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shall we pray to begin amen okay so some of the feedback that I've heard about yesterday's class is that it has it was very interactive and I enjoy interactive sessions I'm hopeful that today will be similar but I'm hopeful that the end result of today's class will be will not be that of yesterday's where you left looking like that picture to the right of me I like to preserve about that particular line I'm hopeful that I will be able to explain it as simply as I understand it bearing in mind that I'm not the mathematician or the physicist in this room I am just going to explain it as simply as it comes across my mind now last night I was interacting with a friend of mine and while we spoke she said that there are certain rules that govern prophetic interpretation and that for this structure and that which I haven't covered yet for the the topics covered by brother Theodore it seems as if there there are no defined rules that we ourselves can hold on to and reapply to different ideas that relate to chronology and what I went to bed last night thinking on what she shared with me and I remembered a word that he used in his presentation and that word was chiasm a chiastic structure is what he often referenced as he spoke about these particular lines and I don't know if we understand what chiasm czar we probably understand that it is the mirror effect seeing things in reversed order but there is a deeper understanding to that and I heard him say while I was away that what we're looking at is chronological a chronological chiastic structure and when I heard him say that I was wondering what in the world is a chiastic structure that relates to chronology because I thought it was just literary and when you look at the definition of chiasm it is often assigned to literary subjects writings poems such the like so when we come to chronology to hear that it's chiastic lis structured is kind of above or understanding so I'm going to see if I can explain what that is let me just say first that it it as a whole is not definable it is taking chronology what it is and chiastic structure what it is blending them together to get an idea of what that complete phrase suggest to us so before I tell you what a chiasm means based on scholars I want you to tell me what you understand it to mean what do you know a chiasm to be because that's important to how we understand that bottom line and the information that runs along here because the running theme is chiasm so what is it according to your understanding a mirror seeing things in reverse order yeah well that's a simplistic way of seeing it and that's how we often view chiastic structures if we do not see that mirroring effect like what is pictured on that second line we don't believe that it is a chiastic structure but there are other rules deeper rules that we do not understand and that's why these things are puzzling to us because we're looking at chronology chiastic aliy we do not understand chiasm to be anything outside of a river mirror effect and we're seeing something that does not reflect our understanding of a chiastic structure it confuses us and we think that there are nothing nothing that are governing these ideas like brother Theodore pulled them out of a hat kind of seems that way but when I looked into what a chiasm is I realized why he was doing and he actually said it in his presentations here so I'm going to read to you a simplistic definition of this term it is simply a repetition of similar ideas in reversed sequencing so it is a repetition of similar ideas in Reverse sequencing the importance of the chiastic structure is found in its hidden emphasis and I remember brother Theodore mentioning it and elder Parminder repeating it that chiastic structures were not to be too preoccupied with the final look of it but what it is teaching us what is the theme that is running through these lines it is a literary device in which a sequence of ideas is represented and then repeated in reverse order the result is a mirror effect as the ideas are reflected back in a passage each idea is connected to its reflection by a repeated word often in a related form so there is a theme running through these lines that I have labeled chiasm and this beam is reflecting on each line we're going to break it down after I've completed reading what the definition of a chiasm is okay so the term chiasm comes from a Greek letter child which looks like our letter X and what it look what it what it finally produces let me do it here if you have a b a b and turn it and do it this way diagonally you see where you see a mirror effect one of the things that later mentions is that you can have another thought sandwiched between these two concepts so a is a concept B is a concept and between that can be another concept that basically broadens your idea of a and B I'm sorry it's probably going to appear a little tedious this aspect but I need you to understand that to get these lines because that's what is being reflected here so when there is an insertion of this additional thought this third idea is inserted before the repetition because this insertion is emphasizing what is to follow or is lending to the emphasis of what is being repeated so there are some things that are chiastic simple ones I like this one it's all its I think it's universal it says when the going gets tough the tough gets going and that's one concept being seen in Reverse simple and then Benjamin's for Benjamin Franklin state saying where he says by prepared by failing to prepare you are to fail so this is just a literary way of viewing chiasm now this is observable also in the Bible when you look at the words of Christ in mark 2 verse 27 you see a chiastic structure it says the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath so even that is chiastic you see a beginning thought being repeated in Reverse so let me repeat a chiastic structure is similar ideas being repeated in river sequencing it is not the structure itself that is important but it is the hidden emphasis the underlying meaning that is to be understood there are ways that chiasm can be viewed they can be viewed simplistically with just one concept following another and then being repeated in reverse or you can have between those two two concepts another idea that helps to bolster or support the repetition of the first idea we did simple ones that we are acquainted with and we see that the mirror effects effect works but that's chiasm literally how do we look at it chronologically and I want to suggest this is it there is a running theme as is reflected here and it is that of chiasm it is this it is this it is a similar thought or concept being repeated in reverse order and it is as this is understood