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oh man good morning is our last week so it's kind of kind of sad actually but I am excited about this week I think we're I'm looking forward to later in the week and the studies that we're going to be doing then so this morning study I'm hoping to be a an introduction to what's coming later in the week but it's also will summarize what I did earlier on the books of Daniel we kind of raced through the last bit last time so we'll go back into Daniel 11 summarize that and tidy it off a bit nicer and then hopefully springboard into what will introduce us to the studies coming later in the week so if you remember we did an overview of the Book of Daniel and we show that the day look at Daniel is built on what principle repeating in large and how else can we describe repeating in large line upon line running to and fro comparing Scripture with Scripture 2nd Corinthians were first Corinthians chapter 2 and so we went through the four main prophecies in Daniel and we showed how they just give us an increase in knowledge as we go through but also that there's a lot still in the earlier chapters of Daniel that can give us light on Daniel 11 did it again four main kingdoms a Babylon me to Persia Greece and Rome and they're represented in Daniel 2 as as what what what's the picture or image were given CME Ave it's a man isn't it yeah he's got a head in the chest and the belly and legs so he's a man and he has made up of four different elements we say brass but really it's copper just write that and what principles did those elements tell us those mineral elements tell us about the kingdoms lesson value which was morality wasn't it decrease in moral worth sister white said and an increase in hardness their hearts hardened when we came to Daniel and seven what what what did we see there run him off for me lion bear leopard and we're pulling the beast and what was the principle we learned about about Daniel seven what's the theme politics and tone what was the thing for chapter two kingdoms king in the kingdom so what was it about politics that these animals lessons these animals gave us yeah untamable and Daniel chapter 8 what was our theme religion and the animals given were the actual prophecy itself starts with what Kingdom represented by a and then did this belong to an animal no it didn't say I did it it didn't it didn't come out of an animal what what animals do these represent sanctuary so there there are sacrificial animals but what's the problem there in queue are they're not quite rights they're there with blemish right so representing counterfeit religion well we learned from Daniel aiders at Satan's religion his philosophy his ideology is just a counterfeit of God's it's a created being he can do nothing else but mimic what God is doing and what was that increase of knowledge well what was the fifth kingdom in Daniel chapter 2 the stone kingdom which represented God's kingdom didn't it what was the increase of knowledge that we learn about the stone kingdom from Daniel chapter 7 investigative judgment what did that tell us about God's kingdom what would the investigative judgment tell us about the kingdom of God and what he requires can you just be conquered like these other kingdoms can you just rock up and say I'll be a citizen the investigative judgment yeah God will decide who belongs to that kingdom we learned something about the stone kingdom because what does it do to the image it stones it and who gets stoned in the Bible lawbreakers which means who does the stoning in a Bible according to Jesus those without sin those without a blemish those that have made their bodies a living sacrifice holy so without blemish they can take part in their stoning and God investigates to see whether you're a citizen of this kingdom or not so when we came to Daniel chapter 8 what was a increase of knowledge on the stone kingdom given in Daniel chapter 8 the cleansing of the sanctuary and from that we will learn about the blotting out of sins so we see what the requirements are to belong to this kingdom we learn about the investigative judgment and find out that we're far short of belonging to this kingdom and but God has provided a way to cleanse our record so we can become part of the kingdom and we went to Daniel at chapter 11 do you remember the purpose of Daniel chapter 11 well we went to Daniel 10 verse 14 we go to Daniel 10:14 like to read that ELISA to us thank you verse 14 Daniel 10 verse 14 Daniel 10:14 so what's Daniel 11 about what befores God's people at the end of the world and what befores God's people at the end of the world that we discovered from Daniel 11 who before was God's people Rome the king of the north the king of the north befores God's people at the end of the world conquers the glorious land and so and so we looked at what the king of the north who the king of the north was and we saw that the theme for Daniel 11 is the purpose the purpose of the king of the north and the purpose of the king of the north was to do what bring judgment and chastisement of God's people because they were unthankful unholy and disobedient we went to Jeremiah who gave that message in a number of places actually that's let's just go and revise that go to Jeremiah chapter 1 it's just olivine if you could read verses 13 to 16 and the word of the Lord came unto me the second time and the face bear of the swart the Lord then the Lord said unto me out of the north and it shall break forth of all the inhabitants of the land and they shall come and they shall set everyone is the entering of the gates of Jerusalem and against all the warfare of movable and against all the cities of Judah and I will utter my judgments against them watching all their we thank you so here very clear what the purpose of the king of the north is judgment against God's people for doing what in verse 16 there's actually three things there isn't there what's the first thing they forsook God they burned incense to other gods and they who worships the works of their own hands yeah who did we see did that in in the book of daniel nebuchadnezzar and what happened to nebuchadnezzar the seven times seven times he was an oxen and so when we went back into daniel 8 we saw that and what was an oxen a bullock but he is represented there in Daniel chapter 4 so Babylon is the king of the north meet a Persian king of the north Greece king of the north and what did Jeremiah or God through Jeremiah call the king of the north in chapter 25 he said Nebuchadnezzar my servant these are the servants of God and the servants of God