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okay let's start with a word of Prayer amen okay good morning everyone I hope everyone is awake so sorry there are no notes because I don't have notes either we're gonna the quotes we're going to look up I hope everyone has a device or something to look the quotes up and follow along the class today what we're gonna do is I'm gonna share our study I started a while ago it's not finished yet so this is like gonna be like a group study today it's not just me teaching you guys something and studying together and it will be about the feast days so auntie Suzie should be all excited now and give all the answers because I know that's been her topic throughout the trimester are we to keep the feast days no one person says no the other ones are still sleeping only three to keep okay what does the rest Singh think are we to keep the feast a literal prophetically small pathetically I think is Adventist we know we shouldn't keep the feast days now the question is why why would you not keep the feast days if somebody comes up to you and you asked why should we keep the feast days they're written in the Bible what will it be your answer Larry revealed Harold 83 paragraph 1 summarize it what does it say there it is true that the ceremonies of the Mosaic law are not now to be observed okay so she says they're not to be observed questions just why Christ fulfilled it so Christ can fill every face so my answer would be as I think about it and I'm not ready and finished yet to give a proper answer but my answer so far would be because we're in the fulfillment of the feast that's why we're not to keep them yearly because we're in the anti-typical fulfillment of these feasts and today we want to start to look at how the feasts are actually fulfilled within history and let's see how far we get one and a half hours get by go by fast so let's turn to where the feast days in the Bible does somebody know okay to Leviticus 23 let's turn there and let's read verses 1 through 4 and he Susie would you mind reading those Leviticus 23 verses 1 to 4 and the Lord spake unto Moses saying speak unto children of Israel and say unto them concerning the feasts of the Lord which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations even these six days shall work be done for the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest and all convocation you shall do no work therein is there in it is the Sabbath of the Lord in all your dwellings these are the feasts of the Lord even holy complications which you shall proclaim in their season so what are the feast holy convocations what is the Sabbath it's also a holy convocation that's just it's the Sabbath part of the feast so why are we keeping still the Sabbath but we don't keep the feasts exactly there are different types of Sabbath so all the fees include a Sabbath in them where they were to rest and have a holy convocation but not that the the weekly Sabbath is not a feast which is prophetically fulfilled so we are still keeping the Sabbath but we don't keep the ceremonial ceremonial Sabbath's anymore okay let's read a quote now from L white about the feasts and it's the upward look page 232 ELISA would you mind reading that and the awkward look is that you L I think two three to paragraph three it is important to renew myrrh 8 the advantages the Lord prepares impossible it is impossible to enumerate I think it is it is impossible to enumerate the advantages which nation the repository of his rich treasures and knowledge they were the subjects of his special favour as the people who knew and worshipped the truth odd order to communicate the principles of this kingdom they were instructed to favorable for the formation of characters which would make them fit representatives of this kingdom their feasts the Passover the Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles and the ceremonies attending these gatherings were to proclaim the truths that God had entrusted to his people at these gatherings the people people were to show gladness and joy expressing their thanksgiving for their privileges and the gracious treatment of their Lord thus they were to show to a world that knew not or does not forsake those who trust in him with joyful voices they were to see why art thou cast down O my soul ok so in the middle of the paragraph we read here that the feast of Passover pentakus pentecost and the feast of tequila Tabernacles they were there to proclaim the truth that God had entrusted to his people because the nation we will read that in the following quote the nations around Israel they knew when it was the time for the feasts of Israel because a huge Israel were spread in several countries and they undertook a huge journey to come to a center point and actually keep those feasts ok now question what how many feasts are there seven what are they what's the first one Passover the second one unleavened Edie thank you bread the third one fresh fruits fourth yes exactly it's the same thing the feast of weeks and Pentecost it's the same thing what's the fifth one yeah right Feast of Trumpets what's the sixth one day of atonement and I always struggle with atonement I told you lead you in and what is the last one and these feasts were divided in two sections what were these two sections bring feast and fall feasts and where do we have the spring feast and where do we have the fall feasts for Pentecost we have all these pens great we use so this is the spring and then here we have it fall okay let's see let's read the sigh of Ages page 75 olivine would you mind do that go the sigh of Ages page 75 we dare how old you had to be to be able to partake in those feasts paragraph 1 the sigh of Ages page 75 paragraph 1 if anyone has any thoughts about it or comments please feel free to share it says among the Jews the 12th year was the dividing line between childhood and youth I'm completing this year a Hebrew boy was called a son of the law and also a son of God he was given special opportunities for religious instruction and was expected to participate in the sacred feasts and observances it was in accordance with this custom that Jesus in his boyhood made the Passover visit to Jerusalem like all the four Jews Israel - sorry Joseph and Mary went up every year to attend the Passover and when Jesus had reached the required age - okay so how old was Jesus 12 years when he started to participate in the feast Saturday 12 year was a divided on completing 12 year was the dividing line on completing this year a new boy was called zero and also where does it say completing okay very very mixed sentence so what is the twelfth year when you complete your that's what I'm thinking so you that means you are thirteen when you Oh front of zero thought for example 212 when you get them I'm 24 but I'm even my 20 foot in a year now and then