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amen just an unrelated subject for some night time now I've been talking about the methodology that's behind those who present the reformed lines under the kind of the heading of Psalms 23 so I discussed this at the prophecy school that the methodology that's being used which is completely different to the methodology that we're using is a methodology of what you meiga so drop down or sequential there dry anything sequential II and you have to run things concurrently over and over again we've been shown that so if you run the middle-right history which is a parable you have 1798 1840 April 1844 August 1844 and October 1844 and you run this through the arrival of the first the empowerment the arrival of the second and its empowerment what do you place here okay so you place the arrival of the third angel and this is when it begins to become tricky because as soon as you place the arrived with a third angel here what have you done you've conflated two issues so what people who follow the Omega I only had you up here don't seem to be able to get to grips with is that there's a difference between three a and three E and when I mean they don't seem to be able to get grips with it they understand what that means so if we put three a there what's its identity what is that identifying what's associated with the arrival in the context of this so this is the selection or the investigative judgment and then you do you select and seal which is the executive judgment and the reason why we have a three a here is because of what what's your identifying the investigative judgment of Kooning because the dead that's been running for the last six thousand years just show up here but when we just connect that three eighth of this history we've just broken our rules so the thing that maybe we don't think about often enough is when we come to our own line if we just think about the priests from 89 to 90 11:00 to midnight in the midnight cry what are we calling this history here why we're calling it the binding off 3/3 angel what does the binding off me the conclusion this is the conclusion or the finishing work of the priests so my question is where is the finishing work or the conclusion of the Millerites line where is their work concluded okay so most people put it here so we already know that each of these histories are not a point in time they're a period of time we should have got to grips with that by now we already know that for the 1st and 2nd angel it's taking us a while to get up to speed at the third angels message or the work of the third angel is not a point it's a period and more than a period how many periods is it so it has to be two periods period of Investigation and a period of execution executive judgment and a selection or an investigative judgment so we need to we need to understand that in millerite history third angel's message is slightly different to the sir first and second so if this is murder like history where would the conclusion of the history be so people have said it's October 22nd 1844 so if we put this 3a here which is in the incorrect work if this is 3e then we know from October 22nd sometime in the future is where they're binding over their conclusion is because you have to they have to have a binding off somewhere they have to be bound off if we just thinking purely Miller rights so maybe you haven't thought about that before it because if this was 3a then what would you have you'd have to put a 3e after that so let's do that what would happen if we're talking about Miller Isis this was 3a what would that drive us to what would need to be happening here on October 22nd did we need to be investigated first it need to be investigated and then they need to be off the investigation they need to be some kind of sealing work that's being done so you'd have to stop playing around in this history post 1844 if we were to do that so if this is 3e and this is the binding off what this way might be this is October 22nd 1844 sorry I didn't know ok so this would be the close of probation we'll put phones of probation here because it's a shut door and then who the Miller writes typifying what is this a story of a typification of whom which group of people hundred forty-four thousand someone said us someone said ended the world someone said priest so is this a typical Asian at the priests how do we know it's the is it an implication of the Levites why is it the priests are not the Levites what's the difference between the priests and the Levites first first it's right not just the work but structurally right to point in time the close of probation is a point in time for the priest isn't it but for the Levites it's what progressive the binding-off is progressive for them becoming one at a time progressively they don't come in at the same time yeah that's why we have close of probation for Adventism as being Sunday law we move to extend this here so if this was the binding God for the priests this is the binding off for the Levites and is it all done here in one fell swoop everybody coming in at once it's not our current understanding which I believe is correct our current understanding is correct they come in one at a time as they're tested as this message sweeps across the world and we know that because we take that model from what model from the world first it's the United States because it's the first Sunday London goes one country after another so there's a dynamic difference between the Levites and the priests so this story here if the clothes of probation is here at the October 22nd a shut door this is the verification of the priests bar more clear certification of 144,000 because what happens for the hundred forty four thousand their toes of probation is Daniel 12:1 where Michael stands up it has us all the same characteristics of the priest so that's the close of probation here whoever said that it's all corporate and then you have to come off with so what way mark will be put here so someone's put in 1850 and sister Kathy said 1863 so the don't if anybody has got any big stalks on that of why you would and why you wouldn't choose one or the other why would you say 63 my sister that's 63 you could say 1850 because you're gonna say it's the chart and you're gonna say you do evangelism they're established and he says the Kaffee is gonna put this at 63 she'd put 50 here I presume so she'd put 50 here and sister all the Dean would put 18 yeah you put 46 here with the covenants established with them does anybody have any thoughts on that right this is this is the close of probation for the Miller writes you're you're happy that it's here fixed yeah so do you are you happy that the close of probation for the hundred forty-five thousand is a point in time Michael stands out there's no more close of probation after that there's a point for priests and a period do you understand it for the hundred forty-four thousand yes okay so we just stick with that with a hundred forty-four thousand if we're if we're not comfortable with the priests and they bite since the Cathy said it this certification 144,000 days I'm just saying that there are differences