that these lines make sense and we realize that it's following a set of rules that are unbeknownst to us because of the ignorance we have on this particular literary term it's something that needs to be studied I believe because it is one of the new truths that came post 2015 so what was first presented were those lines those that upper line the line of samos news letters I have taken out all the clutter and I have just allowed it to be as simplistic as is possible so February 16 is when the first letter was written and all the other details are on that side of the board the other day that I identified is May 2nd and July 18 well all three dates are 2 months and 16 days apart so February 16 is 2 months and 16 days away from May 2nd and May 2nd is 2 months and 16 days away from July 18 this is in observed as the Passover among the Jews the true Passover and that line will explain why I see the true because there was a false one observed so this was the 14th day of the first month and it is the midpoint of this chiastic structure of Samos news letters this this layout has a theme that harmonizes with this this is the 70th week of the 70 week time prophecy with the midpoint being the Passover similar to this one and it is sandwiched by two dates that are equal distances apart from the midpoint so this is structurally similar to this and this is why this was brought into view then this particular line the 70th week of Christ was opened up the dates that relate to this span of history was looked into and these various dates came to view as these line this particular line was was view detailed ly so September thirtieth is the tenth day of the seventh month it is observed because the the kree of artaxerxes was put into effect on the tenth day of the seventh month so the 70th week has to begin on the tenth day of the seventh month 27ad which in that time was September thirtieth it ends also that 70th week ends also on the tenth day of the seventh month because if it doesn't the the validity of the 2300 day time prophecy would be weakened and what Sam was no sure about the tenth day of the seventh month being the termination date would have been lost it because we understand that the 2300 days is divided into two parts the 72 weeks and the 18 the 1800 and ten years that together would make 2,300 days I probably said that too fast okay so seven two weeks equals four hundred and ninety years that from two thousand three hundred years equals 1810 years so we have that division of the 2300 days I see your hand brother Larry so in order for the prediction of someone's not to hold true the 70th week of Christ had to terminate also on the tenth day of the seventh month so we have the tenth day of the seventh month as the commencement we mark and we have the tenth day of the seventh month as the terminating we mark and all because of the connect the connection that exists between the seven two weeks and the 2300 days as well as the the moment of time when I desert sees is the artaxerxes decree was put into effect Larry 34 sorry okay so I'm going to try and repeat what I said slow um with probably less words in summary so the structure that is here is visible here and because of the similarity that exists between the two this became a matter of discussion this was the first idea that was a that was investigated I looked into by the group and seeing this structure brought the mind to this this was then opened up and the details of this particular week the 70th week as found in Daniel 9 verse 27 was looked into and other details of that week was put to a line the decree of artaxerxes was effected on the tenth day of the seventh month the 70th week needed to begin also on the tenth day of the seventh month in order to coincide with a span of time allotted to the Jews the end result of that we had to also be the tenth day of the seventh month in consequence to that you will find that the beginning we mark has the tenth day of the seventh month and the last way mark excluding that for now has the tenth day of the seventh month so do you understand that so far okay this three and a half I structured in a particular way so we can see that I'm kind of bringing down concepts so this three and a half years equates to 1260 days 1260 days so this drop down here is just showing what coincides or what equates to this piece of information in the upper line so that's the details of this this being opened up to see the details consistent with the 70th week then seeing this the midpoint and then one at 1260 days brought the mind to this piece of information that is on this last graph or line here so you see a similar theme a midpoint there is 1260 in place of days at these years and this particular structure is visible on this bottom line do you need me to repeat that sister Chrystie you have a quizzical look on your face like looking at you got 1260 to 1260 you got 46 years in the 19 years but I'll wait okay obviously 607 I'll count sorry you good 1946 in the nineteen years but on the on the left side you've got nineteen years so yeah because the forty-six is to be in here I didn't put it but I I identified the way mark here but I wasn't I didn't put it put the forty-six here okay so what I'm basically trying to communicate is that structurally these lines are identical their features are similar and because of how identical they are and basically because of the similarity that exists between them it it gave a mind like brother Theodore's the idea that you can basically overlay this information and see on to this line to see what it yields and that's what that bottom line to my right is reflecting and that's what we're going to look at but do I need to repeat this before we go over there Britney your good sister Carol sister Carol are you okay you want me to repeat anything I can repeat I don't mind or PT so the structure that is reflected here runs all the way down to the very bottom line the structure that is being observed is that there is a midpoint that is that is sandwiched by dates or way marks that are at an equal distance away from the midpoint this is two months and 16 days this is three and a half years this is one thousand six two hundred and sixty days and this is one thousand two hundred and sixty years this is the midpoint this is the midpoint this is the midpoint this is the midpoint there these two lines share the share the same midpoint that midpoint being the Passover and this is what brought the mind here and then this was opened up to see all the details that are specific to this week and then these particular dates showed themselves this is the tenth day of the seventh month this is the this is also the tenth day of the seventh month these two are used to begin and and the chiastic structure because the decree of