I'm gonna turn 25 and one point yeah when he turns 12 so this week that's when he is able or boy is able to participate in the feast what man okay so I don't know quite what that means when you bring this in our line because we know the twelfth number twelve is quite significant I just thought it was very interesting that we see we have the number twelve and our line from nine eleven depending on what fractal you want to draw to midnight midnight Irish sandela and here I was told that the 12th year or the completion of that year is a dividing line and I thought it was quite interesting but as I said I don't know quite what it means yet the beginning manhood so this could refer us to first question 13 where it says when I was a child I spoke as a child but when I was grown as a man I put trial of things away you shaking your head if you go back anyway talks that for the next 18 years Christ serve disappearance so therefore he's not required to be I'm just thinking about our line when the twelfth year is lined up 15 number 120 which ends at midnight what dividing line is taking place there you can know that the seed before is growing or if the plant is coming to maturity and one point it's fully mature so I think this dividing line is that there's maturity reached to a one extent you put it on our line any other comments Terry you're looking like you have something to say okay let's continue let's read paragraph number two same page Bob can you do that yes and we will see here that there was a special protection during the feasts there were three annual visas Passover the Pentecost and Peace of Tabernacles in which all the men of Israel were commanded to appear before the Lord at Jerusalem of these feasts the Passover was the most largely attended many would present from all countries where the Jews were scattered on every part of Palestine which first came in great numbers the journey from Galilee occupied several days and the travelers United in large companies companionship and protection women in ancient men wrote upon oxen or asses over the steep and rocky roads the stronger men and the young youth journeyed on foot the time of the Passover so for his bondage evening was the time of the Passover correspondent to the close of march or the beginning of April and the whole land was bright with flowers and glad with the song of birds all along the way there were there were spots memorable in the industry of Israel and fathers and mothers recounted to their children the wonders that God had brought for his people and had in ages past they beguiled their journey with the songs and music and when at last the towers of Jerusalem interview every voice joining in the triumphant stream thank you so I think that's uh referring a little bit to what sister Elissa said before because how many feasts were they where they had to show up in Jerusalem three yeah this Tabernacle in gathering is also the feasts of tap in their home Passover there's the feast of unleavened bread attached to it and what was the second one you said was before him so it would be interesting to study that up Johnny do I understand that correctly the Passover Pentecost and Feast of Tabernacles all the people the man had to show up mm-hmm next sentence of these feasts the Passover was the most largely attended it doesn't make sense to me if all the people had to show up at Passover Pentecost and Feast of Tabernacles they had to be there so why is the Passover the feast where what is which is the most largely attended I think the next paragraph or the next quote we will read will answer your question but I wanted to show here is that there are three annual feasts where they had to show up in Jerusalem or they had to appear before the Lord at Jerusalem and what did they have to do what does the next sentence say but what was the condition of the juice Carol what was the condition of the juice in the next sentence they were in bondage I'm sorry in the next second sentence where it says many were present the condition of the juice has given us there the Jews were scattered so what are the feasts for for a gathering and we can draw that of course in our line see okay the feasts they're our symbol of a gathering because there is a people being scattered and okay and we see that the travelers United in large companies for companionship and protection so people were traveling together to Jerusalem for the sake of protection how can we draw that for us what lesson can be drawn there for us how are we to travel and I'm not speaking now literally on the road I'm speaking spiritually where to get to have fellowship right we are to travel together there's no how do you call that separation going off on yourself it's about unity and coming together okay let's read now the next quote and penny if you will read that that's patriarchs and prophets page 537 and sorry I don't have the paragraph 4 there but it starts with there were three annual assemblies it should be two paragraphs its paragraph one thank you of patriarchs and prophets page 537 just read the first one read the first one that we want to comment okay there were three annual assemblies of all Israel for worship at the sanctuary Exodus 23:14 216 Shiloh was for a time the place of these gatherings but Jerusalem afterward became the center of the nation's worship and here the tribes between for the sign of peace so we have two places here where they used to have US Capitol and the first one was what Schuyler and the second one Jerusalem why is that why was Shiloh first a capital and then Jerusalem I don't know either no I don't remember I know that story but why not pick Jerusalem immediately I didn't know remember that it wasn't until David that Jerusalem was conquered yeah so it was David shows Jerusalem as his capital remember that until JB the Jebusite still existed which Jay besides our Canaanite I'm just wondering why why don't other people never defeat remember that's why they fell in apostasy they never complete they were to join everything amazing so they never complete a big task on melee drives in old the Canaanites and the jebusites were a strong warlike set of people so because they they just kind of never pushed to come to what you have to do i I know that history and I I see the history I'm just like why me why is it that way since I know the Lord doesn't do anything without purpose so why was their purpose for two capitals because he doesn't he won't force the people either everywhere it's very clear when he speaks about it she said that they're they they did not complete God's Monday and that's why did somebody ever look at what Shiloh means somebody and I have an idea Nathan go straight for tranquil tranquil what does that mean yeah so that's what I found that it it means rest that's what I see peace bringer bring off prosperity Pacific ater transgressed route