between priests and levites we did that in class anybody got any other thoughts on just the Terri so this exchange from every system overseas and that means 50 so you say it's 1850 Robert Tyler 1850 now anybody else I don't like this Midland Walker what reminds me of the theology of overseas okay so in the first angels message you have conviction repentance and pardon justification in the second angels message so this would be 9/11 this would be midnight we haven't gone through this in class but I think you can demonstrate you could actually demonstrate that 2014 is Midway so I've put 2014 here this would be 89 this would be 90 11 this would be we did yesterday it's on the board there we didn't put the date though it's right here penitence which is repentance thoughts from the Mount of blessing 7.2 Hebrews 8:10 Jeremiah 31:31 231 1831 233 the formalization of the message so this would be 96 so you've got in the first angel three steps in the second angel three steps why would you feel like comfortable in in the third in three step sister so that's the second Advent you're gonna play see I don't have any strong opinion one way or the other but it's one of those two you think it's going to be structured this way just have to work out which one it is one of the reasons why I think 1863 is here when sister Kathy's putting the 25:22 objections of 25 20 we also know that in the twenty five twenty from 1844 to 1863 this is the last 19 years isn't it the last 19 years would be the conclusion of the twenty five twenty classic structure so that's one the reasons why you'd make that 19 years to binding-off and then you'd put the 1850 chart in here visual test for the world 1846 1850 1846 three baptism in sabbath 1850 it's the okay what did I say baptism and Saba Mary Mary straighten marriages name change brother elegant I would think it was 1863 because the whole line that come out of darkness in 1798 and 1863 they're going back into darkness the ends been the illustrated by the beginning so dope thing I wanted to point out that this is a 3e here so you know that's 3e you have to find where 3a would be and we normally put 3a here if you arrive we'll took 3/8 but this is just a schematic of what's happening if you put 3 a here you begin to get into problems and I've discussed this already why do you get into problems if you put 3a here the graphics would force you to put a 3a here but you get into problems what are the problems that you're going to be confronted with can we remember no you can remember can bring a chart for a second if you remember we looked at the chart this chart here and you've got I know you can't see it very well you've got the midnight cry here and it's lining up with the loud cry you can see that connection this is the midnight cry sorry this is the midnight cry here and this midnight cry if it's lining up with the loud cry then if this was 3a here the arrival of the third angel what would it force you to do and make the loud cry the rival of the third angel yeah if you're going to if you're going to drop everything down and do that so you'd have the arrival of the third angel here but look you've got the arrival of the third angel here because this schematic is not real life is it we've put it here to have a oversimplification of what this little chart looks like when you when you get the loud cry when does it begin right back here this large cry needs to be pulled back here and so that would indicate that this midnight cry which a marker that's been placed here he's symbolizing something but there's a work of progression that needs to be understood yeah so thank you so even though we'd place it here would have to explain that the arrival of the third actually would begin here progressively but this this marker this way mark is identifying something so anyway so this history here you're going to take sequential a you've got 1 a 1 a 2 a and then you've got the binding off so if you drop this into our history and the methodology that you're going to use is you're going to take this line and you're going to take many other lines and run the other ones you're gonna take is maze Psalms 23 I'm not trying to say Psalms 23 is controlling everything I'm not trying to make that assertion but it's now become a banner for a methodology that's being used if I can explain it that way so when you come to our line you've got 89 then you have 911 and you have 2014 and you have midnight I put midnight midnight cry Sunday law and then you'd have the close of probation it's gonna make sure I've done that right according to what they what they teach so that I'm not making any misunderstanding of what they're teaching yeah this is this is how this is how they've laid their plans out so this is people who are teaching a psalm 23 methodology and I'm and I'm using that phrase so that people can identify it with certain people who would certain speakers let me put it that way and you can see that you're going to run the sequential e and so what's happening here and I've identified this before is that you identified the arrival of the second April 44 with 2014 now the way they get around this problem is they gonna they're going to go to Revelation 14 6 and 7 and say that the first angels message has got three components in it fear God give him glory for the hour of his judgment has come three steps and the three steps they're going to mark is they're going to do one two three steps three steps of the first angel and as soon as you do that you get a number two here and this is their justification for saying number two here is at 911 and I'm saying as auditors we're required to go in and analyze regardless of what they say because you go into a business and they say our books are all clean everything's kosher everything's good and it's your job to go and analyze and make sure that what they're telling you is the truth even if they believed that their books were correct I'm not trying to say people are lying or doing some malicious work it's not they're bad men sometimes businesses businesses just don't run properly and it's our task to go and cut through all of these extraneous words and all the nice pictures northern flowery words and understand what is being taught even if the person who's teaching it doesn't realize it I'm saying if you do this this is not a correct application of bringing down revelation 10 and revelation 18 you can't sites that this issue by saying you've got a number two here which is the glory of the first angels message that in and of itself is a corruption of the Miller right reform line so this is how they get around this problem and I've said for a lot of wild now since this came out into the public domain that this methodology is the same methodology that tree of life for using the same reasoning behind it even though they express it differently and they did they do express it differently and what have I said is that is behind all of this you've got your cart whisperer my sister yes I'm saying I'm contending that the reason that they've come to these wrong conclusions is because of the issue of the nature of man and because many of us even in this room who are watching these presentations who