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amen good morning so what are we being covering since yesterday we are for men what have we learned about the atonement so far it speaks the reconciliation payment for damages your definition from yesterday but as I thought about it it's canceled my death warrant so it's a payment of death or and you say it cancels your day do you understand Oh sister Susie means when she says it cancels her death warrant warrant so the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life eternal life is a Greece and again we have I liked it that Greece is what payment of their and we are tormentas are covering what was it to cover us from and we had also looked at historical II that we are in knowingly and anti-typical day of atonement which began from what year so it began October 22nd and what is the scriptural reference that we are used to substantiate this unto mm and what had we highlighted that this 2300 days been a part of the theme are one of the themes of the 25 20 but what was this team that was being highlighted dealing with the cleansing of the sanctuary it typifies what restoration and it was a restoration of what what is this define restoration of the restoration of the image of God do you know why I ask most times when we think about the teams and looking at the histories that are seen we think about just the restoration of Jerusalem because along the theme of this 2300 days beginning from 677 we have the 70 years captivity in Babylon and so we see that God restored Israel - there are restore Judah to Jerusalem and oftentimes that's what we think most times when we think about restoration our minds go to the restoration of the city but the most important theme that God wants us to learn from the 2300 days is if there is a city without inhabitants what would happen to that city he said that he would cause the people to be carried out and what would happen dragons would live there he said that unclean creatures would live there it would grow thorns and briers because there would be no one there to tend it so a restoration of a city without the restoration of a people is useless is Eden restored where is even so even is in if either her here on earth what would it look like could anyone go in it what was Adams duty so therefore if there was if it was here we no one to take care of it what would it look like to look like a wilderness wouldn't it because everything would be overgrown and out of its place and nothing would be tended to so we see that man in God's plan and creation has a-- as a duty and that is to take care of this world that we live in and that's the purpose jerusalem didn't been restored is st. to god's people you will be restored and in order to remain in jerusalem restored you have to do what reflect the image of god but what else is dis typifying them the 2300 days of daniel 8 for speaks about daniel 8:14 sorry speaks about the restoration of the image of God in man is there a contrast to this then amen the image of the beast so Daniel 8:14 is which angel on October 22nd 1844 what angel arrived third engine so therefore what is this teaching us there are two images that are being depicted aren't there there can two walk together except they be agreed why would there be a controversy revelation 12 tells us that there was war in heaven why was there war in heaven but why did Lucifer rebelled he coveted a position that was not his what is that position that he committed he wanted to be God he said I will be as most high he wants to be God says I will ascend above the coats Dimity and the closes are typification of angels and he says I will ascend beyond being an Angels and the Bible says they are God's many and Lords many when it says that there are God's many and Lords many what does it mean that there are many rulers so if Satan is saying that he wants to be as God what is he saying that he wants to be the ruler of the universe but he was thrown out of heaven and he came and man fell so what did man become at his fall man became the image of Satan or the image of the Beast and God came and he said unto 2300 days I will do what I will cleanse this sanctuary by restoring man in the image of God now if in heaven Lucifer thought that he could fight God what do you think he thinks here on earth does he claim her to be his own so do you think that he will just sit back and allow God to restore his image in man without a fight so therefore the third angel is highlighting what fact that when God is in the process of restoring his image in man Satan is going to fight and if we resist and if we are restored in the image of God what will he do what did he do to Christ so we are heading in a period of persecution the description 18 Babylon oftentimes it is hard for us to join these two teams and for our minds to conceive how it is that the cleansing of the sanctuary have anything to do with the third angels message which is talking about the worship of the Beast and His image but I hope that we can see it that one the third angels message brings the restoration of the image of God in man that's his purpose and therefore because it does this Satan is going to fight he is going to battle and that's what Natan ad said that first from early writings 43 what did she say he will do brother Nathan he will seek to divert remains from present truth for strategy so this is the first thing that he will employ diverting the mind from present truth why present truth is what protect us whole by giving us the atonement which is a restoration of the image of God in mind so if if if Satan can divert our minds from present truth he will prevent God from restoring his image in us so this is his first strategy if this fails what will he do what does revelation tell see and the dragon was and went to make war with the woman and the remnant of her seed so if he comes not to make war will this be you know just try to divert our mind or will he cause no physical harm and persecution and so when we draw our lines we need to understand what it is that we are seeing whose line is this what do we say will happen here at midnight close of probation what else do we say what is when we use the number 25 our persecution holy begin why but why are you lifted up and being