are both king and a kingdom babylon was a servant Nebuchadnezzar was a servant and we can see that coming down through history okay so let's go to Daniel 11 verse 14 so we go from Daniel 10:14 to Daniel 11:14 brother Mario if you could read that thank you now we know that Daniel 11 is this long drawn-out battle between the king of the north and the King of the South the king of the north ultimately wins that battle but one of the repeats and enlarged as it were as we go through Daniel the Book of Daniel is that when we come to Rome it occurs in how many phases three phases it says here that Rome establishes the vision and how is something established by the testimony of two and three so Rome throughout these prophecies becomes very very important what we learn from Daniel chapter 8 is when we look at these religions what was the relationship between the RAM and he go to the little horn in the sanctuary service what was the relationship in the type what did you do to your sacrificial animal you tied the animals to your horn and then you place the blood of the animal onto the horn so the the horn was the track the way you transferred the sin into the sanctuary through the blood and we know that Rome the little horn took on the life because what what is blood its life it took on the life of all the kingdoms that had gone before it so when we talk about Rome we're really talking about the whole image where does the stone hit the feet which brings down the whole image Rome is a conglomerate of everything that came before do we know that from Daniel what's that animal it's that's right it's everything it's it's all the animals and and and we see that in Daniel 8 and what we need to understand that it's that's also in Daniel chapter 11 Rome establishes the vision but we start with Medes and Persians and then Greece because they are a very much part of Rome so we see Rome comes in three phases in Daniel chapter two legs of iron feet of iron clay toes of iron clay and when we get to Daniel chapter 11 do we see Rome in three phases yep and let's run through this maybe I should do that a little bit bigger what's the first phase of rome pagan rome what does it have to do to become king of the north no what does that have to do to become king of the north conquer the king of the north it just has to conk actually wand that trick question I guess it has to conquer the king of the north to become the king of the north then it had and when did it do that 65 BC then it conquered who the glorious land 63 BC and then it conquered 31 BC and then it ruled the world for a time 360 years and then it fell okay I conquered its enemy I conquered its ally and it conquered its victim and then papal Rome conquered three geographical areas want to run them off first one peril I vandals first it had an alliance with the Vandals and then and then ruled the world for time times half a time 1260 and then it so papal Rome run establishes the vision so we got modern Rome three geographical areas so we've got this what verse do we go to 40 41 42 43 and then it will rule the world for one hour not longer and then it will fall so we mark the end of the 1260 as and we mark the beginning of the rise of modern Rome Aires and both of those a time at the end so let's go - lets go - Daniel first 40 Daniel 11 verse 40 would anybody like to have a go at telling me the most important word in verse 40 do you think if there could be a most important word in this verse what the most important word would be a word let's let's read through it I'm not sure what we did last time I didn't go back and listen because it's such an annoying voice so I can't remember what I said what I didn't at the time at the end which is shall the king of the south a theistic France push war at him the king of the north the papacy and the king of the north the papacy shall come against him retaliate against the king of the south like a whirlwind destructive and rising up with chariots and with horsemen military might and with many ships economic strength and he shall enter into the countries big voice and shall overflow and pass over take back what he lost and what had he lost the territories that so I'd like to suggest that the most important word in this verse is the word and it says that the time of the end something happens and something else happens and that's the word that ties in 1798 to 1989 you've got to be able to see the end soin at the time of the end two things happen and that give us gives us the license to come down and write another line and we spoke about how this is it's it's the then these three lines they established the vision it's these three lines that are filled in by the book of Revelation that comes in and fleshes out all this history here everything in Revelation fits into this history here so let's go to Ezekiel chapter 1 sorry as they kill one just a bit of revision Ezekiel has a vision of the throne of God and let's read verse 15 to 15 and 16 I brother bolt I think you're one 15 16 living creatures like unto the color of a barrel and they four had one likeness and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel thank you so the throne of God has four wheels and what's the appearance of the wheels it's a wheel within a wheel a wheel within a wheel and if you go to your notes what does sister white say those wheels represent top quote from education 178 point one would you like to read that sister penny let me start over yep as the wheel light complications were under the guidance of the hand beneath the wings of the Chairman so the complicated play of human events is under divine control amidst the strife and Timon of Nations he that sitteth above the cherubim still guides the affairs of the earth thank you so what do the wheel like complications represent complicated plays of human events what do we call what's another word for human events history and what is it saying about history here yeah it's under divine control but history is complicated isn't it why is it complicated what are the wheels telling us about history though they do more than overlap they repeat wheels go round around around around right and that's complicated isn't it so how do we uncomplicate it we are complicated by this what we get from Daniel 11:40 245 is history on a line what are these they're lines aren't they going round and round but what would happen if we cut it and laid it out flat we uncomplicated and we take those lines and we put them one on each other we're on complicating history but what's the key what's the most important thing to do we're going to snip this wheel no and we're