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shall we open with prayer our God and Father are thankful for today we're thankful that you have granted us another opportunity at life we approach you now knowing our unworthiness and we ask your help in being the vessels you require us to be as we seek now to understand your word and to somewhat reflect on the trimester that's coming to a close I ask that you'll be with us with our thoughts be with our words and watch over Isaiah back in Christ amen um this morning um it's my hope to bring out some thoughts that have been on my mind these past few days I must confess that they are strong thoughts and the conclusion of the matter will probably come across as strong for some and mild for others it's all dependent on how you receive it um if we all have notes I'm going to begin by reading the first quotation and for those who are constantly in keeping with the classes you would have heard this particular quotation January of this year when it was that brother Jeff was bringing out or unmasking the Omega as we understood it then but during our time together new suggestions have been made that the Omega is more than we thought it to be and that it is no longer a fraction but it carries majority of those that are a part of this movement and the suggestions that have been made during the trimester will be repeated by me as I understand it so it says shortly before I sent out the testimonies regard regarding the effects of the effort sorry of the enemy to undermine the foundation of our faith through the dissemination of seductive theories I had read an incident about a ship in a fog meeting an iceberg for several nights I slept but little I seemed to be bowed down as chart as a chart beneath Chiefs one night a scene was clearly presented before me a vessel was upon the waters in a heavy fog suddenly the lookout cried iceberg just ahead their towering high above the ship was a gigantic iceberg an authoritative voice cried out meet it there was not a moment's hesitation it was a time for instant action the engineer pulled on full steam and the man at the wheel stirred the steered the ship straight into the iceberg with a crash she she struck the ice there was a fearful shock and the iceberg broke into many pieces falling with the noise like thunder to the deck the passengers were violently shaken by the force of the collisions but no lives were lost the vessel was injured but not beyond repair she rebounded from the contact trembling from stem to stern like a living creature then she moved forward on her way well I knew the meaning of this representation I had my orders I had heard the words like a voice from our captain meet it I knew what my duty was and that there was not a moment to lose the time for a decided action had come I must without delay obey the command meet it and for if you continue on in the in the passage you see where he she went on to writing testimonies or counsels to the churches as to how to move to deal with the situation that Kellogg was putting within the movement at that time I don't claim to be of any authority and I think brother Jeff when he brought it out it was timely that he did it at that time and the position I'm assuming today is not the position he took or the role he has within this movement is not my own but I have I believe there are some things that need to be said an iceberg last trimester Luke what was it that we shared about the iceberg that what percentage of it was visible to the naked eye well 10% of the total mass is what's discernible 90 percent is concealed so last trimester when the understanding came that there was an iceberg before us that we needed to meet we were just seeing a small fraction of the entire issue and I believe that the full extent of the iceberg has been on mass destroy my sir and I'm going to share why but one of the things that from this suggests that it is a very big iceberg it's because that which was visible was gigantic so the the the other 90% would have been vastly grander than what was visible to the naked eye at that point and you'll see why as we move forward in our study the next paragraph I don't the next paragraph let's see what the next paragraph says the spirit which has prevailed at this meeting is not of Christ there is not love there is not sympathy our tender compassion one toward another dark suppositions have been suggested suspicions I'm so sorry have been suggested by Satan to cause dissension roots of bitterness have sprung up whereby many will be defiled Christian should harbor no jealousies or evil surmisings for this spirit is of Satan there must be no strife between brethren has made these people the repository of secret truths ye are one in faith one in Christ Jesus let there be no lording it over God's heritage let there be no such oppression of conscience as is revealed in these meetings it is God that scrutinizes every talent and it is he who will judge every man's work he has not laid this work of judging upon any man they have mistaken their calling there must be no exalting once one self above others God has not committed to any finite man the work of judging others for man's judgment would be biased by his peculiar traits of character neither had he laid it upon any man to bind the conscience of another or to pass judgment upon his holy word defining what is inspired and what is human unless sanctified soul body and spirit man will be in danger of manifesting and unkindly spirit toward his brother who does not agree with his ideas there is no such narrowness with God the enemy of God and man is here on the ground where important interests are centered at the heart of the work to misrepresent to create suspicion to create suspicion and misapprehensions from this night's work there are imaginings kirill on unjust misunderstandings that will leave leaven in every church and close hearts to the strivings of the Spirit of God unless the Lord in His mercy shall lift up the standard for us against the enemy kindness will be requited and super suspicions and insults faithful warnings and Adam admonitions sent from God will be scorned by some unheeded by others and the influence of this meeting will be as far-reaching as eternity the spirit manifest that is not of Christ the earth growth of this will be that some will turn away from light and others will come to a standstill in spiritual growth because from this our blindness of mind and self-righteousness will take the place in their experience of justice mercy and the love of God the seeds of disaffection the seeds of disaffection and this unity will be scattered broad will be scattered broadcast and all because men I love their own spirit to control them and may their unsympathetic and on him and unmade them unsympathetic and unimpressionable like moral icebergs cold sunless dark and forbidding the result will be ruin to the souls to souls the church a Battle Creek has been blessed with great privileges but the work that should have been done in it to make