internal seven seals external right so when we're looking at when we're illustrating the external seventh-day Adventists are required to see 911 that was external it went on worldwide everyone seeing it and then comes the image of the beast test church and state coming together in the United States then the Sunday law these are external but we understand that that there's fractals in here this history for us has two parts so when you look at it that way when you get to the fifth seal what does district does anyone know what sister white says about the fifth seal she says she quotes the fifth seal what's the fifth still say as a paraphrase their souls under the martyr souls under the altar with white raiment and they're asking how long until you punish the papacy for killing us and it says rest in your graves a little while until the second group that's going to be martyrs like you is made up ok and then sister white comments on this she says this refers to events in the future and she places it where no future where what's the official coats she quotes a Bible passage to to lock you into the events in the future when the Lord is going to deal with the papacy for the persecution of the dark ages and for the persecution at the end the world revelation 18 for so she's saying in the fifth seal she places it here so what I'm saying is you put it should put the seals into this history right here after this separation the martyrs of the Dark Ages cry out and say how long until you punish the papers and they're told rest in your graves a little while until another group such as you is made up and this is this is advancing to this very history the Sunday law where this is fulfilled and you can see it in here and of course the seventh what's the Seventh Seal yeah but what's he do in the Seventh Seal he takes Cole off the altar and he throws it down the Seventh Seal this is marking that full outpouring of the latter rain here all right so all I'm saying is in this history we see the first fruits being developed Christ and then those that were resurrected we see the hundred and twenty all the implications of the hundred and twenty we see the 70 and I when I say oh I'm not suggesting that we understand it all but we're just unbelievable we see we see the story of Elijah in here where's the story of Elijah right here light jaw ok this here what is what is manifested here yeah this is the the distinction between the true and false prophets of Adventism you know so you got this Elijah being laid over that you've got the story of Elijah you've got the plowing you got four months three months got seven months all right so inclusive inclusive that's in the Hebrew way is inclusive reckoning if it touches part of one month it includes the whole month so that it's 10 why do you think it's 30 30 10 do you see any significance of that month has been broken up into 10 days you know how it's broken up probably some reason no well what we are teaching is that this history here is 50 days and that this history is 40 and then this is 10 and 10 represents a testing period here so the number 10 is here the 40 here is the the test of public evangelism as illustrated in the 40 years of wilderness wandering and the 40 year periods of Moses life and the 40 years of Isaac the 40 days of Christ in the wilderness but there also is the 40 days after the cross that leads to the disciples spending 10 days in advance of Pentecost which is the Sunday law it's just auto real okay but anyway we're dealing with the most divine revelation of truth it that's ever been opened up so we cannot possibly come to grips with it in a short period of time this is going to take some study and God's grace and leading one of these you got glasses all right so hmm I'm gonna I'm binding off yesterday's presentation with the first couple quotes yesterday we were dealing with the Seven Kings right and we showed that Manasseh seven six five four three two one manasa in 677 is illustrating a progressive fall of the glorious land this is Manasa and there are very significant and important truths just in this in terms of the conquering of the United States the religious horn and Miller I'd history the political horn in our history because this history is repeated down here and we came to understand that 1989 the time of the end for us that's manasa 1798 Manasseh Manasseh and we came to understand that Reagan means a little king I like that I don't know how it fits but I like that so one of the truth that you derive from this is it this horn of the Protestants gets conquered here and the horn of the state for the United States gets conquered here so in connection with that that what we didn't get to and I know this is all a familiar quote to us is the great controversy 389 bringing this progressive fall of the glorious land beginning with Manasseh to a conclusion it says the second angel's message of Revelation 14 was first breach in the summer of 1844 and it then had a more direct application to the churches of the united states where the warning of the judgment had been most widely proclaimed and most generally rejected and where the declension