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shall we pray to begin then whining I'm a little nervous this morning for some strange reason okay um we have a lot of materials to covering the time that we're going to spend together it's going to be vast and we're going to attempt to go through some of the materials quickly others will attempt to go through slower than others this morning I'm hopeful that we can summarize the trimester that has passed in one in one session it's going to take a lot of work and it's going to take a lot of interaction from each of you here in order for us to get through all those 70-something videos because we're going to cover so many materials in a short period of time I'm only going to feel questions that are pertinent to the topic under discussion any interaction should also be in connection with the topic that is being covered because we do not want it igress at all from the topics on the board work to my right we have brother Theodore his information I know that his information is often the one that troubles us the most and so his is to the front to the back of the board I have brother parameters information and to the back of this board I have what Daniel did for the trimester the one that was visible online is what I put on the board so we're going to discuss the information that brother Theodore brought out you may observe that I do not have the 390 and a half 390 one and a half on there because that's going to be covered later in our sessions together we're just going to cover those concepts that we're at the beginning of the trimester and I'm hopeful that you can recall every single one up so the line to the top what is it talking about anybody but brother Theodore send us those letters what are the dates what do each date represent publishing written which one February 16 what happened then the first one was written February 22nd published April 3rd no April 3rd April 3rd the first letter was republished May 2nd May 2nd am i okay okay so February 16 the first letter was written it was published twice this is the midnight cry this is the signs of the time this is yeah publish both places this is the publication of the second letter we do not know when it was written this is when the third letter was written and here is when it was published I need to put June 29 is when the fourth letter was written published July 18 three days before midnight is this new to us no okay so we need to have this in our memory banks much of the information here and to the back of the board as well as to the back of that board we need to have it in our memory banks for when we're going through our sessions together this line listen okay so this is when the first letter was written first first first second third third fourth written published publish published returned publish right so these three-way mics are three dates are assigned to the first letter of samos no it was written on the foot on the 16th of February 1844 and was published twice first in the midnight cry second in the signs of the times February 22nd and April 3rd respectively the second letter was published on the second of me the third letter was written on the 22nd of June and published on the 27th of that month on the 29th of June the fourth letter was written and was published on the 18th of July 3 days before midnight he had shared with you a chiastic structure that he had observed when he was observing these lines and he was questioning this particular date the significance of it and the contribution it can make to this entire narrative and why he had done was he had calculated and seen that 2 months and 16 days spanned from February 16 to May 2nd and the same is true from May 2nd to July 18th this line okay so this line I'm hope you guys know these dates all of these dates but this figure is probably what's newest to those in the room and brother Theodore had covered it during his sessions with you earlier on in the trimester so from what happened 742 bc 742 bc mm-hmm what prophecy the prophecy of the 65 years Isaiah what chapter chapter 7 verse okay Isaiah 7 verse 8 so this is the year in which it was given and we know that 19 years following this the northern tribe was taken into captivity 46 years following this the southern tribe was taken into captivity and their two thousand five hundred and twenty years of scattering spanned from these commencement dates to these ending dates 1798 and 1844 respectively and we saw that these these scattering times are bookended by one the information of Isaiah 7 verse 8 and 1863 when this prophecy was officially rejected by the Seventh day Adventist Church and a calculation of this span of time use this figure 2,600 2,600 years and four years and why is this significant okay I believe brother Theodore covered this as well there's an article that was written by himself and another brother that I had read when I was in Guadalupe and in that article they marked the number 12 a symbolic of the Covenant so the 12 equals the covenant and this is all in context of this the 70th week expect particularly the midst of that week and what was done was that these two were multiplied by each other ah by the theater remind me of this again oh just like that okay so this calculation here is what was reproduced and the only difference was that in place of 30 days it was put 31 ad and the calculation was done that way and yielded 2604 and that's what's also reflected here and how I understood his use of this line was the transition from here to here it probably wasn't but that's how I understood it do you understand this yeah okay so I'm going to do it again we already know these dates that are to the top of each of these of this particular line what we never understood before what we had never done was calculated the amount of years that spanned from 742 BC to 1863 and that is two thousand six hundred and four years but there's another witness to this figure and that witness is an adjustment to this calculation that is to the right of to the right upper end of the chart which yields 25 20 what was done is that these two this top