these privileges and opportunities tend to spiritual health and growth have been neglected the Lord is willing to bestow great light upon those who open their hearts in its divine to its divine race those who have marked out a certain course in which the light must come will fail to receive it for God's work for God works in his own appointed way it will be set up some here unless they quickly change their present attitude you have taken away the key of knowledge you have he entered not in yourselves and them that were entering in he hindered the church needs earnest and persevering laboring one of the points I want to pull from this let's turn to Isaiah 55 and we're going to read verses 8 and 9 Isaiah 55 verses f 8 and 9 sister Cathy could you read that please one of the one of the things I've I've taken from this passage is that the structure of an iceberg is looked upon in the vision before as a threat to a and we have been understanding throughout our time together that this ship can be typify Dazz this movement so there's a threat an external threat to this movement seemingly but this that is here is showing that there are internal threats that are identifiable as icebergs as well and the coldness the dissension the strife that is existing because god has not brought light in the manner that we presume he should have brought it it's one of the one of the leading causes of us becoming like icebergs and what unsympathetic and unimpressionable impression and this is something that will be build upon because one of the things I've found if it and I love there's a series by a teachers and there's a quotation in here from his work I we used to listen to to this particular some time ago and I always loved the frankness of his words and there are some things from what he has said that I'm going to bring out today but I realized that throughout the scripture and even in the spirit of prophecy preconceived ideas determine actions and in there are two partitions that follow that gives us examples of this one is with the disciples of Christ and the other is with the disciples of John against the disciples of Christ and I'll add to that later but the the paragraph was the quotation from desire of Ages page 437 and 438 ELISA could you read it please she has a master that can lightly see people with me none who showed themselves in any way friendly to Christ were to be repulsed there were many who had been deeply moved by the character in the worth of Christ in his hearts were opening to him and faith and the disciples who cannot read motives must be carefully must be careful not to discourage these Souls when Jesus were was no longer personally among them they must not indulge in arrows loose of spirit but manifest the same far-reaching sympathy which they have seen in the fact that one does not in all things conform to our personal ideas my opinions will not justify us and forbidding him to labor for God Christ is the great teacher we are not to judge or to command by the humility each is to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn upon every soul who God has made willing is a channel through which Christ will reveal his parking love how careful we should be at left at least we discourage one of God lest we discourage one of God's light bears and thus intercept the rays that he would shine the fact that one does not in all things conform to our personal ideas or opinions will not justify us in forbidding him to labor for God how careful we should be less we discourage one of God's light bearers and thus intercept the Rays that he would have shined to the world there are eternal consequences associated with this habit of disagreed with something from the desk and in place of going to the person that presented the the doctrine that you're in disagreement with you go and you say back home we say so so so you go to this person and that and you create a divide and I'm going to say this strongly that's how Lucifer operated in heaven his true intents and motives were unknown he spoke among the Angels and not only that he worked so underhanded that he solicited responses from them and returned it to other angels that he had not yet engaged and presented those arguments that his old words created as the sentiments of those other angels and it is wrong it is demonic and it needs to stop and she said how say though he did all that he would then almost like step aside and act as though he's defending God's honor and he's the one who created all the disorder and though that which propelled Lucifer is the same thing that propelled the disciples of Christ and the disciples of John and that's jealousy jealousy for your own for the own ideas you have nursed for so long they're your babies and for it to be presented as erroneous or for it to be put before you that you know you need to rethink this it's not always well received and the very thing that Olivia and Parminder have brought out about this fad that clogs the the entryway to the heart it is pride and pride is its best friend is jealousy and jealousy is a protector of Pride and the mere fact that disciples in in defending what seemed to be the cause of Christ the true motivation was self-protection and the true motivation behind this work of being underhanded and divisive in sharing our disagreements not to the person that we have disagreements with is also similar to what has been registered teri Lucifer's work was against Christ not the father the appearance of defending the father but his actions were against one who he perceived as being an equal and a threat to his all in position on an equal things conform to our personal ideas or opinions will not justify us in forbidding him to live before God and I'm sure all of all of us here but a retired Lt did on the Sabbath where he was speaking about persons because it is not elder jet that is the one in the pulpit speaking the truths that are coming from the school know they have they come up with different thoughts and ideas saying the person that is speaking it and you can see that is under saying that person does not conform to their own personal ideas are their opinions and because of that they don't want to hear anything and that's what is being addressed as well if it were elder Jeff that was in the pulpit to industry master's class no one would have a problem it would be yes and amen and that's it it Balaam had to listen to an us so if it is a donkey that the Lord places in the pulpit to speak to we shouldn't wait to see this sword before me here and now for for us to see that a similar motivation was had by the disciples of John the Baptist we will look at desire of Ages page 178 Olivia could you please know for a time times influence over the nation have been greater than that of its rulers priests or priestesses if he had announced himself as the Messiah and raised a revolt against war priests and people would have flocked to his standard every consideration had that appeals to the ambition of the world's conquerors Satan had stood ready to urge upon