to snip it you've got to snip it in the right place and this line here gives us the template of when to cut your line of history because what have we first got to have time at the end and what's the last thing we've got to have we've got to have a close of probation you got to have a beginning and you've got to have an end and this template is really the template for all the lines that's how important Daniel 11:40 2:45 is it gives us a time in the end and it gives us a close and we've got to know when to close so we know our time at the end here verse 40 let's just have a look at our close of probation today because what we're looking at is what before God's people and let's go to our Daniel 11 and what before God's people is the feet of toes iron and clay it's the fourth beast it's the little horn it's the king of the north but when does it interact with God's people to bring judgment and chastisement on us for worshiping the works of our own hands so let's go to Daniel 11 verse 41 it says he and the he being king of the north shall enter also into the glorious land what does that word also tell us what it's done before and how did it enter into the the kingdom before in verse 40 how did it enter into the king of the south in verse 40 it had military strength it had economic power but it also came through the back door didn't it came in through the back door came in through satellite states so the way that it entered into the previous countries the way it's going to enter into the glorious land and then it says and many shall be overthrown and this is what for Falls God's people in the later times and these shall escape out of his hand even Edom and Moab and the chief of the children of Ammon so let's take a few minutes here to remind ourselves of who the many years who are the many let's go to Matthew chapter 7 Matthew 7 verse 21 and taste could you read verse 21 to 23 maybe will say to me that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name and in thy name have cast out devils and in thy name done many wonderful works and then will I profess unto them I never knew you depart from me ye that work iniquity okay so who are the many here but they work iniquity but what are they crying like many cry Lord Lord and how does Jesus teach in parables sometimes he gives you a parable and it explains what that parable means and sometimes he gives the parable after what he's described what the parable means so if he goes on to enlarge upon that on verse 21 and 22 23 in 24 to 29 and what's the message of 24 to 29 what's the parable about do we have to to to rate well let's read it then sister Susan could you read verses 24 to 29 Matthew 7:24 to 29 these sayings of mine and doeth them I will liken him unto a wise man which built his house upon the rock and the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and it fell not for it was founded upon a rock and every one that heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them not shall be likened unto a foolish man who built his house upon the sand and the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and itself and expelled a nice spell so and it fell and great was its fall with the fall of it and it came to pass when Jesus had ended these things the people were astonished at his doctrine what he taught them as one having Authority and not as described thank you so who are the many in the parable that follows yet yet they don't hear they don't hear and do do they so they don't hearken remember Jeremiah and Jeremiah 25 says I'm going to send the the king of the north because you don't hearken to the prophets so but who are they who are the many what are the Met what are the many do what what does he go on to call the many in verse 26 they're fools the many of the foolish oK you've got wise and foolish here in this parable when the rain comes what's the rain that's coming at the end of the world the latter rain what are the floods that is coming the Sunday law with the papacy what are the winds that are going to blow Islam and the other three right when that happens if you build on the rock you're wise but the foolish build on sand so these are the many the many the cry Lord Lord but they don't know what the winds they don't know the rain and they don't know the floods so let's go - that's the many there Matthew 25 because this is the wise and the foolish aren't they the many of the why are the foolish so we go to Matthew 25 and we're not going to read it you're familiar with Matthew 25 let's go to verse because they remember the many cry Lord Lord so if you go to verse 11 and 12 and 13 11 to 13 sister shamila watch therefore we know neither the day nor the hour thank you so the many that cry Lord Lord here are the foolish and there the foolish virgins aren't they okay so which we need to understand when we come to this template we know that at verse 41 there's going to be a shut door isn't there so we've got the many that get overthrown so out we've got a template here between verse 40 and verse 41 I'm just going to make it bigger and we've got a shut door and what do we call out what do we know what happens in verse 41 how does the paper see the king of the north enter into the glorious land through the Sunday law okay so that's Sunday law but what so we've got two markers - uncomplicated history time in the end and a Sunday law which is a closer probation but what else do we get from the parable of the ten virgins yeah we got a tarrying time when when's the shuck door and the parable of the ten virgins does anything happen before they get to the shut door there's a cry isn't there that gives us another marker in between this template alright so we know that there's actually a closed door before they get to the closed door isn't there because the minute that cry goes out has their probation closed yes and they haven't even got to the door yet so the parable of the ten virgins helps us to flesh out this this template to uncomplicate our history now so we've got a lot of different markers or tools to be able to put way marks in this history ones the parable of the ten virgins what are the other ones without us looking into them what else do we know that we can help us place markers in this history because gods just don't gonna leave us with this is he he's filled it up with events the events connected with the close of probation list a few of them we've just looked at one the parable of the ten virgins says that's given us a marker of the midnight cry hasn't it what else do we have nine eleven because of the chariot on the verge of sleeping yep but how do we