in the churches had been most rapid but the message of the second angel did not reach its complete fulfillment in 1844 the church's then experienced a moral fall in consequence of their refusal of the light of the Advent message but that fall was not complete and then she quotes from 2nd Thessalonians 2 verse 9 and 9 11 it says not until this condition shall be reached in the union of church and state with the world shall be fully accomplished throughout Christendom with the fall of Babylon be complete the change is a progressive one and the perfect fulfillment of Revelation 14 8 is yet future so in here she's teaching just as we're applying that the fall of the United States is a progressive fall beginning in the Miller I'd history ending in our history and what we're saying is this is on this is an argument that Manasseh being the seventh how do you say that correctly he's this the first of the last seven kings I guess that he's the first of the last seven kings is illustrating the progressive fall of the glorious land the literal glorious land with Manasseh the figurative glorious land here at the end of the world when I was looking up some stuff on the Kings names yesterday I came across this passage from prophets and Kings it fits in nicely it says within a few short years the king of Babylon was to be used as an instrument of God's wrath upon impenitent Judah again and again Jerusalem was to be invested and entered by the besieging armies of Nebuchadnezzar company after company at first a few only but later on thousands and ten thousands were to be taken captive to the land of Shinar there to dwell in enforced exile Joachim joya chin Zedekiah all these Jewish kings were in turn to become vassals of the Babylonian ruler and all in turn were to rebel severe and yet more severe basements were to be inflicted upon the rebellious nation until at last the entire land was to become a desolation Jerusalem was to be laid waste and burned with fire the temple that Solomon had built was to be destroyed in the kingdom of Judah was to fall never again to occupy its former position among the nations of the earth and that just fits really nicely with sister white say Manasseh is an earnest at what's to come here she's bringing it you know they fit together so that's in the record all right now we will begin to show hopefully that Manasseh Jehovah Kim joyeux chin and Zedekiah are four way marks in the history of the Miller rights and for way marks in our history and there they represent the scattering the represent many many things but they represent the scattering the way you lock that in is with Leviticus 26 we're going to show that Lavinia the first time seven times is mentioned Manasseh fulfilled that the second time the seven times is listed in Leviticus 26 Joachim fulfilled at third chin fourth Zedekiah this is where this this light here when this was brought into the public arena this is where this movement was starting to be splintered and I don't have a sense that that the people that are upset about how I've handled newsletters and stuff have been keeping track with this but this ties in you have to have this in place to understand the logic that at nine eleven you're going to be tested with the sins of your father's because this also represents the sins of your father's yes yeah in I don't think I because I know we're not going to get there today the question is is there any significant that some of these Kings have their names changed I've put that in when we get there I've noted that I'm not sure that I understand the full significance because like Alya Kim's changed to jaha care means the same thing but some of them it isn't the case life Zedekiah really significant one Zedekiah's name was what was that a guy's name anyway his name is talking about the gathering in fact it can mean restore its emphasizing the 2520 his his former name but his it's his name is changed to represent seitokai which is the 2300 and I forget what his name was changed from someone's pull that out so we don't look ignorant here in this DVD online but we're not dealing with that that's in the future he is his original name is that you can see it's a symbol of the what mattaniah Matt and I you look it up you can see in there the references gift of God there the gift of God yeah yeah it's the gift that's ed October 22nd 1844 the host was being restored it was being taken into the most holy place as a gift in the the day of atonement peace I don't know you'd have to I don't have there's definitely two covenants going on here I don't and yeah i would think that in Revelation there's two into the churches there's a it references the fact that you hate those that say they are Jews but they're not okay there's a class that's represented in the churches that profess to be God's covenants people profess to have his name but do not those that's the class that's entering in with the Covenant of da death I would say but I haven't looked at that but so brother Michael let's start with you I the reason that and that I have the whole verses in here you know I could just have the reference to it and we could