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this one definitely help you this morning to find get ready for that vehicle bad luck thank you four rivets being able to make sure this morning good I intended to do just a short period of time yesterday and deal with the key and move into these symbols of the Adventist Church gettin pass by at nine eleven but we never even made it through all the way through the key and I think everyone in here needs to remember that this is getting recorded and it's going on the internet and you got it you got to allow whoever's leading out to go through the material and organized fashion I received input from people here and from people over the internet that sometimes it gets too many things are going on to follow any logic so it's not just up to the deeper it's up to the teacher to control that but as a group here we have to participate in trying to keeping ourselves focus not and i'm not i don't mind those things that we discussed yesterday but we never even got through the key what I'm trying to do I'm trying to do a couple things here we're looking at the way marks of the history that's identified in Ezra 79 and I'm continuing that we need to take time and look at these way marks specifically and carefully where we get all as many arguments as we can in place so we see it clearly and I assumed that probably when we gave the the assignments on who's going to do what that may be Laverne and Chuck were going to have we're going to be more challenged about putting together their presentation their their course assignment for this trimester than anyone else so I was starting I was going to do part of Laverne and Chuck's assignment to give them kind of overview of what I expected or thought might be a good way that's what we're doing we're trying to kind of help the whole class we're trying to give Laverne and Chuck a little bit of a heads up plus we're trying to look at this so when it comes to the story of Josiah and and the story of choice arose you can see in there that chose Rose was given a warning by Muhammad okay and the warning by Muhammad Muhammad was seeing in the flow of history that the war the long drawn-out war between persian rome was going to ultimately deplete the power of both persia and rome and he called on chose rose to come follow him and when chose Rose refused to do that then Muhammad based upon whether its inspiration or not or upon the historical evidence he makes a prediction that comes true and when Rome finally retaliates against the Persians and defeats them Rome's power is gone Persia is gone and this is the historical key that allows Islam their eyes into history and into a position of power and that history typifies 1989 when you have the long drawn out or between the two horn power of France the king of the south and the papacy and the and the the dynamics are the same in 1798 when the two horn power France pushes against the papacy as its expressed in Daniel 11 verse 40 the papacy the Rome receives a deadly wound that's the same as the the war between Persian Rome and the in the history of Muhammad initially Rome is subdued 1798 Roma subdued but ultimately Rome does this maneuver where it goes all the way around and comes in behind Persia and defeats Persia and in 1989 the king of the north the papacy has did this maneuver where it comes behind the king of the south and defeats him so the story of muhammad and show rose and Rome is typifying the long drawn-out war of the king of the south and the king of the north and Daniel 11 verse 40 so when choice roasts is defeated and Rome is depleted that was the historical key in Revelation 9 verses 1 and 2 that allows Islam to come in history so in 1989 when the Soviet Union is defeated the key has been turned again and Islam is to come into history okay so we're talking about the key but but it's not simply that that's the the parallel prophetic histories but what I want you to see is that Muhammad and I'm not saying inspired or less a directed and Muhammad is used as a historical figure to illustrate some one that recognizes this historical key all right and he's not the only one that upholds this because in the story of Josiah Pharaoh Necho comes and in the scripture says and will read out when we get there and warns Josiah stay out of this battle and it's the battle of car park amesh if I'm pronouncing that right and in that battle will show you when we study that probably not today that it begins Egypt Egypt initiates the battle just like verse 40 says the king of the south will push against the king of the north and in the battle of car kamesh Egypt which can be translated as South the King of the South pushes against this area and it does on the time of Josiah but the battle of car kamesh does not end until the third or fourth year of joy oya Kim okay so Josiah Josiah when he dies at Megiddo he's replaced with Jehovah has who's immediately within three months he only rained three months replaced with Jehovah kim and then the end of the battle of car commish which began in the time of josiah it ends in the fourth year of Jehoiachin so this is a long draw on our battle this isn't a three-day war this is a war that takes years to finish it takes long enough that when Egypt typifying the King of the South in verse 40 initiates the war against the king of the nap south which against the king of the north when Egypt initiates the war against the king of the north in the battle of car commish the initial battle is Egypt attacking Assyria but when the king of the north finally defeats Egypt in the battle of car commish enough history is went through time that it's no longer a Syria its Nebuchadnezzar its Babylon okay so you see in the Battle of Carchemish you see the king of the north change from Assyria to Babylon because of the period of time long drawn-out war but also marking how would you say it the papacy of old transitioning into modern Rome in the history of Daniel 11 verse 40 so when the Pharaoh deco is beginning this war when he's initiating this war in 1798 he gives a warning to Josiah stay out of the war but Josiah doesn't do it in Josiah ends up dying at Megiddo the point being is the battle of car commish the long drawn-out war between Persia and Rome in the time of Muhammad both are typifying the long drawn-out war of Daniel 11 verse 40 between the king of the south and the king of the north and Daniel 11 verse 40 is the increase of knowledge for our history and anyone that refuses to be warned by what Daniel 11 verse 40 is identifying has been typifies by Josiah and by choice Rose who were both warned about these histories that typify this history and both chose rose and Josiah rejected the warning and paid the