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let us pray amen good morning everyone we're going to take our Bibles and we're going to turn to Leviticus 23 and we will be reading from verses 23 through 230 to the verticals 23 from verses 23 through 232 and for the period of time that are between class these three sessions that I have I want us to look at the atonement what it is what its purpose was and also how it applies to over the end age so that's what our focus will be we're going to read two verses each Leviticus 23 from verses 23 through 232 beginning with sister Cathy no 23 and the Lord spake unto Moses saying speak unto the children of Israel saying in the Sabbath a memorial of blowing trumpets and totally convocation you shall do no servile work therein but ye shall offer an offering made by fire no work in that same day where it is a day of atonement and make an atonement for you before the Lord your God for what so ever stole it be that shall not be afflicted in that same day he shall be cut off among his people and whatsoever soul if he that doeth any work in that same day the same soul will I destroy from among his people he shall do no manner of work it shall be a statute forever throughout the nations and all your dwellings it should be unto you a Sabbath of rest and you shall afflict your souls in the ninth day of the month and even from the even unto even shall we celebrate your Sabbath so we see here that there are from verses 23 we see the Feast of Trumpets being highlighted and coming down we also see the theme of the atonement that God was given to the children of Israel what does the word atonement mean a covering anyone make her clean silly ation re ck r re ceiling that's it what about the dictionary definition well any dictionary around Webster says the act of making atonement reparation person reparation forcing it also means cleanse this unknown forgive merciful decide pardon the word reparation means the act of making amends or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury something done are given as amends or satisfaction the payment of damages so it is the payment what comes to our mind when we think about look at the definitions that are given one that it is a covering it means to be at one to make reconciliation to cancel to pay the payment for damages made the last one reminds me of grace and the second the second meaning that we had applied to it during the trimester which was the payment of that so what was the definition that we had gotten for the for grace to pay it well the first one was the ability to do right or something to that effect to pay yeah that was the second one as it was ordered on the void side and then to do and this one reminds us of Greece which is to pay the payment for damages so therefore thinking about the atonement in terms of Greece I'm thinking that Greece has a two-fold meaning what is it st. us the atonement is it only to pay a bit but it is also to give us power to do right so that is very important we'll be building on that as we go along let us remember them that one the atonement is to pay the debt so the atonement means grace and grace means to pass a bit and also the power to do right what about to cancel what had to be canceled why was there need for an atonement in the first place or what what is it that needed to be canceled why is it that we needed to make reconciliation and I like this one especially a covering because there's a may time can you find that code for me where it says the Lord is no joy not covering over his people yes brother Bob the word cancel there we have to be careful you know because to cancel when we think it just means something was canceled like it was just the leaders done away with and I don't think that's the cancel to talk about to get talking about it and II cleaned it was already paid the debt was paid so we have to be careful that we're not looking at like it was just canceled it wasn't cancelled and I think when it comes to the power to do right and the part of grace I think that it's speaking to all of us about incarnation so here we have brother Bob is highlighting why is it important to think that the word atonement when we say to cancer it's not just to pay the debt why is that important to us if you keep on incurring that and somebody keeps on paying it do you need not to incur any better if you kept on doing something so you went to Walmart and you not bad things what you went in there and you know you had the ability to credit and you know that you can't pay for it but you can credit because each time you go in there and credit Jason will step in and say you know Antonia don't worry about it I'll paid for it and would you would you see any need to stop going in Walmart and taking all that you need knowing that each time Jason will pay for it personally truthfully no I would not continue anymore okay if you work for me I think it is our wrong concept because it does not place in person's mind respond the idea of responsibility so if as a parent you have a child and that child keeps on doing something and you keep on just covering for that child it does not teach the child responsibility and it is an empty concept of grace and that is the concept that the Christian world enough all have that when Christ died he paid the debt and because he continues to pay the debt we do not have any responsibility to act and do right sorry until he we meet on and then you can you give me the reference please so it's early right Inspiro sorry 43 paragraph three you have paragraph two God was drawing over his people to protect them in the time of trouble and every soul that was decided on the truth and was pure in heart was to be covered with the covering of the Almighty can you read it more slowly not Satan is now using every device in this sealing time pause in this one so he was using every device in this sealing time yes to keep the mind the minds of God's people from the present truth one right so it's the sealing time there is present truth and the minds are to be diverted mm-hmm to cause them to waver I saw a covering that God was drawing