should be saved Shiloh believed was where they said the tabernacle after they crossed the Jordan so that they could have a permanent place of worship mm-hmm and until Jerusalem was built so there's something missing I don't know I will come and find that if you mean we see I'm just pointing out the things I see where the Capitals move you know we know that Rome counterfeits everything and it had a change of capital and I'm looking at the new earth and realizing that God's throne wherever it is in the universe today this earth which is not the center of the universe is going to be the center of the universe his throne is going to be here so his capital is moving as well mm-hmm I see so when we know now in a child oh sorry remember the EcoPOD when we take Shiloh and its meaning with that it's rest where would we mark that on our timeline at nine eleven right that's that's where the rest is right but what church are we under at nine eleven still sort of what is Jerusalem SDA church okay when is Jerusalem being picked chosen that's the way how he's always stated when on our timeline is Jerusalem being chosen when does espera arrive in Jerusalem first day first fifth month and when is that on our timeline midnight midnight cry so Jerusalem gets chosen at the midnight high and what is Jerusalem standing for what kind of church the church triumphant so I would suggest that Shiloh represents the church militant and then you have Jerusalem which becomes later on the center of nations worship is a church triumphant I'm suggesting that you see here the switch of the two different churches okay would you mind reading in the next paragraph no penny Lan's he had three times every year of all the able-bodied men and repair to the place of assembly near the center of near the center of the land what was to hinder their enemies from sweeping down upon those unprotected households to lay them waste with fire and sword what was to prevent an invasion of the land that would bring Israel into captivity to some foreign foe God had promised to be the protector of his people the angel of Jehovah intended round about them that fear him and delivers them while the Israelites went up to worship divine power would place a restrain upon their enemies God's promise was I will cast out the nations before thee and enlarge the borders neither shall any men designer thy land when thou shalt go up to appear before the LORD thy God thrice in the year okay so what does this paragraph teach us trust and obedience what happened while the Israelites were journeying to the three feasts they had to go to Jerusalem divine protection okay so putting that in our line when when do we start a journey and where does he come out from Babylon and what is Babylon the symbol for captivity right what did Israel came out of captivity right and that's Egypt so when so to speak does Israel star journey at 9/11 right and we know that then Ezra takes the journey so the midnight cry and what does my a hear what did the Lord do while they were journey there were tribes evil tribes enemies around them what did the Lord do protected what Pam you said something I believe a restrained exactly that's the sentence I'm thinking of while the Israel's went up to worship divine power book places restraint upon their enemies so when was the restraint putting upon the enemies 9/11 right we know that from the story of Billiam the ass is taken out of the way and where was this Psalm 84 I already tore something where the 10 Kings are at sampled by east wind makes 48 thank you makes him go out of the way we wanted to say something okay so if we obey and go on the journey and leave Egypt captivity bondage of what what bondage what captivity are we leaving false teachings and sin right because here's the power in taking place so we're going on the journey and we see that the Lord puts a restraint on the enemies that 9/11 okay we're continuing let's read the sigh of Ages page 77 and 78 and there instead it starts with all the ceremonies do you want to read or it should we pass you it's your choice yeah would you like to read a paragraph it starts all the ceremonies of the feasts the first paragraph I think so the sigh of Ages page 77 should be it starts with all the ceremonies of the feasts I think it's in the middle of paragraph one that's what John says ceremonies of the feasts were types of the work of Christ the deliverance of Israel from Egypt was an object lesson of redemption which the Passover was intended to keep in memory the slain lamb the unleavened bread the sheaf of firstfruits represented the Savior with most of the people and the days of Christ the observance of this feasts had degenerated into four formalism but what was its significance to the Son of God and one would what a time the childhood for the first time the child jesus looked upon the temple he saw the white robe priests performing their solemn ministry he beheld the bleeding victim upon the altar of the sacrifice with the worshippers he bowed in prayer why the cloud of incense ascended before God he witnessed the impressive race of the partial service day by day he saw their meaning more clearly every axiom to be bound up with his own life new impulses were awakening within him silent and observed he seemed to be studying out a great problem the mystery of his mission was opening to the Savior thank you very much so one more the ceremonies of this feast types off wouldn't it be just read Christ represented the Savior not quite what does the sentence say the first sentence same thing it says that the Shifa first represented the seizure yeah two sentences before that all the ceremonies of the feasts were types of what the work of Christ so not just Christ but the words were would be different so the ceremonies of the feasts or the feasts were types of the work of Christ and what do they know is the work of Christ because the everlasting gospel what does the everlasting gospel do separate two classes of worship based upon the three introduction of a three full prophetic C testing message okay so the feasts are actually quite important to study because they are subject to the everlasting gospel and an S you later said and also sister ELISA what is representing now to save you it's the slain lamb it's the unleavened bread and the sheaf of the first fruits so we see that the feasts are typifying or were put in place to actually typify Christ and then what happened with Christ when he was twelve years old and he went to Jerusalem and he saw for the first time how the sanctuary service was performed what doomed on him what became clear the sacrificial lamb yeah and like auntie Susie said the mystery of his mission was opening to the Savior so who's the Savior here at the end of the world what was the Savior or let's put it that way what was Christ what is Christ Church message what is his job