John the Baptist but with the evidence before him of his power he has steadfastly refused the splendid bride the attention which was fixed upon him had been directed to another know he saw the tide of popularity turning away from himself to the Savior day by day the crowds about him listened when Jesus came from Jerusalem to the region upon Jordan the people flocked to hear him the number of his disciples increased daily many came for baptism and while Christ himself did not baptize his son Sean the administration of the ordinance by his disciples those he set his seal upon the mission of his forerunner but the disciples of John looked with jealousy upon the growing popularity they stood ready to criticize it work and it was not alone before these form a mock Asia before the occasion a question arose between and the Jews as to whether baptism availed to cleanse the soul from sin - they maintain that the baptism of Jesus differed essentially from that of John soon they were in dispute with Christ's disciples in regard to the form of words proper to use baptism and finally as to the right of the latter to baptize came to him with their grievances same rabbi he that was with V beyond Jordan to whom thou bearest witness behold the same baptizeth and all men come to him so they criticize the work that Christ was doing and they found occasion whenever it was what when it was when it was given them to question the validity of the work of Christ the last portion that you have for me it says the disciples of John came to him with their visions is saying rabbi he that was will be beyond Jordan to whom though there is if John was bearing witness to Christ what is their excuse how then can you come complaining behold the same baptizeth and all men come to him John had said before me one standard who should watch it I am not worthy to be so he's saying he is greater than I and they're using those same words the one that you profess to be greater than you he's doing a greater is do we not read our work and I don't like so it's clear that the understanding was not hot by these disciples as to the full import of what John had said at the initial at the beginning when he says when he said the lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world and that there is one greater he baptized with water but there is one not comment that were baptized with the spirit there's something in the passage above the one that related to John and James that I want to look upon for us a few minutes mark 9 verses 43 to 45 has a sister passage in Matthew 5 verse 30 mark mark mark 943 245 says if thy hand cause thee to stumble cut it off it is better for thee to enter into life maimed rather than having thy two hands to go into hell into the unquenchable fire and if thy foot cause B to stumble cut it off it is good for thee to enter into life halt rather than having like two feet to be cast into hell Matthew 5 verse 30 says if thy right hand causes me to stumble cut it off and not only that cast it from thee and the commentary that she gives on it I find - I consider pretty profound it says to prevent disease from spreading to the body and destroying life a man would submit to part even with his right hand much more should he be willing to surrender that which impels the life of the soul through the gospel souls that are degraded and enslaved by Satan are to be redeemed to share the glorious liberty of the sons of God God's purpose is not merely to deliver from the suffering that is in is the inevitable result of sin but to save from sin itself the soul corrupted and deformed is to be purified transformed that it may be clothed in the beauty of the Lord or God conformed to the image of his son each eye hath not seen nor ear heard neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love him eternity alone can reveal the glorious destiny to which man restored to God's image may attain in order to reach in order for us to reach this high ideal there that which causes the soul to stumble must be sacrificed it is through the will that sin retains its hold upon us the surrender of the will is represented as plucking out the I are cutting off the hand often it seems to us that to surrender the will to God is the consent to go through life maimed or crippled but it is better since Christ for self to be memed wounded crippled if thus you may enter into life that which you look upon as disaster is the door to highest benefit God is the fountain of life and we can have life only as we are in communion with him separated from God existence maybe or as for a little time but we do not possess life she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth says first Timothy 5 verse 6 only through the surrender of our will to God is it possible for him to impart life to us only by receiving his life through self surrender is it possible said Jesus for these hidden sins which I have pointed out so they are no longer hidden because they are pointed out to be overcome it is possible that you may bury them in your heart and conceal them from human eyes but how will you stand in God's presence if you cling to self refusing to yield your will to God you are choosing death to sin where ever found God is a consuming fire if you choose sin and refuse to separate from it the presence of God which consumes sin must consume you and quotations like these caused me to question why in the world is there an issue with the righteousness by faith message that has been coming from the school clearly this passage tells you that if you continue to cherish sin become one with sin God is going to destroy you destruction is what your being called and spared from and in face of that there is opposition as to whether or not this that is beings Okin is of God when clearly his words are suggesting the very same thing yes is there I find that there are many things that it wasn't intentional to bring our thoughts that have been coming from this trimester we have seen thus far the the will the heart baptism there are so many things that have been the talk of or are the lessons that we have been covering this trimester and I'm going to I'm going to speak on that briefly later but I find that what is found in thoughts on the mount of blessings page pages 60 to 62 is individual corporately the suggestion is vastly different and I believe here is where people will have heartburn let's go to first Corinthians chapter 12 we're going to read verses 12 through to 27 first Corinthians chapter 12 verses 12 through 27 we'll do three versus each starting with brother Bob whereas the body is one and has many members and all the members of that one body being many are one body so also is Christ by one spirit are we all baptized into one body whether we be Jews or Gentiles whether we be bond or free have been all made to drink into one spirit where the body is not one member but if the food shall say because I am NOT the hand I am NOT of the body it is there or not of the body and if the air shall say because I am NOT the eye I am NOT of