over his people to protect them in the time of trouble so there is a covering and discovering what does it do it serves a purpose so the atonement is to which is that purpose is protect us just all around that was decided on the truth and was pure in heart was to be covered with the covering of the Almighty so every soul that was decided on truth and very night and what did we learn that this pure in heart meant free from what covers the heart and fat is a symbol of pride remember we had gone to proverbs and read usually different yes just I'm just gonna read one more sentence it's the following paragraph Satan knew this and he was at work in mighty power to keep the minds of as many people as he could as he possibly could wavering and unsettled to the truth and she used this word wavering in the previous paragraphs and that just brings to mind a foundation that were on the firm foundation we're not going to be wavering and and those that are on the foundation are gonna I'm gonna receive the covering so you have a foundation you have the cover and you have the building of example Amon so therefore Satan is trying to make our minds become diverted and waver what does the word waver mean unsettled conversation is a concept considered undecided undecided between two opinions or courses - what did you say brother Larry hesitate as it about to give way to hesitate - - fluctuating not to it in opinion allegiance our direction so to flock to it what does to fluctuate me to be James says that you are as they as they yes you're just being tossed to one full so therefore wavering means that you're exhibiting unbelief it's not spelled correctly Anto don't Jason do you have a point okay thank you yes what anything so spiritualism is typing specialist the Caribbean sir I'm coming so think about the implications of this that the counterfeit of the atonement is spiritualism can I use a different color ink is it I eat your Yeti okay so the counterfeit to the atonement is spiritualism and the atonement is grace which is to pay once dead and not only to pay ordered but to give us the power to do right yes Anto you remember the story of the woman that was caught in the act of adultery and she was brought to Christ and his response to them and then walking away and when she had when they had walked away he asked where are the other accusers and she said and he asked hath no man condemned thee and she said no and he said neither do i condemn thee that was the debt being paid but he said go and sin no more so I think in that narrative you can see that that which is the definition of grace applied through the actions of Christ also what does Brutalism mean so sweet alyssum is placing money and hard weed I see on reporter Bob is it just man or had we gone to Genesis 3 where they serve the serpent had said hot God said that though shall not and thou shall not surely die any woman what did she do she hurting to the voice of the serpent so it is placing any creature because at that time it was a serpent that was speaking and the woman listened to the voice of the serpent who was a fallen angel and an angel is a messenger so you can see how it all ties in that spiritualism oftentimes when we think about spiritualism we think about persons that are practicing outward things like going to a medium or those kind of things those are the ways that we think about spiritualism but look at the importance of what this is saying that spiritualism is it is that when somebody says to you that God does not only give you the power God has not only paid the debt but he has also given you the power to overcome sin and you say I cannot overcome sin I don't have the power to do it because sin is in me therefore there is nothing I can do about it what are we saying we are saying you shall not surely die or I did not God did not give you any power to overcome sin God has done nothing he has just said to you I have forgiven you go and sin continually and no do we understand why tis important to make clear distinctions between the voice of God and the voice of man yes brother Bob we're talking about definitions spirits of them they're reminding me of where we were just recently in Isaiah 55 where it says that God's thoughts are higher than our thoughts and you know we know that the words that a man speaks is what's already in his heart so it's at the thoughts and so it's when we place our thoughts above God's thoughts which is pulling against God's Word so the whole thing is just just point blank bridges we're denying what God's saying so it's the nine what God has said mmm that's what spiritualism is a denial of the words of God yes brother and how did he overcome as God so therefore that's that power isn't it that poor is saying I have overcome as a man therefore you have the ability to overcome - so this atonement that we're dealing with this covering have God given us a time for that covering he says it is in the ceiling time know what does this ceiling mean the term ceiling what does it mean from spirit of prophecy it's an intellectual and spiritual settling into the truth to the extent of unity moon paraphrasing because you to not waver is that right settling so the ceiling is an intellectual and spiritual settling into the truth that we saw that we cannot be moved what does it mean by an intellectual settling so it is information being fed to the mind and what did we learn that this information that is fed to the mind what does it affect it affects our conscience and what did we learn that this searing of the conscience is it is the branding of the mind with the mind of Antichrist and how did we learn that that has happened how did we receive bad information 1863 1888 Thank You 1919 and and by this time there was complete darkness and no one minds were no branded with the mind of Antichrist which is fallen Protestantism who has gone back to their mother the mother of harlots according to revelation 17 and so the mind is that it is once saved always saved that grace pays the debt once and for all and you can do anything that you want to do because the debt is paid at no cost to you you're under