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amen he should have notes you'll have notes there's um I'm going to start from with one sentence it's just it's just from two sentences so it's not in your notes but it's si si six point seven a qual to stand apart six point seven and it says the story of Bethlehem is an exhaustive theme in it is hidden the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God the story of Bethlehem is an exhaust las' theme in it is hidden the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God she's quoting from a lot romans 11:33 what is another word for riches treasure but is this surface treasure she's talking about here it's hidden so sister Sarah what is hidden treasure reading line upon line in the story of Bethlehem is hidden line upon line today we're going to look at the Magi or the Wiseman and I love this story one of the reasons I love it is I feel like it's something a little child could understand and it on one level it seems so simple but it has really added to my faith being able to see it simply laid out in this way so we're going to lay the story of the wise men on the line we'll start by reading the account of this in Matthew chapter 2 it's Matthew 2 verses 1 to 12 just for an overview now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the King behold there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem saying where is he that is born King of the Jews for we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship him when Herod the King had heard these things he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him and when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together he demanded of them where Christ should be born and they said unto Him in Bethlehem of Judea for thus it is written by the prophet and thou bethlehem in the land of judah are not de least among the princes of Judah for out of thee shall come a governor that shall rule my people Israel then Herod when he had privily called the wise men inquired of them diligently what time the star appeared and he sent them to Bethlehem and said go and search diligently for the young child and when he have found him bring me word again that I may come and worship Him also when they had heard the King they departed and lo the star which they saw in the East went before them till it came and stood over where the young child was when they saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding great joy and when they were come into the house they saw the young child with Mary his mother and fell down and worshiped him and when they had opened their treasures they presented unto Him gold and frankincense and myrrh and being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod they departed into their own country another way so who are the Magi quite number one in your notes we've got quite a lot of quote today she expands on this story on what it was not alone upon the hills of Judea not among the lowly shepherds only that angels found the Watchers for messiahs coming in the land of the heathen also were those that looked for him there were wise men rich and noble the philosophers in the east students of nature the Magi had seen God in his handiwork so who are them as who are the who are the Magi the Magi are the watches and who that who are they watching for quite number two in your notes lingering near the bride's house attend young women robed in white each carries a lighted lamp and a small flagon for all all are anxiously watching for the appearance of the bridegroom but there is a delay hour after hour passes the Watchers become weary and fall asleep so who are the watches yes it's interesting looking at what their state religion was in the East at that point in time because that actually and they believe they can trace it back to Daniel they actually had a religion called Zoroastrianism and it's very similar to Christianity they believed in they believed in one God not multiple gods they believed that there was a messiah that was to be born they believed that when that Messiah came that we that he would reprove the world of sin that he would save his people that the world was ending you can list the things and of course they weren't right on everything but they were prepared for a messiah just as much and that's one of the reasons they're looking for one from sales okay my driver watches for the Messiah or watches for the bridegroom other virgins and there's a math calculation that goes in a equals B and B equals C then a equals C and I would suggest that the Magi represent the Virgin's it's purely myth that says that there were three and the reason that we say there were three is because there was three gifts offered so for me that's pretty poor logic that because there was gold frankincense and myrrh that there was only three that was too tricky because that's what we think of when we see it I will put five these are the Y's why not gold frankincense and myrrh and okay go to your I have more evidence than just that sister aunt Anisha but you have to quote number three in your notes it is unto them that look for him that Christ is to appear the second time without sin unto salvation Hebrews 9:28 like the tidings of the Savior's birth the message of the second Advent was not committed to the religious leaders of the people what history is she bringing in here she's bringing in Miller right history in this context but yes the time of the end their had failed to preserve their connection with God and had refused to light from heaven therefore they were not of the number described by the Apostle Paul but ye brethren are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief here are all the children of light and the children of the day we're not of the night nor of darkness the bid I want to pull out of that is like the tidings of the Savior's birth the message of the second Advent was not committed to the religious leaders of the people so she's looking back into their experience in millerite history and just and says just like God couldn't commit that message of the Miller right history it lines up with the message of Christ's first Advent that went to the shepherds and the wise men both bypassed the religious leadership if you continue reading in and this is gc3 15.3 if you keep reading in point four we're going to read a section from great controversy the Watchmen upon the walls of Zion should have been the first to catch the tidings of the Savior saviors Advent so who was meant to be the watchman originally they were meant to be the Watchers the first to lift their voices to proclaim him near the first to warn the people to prepare thee is coming but they were at ease dreaming of peace and safety while the people were sleeping their sins Jesus saw his church like the barren fig tree covered with pretentious leaves yet destitute of precious fruit there was a boastful observance of the forms of religion while the spirit of true humility penitence and faith which alone could render the service acceptable to God was lacking instead of the graces