sealed what are we what is God saying that these people are a perfect replication of me isn't that what God is saying to be sealed to be lifted up to be offered as a first fruit is saying that my image is restored in these people and oftentimes when we get our minds get so absorbed in the different just joining lines we miss what God is saying to us yes aunt Alicia tidings out of the east and north shall trouble him therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy an attorney to make away many so John 11 verse 44 says tidings out of the shall trouble him what are the tidings out of the east is not tagging those of the north there was bits rights about it and we can find it in our pioneers library he wrote a letter that I see a hunter mean that he was talking about a vision that Illinois had gone in describing the rise of the third angels message and he he has it where he writes it verbatim and he says that she says that the third angels message is rising as the Sun Rise it's coming from the east and it rises slowly just as all the Sun rises until it reaches its height it's in it and so she typifies the third angels message as that message which is coming out of the east yes is that I mean when we say it is a message of Islam what are we saying and external application what is the purpose of Islam its to act as a protection therefore why would they need protection to stay what persecution again that's what I'm saying like we need to start reasoning the cause and effect so if it is to stay persecution why would it need to stay persecution because the third angels message which is the restoration of the image of God in man has done its work in a group of person and in order for it to go to the next class God needs to stay persecution because if he doesn't the time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation what will happen not only prolong what would there be a people would there be time for persons to hear this message they would be destroyed what is the tidings out of the north I have becoming bored what does revelation 18 1 2 3 see Babylon is fallen is fallen and what did we say that Babylon is humanism it's this very thing so when we said we're saying God's church is triumphant and where did we say this message where did revelation 18 1 2 3 commentary why could that Proclamation be made it's this an individual what it is the movement and what is God here saying he has our revenue he has our people are a movement it is and oftentimes we do not realize what we are saying when we are saying it God could say that because here at the time of the end what what happened the first angels message did its work of what conviction of sin call to repentance and there was conversion after doing that he placed his words in a man's motor in his messengers mode and those words were meant to call up people to come out of Babylon and here we see then that God is saying that when you've been convicted when you are repented and you're converted you stand home justified you're baptized so God is saying I have a people that are justified and he said to them keep your garments Oh spotless so he says Terry and so we need to get these in our minds tidings out of the east and north is dealing with the work of the third angel which is the work of the atonement and that is the restoration of the image of God Inman tidings out of the north is showing that yes there is a movement and a people that God can see finally with this line God is not dealing with an individual he's dealing with a group of persons so he's saying I finally have a group of persons that have what Daniel 11 Daniel 12 says that at the time of the end ho would men run to one for so what is God same here his methodology is one its restored because it is the methodology that cuts the fat out and the fat is pride or humanism or own selfish ways and thoughts and preconceived ideas and all of that has to do with how we study applying God's Word and God is saying finally I have a people that will accept what it is that I say and in so doing will be restored in my image and this is the message that we have this is what we're dealing with when we are dealing with the atonement this is what the atonement is same and it is very important for us to grasp and when we are studying we are not to lose focus of why we are studying it because when we use the prophecies what are they showing us where are we in Earth's history this that I mean that you look like you want to answer at the end of the world are we here I'm opening for midnight we are we are what repeated again sit separately perform it we are shortly before midnight what is that same so I'll draw this I say we are here should I put it there or even here if we are here look at this that is here what are we saying yes sister Terry I see that you have the answer yes Amen there is a closed door so we are saying the third angels message in a group of persons has almost reached its culmination what then are the implications we'll turn to Matthew 13 to think about that and since the Sara's depiction is very nice but we're going to go from verses 24 to 30 sister Lisa can you begin by reading two verses and then we'll just read until we reach to verse 30 so the servants of the householder came serve not so and I feel from whence then hath it tares he said unto them the servant said unto Him wilt out then that we go and gather them off what he said the unless like while you gather up the tares ye root up also the winds with them together another parable yes so what is this depicting in line to what we just discussed on the board you want to work in sister teri so this four went forth and he sold seed where did he plant a seed sister Sara so there's a sieve here and I'm sure Danny would love to be up here and blondie so I'll plant it for him so he went forth in going forth could he have planted on fallow ground what is fallow ground soil that has not been clothed or worked so could he have planted the seed on fallow ground no so he had to do the work of flowing and I can't draw the flow therefore I'm sure you guys would not have a clue what it is so this is my depiction of him flow in the field line upon line right and he he plants the seed and how does it say does it give us the stages of