grace and so for us to have an intellectual settling into the truth what is God saying that the mind has to be according to Romans 12:1 and 2 transformed it has to be renewed and it has to be renewed by what by a knowledge of what is truth what then is a spiritual settling it is an experience are they you know like first you receive the intellect then you experience this Italy spiritual or are they supposed to be happening concurrently just as whole we have the two abominate imports happening concurrently paganism and people ISM likewise were supposed to be having an intellectual and spiritual cycling in the truth simultaneously that is why it is important that we understand when God says that Satan is doing everything in his power to make us don't what then would we be doubting the intellectual information being given and if you are doubting the intellectual information that is being given will you be having the experience that is needful no it's brought up in chapter 28 is a great controversy there's a there's a quote there and I don't have the page number so it's a slight paraphrase but it's a Satan is invented on numbers schemes to divert the minds event from the very work we're supposed to be doing so not only does he to to doubt but he also just wants to do anything he can to distract us from coming into the into the correct information it's going to help us I'm not similar to what she said in early writings 43 paragraph 2 and so she also says that it is a sealing in to present truth does this give us then an indication of when we should be looking for that truth is it just true that comes and any fruit and every truth or has God know given us that he has a specific format per se the first angels message does it just come at any time it has to come at a particular time can the second angels message precede the first angel can the third angel precede the first angel no it cannot happen therefore all these things do we understand the gift that God has given us this is one of the most precious things that he has given and notice that it is to act as a protection for the time of trouble so if it is to act as a protection from the time of trouble what would this be called what would we be doing would you be calling it preparing a time of preparing for the time of trouble so the work of the atonement is to prepare God's people for the time off trouble and where do we see this mentioned let us take our Bibles and turn to Daniel 12 versus one to four sister tests can you read it please Daniel 12 verse is one that be wise shall shine and they that turn many to righteousness our Daniel shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end many shall run to and fro and do we get it what did Daniel say here there would be a time when Michael would stand up why would Michael stand up because there would be a time of trouble such as never was and then it says at that time at what time at the time of trouble what would happen Daniels evil would be delivered every one that was found written in the book and therefore we should consider what and many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt and they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the Stars how will you turn many to righteousness you would have to have a knowledge of how to be righteous wouldn't that be so in order to give that knowledge of righteousness or how to be righteous then it says but door Daniel shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end so therefore has Daniel here given us the time when God would begin to draw this covering over his people when he would open to their minds the things that are written in the book that they may have an intellectual and spiritual settling so why would there be need for an atonement because as we have seen we have been taken that the time of the atonement of course when at the time of the end that the covering that God begins drawing is covering over his people at the time of the end why would God need to draw that covering over his feet IRD written this yesterday and so let us take our Bibles and turn to 1st Corinthians 12 verse 27 sorry from verse 25 to 27 first Corinthians 12 sister Suzy can you read it please 25 to 27 and whether one member suffer all of the old members all the members of the winnings or one member be honoured all of the members rejoice we leave now ye are the body of Christ and members in particular so Paul says and he was talking about the different gifts under different body parts that we have given saying that it is one body and he said that each body part has its function that there might not be any schism and the word schism is from the Greek word G 4 9 7 8 that there may not be any rent what does our rent mean a tearing a split a gap or division in the body and it says that we are the body of Christ and members in particular littles turn to Ephesians 5 verse 23 sister Brittany can you read it please yes the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body can you read verse 24 as well therefore as the church is subject unto Christ so let the wives be to their own husband's in everything so here we see what does Christ represent to the body what is he to the body the head and it also speaks about that the body should be what subjected to the mind know who here Natan you know about the nervous system how is it divided and I'm going to call it the so the nervous system has how many parts two parts what are they Central and it is called C NS and to Perry Phe are P in yes how does this work sister Elissa how does this central and the peripheral nervous system work and what so the peripheral works by sending signals to the brain and those signals are sent based on what or external environs isn't that so and what is what does the brain do so the brain or the central nervous system tells the body how to act area to eat external stimuli not only external but even every functioning in our body is dependent on the central nervous system isn't that so so the males are told were fast to grow when to grow the eyes are told when to blink even though we call them if there are involuntary actions which