artaxerxes went into effect on the tenth day of the seventh month that decree is what determines the starting point and end point of the 70 week time prophecy as well as the 2300 day time prophecy so in order for it to be a consistent full 70 69 weeks it has to go to the tenth day of the seventh month in a b27 and that's how it's running all the way to the end of this week the tenth day of the seventh month 34 ad because this midpoint is preceded by a 1260 and is followed by a 1260 it brought the mind you automatically can recall this particular structure the midpoint being 538 there's a 1260 a 1260 so there are similarities that are observable in all of these there are three lines it's just that this one has been expanded so this is a this is a chronological chiastic structure brother Larry I understand what you're saying is we have coyotes and you're showing us them as it repeat and enlarge but you're you're not making application yet but on the next board you will then begin to make application and that application is really a fusion of these two lines on one and allowing the span of time that lie between this line to determine how far we go on this line in the year 27 ad so this is just I love to write writing is one of my favorite things to do and I love to play with words I love to see how words look this way and then I'm like oh looks and sounds good and then I try to put a different twist to it and when you when you enjoy a particular a particular task to the extent where you can play with it you you come across things that other people who do not share your desires or love will will never find and why not for me I'm of the conclusion that but the Theodore's love is just numbers and chronology and he's able to just do things that I and my little pea brain would not think to even try to do and when he does it and tries to explain it his knowledge is so far superior to ORS that where they're saying what say that again Elementary style and when he even goes Elementary it's still above us because he has higher knowledge to what we understand but it doesn't deny the validity of the information he has shared one of the things I appreciated about brother other parameters class is his definition of who our prophet is and that there are different ways to view a prophet and each of us through our observation of Bible truths and us being mediums of light we are one of Godsey luminaries and we take on the role of a prophet just within that parameter of the word but there is a higher degree of illumination that none of us in this room can claim to have and when it is that you have a talent but I read a quote this morning that says we are required to utilize that talent as best as we can and I believe that this is my personal thought that these information are really above or understanding but it's understandable it's understandable to a very simplistic level where you can say okay I get it just if you get it then you can see the invaluable contribution it has made to how it is that we're understanding certain truths and I think that there this is one one of the features of this aspect of the movement that sets us apart from the Omega D Omega does not know how to interact with time it does not know how to handle God's prophetic timepiece and he has blessed us with the ability to do that and it's just to take the time to kind of rake through all the the scholarly stuff and pick out the baby pieces and look at them and say okay that makes sense for me so the the similarity between the information of this line and this line just structurally gay brother Theodore the idea to see what this span of years in days would yield in the year to 27 ad and that's what's here reflected so you would observe 538 1798 then you would see 1844 and then 1863 so this is the direction that is it's taken because it's a chiastic structure and you're able to flip things and that's something that you I wouldn't say there are no rules to that but I think works you just travel along the working pathway if it's not working why pursue it so this angle works and you can see that it works through these various dates when they were you that what they what level of information it produced now so the line goes this way as opposed to how it is reflected on that side of the world he went to the extent of putting seven he went to the extent of actually having 723 on the line but I'm not reflecting that here it would have been this way mark that would have been 723 so you would observe here you have nineteen days here you have one 151 days here you have three and there you have two days all of which are prophetically significant so what these days what these these spans yield are dates as I said before that are of some significance this first date is September 11 that in and of itself just sends our minds racing to the line of the 144,000 and that particularly mark of 2001 150 days from this date takes you to April 13 of 27 ad and brother Theodore shared yesterday the significance of this date in and of itself and the relationship it sustains to October 22nd 1844 so all of these things even though to us it seems arbitrary it seems it seems lawless it actually has a harmony to it that if it is that we take the time to observe it we will see that these days our dates are not coincidental because they have connections to understandings that we previously had this to October 22nd 1844 this to our particular line our line September 11 2001 and seeing these working dates it just for me I would continue playing with words if we were these were words and see what further things yielded for me and that's what he did with these dates continuing to April 10 which is the Passover of 27ad and then going forward still to the to the 12th day of the first month which in the line of Christ is the date when Judas betrayed or sold Christ to the Sanhedrin so that's in summary what this line is instructing us I presume that the information that we covered on these lines yesterday was understandable enough I added this these two and then I'll take the questions I added these two in order to put these on top of each other because putting it that side of the board probably was confusing for some so I overlaid it so it can be seen that this is just a detailed version of this and doing that I needed to erase this these lines that span a cross but the one I wanted us to focus more on was the one that extended from 742 BC to 1863 and the calculation of the amount of years that span between both dates is 2604 and then this is another calculation of this date of this amount using the information of Daniel chapter 9 verse 27 okay so that was my attempt of trying to explain simply what I understand of brother Theodore accession are there any questions Brittany I have a poem that I want to