he's a lamp or he's a priest so why don't we we're priests right so when we study the feasts what should become clear to us the the mission of what we're to do okay now we want to look at the feast itself and future news Canada has a section which is called preparation you and you can obtain one of these booklets there and they're really neat because you have a lot of charts in there and they have one chart in there which is about the feast days and makes it very obvious and clear it's really nice I recommend everyone to get one of these okay when were the feasts to to be able to locate the feasts in the year we have to know when the year starts right when is the year starting trick question starts in the first month right so when was the first month let's read Exodus 11 verse 10 test would you mind reading Exodus 11 verse 10 and Moses and Aaron did all these wonders before Pharaoh and the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart so that he would not let the children of Israel go out of his land thank you so we can vocation of in incidents or in the yeah where Israel wants to leave Egypt but fara doesn't let them go and we know the story of the plagues and everything and we know that finally Israelis Egypt and in Sarah would you mind reading verse 1 and 2 of chapter 12 this month shall be unto you the beginning of month it shall be the first month of the year so what is this month and the verse what's the occasion what happened in this month honey yeah they were leaving Egypt and then Moses says or God says this month this month when you leave Egypt shall be the beginning of month meaning this is the first month so when they left Egypt that's where their calculation started that's and the Lord did that purposefully because he was always to remind Israel again that they were set free of the bondage upon me and a new beginning yes so when he left Israel that was when their first month was and let's read now dr. animo Deuteronomy I can never say dirt Arana me thank you I could never do that 16 where's one Deuteronomy 16 where's one I have to practice that a beef and keep the Passover unto the lower side my god but in the month of Abib the LORD thy God brought thee forth out of Egypt by night so a beep is the first month and that's when Israel was brought out of banja bondage out of Egypt and that's when the Passover was to be observed and there is a second name for the month of B boom what does that which what name is that I think all the beans that Nissan okay now we want to go into this feast and see how they are fulfilled what's the first feast Passover what was the first thing which had to be done for Passover they had to bring a lamp in the house too in order to bring a lamb into the house what do you have to do you have to select the lamb let's read Exodus 12 verses 3 & 6 2 6 together if would you mind reading Exodus 12 verses 3 to 6 speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel saying in the temp day of this month they shall take them to every man a lamb according to the house of their fathers a lamb foreign house and if the household be too little for the lamb let him and his neighbor Nixon to his house take it according to the number of the souls every man according to his eating shall make you keep your account for the lamb your lamb shall be without blemish a male of the first year ye shall take it out from the sheep are from the goats and ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month and the whole Assembly of the congregation of Israel shall killed it in the evening okay so the land was to be selected and what was the condition of the lamb without blemish it was a perfect lamb and on what day was it to be selected 10th day of what month okay so we have the tenth day of the first month where the land gets selected he's in the beginning I said we're living in the fulfillment of the peace and this class as we're not going to get done today cuz it's way too much but we want to look how the feasts were fulfilled and when were they fulfilled so we read and we read some quotes saying that all the feast everything pointed to Christ the Savior and his work so also selecting the lamp points to Christ right and we know that this already had was fulfilled so what do you think when was the selecting of the lamp fulfilled and by the way they kept it till when 14th the 14th day first month so that they're selecting the lamp and they're keeping it in their home for 4 days you don't kill it here but they keep it till there when was that fulfilled what do you think who's the lamp Christ is the lamb okay so we know already in what history to look we know we're in Christ timeline when was Christ selected as a lamp at his baptism that's what I thought and then I fell in the trap from day one yeah it could be you could argue that way don't follow the man because if you take it's a four year this makes four days makes four thousand years and it's four thousand years from the paradise to the year I saw today is for a year and not four thousand years we're getting to the tip that's a good thought though I mean Christ knew 4,000 years beforehand then that he will have to do that okay when was Passover and Christ's timeline when was Passover okay but what year what what occasion my pots are on the line Putney Passover on the line know what that's what you're up now she's asking me yep when was Passover fulfilled on which Lane wonderful on the line of the fulfillment of the feasts 31 ad 31 and what is the occasion Christ's death the Passover is typifies the death of Christ so we know now that if that is Passover before that this lamb needs to be selected any other thoughts when the lamb could be selected yeah I could thought where does it make them I am going back to content you know penny did it right on the nail it's a triumphal entry because the lamb where did they bring the land to to their home so triumphal entry where did Christ come into Jerusalem his home let's read that in the dasai of Ages page 569 and page 570 brother Jason would you mind reading that it starts with it was on the first day of the week it's the sigh of Ages page 569 and a little bit of pitched 570 this is where Christ gets selected what he started it was on the first day of the week okay it was on the first day of the week that Christ make his triumphant entry into Jerusalem multitude who of flood to see him practiced better know accomplished is a contain him eager eager to witness is reception many people were on their way to the city to keep the Passover these journey but join the multitude attending Jesus all nature seems to rejoice the trees crowd with vicars verges and and luminous blessedness blossoms delicate American and here a new life and joy animated the people hope of the new kingdom was again springing off the posts per person to write into Jerusalem wait a second the next