we do automatically but isn't it still information that is sent to the body from the brain so if there is a rent a split gap or division will the body receive information correctly from the brain so if the body is severed from the head what will it be it's dead have anyone here ever seen a lizard tail severed at the moment that it is severed does it just what does it do it moves and I'm saying that that's what we are doing when we are separated from Christ there is still that sensation going through our bodies but we are dead and do not realize because there is a disconnect between the head and the body and that's the purpose of the atonement it is to bring again a connection between mind and body the mind our head representing Christ the body being his believers the church and he does this through giving us an intellectual knowledge that we may understand that without me he says you can do nothing so when he says without me you can do nothing what is Christ saying can me body function without the brain know what they do up in sympathy with each other don't they that's what ELISA had said the body receives information from all externals or whatever is happening and it signals the brain saying what am I to do how am I to respond to this situation and the brain immediately sends its response so therefore without the head we can do nothing we are nothing Antonia then Mario pick something it says contract on the body hey sorry you said separated from God existence may be or is for a little time but we do not possess life and first Timothy 5 verse 6 is quotes and it says she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth so separated from Christ from God from God existence may be ores for a little time but we do not possess life so it is like that lizard still isn't it it only moves for a little bit and then it's dead Mary and then brother Bob gospel order and organization because if there is no gospel order if there is no head with the body of Christ be able to function will they can the body function without the brain no so God's people here on earth his church is to be a perfect replica or representation of who Christ is and therefore that body as Antonia just read cannot function without ahead it's probable if you look at a lot I lost my thought I'm back to the head you said with our organization there's no head but wouldn't it be the body instead well there's no body but in organization you still the church representing Christ cuz it is represented as the wife and the husband Percy that's a the wife has a full body she has a head and a body the husband has a head and a body yet in Genesis 2 the Bible says the two shall be no more Twain but one flesh so that's what I meant that even on earth God's body on earth his people has to have that structure of organization of a central nervous system and peripheral nervous system he's brought above God's mercy in mercy we can't even take our next breath if God isn't sustaining us and keeping us alive so to the extent that we're we're disconnected from Christ we might be at some level disconnected from but you know we keep in mercy he's keeping billions of people alive on this planet at this very moment and it's a probationary time God given us to get there have the opportunity and seize that opportunity to get the right information so that we can so that we can you know be right with him and be connected with him you know for eternity so there's probationary like we have it this is I don't you know we're not connected to God the way we're supposed to but yet he's giving people life and so I understand your analogy with the tail being cut off but the very fact that that were the word we have existence it demonstrates to me God's mercy and in a way that that most people don't understand I'm his son did you have your handle MB 61 point to God is the Fountain of Life and we can have life only as we are in communion with him separated from God existence may be ours for a little time but we do not possess life and then it goes into first Timothy 5 6 she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she with us yes why number five on the board says that you need to be pure in heart and in bracket you have free from fat slash pride in harmony with the atonement how is that how is that achieved in light of the atonement in light of the atonement how is the freedom from the fat pride achieve because we learned you in the trimester that that which clogs the heart and inhibits the information that we have received through eating relatable to remain intellectual and not have the the experience that is to accompany it I'm asking so did we also learn how we achieve this pure in heart Oh Sarah didn't draw that that flow on the board Sarah you were to draw the flow here it is what is this flow that we had learned that is to cut away the fat line upon line methodology and that's what I'm alluding to that the atonement when we look at its definition looking in and of itself it teaches us that God will give us a message as a covering at a specific time that that message is to do a specific work which is to act as us for a specific purpose and that purpose is that it is to be a covering and that covering is to protect us for the time of trouble that also it is that sealing which is an intellectual and spiritual settling the truth that we do not waver therefore it is saying that God removes unbelief which fosters pride by the information that he has given and we had gone to Daniel 12 where it shows the process or the period of the atonement it does not it tells us that there is a time when Michael would stand up and that it would be a time of trouble and in closing if we the sámi says thy way O God is where so if we want to learn about the atonement where it serves as a protection for the time of trouble where it acts as a sealing and it becomes present shoot where it makes us become one it makes reconciliation by covering the rent the split gap or the vision that has been made in the body where is it important to go in the sanctuary and the Bible gives us the period when this happens that it is at the time of the atonement DiSanto I think I said I think Isaiah 59 will be a benefit to this study Isaiah 59 verses 1 which explains the gap do you want to read it please either including Isaiah 59 it says behold the Lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save neither his ear heavy that he cannot hear but your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sins have hid his face from you that he will not hear for your hands are defiled with blood and your fingers with iniquity your lips have spoken lies your tongue have muttered perverseness non-call it for justice nor any pleaded for truth they trust in vanity and speak lies they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity but the focus of it for me personally is verses it's verse 2 where it tells you the cause of the separation that exists between ourselves and God amen and what is the cause of that sin and did we look at the different definitions for the terminology of sin iniquity and transgression that sin is a rebellion it is led by a person iniquity has to do with our actions you know whatever it may be or moral actions that we have done and transgression we are defined as pertaining to the sins of the fathers the information that we have given that their information photos and that even then makes iniquity the practice of doing the more that our minds have received carreño the information that has been handed on to us by our fathers and therefore it is important to know what they are and to understand that we need to remove them from ourselves our lives in order to make reconciliation to have this covering to become one to be alive according to thoughts from the Mount of blessing page 61 paragraph 2 if we are not connected with the head if we are not connected with Christ we are dead we are only moving for a while but that's it and there is a text that came to mind where it's a psalm that is written by Asaph and he said he was tempted and his feet well nicely but when he beheld the prosperity of the wicked but then he said then beheld died their end where did he behold their end he said he went into the sanctuary amen Psalm 73 there is of it same if we want to be whole or end if we do not become connected with God just go into the sanctuary and of all the sanctuary services that teaches or end the day of atonement it is it says that if we will not do our duty if we will not become intellectual and spiritually settled into the truth we will be cut off we will die not only a physical death because we will have no protection for the time of trouble but we will also die spiritually an eternal debt so we have a choice we can choose it by bad acts why Willie died I've said before you the part of life and death blessing and cursing and sis Terry always is the difference between a blessing and a curse is a blessing is sister Terry what is the blessing receiving what God has promised and what is the curse not receiving that blessing and then he says choose life that's what God's injunction to us is today yes aunt Alicia the same quotation from mount of blessings the next paragraph says to God students are consuming to God to sing God is to sing God is a consuming fire and whoever it is that holds the same God in consuming that sin automatically consumes that person so when the Bible says why will you choose death in holding on to sin the the reason is clear you will be destroyed with the sin because God's destructive power and gets it once you're a Cherisher of it and that too is teaching us the concept that if you don't need to hold on to sin it's in a part of you know it's not something then that is in you that you cannot put away because if if we couldn't then God would be saying I'm going to kill every month and therefore it makes us understand that sin is a choice yes part of abundance is a choice if you look at Isaiah 28 when it talks about those who are making a covenant with death they don't realize they're making it company with but because they're clinging on to wrong information and they're there thinking that that information is what they need to to be saved but they're actually having information we have 25 minutes mmm oh please forgive me let's continue so let us turn back to Leviticus 26 23 I thought my time although Leviticus 23 and we read from verse 23 and it spoke about from verses 23 to 25 spoke about the Feast of Trumpets and I'm going to erase this speaks about the Feast of Trumpets so it says 24 speak unto the children of Israel seen in the seven months in the first day of the month shall ye have a Shabbat a memorial of blowing of trumpets and holy convocation so this Feast of Trumpets is to serve as what a memorial somebody knows that I'm going to ask the definition for memorial it is so the Feast of Trumpets is to serve as a reminder what comes to your mind then if the Feast of Trumpets is a memorial and a memorial is a reminder the natural question is a reminder of of what shifter Susan says it is the reminder of a Sabbath or of this sword let us take our Bibles and turn to number 10 which talks to us about the function of the trumpet numbers chapter 10 sister Brittany can you read from verses one not written about Madison can you read verses one two three Tomas is saying make the two trumpets of silver of a whole piece shalt thou make them that thou mayst use them for the calling of the assembly and for the journey of the camps and when they shall blow with them all the Assemblies shall assemble themselves to be at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation so here the first thing is settled the trumpets function is what yeah it is for assembly y-yes mr. Madison the purpose of the trumpet it is for Dia for the calling of the assembly and for the journey and these trumpets what were they what type of trumpets they were silver trumpets untoward verses 4 to 6 and if they probe up with one trumpet then the princes which are heads of the thousands of Israel shall gather themselves on to be when you blow an alarm then the camp that lies on the east part shall go forward when he blew a nun and along the second time then the camps that lie on the south side shall take their journey they shall blow an alarm or their journeys so what does it see if they blow but wait how many trumpets one trumpet what should happen so one trumpet gathers yes and then when you blow an alarm when you blow an alarm how many times what does that mean those on the east should journey and then an alarm twice those on the salt should journey first it's seven to nine can you read that for me sister Sarah please to you for an ordinance for every generations you go to warn your land against the enemy that oppresses you then you shall blow an alarm with the trumpets and you shall be remembered before the Lord your God and you shall be safe from your enemy so when the congregation is to be gathered for the gathering of the congregation how should they blow today sown an alarm so for the gathering of the for the gathering of the congregation there should be no alarm who is to blow the trumpet can anybody blow the trumpet priests are to blow the trumpet yes yes so you hear it once then once more so you twice second oh yeah okay so first alarm then second alarm so let me put it as second and first so when the first alarm went forth the camp on the east they knew to take their journey when the second alarm went to camp on the salt then you to take their journey when the clothes on Tanisha's question is whenever is where was to journey the cloud would be lifted so would the trumpets precede the lifting of the cloud yeah no because this is to give them their order hold the earth so they have to first first watch the cloud and then blue because they were to move in exact order no hoppers Ernest so this is giving you how God is not establishing the order for his people they know when to move how to move no cares there should be no schism then it says and if you go to are in your land and the enemy against the enemy that Oprah set you then blow an alarm with the trumpet so therefore is it one trumpet no that would be sown in the trumpets would be sold in giving their alarm so when there was war alarm would be made by boat trumpets mother Johnny can you read verses 10 to 12 with trumpets over your burnt offerings and over the sacrifices of your peace offering that they may be to you for a memorial before your God I underlord your God and it came to pass on the 20th day of the second month the second year that the cloud was taken up from of the tabernacle of the testimony and revenues so think about it after these instructions what did God immediately do yes he placed them in effect so no he has given them orders they knew how they were to move as a body they knew what instructions they were to follow and then the cloud lifted so when he called lifted Anto what did the priests know to do blow the trumpet yes I'm not sure only the priests I have something in my mind that the order went to each Prince of the tribes but I can one second what something no no no that is why I had placed this here there are two different types of trumpets and that's why I had bet I had specifically marked this silver trumpet the common man could not blow the next trumpet is called a shofar and that is no ram's horn and that the people could blow so brother Bob thence is that I mean you put on the board down at the bottom here it says war by when you think both trumpets I'm not understanding that part because there was a you know the trumpet has a certain sound and so if they're gonna take the silver trumpet I I'm understanding and correct me if I'm not right yes it's a silver trumpet but that silver trumpet can have a certain sound and it has a certain sound that's for that's for assembly and it has a different sound it's for an alarm and if the priests in the plural had these trumpets then then I would think that all the priests have a trumpet I'm just following what this says it says they shall blow an alarm with the trumpets so I didn't say it told you when one from papers to give the alarm so it says when they blow once with the trumpet an alarm then the East is to take their journey a second time with the trumpet and alarm the sort is to journey but then it says when they go to war they shall sound an alarm with the trumpets and it just said that they were to create two silver trumpets so I'm just dealing with it in context of what numbers here has laid out and I just wanted to highlight that these trumpets had a specific purpose and duty and also that these trumpets the common man could not blow them because the Bible says that they are to be blown by the priests so that's what I wanted to establish that the alarm when you hear one trope trumpet giving an alarm you knew that it wasn't war that it was for you whatever the vision was to take their journey but when you heard both trumpets giving an alarm you knew to prepare for battle okay thank you so you had a hundred and twenty priests there blow in with the trumpet for me I always look at it whether it is the shofar or the silver trumpets because I see your hand brother Nathan each Trump the different types of trumpet serves different functions the shofar the first place that you see this is in Exodus 19 and what happened in Exodus 19 I'm coming to your brother Natan don't forget your will you forget your point go go yes well there's a lot of nice things were understanding here concerning organization with this work that position of this do and so it just reminded me of something that I learned a while back that when the children Israel left Egypt they were each to get they were to give really other offerings for the building up of the sanctuary but there was one price I guess they had to pay them a half shekel for everybody that was 21 years ago and those half shekels were used to make the foundation of the sanctuary and what was left over was used to make the hooks I guess for the curtains yes so I just thought there's there's a lot of interesting things concerning organization and and the current lesser honor was to be a barrier that separated the world so and we're supposed to be and it's interesting because yeah because the people were involved in the foundation so if you put that in our timeline you have to