would say that they're on this side of the message a falling foul of the same issue we have a misconception of the nature of man and what is the misconception that we have how we become righteous so they're putting righteousness into the future and they're going to do this structurally look what they'll do when were the foundation of aid in our history they were the foundations the same as the Miller right history here and they cannot conceptualize that you can have a repeat and enlarge that while the foundations are being laid there's a work of righteousness that's being done in humanity they just can't conceptualize that's happening and the reason they can't conceptualize it is because I don't think there's any person when you corner them and you know you have to corner them because they're gonna come up with flowery words and they don't like being pressed but you will force you will extract a confession out of them and the confession is this that they will accept that sin is a choice I've not met anybody after continued cajoling and provoking that they'll come to a place to or they'll say I can't choose everybody will make a statement that they can choose but then they have a caveat at the end of that what is that caveat they call it either hidden sin unknown sin but what are we calling it what am I saying is they're saying there's some think about our nature that hasn't been sorted out and it's a mystery and it's the work that only God can do do we agree that it's a mystery yes we read it do we agree that it's the work that only God can do yes we've read that we've constructed that model the difference between what we're teaching and what they are teaching is what when that transformation of nature occurs and whether they like it or not because they don't won't agree with it they are like dogs who have done what they've turned to their vomit the vomit of Adventism they've gone back to the sins of their fathers and it's based upon this premise the advisor admit ISM teaches the justification is not real you're not really justified when you claim to be justified a baptism here at 9/11 it's some kind of fake deal it's some kind of like mirrors that forgotten that his son gonna use to make it all appear that it's okay say only jest use the word forensic and what does that mean it's just a legal deal between the father and the son they say we just pretend that human beings are righteous another phrase that I've used is vicarious which means it's not really you it's through another person and what we continually have to do because we kind of walk around and move around is that Jesus has to keep on jumping in front of us that's the mess that's the that's the theology that they have Jesus has to stand between us and the Father so when you can begin to understand that now you can begin to see why tree of life have developed a theology that this theology taken from Miller right history so I'll take I want to take all of this out and what they're primarily going to have is this October 22nd date here they agree there's a shut door but this is where they're gonna have 3a and the problem that brother Jonathan is having when we did I've rubbed it out now when they have this this point here this midpoint in the binding off I've conflated the lines here so it's not totally accurate when they have this conflation is that they're going to have a point a B and C and the reason why they have to have this is why why did they have to have an a B and C it's up here because the third angels message is in how many parts two parts so if this is 3a this has to be 3e so you have an A and an E and they develop very sophisticated arguments and they are very sophisticated about constructing this line and making it work and if you're not careful you can be dazzled by the brilliancy of their logic but it's all based upon a false premise or based upon a false premise the false premise is they haven't considered the binding off of the Millerites they've conflated what the work of the Dead and the work of the Living which is the Millerites and the righteous dead that have been alive for 6,000 years in October 1844 they've conflated that issue not understood that anything else right here 2014 so you can see the board work that they're going to develop this would be one a 90 Levasseur a 1 e 2 a 3 a and then you get into the binding Goff and you get into all of this on the year that Robert Johnson said he doesn't appreciate you're like but what they've got is a very logical position so what I've been suggesting for a long while now I say long it seems long but it's only about a couple of months that the people who follow in Psalms 23 methodology it's nothing wrong with the psalm itself nothing wrong with constructing a line from that song in and of itself but when you start running things sequentially and you say upon the testimony of two a thing is established that if you get the Miller right line which is the quencher then you get Psalms 23 which is the quenching and a number of other ones they've got over ten I think they've got over 15 lines that show you this sequential work then they say you're forced to do a sequential work at the end of the world you end up running to the same theology as Tree of Life or run into and that's what they're forced to do they have to make three a drop down here at midnight because our nature has not been sorted out so if you if you wanted to do that you can go into the public domain and check what their presentations are you can see that this is the theology that they're teaching and is and there's a combined work it's when I combine I'm saying people who follow the methodology of Psalm 23 and the people who follow the method on the Tree of Life they're using the same principle and it's based upon the issue of the nature of man the Incarnation maker theology and I've tried to demonstrate that many of us in this room have got that same theology we have that same idea that same concept that we can't deal with sin today that there's something more about the sin problem than choice variant people are going to have very an argument of what that difference is some people are going to make it our bodies are so bad that we can't just do it sin is so difficult Christ has some slightly different nature to us people explain it in different ways but the end result is always the same did you have to put off dealing with sin afterwards but through your life in Psalm 23 they don't get into the details of the nature of Christ they're just producing that result from the lines false premise they don't realize what they're doing no I was where as some people have a a definite decided false understanding of the nature of Christ and the nature of man and they end up in the same place but it's not based upon the lines yes so both of those groups of people they're not discussing the issue of the nature of man I don't know that they they may end up beginning to do that work but they've done it through a structural construction so that's one issue we do know that tree of life that's part of what's driven them to this place is the issue that they have some kind of hidden sin they they believe humanity does however they describe