calculation was kept and 30 days was changed to 31 ad where the Covenant was confirmed because this is a calculation of the Covenant and when you multiply 84 by 31 you get 2604 as a second witness to this calculation right here do you understand that now yeah and what I understood and I'm like I said it's when the Covenant was confirmed that year was 31 ad and because this computation is towards the Covenant concept this date was used in place of the 30 so the 31 was used in place of the 30 in reference to 31 ad is that good saying again sorry because we see that I think it's basic it's based on the it's just the second witness to confirm this that was found and because it's following a particular theme I don't see it as a harm to do that brother Theodore do you have a thought on that on the 1863 chart that week is there and so in the year that 25 20 is rejected by the 1863 charts we have not just a 25 20 symbolized by the three and a half because in the chart it says three and a half three and a half on either side of the cross on the 1863 chart so that's 25 20 days right but also if we take the the prophecy that deals with the 70 week it says you shall confirm the covenant which is the number 12 with many for one week which is the number seven and in the midst of the week which is 31 ad he shall cause sacrifice an oblation to cease if we take that calculation then 7512 by 31 we get two thousand six hundred and four years which is two thousand six hundred four years from when the prophetic we began so it's a powerful witness about the midst of the week the significance of Christ on the cross and that's the center of our message is Christ crucified means that okay okay so like I said I believe he had shared this concept to channel into his coverage of this that might not have been the case but that's how I interpreted it so this is the the 70th week that is assigned to the confirmation of the Covenant and this is also a set of materials that was covered by brother Theodore earlier on in the trimester so these are the dates as are observed and these are the days that lie between each of these dates and the total amount of days that spanned from the beginning to the end is what is reflected here and this line right here is where additional details have been added so you have the three and a half three and a half as is reflected here being kept here but you can observe that this upper structure is not reflecting two thousand five hundred and twenty days instead it is reflecting fifty additional days and this bottom line is to explain this addition so September thirtieth is the commencement point of this line the ending point is October 12 do you know why the tenth day of the seventh month was chosen why the tenth day of the seventh month chosen as the commencement point for the 70th week of Christ's line so it wouldn't know because the third decree went into effect on the tenth day of the seventh month so that date is September thirtieth 27 ad but in order for us to get the 1260 days we have to begin our calculation November 15 2782 taken to April 27 31 ad it is 1260 days do we understand do we can we recall this line or do I need to go through it how many were not in Theodorus classes when they were okay I'm sorry forgive you apologize I did two presentations at the Kami that had actually repeated it a third and a fourth time and I think he did it also during prayer meeting one want a cup of per meeting to Vespers yeah that's very sorry okay so I'll go through this slower do we understand this there's nothing too decorative on this particular line it's here that the seeming complication is so I'll explain here originally when we understood the 70th week we understood that it was three and a half three and a half which would equal to two thousand five hundred and twenty days now when the literal history is observed what was seen is that more days are assigned to that week we initially understood and what was done as I understood it was that that particular week was laid out on a line and or original understanding was placed there with the the new findings of the two thousand five hundred and seventy days spanning from the tenth day of the seventh month 27ad to the tenth day of the seventh month thirty four ad do I need to repeat that or is that okay if I'm saying something that you do not understand please do not allow me to proceed because I'm going to use this information later and I won't be forgiving yes okay so that's just historical data right there okay so I was saying that originally we understood that there were three and a half that if this was evenly divided 1260 days 1260 days but when that particular history was observed it was seen that it was not two thousand five hundred and twenty days that span that entire history but two thousand five hundred and seventy days so this line is to show that information in a in a graphical way where did we get this additional fifty year fifty days from and this is what this bottom line is doing I'm coming wait sister Chrystie then Brittany okay so the extra fifty days is the bottom line yeah this is just showing the extra fifty four on one side forty six on the other four on the end and forty six at the commencement point what are they okay that's why I was saying that originally your understanding was that 1260 days spanned from the commencement to the point of the cross this is just showing where those 1260 days begin and this is November 15 2017 d2 April 27 31 80 but the actual line begins September 30th so there are 46 days that lie between that date and that one well it's speculative as to whether or not that was when Christ was baptized he was baptized it would be baptized on the day of atonement if he started the 70th week on the tenth day of the seventh month with his baptism it'd have to be the day of the time that's just to reflect the three-and-a-half it would be actually around the time that he came out of a wilderness after his 40 days of fasting okay Brahman and menu so we're we're taking that November 15 and we're just calculating 1260 that's it that's where that we don't have any historical nothing on there just got 1260 yeah my 80 October 8 those are just 1260 and 1260 from the April 27th day isn't it ooh and then we we've randomly chosen to add four days on one side of 46 days on the other side so that we can equal an additional 50 days or that's why I'm confused why don't we just put 50 over there since September 30 in busy to date do you know what I'm saying how do we decide where do ya September 30th is a date that's when Christ was baptized okay so September 30th business that day mm-hmm and we said November 15th because it's the automatic 1260 mm-hmm and so what are we doing about last 4 days because this is when Stephen was stormed October 12 okay so those gates are set it's just the middle ones that aren't confirmed you see you're going on is that one whole line on the bottom mm-hmm so you're going from 2019 okay didn't don't look at this I'm not dealing with that I'm dealing with here okay what is that mean we haven't gotten there yet no cuz that's okay rather human than pretty and what does that line telling us that to wrap it up okay in order to wrap it up I would have to go there but I need you to understand this before I proceed down to those dates to the far left okay so the only three dates that are confirmed with historical evidence or September 30th and these that are here April 27 and October 12 so everything else in the middle is just based on calculations calculations right so those are confirmed mm-hmm Britany I'm sorry I think I had this question at the can't meaning and I can't remember the response I got um why didn't that destroy the prophecy of the coven yeah that's what it seems like to me what do you mean like this shouldn't the baptism of taking place on November 15 and Stephen stone on October 8 not necessarily I don't believe maybe twenty five twenty days which we've said for years but that's still observable in this line it's just that we're observing additional layers to it we're improving our understanding we cannot deny this historical way marks because it's not consistent with what we understood before it does not deny the existence that's why this is here the two thousand five hundred and twenty days still exists in this line it's just that there is an additional fifty days to be reckoned so I don't think it destroys it I think this more anchors our understanding of the thought because we have historical dates now to explain or understanding of these different concepts 25 20 days from in the because it covered hmm it would be 25 20 prophetic days if you use the prophetic calendar but those are symbolic not literal 360 days to a year in 30 days to a month 25 20th the land melts ever since that landscape on his trace fiction that lamb what impressed was that lamb that would this would take that away it's not correct Oh Jason you had a thought what you had said that September 30th was speculative okay but originally when I watched the video it did not seem very concrete to me but brother Theodore just confirmed that Christ was baptized on September 30th me too I'm misunderstanding on my part when I watch the videos Angelia those dates on the bottom are they Julian are a year down here with sister Christy why the blue dates yeah they would be Julian not necessarily she just brought in that could be done okay so then what's the link with the very bottom line those other two what these I'm trying to go there slowly if I can make sure that this is understood then I can mention what's - the bottom line I will by God's grace as soon as I'm sure that are you good Madison with here breaky I don't get I don't get I'm not I need to visualize I need to visualize the prophetic calendar why I don't get it okay here we have the twenty five twenty nestled within a bigger time prophecy 2600 and four years it does not deny the existence or the visibility of the 225 twenties it's just that we have a wider scope now of explaining this concept with these additional witnesses the same holds true with this line the twenty five twenty days it does exist within this particular line it's just that we have added details to our understanding and now we can find a symbol as brother Larry shared that is representative of Pentecost 250 because five twenty is in that line our actual twenty five twenty years and the way marks there you know marking out the confines of those prophecies actually have things associated with those way of our experience here November 15 in October 8 we don't have anything there's nothing yeah observed are noted but further prefer the prophecy of the governance which we explained as beginning we which would be September 3 mm-hmm but I love the point that brother Theodore brought out that this would be around the time that he would have left the the wilderness after being tempted three times and being there for 40 days so there is something to be observed it's just that that date if we look for something I'm sure we can find something about three days into the wilderness and three days back okay so what we're doing is the one-week is still there because we serve 20 78234 80 so the one-week is still there what we're changing is how we define the 25 20 and that one week that's why he shared the prophetic calendar you still will observe the 25 20 if you just look at it three and a half three and a half years three and a half years it's just that we are putting a little bit more detail to it if you still want to view it simplistically the 25 20 is still there with the years but as far as the actual day count the 25 20 is something different okay it's not okay Tamina maybe this helps I'm not sure that the way how I understood Theodore no matter how I was able to following this that the 25 20 to 70 week as we understand it since many years is correct however this is using the biblical reckoning through the cold calendar but in the last weeks and month we have been gravely different calendars so now we use the Julian calendar and some of the dates you know for the Bible and now you start to calculate how many days are actually between the crosses is the stoning of Stephen and so on then you realize that in the Julian calendar it's not twenty five twenty days but there are fifty dishes this just comes because it's a different calendar so this is a different aspect or a different way of looking at the 70th week and it it from the perspective of a different calendar which will give you dates which might bring out another truth so maybe we're not there yet maybe we don't know yet what it means but it might open up some some casket of truth that we understand something we didn't understand before just by using a different okay yeah so what what tamina just said that's the same thing with the 1306 and the 1260 for ice that's how you come up with the twenty five seventy days so these are the amount of days that lie between these upper dates and these are the amount of days that lie between those upper dates this is just reflecting that differently so they twelve 1260 plus forty six will give you this figure 1260 plus 4 will give you this one you can't very good that's purely that straight population okay so now we're going to go okay I'm sorry remember what okay let me see if I can explain remember we threw in the pregnant Britney pay attention remember we threw in the prophetic calendar to observe the 2520 believe that's the premise that Bronwyn is seeking to understand or summarize the information that is here that symbolically through the prophetic calendar you can see the two thousand five hundred and twenty days through the three and a half three and a half but when you look at it in it in its finest details it looks like this Nathan I understand the logic I just don't think it out of that maybe I'm missing something but where's the tenth day of seven that's bottom-line of yours here here here so then it doesn't line up with the top with the top way it does it's just that I've added additional information to it I just added two additional dates November 15th and October 8th this is October 1234 October 1234 April 27 31 April 27 31 September 30th 27 September 30th 27 this isn't your information your son right mm-hmm so one of the things I understand is that the details of the past trimester has influenced into how we understand the information that Tess has shared as well as what brother Theodore has shared as well as what brothers double has shared as it relates to the internal and external ease of viewing the president and I think that if we review what has been done in the past few months we will see different details of truth that will help to bolster our understanding of what Tess has shared and to kind of harmonize the seeming contradictions that exist between these different components of the midnight cry and one of the things that Tamina had explained is that one of the tasks that we three have undertaken is to summarize the materials of sister Tess or the Theodore and brother Thabo as it relates to their contribution to the midnight cry but I've seen some some disunity between the thoughts and I was trying to marry them together and the only way I could was through looking at the information of the trimester that has and I think we do not understand the value of the information that we received through the sessions of brother Theodore brother Daniel brother Parminder and I won't even touch his their tests in what we hope to do today so that's the entire purpose of what we're of this particular summary so this day these dates to the bottom it's a different layer of thought that my brain is not there yet but I understood that brother Theodore decided to be a mathematician or whatever you call those people who just loved playing with numbers and he observed that chiastic li you can see with this line the information of this line this is 1946 oh sorry 46 19 no 1946 okay so these were there was an observation made that this structure here was running along a similar train of thought to this one and so he started doing adding days perfecting days okay he started turning I don't want to word it wrong and then give the wrong impression um yeah okay so he convert converted prophetic day years today's so we observe this as a prophetic year spanning from 1863 to 2014 do we understand this information I don't want to go faster than the okay do we understand this have we seen this okay 1888 how many years from 1888 to 2014 126 and these are symbols of what time prophecy the 151 and the 1 to 6 are symbols of what time prophecy the 25 20 and where do we get this what book of the Bible Daniel 5 with the many many tell you Farson and the different ways of calculating that that measurement so we understand understand this to be a symbolic representation of this time prophecy so the 151 was used 3 was using 2 as well as 46 so this bottom line are these this these dates to the bottom are significant prophetic dates that can be observed and to the top of these are actual dates in in the in 2070 be but I didn't put these down because I thought that you guys were here for this so pardon me so you brother Larry asked that I summarize the information of that particular line and the only way that I believe it can be can be summarized is by saying it is another way of coming a mathematical way of coming to another understanding of the Year 2019 I'm I'm a little reluctant to even mention this because of how this information was received so I probably should just do this in a class by itself because what was done here is that looking at them the week of Christ you I'm not sure if you were here but it was covered here that Miller began the Miller began on the twelfth day of the first month and that was the date that Judas betrayed Christ or sold him to the Sanhedrin and that date was transferred from here onto this line just in a different way Miller understood the going forth of the commandment to have been issued on the twelfth day of the first month yeah and that's when Ezra left the river Ahava he counts that as the be going forth of the commandment and that was on the twelfth day of the first month and he ends the seventy weeks in 31 ad on the twelfth day of the first month because he believed Jesus was crucified on the twelfth day of the first month in 33 ad that better know that understands as it happened on the twelfth day of the first month but the twelfth day of the first month has another significance because that's when Judas went forward to betray Christ and that's where April 8th comes into play yes Ron says it in the Bible it doesn't say the 12th but it says two days before the Passover in 31 ad though he understood 33 but it did occur in 31 I don't that's where April 8 2019 comes into play where the thought was being tossed as to whether or not we can take this prophetic this biblical day to convert it into a Julian date not Julian Gregorian date to see what it yields and what it uses April eighth of that particular year and watch me I'm coming and what's being suggested is that someone somewhere is going to go forward and betray the movement playing the role of Jew that Judas played that date 31 ad I saw handsome wear with Theodore probably wanted to correct something I said and then Raman he's bad okay so just so that people understand there's the literal dates there in blue on that line and they would continue back into the past right so if you go from 1844 that that's written underneath and you take that tenth day of the seventh month and in 30 on September 30th and 27 ad that's the tenth day of the seventh month and that lines up with 1844 just as November 15th lines up to 1798 and you continue back if you go 46 days before September 30th you would have September 11th and that would line up with 1863 so the fact that I could line up 1863 was September 11th meant that there was a symbol there and then the suggestion was could I continue going so then I added 151 days back from September 11th and I came to April 13th in 27 ad and that April 13th and we're lying with 2014 and so that was just kind of well it seemed kind of wild how do I know that that's true how do I know that I can continue going back like that so one of the things that I did was a suggestion by Stephen Jameson in Ireland and he was trying to do a calculation from October 22nd by multiplying 1844 by 360 now he was doing 359 it's a complicated story of what he was trying to do but if you multiply 1844 by 360 you get six thousand six hundred six hundred and sixty-three thousand in eight hundred days and if you count backwards from October 22nd 1844 six hundred sixty-three thousand eight hundred days it comes to April 13th 27 ad that is it reaches exactly to that date that you just wrote down at the bottom and so it was to me a confirmation in that twenty fourteen is connected to October 22nd 1844 in the week of Christ so what happened in the week of Christ was connected to what happened in millerite history by this calculation and we've done it with other dates as well I know it's a rather complicated idea but the point was that allowed me to think I could continue counting days past 2014 going back and when you go to 2019 which is just five days before that you come to the twelfth day of the first month in 2017 and that date is April 8th in 2019 so that's why but it's there's more to it than that that was just the initial idea but it's rather complicated idea I don't expect people to really grasp it ok ok what I understood from the sessions he did was that as I shared before that chiastic Lee you can see what's here on this particular line and if you continue to add prophetic dates and turn them into days you can see a pattern that is consistent with these these part these prophetic dates that are to the bottom the 12th day of the first month has one what was shared with you earlier with as you're leaving the river however for Jerusalem and it also has another component to it which is Judas's betrayal so what is being predictably noted here is that on April 8th which would be the 12th day of the first month 2019 something similar is to be expected you can stop me anytime when you've got April 8 2019 there and you start doing your two days or three days your 151 days what did they look like are they all the same like when you say 9/11 on the one is it the same calendar is that April 8th 2019 almost college rates the same guy all the way across ok so these upper dates are Julian um they started using I don't remember when they started using the Gregorian 1582 thank you so these dates are Gregorian okay be it I'm sorry Larry Tamina Alisa Brittany we put a specific thing happening on September 11 to 27 ad that lines up with something specific in 1863 same thing with 2014 whatever happened on April 13 27 ad it was similar this 2014 it might help if you put those similar business you know I was not planning because this was to be summit to I was to turn the board a long time ago but we have been on this I don't mind to be honest I don't mind but there are certain details that I purposefully did not put on the board because we're trying to go through this hurriedly and we won't be too focused on this information except for this and probably that so um and I don't I don't want to in that online portion the dotted line fashion okay so let me tell you what I'm going to do I'm going to try and cover this tomorrow morning at the beginning of the class and then from there venture to something else but I'm going to start I'm going to flip this board but after the questions hold on Tamina then Alyssa Brittany yes first I want to encourage you you know and there's a lot of people asking questions shows that your classes awake so I was just gonna say I understand 12 day first month is where Judas goes to the Sanhedrin betraying Christ this would be April next year however if that is two days before the cross wouldn't we have and the cross who knows the close of formation wouldn't that mean that two days after our probation closes can we say that and Judas goes to the Sanhedrin next year in April if you are consistent we would have decided a few days late on our probation closes so my in place of a few days it's a few months but these dates say to do that but these dates here is not 31 it's actually 27 this is on this end we're in 27 ad now you're going to I'm going to 12 day first month this is year going 31 yeah you then 31 first month which we said