read it out of the Bible but I have it in here because I had high laid highlighted what we're going to look at from the verses afterwards so we're going to and from Leviticus 26 18 through 20 which is the first time the seven times is mentioned in Leviticus 26 we're going to look at what it means that how it was fulfilled that he would break the pride of your power and that their heavens would become as iron and brass so if you want to read pride of power brother Michael nope nope pride the pride of power the government of the kingdom of israel is completely broken first time NASA came to it with the captains of the host of Assyria and took Manasseh among the thorns and bound him with fetters and carried him to Babylon before that Judah has sometimes been oppressed by their enemies and sometimes Israel but one or the other of the two kingdoms remain independent up to that time when both were carried away captive and the pride of their power was broken this captivity according to all chronologies was 677 bc it was it was to continue in a tributary and captive state for seven times or twenty-five hundred and twenty years but it is asked did not Manasseh return back to Jerusalem again and rain many years after that I answered yes keep bringing keep reading Michael but as a tributary and so did all the kings who succeeded in Jerusalem as Nehemiah testifies Nehemiah 932 after reversing the whole who's Nehemiah where is Nehemiah and history it did where is where is Manasa he's 677 and it's the history is going to progress all the way down to Zedekiah and Jerusalem's destroyed and they're carried into captive in you seventy years then the Lord brings them out of Babylon and they're rebuilding the temple this is where Nehemiah is at so when he's referencing Nehemiah 932 and let's read that you can read that brother Michael he's referencing a history well after Manasseh Nehemiah is not just read it 932 now therefore our God the great and mighty in the terrible God who keep his covenant history but not all the troubles seemed little before thee that had come upon us on our kings on our princes and on our priests and on our prophet and on our fathers and on all by people since the time the kings of Assyria unto this day so he's marking that their national sovereignty has never been restored ever since the king of Assyria took Manasseh captive the pride of their power had been broken what's power and Bible prophecy state why dragon dragon what's draggin me the cat power comes from the dragon what about Alexander the Great what do you have that that no one could stand in his way he had power what was it his military strength power is military and political okay so there what's the pride of their power the king the which ruled over military and political it was taken away in 677 okay the verses that they're going to be the heavens are going to become as iron and brass you want to read that brother mark loud and clear it was when the heavens well as brass or fall he trusted more food or more than most men he knew the meaning of affliction but listened to his triumphant cry as beset by temptation at conflict his feet press heaven one a light affliction which is but for a moment worketh policy far more and our weight of glory when we look not at the things which are seen but of the things which I've not seen next one he have you that it was by the Word of God that the heavens had become as blast yet he sought to cast upon the Prophet the blame for the heavy judgments resting so what I'm saying here is the first time the seven times is referenced in Leviticus 26 that one of the things is the pride of their power was going to be removed and the pioneers mark that is 677 with Manasseh but then in the same passage in Leviticus 26 or heavens were going to become as brass and the earth as iron and brass represents a flicks affliction and judgment and Nehemiah has just given testimony in verse 32 near my nine that from the time of the Syrians to that very day they've been afflicted and they'd been under the judgments of God so sister Brittany what's iron with corresponding severity represented by the so did that take place from a NASA onward yep so so Manasseh onward is the fulfillment of Leviticus 26 8 through 18 through 20 right you everyone see the point that I'm trying to make here this is the first seven times manasa how many times is the seven times referenced in Leviticus 26 for so it's how many kings are in this history seven but but Bible prophecy is placing an emphasis on for because it's going to teach something about four kings even though it's teaching something about the seven kings in the level of the seven thunders there's another truth connected with the four kings so the next one is joya Kim go ahead don't know what that now you find that that reversed in the scriptures sometimes the earth beneath you is brass and sometimes it's iron and above is heaven there's probably mean something I've never thought it through but I've seen that yeah brass is the kingdom of greece iron the kingdom of Rome I don't know sister did sister Brittany already read sister Kristy now we're looking at