price for it so what Josiah and Joseph you throw him in there but Josiah more specifically he's representing seventh-day Adventists in the history of 1989 to the Sunday law because 1989 is verse 40 and verse 41 doesn't come in until the Sunday law he's representing seventh-day Adventists but more specifically leadership of seventh-day Adventists who reject the warning message of Daniel 11 verse 40 refused to be worn by it and they died where Josiah died we're at Megiddo which in our history is Armageddon so this is what we're trying to lay out but we kind of got bogged down on the key yesterday because the key in the battle in Muhammad's time period in Revelation 9 verses 1 and 2 the key is is marking a historical key something that takes place in history that that marks that Islam is going to rise in the history after 1989 based upon Revelation 9 verse 1 and 2 you should expect to see Islam return into prophetic history after 1989 as it did in 2001 so the key in Revelation 9 verses 1 and 2 is this historical event but it isn't an accident that this key of the Battle of Nineveh is also typifying 1989 because at 1989 year at the time of the end and at the time of the end the Book of Daniel is unsealed and when the Book of Daniel is unsealed there is an increase of knowledge okay and knowledge is the key so knowledge is the key and the knowledge is opened up when this historical key is turned everyone with me okay so I think we covered and what we covered in Revelation are in Isaiah 22 particularly in verse 22 is in we never dealt with it we might not deal with it because it's more about the key than it is about this waymark but as you trace the key through down here at the Sunday law which has been typifies by October 22nd 1844 Christ moved into the most holy place to begin to begin the investigative judgment and when he did so in the book of Revelation in the Church of Philadelphia you see an expression that he opens the door that no man can open closes the door the however that goes and that's derived from from Isaiah 22 22 and we know that that is fulfilled right here okay so Isaiah 2222 dealing with alya Kim Alaia Kim is emphasis is identifying typifying those people that moved into the most holy place with Christ on october 22nd 1844 or he's identifying Christ that moved in there either way you want to put it Christ or the followers but that history is typifying the Sunday law because they it's the Sunday law those people that receive the seal of God out of Adventism have been typifies by the wise virgins on october 22nd 1844 that have been typify by a like him in isaiah 2222 and when you go into the passage in the Church of Philadelphia about the door being opened and shut that is derived from Isaiah 2222 sister right says that this puts the understanding of the key of that time period is the ability to recognize and this is how I'm saying it she doesn't say it this way the change of dispensation okay the people here that have been typifies by alya kim follow christ into the most holy place in 1844 because they recognize the change of dispensation and the change of dispensation is always a test in every reform movement go ahead history is the change dispensation when the robes are changed that's the that's the alike in notices a change when it receives the other rose I don't know that's that's the kind of stuff that I don't want to get into yeah but if you go into the robes and you can go into the Rings and you can go into the chains and someone that's watching this on the DVD or even in here someone that isn't up to speed on that we're getting to the point where we have in this group we have an established understanding of many of these symbols so it's easy for us to sit around and jump from this symbol to this symbol and this line to this nine and when we open the door to doing that a lot it's okay to do it a little a lot you remove your ability to nail down your point and you you make it a little bit frustrating for those people that are following this but the robes is not what we're dealing with okay so anyway what I'm saying is the key of knowledge is the the increase of knowledge right here and this increase of knowledge is what prepares you to follow Christ into the most holy place to follow him where they're so ever he goeth so this key of knowledge has an impact all the way through but Isaiah 20 to 22 and the message of the Church of Philadelphia is more emphasizing that the key is being able to recognize the change of dispensation and when did the change of dispensation take place in our history 911 and it takes place here to what's the change of dispensation at the Sunday law search militant church triumphant house of God to the Gentile yeah okay what do you mean by Christ puts on his kingly robes with human probation closes he puts on his garments of vengeance comes a general that right yeah commander come for some bad day on these yeah so anyway let's go to return to our notes and read through some of these things to put the key so i hope you followed the one thing i'm trying to say is it the key of Revelation 9 verses 1 through 3 is a historical event the the depletion of the power of Rome and the removal of Persia was the historical key that allows Islam to come into history and it's typifying the collapse of the Soviet Union and the depletion of the power of papal rome in 1989 that marks when Islam is going to come in history but in 1989 you're also at the time of the end and knowledge is going to be increased and knowledge is the key that the wise will use okay so I read this passage from your eyes Smith yesterday so I'll pass by that and all we're just going to read some passages on the key of knowledge here and trace it trace its definition down and then move beyond the key and start dealing with these symbols of Adventism being passed by you want to start with that first one michael from review and Herald februari 22nd 1898 of these same subscribers I'm sorry it was for this the Christ announced them saying woe unto you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites free shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against men and to the lawyers who said woe unto you lawyers before ye have taken away the key of knowledge he entered not in yourselves and then that we're entering any hindered keep keep going knowledge is not the only way is not as daily is the only key that will give entrance into heaven the inspired John declares and this is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God Jesus Christ I'm not a cent a righteous knowledge of God a righteous knowledge sorry the righteous knowledge in flight knowledge of god and of jesus christ whom he has sent is life eternal its eternal life