what that is they're going to use Daniel chapter 10 and Isaiah chapter 6 to bolster that premise that there's a problem still that needs to be fixed as you get to midnight so they're going to use those two chapters and the Spirit prophecy quotes that go with those chapters - as their defense but they won't use the language of the nature of man they may in the future I don't know and there are other people in the message in our movement who are using the nature of man but they're not constructing it upon a line and I'm saying as soon as you don't as soon as you approach any subject and don't use lines to help to guide you you end up getting into problems and people have manipulated this truth and said that people like myself claim that the lines are our Savior or the lines are more important than inspiration or they'll use the word that they Trump inspiration and they keep on questioning this thing and these are people who claim to be on the message who claim to believe the line who came to who claim to believe these lines so I'm saying I don't have people put on when you express it that you can't take a spirit of prophecy quote or of passage from inspiration and know what to do with it the only way you know what to do with it is to place it upon a line so you know how to apply that passage in time and space and our primary reference point for that is the Miller right reform line once you get once you understand the middle-right reform line and then you if you understand Christ reform line then you can see that that is reform line most of all the hard works been done for you all you need to do is read the quote and understand the symbology and work out where you place it and without doing that you come up with grave mistakes grave error sister Cathy nature of Christ yeah we'll get you to the same place so we read yesterday from the passage that was I think the youthing structure this is for BC 1164 know what it wasn't that when it was another one we spoke about the molding process would you read it was four BC okay I've lost I've lost track it wasn't that when it was it you said about the molding the molding okay I can't remember where it's found anyway yes that's review and Herald May 5 1890 so it's that one here and I'm saying without the line if you weren't careful what would you remember we said is it this history a or is it this history B and some people said it was B because if you're not careful the way you read that it seems like when you become a Christian what's God gonna do it's gonna start molding you into something yeah that's how we are that's how we more often or not read spirit of prophecy quotes and how will we be able how were we able to to know for a certain it wasn't B what phrase did we pick up yeah let me let me pick up the quote so that I'll just read the section that we want it that I want us to see 1896 so I'll pick up two sentence three sentences back the renewed heart will have no plants of selfishness to cultivate so I'm saying the renewed heart is at 9/11 and people will give lip service to that and when it says the renewed heart will have no plants of self-interest to cultivate what people end up doing is they look at their own experience and they see what they see plenty of selfishness they look at other people they say I'm surrounded by selfish people so therefore this sentence cannot be at the beginning of a person's experience it just can't be and is that how we're supposed to approach the scriptures everybody's gonna say no to that but that's all what we quit that's what we do over and over again pride will be seen in its sinfulness and will be expelled at 9/11 at baptism it is not for the human clay to find fault with the molding process of the Potter but to submit to the molding but to submit to be molded in any way and so you think the justice just flows one after the other and then the molding process happens in a post-911 experience which we would call sanctification so if people are going to develop a theology that says sanctification is a molding process and the culmination of that molding process is midnight where you're going to have this confrontation with Christ and it's all gonna be sorted out and you and it will be fixed for eternity the character will be fixed I'm saying all of that is wrong it's not for the human clay to find fault with the molding process of the Potter but to submit to be molded in any way every soul must submit to the Lord before he can be made a vessel unto honor to be filled with the renewing sanctifying grace of Christ what did we pick up to show that it was nine eleven Rose tiny you said thank you going grace the beginning of the experience yes it's filled with a sanctifying grace at the beginning not at the end you can go to Matthew 25 and their vessels were full of oil at 9/11 so we dealt with that let's come back to our sheets we're on page we're on the second set the will and it's the two-page document that we want to look at unless anybody's got any questions yes brother well question howdy how do you put in the proper contact the thickness is fair proxy that that seems so used to support the others other line of thinking one booster white said the sanctification is the work of a lifetime how does that one fit in anybody sanctification is the work of a lifetime how do we understand that how do you apply that quote what does it mean you're supposed to okay but you can't say you remain sanctified okay so you say you can you have to remain justified but the remainder of your life and what do you read about marriage yesterday starts off pure as or clear as crystal but it's shallow so the work of sanctification is to develop depth or a sister demeanour said maturity but it's perfect all the way through brother Richard see just a working of a lifetime where is your life begin sanctification needs to be understood in two separate ways two views of sanctification one of them is what is to do with verbage verbs you get two types of you get more than two types of verbs you get doing verbs and being verbs sanctification needs to be understanding two ways so let's think about sanctification as being what does that mean sister Sara justify so if it's being what does that mean a being verb it is that way is there any change in being no change that you start putting advocate into it you either married or you're not married one of the two you're either single you're not single you can't be more married than you can't be more single so in that level is there any change in sanctification none whatsoever sanctification is fixed at the very beginning no growth no improvement but also sanctification can be understood as a verb which means you do things and what is it that you would be doing sanctification begins so the sanctification is the work of a lifetime by everyday of making it sure not to sin that's how we become sanctified come in when we go to Daniel 10 and Daniel 8 connect them together we speak about the marais the morale and the his own vision all of those visions and we know that the morale vision is what it's connected to the Moreira is the experience that you have by doing what look in looking in the mirror okay looking in the