read and then I'm going to summarize what I just summarized if that's okay because I need you to understand it it is a secular poem and it was written by Rudyard Kipling and I really love the poem it's one of my favorite word's it's titled I keep six honest men so it goes I have I keep six honest serving men they taught me all I knew their names are Watts and why and when and how and where and I send them over land and sea I send them East and West but after they have worked for me I give them all the rest I let them rest from nine till five for I am busy then as well as breakfast lunch and tea for they are hungry men but different folk have different views I know a person small she keeps 10 million serving men who get no rest at all she sends them abroad on her own affairs from the second she opens her eyes 1 million house 2 million wares and 7 million wise yesterday I thought about this poem because yesterday I was trying to remember what Brittany told me to explain when I was explaining the line and I felt so badly so I started thinking what is the running theme of the questions that were asked yesterday and then I started thinking about those six honest serving men that teaches all we know and I started figuring that those serving and were brought to use yesterday and the one I realized was overused yesterday was why and how and I'm hopeful that when we realized that the theme of these structures is that of chiasm we're understanding why he did all he did and how he did all he did we already know the who the what the where the when but the why and how were causing us some grief that's that's a good way to put it but I Theodore permitter made when he was talking about chiasm in that the chiasm itself is meaningless without the information that it it amplifies just like a parallelism is giving you a way to look at information and with chiasm x' as you talked about with the theme of a chiasm people often will just you know connect dates and create chasms that aren't connected thematically and sometimes I overlooked at explaining some of those connections because to me they seem obvious the the themes but you know when you look at at for instance his chiasm where you have Christ's covenant week and he spends three and a half years confirming the covenant on earth and then three and a half years in heaven and Satan's counterfeit covenant of paganism which is on earth a counterfeit of earthly sanctuary and papal ISM which is a counterfeit of a heavenly sanctuary it doesn't have animal sacrifices it has a different symbolism and and so when you start to look at these themes these chasms actually help you connect things together so the fact that we can do number things with these chiasm is only meaningful if all of the themes and our understanding of those events and what they mean are correct so you can't just you know create a chiasm and start doing things and say we can do this you have to have reasons and it was also somebody asked me a question and I started thinking about it too even in making predictions you know what do we need to do to make a prediction using these structures so one is you do need a structure that points to like it has a theme and it's a repeated theme that goes through that you have these spans that are consistent but also the ability to lay things upon each other in a parallel fashion so when you have parallel structures they can amplify that information and allow you to know that the predictions you make you're making are accurate because they because of the parallel structure so you need a number of things and often people whether it's chiasm Zoar whether they're starting to make predictions from structures you have to understand them thoroughly so so it's good what you did it helps us to understand a lot better are there any questions relative to this explanation bearing in mind brother Theodorus final comments because I'm I'm ready to move on if you are Tamina it's over there are we okay are you sure I don't I was saying I don't I don't know I'm not a teacher by profession but I am one at heart and one of the things I absolutely hate seeing with any student whatever age are blank stares that suggests to me you know what I don't understand don't worry you just said I'm one of my one of one of the things I often tell the children whenever I do a children's program or whenever I interact with them is that if you come in here to me you have to leave here learning something you do not leave here without learning something and it's my job to make sure they learn something and it's their job to to help me out so if there are things that were expressed that you do not understand it doesn't matter what it is I don't mind repeating or trying to exploit word it differently because I have questions of my own and I have people I asked them to and they never see the person I often ask my question is never tired of taking the time to go back over the same thought over and over and over again with me until I understand what's being expressed so are we okay truly or do I need to be good okay so the overall intention of the classes that I'm to do this week is to set someone or put before you an introduction of the thoughts that we will cover in the other classes I will have with you I believe that every information shared this past trimester was providentially shared I believe that they have components of truth that will help us to understand the midnight cry in all its pockets brother Theodore has made his contribution brother Thoreau and sister Tess none of them collaborated with each other and there is this seeming this unity between these among these thoughts that can only be harmonized as we utilize the information of the trimester this is what helped me there were days when I would walk about my my duties just thinking about what it all means what he says doesn't harmonize with what tests said and what test said doesn't harmonize with what he said and I was really confused and there was no one there to really help me garage through this particular problem because the person I often resort to for help understood it and was saying okay it means this and I I would say yeah but it still doesn't make sense to me I can't teach it if it doesn't make sense to me if I cannot personalize it I cannot and I will not teach it so the information of my recent path is what helped me to make sense of these various ideas and the information of your recent past which is the trimester will provide you with information to understand what since the tamina will share what brother Phillip will share as well as what I will share later and these are this board work is brother time endures I didn't mention this line and that's why I turned it over and then we're going to go to that to the line on the other side of