Judas goes to the Sanhedrin this is April shouldn't we a few days later expect our probation to close if we use that logic we expect it to close within the month within the year so were you saying one time we take it literally and then the next thing we do it symbolically I'm just sharing the materials of patience yeah it's anyone has input this is just a question I have okay so are we to expect that surely after April 8th 2019 or probation is too close or is it that we should look for a date closer to them November 9th to mark as the time when we were betrayed that's why you're questioning yeah I mean if we use the calendars which seems like valid to me and then we say okay in April Judas goes to the Sanhedrin then we would have to expect that the crosses right there as well I don't see the problem in marking the cross as being within the year though because that betrayal was was in secret so to speak the manifestation of that was as you said two days later at midnight my struggle I just have and maybe it's just me that one time we take things literally and then in the next moment we take things as a symbol and expand them however long we need to expend them in that case like a half a year with the post-closing ovation and I wonder just what license do we have to juggle things around that way I don't know if I say what was in my mind it might if I come up with the answer to that I will surely share it my brother Theodore do you have a comment on what she should I watch he asked well suite 319 days between 1844 and 1863 but you put 46 days but anyway all I'm sorry I think people are really misunderstanding the intent of what this was showing us it would take a while to explain it but it was not it's it's not that whole part on the bottom is all symbolic it has to be it can't be literal years so there's no problem in trying to apply it as being literally years unless I'm sorry so where my confusions coming is the 12th day of the first month on that line being in 27 ad but yet the betrayal is in 31 ad so I don't I don't have a reconciliation for that and then the the days seem that they would be different like the tenth day of this seventh month in 27 is September 30th in 1844 its October 22nd so now all the sudden is were coming down through the lines it automatically becomes the same day it's not a matter of it becoming the same day it's just this is a biblical reckoning of time the twelfth day of the first month but when you convert that to 2019 Gregorian the twelfth day of the first month is April 8th in this year what date was here actually it's April 8th in 27 ad sleet the same in well April 13th and you're going five days before the April 8th right so then what betrayal happened April 8th 27:18 up so how are we because it becomes a symbol 12th day the first month is the symbol of the betrayal of Judas we're not saying Judas was betrayed on that day bharta Judas betrayed Christ on that day it's the Judas's betrayal of Christ on the talk day the first month so it's a symbol it's not the literal day that he betrayed Christ in 27 ad so then how can we say it symbolically April 8 2000 19 if we do literally be a betrayal it's more complicated there's a whole bunch of other things that I can't explain in this context because that's what all the other information was about is trying to understand what these symbols mean so first we just look at 2019 as a year it's a symbol of the twelfth day in the first month is a symbol that's tied to 2019 the question of whether it's April 8th there's a whole other completely different question okay hold on so I will not apparently be able to do as I intended today huh I know she's going to get her turn to Mina so I'm going to feel the remaining questions and see what can be done I'm hopeful that we can cover this individually another class and I will do my best to see if I can share the information simply with the help the intermittent help of brother Theodore so Brittany your your question or statement is the last on this topic I and then you're gonna flip the board so I don't know if you're doing this tomorrow I'll try to do it tomorrow because I I remember saying this that camp-meeting in me something very profound but I completely forgot it's okay um so can if you kind of smile can you please explain why we even do the backwards thing I get it it's significant but why we do it why we started at 5:38 and go backwards and why we incorporate the day for your principle in doing that okay I think we're just trying to understand or trying to remember on this line the significance is of going backwards why we started at 5:30 to go backwards and the days in between just that that thing that's what I want to understand so hopefully tomorrow we'll just be focused here do you have any questions relative to these two are you good here okay so tomorrow this will be our focus so just these three four graphs we're from brother theodora's early sessions with the school of the profits to the back end of this board I have brother Parminder and hopefully it will be easier and I found him to be more more complicated so everyone was brother Parminder class tamina so which it should be easier we should go through this quicker the information on the board does it look familiar to you this is permeating yeah this is all online just say let me write this better and I'm sure you may have from recalled not your coverage for well his intention was to cover Lee angels messages from the angle of the spirit of prophecy and we are we know that he was not able to finish so you guys began in chapter 17 of the great controversy the chapter title is heralds of the morning the dates on this upper line is quite familiar to us what happened in 1755 but it's been earthquake 1773 not the Boston teeth okay the Jesuit the abolition of the Jesuit Order July 21st 1773 what happened 1780 the dark day 1798 the issuance of the deadly wound what happened 1833 the falling of the Stars and 1840 what was Mark to there the fall of the Ottoman Empire but based on Matthew 24 Luke 13 no Luke 21 and Mark 13 was being marked here among the signs the distress of Nations okay good in 1844 we understood that that's when well let me not say that but so these are the lines the beginning light the the beginning dates of your sessions with other Parminder and this is this requires no no additional information what I loved about this particular session or what that chapter gave to me was the term the cost the word cluster that around something clustered these signs or these events and what was being understood but was that around the doctrine of the second Advent clustered these different signs or prophetic events that's what I liked from that this 1780s the dark is the dark day why go 2500 years into the past she said that Joel made the prediction of the dark day 2500 years before where is that found Joel chapter 0 to 23 let's go there because I need verse 22 illustrate here Brittany do you have a can read it for it sorry if I gave it the wrong way Jill 350 mmm-hmm the son of the wind shall be darkened massage she was rather shy okay so this led you to a coverage a brief coverage of the book of Joel and you went to that particular date 721 BC and what was shared have us to have happened that year what happened 721 BC and what's the biblical evidence of that particular event sorry what happened 722 BC 721 I'm sorry 721 BC yes the fall of Sumeria where where in the bible do we find this information Jeremiah 5017 no that's where you have a Syria and mm-hmm where are we Brittany I I Brittany what Isaiah seven where do you actually see the literal history documented in the valuable in Cannes second Kings chapter ok second Kings chapter 17 we won't read it for time but this is the reference that we were brought you were brought to I wasn't here to show this particular event and then Joel was observed with greater detail oh my goodness where he basically said asked if you had heard no I don't want to misquote you long nameless chapter 1 verse 2 it says here this he old men and give err Audion habitants of the land this been in your days or even in the days of your fathers that which has happened there the the inhabitants of Jerusalem were called to consider the events of the past and it was according to the spirit of prophecy documented or written in the year to 7:20 1 BC around the time that Samaria was destroyed and this information we find in second Kings 17 that coverage of Joel brought brother Parminder to make this illustration which I really loved and in that session Bronwyn had brought out its the verbage being similar to what is found in Daniel 11 verse 45 and that's why Daniel 11:45 is here but the aspect of Joel that was on the review was Joel chapter 2 verse 20 and in it it says but I will remove far off from you the northern army and will drive him into a barren and dust into a land barren and desolate with his face toward the east and his hind apart towards the atmosphere and his stink shall come up and his ill savour shall come up because he hath done great things and so this pictorial illustration was to show where this would be geographically and it was decided that this imagery was Jerusalem Mount Zion is back towards the Mediterranean and his face towards the Jordan do we recall this particular imagery and the information here yeah no okay so because of your coverage everything here is following a study theme your coverage was that of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angel but I believe he was primarily focused on the the references in the spirit of prophecy where the first angel is found and the first place was the 17th chapter of the great controversy your coverage of this brought you to the book of Joel and in that particular in that particular aspect of the spirit of prophecy she allows us to know the exact date when Joe's information was written and at 721 BC that is a significant date in prophetic history because that's when Sumeria fell so you guys started covering briefly the book of jewel building up to where this particular diagram was drawn so this this and this are following the same theme so this is just a pictorial representation of chapter 2 verse 20 you he did it they're two mountains here because he was allowing you to see visually that he the northern army represented by Nebuchadnezzar could be either places and it's just a matter of fine-tuning this location through what the Bible suggests as well as historical information and what was observed was that Mount Zion is the best place for this to be situated and not only that but it brings to mind the information of Daniel 11 verse 45 where he plans his tabernacle and palace between the Seas in the most in the glorious holy mountain so I think this information was also was also accompanied to what was being said about Daniel this Daniel 11 verses 41 through 245 where is it where can you locate this on the line and what was decided on was that verses 41 through 245 begin and and at the begin other Sunday law and and that the close of probation they beginning and at the same way marks Sunday law and the close of probation and I think that this particular information was a gem that we should never ever ever ever ever forget because there are issues that the line that Daniel drew is as a repetition of what was done in Italy that's causing some degree of confusion for some strange reason there are people who do not understand why where the harvests of the different groups are and we're confusing concepts because we do not understand the information of that particular line which I'll show in a few minutes so I've covered this this this and this briefly this permitting you read the Advent message Illustrated early writings other movement Illustrated thank you early writings and this is just a graphics of the information that is found in that chapter of the book if you read the chapter you can basically see that this is just a simplistic way or a simplistic overview of its information so it begins with the people bound and they were bound before the light of the first angel shone on them or came and that's why this bundle of things are located that outside of the reformed line to mark that it is located in the period of darkness