the second reference for Isaiah for Leviticus 26 and what I'm suggesting is that this was fulfilled by joachim and the components of Leviticus 26 verses 21 and 22 which is where the seven times is referenced the second time that we're going to look for is that he's going to send wild beasts among them when when Joey akin fulfills the second seven-time wild beasts will be sent among them their children are going to be robbed in his highway shall be desolate so read for us second Kings 24 verses 1 and 2 sister Christy king came up and Joe player campaign mr. in three years then he turned and rebelled against him and the Lord sent against him and set them against to destroy the point being is in these four kings here the only one of the Kings that is confronted with more than one nation is Jehovah Kim and he he has four nations that are going to be that God's going to use to judge and chastise him okay the Babylon the Chaldeans the Syrians the Moabites and the ammonites okay so all right the the second thing is it the second seven times the children would get robbed so who's turned to Reed's sister brawen reads second Kings 20 verses 17 and 18 and brother Jason Jason Daniel 11 through for which thou shalt be get how they take away and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king so this is a prophecy who's the prophecy given to Hezekiah skur's so there's a prophecy that when Babylon comes some of Hezekiah children are going to be carried into Babylon when does Babel income the time of Joachim it was the Syrians that came to Manasseh this prophecy is fulfilled enjoy him and now brother Jason who king of Judah King Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon I'm to Jerusalem and deceit and the Lord gave joey king king of Judah and chin Han with part of the vessels of the house of God which he carried into the land of Shinar to the house of his dog and he brought the vessels into the treasure house of his God and the king spake unto ashkenaz the master of his UNIX that he should bring certain of the children of Israel and of the King seed and of the princes driven and who was no blemish but well favored and skillful in all wisdom and Connie and knowledge and understanding signs and such as had ability in them so in the time period of Jehovah Kim in the third year of Jehovah Kim where the fourth year of Joachim I think if you want to look for some distinctions this prophecy of Hezekiah is fulfilled but the prophets Hezekiah is curse if that's what we call it his first set forth in the second expression of seven times of Leviticus 26 says he will rob your children joha can be in the second seven times there this is where the children get robbed and there's no more reference to the children getting robbed the children that are getting robbed that are the subject of prophecy is Daniel Shadrach Meshach and Abednego right so joachim stepping out of what we haven't studied are you what are you looking that way for OK in yes if you don't understand that we need you to explain that Hezekiah he he should have told the visiting Babylonians the Chaldeans the reason the Sun went backwards is because of the power and the glory of the lord and he should have gave him a bible study but instead he walked him around the Kingdom this is their motivation for coming in conquering jerusalem and because of his lifting up his self and his worldly kingdom part of the curse that's laid on him is that in verse 17 of second Kings 20 behold the day's come Hezekiah for your lifting yourself up behold the days comes at all that is in night house and that which thy fathers have laid up and store into this day shall be carried into Babylon that was fulfilled in the time of Jehovah Kim okay has a Kai's way back before Manasa so this is a prophecy that's being fulfilled the stuff his his treasures are going to be carried to Babylon but then the next verse says and of thy sons that shall issue from me okay Daniel Shadrach Meshach and Abednego are direct descendants of Hezekiah let descendants so it says and of thy sons Hezekiah that shall issue from thee which thou shalt be get shall they take away and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon and the the eunuchs and the palace of the king of Babylon that are marked in Scripture Daniel Shadrach Meshach and Abednego okay so Bible spirit props in history attests to the fact that Daniel is carried into babblin not when Nebuchadnezzar comes against Joachim or Zedekiah they're carried away in the time of Jehovah Kim that's what what he read verse 1 and the third year the reign of Jehoiakim came Nebuchadnezzar and that's when he took so this is fulfilling the second seven times in Leviticus 26 which says in your notes if you just go back there I'm page to where it says joyeux Kim and then has Leviticus 26 it says if you are contrary unto me and one of the hearken unto me i will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins i also will send wild beasts among you which shall rob you of your children ok literally they're going to rob you of your children because there's going to be wild beasts that eat their children but when you