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sister Pam would you mind praying for us to start this Thank You your great love and mercy upon us watch here thank you for this opportunity you didn't teach one of us to be here this morning to study together we asked the Holy Spirit to be with us lessons and guy and ask for clarity and the deeper understanding of the things that you have ask for your blessing upon sister Janina as she betta thank you first I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the time the last one and a half weeks together to study with you guys and onto your input and help so today it's the last class before we have a little break for Thanksgiving we want to put the next States on I think there's some sources we still need to put on there and it seems like Nathan is not here today so I will have to get his information in at another time but shaquita do you want to start and share what you found about 2015 in the spectrum magazine among the most significant votes were changes to the seventh-day adventists fundamental bilities the words recent and mineral were attitude to the belief on creation gender inclusive language was added throughout despite numerous press protestations delicas overwhelmingly approve proposed changes to fundamental belief number 23 on marriage and the family which was a minute to remove the word partners in order to remove ability of about allowing same gender relationships believe number 18 on the gift of prophecy what was a minute to remove language suggest an Ellen White's writings severe as authoritative sources of truth in order to indicate that in Vince's considered the Bible their only source of truth mm-hmm so when you hear these things what would you mark in 2015 rebellion twofold like what are the to which the sources you gave are addressing what what are they attacking marriage sister-sister whites thority rebellion I'll put rebellion in the top and I know if you sent me the screenshots but would you mind sending me like a link or something that would be great we saw this in 2015 so we see a marriage changed here isn't in 2050 not so where you have the law that same-sex marriage is possible now in the United States ok so we see externally as internally something going on by the way David Gates is making a prediction that in early spring were I think March April thus Angela would come and he's using these changes to start the time like a time prophecy which would end next year and I looked at with it a little bit into his stuff and I firstly I find it interesting that when we see okay we need to set time probably that other people come up with it but I don't think he has really a methodology like we do to in order to get a date so I I don't agree with him however you see now the church going against David Gates and with what he's doing so this gives us a foretaste of what's going to happen with us which is still a nobody compared to other guys however recently I think this guy's called mark Finley has released a video addressing the the subjects of David Gates and I watched it yesterday two days ago and he's addressing exactly what sister shaquita was reading to us he's saying yeah there was some changes to the fundamental beliefs there we changed the word to this word but when you listen to mark Finley it is it all sounds good like that's a good change sounds good and really reminded me of how the mystery of iniquity works it always goes little by piece step by step changing here but and DARAB it and if you really have like a clear mind and you see what will be the effect of those changes can actually wake up and see no those changes are actually rebellion so I wanted to point this out and since Angelia is not here I think she was the representative of Courtney which is at work and couldn't be with us yes please so I'll give a quick Li the context and Courtney had higher education and she gave us a date when it first began and she gave us also quote and I was telling her there's a quote when white specifically says what higher education is and she was to go and look where that quote is so pH zero zero four that's pamphlet for 111 I'm sorry 11 point you eleven point two and it reads listen to the voices mark the powers in the world is there any voice of Prayer do you see any sign that thank God is recognized there are priests plenty of them but they are traveling under their feet the law of Jehovah their garments are stained with blood with the blood of souls multitudes are sacrificing to devils look you who are hesitating between obedience and disobedience look in imagination at the vast multitude worshiping at stasis altar listen to the music listen to the language called higher education but what does God declaring the mystery of so when you look to our schools and institutions of this church the seventh-day Adventist Church higher education is big big promoted when you go to the web pages or anna andrew university you have it even in the entrance at their sign but what does my call it she calls it a mystery of iniquity and i suggest that higher education is also what caused the darkness in christ time period the Greek education among God's people which caused the people to not understand the scriptures anymore and I think this timeline shows how higher education comes in and we see how doctrine is not understood anymore which brings us to the next point I'm going to share it since Britney is not here but Britney was going to look at apostasy of your ass Smith and him understanding that the king of the north is Turkey and she gave a couple quotes and she said let me see that the earliest state it's not easy to find those things that's why we're doing this work she said it's dated the first time she could find it was October 9th 1878 October 9th 1878 18th 18th oh sorry that should go here 1878 Brad Smith and Turkey I just put that in king of the north and the references for that is the biography page 96 and 97 that's volume 3 26 97 and then another historian book which is oh wow this is December 12 1854 G no JW e comma a RS page 134 sorry I should have written that down beforehand I didn't know it was that long of a reference so we have here December 12 I'm going to wipe this away we have that on December 12 1854 JW e 8r s H 134 paragraph 18 o you know you say you don't look you don't have a good eyesight but it seems like you have you see things okay you had some dates more to share with us I've got some emails this morning from you nope nope you can't send too many okay so 1990 okay gonna wipe this outlook so there were two different sources that had what was going on there one was Wikipedia and then the other one I went into the archives mm-hm and there's only there's six weeks that they met mm-hmm but the archives only has 26 days interesting of notes mm-hm yeah and they had 65 people seven to nine stenographers so everything is recorded well but not everything is published published and now is one of the biggest critiques about the conference that people had this was an invitation only so AG Daniels or whoever put it on cherry-picked okay people loose this sounds like so that he could bolster his opinions right short to interrupt you sorry what generation is the 1919 Bible Conference in the third one where it starts the third one at the ends the second so would we still have the license to say we see secret chambers