the body is it therefore not at the body if the whole body were an eye where were the hearing if the whole work hearing where were the smelling but now hath God set the members every one of them in the body as it has pleased him and if they were all one member where were the body but now are they many members yet but one body and I cannot say unto the hand I have no need for another and whether one member suffer all the members suffer with it or one member be honored all the members rejoice with it oh one more sorry now you are the body of Christ and members in particular how I understand it okay so how I understand it understand it is that the body is the movement and the appendages the ears the eye the hands the feet they are the members of the movement so individually when the spirit of prophecy says if thy right hand offend thee cut it off and it is individually assigned to the will I'm suggesting and there other hopefully other Bible verses will bring out the point that corporately the suggestion is the members that are causing this movement to stumble need to be cut off schism is from the Greek word G four nine seven eight it means to rent to split to gap to cause division to prevent disease from spreading to the body and destroying life a man would submit to part even with his right on much more should he be willing to surrender that which impairs the life of the soul the work of this movement is of eternal death we understand through the classes that have been hard that you have the Carpenters that do a work voluntarily and there are those who do it through payment if whatever they do Mars are compromises the final structure they have to be put apart from the work and my suggestion is if there are members who are causing dissension in the movement the injunction from the Word of God is that that individual should no longer be a part of the movement and the Bible tells you in Matthew let's go to Matthew chapter 12 verse 25 Brittany knew their thoughts and said unto them every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand falling away comes like I was wondering how do you tie in the argument where it says that were not to upward to tears because Judas for example was a tear and he was left in the movement to a certain point so when would we be cutting the members okay I wanna I'm going to bring out that through the understanding of John chapter six in John chapter six many of the disciples were offended through Christ say you need to partake of me you need to partake of the word that has come through the various encounters you have had with me I am the bread of life the manner that came down from heaven is a typification of me I am the one that you need to partake of and the spirit of prophecy says that the disciples who were offended and walked no more with Christ it was purposeful because Christ knew those who believed and he knew about Judas but I find that Christ is progressively just as in the story of Gideon he's progressively bringing us down to that number and these these different doctrines that are coming out it's making the movement go down to the three hundred it's making the movement go down to the twelve and I'm in the context of the disciples I understand that among the twelve is Judas but Christ brought it down so much that there was just one that was left from those that did this his words I'm coming I mean this recent camp meeting that we had sister Terry in particular and the camp meeting the emphasis of it was organization in dealing with organization which it was emphasized that we are at the point of organization sister Terry in her series but she presented that that is when Judas left the table therefore if other movement we are not at the point of organization which is where Judas left the table we as a movement are deceived and also on on that point one of the I'm going to find the Caucasian and read it but sister Terry being that Olivia made mention of her name one of the things that I appreciated about her class her sessions is that we understand that we are a part of the stolen Kingdom this movement is typifies through many symbologies and on the premise of a kingdom we cannot be divided because once we are divided we will be destroyed destruction is inevitable and the Bible says until we all come in the unity of the faith and a knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ when we are unified it is unification that differentiates us from all the other organizations that are prevalent within the world this unity cannot be allowed and that's just the point of it owner uh the great reformatory moving this charts as far as answering to maintenance question without think they could be 2014 we start marking that separation or or cutting off because because the foundations are we have that laid out to 2014 and on every chart and a separation marked right at the end of the foundations and in the beginning of the you know animals going into the arc so I think that would be marked at 2014 with behold the bridegroom cometh and things like that and Pat that adjusts and that whole symbolism of separating there so going back to the Passover story it was we lined up the PBM with the Last Supper that's when Christ revealed Judas to all at the table but not all that the table recognized what he had done and we've been learning that ppm was here at 2014 we just haven't quite recognized it yet so that work can can't be carried on now it's not going to be understood by everybody Deuteronomy 13 verses 630 11 I came across this passage when I was back home and it's I struggled over it but I'm thankful for this trimester because before this trimester I never I personally never understood that I could take all the stories of the Bible and up and look at it as a parable to what is currently happening and so Deuteronomy 13 verses 6 through to 11 Sarah could you please if thy brother the son of my mother or less or they daughter or the life of thy bosom of my friend witches as bad own soul enticed this secretly saying let us go and serve other gods which done has not known Falmer like father's namely of the gods of the people which are run about you nigh unto thee or far off from thee from the one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth thou shalt not consent unto him they were hearken unto him neither shall and I pity him neither shalt thou spare neither shalt thou conceal him but thou shalt surely kill him fine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death and afterwards the hand of all the people and thou shalt stone him with stones that he died because he has gone Sutra trust me away from the LORD thy God which brought thee out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage and he shall hear and fear and shall do no more any such wickedness as this among you you know one of one of the things I we always create out where to be long-suffering unrighteous for their forbearance is good and long sufferance is good but I believe that there is a cut-off point where long-suffering and forbearance