apply figure after the time period of the cross the children that got robbed was Hezekiah great-great-great-grandchildren Daniel Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and this took place in the time of Jehovah Kim so the characteristics that are associated with the second expression of seven times in Leviticus 26 were fulfilled by joachim yeah well that may be their ways and means that they're raw but the probably the more the better question is when do they get robbed don't say a word ok but don't don't answer that he he taught this in this past camp meeting when do the children get robbed who are the children the children are Daniel Shadrach Meshach and Abednego right when do they when do they get robbed you're saying 911 but you're just guessing right I know you're thinking that the but I we're talking about this when do they get robbed easy answer enjoy Hoya Kim who's Jehovah Kim that's 911 Joachim what does it mean and sister Weitz's at nine eleven the Lord arose to shake terribly the earth Yoakam means the Lord arises a 911 there are children that are taken out of somewhere and thrown into this testing process here how many children are marked in scripture that are taken out of here and put into here one two three four okay there are they're thrown into this testing process where are they taken from Jerusalem okay which has just got passed by there carried into this testing process but we're not there yet we first have to understand why these key our way marks who are the robbers that's a nice question who are the robbers it because at nine eleven that becomes part of the argument of Joel are the robbers Islam or are the robbers Rome okay it's always wrong it's always the king of the north that's a better way to say it are you following the logic and we're going slow here on this one because this is where this hasn't been really dwell time this is part of the truth that hasn't got laid out there because this argument of Joel's started sidetracking the issue these these Kings are the four expressions of the seven times and it is absolutely profound how that is upheld by inspiration it blow your mind okay so we're on page your your way shall be desolate in the second expression of seven times which we're saying is Joey Oh Kim your ways will be desolate and we didn't have this in the notes but we just made a diversion there when is joy joy kim applied 911 this is joy Oh Kim right sister Brittany right sister Christy brother Brian ok so this Joachim right here Joe Jolla Kim represents someone whose ways are made desolate what would that be what takes place at nine eleven old pass you have to walk in the old pass but they said so Joe Jolla Kim's nuh is a symbol of those that aren't going to walk in the old pass he's going to walk where in his own ways there is a way that seemeth right unto a man so the way is jeremiah's 616 whose turn is it its sister Tonya's turn Jeremiah 616 okay so was Jehovah Kim given opportunity to be obedient in his record yes he was a hoodie have to be obedient to Nebuchadnezzar how long was the obedient to Nebuchadnezzar three years one two three step testing process and at the end of three years what did he do he rebelled okay so he's a symbol of the rebellion of the those in this history that are going through the everlasting gospel so his rebellion is associated with refusing to walk in the old paths his ways are going to be desolate okay so the three years of Jehovah Kim is the 3-step testing process of the everlasting gospel from from here to here right y'all follow that okay but we know that it's typify in our history what's our first test is a lot there's a lot of correct answers but you should not look at the notes spirit spirit of prophecy so brother Brian will you read that short quote under the spirit of prophecy take their stand under spices banner will first give up their play okay our first test is a spirit of prophecy but our first test is the old path if you throw out the truth of represented by the history few throughout the truths that are symbolically represented by these two tables you're simultaneously thrown out the spirit of prophecy whether you understand it or not just as I was shown that the 1843 chart was directed by the hand of the Lord and should not be altered you throw that out you're rejecting the spirit of prophecy I saw that God was in the publish meant of the chart chart by brother Nichols throw it out you're thrown out to spirit of prophecy they can't be separated so what I'm saying is this three-step testing process we established this yesterday if you remember Nebuchadnezzar comes against these three this is part of the prophetic chain the disappointment is there carried into captivity here in the time of Zedekiah the number four is Nebuchadnezzar this is a link in the chain so it's already been established so this is the three-step testing process that leads to Zedekiah and Zedekiah in the middle right history was the opening of the judgment on october 22nd 1844 when the door closed Zedekiah for us a seventh-day adventist is when the door closes at the Sunday law so the broad level not at the