a secret hidden work there okay this just reminded me there so they were discussing okay so I guess for that round what caused this to happen was there was a discussion in the Protestant community about modernization and fundamentalism so among the the topics of course was Bibles inspiration because adventism really wanted to kind of adhere to the fundamental fundamental basis where modernism was going into you know discrediting a lot of the Bible and going towards science and Darwinism evolutionism so so I was saying reaching the hand out towards starvin is that a point you would point out or so that was something that Adventism was who's not doing it was ok station that because Protestantism was going into they were going into modernism or fundamentalism so would you mark it as a positive thing like is it positive that they didn't go to towards Darwin's understanding okay but it seems like there was a lot especially with the rejection of inspiration they were so they were trying to still maintain their distance from modernization while still participating okay I think that the so there was a an approved list of things to be discussed at this conference and it was actually the full name of it was the Bible and history teachers conference mm-hm and so this is from the archives the actually I found the Sabbath review and had been Herald on August 21st 1919 that was the day that I concluded okay so and this was written by aging at a AG Daniels the committee appointed to suggest topics for study as prepares the following the person and then mediatorial work of Christ the nature and work of the Holy Spirit the two covenants the principles of prophetic interpretation the eastern question the Beast power and revelations for the 1260 days the United States and prophecy the seventh trumpet Matthew 24 and the identification of ten kingdoms so that sounds really great mm-hmm but the topics that I found that were actually discussed mm-hmm and it's not to say that those things weren't discussing there are other things that were documented we discussed was infallibility as they were also arguing that Ellen White was claiming herself to be infallible they were discussing so this is something like the movement doesn't sin kind of thing well I think it was it was one of those discussions so have these polarizing viewpoints maybe need to say no she's just a person they didn't know we can take her words lighter than what they've been believed to be him and a lot of people were saying there was inspiration the thing kind of on her that she was verbally inspired that God is speaking through her him and even really white who represented himself by letter he addressed that and said she never claimed that she always said that God uses used men as his pen men who hisses ken but they could not find that mmm-hmm no I did so did side rissoles which started with your eyes Smith with the different degrees of inspiration Conrad II doubting our white hos well and Daniels just picks up on it and goes even further at that conference and they weren't well everybody there might have been but it because he had picked them it totally detracted from the Adventist understanding the tiny our understanding that the Daly is paganism okay so he brings up the wrong view there and push us through but he doesn't talk about the net that's what like there's no I'll dig a little bit more because there I didn't just have it I didn't have that a time to dig specifically for the quoting or the transcripts okay 26 pages of 26 pages each I know that's a lot of material but the that was essentially good because that was my understanding was okay so I write secrecy in I write the daily here all right inspiration doubt it and another thing to discredit her was her in historical inaccuracies and that was what people were saying she couldn't have been inspired because she wrote historical accuracies and desire Sage's great controversy and that was something that she one of her secretaries when a good team like Prescott it was a part of her editing team said she was always very committed to accuracy to correcting anything no you know so that created a stir with him of the group and it to say okay so she was not inspired tonight mm-hmm so then other topics was the Kellogg controversy they kind of love to see other Kellogg and Jones crisis in Battle Creek what's about Jones I I don't know I haven't looked at that specifically yet okay so I just write the Battle Creek crisis and authoritative and not authoritative writings so I guess that goes okay this is what you found that's a lot thank you very much I guess there's one more thing but if Daniels so he to kind of discuss the secrecy he was discussing details of the crisis but a lot in Jones is about what Leo was brought up but I couldn't find details okay as to what they were talking about so I put this on so Daniels says this would so he brings up this crisis but he says that he's not going to talk about it because that would shake this denomination to its foundation the Kellogg crisis Daniels informed the stenographers not to transcribe the remainder of that meeting which would take over 60 pages of typewriting as his hope mm-hmm thank you yep so I think we'd have Bob Bob can you like shorted because we have today Luther but yours was the 1901 conference right which is also important yeah go ahead I'll just put it in here I got a boiled it down here there was a a change took place is they on other conferences before this one the 34th General Conference session that they were gonna have um they were previously they were having him in midwinter okay they changed the you know the timing of it and and so they decided to have it between April 2nd and the 23rd which is a three-week period interesting 21 days yeah and they were is also originally they were going to want to have it be in California and then they decided to to move it to Battle Creek and I think the reason they moved at the Battle Creek is because there were issues that Kelly crisis it was the Kellogg crisis as I pointed out here right and it was this Kelly Price been going on for what was going on for a long time and it at one part that I read is Kellogg was going to leave the denomination and not even be around because all the previous statements that have been made to counsel him other people were using it and beat him up and he felt that he didn't couldn't even function to do his job and so it turns out that it was a better thing if they had in Battle Creek's that's why it got changed the Battle Creek which I don't think it helped in some ways but it didn't help Kellogg and this is also the right after Ellen White had been had been had had to come back after ten years being in Australia okay so she was okay her voice was heard there at the conference and and because of her voice the conference took completely different tone the previous conferences the Spirit of God was not able to work and it's really much at all because of the dissension and everything was going on but L might set the tone of the whole thing with her keynote addressed everyone and and the Spirit of God did pervade you know there and and allowed a lot of good things to change and her things to happen so it was a more sacred event all the previous ones more recent ones it there was uh there was a big change that was made and and the way they had things structured