becomes dangerous to the cause that you are that your professing and under Mosaic law there was zero tolerance for anything that corrupted the movement that God was leading and I understand now that Greece is a is an entity to be considered but I find that we sit so heavily on Greece that sometimes we act out of turn and we are low issues to happen initially when brother Jeff was sharing last trimester about the omega and he was very strong I wondered was that needful and there were people who wondered if it was needful as well but the effect that was being through those moments that he said nothing was of they were so eternal in their extent that there are people who had he not said something had he not allowed it to be known that how we understand things is not how the Omega is teaching it there were those who were being taken into the doctrines of the Omega because they thought that FFA was a part of it our school of the prophets was a part of it so they're instances where silence is not eloquence for the benefit of the movement Tamina that was something recently spring up and address was so hard on it that was a matter of programs of quite some years and of many people and it's worth looking doesn't realize so I'm wondering when is the point where you stop having this forbearance is to say there comes a point where you should have you should stop and so I want to wear what you say is this point where you say stop and then my second question is that Christ never kicked Judas out so how should you take that desire of Ages chapter 71 Ellen White says that Judas was shocked that Christ had short Christ had exposed him to Christ at the Lord's Supper exposed Judas and then White said when Christ washed to disease see Judas his heart became hard he became demon-possessed the point that I am making is if we believe what our movement is teaching we are teaching that we are having the Lord's Supper which is represented at organization we are teaching therefore that we are in the time of foot washing which is where Judas is exposed therefore Judas would have been in the movement for years not one day not two weeks just as hoped the highlight was made about the Omega that it was something that has been there not for a year but for a number of years so as the picture and reported things he as a movement are at a point where we say we are at the Passover meal therefore at the foot washing it is time for organizing the PBM must be here since 2014 all those things and if that is in line if the Passover is in line with what we are professing is organization it is therefore time for Judas to be exposed not by up not by the way that the movement itself is moving forward and being structured the act of Christ is what exposed to disease heart therefore the act of the moment in organization is what exposes Judas and I find that it doesn't want someone's fault is exposed inevitably their reaction is to either swallow pride and remain and grafted in this movement or choose as many do choose to separate there's separation comes the Deuteronomy 13 says that you are to cast stones at these people the stone doesn't is is not to be understood literally the stone can be looked upon as we had covered this trimester as us just highlighting the errors that are found within the doctrines that these individuals speak on and these exposures will lead to results like Judas getting up from the table and walking no more with Christ but in the context of John chapter 6 what happens is that many of the disciples the Bible says walked no more with him and Christ was deliberate in in his statements to these disciples it says by the public rebuke I'm reading from deserve ages three 92.1 it says by the public rebuke these disciples were still further alienated from Christ they were greatly displeased and wishing to wound the Savior and gratified the malice of the Pharisees they turned their backs upon him and left him with disdain they had made their choice had taken the form without the spirit the husk without the kernel their decision was never afterward reversed for they walked no more with Christ there's a section of a tool that says and I don't know why I cannot find it that reaction of Christ in doing what John seek said was with a purpose and the purpose was to spare his disciples from the disappointment that was just before them through his death on the cross and it says that had that great multitude of disciples remained with them their faith would have been weakened and they would not have they would not have weathered the disappointment as they did with them separated and the point is that the same can be discerned through the via the understanding of the story of Gideon the three hundred were the faithful in the lot they would have executed the plans and designs of God God could have won the battle through them because they were rightly aligned will and purpose to him the other is the Bible says in John 6 Christ knew from the beginning those who believed on him and he also knew who Judas was and the action of John 6 was to get rid of those who do not believe on him entirely and he said it in John 6 as well have I not chosen you twelve and one of you is the devil so it is the progressiveness on it I'm going to find the car tension as we as we go on because I want it to be read but the entire point of it is that corporately the movement cannot be jeopardized because the hand decides that you know what I'm not going to do this because I want to do the rule that the eye does I want to see I don't want to touch anymore I want to see not feel the feet is in is in an arc easy I don't want to be the one that bears the weight of the body anymore I want to be like the hands that just falls anywhere and nothing is that easily dependent on it no weight is born and this divisive Nastase this disunity cannot be tolerated in the church triumphant and we have been in the dispensation of the church triumphant since 2014 in the scripture when it talks about parts of the body in the calmly parts I mean there's there's parts of our body that that are internal you know we don't even see and yet how important are they you know to to to a sustaining life and and working together with the whole body so I you see that there's a lot more than what you to see on the surface whether you're talking about appendages you know or things like that there's it's all part of the body and it all works together for the body and if one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers did all go get all of those together so I often think about that because a lot of times people don't think about their their inward parts and their comas hearts but there's there's there's no parts of the body that that are never on the on the surface to be seen and yet they perform a fox that is just as important one of the things that we we are to bear in mind it's the same passage desire of Ages chapter 41 it says that every action of Christ he says that every action of Christ was with a purpose the entire life of Christ every