fractal level there's a three-step testing process that goes on in this history for seventh-day Adventists the first test is the old pass and the spirit of prophecy right in here how did Jehovah Kim relate to the spirit of prophecy this is one that I like pardon me yep they're characters to be in such contrast to the requirement that had they been placed in circumstances similar to Jehovah Kim king of Judah they would have done as he did a special message was sent to him to be read it is hearing but after listening to three or four pages he cut it out with a kid night and cast it into the fire but this could not destroy the message for the word of God will never return unto Him void the same Holy Spirit who had given the first testimony which was refused and burned came to the spirit make the servant of God who caused the first to be written in a roll and repeated the very message that had been rejected caused the matter to be written and add okay so that paragraph we got more to read but that paragraph where do you place it on the road to Emmaus where's the what's the road to Emmaus where does it take place right after the cross where were they hadn't to yeah where are they heading to they're heading to Pentecost the there right after the cross the cross is 911 okay they could if you this is the trick is getting familiar with these fractals that you can show that the cross is 911 so right after the cross the Lord is opening to their understanding the prophetic word and there is a group in that history that will relate to the spirit of prophecy to the writings of Jeremiah which will show you are the spirit of prophecy and what are they going to do they're going to burn them after after three or four pages the the reform line the 31 combination is the symbol of the reform lines yeah you cut pieces out to uphold your your position then you burn it but everyone following this logic about also when they do that at 911 what are they doing yes they're repeating the sins of their fathers what was their sins of their fathers they rejected it too okay because in this story is this twofold rejection but let's twice rejected by Joakim yeah series b everyone knows series b you do because some of the most hard-hitting passages from the spirit of prophecy were in the the book called series b got thrown into the fire when they were moving the writings of the spirit of prophecy from Elms Haven to takoma park and they were trying to lighten their load to get across the country and a guy I recognize another that shouldn't be in there he pulled it out several have done that yeah what I'm saying is what I'm trying to get to is before nine eleven the spirit of prophecy has already been rejected by our forefathers in it's been it's been marked in various ways through those four generations but now on our row on the way to Emmaus we get confronted with the same test and that test is marked as Jehovah Kim so let's pass over the next two paragraphs because it talks about the consequences of rejecting a warning message which is very good but go to the next place brother Tyler testimonies to the church there there's only what's the testimonies to the church yeah its spirit of prophecy to testimony to the church but what is it anymore it's the nine volumes testimony to the church it's it's the work of sister why and there's only one person that Ellen White says that their writings were the testimonies to the church and it's jeremiah when did Jeremiah who was Jeremiah interacting with joy of Kim it's it's Jeremiah's writings that Joey Hakeem throws into the fire so notice notice what Tyler's going to read here to the church Jeremiah constantly referred to the teachings of the book of the law that had been so greatly honored and exalted during Josiah's rain he emphasized a new the importance of maintaining a covenant relationship with the all-merciful in compassionate being who upon the heights of cyanide had spoken the precepts of the decalogue Jeremiah's words of warning and entreaty reached every part of the kingdom and all had opportunity to know the will of God concerning the nation so what I'm saying here Jeremiah's interacting with Jehovah Kim second king in our consideration and sister white is saying that Jeremiah's writings are the testimonies to the church so if Jehovah Kim was throwing the spirit of prophecy the testimonies to the church into the fire he was cutting up the spirit of prophecy and throwing it into the fire you follow me please read the next paragraph brother Tyler the profits made plain the fact that our Heavenly Father allows his judgments to fall that the nations may know themselves to be but men if you want country into me and will not permit it to me the Lord had forewarned his people I even i will scan you along kita kita and will draw out a sword out for you and your land shall be desolate in your city's waste what is she pulling into this is tree that's seven times right there she's pulling it in with the rebellion against the spirit of prophecy by Jehovah Kim that typifies the rebellion against the spirit of prophecy immediately after nine eleven that's already taken place