to all who believe sorry okay so knowledge is the only key that will give entrance into heaven and the lawyers the scribes and the Pharisees they take away the key the key of knowledge from those who might enter and refuse to enter themselves so that is Luke 1152 and is that that's a parallel to the one you know the one where they prevent them from even things and you know the one in Hebrew says a better from eating seven foods and I'm waffle tamari this is the same thing you know they work they prevent them from in turn into the marriage that's what's being mentioned to you the Gateway to the marriage is keep knowledge okay I follow you larger you want to read the next one from signs at times made first 1901 yeah did I did I put throw cold water on everyone by saying that we need to rein ourselves in I didn't mean that we need to shut totally up but I don't know some of us are here today go ahead my huge teachers had taken away from the people the key of knowledge the rabbi's had shut the kingdom of heaven against the poor and ignorant leaving them to perish Christ came to proclaim the gospel to all humanity high and low rich in fear laminate and unleavened Christ is the originator of all truth by the work of the enemy the precious gems of truth had been torn from their setting and placed any framework of error Christ came to replace the jaws of truth in their rightful position to rescue them from the rubbish of error watch my give them a new power and beat them stand fast forever he could use these tools with perfect freedom for he was there awesome he had cast them into the minds of each generation and when he came to the world he vitalized and rearranged the truth which Satan had robbed of life clothing them with more than that original freshness in power he gave them to the world for the benefit of future generations to us has been given the precious legacy of Christ's teaching this is recorded in his world in order to make it a role we must search the work diligently many true some hidden as the precious ore is hidden in the air and we must not only sense we must ask God for wisdom to eat us and search him the truth essential for us know r2d2 deeply buried to be discovered by uh needed human research so the scattering of the truce of Adventism begin in 1863 and they were covered up with rubbish and Christ gave us an example that the same condition existed in his day and age and he performed the work of the dirt brush man when he was here typifying the dirt brush and William mother's dream who's going to sweep the rubbish out of the window and place those truths back in the framework where they belong and they're going to shine brighter than than they did before but the covering up of the truth is taking away the key of knowledge from God's people the key of knowledge it's what we're looking at you want to do the next one Chuck any comments on that okay this is an age of signal rejection of the grace of God had a purpose to bestow upon his people that in the perils of the last days they may not be overcome by the debate iniquity and unite with the hostility of the world against God's remnant people under the cloak of Christianity and sets satisfied sanctification for spreading and manifests and gardeners will prevail to a terrible degree and will continue until Christ come to be glorified in all them that believe and the very courts of the temple scenes will be enacted that you realize it because people will be pre contested that he may discern between him that servant God and him that serveth in our vengeance will be executed against those who sit in the gate deciding what the people should have and what they should not have please take away the key of knowledge they refuse to enter him themselves and those that would they hinder please they are not the seal of the Living God follow the nail occupy responsible positions should be so lonely and terribly afraid this in this time they shall be been unfaithful stood at the first chance my my brother Jason gets to work the computer he's gonna fix it for prints right sister Laverne next month in education page 25 yea ye of forbidden tree he did not let it appear that my transgression he has become an outcast Heather here was falsehood so concealed of recovering the parachute discernment section she she counted what God had forbidden she distrusted his wisdom she has the way faith here so the key of knowledge is faith what's the Bible says faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God you can't separate faith and knowledge you can have knowledge and that is as faith but the genuine key is faith connected with knowledge brother Jason the significance of the Jewish Jewish economy is not yet fully comprehended trees vast and profound are shattered for and its rights and symbols the gospel is the key that unlocks its mysteries no before I was hoping sister Brittany would be here this morning but she's not then I the reason I was hoping that it's because she's the one that's going to do the everlasting gospel here and what does the everlasting how do when we look at the everlasting gospel what is it what's it made of yeah yeah but the wood when twin sister white comments on Genesis 3 15 she says to it's a prophecy and the first gospel sermon so when it says the gospel is the key that unlocks its mysteries what is the gospel it's prophecy okay so it's both sorry okay so you go to head through a knowledge of the plan of redemption it's true sir open kid understanding far more than we do it is our privilege to understand these wonderful themes we are to comprehend the deep things of God angel T's are to look into the truths that are revealed to the people who with contract arts are searching the Word of God and praying for the greater length and breadth of depth and height of the knowledge which he alone can do as we near the close of this world's history the prophecies relating to the last days especially demand or studying the last book of the New Testament Scriptures is full of fruit that we need to understand Satan has blinded the minds of many so that they have been glad of any excuse for not making the revelation they're studying but Christ through his servant John is here declared what shall be in the last days and he says blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein she talks about in relation to the Acacia talks about the types of the Jewish economy and positive right these two paragraphs the righteous are symbols yeah that's how I have those what is the Jewish should come economy it's prophecy yeah it's possible huh the next yeah that is interested that the court that says you know when the groups of Daniel in valuation are better understood that we see among