that board so this line is just a reflection of the title of great controversy chapter 19 I particularly loved this illustration or when you guys discuss this particular topic because it made sense to me visually and it made sense to me historically and many of the visions of sister white started fitting better in my mind like she would see the path that was ascending heavenward and people would there was a light along that path the light of the midnight cry but yet when people fell they didn't fall into light they fell into utter darkness and what this line teaches is that darkness runs all along the path and it's just these intermittent bursts of light that are representative of these way marks that help to illuminate the path that lies before us and once it is that we are outside of the influence of these luminaries we are left in total darkness so I really love the contribution this made to my personal understanding of the message I think it is as chiastic structure the concept was being thrown around in the room that brother Parminder brought these two structures to view that of Hiram Edson and that of William Miller to show that there is a harmony between these two thoughts and contrary to what we believed that um Miller's 2520 locked structure it actually had a structure to it that is chiastic for me I looked at it I'm like there's no chiasm in God it doesn't look plastic as I understood it but understanding now the layers to that particular concept when you look at chronology and chiasm within chronology it follows a different scheme of rules than what we are acquainted with so these these two lines I appreciate it and I shared it yesterday because it brings to view our need to understand revelation 17 and the contribution it makes to the entire prophetic narrative of the line of the 144,000 I think further partners line or topics were fairly understandable so I don't believe I would need to repeat the information on this side of the board unless there's something that you want to highlight or you want me to expound on or something so we're good with brother theater I'm Parma nice I've said brother Theodore his name so much it's stuck okay so I am really happy now because I am going I'm sorry I'm going into my comfort zone brother Parminder his work as well as this board work is my comfort zone okay so this line I'm almost sure that we are we are familiar with it it was first presented in well structurally this way in Italy earlier this year June of this year to be specific I'll go on this side of the board but what I appreciated with Daniel's repetition of Italy's information is that he added just he added just the line of the Miller right brother Parminder mentioned it in Italy but he never allowed it to form a part of this final final illustration so the lines are labeled this is the agricultural model this is Miller right history put to a line this is the line of the 144,000 and the fractal groups of this line is have their own line which is represented here the agricultural model is biblical and the Bible references for these are listed there so Hosea 10 verse 12 is where it says so to yourselves in righteousness reap in mercy break up your fallow ground for it is time to seek the Lord till he comes to reign righteousness upon you Jeremiah 4 verses 3 and 4 that's where it tells you that you are to yeah the height is to be circumcised that's verse four but first three is where you see the agricultural concept that was found in verse in Hosea 10 repeated it says break up your fallow ground and so not among thorns and for me verse 4 is just an application of verse 3 but you can look at the verses in your own time Isaiah 5 verses 137 was added by me because of some studies I did in Guadeloupe and just to apply deeper context I involved those verses that is the song of the vine or the vineyard of the Lord and how that represents his people so from verses 1 through 2:7 you see that information and what we found together was that all the features of the agricultural model is visible in Isaiah 5 verses 1 3 to 7 you can read it in your own time Joell 2 verse 23 is where we see that the latter rain and the former rain come in the first month mark 4 verses 26 to 29 I think it's 28 28 is where we see the developmental stage of the plants first the blade and the air afterward the full corn in the air but the the overarching theme of those of those verses is that of Agriculture so that's why I have added all those verses and they go together Matthew 13 verses 24 to 30 no one here should be able to forget these passages of Scripture because of how many have been lost through how it has been interpreted the parable of the wheat and the tares is what you find here and you hear that the plowing process of the agricultural model is absent so we consult other passages of scripture that provide us with that information in order to see the complete layout of the agricultural template revelation 14 verses 14 through 2:20 is the harvest aspect of the third angel's message if you look at the chart of them the 1850 chart you see that connected with the third angels message is the man on the cloud with the sickle and not only him but the angel with the sickle this concept of harvest is associated with the third angels message and you see this in verses 14 through 220 of Revelation chapter 14 and you can also visually see it on the chart the 1850 chart so the agricultural concept is just a build up of different Bible passages that give us different ideas of what would make up this final template we see that there is a plowing process which is identifiable in these two passages of Scripture we see the former and the latter in which is identifiable more visibly here but there are other passages that suggest that and we see the concept of the harvest that is visible particularly in Matthew and Revelation so this template was used to help us to understand different spans of history first the millerite history and then our history and these are what these lines are here to teach us so we have that we have now let's go to the fractal level no before I do that the line of the 144,000 is also was also created by inspiration chapters 38 and 39 of the great controversy where we go to find the information relative to the Sunday law the loud cry the close of probation and all the events that lie between and the spirit of prophecy is what we credit for this portion of the line this portion 1989 and 9/11 was also divinely divinely appointed we received that through our understanding of prophetic truths but we cannot find it plainly revealed in the pen of inspiration but it can be found within the Bible when we look particularly at Daniel 11 verses 43 to 45 so this is structurally sound the way monks themselves are they are supported by