one I thought would be Christ was following the Jewish customs for more entries one shown in Expo Christ was behind it juice okay Christ was following the jewels custom custom foreign lawyer enter the animal on receive rule was not ridden by the kings of Egypt of Israel and the prophecy was as being foretold that does the Messiah should come to his kingdom no sooner seal up the seat open their boots that are short the blood showed up Trenton Wendy here multitude here he was the Messiah a king Jesus was accepted homage which you have yet as never before permitted and the disciples receivers prove that the blood thing for her to be realized by scene disestablish undertone multitude will be convicted that all of their and emancipation and I don't want to pronounce that I was after horse I can imagine that the Assad Romans armies driven from Jerusalem Israel one more independent intended nation all were happy and excited the people who fought well with one another in paying him homage they should not display outward pumping and splendor but they give him the worship of worship of happiness happy hearts they were unable they were unable to present him with costly give but their surprise this spread their outward garments as our this is cos cos it in kasi in this part and this are still street still branches of Olives and the palm in their way they should not let the transferred they can lead the triumph they should lead the child in the with a loyal standard but the cotton the spreading branches brought nature and what did emblem of victory and waving them along with Isaiah thank you so we see here the triumphal entry um describe when did the triumphal entry take place and what was it the first day of the week what day is that Sunday so how many days was it till Passover by the way I don't agree with you that the how come doesn't say the ninth day of the first week you gives you the big ideas of even funny when Christ's integer would say many words he gives you how many days it was to be possible while you can fold up and go back to Mary so we have Sunday when did the Passover take place and I think sister Tara should enter perhaps because that was your subject right at camp meeting Sunday we have triumphal entry then we have Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday when was Christ crucified exactly so they already had pass over here and sister olivine is saying that this is the ninth day of the first month and then Friday was the 14th day of the first month correct mm-hmm okay so Friday starts here so that's that what makes it already Friday right because it's after sunset correct am i correct yeah so it's technically it's Friday it's what we would call first okay I so how are we gonna do that we mark spots in between so we say Friday starts here God to have to put that mark between Thursday and Friday like this yeah that's where Friday beginning and then we write Passover just below this fossil well under that yeah Passover was thirsty not propose was after sunset who's already Friday taking biblical right here so we say this is the 40th day of the first month that's where the Lord was crucified the land the slain and when is the lamb selected how many days before four so we come back four days let me see we need to see how lamb was selected and we said the triumphal entry is to let it's where Christ is being selected and we're going to read another quote about that we see the triumphal entry is the first day of the week what does that make what says yes so therefore we are calculational Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday mark six would be so you would say that the lamp is selected on Monday that's when he was selected so you would suggest price was not selected by the triumphal entry but some hours later he was selected when he did this second temple cleansing do you go back to where the second temple clearly means that's where they decided and party that they would kill him the selection has to be very pleased not very people whose selecting the are human being selecting Christ as a lamb or did God himself select crisis even if God chose imagine um when you work your line the fourth day is the first day of the week to work your leg so can you see red for triumphal entry triumphal entry takes place on Sunday but what time did the triumphal entry take place on Sunday at sunset it was after sunset because when did sunset where was Christ at sunset he was on the Mount of Olives and that was where before Jerusalem right before he entered Jerusalem he was on the Mount of Olives and he sees sunset and he weeps also Jerusalem and then he goes and has two triumphal entry so mark your language if you do something on Monday I'm not I'm sending something Sunday before there you are something works so exactly what we did here fourth we're gonna do now here I'm here for it would be on Monday so you have here the triumphal entry yes cuz the Sun was coming down yeah it's my the temple shot and we know that Sunday sunset pushes us off to Monday which is what Dana the tenth day of the first month which is exactly four days before Christ was crucified therefore we see that the triumphal entry is the selecting of the land crisis being selected while he's coming home to Jerusalem and prophecy was perfectly fulfilled the first week of the week that Christ made his triumphal entry yeah which is Sunday right school no no but that is she's in the quote she's using our Krekorian track reckoning if you use biblical reckoning which works with the feasts they work on biblical reckoning and pushes you off after sunset which was still Sunday but in biblical reckoning it pushes off to the next thing how do I know that she's using our time that's a good question giant goose Tania that wasn't a study of sunset during camp meeting by Gregorian time by Jewish time once it's sunset I don't know if she uses our time and I think the reason why I could see that I don't know if there's a quote where she says it's Sunday but the reason why you could see is by the reckoning you just did because we have Passover locked in and by knowing we can go for days back this is the selection of the Lamb we know it takes place in our time at Sunday but biblical time it pushes you off to money because it's after Sunday and therefore you could know okay what she says here with the first day of the week which is Sunday she must mean our Krikorian time that that's the way how I could explain it so sister Terry would you mind reading the next quote and this is the sigh of Ages page 571 and it starts with never before sorry I don't have it you know in the the beginning your schools to profits you were always taught you never do paragraphs and the reason why is because people have to go back and read the entire page and get the context but I'm seeing that often it's faster when you have two paragraph okay the