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you Kevin thank you for this movie thank you never able to come together here and study your word please send your spirit down here that we open our minds that we may understand thank you for that we have been considering that the concept report what it means to eat the little book here in this history from 9-11 to the midnight cry and what the forehead of Flint represents and what's it mean to eat the little book in the context of the 2nd angels message because we know the first angels message is clearly a message that needs to be proclaimed so that is this isn't what I want to do we've been using Miller I'd history as our point of reference for the art history and for 19 1844 so as we've been doing this what would I put into the mix as this discussion was going on a few days ago most of you remember this is it a miller right history we have to temple cleanses right so as those that have been considering approaching this from a different aspect than I approached it from saw what I put on the board the one day that we were looking at the two temple cleansing they sent me this okay and they sent me this this email to explain it and ah did I hand us out too okay where says hi brother Jeff drop down to where it says figure 1 is the way I understand it so the first two lines are how they understand it and they're submitting it saying that I disagree with how you illustrated it on the on tuesday or wednesday last week okay and then it's going to go on to say that figure 2 is the way that I explained it last week and as I looked at it I don't agree I don't agree that when I when he says that figure to those two lines or how I explained it or how I explained it but I don't care ok I want to explain it the way that we're understanding it and i want to remind everyone that the reason that i went into these two histories these two temple cleansings was not to try to achieve any preciseness about when the second angel arrives and when it's empowered what was I trying to show from the to Temple cleansing because that was my bottom line that's all I want to put in the mix anyone remember what I went to show is that in the temple cleansing of the Protestants from 1840 to April nineteenth that you have three steps in those three steps are the first second and third angel therefore you have a second angels message and it's empowerment in this first temple cleansing of the Protestants and you have a this a repeat of the first second third angels message and the second angel and it's empowerment in this history okay so the argument of the brother here is that yeah he can see if I might understand it right and I'm not trying to dispute him I'm just trying to get us up to speed on just some of the distinctions that are being made his argument here yes he agrees if there's a three-step temple cleansing of the Protestants here and a three-step temple cleansing of the Miller rights here but he says based upon what we understand about 911 at nine eleven you have the first angel being empowered here and the second mate angels message arriving at the same time therefore his logic is therefore when you look at the history of the Protestant you have to mark the arrival of the sec angel right here there's no argument about the temple cleansing of the middle rights because here at the beginning of the temple cleansing of the mill rights we know the second angel arrives no disputing that right but what I was teaching is when does the second angel arrive am 1842 June May June may / june that's it / june of 42 okay so i'm saying the second angel here arise and he's saying that can't be because 911 teaches us that the second angel has to arrive when the first message is empowered and that's why a couple days ago I asked the questions about was Darius there when Gabriel was struggling with Cyrus because Cyrus and the being struggled with with Gabriel and then Michael thereafter was the empowerment of the first decree and if we don't see de reyes the author of the second degree right there in that story then we have an illustration from another line of prophecy that the arrival of the second way mark does not always take place at the empowerment of the first so we don't have to if you get other witnesses that we don't have to force the miller right hemp the Protestant temple cleansing to insist that the second Angels arrival back here because if the second rain angel arrives back here then the way mark that's represented by the may/june the production of the chart and the church closing their doors that's got to be the midnight cry here I don't think the second angel rise 1840 we've always been on the larger scale it arrives 819 plus the only reason I think that it arrives an hour time period at the same time is 911 is because the combining work was reserved for our time enough combining work was reserved for our time ok so time yeah but remember remember the purpose of this study was to determine if in the history of 911 to the midnight cry the little book the eating of the 2nd angels message does it does it include carrying a message to the Adventist Church or not because it has at minimum have been inferred that from here to here there is a work of assimilating the message but it isn't until the midnight cry that you get the forehead of flint and you carry a message to Adventism from the midnight ride to the Sunday law ok where as I was saying in opposition to that that when you eat this little book here it requires them it includes the responsibility carry message