inspiration Bible and spirit of prophecy and this now becomes a template of the other groups that are nestled within the the line of the 144,000 so you have the priests the Levites the net names these two are scriptural terms that are identifiable predominantly in the the Old Testament and we understand that all these these three groups have a duty or have a relationship with the sanctuary service so here we see that 1989 9/11 Sunday law loud crackles of probation and second coming for the priests are labeled Sunday law is 2014 for the priests loud cries 2018 our cause of probation is 2019 that's raffia and our second coming is pinion for the Levites we find that their 1989 falls under 9/11 their their 9/11 is or 2014 Sunday law is their Sunday law is our close of probation and their cause of probation is or second coming and their second coming is the Sunday law of the line of the 144,000 what you'll observe I'm coming brother Theodore is that this Sunday law here is not identifiable on these three lines it is a separate Sunday law - this one - these three that are identifiable here and brother Parminder covered that why that is so in one of his sessions here brother Theodore there is some disagreement I know this is what Parminder and Daniel sort of have done right mm-hmm so there is some disagreement beef between where the close of probation happens because the Levites would be seventh-day adventists and if we put there close of probation at Padian which is July 18th 2020 and that would contradict some of the ideas about the purpose of that prediction regarding the seventh-day adventists so I don't know for you know when we'll get that sorted out but right now there is that that difference that exists between what elder Geoff is saying and what Parminder is saying about where the close of probation happens for seventh-day adventists you brought at a point that I'm hopeful that we'll touch together the idea of July 18 2020 what it is in the sequence of events I've come to understand that we have identified midnight cry as an attack of Islam for quite some time and then with the removal of the hand of the Lord we started understanding too that the midnight cry is the attack is another conquest between the king of the north King of the South so we have two events associated with this singular concept and these two events are dated differently it's lom's attack on the United States of America is 2020 while brothers double and sister tests are teaching that look the the the battle between the king of the north and south will happen 2021 so there are different ways that this particular way mark is being looked at and I think there is a harmony between the ideas we understand that there is the cold the cause of probation for the Levite is progressive and I think that is the glue that will help us to understand why we have two dates 2020 and 2021 as components of the midnight cry but I'm hopeful that we will cover that with some degree of detail as we go on because that's among the the disunity that I saw in the presentations one person is saying it's 2020 another set is saying another pair is saying it's 2021 and you would wonder I started questioning Lord this is the midnight cry in its different pockets and variables there must be harmony or it there just has to be you're not the author of confusion and I'm confused so I it took some time and a lot of thought and questions and a lot of reading to come to where it makes sense in my brain right now and I'm hopeful to share the ideas with you when it is that we we come together again in our final sessions but this once this is true and this template biblical is biblically built is true these structures themselves are there I see it infallible so I know there are some disunity in thought but I believe it is it can be harmonized and I believe it has been harmonized and I'm hopeful to share that with you so you will find that the proportions kind of the proportions vary as we go down so when we come to the the Levites their line begin 911 for the priests and the 144,000 whereas the nether names they're not in the equation they become a matter of of consideration at nine eleven where they're plowing time begins so this cascading effect it has its own lessons to teach as to the relationship that is observable between these different lines and I remember one class when sister Tamina was covering the idea of the priests being the 144,000 and the fact that there is some not only brother Theodore who do not understand it to be so I'm hopeful that this line when we cover it if we cover it in any depth will yield the understanding as to why that conclusion was was reached structurally and by way of and by way of content the priests and the priests line and the line of the 144,000 are identical additionally there are no group none of the three groups only the priests have their beginning where the 144 have their beginning so the Levites in and of themselves they do not have they do not share in this aspect of the 144,000 history and there are other information biblically that will help to bolster the idea but I don't want us to become bogged down by this today because I'm hopeful that we will cover it in with some degree of detail later in in our classes together so the cascading effect ends with the Nephi names where they're nice they're plowing period spans from our nine nine eleven and Sunday no span between the nine eleven and Sunday law of the Levites you will observe I hope that this these two lines their structure is identical so you see where their loud cry is between the cause of probation and the can coming while for the priests and the 144,000 there loud cry precedes their close of probation that is also something to be observed in these lines which something we will look at with greater detail I hope yes ask it again you're asking me or you're asking brother Theodore Theodore okay repeat your question so that if I have an input I can think about the well he's okay this one stated that what we're teaching about the midnight ride because we're we saying the Levites would close their probation as we're so far I think teaching there's things about that which would not line up with July 18 so I'm just wondering what would these things be just for me to know so I'm a person I like to think about stuff so yeah and I did too what did I have problems with regarding that no she's saying that you say there is a lack of harmony between what elder Jeff said about July 18 and what we're predicting about and what these lines are suggesting about the midnight cry the idea is that when we have July 18 2020 that event the attack of Islam on the United States will cause certain of the elders of Israel to come and acquire the Lord and sit before us and so other Jeff interprets that