night the night that even on Monday the 10th of the Sun the illegally summons Suhani implement section voted to condemn heavens passed along today and by their decision settled their own faith Jesus was not appointed to die at the very instance when thousands of past columns were being selected by the people I'm Society on the day on which the sacrifice had been set apart for centuries upon the prophetic type loves met its antitype with awe inspiring decision I think yeah I don't accept them I can see redemption or teaching of Christ no I'll tell you shortly I mean wonder if he touches from them with Christ in a century but I think it's from that one I didn't put on the reference Thank You some of that for me yeah Christ with Christ in the sound - that's where you find it okay so let's read the sign of Ages such a demonstration he clearly foresaw the result it would bring him to the cross but it was his purpose thus publicly to present himself as the Redeemer he desired to call attention to the sacrifice that was to crown his mission to a fallen world while the people were assembling at Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover he the anti-typical lamb by a voluntary act set himself apart as an ablation stop Nick who's setting price apart was it men no it was God or you could say as she says here he's himself set him aside his church and all succeeding ages to make his death for the sins of the world a subject of deep thought and study every fact connected with it should be verified beyond a doubt it was necessary then that the eyes of all people should now be directed to him the events which preceded his great sacrifice must be such as to call attention to the sacrifice itself after such a demonstration as that attending his entry into Jerusalem all eyes would follow his rapid progress to the final scene so we see here that Christ never before led dishonor as in the triumphal entry let him happen to him and in the in the triumphal entry for the first time he let people praise him in that way and what what was the result thereof he knew it what was the result of of that action call attention what would happen to him he knew exactly it would bring him to the cross so what is the triumphal entry in our day and age it's the midnight crime so what will what does midnight cry do with us it brings attention to us but we know that the midnight ride will bring us to the Sonia law or the close of probation and it's interesting what is the midnight cry for the priests that's the prediction before midnight so we're about to hit the way mark or prediction before midnight and we know the prediction we will give there to Authority or whatever you want to point out at that moment is we know exactly that this will bring us to midnight who will bring us to persecution and even to death for some of us okay and we saw that here as an anti typical lamp so we see here that now the anti-type meets the type now crisis Derek is the anti-typical lamp he puts himself aside so we see here the triumphal entry is actually the anti-typical fulfillment of the selecting of the lamp and it brings him to the cross which is to enter typical fulfillment of Passover okay which brings us now four days later to Passover the 14th day of the first month and I think we don't need to read Exodus where you read about the Passover and what happens there this study doesn't go into the details of all the what happens at every feast and why it happens it's more showing when these feasts were fulfilled and I think we know of the Passover the Passover as we as Jonathan Poneman pointed out was the feast which was where most of the people came and everyone had to be in Jerusalem but there was an exception to the rule what was the exception of the rule for Passover when what was the incidence or what was the possibility that you didn't have to partake him Passover touch to bed and you were in the journey where do we find that nine numbers nine sixteen to seventeen and we're just going to mention if we won't read it it's true there we see that if you touch about a dead body or if you're in a journey you're not you don't have to partake in Passover when was your Passover taking place then one month later on the fourteenth day of the second month and in our time what do we say who are the people who touched a dead body and are on a journey the Levites and the eleventh hour workers we're saying they didn't have to partake in what Passover first month where's parse over for us on our line I know it can be several places but when was Passover for us what is Passover that incidents not nobody knows the answer 9/11 is always good right but it's true 9/11 is the it can be the cost and we know that from the study of Ruth that's where you have the Passover and there were people who are defiled by dead body which is Ruth and people were on a Joe journey like Nomi and her family and these people didn't partake in the Passover depicting that these are the Levites in the 11th hour workers but who's taking who's partaking the Passover at 9/11 in our time like the priests exactly and then the Passover for the Levites and 11th hour workers comes later ok first Queen jinns 5 verse 6 to 8 Christ is our Passover look would you mind 1st Corinthians 5 verses 6 to 8 yep no you're not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump purge out therefore the old leaven that you may be a new lump as ye are unleavened for even Christ our Passover Passover is sacrificed for us therefore let us keep the feast not with old leaven neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth so I think that's pretty cool coming I guess would be ours and that worse now talking about the leaven but it's interesting here we see firstly that Christ is our Passover and then it talks about the old leaven and a new leaven sorry about old leaven and to put old leaven away there's also a pair of verse where it talks about new eleven but not this one so what is leaven louder sin what else can it be yeah it's good what is eleven as well what did Christ say to his disciples beware of the leaven of the Pharisees was that the sin that wear out the sin of the Pharisees no structure no it was the doctrine of the Pharisees which is also sin and it's Badal and so at 9:11 but what are we to do what at 9/11 are we to purge out or was it purge that because when was 11 to be done away with but what time but what piece by possible already by Passover there was no leaven allowed in the house anymore 9/11 we don't have what anymore in the house can say no sin anymore no false doctrine the field has completely being plowed it's a good soil and now the Passover takes place yep and now with a good doctrine is there unleavened bread of sincerity yan verse s4 8 therefore let us keep the feast not with old leaven neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth this righteousness and the sanctification process starts second angel from 9-11 fourth yes therefore let us keep the beef talking about spiritually keeping the peace it is a spiritual keeping yeah because it's a parable because what were the feasts about what did we say there are many things about the feasts but one of the main points what was what was going on with the Jews they were scattered so there is a time period of gathering together so when it says keep the feast it also says come together gather spiritually gather and that was what Esther was about right when he left Babylon his message was come with me and even tarried for a little bit while a little while so that more people would come okay let's read and confirm them from allied Patricks and prophets page 539 paragraph 5 sister Pam if you wouldn't mind read that yep of patriarchs and prophets paragraph five pay tricks and prophets page 539 paragraph 5 there's no 5 on the 15th night 14 yep on the 14th day of the month at even the Passover was celebrated its solemn impressive ceremonies commemorating the deliverance from bondage in Egypt and pointing forward to the sacrifice that should deliver from the bondage of sin when the Savior yielded up his life on Calvary the significance of the Passover ceased and the ordinance of the Lord's Supper was instituted as a memorial of the same so here we see it black and white that Passover Feast ceased that we have to keep Passover ceased what Christ was at the cross but what was instituted instead of that the Lord's Supper and when did he do that when did he start keeping the Lord's Supper was a Thursday right night right so here that that is a reason for example why we keep the Lloyds separate because the Lord replaced it Passover with the Lord's Supper He fulfilled Passover and then he gave us the Lord's Supper for what reason why exactly because now we are to look back and remember always Passover on what the Lord has done okay let's read frederik if you would mind read that counts us to the church page 298 counsels to the church 298 and there it says Christ was standing Christ was standing yep Rex was standing at the point of transition between two economies and their two great festivals he the spotless Lamb of God was about to present himself as a sin offering that he would thus bring to unhand the system of types of ceremonies that for 4000 years had pointed to his death as he ate the Passover and his to swiftness disciples he instituted in its place the service that which was to be the memorial of his great sacrifice the national festival of the Jews was to pass away forever the service which Christ established was to be observed by his followers and all the lands and the next paragraph the Passover Passover was a vein and as a commemoration of the deliverance be a bill from Egypt Egyptian bondage God had directed that year by year as the children should ask the meaning of this ordinance the history could be repeated thus the wonderful day there once was to be kept fresh in the minds of all the ordinance of the Lord's Supper was given to commemorate the great deliverance wrought out as a result of the death of Christ bill he shall come the second time in power and glory this ordinance is to be celebrated it is the means of which is great work for us is to be kept fresh okay here we see again the Passover was fulfilled at Christ's death we're not to keep it anymore but now we are to commemorate , right the event remember the event by keeping the Lord's Supper and so the Passover was to remember the freeing of the bondage of Egypt but when was the anti-typical fulfillment of the the freeing of been bondage of the what the human being was in bondage in I don't know if I set that correctly in English did you understand the question nope see we need that 31 is that when you're talking ITC youth around it so Egypt was a bondage to Israel and Passover was to remember that they came out of bondage but what is this bondage a type for sin yeah so when is the anti-typical fulfillment that we're free of sin or bondage when did price provide the means what fulfilled in me in so to speak the cross at the cross because he said here I was it the ordinance of the Lord supper was given to commemorate the great deliverer deliverance brought out as the result of the death of Christ so the death of Christ was a deliverance there was a deliverance of sin okay how do we know is there a sign that we know that the feasts were done away with the ceremonial laws were done away with at Christ's death do we have a sign the temple radio yeah let's read that and then we're about to close time goes by fast the desire of Ages page 756 and it starts there with when the loud high if the next person could read it yeah when the loud cry it is finished came from the lips of Christ the priests were officiating in the temple it was the hour of the evening sacrifice the lamb representing Christ had been brought to be slain clothed in his significant and beautiful dress the priest stood with lifts at night as did Abraham when he was about to slay his son with intense interest that people were looking on but the earth trembles and quakes for the Lord Himself draws near with the rending noise the Intervale of the temple was torn from the top to bottom by an unseen hand thrown upon throwing open to the gaze of the multitude a place once filled with the presence of God in this place the Shekinah had dwelt here God had manifested his glory above the mercy seat no one but the high priest ever lifted the veil separating the apartment from the rest of the temple he entered in once a year to make an atonement for the sins of the people but lo this veil is rent in twain the most holy place of the earthly sanctuary is no longer sacred why is the most holy place of the earthly sling tree no longer sacred because type has met what anti type and what was the sanctuary here on earth a type of the heavenly sanctuary right because often we think you know what's in heaven is because down here you know but actually was what's down here is a type of what's up there with Christ coming down here he started to fulfill all these field feasts we won't get to day to it but it would be nice to show how we're still in the fulfillment of the face let's see it there's a in the st. next page there it starts with the paragraph all is terror and confusion well it should be page 757s please all his terror and confusion the priest is about to slay the victim but the knife drops from his nerveless hand in the lamb escapes fight has met anti sight in the death of God's Son the great sacrifice has been made the way into the holiest land is laid open a new and living way is prepared for all no longer need sinful no longer need sinful sorrowing Humanity await the coming of the high priest henceforth the Savior was to officiate as priest and advocate in the heaven