of the Spirit they were manifested pride formalism vain glory selfishness oppression a backsliding Church closed their eyes to the signs of the times God did not forsake them or suffer his faithfulness to fail but they departed from him and separated themselves from his love as they refused to comply with the conditions his promises what not was were not fulfilled to them so what were these watches doing they're dreaming up a peace and safety message and when you're dreaming you sleeping and not only the watch is asleep but the papal trusting in these watches are sleeping their sins and why they are sleeping their sins because they are saving a patient safety message from their leaders and they're not preparing for the bridegroom close their eyes to what what are the times what are the signs of the times I said that in Christ's time it was this star the star had been foretold from the time of Moses which they were going through all the time in Millerites time it was 1798 the papacy the issue that was taking place there and in our time it was the ten years from 1979 to 1989 continuing to raid in great controversy three 16.1 such if the sure result of neglect to appreciate and improve the light and privileges which God bestows unless the church will follow on in his opening Providence accepting every ray of light performing every duty which may be revealed religion will inevitably degenerate into the observance of forms and the spirit of vital godliness will disappear this truth has been repeatedly illustrated in the history of the church so she's already lined up Millar right history with Christ's first Advent and then said that this is repeatedly Illustrated so should we see it in our history God requires of his people works of faith and obedience corresponding to the blessings and privileges bestowed obedience requires a sacrifice and involves a cross and this is why so many of the professed followers of Christ refused to receive the light from heaven and like the Jews of old knew not the time of their visitation because of their pride and unbelief the Lord passed them by and revealed his truth to those who like the Shepherd's of Bethlehem and the eastern Magi had given heed to all the light they had received this is chapter 17 of the great controversy what is chapter 18 headed as chapter 18 what's it what's its name an American reformer an upright honest hearted farmer so what she's done is she's gone back and given the history of the Magi and the wise men to lead into the history of William Miller and the Miller writes that's another proof I would give for making the wise men the virgins 17 leaving in chapter 18 chapter 18 is William Miller leading into Miller OTT history so the virgins and I would just I would suggest just the five because these are the wise quote number four desire of Ages 59.3 the light of God is ever shining amid the darkness of hedonism so what was here for the Magi in their own country there was darkness but someone once asked me after looking at this when are the wise men wise tie to the end the light of God is ever shining in the darkness of when did the trumpet sound right that's interesting well continue reading in quote number four so the light is shining even in the darkness as these Magi studied the starry heavens and sought to fathom the mystery hidden in their bright paths they beheld the glory of the creator' seeking clear and knowledge they turned to the Hebrew Scriptures in their own land with treasured prophetic writings that predicted the coming of a divine teacher Balaam belongs to the magicians though at one time a prophet of God by the Holy Spirit had foretold the prosperity of Israel and the appearing of the Messiah and his prophesies had been handed down by tradition from century to century but in the Old Testament the Savior's Advent was more clearly revealed the magic I learned with joy that his coming was near and that the whole world was to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord so there's a point in time where they turned from their own writings and the prophecies of Balaam to the Hebrew Scriptures and I would mark that as the time of the end they turn to the old and what writings of Balaam did they have in the Old Testament and probably in their own writing numbers 24:17 I shall sing him but not now I shall behold him but not nigh there shall come a story out of Jacob and a scepter shall rise out of Israel and shall smite the corners of Moab and destroy all the children of chef's and this is Balaam's fourth Oracle he could mark the number four there that's Balaam's fourth Oracle the star he predicts if the the prophecy concerning Christ is in his fourth Oracle he prophesized four times and this is his last a court that's not in your Oh might be in number five he directs attention first to nature then up through nature to nature's God who upholds the world by his power so there's a point in time where they turn from the natural to the spiritual and in this case the spiritual is the prophecies of the Old Testament a youth instructor October 12 1899 paragraph 1 quote number six in your notes from various sources the Magi of the East had learned of the expectation that one was to be born who should be King of the Jews God was flashing his light upon those who are searching for truth and while the priests and rulers of the Jewish nation knowing not the time or manner of the Messiah's coming though prophecy had plainly revealed this were living in expectation of welcoming a king who would bring to their nation rich honor and power there were those far less highly privileged who are diligently searching for knowledge of the great events that were to take place many were praying for light in regard to the deliverer who they had been told was to come as a warrior subduing the world to himself by his power their faith in their religious customs did not satisfy the wants of the soul they were hungry and thirsting for a knowledge of the god of whom they knew so little they remembered the words spoken by Balaam when he was urged to cursed Israel you also have a remembering what various sources were the Magi have had to study to understand that the Messiah was about to be born because it's more than Balaam had Moses what about how to know when Daniel what chapter Daniel nine the seventy weeks and for the start date date they also what would they have had to have esra they would have had to had some knowledge of Daniel mine and Ezra to be able to know that the time was here to understand the start date of the 70 weeks at least to understand it roughly and she commenced on that and a different world right I like to read I'm going to tie in a little bit also of the shepherds because I think their story doesn't link at this point in time quite number seven the Wiseman had seen a mysterious light in the heavens upon that night when the glory of God flooded the hills of Bethlehem so the wise men are seeing what is happening to the shepherds and what was this light in quote number eight an angel visits the earth to see who are prepared to welcome Jesus so we have an angel come down but he can discern no tokens of expectancy he hears no voice of praise and triumph that the period of messiahs coming is at hand the angel hovers for a time over the chosen city and the temple where the divine presence was manifested for ages but even here is the same indifference so where does this angel come down to what does he come down to investigate he comes down to see the city and the temple because he is looking for people who he can communicate to the message of Christ's Advent but even here is the same indifference the priests in their pomp and pride are offering polluted sacrifices in the temple the Pharisees are with loud voices addressing the people or making boastful prayer in the corner corners of the streets in the palaces of kings in the Assemblies of philosophers in the schools of the rabbi's all are alike unmindful of the wondrous fact which has filled all heaven with joy and praise that there oedema of men is about to appear upon the earth the angel comes down looking for the Watchers but he finds that they are all sleeping the Watchers on the walls of his eye on quite number-10 there is no evidence that Christ is expected and no preparation for the prints of life in amazement of the celestial messenger is about to return to heaven with the shameful tidings when he discovers a group of shepherds who are watching their flocks by night and as they gaze into the starry heavens are contemplating the prophecy of a messiah to come to earth and longing for the advent of the world's Redeemer here is a company that are prepared to receive the heavenly message and suddenly the angel of the Lord appeared declaring the good tidings of great joy so the angel is amazed and he's about to return to heaven with the message that God's people are not ready to receive to receive his message there the shameful tidings that there's no one to tell when he spots the shepherds and he finds I just find it amazing that all these leaders with all their light and he found shepherds on the hills of Bethlehem or what a lesson is this wonderful story of Bethlehem how it rebukes our unbelief our pride and our self-sufficiency how it warns us to beware lest by our criminal indifference we also fail to discern the signs of the times and therefore know not the day of our visitation but we know that this is a truth that is repeated repeated in history over and over again so the wise men had seen a mysterious light in the heaven upon that night when the glory of God flooded the hills of Bethlehem what was this light so both the shepherds and the wise men have an increase of knowledge because to the wise men they are studying the prophecies the prophecies of the Old Testament to the shepherds they've also been studying but now an angel comes down and gives them a message and that message is in Luke chapter 2 10 to 14 look to ten to fourteen and the angel was talking to the shepherds he says unto them fear not for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people for unto you Is Born This Day in the City of David a savior which is Christ the Lord and this shall be a sign unto you ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger and suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying glory to God in the highest and on earth peace goodwill toward men quite number thirteen in your notes CSA six point one above the hills of Bethlehem are gathered an innumerable throng of angels they wait the signal to declare the glad news to the world had the leaders in Israel being true to their trust they might might have shared the joy of heralding the birth of Jesus but now they are passed by so at this point the religious leaders are passed by so the angels are there they're waiting to declare the glad news to the world but what are they waiting for quite number 14 the heavenly messenger this is the angel CSA 6.4 the angel had quieted their fears he had told them how to find Jesus with tender regard for their human weakness he had given them time to become accustomed to the divine radiance then the joy and glory could no longer be hidden the whole plane was lighted up with a bright shining of the hosts of God so first of all there's just one angel and he gives them the whole message he tells them everything that they need to know and well they are accustomed to his brightness all of the other Angels make themselves seen and the hills are flooded with light yes brother Jonathan question stupid question why are the leaders passed by at the time of the end while they are in the same condition as two people are there in darkness so are they required to be in darkness while everybody else is in the land of the prophecies and they had access to it say it I haven't recorded in this history but the first thing the Shepherd's do is go and tell the leaders and the leaders do not tell the people they send the Shepherds home and actually hide that from the people they have light that the people don't have don't get me wrong I totally agree we you just have that question because if we apply this for us today we say that the leaders of Adventism are passed by since 9/11 but my point is they do not know as well as we didn't know how to read the Bible line up online so just a simple question I think it's important to remember like in pandas class where we did that it's there's the leadership structure not the individuals but the individuals are also a product of their fathers but they have an opportunity to to go back maybe we'll come back when we when the wise men went and they were able to tell tell him what the what the right things are if the Bible says relative to the coming Messiah so they knew they were as knowledgeable as was needful it's just that they close their minds and the importance of it and even with the leaders the recent movie the world yes the charts are part of that movie I think they recognize this as being a part of their history here in just a wilfully but they're not three was intentional it was a malicious disregard of what has always been present so it's not a matter of ignorance for them no it's for the expression and escorts father down the little strike it's a legacy that was hundred-dollar through through the leadership wanted the movement assisting that God had created here the land the people is in darkness because of the education the education that they receive yeah we were in darkness because of poor education and it is that as we went back to Ralph I'm in this class and we saw we're it's this legacy had been handed down and last night at church as Oliver was bringing old that the admonition is something that was supposed to carry on forever our it is God's God's warning to these people was supposed to be perpetuated in truth our generation and that does it mean written with a pen of iron and diamond what do you see that that did not continue to happen and just another little thing that was nice that 911 is is brought in in that little passage that you read where the rest of the angel giant join that first angel so you can combine in yeah because you start off with one angel come down he gives you all the information that they were ever gonna have other than the details and then you have a flash of light and what this flash of light does is it spreads it from one little hill to all over the world at scene in the east and this is what the Magi say this flash of light yes oh yes the number three could symbolize the three angels message or the everlasting gospel I like then I hadn't thought about before remember the number three is just tradition it's Reiki I think not the three wise men is what you're referring to you have the three gifts yeah also in quote 14 we read that that they're given time to become accustomed and then the hills are flooded with light and this is what the Magi see it spreads it well all over all over the countries around and as we read on in that in CSA six point five as the Angels disappeared the light faded away and the shadows of night once more fell on the hills of Bethlehem but the brightest picture ever beheld by human eyes remained in the memory of the Shepherd's I'm quite number fifteen what did this give to Christ when Christ was born in Bethlehem the angels of God appeared to the Shepherd's who were watching their flocks by night and gave divine credentials of the authority of the newborn babe so what was this - Christ it was his divine credentials and what do we mark in millerite history in 1833 1833 millaa millaa receives his divine credentials the formalization of the message and in 1833 we also see the stars for so quote number 16 the Wiseman had seen a mysterious light in the heavens upon that night when the glory of God flooded the hills of Bethlehem now in desire of Ages 60.1 and we've already read that bit before as the light faded a luminous star appeared and lingered in the sky it was not a fixed star nor a planet and the phenomenon excited the keenest interest that star was a distant company of shining angels but of this the wise men were ignorant yet they were impressed that the star was of special import to them so if the light fades our star appears in the east quite number-17 desire of Ages 406 point one now the Pharisees and Sadducees came to Christ asking for a sign from heaven o ye hypocrites said Jesus can you discern the face of the sky by studying the sky they could foretell the weather but can you not discern the signs of the times Christ's own words spoken with the power of the Holy Spirit that convicted them of sin were the sign that God had given for their salvation and science direct from heaven had been given to attest the mission of Christ the song of the Angels to the shepherds the star that guided the wise men the Dove and the voice from heaven at his baptism were witnesses for him so she lines up the star with the Dove and voice at his baptism and I'm saying this is not 11 it's a visual sign and what did this cause the Magi to do in quote number 18 desire of Ages 60 point 1 the last we read the first half of the paragraph and now we'll read the second half they consulted priests and philosophers and searched the scrolls of the ancient records though they go back to more diligent study the prophecy of Balaam had declared there shall come a star out of Jacob and a scepter shall rise out of Israel so this is a direct fulfillment of the prophecies of Balaam could this strange star have been sent as a harbinger of the Promised One the Magi had welcomed the light of Heaven Sent truth now it was shed upon them in bright arrays through dreams they were instructed to go in search of the newborn Prince so what they had as light here now falls in bright arrays having a what does that mean by saying it right warning a forerunner a precursor that which precedes and given gives notice of the expected arrival of something else so when you see a carbon harbinger you should know that something else is coming of which it foretells and through dreams that are given a commission from God yes yes brother Richard after the first disappointment you brought up a search the scrolls and bright light is given that's when the the wise virgins went back to the Bible's in millerite history but I guess to here when was that after the disappointment disappointment okay true but they do not set out empty-handed before they leave they gather gold frankincense and what does the gold frankincense and myrrh represent remedies related to see a great number 19 I suggest it could mean quite a lot of things but I'm just going to bring out two that I found actually turned over to quote number 28 I put this at the back of your notes but it's just as relevant here 28 the Lord had fed his prophet Elijah by a miracle when upon a long journey he could obtain food from no other source he rained manna from heaven for the children of Israel the Lord provided a way for Joseph to preserve his own life and the life of Jesus and that of the mother by their fleeing into Egypt he provided for the necessities of their journey and for the sojourn in Egypt by moving upon the wise men of the east to go in search of the infant Savior and to bear him valuable offerings as a token of honor the gifts brought to them by the wise men sustained them while in the land of strangers so it isn't given into Christ's service till a future point in time but at 9:11 the wise men have gold frankincense and myrrh I would suggest in quote number 28 she lines that up with the manna from heaven so go back to quote number 19 we'll look at one of them yeah it's not in service yet in this context 19 the Son of God came down to this earth and this is CT 60 point to the son of God came down to this earth that in him men and women might have a representation of the perfect characters which alone and God could accept through the grace of Christ every provision has been made for the salvation of the human family it is possible for every transaction entered into by those who claim to be Christians to be as pure as the deeds of Christ and the soul who accepts the virtues of Christ's character and appropriates the merits of his life is as precious in the sight of God as is his own beloved son sincere and uncorrupted faith is to him as gold and frankincense and myrrh the gifts of the wise men to the child of Bethlehem and the evidence of their faith in him as the promised Messiah all through this paragraph I'd suggest you see repeat repeating in large so what is gold frankincense and myrrh sincere and uncorrupted faith the virtues of Christ's character the merits of his life a perfect character I would sum it up and say righteousness and before they leave on the journey when they see the star the first thing it does is drive them to further study and then they gather the gold frankincense sense and myrrh they pack and they leave on their journey in quite number-20 as by faith Abraham went forth at the call of God not knowing whether he went as by faith Israel followed the pillar of cloud to the promised land so did these Gentiles go forth to find the promised Savior the Eastern country abounded in precious things and the Magi did not set out empty-handed