mirror yeah you know at midnight what you're going to be actually looking at you're gonna have this if you could have this experience what you're actually looking at you have a vision of Christ no 6 it's only going to be looking at the Word of God again isn't it in the fresh and new way yeah but we understood that the looking glass' was slightly different here at the time at the end and 9/11 this would be conviction repentance and pardon I've done this sort of imagery many many times before you get these mirrors these are the mirrors of the women from the history of Moses which is that story about the morale vision lookingglass think you will familiar with that and these mirrors are what what are they a symbol of because they're an image of what pride they're an image of pride because what what are they the pride of who the women the church this is a symbol of the pride of the church because they're going to beautify themselves by reflecting themselves in this mirror so this mirror is going to change its role it's going to be converted and that conversion process comes from begins here and the conviction that when we get convicted they release those mirrors to the workmen and they're going to get heated and beaten into what into the Laver so here's the Laver this pot and how do we know it's here at 9/11 because this pot with the C&E is baptism so this is this thing I think it's called the sea isn't it yeah so DisneySea all your sins are washed obliterated in this sea so there must have been a conversion from a mirror to this Laver in this history here so there's a conversion process and I've just put a hammer here as a conversion process so once this Laver has been created here at 9/11 and you're gonna die at midnight is it any improvement in that Laver does it get better all it does is remains a Laver for how long but not forever for the rest of its mortal life for the rest of its life it's going to remain a labor so sanctification which means not being set apart for pride but set apart for holy use and what is the purpose of the labor was it to do what do you wash hands hands and feet and what is the feet and he ones have to be washed from so we're spoken about in the fetus to Terry mentioned that a number of times have spoken about the hand not in any great detail so there's this washing process that this that's been symbolized there it's not a washing away of sin because you've already been washed your sin them will be washed here anyway it is at nine eleven but as you go on to this history there's this labor change there's no change and that is what sanctification is it's to me it's the simplest explanation of sanctification when you asked a work of a lifetime it stays in its job function which is a holy use for the rest of its life it never wakes up one day and says you know what feel like doing some sin because the seed remains in him and he what cannot do sin you cannot do sin if the seed remains in you that's what sanctification is the one that the the being that will that we avoid addressing or don't want to deal with there's a transformation of character here this is where you're molded and you're transformed here by the renewing of your mind not here at the end of the journey you know what's so strange is I shouldn't say we all should because it's not the right way of saying it and then it'll have all read pilgrims progress now John Bunyan was around a long time before 1798 and he already had this figured out because he gets into an argument with two people who jump over the wall and they dressed in their own garbage and their argument is when do you receive your clothing and they look at his Kody and he looks at theirs and he says how did you jump over this wall and think to get to your journey's end and they say we've been doing this for a long time this doctrine is Hori with age he says you won't make it and they sailing better what basis he says you for one thing you haven't even got the right garments on and what's their argument if you've read the story of you've heard the audio you get your garments at the end of your journey and they have a logical reason why and what is the reason why you would do that any sensible master would give you your robes at the end of the journey why would he do that someone over they said to keep it clean it's enough it's an impossibility for a traveling man to keep their garments clean that's their primary argument and that is the Omega theology that John Bunyan addressed centuries before any of us were ever created it's big it's been there for a long time this Omega theology it's not new he was addressing it in his inimitable style did you get your garments at the beginning of your journey not at the end just one other point I don't if you again if you're familiar with the story I'm gonna take this out here because that's wrong to do that isn't it because you don't have your line going pre time at the end this is the narrow pass that bunions on isn't it what's at the head of the narrow path it's a gate isn't it which is called the wicket gate there's a gate there and when does he meet Jesus does he meet Jesus here he meets him here and easy cow in his burdens so he's on the path of eternal life and he's carrying his burdens all here through this journey is he doing any sin on that journey once he gets onto this path because before this he's reading his Bible and what happens to his baggage he's burden the more he reads the bigger it gets because there's no solution to the problem but when he gets to here his burdens don't increase but before he gets to 9/11 where does he go whose house does he go to he goes to the interpreters house and what's the interpreter going to by definition know what it's going to be what's the interpreter going to teach him solution how to interpret the Bible so how does he do it how does he say this is what the Bible means parable after parable after parable which is line upon line methodology bonnie had the reformed line already sorted out long before any of us even thought there was a reformed line he didn't understand there is a reformed line but he knows what Christianity is and if you know that if you can see that in his simple story then you know that we had not device we have not believed currently devised fables because he saw this long before Ellen White came around and constructed these lines for us because they were already an int in the inspired Word of God he enters eternal life here he's dealing with his sin problem here and it gets he understands how to deal with it through line upon line methodology through parable teaching and then he meets the Christ here at the cross and the burden just fall off and he's got his garments here all the way through his journey he was - he receives two things there by the way what they're two things he gets he gets a certificate or his scroll and his garments symbols of what justification and sanctification because what his justification so I title to heaven and sanctification she calls our fitness I'll read that it's here review and Herald June 4th 1895 paragraph 7 righteousness within is testified to by righteousness without he who is righteous within is not hard-hearted and