of heavens It was as if a living voice had spoken to the worshipers there is now an end to all sacrifices and operands for sin the Son of God is come according to his word lo I come to do thy will o God and that's in the volume of the book it is written of me by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place having obtained eternal redemption for us thank you so we see cry right where when Christ was crucified and he dies what happens the land escapes and she says your mat type has met auntie Todd okay we're going to stop here now and make a little test or whatever you want to call it we have five more minutes so we have we saw that the selecting of the lamp took place at the triumphal entry and we saw that the Passover was fulfilled by the death of Christ somebody know what the fulfillment of the unleavened bread was free from sin yes but we're looking for the edgy to become fulfillment what was the unleavened think so because the unleavened bread was a 15 day of the first month that's where we got on it lasted for three mm-hmm so that would have been actually Sabbath unleavened bread on a day of Sabbath so what this piece is representing when I skim through my notes is that Christ came to take away sin 11 per month this is what is representing and the bondage of Egypt and ties my ties it in with the leaven meaning sin so sin is the same problem is taking care of sorry you were right why were the firstfruits the resurrection there were people resurrected with Christ so who are the firstfruits it's Christ first food or native firstfruits they're both of the first should buy what is the anti-typical fulfillment of this here grace it's Christ and when was this feast fulfill which was how many days fifty days after what event first after the first fruit because often people think it's after the passwords but it's actually 50 days after the resurrection of Christ so this was Pentecost and Penton means the 50th or the 50th day so you have kind of cluster so and just underline this and these were all the spring feasts and they were fulfilled in Christ timeline and here we come now to a different time when was the Feast of Trumpets fulfilled somebody know of what okay the Feast of Trumpets comes exactly 10 days before the Day of Atonement let's pick the easy one when was the day of atonement when did it start tenth day of the seventh month of what year 1844 October 22nd this pen is bad October 22nd 1844 is when the Day of Atonement started and we're in still in the fulfillment of this day so we're in between these two feasts but October 22nd 1844 the Day of Atonement started we can show that by prophetic lines the sanctuary being cleansed and all these things Christ going in the next apartment and why talking about him going the most holy place so now 10 days before is the Feast of Trumpets when would that be in my right timeline why are saying that 1833 it lines up with 1843 that's when you have the falling of the stars and Miller city's first church but that's not ten days before it is ten years and be for a year a day for a year so 10 years previously you can say what is it trumpet for to announce something a gathering or it's a warning message so you can mark in 1833 in 1834 and million William Miller starts to give a warning message to the world right and a gathering starts also gives them people are coming in to see the casket and see the jewels they're in so you see the trumpets there but I think this is a secondary line I think the primary line be sure it already that it was literally four days before we looked up here before Passover the triumphal entry the selecting of the lamb was exactly four days literal days so there's I think 10 days before the Day of Atonement there also something happened it was the trumpets Feast of Trumpets and when you look back in the mirror right writing William Miller actually believed that at 10 days before the Day of Atonement the probation would close and I didn't know that when I read that and there's an interesting line too and we're out of time but there's an interesting application for our time for the priest today because we are noted the day of atonement wherein the day of atonement and it ends at midnight but the Feast of Trumpets when would that be for the priests when is our warning being blown I know we can apply it at 911 but what is the last final warning field of trumpets on our language with 1991 which is where you have the increase of knowledge why Miller plays the ten days before that probation would close is that the Jews believe that in when they blew the feasts the trumpets the unknowns the judgment on the day of atonement it was just the closing of the judgment day of when you trumpet was blown it's unknown opening off judgment that's why so we need to finish just two titles ends in we have the day of atonement and ten days before we have the Feast of Trumpets Feast of Trumpets and day of atonement we know the day of atonement for the priests can be midnight marked as midnight and I know there is a way to apply the Feast of Trumpets on way marks previous but what I'm saying in this scenario here is what comes 10 days before before midnight the prediction before midnight prediction before midnight because this event was predicting that event and was preparing the people and so we have the prediction before midnight being a test number 10 till midnight and it's interesting the William Miller thought and I'm just putting it out very fast in a nutshell we would have to study and read William Miller in everything but he believed that the close of not close of formation that's wrong but there was no mercy no probation anymore so to speak people couldn't change their character any stuff any more and we already can show that executed judgment on the tears starts at the prediction before midnight before it goes on to the wheat at midnight so we in middle was right with what he's saying and we can even apply it to the priests in our day and age so we didn't get very fast we went it came to the Passover but I hope it was helpful and clear and that's pray in closing dear Father in Heaven we thank you for this day and also Lord that we can get our here together in the school and we're all from different parts of the world and we can study here together Lord and it's just trimester ends and we're all going home lord help us to take these things we learned here and bring them home and to practice them and share them with people Lord we thank you that you still give us time to and freedom study your word and to you give us also time to still develop our character lord help us to take those things seriously to be reminded of you and what you've done for us and lord help us to be guided by the lines and that we follow you wherever you go and that we hear your voice clearly that we know what we need to do in Jesus name we thank you amen