at the time I don't think there was only like three or four men who were in charge of of the work everywhere in the world and so there was a decentralization of power and and they actually came to the conclusion that the judgment that they came up with a proposal for a general conference committee of 25 men interesting think it's still the 25 that we have today so here's where the 25 get elected yeah interesting and there wasn't there was some teetering on that whole point and then Ellen White again gets up make some comments about it and based on her comments the whole thing ends up passing at that at that conference unanimously so she is endorsing the introducing of the twenty five elders yes and it was it was just so that there were more people who could oversee different parts because she didn't want two or three people to be in charge of a work that they don't even know what's going on and a trench somewhere in another part of the world yep so um so that passed that was a good thing they there was a call to change to move to college they did not to college to be located in Battle Creek she said the college should be located out in the country and so there was a move to change the move to college and it was moved that that was also accepted unanimously and they moved it from Battle Creek to Berrien Springs okay she was successful also in dealing with too divisive elements one was this the man who was claiming the prophetic gift hedge hedge Nelson was his name that was okay and I misspoke yesterday when I said if his comparison he was comparing someone white to be Moses and he was Joshua I think over so 1901 we have the controversy about the two leaders the first and then the second wants to take over yeah and that's what the same potential Nelson was saying and and just the side note two years later on he actually assaults Ellen White and he was stopped and carried out but and then she also debt dealt with the divisive talent has already been talked about with the holy flesh movement and although that may have caused other things to happen later on but the people who are directly involved with it repented of it and put an end to it to the actual holy flesh movement at that that conference as well but the thing that I have to say were talking to all the good things that happened there were some things that didn't go well and the things that didn't go well was the in some of the lines the attitude of some of the people who were leading in the institutional interests like Kellogg and others they were not receiving that the you know the council that they should have taken and as a result this was 1901 mm-hmm in April well we know that the following here in February you have the sanitarium burning down and then in December the three it's the December you have the publishing house burning down and those were signal warnings that they were not following God's counsel at all and and so we see two groups developed at that conference yeah people who move on and are blessed and then people who like Kellogg crisis which leads to the purging the fire in in testimonies volume 8 there there's some there's some there's some words there about what might have been if though at this conference it was after the conference you know they were looking at and saying what might have been if certain people actually followed God's counsel instead of going against God's account so you're sure it's this conference are not the 1888 comfort she's speaking about what might have said speaking what might have been related to this too so it is 1901 conference um testimonies volume 8 yeah I don't I don't have a page number I'm bad like you might find it and I need I get it offline but I need how to get this information to you okay um do you have my email address not yet okay I'll give you my email address after class because I would like to have all your resources so we can add it to the folder and once this is organized then I get the information like from Nathan who's not able to be with us today and then I will share it with the entire church so people will have access to all the sources we found in these this class here so I really appreciate everyone's input and portrayal of that vision she had okay because there was much division and charitable behavior amongst the leaders and it might have been would you mind sending me the link to this video yeah if you say something here you know know already already send me the link or the source yes but the other thought that I should probably add in is that sister white among other things pointed out very pointedly in this conference session that God's people will be judged based on the council and the light that they've been given isn't and and so she just made it very clear and and she even came out and said that there are those that are going to be you know weighed in the balance and found wanting mm-hmm because you know the churches can be judged we've been given great light and as we see through the through the desolations that have taken place over the decades that a lot of truth has has been rejected and a lot of false things have have come in compromises we had a desolations of Jerusalem and it's that it reminded me this morning you were sharing something with the Trinity yeah and I couldn't find an AK outside source I think when I was researching last night I came across the main Adventist SDA church portal Wikipedia and it just like a factual statement is made elaborated on but it says so it's basically someone saying whatever you stated and you are about to share with us it's not technically the church officially saying it well and they're not either somebody else putting this together it looks like it's it's from the church I can't say it's from the church but on the Wikipedia portal for Adventism unless somebody outside the church did their homework it seems like it's threatened by an SDA so much of the theology of the sentiment which corresponds to common Protestant Christian teachings such as the Trinity and the infallibility of Scripture it goes but I thought there's a boy that's interesting because I know this would be my talks about talks against the Christian Trinity Christian understanding of the Trinity because that's where I'm from Catholicism and that's how I know it so we don't have a date really it's just something you're starting to dig in where we could see maybe the Trinity where the church goes off and back to the old understanding of the Trinity what they came out of yeah I think this is probably something which should be in the chart because I know the Trinity is such a huge controversial issue even within this movement I think there should be done somewhere research if if you find something unless so share it with me and I will I will try to dig a little bit into it as well so far so good and I wanted to make before we go to Martin Luther I wanted to make a few statements quickly yesterday when we looked at verse 15 and Panem there was a guy in gross missus writings which was lipid Asst if you remember and I stated if I remember correctly that this is the guy who formed the first triumph or it with Pompey Julius Caesar's and liberties and I wanted to correct myself it's not limited its Crassus Marcus Crassus or whatever you pronounce that so he's the guy who forms the triumphant triumph for it with Julius Caesar and Pompey but I think it was the