God's people a great revival and we sometimes or so long out of the book of Revelation all the other books but you understand that all the books and in the google revelation there is interesting right now at this time where does this message it's going to come forth them with it there's a part of it this woman purified God's pupils an experience attached to that message and it's interesting teaching box know things and revelation that have become really interested and almost like we can meet completely is a fully new exploration in some of those things it's interesting yep how do you do what the sanctuary in the second yes yep those are all prophecies cool The Book of Leviticus is the embryo of the gospel cool Oh Nicholson it would have been better sister white said I thought you were seeing it was sister way yeah I I don't doubt that make sense to me testimonies volume sister Tanya go ahead she sang with the knowledge of Christ Express character or the character of God you his character of God in you the knowledge of God expressed in character the I if you use Miller's approach to bible study and you begin to lay all of these thoughts together about what the key is the key of knowledge you'll find you know you can't have the key of it you can't genuinely possess to keep knowledge if you don't have faith and the Gospel both prophecy and the gospel is that key that unlocks all mysteries and that knowledge that comes from that faithful understanding of the knowledge of the gospel is what produces a character that has been expressed in God and Jesus Christ and in connection with that it what I came to understand as we went through Europe as I ran into enough circumstances with men that I've had past relationships with it used to be in this message that are no longer in this message people that step out of this message that they appear to do three things they go back into the world you're now back to just pour back into their former Laodicean adventist lifestyle whether the prophetic message isn't they're just doing their own legacy and lifestyle or they get wrapped up in some foolish fanaticism I mean when you watch the people now that are following on with with Don Frost and Bill Campbell and Randy mo or the direction that they're going I rely understand the people that are following with them they're they're feeding on all this new stuff that that he's producing and they're not realizing how far out into absurdity that they're going but they are so there's a class that's doing that but the majority of the people that I've personally known that have stepped off this message you know where they go they go back to emphasizing the righteousness of Christ they drop the prophetic message they go back and start yelling dealing with the love of God and the righteousness of Christ and you and there's all kinds of these men that were a few years ago walking with us that if you get on the web and you see what they're teaching and they're preaching now that's what they're doing but they're not following the prophetic message so whether they understand it or not that's Greek educational philosophy because Greek education is based upon taking a passage of truth and dissecting it into several compartments and then defining the con the department's alone by themselves without any relationship to the other parts that's Greek education we're so they've taken one component of the prophetic message which is being dealt with right here the true knowledge the true key is going to produce the character of Christ in you but they've taken the other part of that process that this character is produced through an understanding and an incorporation of the prophetic message into your experience that's how its produce they're taking that out so their understanding of the character of the Christ is exactly what typical Adventism has been putting forth for a hundred years it's it's the message of the righteousness of Christ without any power in it is it's a form of godliness expressed in your character yeah how you just did and that expression saying is that leads to this which is from that yeah you don't pretty you're not going to produce the gospel revelation in your own experience if you're going to set aside the prophetic message that's it the experience the love of God the character of Christ that's the same thing in my mind you know different parts of the same false teaching and I seen a breakdown on from a website in Canada from one of the famous guys in Southern California a breakdown of his sermon and it had about ten points because his sermon had been transcribed and put on the net and every conclusion of every point was the love of God and an attack on those that emphasize the importance of rightly dividing the prophetic word and three years ago they would have never been putting that emphasis on these things yeah but yeah yeah yes I I know I know where all of that began it was back in two thousand six I get that but they weren't doing it like they're doing now when you read it they're their attacks are directed at this message so nice that you could join us i had a a part that was especially for you and it's already went down the stream of time did you get one of these you want to hand this back to her check on page 2 which is upside down you want to read the forest quote from not paragraph fourth quote from signs of the times April twenty-fifth nineteen oh six it's the second focal from the bottom this experience we receive God's Word is food for the Soul through the same evidence by which we receive bread is food for the body read supplies any of our nature you know by experience and it produces blood bone and brain apply the same test to the Bible when its principles that actually become the elements of character what has been the result what changes have been made mine in the life old things are passed away behold all things new and its power men women have broken the chains of sinful habits they renounce selfishness the profane have become reverent the drunk and sober the profligate pure souls that have borne the likeness of Satan have been transformed into the image of God the change itself we change itself is it so the change is itself the miracle of miracles to change wrought by the word it is one of the deepest mysteries of the word we cannot understand it we can only believe that is declared by description is Christ any of the hope of glory the knowledge of this mystery fresh is a key to every other it opens to the soul the treasures of the universe the possibility so how is Christ in you the hope of glory accomplished through eating his word and you can't explain how it happens but by faith you can believe it's going to happen if you'll be obedient is