to Adventism through this history and after this subject got pushed a little bit then those that were understanding that no you are dis assimilating the message in here in advance of receiving the forehead of slip here to carry the message to Adventism here and thereafter to the 11th hour workers those that were seeing that had to back away not necessarily back away but they had to acknowledge that the first angel was empowered here even though the second arrived here and there's too much evidence that the first angels message empowerment is representing a message in the Miller I'd history that was carried worldwide from 18 40 to 44 so when this angel comes down he's both the first empowerment of the first and they arrival the second and you take that little book out of his hand it's telling you you got a messy she carry from here onward so once that was in place then it became kind of he couldn't deny that you had a message to carry to Israel here but there was still the the desire to insist that the forehead of Flint in Ezekiel chapter 389 is taking place here particularly when in Ezekiel three verses 10 through 14 once he's giving the forehead of Flint once Ezekiel is given this forehead of plant he's taken up by the spirit and he's carried away in what in bitterness okay so so it's marking him his bitterness here and we know on many witnesses the to midnight cry is bitter so the argument is is oh he gets the forehead of Clint right here at the bitterness of the message okay so that's what we were trying to deal with we're trying to clarify those stuff those things and in so doing I bring the argument that the two temple cleansings both give illustrations of a three-step testing process and that the characteristics of the second angel and its environment at the midnight cry can be recognized in both of these histories you with me and from that I was trying to show that even before the first disappointment they were carrying the message of the midnight cry right here in the first temple cleansing and therefore the empowerment of the second angel which is the midnight cry is an illustration of tearing a message to the Covenant people passed by and therefore both the first and second angel's message when you needed at 911 it's giving you the witness that you have a message to carry to athens or something and i think one of one of the strongest points at least that you made that was that made sense to me is that when the miller rights were disappointed they still were given a message they never stopped giving a message so before the midnight cry the message was still being carried to the Covenant the people were being the Covenant people were being pacified so all the way through there's never a point where the message isn't being given outside of just the present truth believers it would go totally against the survival because you cannot receive if you're not giving out so if God had it out of time very regal do anything but sit home and study it makes no sense at all know where may make no sense but that is it that isn't the argument we're trying to understand why there it appears in verse 8 and 9 that Ezekiel is given a forehead of Flint in advance of carrying this bitter message to those that are in captivity and he's carried to those that are in captivity and he sets their astonished for how long 347 Davis okay if he if right here if this is where he's taken up by the spirit given his forehead of flint which no one's denying this both sides of the discussion the what what's being the difference is is I'm saying that this forehead of flint is secured permanently upon him because he has been faithful to carry a message in this history and the process of carrying the message is what produces the forehead of Flint but it's sealed for eternity here and now he's going to carry a bitter message to through the Levite history but what happens if you read those verses is when he's carried to those of the captivity he sets down among them and it is astonished for seven days okay to me was I telling you it's telling me is it very well could be that this strike of Islam against the United States is so much more profound than we realize for instance and here's what I'm saying about if you followed the strike on France or even if you think about the strike at nine eleven if in France they hit six places if I recall if am I right maybe seven okay six places so it was a strike that didn't happen a singular strike it was bam bam bam bam what if this strike goes for seven days across the United States now I'm not making that prediction but I'm saying that that to be set among the Levites for this priest who has been sealed to set among the Levites in bitterness for seven days maybe implying that the confirmation of this priest prediction is sent not simply confirmed it's confirmed in such an overwhelming fashion in such a terrible fashion that there is there is no activity by the priest why it's going on it's here where the activity begins at anything I think when you mark this is the first Sunday long that that escalates to the Sunday law that fulfills Bible prophecy one of the characteristics of the Sunday law here is natural pasta pasta see is followed by national room so why can't we read some of that in right here at the first Sunday law that marks the arrival of the midnight cry image of the Beast testing time the National apostasy followed by national room it's so overwhelming that the priests don't even have anything to say for a short period of time but at the same time they've made a prediction