second triumph or it where you have a lipid as' which is the other the ones who who come after Julius Caesar who's that guy can someone help me Octavian and the other guy was the King of the South who was Marcus Antonius Mark Antony thank you and the Buddhist okay that being stated and then sister Carol came after class to me yesterday and I think made an really nice new point she came up because we had a conversation yesterday about the priest being the 144,000 and she made a nice comment I think is really interesting she said I have priests not the firstfruits and if you look at our line so I'm gonna take this off now we were pretty much done with Danny 11 remember we went to the through the midnight cry message in 2014 I had stated that Esther 7-9 changed our alliance in it didn't remove anything just we we sought out how we can overlay the the history and experience of the Millerites with the Protestants and we started to have our line the following way we had the son-in-law with the midnight cry in the middle and we had 9/11 here and we knew 9/11 is the first day of the first month and the midnight cries what day first day of the fifth month and the Sunday law tenth day of the seventh month but I'm not gonna write it now here but in second chronicles 29 what did we come to see what starts at the first day of the first month the cleansing and and this was the priest in right for eight days and then you had the Levites for eight days and then you had this the 16th day of the first month which is what feast wave sheaf offering so the 14th day of the first month would be what feast the should we I think is quite simple what they did Christ get crucified Passover the 14th day of the first month is Passover the fifteenth day of the first month is what feast and not it's almost a week-long a little bit more than week was bread without leaven unleavened bread and then the sixteenth day of the first month would come which are the Feast of the firstfruits and we would say that the in sign is being lifted up here so we have the in sign here which we see also when we look at the great controversy chapter thirty I thirty eight we see how this group of people is sharing the loud cry message to the world however then we came to understand that the priests are so to speak the firstfruits of the firstfruits and if you recall brother Jeff s classes he's been lately doing he's have he dealt a lot with the feast as well and he's showing how this is the first offering of the firstfruits in the spring and then he shares that the Levites are also first fruit offering but for is it from the spring maybe we're maybe we're not too familiar with the feast days but online there's now a tried recently just came out about the feast days so the same place you could download the Daniel Levitt chart you can also download this new chart about the feast days so you had a first fruit offering in spring which was barley and what you did is you just cut the barley and you use it as a wave sheaf offering as brother Theodora has two pointed out and you waived it before the Lord but in the fall you had another harvest so here you had again the first fruit offering because there's another harvest and you want to make sure that you first give the first things to God right so the first fruit was now not barley because the time for barley was over but what it was wheat so what was the wheat offering sorry this was in full put this in between here so you had the reed offering but what happened with the meat offering they had to process it they had to process it and there was even 11 11 11 11 in it and it had to be thoroughly backed out so you see here the first fruit offering is basically this is really poor you had a different offering as in the spring sorry I'm really bad today too early - this is a bread okay the leaven had to be baked out so you have to first fruits but one has leaven in it which needs to be backed out the other doesn't but it's leavened stand for in the Bible sin so I I suggest the main point I want to point out here is what is the is there a difference between the priests and Levites I I suggest this shows that there is a difference between the priests and the Levites even though there are they're God's church they're going to be part of the church - there are seven Adventist yet there is a distinction and as well as the the the first fruits of the wheat the which are the Levites you will also have the 11th our workers joining in that time period or their being yet they come in after the son-in-law sorry and so you have to coming back to what sister Carol said she's saying the priest said of first fruit and I think she is on there she they are the first fruits of spring and I just wanted to remind us of Revelation I wrote it down somewhere revelation 14 verses 1 to 4 revelation 14 verses 1 to 4 so this before the angels message we'll start with the back Jay would you right mind reading verse 1 wick you want to read brush to the voice of many waters and as the voice of a great Thunder and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their hearts temp and the Sun as it were a new song before the throne and before the four beasts and the elders and no man could learn that song but and forty and four thousand which were redeemed from the earth bread up Jim these are they which are not defiled by women for they are virgins and these are they which follow the lamb were so ever to go with these were redeemed from one being the firstfruits unto God and to the lamb and Larry verse five and in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God so I suggest when I do 144,000 here they're the firstfruits and what did just married there's no guile in and so I suggest there's no leaven in them so I suggest that the firstfruits the 144,000 paralleled the first fruit of barley of the priests just as one of the arguments and then I wanted to also brother Bob and I were talking after class shortly we yes a time was a little bit short as always in class and I've seen we're running already too out of time here but let's turn one more time back to Matthew 16 verse 18 because I don't want to go even though time is short but sometimes probably it's better to address things and make them clear rather than rush things and then have them only have done so Matthew 16 verse 18 we read yesterday how Christ is with his disciples in Caesarea Philippi and we know this is the place of pinyon and he asked them who do you think I am and we know we can mark that as a midnight cry because of the symbol of inquiry and then Simon answers and says you are the Christ you are the Savior and then Christ says this was revealed to you and we see here in verse 17 how is Peter called simon barjona but then in verse 18 how is he called Peter so we see here a name change right so what does the name change represent covenant we see that with Abraham you know from a bruh Abram to Abraham sir ride to sir Sarah so we see her name change located at midnight cry pinion a covenant being entered into with the Lord and then it says here in verse 18 thou that thou art and I say also into deed that thou art Peter so you just made a covenant and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it so we spoke about the gates of Hell yesterday what are the gates of Hell again in a literal sense what were the gates of hell in crisis time sesor i Philip