event that is documented in the Bible everything him crying every everything has prophetic importance and one of the things that it says is that he was purposeful in every word he spoke he was purposeful in every act that he did and one of the things towards what tamina said is there's a in in this volume of sunlight the children are learning the character trait of discernment and I find that discernment is something that Christ had and I think that this that discerning element is what determines how long we forbear so to speak how long we are a long suffering if it is a threat to the movement if it is a threat to the cause of God it requires action that's just how it is because right to movement when when does the point when is the point rich then it comes or turns into a threat of the movement I was sharing with sister with sister teri yesterday it may seem as if I'm sight I'm going a no I'm not I'm not sidetracked but I was sharing with sister teri yesterday I had made a statement on Sunday that what it was when Lucifer's action was physical he was expelled from heaven and I found a contention that suggested otherwise it's that a meeting was convened in heaven and from that convene the meeting they had decided that Lucifer was to be sent out and the spirit of prophecy says then there was war in heaven then it got physical but the point is that a manifest a an open manifestation has been made as to their being divided there being a division and when it is openly manifested that's the time that action should be taken towards making reconciliation or tidying up house because the movement cannot a kingdom divided against itself will fall that's just how it is and we little understand the extent of the damage that's being done when we manifest that you do not understand a point of doctrine it's clear bring it to whoever it is that you find their words to not reconcile with your personal understanding and be willing as that is explained to accept it be willing to not leave that that that interview intent on carrying forward your own agenda it's divisive it is demonic and if you read the spirit of if you read the Bible itself it says that when you IRA's surmise when there is strife I think we're going to read it let's go to first Currie thence three verses one through two now first Corinthians three verses one through two nine Johnny could you please one through tonight even as occupation sighs I have fed you with milk and not with meat for either - we were not able to bear it neither yet now are ye so ye are a cup for ye are yet honey well whereas there is among you envying and strife and division need not corner and walk as men for why one said say I am of Paul and another i am of apollos ye are not Connor who then is Poland who is Apollo's but ministers by whom he believeth believe him even as the Lord gave to every man I have planted apollos watered watered but God gave the increase so then neither is he that planteth anything neither he that water watereth but god that giveth the increase now he that planteth and he that watereth are one and every man shall receive his own reward reward according to his own labor for we are laborers together with God ye are God's husbandry ye are God's building and one of the point that needs to be brought out is that the mere fact that Barry's strife divisions and wings it shows that we are carnal it shows that we have not fully attained to the requirements of the dispensation that we are now living in and we're misrepresenting what this message is teaching I'm going to do a quick recap before I touch your question because I find that that's where the source spot is whether this thing should be honest or prophetically or whether it should be to take and morally but in recap or in summary these many quotations that we have read and there are others that are there but I'm going to piggyback on the others hopefully to me to answer Luke's question is that this work of disagree it's it's well and good it's how we go about our disagreement that is a threat to the movement and one of the things that I really appreciated about Parminder was his availability if you had a question you could always approach him and he will explain whatever you know inconsistencies there seemed to have been he was always available and always welcoming so we are without excuse if it is that we took issue with a point of doctrine never brought it to him the mere fact that we never brought it to him means that it's not worthy to be an issue and if you continue to foster these things and not only foster it but share it like a plague among others of the movement it is underhanded and it is wrong if you disagree with a point it's dishonest to add and hypocritical Pharisee achill and satanic for you to disagree with the point as Lucifer did in heaven over the issue of Christ being having authority or having the role needful to work with God in the creation of the earth and month if you disagree with the point it is Christian to approach these individuals that you have issues with and you know iron it out the way the word speaks on it not through dissension not through it was speaking nothing gossiping not through breaking down a person's character saying very moral and their houses are not in order and so they are not in the right position to be to be ministering to us who are you to determine that the outlet through whom God God works is not chosen by man and we fail to understand that or opposition is not towards Parmenter it's not towards Jeff it is towards God God is the head of this movement and any any opposition any division any question any anarchy that comes it's not to Jeff it's not to partner it's not to double it is not to Marco God is the leader of this movement and if we're picking out flaws with his appointed messengers we are picking out flaws with God and we are supposed to be very careful if Moses could not walk on the grounds that Christ was at and he said take thy shoes off my feet because the grounds on which you are standing is holy grounds from 9:00 from 1989 we have been walking along a path that is holy groans and every we mark that is erected along this path is holy and sacred and thus the Bible is clear there is a curse pronounced on every man that removes the way marks of the forefathers and we are content to sit in church and to sit through meetings hear the word from the pulpit disagree with it and in place of doing the christ-like thing we do the underhanded thing of speaking only against God's appointed way and medium of working and this is the mood of salvation and if you're taking issue with the mood of salvation how is it that you expect to be to attain to heaven at all mount of blessings page 6 paragraph 1 says as something strange and new these words fall upon the ears of the wandering multitude such teaching is contrary to all they have heard from priest or ruler or rabbi they see in it nothing to flatter their pride or to feed their ambitious hopes righteousness by works it's wrong but it is it is more readily approved by us because we have a hand in how things are done righteousness by faith is an altogether different element and we are not so quick to grab that method of righteousness because we have no hand and we have to accept God's appointed way in the matter it is strange it is new it is it's it is it is contrary to the teachings that is public through the priests and the but it is a teaching that does not flatter pride and it cannot flatter pride if play pride is the blockage that is causing the word to not have access to the heart so pride has to be removed and it does not feel ambitious hopes 1st Corinthians 8 verse 2 says and if any man think that he knoweth anything he knoweth nothing as he ought to know it Tamina and it's really interesting I would recommend for everyone to read the story with Redemption the first 30 pages more or less but in specific page 13 to 19 and it's interesting that play was working in secret and I'm just addressing this here because it makes me understand better when we reach a point is peep out and cut them off but it's interesting that Luther it says on page 15 and says loser and his sympathizers were striving to reform the government of God so Luther was striving to actually change the way how a God listen Harold yeah Handel thinks how God run his kingdom who wanted to change that because it was unhappy and he get and he rebelled against authority to decide and then in the next two pages is pretty cool God calls in and a meeting and says everyone can tell that this why they are not happy why are you're not happy and everyone else why are they not happy and then God tells basically you know you're wrong and everyone sees it and then lose pretty boldly declares do you want to cast me out if you want to cast me out you also have to cast all these out are you bold enough to do that and then it says then there was more in heaven when this person says I'm not happy with how you run things and are you gonna kick me out you have to kick all these other ones out are you bold enough to do that and that's when the Lord acted and also last week food there was a study on X 27 and how Peter interacted with Simon Magus was very clearly and you have no lot or matter in this movement to repent they didn't actually kick him out and he didn't wait for summer Magus to leave it was just exposed I mean it's very it's their reception of that rebuke yes not baby told him to repent that it turn means the ultimate but something to Mina said I don't know those that are watching would infer that the things I'm saying is gauged towards those here there are persons here that are probably guilty I don't know I'm just addressing what I know to be a fact I don't know if those here are implicated but one of the things that Tamina said that is that involves us who are here is that Lucifer brought his dissension to others and they heard it and they commented and that comment they made was utilized by this life all to be brought to others and said you know sister Cathy said she does not agree with this point she found it a little shady when initially sister Cathy would not have thought that we had Lucifer not come to her and said you know there is something wrong in this and that point of doctrine and Lucifer his response was if you're going to cast you know you're going to have to cast out all the others who have spoken to and I have solicited response from all of us are guilty because not only the sister Kathy says something but a Lavigne said something Terry said something shakoora said something Brittany said something - Mina said something so all of us have to go and the responsibility now is this if there are people that come to you with ideas that are that threaten what is publicly known to be truth it is your responsibility to once send that person to the correct individual to air their concerns - and it is your responsibility to shut your mouth make no comment make no suggestions do not add to the folly do not add to the error because you are implicating yourself and through implication you are just as wrong as the one that is inciting that kind of attitude is way beyond this classroom because with social media and chat groups this disaffection is worldwide so easily done across the world in a matter of seconds if any man think that he knoweth anything he knoweth nothing as he ought to know it's this first Corinthians 8 verse 2 and their passages of Scripture that suggests that we approach the kingdom of God as a little child would and not only that but those that will inhabit eternity will be as little children and the reason for that is that little children they do not have their opinions are not fully set as older ones are if I say - if I say - Libya that her if I say to Lydia that trees can walk she has never seen trees walking but she's open to new ideas even the very strange ones I like the other day we've talked even was talking about Lila juice and she she wondered if that star was a cup of juice and it seems a little strange to adult minds but had Ethan said yes it's a big cup of juice she would have left with that idea and she would have shared it with everybody and the difference between a child and an adult is that adults are set in their ways and what that does is that it closes our minds from learning anything new because we have decided that how I understand a matter is how it is but the Bible says he that thinketh that he knows something he doesn't know that being the way he ought to know it how many times has this the understanding been refined when we look at Millerites history Miller is understanding was refined by his associates initially he thought the first the other first month was March 20 22 1844 that was revised refined ennobled and the understanding was in actuality the khayrat reckoning is more in keeping with with with jus with the Jewish economy so the first the other first month is April 19th the understanding of the district the the crucifixion of Christ was understood by Miller as happening in the year 33 AD but additional studies and refinement sure that it's 31 ad that Christ was crucified there are many things in the understanding that Miller put forth initially they were correct but the the fine-tuning of it was needful and had this movement decided I know things the way I ought to know it not giving room for additions not giving room for refinement this movement would not be on the ascending path to heaven the light the light of God seen as at the light of God that shyness more and more onto a perfect what is that thank you Jason the path of the just is as a shining light that China is more and more on to a perfect day and I find that all through this trimester things were suggested that we're new and strange are so it seems but when you read the spirit of prophecy when you read the Bible you see that all that has been shared is what's found in the Bible it's just that we were not at a position in our understanding to even understand it and as 1st Corinthians chapter 3 verse 1 says there are still things that