prove nine eleven Ezra seven nine because what Ezra seven nine gives us is Thursday the first month because this has got to be October 22 1844 a tenth day the seventh month we've got to have a first day of the first month any others Miller ID history yep yep what is it about Miller ID history what did milk sister white know our history is the history of the first and second angel which is the revelation ten what do we what does she call it seven thunders isn't it history of the that helps us place way marks in this history there's actually we went through at home and I can't think off the top of my head now but there's actually seven helps that God has given us to place more markers through this history so we can flesh out our template so the many where the many don't understand the flood the many don't understand the winds that many don't understand the rain but they cry Lord Lord let's go to Luke chapter 13 because we're looking at who gets overthrown Luke chapter 13 and we'll read 24 to 30 look 13 24 to 30 strive to enter into the street for many I see on to you will see to enter in and shall not sleep okay so here we got the many right when once the master of the house is risen up and half-shut to the door and he began to stand without and to knock at the door saying Lord Lord open up open unto us and he shall answer and say unto you I know I know you not when CR thank you so we've got a shut door and we got the many crying Lord Lord I could go then shall you begin to say we have eaten and drunk in their presence and thou hast taught us in our streets but he shall say I tell you I know you not when she are depart from me all ye workers of iniquity there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth when ye shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God and you yourself thrust out and they shall come from the east and from the west and from the north and from the south and shall sit down in the kingdom of God and behold there our last which shall be first and there our first which shall be last thank you so what does it that in portion tell us about the many that are cast out what happens to them they get replaced don't they they get replaced from the eastern they get replaced from Edom Moab and Ammon all right so the many a cry Lord Lord and there we've got a shut door there as well and God goes to a different class of people so we could so what does it mean to be overthrown go to second chronicles chapter 14 second chronicles so the many are God's people but what does it mean to be overthrown second chronicles 14 12 and 13 14 as I said 12 and 13 I'm Sarah an ace and the people that were with him pursued an integer and if yo pians were overthrown that they could not recover themselves for they were destroyed before the Lord and before his host and they carried away very much thank you so what's that how does that describe being overthrown what happens when you're overthrown you cannot recover there's no coming back okay and this is talking about the Ethiopians let's go to job chapter 19 6 and 7 job 19 Jonathan job 19 6 and 7 did I say 6 7 yeah thank you well had what do we learn about being over this is actually job experiencing the close of probation you understand he was a righteous man but he's actually tasting what it's like to have probation closed and to be on the wrong side what does that tell us about what what what is his experience he's been overthrown he cannot be heard and there is no so judgments over can you see that okay go to Jeremiah Jeremiah 18 Jeremiah 18 verse 23 sister she quit yet board down doors all there counselor gives me to slave me forgive not very liquidy neither blot out their sin from thy sight but let them be overcome before thee build us with them in the time of thine anger okay so being overthrown means what goes along with it your sins aren't forgiven what else all blot it out okay so no more forgiveness of sins the blotting out is finished and your sins haven't been blotted out it's Oh Jeremiah 1823 okay don't forgive them don't blot out their sins overthrow them so we've got to have the judgment has got to be finished the cleansing of the sanctuary has to be finished so we know this is where we can take our this this line here this is forty to forty one and we can overlay it the investigative judgment and the cleansing of the sanctuary and we need to know when their judgment begins when it ends when the cleansing begins when it ends when the blotting out of sins begins and ends and systole Avene later in the way week is going to deal more with the cleansing of the sanctuary and the blotting out of the sins but we know that it has to be over that time period has to be over by when yeah by MIT yeah by midnight we can put we know we're not this isn't the purpose of this study isn't to go through all these markers you know them but we know that when the door is shut on us that there's no forgiveness no blotting out so how important is it to know what the blotting out is what the cleansing of the sanctuary is because what don't the foolish know they don't know the rain that oh no the floods that oh no the wind they don't know the blotting out they don't know the investigative judgment they don't know any of these things and they're overthrown and they're God's people and they cry Lord Lord because they don't know the lines all of these truths are put on a line and it uncomplicated our history all right so this over throne is marked out Sunday law and Sunday Loras is is what's the essence of the issue with Sunday law what what does this the what are we told is the problem at the end of the world combination of church and state is going to be is going to be the issue that's going to separate the wise from the foolish okay so to understand let's go back into a Daniel chapter 8 then we saw in Daniel chapter 2 an increase of more decrease of moral worth and increase of hardness in Daniel 7 we saw an increase in ferocity in untamed Ness what did we see increase in Daniel chapter 8 why did the how did the kingdoms conquer and rule like wild beasts but why did they behave the way they did because of their ideology their philosophy the way they thought and what was are we told that that is Luke in Daniel chapter 8 and that is the spirit is self-exaltation so we want to just take it sorry Oh let's join us back so let's have a look at that let's go to Daniel chapter 8 Daniel chapter 8 okay so where do we mark the goodell inverse chapter in verse 4 we're talking about the RAM and what did the RAM become and then the next one what about the he-goat and that is verse 8 and then in verse 