that the experience of eating the manner that comes on heaven is the highest evidence of its authorship that's what that's what you think that's that connection you get the key because you consume it and that creates faith in you so if you're being obedient to this and you're exercising faith and it produces the love of God in you what do you have and I don't know that you know the right and you can know the right answer this question the key of knowledge okay but and I haven't went through them yet there's like 300 and some hits I went through the first 20 hits and realized in the first 20 hits almost 18 of them probably say the same thing the golden chain is obedience faith and love so if you're eating this book like this and having this experience you have the joke golden chain obedience faith and love just type in golden chain and you're going to see it am bam bam down the line did Joseph when he received that golden chain was he a symbol of someone that was obedient faithful and had the love of Christ I don't know that it's the prophetic change but it says it's yeah it's got to be connected that's what produces it anyway i chastise him for going to the clothing and I just went there Oh doesn't Daniel refuse the chain or does he refuse to others named sexy dude isn't why but he accepts it yeah ok I i I'm saying I don't know that unless sister white comments on it that we know one where the LDP I said it says clothed and with it does it yeah under the world he says what that guess we did I say yeah yeah but after wash once he does the proxy he didn't hold it with it they put the clothes that I'll put the necklace on it Aurora cheaper but doesn't say Daniel chapter 5 it says yes okay all right so he's cold okay so brother Tyler those who commune with God walk in the life of the Sun of righteousness they do not dishonor the redeemer by corrupting their way before God heavenly light shines upon them as they near the close of this Earth's history their knowledge of Christ and of the prophecies relating to him greatly increases they are of infinite worth in God's sight for they are in unity with the Sun to them the Word of God is of surpassing beauty and loveliness they see its importance truth is unfolded to them the doctrine of the Incarnation is invested with a soft ratings they see that the scripture is the key that unlocks all mysteries and solves all difficulties those who have been unwilling to receive the light and wanting the light will be unable to understand the mystery of godliness but those who have not hesitated to take up the cross and follow Jesus will see light in God's light so knowledge is the script I think that the last paragraph from the other one that we've read it's very interesting as a knowledge of this mystery furnishes a key to every other Deborah know what I mean oh yeah sure it's like once you're not this everything else unboxing mrs. it opens to the soul the treasures of the universe the possibility of infinite development but you see there does a caveat requires across don't understand it what's that they said there's a caveat that means that there's a qualification yeah yeah did you what wants something is laid before you and you understand it in the bureaucrat will be it by faith Amy because without doing that then get your the Lord you block the process exactly and you're going to Accord corresponding amount of darkness the people that understand that the doctrine of the Incarnation is invested with the soft radiance see that the scripture is the key that unlocks all other mysteries okay the scriptures is the key and the scriptures is the knowledge yes the Sabbath was the doctrine that was emphasized at the beginning of Adventism and you can't separate the Sabbath from the doctrine of an incarnation but the Incarnation is the doctrine that is emphasized at the end in the Sabbath and the Incarnation are the Sunday law test okay there is a marriage at the Sunday law there's a counterfeit married at the Sunday law the image of the beast the combination of church and state the combination of the unholy man and the unholy woman of Bible prophecy takes place at the Sunday law right where the Incarnation the genuine incarnation is being lifted up as an ensign and right very same time period you have Sundy being contrasted with Sabbath so these are the beginning and the end of Adventism the doctrines come together at the climax of it all at the Sunday law and you I've looked for years I've looked for any other emphasis of up on a doctrine or a truth that is invested with some kind of light at the end of time as was the Sabbath at the beginning of Adventism this is the only one I've ever found perhaps the doctrine being lived out in their experience sister Karen the page 3 in the top men to a knowledge of God and His righteousness he speaks to them in his word the Bible is the key which unlocks the mysteries which it is essential for human beings to understand in order to know what they must do to gain eternal life the Bible is its own expositor it's bright beams are to shine in all parts of the world that sin may be revealed the Bible is a chart pointing out the way marks of truth those who are acquainted with this chart will be enabled to read with certainty treads tread being able to tread with certainty the path of duty wherever they may be called to go so yesterday we closed and I tried to put a little bit of emphasis on the fact that William Miller's rules was the little book okay William Miller represents the one that formalizes the increase of knowledge in his history and the knowledge is the key William Miller's use to take the key of knowledge and put it into a formalized package and when the message was empowered on august eleventh 1840 at one level what was in the Angels hands was William Miller's rules so when sister white is speaking about William Miller's book and she says in the little book and quotes the title of what is it the prophecies relating second Advent and the chronology and then goes into William Miller's rules you can see a connection that his rules can be understood to be the little book that's what they were to eat that's what we're de is these rules and that's what's being expressed in these thoughts here the Bible is its own expositor it's the chart and William Miller's rules are what produced these two sacred charts but they're derived from the Bible and the Bible is the knowledge and it's the key okay so but these aren't the Bible okay big when you go into into the writings of Ellen White people have taken her statements about the chart pointing the way to heaven and say and they're saying that these are the chart and they're disregarding that she's really saying it's the Bible they're