we do not know understand and where we are in this movement it requires us to not be divisive but to take up the rule that God has assigned to us and go forward in the manner that he desires us to go forward in the Bible in Isaiah 55 verses 8 & 9 says that the thoughts of God are higher than ours his ways are higher than ours as the the the distance that is between heaven and earth is proportional to the distance that exists between us and God the Bible says and how do we presume to determine or to have our own decisions as to how God should work if they're so huge of gulf between or understanding or ways or thoughts and Godzone and when the message comes in a manner that we do not we do not approve we need to we need to accept that there is something diabolically wrong with us Tamina yeah I thought when basically tells us to love our enemies how does that practically work that are happy when I'll meet those people need to move in you're like oh no it's good what is we're actually to love them how does that make it like loving them and loving them and talking to them and then it's like after the separation and then then it's like you walked into this green pasture and it's like not that you want to be separated from them but that arrow was destroyed you know and the constant battle with it and we have to battle for a while but then after the battles over in Iceland thank god that's all you don't like I don't love any of those guys I'm sure none of us doesn't mean you're less but it just comes a time we have to separate it's the error the person or the era sorry yeah it's the daughter I'm being relieved because if you feel relief from a stressful situation does it mean that you're happy that that person or that arrow or whatever it is that was that stressor has been running is it that you're happy to see persons go or think about the lives of individuals because just as brother Richard said we had the same experience Jamaica we have it there for nine months and I remember when brother Jeff started saying V Omega and I was one of the first persons in Jamaica that said brother Jeff is talking about this this design that person it hit was hard none of us ever rejoiced about it even to this day it hurts but it does not mean that relief was not felt when I lost you are relieved from that situation being in a situation where you are constantly bombarded and oppressed I don't believe it is sinful or wrong to express our fear relief when God lifts that burden there is nothing immoral about that she says after Satan is expelled and his sympathizers she says not attained of rebellion was left in heaven always again peaceful and Harmonists as before angel assist in heaven mourned the faith of those who had been their companions in happiness and bliss the loss was felt in heaven so you see there's relieved that those people leave at the same time their loss was felt in heaven the thing is why are we feeling so relieved and happy or something why do we even feel that hurt do we feel hurt because the wheat suffered a lot through the tears being among them that's what Elwood says because tears are among the wheat that meat has to suffer a lot I read that is that why we're hurt or we hurt because people leave the movement over doctrinal issues and we're hurt because those people actually use this so I think that's a question we should individually ask herself I referred because we had to suffer so much because of their behavior or a doctrine or whatever you say or we heard because somebody is about to lose their eternal life and we were not able to save them um in response to what you shared no I look I'm so sorry I intended on touching the point of morality and prophecy because I find that that's something that is being contended whether the the sealing this is the last thing I see I'll see the sealing is an intellectual and a spiritual settling into the truth right to the point where we cannot be moved we have understood this intellectual settling as the consumption of the little book and the little book is prophetic we understand too that information is what drives morality information is what drives the conscience or ability to discern right or wrong that information comes from prophecy when Lucifer approached Eve in the Garden of Eden he did not present to her anything moral his suggestions to her was based on the spoken word of God which is a typification of the later book from the very beginning that which has been under contention is prophecy the Word of God did God say that you should not eat of the fruit of the tree of the garden you will not surely die because God knows that in the day you eat thereof you shall be as God's knowing good and evil there is nothing moral about that that's unbelief and unbelief comes through rejection of information prophecy and morality I've never understood it here as I know that you have to give way to away 'test you and prophecy is the information that tribes us prophecies needful and prophecies at the head that's all I understood to be suggested here but moralities are consequence of the information are acting upon the information that we have received and had Parminder been asked it would have been told us and he said it in class because the rumors were circulating he's not saying that there is no room for morality he's saying that morality is not the go to prophecy is the understanding of Daniel 11:40 245 is what is it is what's directing our course of action without information or actions are non-existent everything we do is driven by information sister Terry and then we'll pray it always takes the moral high ground repeat what you said you can pick unbelief it will always take the moral high ground what is that you don't love you're not nice enough and that's Omega that's free Heavenly Father your word says in Hosea 4 verse 6 that your people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge and because they have rejected knowledge you will reject them and cause them to no longer be priests for you I ask that you help us to write you understand our role as priests that you will help us to be the depositors of your word to the end that it may be disseminated help us to understand that we first need to be intellectually equipped in order to have the corresponding spiritual action and it's not a delayed process between intellectually and spiritually it's running concurrently I ask forgiveness for sins of if it is that we are participating bringing about strife I ask forgiveness on that on each of our behalf and if we have just remained as Harris putting a little input here and a little input there I pray that you will help us to realize that we are implicated in the wrong and if we persist in carrying out this matter of dissension the movement will have nothing else to do but to cut that section off and cast it off from it the word that you have assigned to us has to go forward and I pray that you'll help us to be faithful members therein watch over us throughout the remaining portion of the day I ask in Christ's name