as that's then the last opportunity for some Adventists to accept our methodology and and then join with us at the Sunday law so that he did this in his presentation where he dealt with the 252 days and he put midnight midnight crying at the cross in the middle so that's how I understood that he was saying it I talked with him about it but if we're saying that Pan Am which is that event is the close of probation for seventh-day adventists then you would have to interpret them coming in sitting before us to inquire the Lord differently you'd have to say at that point their their probation has closed so that's the difference that's happening here in these two different models so you're suggesting July 18 would not be pedaling no it is penny it's just not the close of probation for the Levites according to elder Jeff so what when if this is according to Jeff what do you think well I I had the same view but you know I'm not I'm you know I'm just going by why what he said you know initially I wasn't certain looking at what did it mean when the certain of the elders of Israel came who came and City was that before us to heart of the Lord I wasn't sure what that meant but that was his interpretation of that I personally don't think that July 18 is 2020s paneer because Panem as a symbol is identifying a battle between the king of the north and the King of the South that's how that that that symbology is identified July 18 as you had shared it and as your lines instruct is dealing with Islam and as I shared earlier there are two running ideas one before the hand of the Lord was removed and one after that midnight cry is identified by the events of Islam's attack on the United States of America as well as battle between the north and the south but I believe that's reconcilable through how we understand the cause of probation for the Levites and the net names as being progressive so it has a beginning point and it has an end point so I think there is a way to harmonize the thoughts Marx at his opinion so so you would have to then figure out why he does and we're gonna have to sort through that because if he recognizes mfinney and you don't then we're gonna have to figure out which one's right I'm just using the symbology of what Pinilla means yeah and he's using I understand him using the midnight cry that for me I think he's identifying midnight cry mm-hmm by that symbology Pentium and raffia are not symbols that can be moved anyplace else they're actual events so you can there isn't like multiple raffia Xand multiple Pentiums so either it is Pinilla or it isn't it's either fulfills that prophecy or doesn't whatever occurs on that date Islam's attack on America is not the back to between the king of the north and south we always connected them together the king of the north and the King of the South being the East coming against the United States of America that attacked by Islam as part of the midnight right I'm not denying that I was sharing that there are two running thoughts now that are seeming to clash against each other and Neum as a symbol represent the king of the north in a position with the king of the south his mom's attack on the United States of America is a separate and distinct thought Islam is represented by the East not the south northern north I mean are you okay yeah okay so I had mentioned a point that brother Parminder had mentioned at the Italian camp meeting and these are my closing thoughts that that point is that of the progressive closure of probation of these two groups he allowed it to he represented there and you can watch the videos on future is now now's YouTube page he showed that the close of probation for the 144,000 is a point of time the closure of probation for the priests point of time while for the Levites and the net names it is a period of time so it has a commencement and it has an ending that span more than a day or more than a singular date can represent because November 9 2009 teen for all priests that's it there's no progression to our close of probation that's just it whereas for the Levites there is a span of time and allotted span of time within which their probation closes and I'm thankful for the information of brother Theodore as well as the information of the other group the other pair that contributed to the midnight cry particularly sister Tess and brother Sabo and the ideas they have put in the mix and I think there is harmony if we kind of look back look back on what was taught originally last thing when sister Tamina was sharing with us she shared a point that had me just so excited for days I even text text back home to say you know this happened ended up because we are not really familiar with the really really old stuff where new kids on the block kind of thing so when she shared with us that structurally you could discern this this structure earlier on in the presentations of elder Jeff was for me just I was giving great thanks for her knowledge of the past and when she said that brother Parminder is only bringing this back from where it was originally it was an added support to the validity of this particular structure God declaring the end from the beginning as I understood it so I don't know for those who weren't here what she had identified was that this was back then harmonized with March of 44 and this is this is August I love doing it this way 8:11 so this is the this is the the link these two way marks had to the past particularly the millerite history this as it was understood then was August 11 and this the Sunday law had its counterpart counterpart in the event of March 21 22 of 1844 and I just found that to be a really neat lest we forget moment I really enjoyed it okay so any questions this is Daniel's board work just a revision of what he understood from the Italian camp meeting he added this line and showed that this agricultural template can also be overlaid on this line this line existed in Italy but it never formed a part of the final bulk of illustrations that brother Parminder gave in his final sessions on the 144,000 and this was visible online that's how I saw it and all the information I've shared with you was visible online anything that was not recorded or put online I did not share so I don't know what else brother Daniel shared here I just know that this board work was up on this board for roughly two weeks and I saw videos where elder Parminder referenced or walked over to the board to make a point I have the corrected version on the board any questions brother and I are the close of probation to the Levites at Pinilla and what you said what we understand is that the close of probation for the priests is a point with the close of probation through the Levites is a period so if that's true which we understand it to be then July 