misrepresenting her statement go ahead oh no there's other ones they used to yeah brother Paul I'll handle the Word of God our engagement of a solemn and sacred work for in their research they are to receive light and a correct knowledge that they may go give to those who are ignorant education is the inculcation of ideas which are light and truth everyone who diligently and patiently searches the scriptures that they may educate others entering upon the work correctly and with an honest heart they his preconceived ideas whatever they may have been and his hereditary prejudiced at the door of investigation will gain true knowledge but it is very easy to put awesome competition on scripture placing stress on passages and assigning to them a meaning which at the first investigation may appear true but which on further search will be seen to be false if the seeker after truth will compare Scripture with Scripture he will find the key that unlocks the treasure house and gives him a true understanding of the word of God then he will see that his at first impression would not bear investigation and that continuing to believe that would be mixing all stood with truth what's the key here why and I just looked up the warning full inculcation many measly nationally impressive by repeated application so comparing Scripture with Scripture is the line up online it's the key what is it it's Isaiah 28 it's Miller's rules it's proof texting okay right so let's go to Daniel 12 anjali 3 4 9 and 10 and they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and that they and they that turn many to righteousness is the Stars forever and ever but Thou O Daniel shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased verse 9 and he said go thy way Daniel for thy words are closed and sealed up till the time in the end many shall be purified and made wide and tried but the weakest shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand but the wise shall understand Michael you want to read Hosea 46 before we talk about these verses Hosea 46 my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because that has projected knowledge i will also reject thee that thou shalt be no priest to me seeing that thou has two forgot Allah of that God I will also forget that children it's like a kimber promise from my life guarantee it's a counter promise from Malachi chapter 4 what do you mean well in Malachi chapter 40 there and shows the last promise in the Bible and then the Old Testament sorry what we just read the other family in knowledge shall be increased that we just read study them that's the key to all understanding through the Bible okay and it says here and that's fine I'm chapter 4 yeah chapter 4 verse 5 behold I will send you elijah the prophet before the coming and great and dreadful day of the Lord we understand Elijah is the first angels message that arrives at the time of the end so went to that very promise there it says and he shall turn the heart of the father's to the children and the heart of the children to the father's less then come and smoothly after the trust so the promise them that he's going to tongue the children back to us to defeat ball and basically there's an opposite what we just read it until four states but those that did destroy that lack of knowledge that you even given us at 1782 the Elijah message their children can be forgotten so if you accept the increase of knowledge which is the Eliza message your children will be saved but if you reject it your children will be lost in verse 6 here Hosea Hosea we are getting into the urban going the how these people represent that that class of hypocrites as we've termed them right we're going yeah okay so it says I wondered if this applies to them specifically in a sense because it says because that's what Jack technology will also reject me that thou shalt be no priest to me and we know the time period 11 to the midnight price where the priests are being selected so they they would have been the priest but it can't be why why can't they be they rejected the key let's what's required to to to fulfill that rebellion in using these words is I don't know how to make this question it's not that they did not know about the knowledge it's not the fake or they there's an action here they reject it yeah it's a they're involved with throwing it away yeah okay so what I'm saying is that 1989 1798 that's a time at the end and this is where the Book of Daniel is unsealed and there's an increase of knowledge and what is knowledge it's the key okay but I'm also tying this in it's two different things but I argue you can't separate them the historical key that brought islam into history in Revelation 9 verses 1 through 3 was the the Battle of Nineveh that marks the end of a long drawn-out war between Rome and the two-horned power a prophetic marker that is a key that marks when Islam is going to come into history but in that story we have the illustration of Muhammad as someone that recognized this prophetic key okay but also in this this a parallel passage which is porting to 1989 which is the time of the end where there's going to be an increase of knowledge you have Pharaoh nico or an echo announce it warning Josiah and what he's wearing it Josiah about is don't be involved with this long drawn-out war that begins with the King of the South initiating a war against the king of the north and ultimately that the king of the north winds the battle of car commish and Josiah represents the leadership of the Adventist Church that rejects that warning so the increase of knowledge isn't is connected with this key that's turned in 1989 these two keys are like I had fallen away this lifting up at the falling away there's a lifting up yeah what do you mean I've midnight high rate for women one group is go run other business yeah when one's going down the other ones getting Medea at this point is the key to the bottomless pit but there's also a key to the gates of heaven so you have these the key to the historical p that you're talking about is the key to the bottomless pit and then there's the key to the gates of heaven and these two Kizer are in contrasting aqui the bombs pits gave the mohammed he understands the prophetic event before it takes place and the key things of heaven is given to God's people and they're supposed to understand betoch event but miss it they don't accept it with you does anyone except what he's saying where do you have with us say to load for that I says so we read somewhere was to keep it I was just saying once the key long span one ski a revolution 9 says that Muhammad is giving nobody you're talking about two keys the bottomless pit this was he was understanding the point where he