unsympathetic but day-by-day he grows into the image of Christ going on from strength to strength he who is he who is being sanctified by the truth will be self-controlled and will follow in the footsteps of Christ until grace is lost in glory the righteousness by which we are justified is imputed the righteousness by which we are sanctified is imparted the first is our title to heaven the second is our fitness to heaven and you get them at the same point at the skull-shaped him at 9 it's clear to me that when you look at the 17 Venice Church as any of us can know it we're living in now that God definitely gave them the truth but but the theology that they are teaching if you just think that they're this the truth in your listening their theology it's actually morphed into this Omega theology and it's been that way kind of for a while because those of us who have been in the church for any number of years it's a revelation to realize that you're actually you're actually thinking this wrong line of thinking and you're actually taking some of these quotes like that one about sanctification being the work of a lifetime and you're putting it into you're putting some other preconceived ideas over it that don't fit with with with with the with with the truths as you and when you compare it as we're supposed to with the lines would you be there in the other day when I did a little graphic like this 538 1798 1260 126 1989 1863 what is that teaching us what's the 1260 teaching us captivity Babylonian captivity punishment because of our transgression because of the sins that came before yeah Pergamos the compromise punishment so 63 289 is the progressive for generations that have brought us to the place that we were out so you just expressed it in the terminology of the Omega you said we know we've been understanding the maker in our church so if you're going to understand it in this framework what is the Omega it's nothing more than what theology Babylonian theology that's all it is it's just Babylonian theology people haven't come out of that theology even though they may claim that they had it's the same thing it's not some strange new thing that just popped out of no way okay patriarchs and prophets page 248 paragraph 2 in all who have been chosen to accomplish a work for God the human element is seen yet they have not been men of stereotyped habits and character who has satisfied to remain in that condition they earnestly desire to obtain wisdom from God and to learn to work for him says the Apostle if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not and it shall be given him but God will not impart to men divine light while they are content to remain in darkness in order to receive God's help man must realize his weakness and efficiency he must apply his own mind to the great change to be wrought in himself he must be aroused to earnest and persevering prayer and effort wrong habits and customs must be shaken off and it is only by determined endeavor to correct these errors and to conform to right principles that the victory can be gained many never tainted the position they may occupy might occupy because they wait for God to do for them that which he has given them power to do for themselves all who were fitted for usefulness must be trained by the severus mental and moral discipline and God will assist them by uniting divine power with human effort the trip up sentence is the last one so if you're not careful you're going to get that last sentence and it's going to just undo everything she said at the beginning how do we read this yeah what's it saying to you because people are going to be people used to coach like this to prove this is a proof text to show you that without divine power nothing's going to happen that first step is the human effort you have to put your will allow with God's will I mean when you do that got it and that's that's every day you put you a little on the side of God's will but when you do that initially then God gives you what you asked for which is a no change in character okay that is a future that's as known as today probably Jonathan's sister Tarak Yallah and then brother bo what I read is that this training which is necessary this is the human effort and God will a system by uniting this divine power through this human effort training Oh okay I think everybody would agree with that but what is the power that he's gonna give you what is that power to do what let me ask the first question why is he giving you power what's the implication of him giving you power yeah but why would he do that why would he have to give you power sorry why does he have to do that he has to contextually he has to do that why would he have to do that because what seem because you're or you don't what don't you have you don't have power so he has to give you power so we can we can we can deduce that he has to give you power because you don't have any power without even reading that what the context is the reason he gives you his power is because you don't have any of your own yeah so what power is he giving you that you don't have that's what the question is and these for me sister Terry what wisdom according to the first paragraph I honestly desired to obtain wisdom from God so he will impart to them divine laughs so it's did the power is truth anyone else but the bulb sister texts brother Jason isn't it that we put we make the choice and it says we have to strain with all of our intellect and and and to do what we can and once we do that we've actually made the right choice and once we've done that I look at it is the divine power is it's his ability to sustain us in that choice to sustain us in doing doing right and we have to do the first part and and we have to I look at that at the end the analogy that Jesus gave in Matthew 11:28 about joking up with him a yoke of oxen you get in the oak wood Christ what do you mean sustain us in that choice so I choose not to get angry yeah and so after a while do I need his help to stop me getting angry so how'd you so how'd you say we nee the choice you make he sustains that choice I guess they don't know okay sister Tess from a Jason just kind of agreeing with mom that divine light is truth so you could say the power is just understanding the true dwarfs of the world and if people don't want to accept that they remain in darkness and they don't have the power to overcome so the power he's gonna give you just information brother Jason but my understanding of that is that the will is your choice and the portal are gonna give two tosses is a change of heart because you cannot change a heart humanity cannot change near heart the only can meet that choice to do what is right and a divine power is is this current changing the art so you're saying I'll put you and God what what's that what's what H what's he doing what you're doing oh you always the will he's the will ya and this change of heart he's the heart anyone else between the divine power in this last sentence and the power that you gives us to do what we can do for ourselves and the sentence before okay so let's go to the sentence before because it both of them speak about God's power sentence second