growth this the seed springs up and there is what first the blade then the ear and then I draw floors that's the full corn in the ear and the Bible says when it is from up unhoused onward born food so is it in this stage this blade is it in the air so are we here in our answers is it in this stage the blade could they identify the tears when it was just blade could they identify it when it had ears when were they able to make that identification when the full car was in the air no think about that in relation to this are we being able now to identify or have we been able to identify tears not as and each time we say that our minds may go individuals I'm not talking about individuals because that's what I had placed up here I'd made the fact that what did God say he have here he has a people a movement with a lot a message and that therefore this is not about individuals even though it is individuals that are here in the message the message is not about a month it is about a movement disabled a group so the being able to identify tears the seeds on here was it a month was it a month it was a it was a message so when the message was going forth the message therefore springs up and it's in its early stage so it's the blade then it has ears and then it's bearing fruit are you able to identify tears but a Richard says yes I see but a Johnnie scratch his head you're neutral is Rolla Mario by that time the message has so been developed that it's just unshaken anything that deviates in any slight way and that is what we realized when it comes to the message of the tears are the Omega it is anything that is deviating from that true message that God has committed and what is that true message that God had committed to his people what is this seed that was sown that the restoration of God in man that's the work of the third engine that's what the message is teaching how then were we able to say oh there is an Omega most are there is a false message among us what is that false message what did it say that the image of God was not created but that it would be created here what was that what is that message saying that God is a liar that God does not have a people or a movement and God will not have a people or a movement until this time period here but what is the message of the thirty and they're teaching us yes brother Richard I know I just I started yesterday I think it's so cool because I don't know how the original time then magazine was written by know was updated in 2002 to reflect what happened in 9/11 and it says this where the Jeff wrote the visions given by the EULA and hit who are part of the story of Daniel but how important to acid a and he quotes a sister white she says when the books of Daniel revelation are better understood believers will have a entirely different religious religious experience then he says we also know that our greatest need is for this revival to come to God's people and then equals as to why she says a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to seek this should be our first word and in that he's talking about the how the the EULA wherever is talking about the revival amongst God's people I don't know how much of that was in the original version but I just like it because it's like a 911 guys repeating the same thing he said in 1996 when he's pushing revival at 9/11 so that revival that's that's the church town so and do we see that's why I'm saying that we need to understand what we are what we are teaching we need to understand the message that has been committed to us this seed that has been sown because this seed that has been sown says that it is a team of restoration and the team of restoration is not about a place but about a people because a place being restored with other people will only grow up what did you say brother Larry what will it look like deploy if the place is restored and there is no people it will only look like a wilderness it's useless so far this seed to bear fruit what does the message have to teach that man was not made in the image of the beast that man does not have sin in him self that sin is a choice and that it can be separated from man that we can choose to hold to sin and be destroyed with it or we can choose to put sin away from us and be restored in the image of God that's the bearing fruit of this seed that was sown here that's the third angels message that's the restoration that the atonement this is what this message is teaching us that we are in the time of the atonement and the seed that came the message that arrived here I realize we are so focused on the externals on the beast on the rising of the papacy and the fall of the United States and the UN coming into Poland prominence that we have lost sight of the work that God is saying I am doing in man we will not be able to stand because we will not have a covering and that covering is this atoning is this becoming United head and body being reunited being reconnected we come in at 1:00 and the only reason persecution will come it's because this work has been accomplished that's the only reason you have to experience conviction of sin we have to see that we are in a wretched condition this is the Laodicean message we have to allow it to do its work of bringing conviction repentance conversion and then we stand before God justified and in standing before God justified all we're doing is keeping our garments keeping our garments keeping our garments standing what allowing nothing to come in and what are we keeping what from from fat which is humanism which is pride self selfishness that's what God is saying to us that's our duty keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life and that is know so if we are able to identify the fruit of the message should we be covering and questioning when somebody comes understand and say this is what this message is teaching that sin is not in you that sin is a choice that you can live without sin should our minds have been able to grasp that message if we really understood the seed that was sown and if we are not understanding it what is God sent us is it that we are lost no because we are not yet where we are not yet at the short door so while that door is open is there time yes there is time there is time as brother Larry