I we saw here the tempo of pain which was the God of Hades which is protecting the gate to the underworld because the temple here was the entrance the gate to hell so Christ is saying here he's just made a covenant with his church and he's saying the gates of Hell will not prevail against thee and we suggested and Pandora's boxes being open here all the evils are released in the world but all the delusions all the sickness everything would be pointed here out Satan coming person being the great healer then he's representing Christ and so on but Christ is saying this will have right it will not prevail against the 144,000 against God's church and I stated that the Catholic Church uses this verse to claim that they have authority that Peter is the one he's the first pope and so on and I would just wanted to point out that on white speaks about that in this verse Christ is not referring to Peter being the rock but that Christ is the rock upon which he was building the church so I just wanted to restate that however we know we can make applications right and I suggest what does Peter mean a rock so when Bob and I were speaking yesterday I was suggesting the what power is this here pen who what kind of power is it it's a satanic power right and we see the combination of church and state here at the midnight cry Caesarea Philippi and pain so yes since our aya Philip I representing the state and Penn representing the church so we see here and a satanic power so if we go now over to the chart we see here the satanic powers of Earth's history starting or here on this charge starting with Babylon medo-persia grisha pagan Rome and then we have Rome papal Rome which goes is coming up here again so I suggest when Peter is being the stone and the Catholic Church says all in this on this stone I'm going to build my church I suggest we could make an application in the sense of what is going to struck this kingdom as stone so what is this stone dough so a common understanding within this church is that it's Christ's second coming however I suggest that it's the 144,000 which will bring this Kingdom to crumble and we're seeing this in our history when we draw our line right the the Lord is raising now an army to bring down the kingdoms and the it's a stone it's represented by the Bible as a stone as we see in Daniel 2 we have this big mountain and this stone is cut out we just Peter the 144,000 which will bring this kingdom to crumble does it make sense yes brother Jim in verse 18 reference to rock is Christ not here yes that's what Ellen White says because that takes away the claim of the Catholic Church that they have Authority or the authority they claim by me yes please put it in the record signs of the time October 28th nineteen thirteen nineteen okay brother Larry was that a hand panacea so when Satan is going to cause all the disaster he's going to come and he's gonna bring the remedy for everything and what happens when you were sick and somebody healed you but did the people do when Christ healed them they rejoiced they followed him so when Satan wants them to lead them to the sandy law it's just logical that he has to make first and follow him right like and this is the way how he does it he first creates the misery then he gets two then he solves it and he has all the people in his side it's please that principle of creating a problem and then coming in and solving it has been used by mankind all over again with different different you know cities it's happened with different nations yeah powers-that-be they they create a problem they know they're creating a problem and then they're gonna come in and some like the hero because they're gonna solve the problem that they created yeah and read of Bob and I were speaking a little bit yesterday about it that the movies Hollywood is making they're speaking the same truth as we do or this speaking about the same events what is going to come it's just Satan's way of how to prepare the world and we're studying the Bible to understand these things but Satan is preparing the world by these movies and the media and what Bob was just pointing out with this creating a problem and then the hero comes in you see that often in the movies you see often that you have these professors creating they wanted to do something good or so they create something evil and then the hero has to come and so we see that okay Martin Luther we have two dates from sister tests which were given we want to look at the context in order to understand more I'm giving more historic background rather than making applications but I think there's quite some interesting stuff so it's the year fifteen twenty four and the fifth year fifteen twenty nine pointing to 2014 2019 I'm gonna take this part now away Daniel 11 I hope the review helped everyone what basically the two lines we drew up here is the chart so if people want to download the chart it's pretty much the same way we did it in class and way better drawing still here okay we're gonna do one line and we're going to remind us of the history of Luther so every reform line starts with what darkness I thought I'm going to catch you with this one because people often say the time of the end in our darkness but we need the darkness beforehand so what do you think is the darkness in the time period of Luther yes it's the 1260 the Word of God is locked up darkness then we have a time of the end and let's read the first time through him God accomplished the great work for the Reformation of the church okay so we see her Luther is the guy who is to call out of darkness into light so this is exactly that's the switch we have at the time of the end now darkness is to end in light is to increase Daniel 12:1 at the time of the end many shall run to and fro and there shall be an increase of knowledge he's accomplishing the great work of the Reformation and enlightens the world and Luther I suggest the time of the end is when Luther was born just as when we mark John the Baptist and Christ being born or when we mark Moses being born at the time of the end and this was now I get confused with the dates I don't remember if I did the notes in the European version or in the American version but it is it European it's 1483 yet a format but I have even different notes here because I have a little bit more 1110 you know it's November 10 or it's the 11th of October for me November 10th so I did it an American version okay at the time of the end we have the increase of knowledge and I suggest that the increase of knowledge is the the education of Martin Luther we saw or we can see when we go back to the Reformed lines how the increase of knowledge is the education of Moses first from his mom then he is at the palace of the Egyptian king then he is in the wilderness he's being educated all the way through and as well as Christ the increase of knowledge we see there are several ones as we see the shepherds and others but we see also Christ himself the education with his mom and recognizing his job when he was 12 years old so I suggest the same is with Martin Luther it's his education career and we will see this in a moment we will just touch on a few highlights it was not common for people to go to school back then this is a this is a result of the Reformation and the Counter Reformation that people were it was common for kids to the school however Martin Luther's