back here that this is exactly what's going to happen the doubling the double bad stuff okay I don't they okay I don't have a problem seeing the bitterness based on Mordecai to midnight cry but of all the other lines we've learned my first recognizing that bitterness it says as soon as I had eaten it my belly was bitter so I don't have a problem recognizing that bitterness at 911 because it says when he takes that little book as soon as he eats it he has bitterness so I think the bitterness can be marked at 911 and at the midnight cried just like we were showing yesterday we have the hold hold hold and then the three I don't have a problem recognizing bitterness at 911 when you realize you're going to get kicked out of the church for bringing them this message in the Bible back set up as soon as I had eaten it my belly was bitter kill I don't think the Bible backside up it does yes sewer was the worst that we were just read all right insulin sister white is using the Miller in history to define prophecy she says historical events are set before the people and prophecy was seem to be a figurative delineation advance leading down the close of this history the search history what proves the fulfillment of prophecy is historical events and we know from history and from sister white and the pioneers commentary on the history that even though revelation 10 says it as soon as John aided it was bitter in his mouth that the reality of it wasn't fulfilled until 1844 four years later the historical confirmation of that identifies a period of time when its first sweet and thereafter bitter but we have to recognize the as soon as I had eaten it and that bitterness may not be the same bitterness that we're marking on a historical context there may be a bitterness that we're not fully aware of because why would it be as soon as I had eaten it just for that reason it's prophecy okay I want to go ahead no I'm not I'm not even really arguing that you can't mark a bitterness here but I don't think you need to do that because the the first testimony is that it's sweet in our mouths here and where does it become bitter right here this is an agreement with with him being carried in the spirit to those in the captivity in bitterness but the bitterness is the conclusion of a process but okay Tyler Amina and Michael I might be wrong about this but at midnight the bitterness is Martin he he leaves in bitterness he sent to the captivity and benefit earnest and doesn't say anything is it possible that that seven is right there and by the end of it then he speaks he doesn't speak till the end of days because he doesn't have necessarily something to save him yet and then because the midnight crisis is a sweet moment it's not necessarily a bitter moment because that's when the prophecy is fulfilled um August eleventh 1840 was really sweet to the midline experience because the proxy that they had predicted was was fulfilled let's read it Ezekiel three and i know that to meet in my kit what what I was just going to say that she basically pleaded with the Lord about the bitter cup Street earnings and then there you go bitter bitter bitter times pretty good yeah I guess I'm saying I'm not threatened by I said I'm not threatened by bitter here but not based upon it soon as bitter is not because the historical testimony is the bitterness that John experiences in chapter 10 takes place here the sweetness here so I'm not going to I don't think we should use that passage to say that the bitterness that has been identified by the Pioneers history and sister white is occurring here is here okay in insight uh it's Tamina Michael copy I was just making that maybe since nine eleven the bitterness is more for individuals as I was going to say yeah and then the message or the movement gets formalized right and it's the church triumphant then at the midnight cry and that is for a whole group worldwide bitter divisions yeah I if you're going to argue about food okay you take it you eat it somehow it's saying that there's a sweetness and a bitterness right there and that very first bite okay but it's not really talking technically about food when we have the history that's showing where the sweetness and the bitterness is um I mean in connection with what you're saying Ezekiel doesn't say the in Ezekiel when he eats it in verse 3 it doesn't say that it was sweet and bitter it says it was sweet and in the sweetness take the message to the people because he says it was him it was in my mouth sweet for honey and he said son of man go now that it's sweet in your mouth go and give the message while it's sweet in your mouth because of when would he when would he when was it sweet in his mouth as soon as ed when 911 yeah okay so when's he carried away bitterness yeah I'm saying that the approaching his chapter in with revelation 10 as the primary point of reference tells you sweetness bitterness but okay Kathy um we also realize that from 9-11 to the midnight cry it's a progression of individuals that's when they need it yeah that's what I was thinking too and as they eat it then they share it and then it's a bitter experience for when they are discovering this role alders 911 the food was there a book from 9-11 to the midnight cry yea i meant delta sister Brittany isn't aren't are these two lines as being parallel so there's a bitterness also at april nineteen so there there would be a bitterness sentiment i cry it's sweet in their mouth 1840 it's better april nineteen on this horse yeah i'm the big scale it's sweet bitter but in the fractal