from end second from last sentence many he that's where it begins yeah many never attain to the position they may or they make they might occupy because they wait for God to do for them that which he has given them power to do for themselves so this power that he's given them to do for themselves is this the power that's being spoken of in the last sentence this divine power or is it a separate divine power because you're saying it's not you saying the two separate powers brother Larry I'm sorry no carry on it sounds like the the sentence you just read the last part is associated with the human effort that you have involved okay determine the endeavor that bit all human effort at the very end okay brother Larry that's the second second one being sentenced power or choice to do for themselves when did you get that power but hey always had it so before that you didn't have power okay may you may not have recognized it but did you have the power so we've been teaching for a while now that this will power is what he's part of a human being part of the threefold nature and it's the moral part of us going to the board work there and why did we have to be given that when we were created why did God say okay I'll I'll give him a bit of will okay otherwise you'd be robots but what are you created in you creating the image of God so he doesn't even have a choice otherwise you would have said you were created in the image of something else to be creating the image of God by definition means you have to have willpower you have to be able to choose this God makes lots of choices so if he creates you in His image you have to be created with this innately it's yours by creation it's not a gift that he gave to you not some kind of favor that he's bestowed upon you this is not grace this is what this is part of the the construction or the definition of what makes us human that we have to have will so that's what I'm understanding and that's what you're suggesting yes it's the human effort all who are fitted for the for usefulness must be trained by this various mental and moral discipline and God will assist them by uniting divine power with human effort and I'm agreeing with brother Jason that the divine power here is the part in our being that we don't have the ability to change we don't have power to change your heart read that steps to Christ forty seven point one but we have this and what are we continually waiting for to turn this into robots so that he will give us the willpower to make all these decisions so we keep on pushing the problem onto him did someone say something Mayan character and personality volume two six nine four paragraph three the link that binds with divine energy sorry that's the read back oh you don't have a sheet I'm sorry it's on the sheet to MCP six nine four paragraph three we are laborers together with God this is the Lord's own wise arrangement the cooperation of the human will and endeavor with divine energy is the link that binds men up with one another and with God the Apostle says we are laborers together with God ye are God's husbandry ye are God's building managed to work with the faculties God has given him work out your own salvation with fear and trembling he says for it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure yeah last sentence and next paragraph when the will is placed on the Lord's side the Holy Spirit takes that will and makes it one with the Divine Will and it's V finishes there the next one is a different section so you cast L nap stone five page stone the front page how do we deal with these ones because these are a bit more problematic now I'm saying unless you place these passages on the line you are doomed to make to come to a wrong understanding of what's going on you're doomed to failure in my opinion yes so I think what you just said was if you read this the wrong way it's just going to the back door to get to the same place let's blame God we need to be robots we say God you take my wheel and then you control what my wheel is going to do and what it's not going to do so it's like power assisted steering without his power to assist us we can't make any choices that's how people are going to read that particularly that last sentence I don't know how you read it now if you still read it that way please you tell me how you rate that after that one they assume that you're reading it in anyway it's also easy for me to tell you how I read this page did you know how I read these passages and I thought I put the click I click these all together because I want us to read them I'm telling you all of this just whitewash it all away because people are miss reading these statements and what I'm teaching is correct it's just that simple just trust what I'm saying it's it's that's how I'm telling you what this means it doesn't mean and when it says I said I'll tell you how I read it then which I shouldn't be doing when the will is placed upon the Lord's side the Holy Spirit takes that will and makes it one with the Divine Will he doesn't take your will polish it up and give it back to you and say now it's endowed with divinity that's talking about he gives you correct information your will is now going to be on his on his side by the information that he's given to you by the truth of the reformed lines it's this light that we have that now you can set your will in agreement with his will that's how I understand that and you're going to say you can't see that in the words that's what I want to know how you read it because he doesn't help if I give you if I give you my interpretation people just say I'm resting the scriptures inspiration it doesn't even say that I'm manipulating them and I'm saying the lines help me to come to a correct understanding of what that's teaching brother Larry sister mr. Brickley it's obvious on what you said about the last sentence how would you interpret the last sentence for the verse in the previous paragraph because that's what she's quoting she's paraphrased Philippians chapter 2 verses 12 and 13 that's what you're implying yes she's paraphrased a he's repeating in large let's go back to the beginning of the paragraph I don't mind that this being like you defend your position kind of their dynamic but I'm saying we're all in this mess because you've all bought into what I'm teaching so that's far so it's down for you it's down to you to answer these questions for yourself we are labels together with God this is the Lord's own wise arrangement the cooperation of the human will and endeavor with divine energy is the link that binds men up with one another and with God the Apostle says we are laborers together with God we are God's husbandry we are God's building what is husbandry by the way you're God's husbandry right look vineyard sorry this possession managed to work with the faculties God has given him what's that what the faculty is God has given that you've given to us that we can work with right the willpower I'm gonna be I'm gonna say mind information and willpower problem is when we get to the time of the end our consciousness have been seared by what Antichrist has branded us and what does that mean what's the problem with their conscience wrong information it's about the information so let's go back up to here which he says the cooperation of the human will is that the faculties that God has given to us second sentence the cooperation of the human will with a second line down and then it says managed to work with the faculties God has given him these three facilities sorry faculties facilities these facilities are they the human will that she's referring to yes that's how I'm reading that passage the facility is God has given to us is the human will are we okay with that so she's going to quote to Bible passages why is she crying these Bible passages what's the purpose of them so I've got william miller's rules here he's going to make a statement and then what does he do at the end of the statement prove what proof they prove what he said is what true so Alan White's gonna do what follow the same principle she's gonna make a statement and then what's she gonna do you're gonna proof that her statement is correct by giving you some Bible verses what is her statement what's the statement that she's making because what people will do is they'll look at the proof text think they understand what the proof texts on what that text means and then they'll run away and say okay so this is this but those texts were given to do what to prove her assertion at the beginning so what is her assertion so you've got human will we've got the human will here and then what does it say cooperation with the human will and divine energy so this is a new phrase will not come across now what is divine energy divine power and we've already said the divine power is this one changing the heart so she said there's a cooperation between the will which is your work and God changing the heart or giving you divine energy yes so and this is the link that vines men with men and with God yeah so full stop now she's gonna prove takes what she's just said what is her proof text first one is we are laborers together with God so that's relatively straight for she's proof text that and now so that's the last bit so let me do this thing if we did a chiasm we'd have one statement here in one statement here so what did she say here the human and the divine and then she says together now she's going to prove text that and what's the first proof text she's going to use together so this there's our chiasm and then what's your going to give now she's going to talk about the will which is Philippians 2 chapter 2 verse 13 3 so for it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure so God's going to work in you here there's a work that God's going to do if we can pick whatever phrases we want but I'm saying this proof text here is used to define you or to verify that this statement is correct so I'm saying it's not my role my job to go into this verse and demonstrate to you that all the intricacies of this is what it is the passage itself is itself defining so if you if you can see that there's a structure to her writing then you know however you want to interpret what that means by definition it must mean what the cooperation of the human will with the divine power to change the heart even if when you read those words it doesn't look like it so our task is to go into this verse and break it down understand it I mean what take us many hours to work this out but a surface reading of that is going to you're going to come to a wrong understanding but it's her structured that helps you to define what is it that she's talking about which is why I said at the very beginning what this is teaching us is that if you put your will on the right side of God he will give you some information which is correct and that information will allow you to make the right choice when you make the right choice then he'll give you divine energy to enjoy making that right choice and I don't think you can comfortably you'll easily read that in the the Bible verse or her common in the last paragraph paragraph 4 which is just a an expansion of that Bible verse because when I read that my version of that you said it doesn't even say anything like that and I'm saying when you use structure the Bible becomes self defining this is rule number 5 and I'm saying people who say that we're not using rules they're not using rules last point yes it is God which worketh in you the worketh in you is this part in your heart to will and to do of his good pleasure that's a problematic statement it's a complex statement because it sounds like God's going to make you do his will he's going to give you power to do his will but the first part of the passage doesn't do that if you don't understand how she structures her her statements you don't understand how to read the Spirit prophecy because you disconnect her to contextually I'm saying it has to be this way just contextually it has to be then you can see the structure that she's guiding you along to say whatever this verse is it's this the human and the divine it's the will and the change of heart brother Richard in closing confuse myself on this thing for clarity to it it's like as you read in the scriptures as you're getting the right information that I God is showing you also realized that he's he's actually working on your heart in that process you know that's he's telling us the end goal but that's not our work to do but he's saying you you take this information rich I'm working on I'm working on your heart but that that thing is only way he can do he can only change it but he tells us what he's doing and when we put our will on his side like I'm I'm fitting you for heaven I agree with all of that but I would add that you're fit for heaven here just so that we have courage on that you'll fit for heaven here one point someone said yesterday I didn't say this clearly enough ionic in my opinion or it wasn't clarified when Christ came here on earth he was a combination of humanity and divinity the divinity that he exercised in his own behalf and all the work that he did whose divinity was that so I'm saying I am my understanding his cry it's not Christ it's his father's divinity he never exercised his own divinity he had the power to do that he had the potential to do that he had the potential to exercise his own strength in doing something which is the same temptation that you and I have exercising their own strength do something in our own ability to get out of a mess and he chose not to do that so throughout his life the only divine power that he ever used or exercised was his father's not his own otherwise he wouldn't have been an example for us let's pray Heavenly Father we want to ask and pray that you would be with us bless us and guide us help us to continue to honor you and to verify your name direct us in our studies father to a correct understanding of your word there are so many things that might confuse us so many Bible passages that we may not fully comprehend Brits through the methodology that you have taught us following william miller's rules directing our attention to the lines that we can come to a correct application of many of these problematic passages help us to have faith that you are guiding and directing us we pray Jesus His name