what I have listed there are the names of some prominent figures in the Bible and I just copied brother partners board work these are suggestions that came from the floor of people that were that were present and light bearers in the period of darkness for their reform line you have Jacko Bev zooboo billed Joshua Daniel and his three companions the Magi the Shepherd's Joseph Noah Mary Elizabeth Zachariah Simeon and Anna those were just some of the names suggested and he stopped because others were being suggested as well but what was being brought out is that there are people present in the period of darkness that has that have light so it goes on to where the light shines only on those this message shines only on those who had the light in the past and then here it shines on everybody so none is in ignorant of the information that was brought in the person of the first angels message this this BFF is not best friends forever but Babylon is fallen is fallen so the second angels message is twofold it has Babylon is fallen is fallen but it also heralds the coming of the bridegroom and this is all information from that particular section of early writings they were bound by chords the chords was shared to be a symbol of doctrine or membership it was observed that those courts were broken persecution and suit and the information of the the information of the first angels message was rejected by the others in darkness there was a cloud observer whoa at this particular way mark the the passage explained that the cloud is representative of disappointment or discouragement live voice that is similar to the light voice of the first angels message he find that light and voice is associated with the second angels message and a great light was emitted through the empowerment of these angels who came to add impetus or power to the information of the second angel I said that fast because you guys were permeating um so he covered all of that this this particular graph tamina utilized while she was covering sessions with us she was basically focused on pagan room and the information of Daniel eight verse nine other Parminder also referenced Daniel 8 verse nine when he covered this particular graph but this is just a template that he filled depending on the Kingdom of the north that he was observing because we know that the families of the north they first conquer through geographical location before they arrange supremely that was the case the observable case of media Persia with the three ribs in the mouth Greece it's not that evident but I'm sure I've I know I've observed for Babylon it depends on the pioneers writings that you read but it is a pattern of the family of the north that they conquer three geographical location before they reign supremely pagan Rome in it papal Rome did it media Persia did it and through those three witnesses we assume that the other to Babylon and Greece did the same so after these three conquests it rains supremely or it is upon and then it its declension follows for pagan room it's it's 31 31 BC to 330 ad for papal room it's 538 to 1798 but that's just a template that can be populated based on the northern army that you're observing I love this - so this is Hiram Edson understanding or illustration of the 2520 and this is William Miller's own so Hiram Edson is more simplistic because you see it's less populated well by weight yeah by one by one William mark but that's okay so from 723 to 1798 there's a midpoint 538 which okay this is BC ad ad 1260 years 1260 years common knowledge I don't need to go through that with any degree of detail but when we look at Miller's 2520 we see an additional detail he begins his 677 ends his 1843 whereas Hiram Edson began his 723 and ended his 1798 observed here you can see that Miller observed 538 as as being of prophetic significance to this 2520 and from 677 to 538 is 1215 years from 538 to 1798 we already know is 70 is 1260 years and from 1798 to 1843 we already know equals 245 years on the chart so this is Miller's 25 20 and one of the things I loved about what other Parminder covered is the importance of the information found in revelation 17 and how it needs to be understood before it is that we can even grapple with many of the truths that are now under consideration lastly it's the firm platform he observed that the foundation in the the volume of the selected messages that you read that the foundations were observed to have been laid 1844 to 1850 for a ten year period they're being marked and that this foundation can only be reached through the steps of the first second and third angels messages so tamina kind of told me last night that I won't be able to cover my intentions in one class and sad to say she was right I went through this hardly is it that you is the information are you acquainted with the information do I need to cover this again tomorrow Yes No maybe so you know one of the things I've observed is if you do not stake your case nobody will be revising because they think Oh probably so I do want to move on but if there is need to go back through the information I will slower because I intend more for you to understand than to cover the volume of information I hope to so do I need to go back through I would say more half of what brother Parminder covered probably a quarter of what brother Theodore covered and what was observed by Daniel will be covered in some degree of detail so have his information a quarter of brothers Theodore's okay we're out of time I will review tomorrow if you for your edification will pray to close have any father I thank you for the information that was covered I thank you for the review the revision done I pray that you will be with our minds help us to keep in our memory banks all the information that pertains to or reform line and the temple structure that has been built through these various prophetic concepts I ask your help in articulating things simply so that each mind however advanced or not advanced may understand the information I pray that you will watch over us throughout the remainder of the day I ask these things in Jesus as you amen