sweet and but we're not getting to yet it is that Tyler's arguing the seven days that is astonished is from midnight to the midnight cry and I suggested it was from the midnight cry onward and i'm not i'm not holding together any position well what i want to remind you is that even reason that we've returned to these lines at this point is just because we were struggling about what it meant to eat the little book we weren't claiming to have perfection in our understanding of what these lines are about but i intend to do something glory reeling with these lines today if we can get to it it's time use first go for it timing i just i just wanted it I wanted it to ask we've never really looked at it but God the Father had struggled three times in allowing Jesus to be the lamb and the sacrifice we've never really looked at that bitterness that got the father had to go to be four years Jesus true but I'm not looking at the bitterness today I want to get to the lines it but you can spend a lot of time in the bitterness and so do I'm not denying the value of that and no doubt his three struggles with accepting the plan of salvation parallels Christ three struggles was accepting the plan of salvation in the Garden of Gethsemane that's an easy parallel and he ends up at the cross here right or the cross here so bitter bitter bitter makes more sense like what Tyler was saying to me because the we don't understand fully what what that period of time is going to be like the binding off but we do know we go face down in the dirt and then and then we have to rise again and it's a complete what let's read it before we say it makes more sense he when he set it off the top of his head and let some universes well I mean that's good then they go forward like an army to me it makes more sense during that binding off guard that there would be something that was being subtle death in that was rated let's start in chapter 3 verse 8 through 15 1 verse each I'll start chapter 3 of Ezekiel verse 8 behold i have made thy face strong against their faces and I for head strong against their foreheads Michael as an adamant harder than Flint have I made that forehead if not need to be dismayed of their looks though they be a rebellious house do you see that he's saying that right from the outset I made your head hard you don't have to worry about how they're going to relate to you because you already have the hard head okay where has we've been teaching the hard head is produced by interacting with these rebels as they reject the message so there is a valid way to see these verses as identifying a hard head at the beginning of the process but the person the people that make that emphasis still place this hard head at the midnight cry ok so we're placing it there too all we're doing is saying that you had to participate in the hardening of your head by giving a message in this history and they weren't seeing that next verse Tamina 10 yeah more so over he said unto me son of man on my words that I shall see d receiving my hardon he removed on years and go get thee to them of the captivity and to the children of thy people and speak unto them and tell them let's say it's all our God whether they will hear or whether they will forbear so if if replacing him here who's the children of the captivity got to be the Levi sorry okay so now we gotta we got to figure out whether he's getting this command at midnight or at the midnight cry because as we proceed there's going to be seven days that he sets astonished brother Jim then the spirit took me off and I heard behind me oh boy suit a great rushing saying blessed should be the glory of the Lord from his place okay so what is this place chip I know in this verse what is this place Jabara it works but what is it what's a great rushing is it water maybe water okay so where's where is a waymark that's got water midnight calm and I cry oh and the sons oh okay so where does the transition from Elijah to Elijah take place at the Jordan River where's the transition from John the Baptist to Christ take place Jordan River what when is the Jordan me what's Jordan me descender descender he must increase I must descend so you can put water at all these way marks of course just like you can put most of the characteristics of all the way much but the mid that cry is a place where there's a lot of water and what are the waters pardon me there's this there's a voices what's a voice message the waters represent messages okay so um yeah but the spirit takes them up here is the voice of waters the voice of Great Waters the message of the waters is right here at the midnight rock Russian is water and blessed be the glory of the Lord from his place okay this is where the glory of the Lord takes place so this this can be midnight to the midnight cry or it can be the midnight cry but it's that history we're locked in ok next verse I heard also the noise of the wings of the living creatures that touched one another and the noise of the wheels over against them and a noise of a great rushing where's that midnight cry midnight to midnight cried this is this is the illustration of the Mara experience what takes place when the temple in heaven is open next verse so the spirit lifted me up and took me away and I went bitterness in the heat of my spirit but the hand of the Lord was strong upon me then I came to them of the captivity at Tel Aviv as well by the river of Jabbar and I SAT where they SAT and remain there some momin seven days yeah takes him back to the covert takes him back to the covert so