it was the custom to offer presence as an act of homage to princes or other person ages of rank and the richest gifts the land afforded were born as an offering to him in whom all the families of the earth were to be blessed it was necessary to journey by night in order to keep the star in view but the travelers beguiled the hours by repeating traditional sayings and prophetic utterances concerning the one they sought at every pause for rest they guided the they searched the prophecies and the conviction deepened that they were divinely guided well they had the star before them as an outward sign they had also the inward evidence of the Holy Spirit which was impressing their hearts and inspiring them with hope the journey though long was a happy one to them there's a lot in that paragraph that ties in with this time period but this is a journey in the wilderness it's meant to be a happy one it's marked by periods of rest and further study and what does this study do for them it deepens their conviction and impresses their hearts the journeys are building God's people leave Babylon in it mindset does anyone want to add to that Hey yes brother Richard every pause for rest Oh Christopher that's I miss it I said symbolic of the Tyrian time we look at any poorer as they search policy and conviction deepen when you look at all the camp meetings that happened all the series have been presented and only can the foundation and the temple being built like every one of those is a we mark or Apollo's did Oh deepens our conviction that they were divinely guided so God is leading them so your bathroom periods of rest as like the camp meetings that we've seen light on a line yeah and the tin foundation foundation of presentation I like that brother Mary rest is also a dynamic refreshing so ever we see the tree I like that so at the end of their journey and they've estimated this would have been a period of month probably maybe around three months desire of Ages 60.3 I think it's just further down from the last quote we were reading they have reached the land of Israel and are descending the Mount of Olives with Jerusalem in sight when lo the star that has guided them all the weary way rests above the temple and after season fades from view with eager steps they press onward so they're descending the Mount of Olives and ahead of them they see the star rest above the temple and fade from view every day we see a star fade from view what do we call that sunset and if you remember sister to Mina's messages at cat meeting she ties this in with mount of olives it's something we see that correct it's a rough estimate estimation just wondering how long this journey would have taken them because they're heading from around the land of Iran from the east and they're staying on camel probably around three months because we were wondering and how long you know if would have been a period of a year or yeah would be nice if you had an exact time and retire to something that we hadn't given this with eager steps they press onward confidently expecting the Messiah's birth to be the joyful burden of every tongue but their inquiries are in vain entering the holy city they repair to the temple to their amazement they find none who seem to have a knowledge of the newborn king their questions call forth no expression of joy but rather of surprise and fear not unmingled with contempt so they reached Jerusalem and I'm mocking this as a ppm all of this just outside Jerusalem my brain always had to like a part of it black when Christ ascended the Mount of Olives on triumphal entry and he's looking over the city right yeah I just thought it was like I don't know what I was thinking I thought it was a part of it but I know if I count on the outskirts with anyone I was actually distinct and separate desire of Ages sixty one point one the priests are rehearsing traditions they extol their religion and their own party while they denounce the Greeks and Romans as heathen and sinners above others the wise men are not idolaters and in the sight of God they stand fire higher than do these his professed worshippers yet they are looked upon by the Jews as heathen even among the appointed guardians of the holy Oracle's they're eager questionings touch no chord of sympathy what are the holy Oracle's that God's leaders the leaders of the Jewish faith what would the holy Oracle's they were meant to be guarding CCH 58.4 it's quote number 21 in your notes God has called his church in this day as he called ancient Israel to stand as a light in the earth by the mighty clever of truth the messages of the first second and third angels he has separated them from the churches and the world to bring them into a sacred nearness to himself he has made them the depositories of his law and has committed to them the great truth of prophecy for this time like the Holy Oracles committed to ancient Israel these are a sacred trust to be communicated to the world the holy Oracle's are what equals the three angels messages and they're the mighty Claver of truth what's a clever chap more details brother Mario what's the difference between a cleaver and a chef's knife you can't cool yeah brother Luke will not be what cuts the fat it may be a different symbol but probably doing a similar job it's some it's a type of knife that has a flat edge and kind of like a chef's knife you're supposed to have this rolling action and lots of little chops with the cleaver it's all about precision you know where you're going to hit and then once you know where you're going to hit it's a butcher's knife for a start it's meant to divide up an animal but once you know where you're going to hit it should be able to divide that carcass in one blow so I'd suggest another kind of like our two edged sword this one is a knife meant to divide one thing into two things with one strike and this is the work of the three angels messages one aspect of it great number 22 in your notes not generally as sharp as other knives it's all about it's heavy it's the weight of it and also the force of the blow and knowing well yet where you're striking yeah might be please move to quite number 22 how I'm the Magi received the people of Jerusalem looked upon the Magi with astonishment for no one had seen anything peculiar in the heavens no one had heard anything about the birth of the King the very people over whom these King was to rule had not been favored with any special token for they had no knowledge that anything unusual had taken place the minds of the wise men were filled with astonishment could it be that in this city of Jerusalem the people knew nothing of the birth of him who was to rule over Israel had they themselves read the prophecy incorrectly the Magi had thought to find all Jerusalem filled with anxious expectancy as their I did their experience they were surprised at the jealousy shown by the scrapes and scribes and Pharisees surely the Lord whom they had been seeking had suddenly come to his temple there all the wise men in this story again there aren't they this is us as we enter into