dad wanted him to obtain a good education and book that he becomes a lawyer so from he goes to the x/2 academic training sorry and it's hard for me sometimes the words it's not really my vocabulary from 1501 to 1505 he goes to air for the university there and there he finds a Latin Bible for the first time he sees and sees a Bible so let's read the next quote on page number 2 I'm sorry that the formant is so weird ELISA you want to read that one yes oh that God would give me such a book for myself angels of heaven reviving aside and rays of light from the throne of thought reveal the treasures of truth to his understanding he never fear to offend God but now the deep conviction of his condition as a sinner so interesting is here if you refer to the seven steps of salvation we see here they add the increase of knowledge you see conviction of his condition as a sinner however we see here that Luther is going to this academic training and this is the way how he has access to a Bible even though limited because this Bible was actually chained to the wall so nobody could take it so we could go into symbolism all the way what it means that the Bible is chained to the wall but we see here was ignorant then he finds the world of God and he has a desire to have his own Bible right so however his dad wants him to be a lawyer but we see in 1505 he's walking it was I think it was on his way home from the university that a lightning struck nearby him this is actually a quite famous story of Luther and he there was a thunderstorm and lightning struck him or was very close by hit him hit next to him and he swore that if he comes out like a life from this situation he would become a monk so he survived and so he had to keep his promise and he in the same year goes to the monastery and becomes a monk his dad didn't like that but he kept his promise so in 1507 he was a Dane daddy Crenn and just a few months later in the same year he was ordained a priest so Luther was always a very passionate and what he devoted to whatever he did so as soon as he entered the career of like a the lo Jian he was fully devoted so as he climbs higher the career of the church he has of course more access now to study the Bible as well as reading those things and in this time period when he is a priest he this battle is starting in him how how is it possible that God is merciful because he always struggled in the time period of the darkness to 1260 we see how the papacy always would say you got to pay for your to redeem yourself so the people got the impression that the Lord is not merciful so Luther reads the Bible as he has access to the Bible now and but he sees that in the New Testament that the Lord is merciful but he sees what the church is putting out there so he has to struggle and there's a guy his name is Johan punched out nets which is kind of his mentor and tries to help him and he sends him to Wittenberg to study theology and hopefully next year we will have the International camp meeting close to Wittenberg to look at the things of Luther so in the Year 1508 he comes to Wittenberg to study theology and he studies for several years but in year 15 10 15 11 he goes to Rome because in this time period it was considered that everyone at least once in his life should go to Rome Pilger to Rome so where I come from and Portugal it's very common that you have to do pilgrimages like pealed people have in Portugal in Spain they say once in your lifetime you have to pill go to Fatima and a lot of people do that around this time period you see a lot of pickers going that way so Luther does the same he goes to Rome and in Rome what's the condition of Rome it's interesting that Rome was under the time period of the Caesars pagan Rome Rome was a very wealthy good organized and first-class City so to speak but it's interesting how the papacy when it's as soon as it took over all this glory faded and Rome became just a bad dirty stinking place and Luther comes to this place and he sees the apostasy in the Roman Church what it's being done with the indulgences and he says something is wrong here and there's this famous story when he is on these stairs and he climbs up these stairs on his knees and he has to pray a prayer every time and he comes up top and he looks back and sees all the people how how they crawl up there he thinks to himself that just shall live by faith so this is the first spark in him that he sees something is wrong the church needs to be reformed so in the year 1512 Luther obtains the degree of theology and he he stays or remains in Wittenberg as a teacher so now he has at most Liberty to study the Bible and even teach his convictions and we see that in the next code sister Kathy would you just mind reading the bold part of the next quote and the book sorry Anna bull part of the next quote as well so we see Luther has through did he go through this career he has access to the Bible and he is Liberty to study the Bible he comes and finds truth and he has even the opportunity because he's a teacher at a well-known University he starts to share his his truth his and he does that in the year 1515 this so we can see how how the increase of knowledge is his career his education he as he climbs up higher and in the in the career he's able to study more the Bible which brings us to the formalization of the message which I considered to be 1917 in the year 915 16 sorry Luther didn't even live there this was the test for this morning okay that's fine I get it's interesting so 1516 a guy arises which is his name is Johann Tetzel and he sells indulgences all over Europe for Pope Leo the tenth reason being is that Pope Leo the tenth wanted to build the Peter's Basilica and Rome and of course you need a lot of money especially when you look at that church it's overwhelming so they needed a lot of money so what did it do they just do as they always do they invent a new thing to get the people to give them their money so they sell indulgences people are afraid about the relatives who already died or about their own salvation so they pay a lot of the pay a lot of money for the indulgences and there is a famous set sentence from Tetzel which says in German sounds nicer but in the English Awards as well as soon as the coin in the coffer rings the soul from purgatory into heaven Springs maybe if you heard that before so what we're talking right now is 1516 but we're marking the formalization at least I do at 1517 I will give you a reason why so in the 31st of October 1516 Luther of course is aware of what during Tet soldats it's everywhere and Luther already knows to just shall live by faith and he's already sharing his convictions and then he sees you and Ted so doing the exact opposite so he preaches for the first time against it and he even writes a letter to the bishop in this area which is Albert for minds pointing out saying those indulgent business is not good but the bishop he sets a letter to Rome saying Luther's starting to cause problems but Luther doesn't know that yet so he didn't get a response of course of the bishop and what Luther does he just as devoted he is and as passionate his he just writes his convictions down and nails them to the church door in Wittenberg and those are the ninety-five theses in on the 31st of October so outpoint the 95 theses here that's now the 31st of October in 1517 honey so those thesis my talks about them she says they spread in a few days through all Germany and in a few weeks they had sounded through Christendom so we see we see that these 95 theses they become worldwide so I like to point them out it's the formalization of the message because here Luther formalizes this message everything he believes he puts into these theses and he nails them to the door and these theses turned into a worldwide message which we know is at the empowerment of the first way mark I know that brethren in Brazil right like to take these theses and marketers and foundation however if you take I like to place them here the reason being is what King do we mark here if we have the seven asking of Judah which King do we normally have here Manasseh the increase of knowledge would be the next one who would that be not quite there's one between Eman and then we mark here Josiah and Josiah means what architect Amon means architect I believe Josiah is foundation so so we mark the foundations sort of here we have two side here and I think the 95 theses lead then also into this foundation but I think here's where Luther formalizes this message it's foundational work and we see this turning into a worldwide movement or a message as well as we see with the 96 the time of the end magazine was formalized here and by here it's worldwide so to continue the ish the story 15:18 the Pope summons Luther to come to Rome to basically defend himself what he did with the 95 thesis but Frederick the wise knows that if Luther goes to Rome Germany will never see Luther again so he's able to change the location to Germany to out spork and in Augsburg in 1518 Luther meets with a cardinal and they have to yet they have a discussion so if we would go into the reformed line of Luther now in more detail we would go through this but we're going to skip over this Luther actually flees from that council he didn't have a safe conduct the Roman Catholic Church wanted to arrest him but before he is arrested he flees in the darkness of the night let us go to the empowerment of the first angel which is 9/11 this I I think I covered at camp meeting a little bit this is I suggest 15:19 reason being is that we see here the leadership dies maximilian the first emperor of Germany of the Holy Roman Empire dies and the Pope can't handle now the Reformation he can't deal further with Luther because he has to secure his power with the next Emperor so he's all his focus is on who's being the next Emperor of Germany the German Empire and the same year Charles the fifth is being elected Charles fish v by the way is the last King which was elected by a pope because afterwards the Reformation put such a heap to the roman catholic power that no no king was elected anymore after that from the pope so charles ii v he was not able to deal with the Reformation either for what reason what do we normally market the Powerman of the first angels message in the mirror right line as well in our line not the siege of Vienna we're in 1519 however the Islam is already active so we mark here Islam Islam is already on the scene we have leadership dies and elected so change in leadership we see Islam and what we see also internally going on and I'm just pointing out the major points because we don't have enough time but at this time in this time period that we see how Luther goes back to the writings of HUS so Haase in this time period was about a hundred years dead he was burned at the stake in Germany and Luther goes back into the writings of Hoss and to understand that Haas had the exact same understanding its Luthor so we will read the bull part of of a quote let me see where we are we on page three empowerment of the first angel 911 let's read the quote there sister Carol it was about this time it was about this time okay so thank you for meeting when Luther goes back and studies the history of the past huh what does he actually do he goes to the OPA so I'm mark you Jeremiah 6 verse 16 however I would like to suggest that he's this is the time period where he returns to the old path here's where he studies the just shall live by faith and here he stands on it and because he stands on it a guy Rises which his name is Johanna SEC John AK and he wants Luther to burn at the stake because he wants to brand mark Luther as a HUS and Eck actually means Cornerstone we know we can mark the cornerstone being despised at the empowerment of the first way mark and interesting is that this debate lasts for 21 days and normally we can mark a twenty one time period from the empowerment of the first angel to the midnight cry well Luther he had a talent he was able to debate really well and he prevails in this debate and I suggested a timeline from Luther is a timeline or a reform line of success just as our line is a line of success and from this debate comes the famous sentence from Luther neither Pope's nor church councils are available so from this time period on from this debate Luther starts to office Lee separate from Rome till up to this point he he didn't want it he never intended to create a new church to separate however he just wanted to reform the church however he sees though that eventually there is a separation because the church is not taking on his reform so then we have the foundation being light and the foundation I like to point out in the time period of Luther our three his three main books and he writes three main books addressing three groups of people this is secular opinions and I thought it was really interesting so he writes the he writes many books and pamphlets but this is considered as his three his his main work so in these three books here that addresses three different groups of people all based on the subject the just shall live by faith because that's the theme of Luther but he the in the first book he addresses the nobility the royal people and how they should handle how they should handle their their servants because there's been we will talk about that later when we look at the November 9th histories this has caused many problems in the Dark Ages so he dresses the nobility in the second book he addresses the church and talks about the day shouldn't be any Church state relationship and he talks about the reform of the church and the third book he writes to the common people and all individuals addresses also justification by faith there or the gesture I live by faith so then normally we have the activity of the enemy and interesting is that Luther is very active devoted it caused him a lot of problems what the the ultimate punishment the Pope can do is to ban people so he actually writes a papal bull on the writings of Luther and bends them an interesting is that Luther has 60 days to retract he's given 60 days to retract from his writings if he doesn't retract then there is this paper ball upon his writings and nobody is allowed to read them and let me see we see activity of the enemy brother Bob the first quote on the next page would you just read the bold part it was decreed the whole nation but just the Abo's decree thank you just a bold part yes it was decreed that his doctrines should be immediately condemned 60 60 days were granted the reformer and his adherence after which if they did not recant they were all to be excommunicated and then the bold part of the next paragraph place I know that the Pope is Antichrist that is Rome is that of Satan himself to dis with the papal bull Luther is convicted that the Pope himself is the Antichrist so he has full conviction now so we see a 60 degree time period where he can retract and the papal bull will not bend his writings however if you go back into history you see that there is a second band put on Luther but this time not on his writings but also on his person so when you look in the old history church pokeman whatsoever you see that another 60 days were given to him to retract that so you have two paper balls once one on his writings the other on his person so when you add 60 and 60 how much does that give 120 and 120 is a very familiar time period we know from the extra seven verse nine which goes from the empowerment of the message to the midnight cry so those are reasons if the Brazilian brethren are watching those are main reasons why I have the sequence of the reformed line of Luther this way because there's too much evidence to put it that way and if you put this over here maybe you could make an application of the reformed line however it would push all of this and I'm not sure if there's too many witnesses of characteristics of certain way marks which mark these things here just to maybe address my brethren but I'm not I'm not threatened if there are any applications to these lines so we see a second bowl there we see it not 120 I would point out also you see here a quote where it's highlighted Moses Elijah is seeker and so on Luther is understanding line upon line he sees how he was alone and all these other people were alone as well and he basically puts some line upon line okay so Luther was excommunicated on January 3rd 1521 so he's been now and it's interesting I looked a little bit into that you know when you look at the Catholic Church when you're excommunicated today it's basically you're at this fellowship it's no biggie you can still come to church you're just not allowed to have a position or take the Eucharist but you're it's pretty soft down but back then it was a huge thing back then the Pope would take I don't know how to say these words like Cardinals probably and they would have all and then they would all cast down these lights and neuro stamp on the flame and basically turn the light out and this was the symbolism for that your soul was now forever lost so this is what actually excrement occation was so and this was the ultimate punishment of the Pope for people so this was very feared so in the year 1521 January 3rd Luther is being excommunicated now he's free for everyone to be killed and hunted nobody's allowed to give him any home or yeah protection so this is actually what this means however in 1521 we have the diet of worms which is the midnight cry which brings us close now to sister Tessa's dates and Charles the fifth which was elected here which was a Roman Catholic emperor he summons Luther to come to this diet so a few months before the Pope says Luther is executed execute X common executing excuse me Nick Aidid whatever so but now Charles v says please come to the diet so this is already a huge victory for the for the Reformation because the the Pope says you're bad guy you're lost but the King says I want to listen to you or that the diet needs to hear you so we see here already how the this yeah it's just an indication of that the papal strength is crumbling so Frederick the wise got a safe conduct for Luther's journey because somehow Luther was never really careful about stuff like that but Frederick the wise he is in the background always protecting Luther and he gets a 21 safe conduct for him and to be honest air of several fractals within the history of the midnight cry but if we keep it in the bigger line we see all to be the midnight cry so Luther stays for exactly to the hour 10 days in Rouen warms he delivers the message he is in front of the diet he defenses his cause he's saying I can't retract if you don't prove me wrong by the Bible I can't retract interesting is that he speaks twice which is the doubling which is we can see at the midnight high and interesting is also that charles v he was raised in german territory but today this is holland and they spoke a different language also back then as i said already before Luther was the one uniting the German language so you had different languages within Germany so Charles the fifth he is being raised in Holland therefore doesn't speak very good German but Luther he's German so he delivers his message and for him known German so the King says third and Emperor says I didn't understand you please repeat your message and then he speaks another time in Latin so he first speaks in a local language and then he speaks in a universal language and if you go the quotes are all in your notes if you go through these quotes it's interesting how my points out that at the second time Luther is presenting how there was a like an empowerment to it his face lighten up he's shining there's power to his message a lot of people are convicted in this room that he's the that his message is correct and interesting is that my it says for many in the crowd the Spirit of God pleaded for the last time so we see here even a closed door at the hi for many I'm not sure what to say yeah another thing I want to point out is that Luther when you counted spoke in front of 70 mention people so there were a lot of people in this room but somehow the records mentioned only 70 specifically so this is the Emperor his brother six electors 24 Dukes eight counts eight thirty bishops and if you count this together you have seventy so this was interesting for me back then because we have the 120 and here we see the seventy so time is up you know what I like to do at camp meetings I like to end my presentations just at the moment where it's the most what do you say where you're yes okay so that people are interested to come back for the next presentation and listen to it so I guess we're gonna stop here and but the thing is my next presentation will be in within a few weeks so I hope you you can go through these notes read through them and I suggest now we're in the Year 1521 I gave you already a little bit context of what's going on within the Reformation and the next point would be now the peasant war as sister Tess has given us today and we will see the circumstances with mincer as well as then we will look at the sandela which is the diet of Speyer the Pradas protest of the princes as well as the siege of Vienna with the Turks so I hope you enjoyed the last one and have weeks and I'm sorry I wish we could continue class but we need also a break it was a long trimester yes mob would you mind praying for us in closing your Father in Heaven thank you so much for being the guiding hand and all of the history of mankind and for showing us the things that you have the ways that you have allowed things to happen that your truth can shine through them or help us also to know that regardless of whether people want to excommunicate you or they want to dispel a ship view that that our names can be written in the Lamb's Book of Life and remain there it doesn't matter what church books they're written in or bless us this day your Holy Spirit in your angels be with us and guide us and and be with all those who are studying this message worldwide and those that are preaching and teaching it as well in Jesus Holy Name I pray