had brought old how many of us were here brother Richard did that at 1989 how many persons were there brother Jeff who is in this movement no I'm his wife but the different is wife are one right how many persons were in the message at nine eleven most of us can anybody in the class raise their hand no and therefore even coming in the message I honestly only understood what this message was saying destroy mister so therefore I just came in this message even though I've been in this message for years I never knew what I was seeing and I came to the class and I heard new and strange things and I'm saying and I struggled and I realize I'm in a wretched condition because I don't even know what I was teaching but this is what they this is the atonement in Verity that's the third angels message righteousness by faith in Verity our justification that's what Ellen White says the third angels message is justification by faith in Verity no for us to be able to identify the fruit of the seed sown what time period are we in does the plan just spring up and grow and it doesn't need anything sister Sarah it needs water so for a group of people what is it that when you are able to identify the fruit of the message what is it telling you that you're in what time period of for this message the time period of the latter and the Lord says were two acts for in in the time of the Lateran asked and if we don't understand ask we are not to just sit down and a low-fat to cover heart saying well I don't know one you know we turn away when things at times challenge our minds we turn away and we hold to our preconceived ideas instead of placing it on the altar cotton not fat oat which is what the sin of the offering that was that is to be offered they offer enough fire that the people is to make is that first the priests has to offer a bullock and we can find this in Leviticus 16 the entire team of the atonement is phone in Leviticus 16 and let us turn there Antonia it's your time to read verse we're just going to read verses 1 to 4 and the Lord speak unto Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron was because 16 years go and the Lord spake unto Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron when they offered before the Lord and died and the Lord said unto Moses speak unto Aaron thy brother that he come not at all times into the holy place within the veil before the mercy seat which is upon the earth that he died not for I will appear in the cloud upon the mercy seat thus shall Aaron come into the moon into the holy place with a young bullet for a sin offering and around for a burnt offering he shall put on the holy linen coat and he shall have the linen breeches upon his flesh and shall be girded with a linen girdle and with the linen miter shall he be attired these are holy garments therefore shall he wash his splashing water and so put them on verse 6 is the Sara so Aaron is here to offer the Bullock as a sin offering for himself and for his household how is this in offering to be offered is this sin offering going to be burnt on the altar let us turn to Leviticus 5 sorry Leviticus for Johnny can you read verses 3 & 4 please it's a priest if the priest that is anointed to ascend according to the sin of the people then let him bring for his sin which he hath sinned a young Bullock Bullock without blemish unto the Lord for a sin offering and he shall bring the bull up unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation before the Lord and shall lay his hand upon the Bullock's head and killed the below before the board crater can you read 5 1 6 and the priest that is anointed shall take of the Bullock's blood and bring it in to bring it to the tabernacle of the congregation and the priest shall dip his finger in the blood and sprinkle of the blood 7 times before the Lord before the veil of the sanctuary Richard 7 on me and the bishop put some of the blood upon the horns of the altar of sweet incense before the Lord which is in the tabernacle of the congregation I should pour all the blood of the Bullock at the bottom of the altar of the burnt offering which is at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation and he shall take off from it all the fat of the Bullock for the sin offering the fat that covers the inwards and all the fat that is upon the inwards oh brother Jason 9 and 10 under two livers under camels and the two kidneys that the fact that is upon them which is by the flux under earth above delivers with kidney it shall be taken away but it was given from the will of this sacrifice of the peace offering and the priest shall burn them upon the altars of the burnt offering sister test verses 11 and 12 and espinoza Bullock and all his flesh with his head and with his legs and heated words and he's done even though huh Bullock shall we carry forth without the camp on to a clean place where the ashes are pulled out and burned him on the wood with fire where the ashes are poured out shall he be burned so was this animal placed on the altar when he did the sin offering of the bull up was it burnt upon the altar the body of the animal was burned without the camp but what of the animal was placed on the altar verses 8 and 9 the that covertly in word the two kidneys the flaw which is by the flunk I mean it is the call that is above the liver those were placed on the altar so this is what the priest is doing when he offers his sin offering on the Day of Atonement right and I realized that what the difference is on the day of atonement as he says in the vertical 16 where is Aaron going to go no is he going to go only in the holy place Leviticus 16 where is he going to go with this Bullock it was turn back there from verse 11 sister teri 11 and 12 he shall take a sensor full of burning coals of fire many times full of sweet incense beating soon I bring it within the vial sister palm verses 13 and 14 for know is he doing the word that he did every day in the or every day within the holy place where is he going on to sprinkle this blood of the sin offering in the most holy place that's where he takes this blood so the same procedure of the daily is being done but no not in the holy place he goes directly into the most holy place do we see the distinctions that are made only once Hebrews nine metals turn to Hebrews name brother Eric can you read verses 6 to 8 please now when these things with us ordained the priest went always into the first Tabernacle accomplishing the service of God but into the second went the high priest alone once every year not without blood which he offered for himself and for the errors of the people the Holy Ghost this signifying that the way into the holiest of all is not yet made manifest Wow as the first Tabernacle was yet standing so what is Leviticus 16 showing us why is it that the high priest could only go in once per year the way into the holiest had not yet been needed how is it that the way into the holiest had not yet been made that's how I can win to the real Muslims even Amon holy place true Tabernacle and when we go down Paul talks about this song he says of the things being spoken of this is the song that's worth chapter 8 and he's giving us the sanctuary the summary of the sanctuary but he's saying that only once at the end of the world right could this world be done so since 1844 the blood is no longer taken into the holy place but into the most holy place and as we said this third angel's message is teaching us that finally God has a a people are not on October 22nd 1844 according to earlier near a beach yesterday where she said that keep your garments spotless that's what she said sister Tess wasn't you not read those two paragraphs yes yes what page was it again do you have it sister pom yes 54:15 5.11 m54 and it was in 55:1 that he had left them remember we had read where she said he the father gave him the light of the midnight cry then the father got up went into the most holy place after he had given Christ that light and the light was given to his people then Christ got up when totally too is said to his people wait here and keep your garments spotless and he went into the most holy place expecting them to keep their garments spotless what did God's people keep their garments spotless did he God's people became their Millerites animal rights became Who seventh-day adventists and so in 1863 what did God's people do create an image 1888 what did they do in 18 19 19 19 sorry and then by 1957 what was happening so where the garments kept spotless the pure fit and message that God had given why did God give us Miller's rules Milas rule verse 14 says the most important rule of all is that you must have faith it must be a faith that requires a sacrifice and if tried would give up the dearest object on earth the world and all its desires character living occupation friends home comforts and worldly honors if any of these should hinder or believe in any part of God's Word what did this ruler say that were to do are we to offer up a bhulok yes he said we must have a faith that is willing to sacrifice if tried that would give up the barest object on earth the world and all its desires we must be willing to give up character live in occupation friends home comforts and worldly honors if any of these should hinder our believe in any part of God's Word it would show our faith to be vain nor can we ever believe so long as one of these motives lies lurking in our hearts it would show our faith to be then nor can we ever believe so long as one of these motives lies lurking in our hearts we must believe that God will never forfeit his word and we can have confidence that he takes notice of this sparrow and numbers the hairs of our head he who takes note of this furrow and numbers the hair of our head will guard the translation of his own word and so a barrier around it and prevent those who sincerely trust in God and put implicit confidence in his word from Aaron from the truth far from the truth though they may not understand Hebrew or Greek so what did the church do here by this 1957 what is the criteria of study biblical hermeneutics and what is the higher criticism because biblical hermeneutics this is just it just means interpreting the word right but the method that is used is higher criticism and Ellen White says that it is an end and form of pagan practice so the garment are the covering that was created God's people's mail said a dead spot after spot spot after spot until the garment was useless and God starting this time had to start creating a new garment a new covering and beginning here he started putting this covering over his people and we are in the time since 2014 where we have been able to identify tears not as individuals but false doctrine the first false doctrine that hit the movement was the issue over joy that the low costs there were not typifying Rome right here that the third angels message was not about Rome what was about Islam do we see how easy it is to be because when I also heard the tidings out of the east was was the response that it was Islam that was the first thing that shook this movement that the message was about Islam and not about the Beast and His image room and then the next thing that shook this movement is that where is the glory at 9/11 there is nobody that has the image of God that no one can show their righteousness saying God you are lying but was it attacking it became personal and and that's it a lot of times or minds because you're struggling with individuals our minds may come from the concept that is being created and our focus go on individuals but the struggle is not with the person that person is only being used as an instrument because he has yielded his mind and his person to be used as an instrument but it is the concept that is being thought that God's image cannot be replicated in man that there is not a movement and that's the heart of it there is not a movement with the truth there is not a movement that has put away Sun worship falls latter in spiritualism and the image the image of jealousy from it that's what the Omega is about yes sister Tamina a few points to bring out in this class here I was just gonna clarify you said much of this movement first why I said it's more about it son better than part of the jokes 2014 Joelle food the joy to issue they were saying that the local severe or typifying Islam I'm not room but remember that they're saying are they're teaching was that joy to is not about room Joelle too is about Islam well brother Jeff maintained and this movement maintained it's not about Islam those those low cost of joy to is not representing Islam they are representing warm so that's what I meant I hope I am clear in what I stated I'm sorry if I caused any confusion what I was saying it's easy to see because when we first think of the third angels message the first answer was Islam when that was the first test that he chose that no the third angels message we are not going to battle with Islam Islam serves to protect us we are going to battle with rule and that's the concept and then the second one that hit was was there is not a movement that has the truth because there is nobody that is perfect how can you tell me that they are perfect persons there is no church triumphant what God says yes there is because there is a people that has right use that knows how to rightly divide the word of truth that knows how to use their cleaver isn't that source if that is they know how to be precise that's what the cleaver does it gives us precision isn't that what Toto's so there is a people that knows how to be precise by using line upon line methodology amen and then we are at a place where we are told get in line what does it mean to get in line organize be ordered that's the trumpet zone and that trumpets on that tells you to be ordered is not the shofar it's a completely different trumpet that's this silver trumpet and there this sole of the silver trumpet is different than the sound of the shofar and you have to be able to make a distinction between the two the sound of the shofar was here same the war that's Daniel 11:40 245 war come together and that's what this is teaching God here says I have a place Jerusalem get into the city get into the Ark of safety no God is saying organize and that's what normal senses the next place that's Johnny's study you're going to move to is a place that you do not like because it's one that was filled with hardship wasn't it Johnny in numbers 10 when they were murmuring they had spent so much time where they were and they enjoy being where they were but knowing moving they were going to be persecuted and they see it and don't like it yes is that this I missed your point where you said get into the city get into them God says here at 911 I have a church triumphant I have a people I have a movement and it's published movement and so the first persons to get him have to be the priests why because the priests have to teach the people the law so you have to have a people that are prepared to do this work of educating those who will be coming in this city for if they are not educated correctly what will they come in and do cause chaos and so sorry God says I have a movement get in because the cloud is ready to move so the next trumpets on that we are hearing is it trumpet of the silver trumpet which is saying organize the camp is a boat to move and you have no a next set of persons who are saying I do not intend to move I am staying right here and so with the sound of the trumpet we're saying I don't know the sound of that trumpet we are not able to make distinctions between the silver trumpet and the ram's horn trumpet we are not able to make distinctions between the voice of God and the voice of man and so the hard work that is needed to be carried out among us which is to show perfect obedience to God's will you will have a next group of persons that will rebel against it you know brother and I pray that God helps me not to be rebellious for me I look at myself and I know by nature I am rebellious and I know that God is saying no is not the time to rebel and if we do not know what trumpet is sounding we are going to rebel we are going to make foolish mistakes and we will die not because we have problems with doctrine isn't that sad isn't it a sad thing to think about that the issue of organization does not deal necessarily with doctrine it's not that you believe that God does not have a movement it's not that you believe that we are going up against Islam and not against rule but it is that you say I will not have this man to rule over me away with you that's a fearful thing that no we are in the time of the latter rain the message is no teaching us you are we can overcome you can reflect God's image the message is teaching us raffia is just before us therefore you're heading into persecution the clothe is getting ready to move the trumpet is saying to the people organize organize fall in line fall in line and we are saying we will not here we will not heart to the voice of the trumpet as a matter of fact I don't even recognize this song of that trumpet that's a sad place to be and so this morning I pray that these the atonement as we have looked at it that we may see that the issues that we have it's all good and well to pass we have passed this test it's all good and well you know are we think that we have passed for if you do not pass the third it shows that you did not have one the second nor the first it's not time to be complacent God is saying it's hard work and we need to ask God to help us that this sin offering that the priest offered maybe place the fat and the kidneys the fact is pride the kidneys the emotions that's the heart that it may be placed on the altar that we may accept the things that God is st. us and that we may fall in line and move forward United amen let us pray morning class we'll be taking a break for the rest of trimester and it will be mentioned and all is involved when it will resume okay so morning class has taken a break and it will be mentioned when it does we do for all those involved so a notification will be given when morning class resume because our God and Father in Heaven we thank you for your kindness your grace your love and your care I pray Lord that the principle of the atonement may really come home to our minds that we may truly understand the work that you are doing in us as a body of believers and as individuals we pray that we may experience this message that your image may be recreated in us that we may be able to stand in the crisis of the image of the Beast which is just to break upon us please be with us through today may we contemplate these things may they be imbedded in our minds and hearts may they do their work according to your will in Jesus's name we pray amen