was going to rise the product and it was a prophetic key so it's really it's the same key it's just he's an ungodly Apollo it's recognizing the voice of God read revelation 1 verse 18 brother Michael I'm he that liveth and was dead and behold I am Alive for evermore amen and have the keys of hell and of death so there's a key that leads to death and that same key leads to life you reject the increase of knowledge death so it's a double-edged sword to double-a okay the first time did knowledge pointed out in Bible intend to deal with the tree of knowledge of good and evil right our first parent had failed mm not taste it and today our artists that you have to come and seek them all in the offenders in the key of knowledge in order for you to have to reverse your character I almost by that maybe the knowledge which was it it was no problem for for Eve to pursue the knowledge of good her problem was pursuing the knowledge of good and evil right same with us she disobeyed that's what wonderful knowledge but the Lord is enticing us to desire the knowledge Alan pretty salvation yeah the good the good knowledge is not the knowledge of evil no okay he's thrown into a tower I've heard what you're going to say before but I just want to make sure that we're in agreement I don't understand that you're Iseman teaches that choice Rose is the key you have it here too on page one no I agree with what he's saying I disagree with how with the emphasis that you're putting on it I'm saying the key was the Battle of Nineveh if you want to get specific to one point but the Battle of Nineveh us must also be understood as the long drawn-out battle that leads to the Battle of Nineveh chose Rose is a character in that history but why would it be that choice Rose was the key can kind of come to the same conclusions are trying so it's the collapse of Roman power and the removal of persia that's the historical key that allows azam derives yeah he's a player in the history but it in your what you're saying is correct but i don't think i don't i don't think chose Rose is the key could it couldn't be because then chaucer's would be the one who unlocks the bottom spit in context and he doesn't he doesn't make Mohamed doesn't attack sorry have a say Lee regardless Muhammad was gonna rise out of the bottom spit right so it's working notch or who's given the key it's Mohammed is good making this stock the powers are the historical the star that fell from heaven is Mohammed and he's given a key what's the key that he's good now he's just knowledge the choice was when he falls that's his rise to power and he knew that and he sent him yet and we've done he says he was the customer because he knew what was going to happen but if stop with it so what I'm saying it's typically in this message that has dealt with this tipa fication for a long time if they're going to put a singular expression on what the key is he'll say the Battle of Nineveh innovator where however you pronounce it and you're putting chose Rose I'm not denying that show souris wasn't there and he isn't part of it but by doing that then you would say the key in 1989 would be the Soviet Union yes you would because that's what chaucer's represents he represents the power there gets swept away that's so you in the key is if the Soviet Union isn't Jose rose it's the the climax of this long drawn-out war but anyway what you're saying is good I'm just okay explain it again because not everyone has understood your understand no no explain it again do it right now this is not this is not a bad time to put it in she's familiar with at the collapse of Nineveh go ahead tell her the first one talks about the thousands of high buildings were arranged in the Second World your eyes midpoints out the four towers were a race to the ground and in the third wall we saw two towers is razed to the ground I was just trying to make that connection between Islam towers and cost repeat this concert when you died he was stolen at our and then the way you read it from your item it sounds like these thumb came out of a tower so I was just trying to make that connection message okay anyone else where are we we r at page three selected messages book to page 105 it in March turn 105 106 the book that will seal was not the book of Revelation but that portion of the prophecy of Daniel which related to the last days the scripture see but though or Daniel shut up the words and seal the boot even to the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased when the boot was opened the proclamation was made time shall be no longer the Book of Daniel is no unsealed and the revelation made by Christ to John is come to all the inhabitants of the air by the increase of knowledge is it people as sort of a people is to be prepared to stand in the lot of days and the first angels message men are called upon to worship God our Creator we made the world and all things that are therein they have paid homage to an institution of the FIFA see making of Norfolk the law of Jehovah but there is to be an increase knowledge on this subject so there's going to be an increase of knowledge and she's referencing Daniel 12 for in the last days okay and she tells us the increase of knowledge it's going to be on what subject it says mostly two things is subject to do the papacy but it's in the first angels message the first angels message the papacy but in when she's referring to the first angels message what what is she emphasizing about the first angels message Olaf jewel yeah but more specifically the Saba okay and then when she says they paid homage to an institution of the papacy what's that sunday so she's saying the first angels message there's going to be an increase of knowledge on Sabbath and sunday but where does it come from based upon these two paragraphs in context where is this that portion of the Book of Daniel that related to the last days what portion of the Book of Daniel relates to the last days last six verses of Daniel 11 so in 1989 Daniel 11 verse 40 collapse of the Soviet Union what is that it's the key that marks Islam is going to come into history where has it been typify by the Battle of Nineveh the follower counter the tweet is king of the surf kicking it off with just a bottle of confirmation how do you spell Nineveh and I edge ve their naval the Navy tap into stomach take me eat the way for the medium yeah good eat then maybe I sent me how I said hey we got a recorded no and carseat you I wish English okay so 1989 the collapse of the Soviet Union has been typify by these two things and this is the historical key but this is also the time of the end at which point the key of knowledge is opened up knowledge about what the finest and velocities