recognize that the people that were establishing the foundations of the doctrines that we understand are the foundations you also have are included because what was left over of that some was used to make to real the rest of it so Amon so brother Nate on his point you know that the people were required to give silver and that silver it was buy from those who were twenty years and older when they were numbered they were required to give a I mean and given that portion that they were required to give they that was used for the temple to lay the foundations and that which was left those whatever they gave it for that purpose that which was left was used to hang the curtains and so here you see to then that the favored trumpets they would have been created from the donations of the people and you see what it is used for the used for organizing the people that they know how to go out and how to come in and also a sister Tamina had shown that the priests in this time you had two trumpets but by second chronicles you had a hundred and twenty priests and they were blowing with 120 trumpets and when you read it even in the time of Solomon the trumpet gave one sound not two not three not four when every trumpet sounded it was one song there was no discordant note and that is important for us to get when God's body is organized and ready for action I can't be saying we can put away sin and sister Tessa same sin is in me sister Suzie can't be saying the time of the end is 1798 and I am saying no it's 2003 because the Bible is specific that the trumpet is a message and that trumpet message has to be given by the priests and those priests have to come into unity one can't be saying one thing and another thing another thing because it will cause confusion and if that happens who do you think that God is going to blame the people do we think that it is the people that will be blamed no it is the priests and if if those priests fail to do their duty because one priests feel that he doesn't feel like giving this trumpet disown at this time and that priests feel like well it's not time for because here it tells you when they were to blow they were to blow over their burnt offerings and over their sacrifices of peace offerings that they may be to you for a memorial and they were also to sound in your solemn days how many solemn days did they have how many feasts is that Amina place them on a board yesterday how many feasts did they have of the seven that was listed when were they required to afflict Piersol one day one so under solemn days in the beginning of their months they should burn and it is important to understand how many times were the offerings offered up their burnt offerings how many times per day two times he says the Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth and even forevermore so if the Lord the trumpet he shall he shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in and university campuses - did the Lord give instruction to someone to do it or did he himself do it he gave him so he preserves her going out and coming in by doing what giving the priests directives how to preserve it so he hunts down that information and they in turn are to give that information to the people so you see in every way that God works he has an established order and also I just did this for us to understand that twice per day when they were blowing the trumpets over their burnt offerings and sacrifices it was dawn morning and evening acts at 6:00 p.m. and at 3 P 6:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. 6:00 a.m. was the morning sacrifice 3:00 p.m. was the evening sacrifice that's when it was given so one person did not go up at noon and feel that they should blow the trumpet and another person go up at one o'clock and feel that they should blow the trumpet no because they were to be given at the time of the burnt offering and peace offering those things were done at 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. yes sister ELISA so it's rush hour oh Sh and it means to the shaking of the head yes so it's at the head of their months and when we come back this evening we will look further into how these trumpets are the Feast of Trumpets how they serve their function in present truth and how they were fulfilled and see as God is directing us it can give us comfort to know that you know as revisiting these things we should see how ordered God is we should see he has not left us to just be on our own to do what we feel like doing and it should also cause us to humble our hearts we may not understand the ways of God and the workings of God different things that he does but because Ellen White says when we cannot trace his hand we are to trust his heart and so while we may not be able to understand all his leadings because there were places that he led the children of Israel that they never understood and their lack of understanding caused them to murmur and complain why did they Merriman complained they did not trust his heart and God says I know the thoughts that I think toward you thoughts of peace and to give you an expected end so when we cannot trace his hand trust his heart and when the trumpet sounds and it tells us go forward go forward whatever it is that God's directives are to us let us ask God to help us not to murmur not to complain what to do as he says because it is for our peace let us pray our God and Father in heaven we really want to thank you that you're a God of love and that Lord you are drawing a covering over your people you have given us at this time the righteousness by faith message you are saying to us Lord that we should not waver that we should heart to the voice of the trumpet I pray Lord that you may help us that our feet that have gone out of the way that it might be drawn back in I pray that we make though we may not be able to trace your hand but Lord that we may truly be able to trust your heart to know that you desire to grant us peace and expand unexpected in and that Lord your purpose is for our best benefit and so may we walk according to your will in the light of your presence in Jesus's name we pray amen