Jerusalem into PBM and what is their experience here it's disappointing it awakens the jealousy of the scribes and the Pharisees and it also takes Jerusalem by surprise because the people have not heard anything these these people in Jerusalem are talking about the people that haven't heard anything of this message they don't know who we are they don't know what we're about and they're filled with this they are astonished because they didn't see anything peculiar in the heavens they didn't see 9/11 there until Jerusalem the wise men came to they were not as dumb as we think they were when they started to when these wise men started to rehearse you know the motive of their errand they knew they had they were there because they were reading so something came home to their mind at that point but from then they settled to be indifferent I said what this one what these wise men were bringing to them and it reminds me of our message no it is it's as beautiful are the feet of them that bring good tidings and these these beautiful seats are coming from the mountain they're coming from the mountain and they're coming into this into Jerusalem they're coming back to God's people I'm saying this for the last time to bring a wonderful tithing to bring out disappointment yeah good point I'm quite number-23 from youth instructor October 19 1899 paragraph 4 and we'll read 4 through 6 whose attention does this message get Herod was troubled by the tidings brought by the wise men so we see the government come into play and all Jerusalem with him it was in harmony with Herod's jealous nature to be troubled over news of this character but why should the leading men among the Jews be so perplexed and terrified had they studied and explained the scriptures in vain why were they not intelligent in regard to this great event foretold by prophecy which meant so much to them why then were the priests and rulers those in high positions so alarmed of his coming the Jewish rulers were in ignorance of the coming of the just one because they had not been making ready for him they had been separating from God by wicked works the positions in the service of the priesthood were filled by men wholly unfitted for the work men who had not hesitated to stoop to falsehood and even murder to gain the coveted honor they were not ready for Christ's coming they had not heard the Angels message behold I bring you good tidings of great joy they had not heard the song of the heavenly host because they were estranged from God spiritual things are spiritually discerned the Lord could not enlighten them there so great was the darkness surrounding them that they would not have made right use of the light so the angel actually couldn't give them the message of Christ's coming at the time of the end because they wouldn't have made a right use of it the priests and rulers began to ask themselves what these things meant the Shepherd's had borne witness regarding the visit of the angels now men from the Far East for the tidings so how much ignorant were they really in the leaders because they'd have access to it back here from the Shepherd's and now they have another opportunity men from the east by the tidings and they say we have seen his star in the east and a come to worship Him Matt of another nation and faith were the first to herald the advent of the Messiah if the report of the wise men were true they the rulers stood in an unenviable position before their own people though they had been passed by at the time of the end while strangers were enlightened and this does not sit well with them quote number 24 ta 163 point 1 the arrival of the Magi was quickly noised throughout Jerusalem their strange errand created an excitement among the people which penetrated to the palace of King Herod the wily Edomite was aroused at the intimation of a possible rival remember this is from yesterday's class this is a group as a great-grandfather Herod suspected the priests of plotting with the strangers to excite a popular tumult and unseat him from the throne he concealed his mistrust however determined to thwart their schemes by superior cunning summoning the chief priests and the scribes he questioned them as to the teaching of their sacred books in regard to the place of the Messiah's birth this inquiry from the usurper of the throne and made at the request of strangers stung the pride of the Jewish teachers the indifference which with which they turned to the roles of prophecy enraged the jealous tyrant he thought them trying to conceal their knowledge of the matter with an authority they dared not disregard he commanded them to make clothes search and to declare the birthplace of their expel did king and they said unto Him in Bethlehem of Judea for thus it is written by the Prophet take note of this next paragraph the priests and elders of Jerusalem were not as ignorant concerning the birth of Christ as they pretended so this is for brother Johnathan the report of the angels visit to the Shepherd's had been brought to Jerusalem but the rabbis had treated at us unworthy of their notice they themselves might have found Jesus and might have been ready to leave the Magi to his birthplace but instead of this the wise men came to call their attention to the birth of the Messiah where is he that is born King of the Jews they said for we have seen his star in the east and I come to worship Him so a couple of things to take from this this section that the Magi arrival in Jerusalem awakens excitement among the people not the leaders because the leaders are already aware of what's taking place but the people become excited but it also grabs the attention of Herod and the jealousy of Herod and he calls on the priests and elders to describe to him what is taking place he's Herod and he's the usurper of the throne can we line him up with anybody in particular today it says he's wily and cunning again and he's threatened by this message he's taking this roam not by popular by the Russians amen no exactly but it takes his attention and he starts working with the church and what do you call that the combination of church and state and the state here doesn't really want to help him but they feel threatened and when they're threatened they reveal how much they know because she says they were not as ignorant concerning the birth of Christ as they pretended to be they had the knowledge back here yes by the way now Friday can we close the door against the light we see that there's the first light was time again and then it got brighter right we know that we're told that if we need to neglect the life it will become darkness and the degree of darkness will be proportionately to the light objective one class of people's get more like but the other class of people are what going farther and farther into darkness yeah so there's no coming back one class of people get to see the Messiah so back in this history did the Magi know about Bethlehem do they know where to go because who tells them to go to Bethlehem this interruption here is the first time that the wise men know about Bethlehem Bethlehem a quote number just it's just further down I did I read that last paragraph of ta one six four point one six four point one of T a now pride and envy close the door against the light if the reports brought by the shepherds and the wise men were credited they would place the priests and rabbis in a most unenviable position disproving their claim to be the exponents of the truth of God these loans teachers were not stooped to be instructed by those whom they termed heathen it could not be they said that God had passed them by to communicate with ignorant shepherds or uncircumcised Gentiles or this movement they determined to show their contempt for the reports that were exciting King Herod in order rousillon they would not even go to Bethlehem to see whether these things were so so we see total rejection by the leadership but who does it excite it excites the people of Jerusalem and it excites Herod she says the Jews manifested a stupid indifference to the story of the wise men but Herod is intensely interested and excited and they are given Micah 5:2 but thou Bethlehem Ephrata though thou be little among the thousands of Judah yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel whose goings forth have been from of old from everlasting quote number 25 the wise men are surprised to say no unusual interest upon the subject of the coming of the Messiah they fear that after all they may not have read the prophecies correctly uncertainty but cloud their minds and they become anxious they hear the priests repeating and enforcing their traditions and expanding the law down halfway lasts two sentences the wise men the wise men leave Jerusalem not as confident and hopeful as when they entered it they marvel that the Jews are not interested in joyful in prospect of this great event of the advent of Christ it's also where I draw the disappointment from so what is the PBM to the wise men it's disappointing but it also fills their mind with uncertainty and they become anxious they're not as confident and hopeful leaving Jerusalem as when they entered quite number26 before this one question did the star have to lead them to Jerusalem why couldn't the star just leave them straight to Bethlehem would it have made any difference for the wise men so why so this stopping Jerusalem is it for the wise men I would suggest it's not I would suggest it's for the people of Jerusalem because this is what wakens them up this ppm is not for us this is for the Levites they were all excited that they see the sky they're traveling they're thinking they're seeing the Messiah and then they have this disappointment so don't you think this is also an experienced sister olivine on one level experience it's a great the one thing it was for him while I was giving his people a second yes they need to have the experience as well I think every experience yes is for us in that way I was a little flippant in saying it's not but the message I think is for the Levites to waken them up because the leaders have not done their duty and sharing what the Shepherd's brought so God has to bring the wise men directly can you say it to the throne the wily Edomite Tiberias who do you think Jonathan he's a leader he's a king of a state I mean the leadership's the Pharisees ins that they go to to Herod why did I get persecuted over here hmm the values of Bethlehem the wise man effectively as persecution over here why Hara Hara till threatened because it here this is what brings about all that future persecution the attention they get here it's Herod adventism because Adventism the leadership of Adventism feels threatened by this movement which will reach out to the government to cause persecutions to come upon it I was my heritage government I'm just saying that Herod makes a decree yes the church makes a decree it's here that makes that decree and from that decree but because the church was working as the church yeah quite number26 calling the wise men to him this is youth instructor october nineteen eighty ninety nine paragraph eight calling the wise men to him herod inquired of them diligently what time the star appeared and he sent them to Bethlehem and said go and search diligently for the young child and when he have found him bring me word again that I may come and worship Him also when they had heard the King they departed and lo the star which they saw in the East went before them till it came and stood over where the young child was when they saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding great joy so they leave Jerusalem disappointed they exit the gates heading towards Bethlehem and they're discouraged their doubting they're wondering if they've misunderstood and what happens what was the star back here but what kind of wasn't in what did it represent it's something you see in the outside world it's a visible manifestation fulfillment of prophecy and this confirms all that they'd studied back here so when the star comes back here what does it have to be an external event that confirms what they're studied back here and why does it give them this experience and it's really emphasized you know it's only twelve little verses and the verse goes they see the start they go to Bethlehem and then it goes back to mark their experience when they see this star that it gave them exceeding great joy yes it gives them evidence that this is true like the star here gave them evidence that they started before was true this star confirms I would suggest the prediction there has to be an external event linked with this and brother pomander mentioned that in class that every one of our way marks has an external event and when they come into the house they've reached Bethlehem they saw the the young child with Mary his mother and fell down and worshiped him so what do they do at Bethlehem and by the way it's Jerusalem to Bethlehem is five point five miles you can mark a Fife between here and they fall down and worship and what experience do we call that Temari experience p.m. to midnight we usually mark a 5 don't we I might be stretching it a little bit if people kind of condensed it they just say 5 miles but more accurate is 5.5 and I'll surprised because I thought they were farther apart but then they're really not that far apart and they fall down and worship quite number 27 desire of Ages 60 3.2 why do they fall down and worship when they were come into the house they saw the young child with Mary his mother and fell down and worshiped him beneath the lowly guise of Jesus they recognized the presence of divinity they gave their hearts to him as their Savior and then poured out their gifts so beneath the lowly guys they recognized divinity do you want to reword that they see and this brings about their experience they pour out their gifts gold and frankincense and myrrh what a faith was theirs it might have been said of the wise men from the east as afterwards of the Roman centurion I have not found so great faith no not in Israel so I find it interesting that they had the gold frankincense and myrrh here but at this point it goes into service and this is what takes Jesus to another class this is what is able to take him to Egypt this is what sustains him I would suggest it represents what we have back here the bread the righteousness when we're table to seriously take that to a second group the gifts are poured out at his feet desire of Ages 64 point 1 I used to take the gospel so now that we've got the perfect man character to take that gospel the glorious the glorious manifestation of the power of God I think I was just waxing poetic figure want to use to take the gospel was it in this clip was so she asked I went they put it out of his feet you know I don't think so oh you were waxing comedy felt yeah I'm not sure I said that they fell down and worshiped him so just try this they poured out their gifts that's what it says yeah yeah separation but the frankincense to recognize food they need an impurity to the stove is to charge him so to speak with the sacred duty and the murders signify his bitter trials we know from yesterday about the application for each one so you see embodied I think that could be a whole study gold frankincense and myrrh the whole temple prices character what was the frankincense yes from the frankincense was a representation of these righteousness da sixty four point one so you send the emerge in the courtyard so that's the bitterness that high so you plan that to the experience in the courtyard a sixty-four point one I think that's just further down from what we were reading before the wise men had not penetrated Harrods designed toward Jesus when the object of their journey was accomplished they prepared to return to Jerusalem intending to acquaint him with their success but in a dream they received a divine message to hold no further communication with him with him avoiding Jerusalem they set out for their own country by another route in like manner Joseph received warning to flee into Egypt with Mary and the child and the angel said be thou there until I bring their word for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him Joseph obeyed without delay setting out on the journey by night for greater security so you see after midnight there is a persecution and their doubling to time two groups are warned two groups flee and their dreams and visions start returning at that point so how would you apply that we say the gifts are I don't know how to apply it I'm just saying that we have several dreams their gifts returned yeah I was referring to the gifts the visions and the dreams and the gifts of God it's interesting because I've got the court here it's St July 1 1898 paragraph 1 2 3 she talks about the Greeks that come at the end of Christ's ministry she compares them to the wise men so I think you can actually on a larger scale say wise men Egypt Greece I would take Egypt to represent the Levites and grace to represent the 11th hour workers if you're going to look at it on this line of thought yes sister Tamina parent like butter sweet yeah he tries it in a nice way when you realize that doesn't work and then later on he uses force and I just remember but lately I've been either listening an audio from our writings or something yeah you know Satan tries it at first nicely yeah but then he uses force so I'm probably thinking that a prediction before midnight the government will try to butter us up and try to use us didn't you say that happening you know tell me about what was that what do you know then later on they use force at midnight separate room does flatteries brother sorry sorry the one that 5.5 miles at eight point eight kilometres so you go twice it done no brother Larry question uh so tell me more about Russia it says here that we're given understand more where they want to do yeah brother Murray I'm going back to that we might of son say that we have beer and trying to I'm trying to reconcile in my mind I don't know if that's ppm and that's midnight that sister tomato study you can ask me asking how do we get that sunset beer if sunset as we know is marking the end of one day the beginning of a next day then what would be the other day how do we reconcile that sunset right here the PBM sister Tamina wait 30 seconds to go by pressure at the PBM the force that was there was not against three wise men it was used against the church yeah compelling the church to explain what wise men are saying but first nicely and then with intimidation it was nice to do the wise men that baby wanted the information from them yeah but and also to the church at first he didn't he was using cunning you know it's mine mine gave with them what because of their behavior so it was their cause but for performance because of the eating difference we also he thought that they were tricking him of course he was there it's caused by beer only behave that one fallen not so funny wise me yeah and the minute you applied pressure how much did they know I knew about good night I just want to finish with this quote oh yes sister Tamina I just surely wanted to share that and they see the start again it says they rejoiced with exceeding great joy and that's when William Mattar seized in his second dream when the jewels are ten times brighter which we were additionally to he shouts out with exceeding great joy I shall desire this is quite number twenty-nine desire of Ages sixty four point three just to wrap up through the wise men God had called the attention of the Jewish nation to the birth of his son their inquiries in Jerusalem the popular interest excited and even the jealousy of Herod which compelled the attention of the priests and rabbis directed minds to the prophecies concerning the Messiah and to the great event that had just taken place I would suggest that this is the whole point this is a message that God wants us to take to the church it's to awaken them to direct their minds to the prophecies if your meal will finish on prayer dear Father in heaven thank you for your word thank you for these stories lord I pray that you'll prepare us as you prepared the wise men that will be diligent in our studies learning these periods of rest and refreshing we have Lord we know that we're approaching Jerusalem rapidly Lord we're descending the Mount of Olives and we need to be ready father I pray you'll prepare us for out of hiding Lord for taking this message to another class to people that haven't heard it Lord and while we have to deal with the people that have please strengthen your people not just us in this room Lord but you know our loved ones our families our fellowship groups Lord that spread all across the world that you'll be with them that you'll prepare us in mind and also in heart that we'll have on that right character about gold frankincense and myrrh father that we can be of use to you when the time comes I pray you bless our day or guide us through it and please also be with elder pomander and the meetings in Guadalupe and all those presenting across the world the Lord as you direct this movement that you've been directing since since 1989 I pray this in Jesus name Amen