9 and this is the little horn why has it become exceeding great because of all that's the rat it's taken on the life of the RAM and the he-goat and then when we get to verse 11 we not understand verse 11 to be pagan Rome yeah he did what same word is great magnified himself and then you can see that word repeated also in the rest of the chapter but let's go back to Daniel chapter 7 what do we learn about this self exaltation from Daniel chapter 7 let's read Daniel 7 verse 8 brother Richard I considered the horns and behold there came up among them another little horn before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots and behold in this horn were eyes like the eyes of me and I'm mouth speaking great things thank you and let's go to 19 and 20 then I will know the truth of the fourth beast which was diverse from all the others exceeding dreadful whose teeth were of iron and his nails of brass which devoured break in pieces and stamped the residue with his feet and of the ten horns that were in his head and of the other which came up and before whom three filled even of that whore they had eyes and a mouth that speak very great things whose look was more stout than his fellows thank you so we know that this phase of the little horn is more self-exalting than everything that's gone before it and so we're getting more information about what it is to be self-exalting we looked last time I'm sure we looked at having eyes like the eyes of man do you remember what that meant we went to proverbs the eyes of the man are never they're never satisfied and we saw that as a counterfeit of God's people because what did David say I will be satisfied when I awake with our likeness so Dave we shouldn't be satisfied either there's a satisfaction that is of God and a satisfaction that there's a of the devil but what else do we have here a mouth speaking great things so let's have a look in verse 20 it told us more about that mouth he had at eyes and a mouth that spake very great things whose look was more stout than his fellows what does it mean to be stout go to Isaiah 1012 Isaiah 10 verse 12 brother Luke on Mount Zion and on Jerusalem I will punish the fruit of the staff heart at the king of Assyria and the glory of his idols so what does that tell us about having a stout heart what do you think that means yeah he he's self glory didn't he and let's go to Malachi because this is talking about Assyria the king of the king of Assyria but let's go to Malachi chapter three is it okay it's from the word Gaddar stout and if we go to Malachi chapter 3 and verse 13 and to 15 thank you so whose words have been stout against God who's he talking to his own people what's been the problem all along is from Jeremiah 1 why does the king of the north come against God's people they copy them they copy their religion they become just as stout just as vainglorious some it's just as self-exalting they worship the works of their own hands just just like they take up paganism basically but we know from Daniel chapter 8 paganism morphs doesn't it from we talked about sister olivine talked about this last night to desolating powers paganism man papal ism so it takes on a new life so to speak so is it possible that God's people could do the same thing they can in combine the two religions and our deliverance or the patron are awesome yes so they've got power they think they're having a wind Jonte that's their stout words they're complaining they're murmuring and what are they murmuring about yeah it there's no profit what profit does it do does it doesn't make sense we may as well be like the pagans they're better off than we are that do what with the stoutness of heart what do you do when you got to start heart you speak that's why talks about the horn as having a mouth speaking great words so how do we how are we able to pick that false religion by what they say so brother both say all of this this is good all is looking with favor on the pagans leads to you calling good evil and evil good and that's basically what they're doing they're Malekith right yeah thank you 73 that's right yeah and that's why the sanctuary becomes really important let's go to so when you think about it when we went into Daniel 7 in more detail he's um what what does he do he's got a mouth that speaks great things eyes that are never satisfied and he treads down God's people and he thinks to change times and laws so he's not subject to the law of God is he neither indeed can he be what else in the Bible is not subject to the law of God our carnal mind so what is the papacy what is the little horn it's just a corporate extension of our carnal nature so what has to happen to the daily what is daily the daily is the continual it's the religion that's been there from the beginning the daily is paganism it's the one that's been around from the beginning because when did it start at the throne of God okay so it's the one and it's continual and it comes right down through but we know that the daily has to be taken away so that the abomination of desolation being set up so there's a taking away of the daily and what do we understand that taking away to be in for paganism it was lift it up and exalt it so the papacy is just an exaltation of paganism isn't it so how do we apply that to God's people go to Psalm 34 some thirty four one two three brother thank you so what's the continual here praising God magnifying him it's not self exaltation making your boast in the Lord let's go to Psalm 17 verse 4 Psalm 74 let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in me let such a welcome salvation say continually let God be magnified so what's the continual here what what has to be done daily continually magnifying God lifting him up some 71 verse 6 now art he that took me out of my mother's bowels and my praise shall be continuing of thee and read verse 14 but I will help continually and will yet praise thee more and more and 16 I will go in the strength of the Lord God I will make mention of thy righteousness even of mine only okay you only mentioned God's righteousness see there's a continual that is of Satan and a continual that is of God and we know with the daily there's a continued a daily what what did Paul say I die continually right so they're antithetical they're polar opposites and that's what we learn from Daniel chapter 8 and that's why we have to understand the cleansing of the sanctuary because how does that how does that opposite come about how do you we're talking about for a while now having to recognize the voice of God and the voice of man how do you recognize the