in our past history as that let's put it this way when sister white says the 1843 chart was directed by the hand of the Lord and it should not be altered except by inspiration so if you bring all her testimony on that subject together was the 1863 chart and a correction by inspiration so in 1863 what did they do they rejected the old pass and the spirit of prophecy okay that's right there at nine eleven that's the test who's going to be tested by it are the people that are still in Jerusalem going to be tested by it or is it Shadrach Meshach Abednego and Daniel that have been carried to Babylon I have it and why is it babbling why why is 911 to the midnight crime the Sunday law Babylon why did they get Carrie how can we say you got carried the babble and the churches in Babylon there some people are main coming to death because it's ok probably all have a factor but when that angel comes down at 911 what's his message Babylon is fallen is fallen this is this is the he is yeah it's the symbol of that that history is babbling you're taken into Babylon in that sense to be tested yes yeah that would be kind of like one of Michael's arguments all right that's really getting out there and bullets up thoughts together you get to answer those emails next paragraph at the very time messages of impending doom were urged upon Prince's and people their ruler joya cam who should have been a wise spiritual leader foremost in confession of sin and in reformation of goods work was spending his time in selfish pleasure I will build me a white house in large chambers he proposed in this house sealed with cedar and painted with vermilion was built with money and labor secured through fraud and oppression what what's the impending doom the Sunday law at the very time that son and if you understand the 2520 you know that at the tearing time in the Miller I'd history and the tearing time in our history the glorious land is already conquered so when you're talking about impending doom at 911 Rome's already in place to take the United States at the Sunday law of the only reason it hasnt is because the angels are holding back the four winds so when when replace enjoy a came at nine eleven and it says in a time period of impending doom that's where we're at identical next paragraph the wrath of the Prophet was aroused and he was inspired to pronounce judgment upon the faith faithless ruler woe to him that build a his house by unrighteousness in his chambers by wrong and he declared that uses his neighbor's service without wages hasn't given him let's just I'll read it with and giveth him not for his work shall thou shalt out rain because thou closes I self and cedar did not thy father eat and drink and do judgment and justice and then it was well with him he judged the cause of the poor and needy then it was well with him was not this to know me saith the Lord but thine eyes and nine heart are not but for thy covetousness and for the shed innocent blood and for oppression and for violence to do it what's he building he's building a house on sand what else chambers what'swhat's secret chambers spiritualism where's that mark someone's at it 911 spiritual formation that's the false ladder a message that's Joe a chin progressive it's progressive what comes first really what comes first yeah the very vs there a distinction between first and very first my brother okay the image of jealousy watch what came first with Satan jealousy okay that's always the first step you get jealous and if you don't repent and you carry on where do you go into spiritualism you start putting your word above God's Word and what do you produce after that false ladder a message and it needs you to wear bound down to the Sun okay Kim is spit up frosty he's ripping it up so there for us spiritualism and it's also markedly in a way with spiritual formation they're building secret chambers bait secret chambers way second what's where were do you what's the first yes okay so what happens with manasa he said it pride of power okay their pride what's pride kadhal jealousy it says there's a quote that says it was because of his pride because of his jealousy against Christ it produced a right to them but this is all correct but that's it that's not where we're going yet we have to put these in place first and we'll take this up tomorrow where we left off because we got to see just just let me read this this last paragraph and tell you at least where we're going it says therefore let's say at the Lord concerning Joachim the son of josiah king of judah thou shalt not lament for him saying oh my brother or a sister they shall not lament for him saying all Lord or aw his glory what's ah whoa it's whoa okay and then it says he shall be buried with the burial of a wet and ass so what's he being associated with here the woes and the ass is that 911 okay is that August eleventh 1840 anyway it's all what we've been teaching about these things are all in these Kings history as they fulfill the seven times and there's a 31 inch a Drac Meshach Abednego and Daniel they get carried into that history and anyway sister Brittany you want to pray loud you