18 20 20 type of Islam but then 12 or I think it's 13 days later then they come to inquire and then if they don't don't join the message or get on a platform can't we say that then is there close of probation and then that would fulfill Kinnear as being a period of time enough point an iam in and of itself is the battle between the north and the south it is when that is visible identifiable the opinion is marked that's what's being marked for raffia November 9 of 2019 it is this antagonism between the north and the south with the South being victim we are expecting a retaliation under pena so this inquiry from the elders to me is not opinion either it's when that interchange between the North and South happens with the North being Victor of that contest that we can identify any amor label it Panem for me personally I will I will prepare an email for elder Jeff I understood him to be using Panem just as a symbol of midnight cry to put over over July 18 because I had asked him where is pannier by way of context symbology where is it and it is not July 18 unless it is that we have a different set of lines that will show us an attack and let me just say an informational interchange between the north and the south with the north being Victor July 18 2020 that's the only way for me if we're going to maintain the symbology or the meaning of Pena that it would physically be there the victory has been Panem because that's what Pentium is where Niners put the commencement of that battle as marking Pinilla medium obviously happened in one day in the history but why would it have to happen in one day in our history now all I'm saying to you is that there are two running thoughts connected with the midnight cry an iam as a contest between the North and the South is one the attack of Islam is another your line is showing the attack of Islam not an interchange between the north and the south so marking Panem there is not symbolically correct because pan iam is not Islam Pentium is the king of the north against the king of the south and it doesn't commence there either because that's not what your prediction is highlighting it's highlighting an attack of Islam with double the effects of 9/11 at July 18 okay brother Jim and then Tamina would it be outside the scope of this class to ask you to illustrate there's one line of thought here's the second line of us so we can visually see the distinctions that currently exist between the two oh you're talking about midnight crisis okay sure I'm holding to do that yeah it's just a week here's one line here's the other line of thought that better being developed so we can clearly see the difference idea I think this would be good and on top like that I think would like to add maybe it would be good to review that revised review really how we came to the understanding that there is a close of amazement for the Levites at the midnight cry and why is it different from the close to the priests as brother Larry pointed out that the priests is just that all the priests close their probation at one point why is it the Levites we say it's individual so classes is that it's end time wise but maybe we can do that for the next classes not for the next class whatever you choose but later because it's a different set it's Anna it's another ballgame that I do not want us to play this week so let's try to get through the introductory thoughts first but it is my intention to cover that and let me issue as a disclaimer that the information that we will cover will be somewhat intense and vast so I'm hopeful if it is that I suggest something that is unclear to you feel free to ask your questions yes questions so are you saying that this is why because I did the board work from Italy okay that's my Britney yeah it's because we're running out of time it's just a little bit different from what okay brainy oh you were questioning whether or not it's identical because that's let me tell you what the problem is I had a similar problem this confused me because brother Parminder drew it differently in place of using nineteen eighty nine nine eleven in place of using the the concepts of this line to label the bottom ones he actually put the way marks where they began so this is 911 on his and this is 2014 on his so it's the same line is just that daniel represented it differently it was a source of confusion for me i don't prefer this way of representing it but the information is the same i can easily erase this is 911 this is 2014 where brother Parminder began his line oh they both they both work because it's following this cascading type effect he's maintaining thus the the labels of the line of the 144,000 just showing that they're going through the same process and then he's identifying where those each particular process begin in comparison to the line above it so this relationship this is 911 for the this is 911 for the yeah but it is their time of the end I'll try to draw it differently yeah I'm sorry it was the source of confusion for me to their son back home who prefer this line I don't I prefer how Parminder did it I'll draw it tomorrow on this board that's a question but can you repeat the question that asked about midnight something how midnight cry every night you were questioning like something it's very patchy okay so this is the last thing I'll repeat and then we'll pray to close so why is being queried is whether or not the close of probation for the Levites is consistent with what is currently being understood within the midnight cry message and we're understanding the midnight cry message to be a combination of what brother Sabo has contributed what brother theater has contributed and what sister Tess has contributed his contribution shows Panem as happening July 18 2020 and following that July 31 of 2020 the elders are to come to enquire and he's saying if their probation closed July 18 2020 then why are they coming to inquire 13 days after because this structure shows that their probation closes at 10:00 a.m. and when he shared his thought whether Jeff put pen neum above the date that he gave so he's now seeing that there's a conflict of interest between the information of this line and the information of the midnight cry but I'm hoping to show that there's perfect harmony in the thoughts and we will work through it together are we okay we can pray to close have any father I thank you for that which was covered I I pray that it was more understandable for those who left somewhat in question yesterday I pray that everything would have made sense to the mind and then as we move forward that additional understanding will be had on these topics that we went through hurriedly I ask that you'll be with us through the throughout the remainder of the day and I ask these things in Jesus's name Amen