spirit lifted me up and took me away and I would think it sounds like he taking him from midnight cry back to midnight heat in his spirit the hand of the Lord is strong when the hand of the Lord has hide you in the cleft of the rock that can be marked in a yells covert I don't know where you're placing it I'm not person anyway I'm listening right there that it's midnight midnight cry um this is a whole nother one that we haven't really dealt with well we don't way to do that I understand trimester that you can just look at Daniel is astonished for one hour when he receives the vision the interpretation for Nebuchadnezzar's dream about the 2520 he's astonished for one hour and the King says don't be astonishing more tell me of the vision and he tells them the vision and then some time later the 2520 happens but it's a similar experience just you know we don't have to get into it but just know that it's then what I'm saying I think it fits into the it's the same experience if we're looking for line upon line okay so where's the astonish for one hour why are you saying that cuz the burst looks like it's talking about God no no no he's taking this to the Book of Daniel I run same wafer gold I'm just saying there's a similar experience that he's astonish for one hour yeah but based on this case why is he astonished twice Daniel astonished what he realizes the business is is so overwhelming to him that he can't wash it over when we do him because yes to give a message yes it tell the King about his destruction it's also similar to what you see is the leadership and tell them whether its political or spiritual I'm not making a claim but Samuel has the same experience as well Samuel has the same experience yes to give he's coming along by the terribleness of the message yes to give to Eli who doesn't want to say Eli makes him say it Nebuchadnezzar insists that he says that sister time it's actually loosely translated as struggling but it's also found Ezekiel 37 when it when it says 37-7 there was a noise and be able to shake it is the same more that is using easy kill to me ok so the trembling the shaking were where do we see that in Daniel man separated from him at the mara vision tell me that we know this is let's say it's the midnight to midnight cry but I don't think we'd yep does he television at midnight is he carried to the captivity and sits there during the binding off for seven days astonish or is the Aurora experience concluded and then he's carried to those of the captivity and he sets their astonished with them for seven days tel aviv means ear of corn yeah so it's tavella it's a mound of green and it's derived from what month a be the first month SATA p okay so he's taken to a place where there is i don't know what the Tel Aviv conveys to us there's something there obviously he's going in the heat of this of my spirit which means the anger fatiguer poison but I don't think poisons accurate arm which is the really i don't i don't know we haven't seen a poison yessum poisons are often bitter yeah i'm going to add some say it's placing it there in the end of he's he's brought somewhere in bitterness he's currently better at the midnight cry you're not bitter anymore from my understanding because the fulfillment of the prophecy has just taken place and now you're lit your proved to be the enzyme are you bitter at the Sunday law yeah but there yeah but well then you have to marry up also the fact that it april august eleventh is the fulfillment of prophecy and it's the sweetness from one go so you don't have to marry that up you just have to answer the question yeah are they bitter at the Sunday law yeah then they're bitter at the midnight crime and you were just said we're good at nine eleven too so no but she said it we identified you could be upheld but I said we're making our bitterness this is a Atilla the Hun okay there's all kinds of bitterness here primary application here when does the spirit lift us up in Ezekiel 37 when does the spirit lift this up into the spirit my love me up and it because it says so the spirit lifted me up and took me away so you're changing positions you're being lifted up you'd have to find another lifting up of the spirit exactly when when is he lifted up his breathe the inside the inside gets lifted up at the midnight cry its lift it up at the Sunday law but we've already established on other lines that the lifting up begins back here at midnight it's it's a progressive lifting up but here he's lifted up in the spirit and carry did tell abeam to the mound of corn I think the rest of it there's a lot more because later in verse 23 there's a whole experience which is the continuation of what happens next so if you know what happens next you can know where before is if that makes sense nope not to me if if I know Kathy's right in front of me then I know where I am so if I know so if we know that verse 23 is that the min is that the midnight cry forward than anything before that is before that that's I think it's pretty simple all right then that's not what we're trying to solve though and we're not i'm not trying to solve the seven days either way this point what am i trying to solve how to place this this this is what i'm trying to solve we cute okay in in the handout in the hand i'm avoiding this division we have lots to learn about midnight and over here in AZ 23 in the handout and the commentary it points out that I often put into the discussion in this place that when we're dealing with fractals our first point of reference has to be the big picture