elastic verses of daniel 11 you see that my brother Chuck because you get to teach that to us here pretty quick if you're going to teach us about Josiah and about difference yeah all of these what's a hypocrite I'll give it one of the things that you want to point out an actor what's an actor do your chance but inside how does he pretend not just put some pretend voice on boat outs it's like they know it's not real okay that's not what I'm getting I think one of the the first big worldly movies where our famous actor pretended to be a woman was the Tootsie with Dustin Hoffman yeah remember that movie what'd he do he dressed up as a woman does Josiah dress up dis all dress up see I hypocrites an actor he puts on a difference on a deceptive garment and you can see that in all three of these histories okay he's they're hypocrites they're acting all right so you wanted you want to note that sound hatred Lincoln went a week for Sepulcher which looks nice on the outside but under okay Sanhedrin I guess you can go that direction too but but but Christ calls the Sanhedrin hypocrites okay well you you got to prove that one with an essay / look yeah I know I get your point but here you have you have the definition of an actor which is someone that's putting on other clothes but here in the story of Saul and Josiah they're actually marked as disguising themselves what is Zechariah up there for well he's he's the one he goes down his shotgun because the man oh okay yeah message comes down he's like when Christ comes to em Nicodemus he says you're a master of this hill and you don't know these things so that's after I he's fishing in the tempo he's meant no one understand all these symbols in danger because my messaging me doesn't believe it so maybe that's but that's not an app that that that all those are valid but I I want you to see that at least with these two specifically and this by definition there's a plane to pop baby shoes do all these things out but it doesn't yeah leadership yeah I followed that yeah sister why was made for 24 hours and the first verse sessions given names actually look the same one that stops by Zechariah so I'm sure it does I'm sure it does there's no accidents what about Ezekiel his ECOWAS was dumb except when the Lord loosed his tongue so you have your hand talking about the foolish virgins for you huh thanks for i think that's in your notes from yesterday too yep go ahead sure the class represented by the foolish virgins or not democrats they had a regard for the truth they had advocated the truth they are attracted to those who believe the truth but they have not yielded themselves communities spirits working he had not fallen upon a rock Christ Jesus and permitted their own nature to be broken half this class are represented also by the stony ground clears they received the word with readiness but they failed to assimilating its principles his influence is not inviting the spirit works of horny and hard according to his desire and consent and planning nature with the class represented by the foolish virgins have been content with a superficial work they do not know God they have not studied his character they have not had a communion with him therefore they do not know how to trust or how to look Gillian I thought that was good so that a hypocrite is not a foolish virgin it's a foolish version of wise virgin no is a wise virgin a hypocrite guess there's even though there's only two classes of worshippers in the in the light of the story of the parabola ten virgins there's three classes hypocrites and then here you got the wise and foolish virgins contending for the prize yeah when once the testing process comes on which is over that's in kind of long did you and even before then they're using the same arguments that's what you're saying up and turning back yeah beginning in class may go back that's the number i thought that was another one thing said that they go back and they use all these the same love love experience yeah they in to end in the chapter the crisis in Galilee she says those people that turned the disciples that turned away from christ they began to use the arguments of the Sanhedrin and in our history these foolish virgins are going to begin to reach back into arguments from this history it's as much pardon me if you finish the paragraph it says they come unto thee as the people cometh and they sit before these my people and they hear my words but they will not do them for with their mouths they show much love but their heart goes after their consciousness so they're professing the message of Christ's love and righteousness but thereafter money is that what coverage is this means i require many things okay Paul had not known sin except the boss said thou shalt not cover ok so tomorrow lord willing to me to me you have to have it in your head what this key is here to understand the story of josiah okay to see that Josiah is representing someone that rejects the warning message that's represented in this way mark okay Terry home Terry yeah but I just as in this history I don't want to put an emphasis of terrain so you get my point Chuck get it when we get to Josiah you're going to find their own echo the king of Egypt is beginning to war against the Syria the king of the north that's Daniel 11 verse 40 the king of the south Egypt is going to push against the king of the north but that's a warning message for us today Daniel 11 verse 40 is a warning message from Adventism this is the increase of knowledge that's going to prepare God's people to stand in the latter days and if you reject that warning message you're going to fall in the latter days at Armageddon okay so as Pharaoh neko's heading out to go to war with the king of the north Josiah is coming out in faro neko's is the look this is this is a paraphrase this is but the Lord told me you're not supposed to be in this battle in the scriptures and will read it pharaon echoes command or warning to Josiah is put in the context that it's a message from the Lord says so in the scriptures and Josiah just reject that message and ends up dying but Josiah is a good king but he dies at Megiddo no I don't know I I don't think that I think he died righteous but but is it okay for a character in the Bible to represent both the foolish and a wise virgins that that's what you have to mark was Peter both the wise and a foolish virgin so was was Moses a wise and a foolish virgin so we're what we're saying is that Josiah is symbolizing the foolish virgins that reject the warning message of Daniel 11 verse 40 but overall Josiah represents those people that return to the old paths and accomplish the reformation of this history anyway sister Laverne you want to pray you