voice of man what what did that what does the little horn do some salts itself through its mouth and we know Jeremiah chapter 616 says stand you in the ways and see and ask for the old paths where is the good way walk therein but they will not and what's the very next voice verse a hearken unto the sound of the trumpet but they will not hearken so at the end of the world there's a trumpet you've got to listen to there's there's watchman giving the trumpet a certain sound but there's also watchman that are sounding their own trumpet that's how you pick the voice of between the voice of God and a voice of manners whose trumpet are they sounding and when I say sounding your own trumpet I don't include elder Jeff in that who stood up and said the very obvious and and and declared who he was because he did that based on the lines he did that just as Paul did it Paul had to self commend himself in 2nd Corinthians he had to state who he was that is not blowing your own trumpet ok so you can hear the voice of man when they blow their own trumpet ok so the issue at the end of the world is paganism papal ISM it's the combination of church and state that's going to over bring about the overthrow of God's people so what I want to when I talk about is that church and state relationship let's go to Matthew chapter 22 Matthew chapter 22 and we'll read verses 15 to 21 Matthew 22 15 to 21 and they sent out us and their disciples with Herodians saying master we know that thou art true and teaches the way of God in truth neither cares that for any man for that regardless not the person of men tell us therefore what thinkest thou is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar or not but Jesus perceived their wickedness and said why tempting me he hid he hypocrites Schumi a tribute of money and they brought unto him a penny and he said unto them whose is this image and superscription they say unto Him Caesars then said he unto them render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's and unto God the things which are gods when they have heard these words they marveled and left him and went their way thank you so the issue of church and state is the issue at the end of the world and it's what's going to ultimately divide the wise and the foolish virgins those that cry Lord Lord the many from those that stand true to - to God's principles and so here we've if we go back to verse 15 now the reason why I'm saying this why we're heading down this route today is because yesterday there were two messages given at the Lambert fellowship the first message was that all men are equal the second message was no they're not and we need to be able to discern between the voice of God and the voice of man and what what happened what was used was that the issue of church and state was clouded and and the issue of church and state is in Daniel 1 Daniel 2 it's in every chapter of the Book of Daniel every issue that comes up in Daniel is because of this combination of church and state and we need to get it right in our own minds and I don't whether we can get it done right in 20 minutes it remains to be seen but we're going to take a look at it anyway the Pharisees took counsel in verse 15 to entangle Jesus what does it mean to entangle they wanted to trap him and the way treason his own people want to trap Jesus on this issue of church and state is they they do it by clouding the issue and they sent unto him that Herodians saying we know you are true we know you teach the way of God in truth you don't regard the person of men so you're not a what is it yes thank you is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar or not and what does Jesus call them in verse 18 they're hypocrites and he gets them to show them the piece of money the penny and what does he see on the penny in verse 20 they see two things so they see a picture and some writing there's an image and a superscription and then Jesus gives a the very famous verse in verse 21 render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are gods there are two realms as the realm of Caesar and the realm of God there's things that belong to Caesar and there's things that belong to God go to Romans chapter 13 Romans chapter 13 what's out of this one I'll say okay Romans chapters oh I'm sorry would you like to read those wanted to thank you for further Larry let every soul be subject unto the higher powers there is no power but of God the powers that be are ordained of God whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation thank you so what Paul's done is he's taken jesus' statement render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are gods and this is his divine commentary on that one verse what Jesus said was very profound he could sum it up in one sentence now what Paul's done is he's laid out a commentary on that subject and it's here in chapter 13 and typically what we do is Adventists as we use this verse to show our relationship to state powers this says let every soul be subject unto the higher powers there is no power but of God the powers that be are ordained of God so what power he's talking about the power of the state what is it saying about the power of the state it's ordained of God why did God ordained the power of the state why is state power necessary big voice why do we need sorry it's the men in the relationship Law & Order God had to put something in place to protect the godly from the ungodly you don't have to love your brother but you can't murder him alright it's just the godly need protection so he ordained state power it says there there is no power but of God they are ordained of God whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God you are you to resist the government no no they that resist shall resist shall receive to themselves damnation for rulers are not a terror to good works but to the evil wilt thou then not be afraid of the power do that which is good and thou shalt have praise are the same okay so the rulers are not a terror to good works if you do something good they're not going to give you trouble but if you do evil be afraid okay you'll receive ya you'll be punished and if you do good you'll receive praise I don't know what you have in this country but in our country you know there's the order of Australia and queens hotter Queen has certain medals that are given out you receive praise you know for community work sporting achievements all sorts of things for he is a minister of God to thee for good but if thou do that which is evil be afraid for he beareth not the sword in vain so you murder somebody be afraid he's going to bear the sword what kind of a sword quite a literal sword isn't it for he is a minister of God a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil wherefore ye must needs be subject not only for wrath but also for conscience sake what's that saying do what is good do what is right for the right reason right don't do it just because you going to get in trouble do it because it's right all right don't spray the speed limit you but you can you can break this you can keep the speed limit for the wrong reason then that's okay but but Paul signed up for the right reason and then he says in verse six for this cause pay ye tribute also for they are God's ministers attending what continually upon this very thing so they're the ministers of God government is the minister of God verse seven render therefore to all that Jews tribute to him tribute is due custom to whom custom fear to whom fear honor to whom honor pay your taxes and call them by polite names ok so why do we have state power because of sin would we have needed state power if there wasn't sin no so what are we talking about the end of the world we're talking about separation of church and state what about the church why do we have church what is the church it's a place of worship what does the word church mean ecclesia what does it mean to come out isn't it what God has set up for the salvation of men would we have needed church if there was no sin there's nothing to come out of would we have to call people to the truth no would we have to set up something for the salvation of their souls the only reason we have Church is because of sin okay so church was created because of sin the state was created because of sin in an ideal world before Adam there wouldn't there was no need of church no need a state they're the two realms that are necessary because of the introduction of sin Church exists for the purpose of saving men from sin and to teach the principles of the kingdom of God and to prepare them for the eternal world you wouldn't need that if there was no sin so let's read through this verse again let every soul be subject unto the higher powers what are the higher powers that are all gained and of God and the church is a power ordained of God - isn't it so we could put the church in here as well for there is no power but of God the powers that be are ordained of God the church is ordained of God whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth for what the ordinance of God and they that resist resist receive what damnation for the what are their rulers in the church there are are they dead but they're not a terror to good works are they but to the evil wilt thou then not be afraid of the power do that which is good and thou shalt have praise are the same what did we see at church yesterday in our praising and prayer time there was somebody who was praised wasn't there was that a bad thing did he do good did he deserve the praise that was legitimate that's what it's there for for for he is the minister of God to thee for good oh I read that didn't I no but if they do that which is evil what be afraid for he beareth what what kind of sword sword of the Lord he is the minister of God a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil wherefore you must needs be subject not only for wrath but also for conscience sake there's a lot we could say there and for this cause pay your tributes Oh pay ties you know support them it goes both ways but we have to understand they they're not to mix but we are understand the role of the church so what's Liberty of conscience we know that there is we know that there are things that belong to God and things that belong to Satan let's go to first Timothy 4 verse 1 first Timothy 4:1 this is a familiar verse for this trimester brother Jason could you read first Timothy 4 1 & 2 yes thank you thank you okay now we know that church and state they're similar aren't they and yet they're polar opposites and this is the the message we've been getting the the Book of Daniel gives us is what is set up here in this image in Daniel 2 is totally antithetical to the Stone Kingdom but they're similar but they're polar opposites same with the religion it's all a counterfeit of God's true religion let's have a look at this verse again we've gone over it a few times this trimester but let's look at it a little bit different now the spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times what's another word for latter times time it in so at the time at the end what are people going to do did the spirits speak expressly at the time of the end what did he give what do you have what did he speak so the three angels messages the three angels messages and we can mark the first angel here right and what is what do we call the three angels messages they're the everlasting gospel and the everlasting gospel does what separates two classes of people we're going to see two classes of people in this verse the spirit speaketh expressly that into the time of the end self shall some depart from the faith so if some or many are departing from the faith what are the rest doing they're returning to the faith aren't they was their faith that was returned to in 1989 the faith of our fathers so at the time of the end many shall return to the faith giving heed what does it mean to give heed it means to hearken and to when you how can you what you hear and you do you act upon what you're hearing remember Jeremiah 25 you will not hearken you will not hearken they won't listen to the prophets so at the time of the end people will return to the faith listening and acting upon seducing spirits is this is is it wrong to be a seducing spirit were you seduced with this message did your heart burn within you when you heard these truths were you seduced there's a there's a Spirit of God that seduces and a spirit of the devil that seduces probably seduces are the the best word for it because we kind of tend to think of adultery when you think of seduction but it's a it's similar in a way we're being seduced to to the true church and then and doctrines of doctrines of what would be the opposite doc doctrines of angels speaking lies in hypocrisy speaking the truth in love and in honesty in having their conscience seared with a hot iron what did we learn being said with a hot iron was being branded now we know the difference between the mark of the beast and the seal of God don't we a mark and a seal they're the same thing aren't they the same thing so we could say the seal of the beast and the mark of God couldn't we they're the same thing it depends on who you're marked or sealed by so our consciences can they be branded with a hot iron it depends on who they're branded by it's not a bad thing necessarily to have your conscience seared with a hot iron it depends on whose searing it so let's read through this again as what we've done so far now the spirit speaketh expressly that in the time of the end some shall turn to the faith of their fathers giving heed listening and and changing their lives applying it to their lives to seducing spirits to the wonderful truths that draw us to - to the to God and to doctrines of angels speaking the truth in honesty having their conscience seared with a hot iron what is our contour does our conscience do it helps us determine what's right or wrong do you want that see it or not you do don't you you want to brand it when your conscience is sealed have you got Liberty of conscience you know there's a Liberty of conscience that's of God and a Liberty of conscience it's of the devil so whether we learn anything from Daniel it's that Satan counterfeits that's which is true so when you're talking about liberty of conscience you really need to know what Liberty you're wanting are you going to be one of the stout-hearted of Malachi that just has a whinge I'm sorry brother Richard has taken over I look it up to say I am the Lord I change not yeah the God has total freedom but he changes not it's right but what does it mean to be submissive give me give me when you give your will you're giving him your conscience too aren't you but you have the freedom to do that or not but once you do that once you join the church according to Romans 13 what do you got to do there's there's rulers we obey without question we hand all that over to God we become slaves is that a bad thing it's not a bad thing to be a slave it's who you're being a slave to that's who you're giving your conscience to between your giving you will - its who you're being marked or branded by so we need to be able to discern the difference and what helps us to discern the difference it's lines when you can put these truths on a line and then you can go back into Daniel and you see that the powers that that want to run the world at the end of that that opposed to God are really only doing a counterfeiting what God wants for us you always got to look for the counterfeit and what the Pharisees were doing to crisis they were muddying the issue of church and state and liberty of conscience in order to entrap him and what did he call them hypocrites and who are the hypocrites according to what we read earlier they're the fools they're the stout-hearted they're the ones that blow their own trumpet go to first John chapter 4 verse 6 then this is John talking and who's John who's John he's US isn't he John is Daniel Daniel is John Daniel and John are US and what does he say in verse six we are of God he that knoweth God heareth us he that is not of God heareth not us hereby know we the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error there is a a following of man that is of God and there is a following of man that is of the devil and we need to be able to discern the but the between them both and I believe the tools there are in Daniel it's a right understanding of the relationship of church and state it's a right understanding of the cleansing of the sanctuary which we're going to learn because that that little horn power that carnal that carnal nature is within every one of us every one has has to have a little horn what what happens to the little horn I guess so sorry we get what you want to say something release out yes because they're not seeing the template they're not they're not following the lines and they've lost sight of what the real issue that the everlasting gospel it is on the lines and it's dividing two classes and those two classes are polar opposites that they they look the same it's like it's like that- that photographic and negative when the black looks white and the white looks black but you can make out the picture because they really look the same but they're the opposite and that's the difference between the many and what many are called but few were chosen but the many they're crying Lord Lord what does it say and if we go back to Daniel chapter 7 verse 26 talking about the little of the horn the little horn but the judgment shall sit and they shall take away his Dominion to consume and to destroy it unto the end given that that little horn is our carnal nature then we need to know when the judgments it's we need to know when it's taken away that its Dominion is as is destroyed because that's what is destroyed in us okay so it's it's just a corporate extension of our carnal nature so it's not when we look at Rome it's not about them and us because the them is in US and then them can be in our church if we don't understand these issues correctly so I would I I would suggest that we need to look into the yet part of the 1888 message the latter rain that was poured out was an understanding of church and state just as much as righteousness by faith it was something that was agitated at the time and we know those issues are going to come up but they're coming up within us internally because what's about to happen externally right so we need to know that Satan's Kingdom is built on all on falsehoods but the truth lies very close the air our lives very close to the truth okay so we might just leave it there and let's have prayer dear Heavenly Father we thank you Lord that you have provided safe havens for us in this world you have ordained stayed and you have ordained Church and Lord we know that these issues are going to be muddied and we want to have a correct understanding we want to belong to your church Lord your church triumphant the stone kingdom and so we pray that we would have the right principles that new and clean heart that the daily the continual would be plucked out of our heart it's dominion would be taken away and that we would be we would have the image in the superscription of our God in our hearts we pray for the lessons that we're going to learn further in the week because we want to know the timing of your judgment the timing of the cleansing of the sanctuary the blotting out of sins we want to learn more father because your way is in the sanctuary we want to be a part of those people that give the tidings out of the east and the north that will call people out into this glorious church and above all the Lord we want to magnify you and praise you continually and that itself would be lost in love for our Savior and so we pray to this end in Jesus name Amen