ok so I'm saying this is the big picture yeah so when I line up the Protestant temple cleansing and apply it the way I applied it a few days back I mark August eleventh 1840 with the angel coming down as divinity flashing through humanity some people say sometimes divinity does not really flash your humanity here that isn't so if you eat the little book here at this first test if you eat that little book you are justified you are righteous you are reflecting the character of Christ in the character price is the combination of humanity and divinity and sister white says Christ came to demonstrate the combination of the divinity and humanity prove does not sin okay if you eat that little book in all that it entails divinity is flashing through humanity right here okay I'm saying that in this Protestant temple cleansing that the door closes for the Protestants on april nineteen eighteen 444 yes and I'm saying that the arrival of the second this is the empowerment of the first but the arrival of the second is 5 / 6 1842 when this chart is produced in May and by June the doors begin to close because it's a progressive fault it's a visual test making it the second test saying that it is the rival of the second message and then in 1843 when fitch begins the a floodgate of opening the message of Revelation 14 8 that Babylon is fallen that the 2nd angels message being proclaimed here is the midnight cry for this history that needs to the closed door the third way mark of this history and when we put this Protestant temple cleansing underneath this history of 18 42 44 right here on August fifteenth 1844 we have the midnight cry and I'm saying it's perfect parallel but what's different about the Protestant temple cleansing then the Miller right temple cleansing is that the mill right temple cleansing is going to show that at the beginning of the process the second angel arrives because the Miller right temple cleansing begins on April nineteenth 1844 when the second angel arrives with a writing in his hand and this is divinity flashing through humanity because anyone that takes and eats that little book is representing the combination of themselves with the divine book God's Word divinity combined with humanity right there and it's flashing through the some of the arguments not arguments with some of the thoughts that prepared the understanding that we don't have any message of the second angel to take the Adventism in here was the supposition that from this point April nineteenth until the midnight cry on 8 15 1844 that there was no message being carried but we put in the record they never quit proclaiming message there's only one thing that they did what was it that they did they quit put an emphasis on the time because 1843 hit paths but they continued to proclaim the message and we read from William Miller he continued to proclaim the message okay so you're lining that up with the 56 above or this just a line of its own no I'm saying this is the Protestant jump open jump from here ok this is the Miller I cleansing from here but the argument is my argument is before you can deal with the fractals you first have to put the big picture in place and the big picture is 18 42 44 but this handout is containing that based upon 911 when you have the second angel arrive and the first angel empower that that requires that when you deal with the Protestant temple cleansing that you have to put the arrival of the second angel back here because that's what happened at 911 and if you do that that makes this waymark here the midnight cry or perhaps it makes it midnight and this is a midnight cry but it changes what is being defined by this line and I'm saying you are not required to show the second angel arriving on august eleventh 1840 in the Protestant temple cleansing because this is an illustration of the everlasting gospel and the everlasting gospel is three steps and the second step in this temple cleansing is marking the 2nd angels message it's valid to show it arriving here particularly when the history that you are using to mark its arrival corresponds with the characteristics of its arrival and particularly when you have a historical witness of the proclamation that would be the empowerment of this message calling people out of Babylon because they're closing their doors against the message any final thoughts for this trimester we never got to the what the prediction was heavenly father is we bring this class to a conclusion in this trimester we ask that you would ratify the things that we've been studying help us to continue to separate the chaff from the wheat and we thank you for moving us forward into the understanding that we began to see yesterday that the process of the three steps of the everlasting gospel from 9-11 to the midnight cry are represented by the daily work that goes on in the sanctuary throughout the year and that this third binding off period is focusing upon the Day of Atonement and in this sense that people can eat that little book right at the beginning of the history and be in possession of the complete character required to have the seal of God we thank you for allowing us to study these things and you're leading in all this and it's with the school continues on for the rest this weakens conclusion we ask for your continued blessing we pray for the work that is coming to a conclusion today in Australia as you bring brother Gabriel home safely and that you continue to be with the meetings that are going on in Jamaica we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen