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I mean let's go back to our statement that we read this morning my character personality volume 2 page 694 paragraph 1 the laborers together with God this is the lord's own wise arrangement the cooperation of the human will and the endeavor with divine energy is the link that binds men up with one another and with God the Apostle says we are laborers together with God you are God's husbandry you're God's building managed to work with the facilities God has given him work out your own salvation with fear and trembling he says for it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure when the Willys placed on the Lord side the Holy Spirit takes that will and makes it one with the divine will so did anybody have any thoughts this morning about this passage No visit Terry interesting you kept saying faculty instead of facility yes that facility means easiness to be performed freedom from difficulty the means by which the performance of anything is rendered and easy so faculties are I guess you mind and reality just means how much easier tonight Kisuke means what facility means um oh you want the noun easiness to be performed freedom from difficulty or easy is making easy making it easy the means by which the performance of anything is rendered easy convenient so what's that saying then performance so how do we read that with that he's given us faculties to make things easy mandis to work with the facilities God has given him what does that mean he's working too what are the facilities that God has given him is that what you're saying sister she said it's synonymous with you with your faculties I'm asking what are the facilities that he's given to us managed to work with the facilities God has given him what are these facilities that we've been given reverted looking up 1828 just gives a little bit more information facility and facilities but it says convenient opportunities or advantages so for reading miss simians to work with the advantages or opportunities I mean the literal translation aptitude I need to work with you say but Richard with the opportunities or advantages opportunities advantages God has given them and his role of a aptitude yes it says something designed and created to serve a particular function and to afford a particular convenience or service so walking foot for that man is to work with the that makes an action operation or course of conduct easier that's what man has okay so guys that's easy a bit what it makes a course of conduct I'm there for it with that definition there where she says we need to the first paragraph that we had read where she had written to that young man you need to understand the truth fourths of they will read this type indicate something designed and created to serve a particular function and to afford a particular convenience or service so there was something that was designed to do a certain work some managed to work with the tools he has been given did they say by design hospital but that's just in bracket that is built installed or established to serve a particular purpose so again the thing that is built in stall the war is published installed or established to serve a particular purpose mr. Terry I guess these definitions aren't making they're easy they're just would we agree that these ones are just saying God's given you something to do something with he's given you some tools some ability to do something which would which wouldn't have the inference of make he hasn't given you this to make it easier he's just giving you this something to do a purple to do a function it is a great area to take facility for good nature so just because somebody's easy doesn't mean they're good natured it can be used in a negative sense that's why I ask the question if those ones would with them so he is not the facility he has the facilities so you would use the facilities given and as I said one of the definition that I have it up to to an inclination tendency unnatural ability convenient opportunities or advantages so which wherever these definitions come with what were you reading sister and Tanisha okay just a secular dictionary okay it was 1828 Webster and what does it say it must be the same story versus okay yeah that's what we've already read you're just reading what we've already read glue just receding from steal all use if you're just reading from the 1828 that's what we've already read read into it more but say like facilities are synonymous with tool so if Manson worked with the facilities guy and giving him he some work out his own salvation with fear and trembling like that tool is the everlasting gospel because that's the tool that enables you to to to do a physical pleasure in the first place that's what changes you so like if you're trying to get a nail into a piece of wood my god is giving you the hammer he's giving you the device but he isn't gonna make you you know swing the hammer so he's giving us that tool it's our choice to exercise it you saying these facilities are the gospel the darkest Eden the like and you're saying this isn't he's off the faculties of your being I know they're not the same thing but she's that's how she's using that that's wrong that's why because he was saying the facilities that you've been given is the gospel and she's saying the facilities you've been given is I think she's trying it's just they're your will connected on the making easy it's like um yeah the make an easy but more making it possible yes bro Jonathan you had your hand up okay probably she said I guess when she uses the web facilities she must be talking about the mind willpower plural word faculties that I have here ability or in it or acquired ability or it's similar to what facilities are facilities monies it is opportunity to go advantage given aptitude something that makes something easy so that would be one has been given the ability or power you see him that is what God does the facility you look at another similar word that fits right here look the word to facilitate something means you help move something along and and you make it work you better the process work the way it's supposed to work facilitate something and I see facilities that's being that if you look at them at the thing here it says here God's husbandry ye are God's building men to work with the facilities you know I mean God has has designed us to be able to to follow his will and to make the choices and to do the things were supposed to do I think that that's all that is trying to mean here good that's what God's given he's given us he's given us the power of choice it's given us the will and he's also given us if we're looking at the end of time he's give us the right information that was the note I first put down here when we talked about this morning the words right information came up tied with that word we were discussing it for Tyler how you readin what these facilities are I don't have the quote I came in late is it to me to the tossin prepares is we've already looked at this but make easy the faculties make okay so I think we've got the definition down I just want to understand what we're understanding these facilities to be are they something outside of myself that have been given to us or they part of our being yep but balm and page page one okay so has he given it somewhere along the line or will be giving it from birth that's what husbandry wasn't one three four God's husbandry was mine his building yeah and this work we we are we have engaged in this work we are working with him together with or will and or so I think when it's it's about facilities it is just I think by defining what we are using here so what's the simple punchline that you're saying these facilities are how do you read this is to Terry these facilities are they something that are given to us to help us on our along our journey or are they what we have innately man is to work with the facilities God has given him so the question is when were they given he said yeah I'm not sure I just interesting that whatever they whatever they are that are given make things easy it in context is talking about the human will I think that you read it that way I can't see anything else they that it's talking about from the toilet it seems like I'm kind of reading it the same way not I'm looking at it that this is something you've had and you have to work within the box that you're given and the context would be it as I read this maybe I'm wrong to read it this way but this has managed to work out to work with the facility as God has given him and then she's going to quote she's gonna quote 12 and 13 and the first thing it says his work out your own salvation with fear and trembling so it's like the this sentence leading into the next her next thought and then she's going to back up what she just said with that verse or with those two verses so seems like what it's describing is working out your salvation with fear and trembling which is operating within the box that the Lord has given you and that is who you are sister that's the preparation was that first reference to 32:23 and then in manual for Canvassers she's talking about Cole Porter elevating the work of the Cole Porter is elevating and will provide a success if he is honest and earnest and patient steadily pursuing the work he has undertaken his heart must be in the work he must rise early and work industriously putting to proper use the facilities God has given him difficulties must be met if confronted with uncie perseverance they will be overcome the worker may continuously continually be forming a symmetrical character great characters are formed by little actors all of these things I see looking at a second Peter 1:3 through but it's I could stop it Fabien on something doesn't know I'm talking about but it says according as his divine power have given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of him God and godliness was already through the knowledge of him they have called to called us to glory and virtue whereby are given unto us great inning exceeding great and precious promises goodbye these you might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust and beside this giving all diligence add to your faith virtue and to virtue knowledge etc so this the exceeding we give an exceeding great and precious promises that by those who might be partakers of the divine nature such the precious promises is would well be we understand this it's a lot of fun line invented so that that's how the thing looking anymore I think the facilities at least in this context at first second Peter one is is to have a lasting Gospels of Noreen that's what changes us and allows us to partake of an environment okay so the facilities are outside of ourselves it's a goth elite something that's given to us yes I'm looking at no yeah I couldn't be wrong of course but we try to think you do I'm asking myself did God give us other facilities than he gave to Adam so if not what kind of facilities did he give Adam I don't before he did say no Abby mom for before he did so you're not reading that as just for this week's reading these things there's a quote here of open flight or not it's in cs2 eighty nine point two in the first sentence it says all heaven is actively engaged in furnishing facilities at which to extend the knowledge of the truth all those nations and tongues so then it would seem that it was something outside of a person in this context it's all day the second sentence is the cooperation of the human will and endeavor with divine energy is the link that binds men off with one another and with God so the human will it's the cooperation of the human will and endeavor with divine energy is the link that binds men off with one another and with God then she goes into the Apostle says we are laborers together with God so there are two things that she said that connects us with God and Whitman one over will and then divine energy so she's very kind in humanity and ability so the human will know reaching out and connecting with divine energy then she says we are laborers together with God we are God's husbandry ye are God's building so if you are his building Adventists home says the body is the house that we live in that means you are God's building then in that house God has placed facilities in the building he has placed facilities so one is to work with the facilities that God has placed in the building how then are we going to read it out of that context when she says we are God's building and you and God has given you as his building he has placed in that building facilities what about in this building he's placed within this building facility and that facility was divine energy and this divine energy makes it easy cooperation of the human will and endeavor with divine energy so therefore it cannot only be divine energy because she's saying you are that building so in that building the divine endeavor is not what was he gives that and yes he places it in the building but that's a power external that's coming from outside but within this building these are things that you set up this building with so it's innate to that building sorry just following on with what sister all have been saying when you run facility through her writings she uses the word a lot other contexts are schools hospitals sanitariums so the buildings are facilities she talks about that a lot so it may be you know with the facilities that God has given us is saying she's referenced building it's not the building it that the building our building is the facility okay so he's that agree with her so it sounds like he is I don't mean to disagree with her it's just that when she could sign buildings and soda sister-wife you know the context using the same would Richie guys think uh kind of a grant maybe just great a little bit with Cassie was a song in the same book if we have the human will and divine energy we know in nine eleven that's the combination of humanity humanity and divinity but what that's a part what makes that happen is eating a little book so in that context the eat in the little book it is just an angel that comes down it has a book in his hand so or something external and then you have to eat that and then it becomes a part of you so in debt I think if you depending on context maybe how you look at it you could be the building but then where the builder is also something in order for that she's taking that those whose together is the link that binds me and up with one another hell is God so that's the connecting link when you eat it it becomes a part of you that's what that's what makes you one with God so it couldn't be something solely inherent within you I don't think it could be solely something strictly external and thinks the combination I think that's what's just why is emphasizing and East at this point in my thinking so I think it's the everlasting gospel anyone else okay I want to read some statements energy within us according to that imagery yeah it says in the passage the cooperation of the human will and endeavour with divine energy she says she's making that connection not me what is divine and what we did what we saying divine energy is they will the Greeks from God oh I mean it says human will and it says men then it says divine energy God you know it's real knowing God's question is what is it exhausting I think divine energy like in the paragraph that we already featured some prophets to 48 points by uniting divine power with human effort I think that by uniting human power divine with divine power with human effort is the same thing as the cooperation of the human will and then they book it divine energy I think it's a similar statement so I think the divine energy man is submerge in the will of God who becomes omnipotent we read the manuscript that it's from well no no see I've just pulled it up but the the topics present your bodies a living sacrifice I guess it could be your bed out the whole thing yes being the building I suppose with what you were saying so okay if you're going to teach somebody a school is facilitates that process because it provides everything for the education saying with a hospital if you're going to treat people it's the facility it's not just the building it's everything that goes with it so building is bad it's a home a whole structure kind of comment on it just just trying to think it through but with that I'll understand their greed well you think about a school get the building up the computers you have the whiteboards you have everything but what makes it a school it's the information that you're given you know so like we come here we can win anywhere but it's what's being presented that's what makes it a school so there's that two-fold thing yeah but this room facilitates they're taking true we could be all be sitting down there a tree yeah bellowing on the same thing sorry go ahead I think it's divine energy okay what's divine the the facilities you know that's what I read a bunch of other quotes and it seems like some of the context one of them I don't know for the word facilities yeah facilities one of them is SPM if I can just read this first two sentences SPM what is it 160 167 paragraph one she says now there is all that power sorry now there is all that power that was pledged to us when we pledged ourselves to God that power that power that all the provision was made in heaven all the facilities all the riches of the grace of God was to be imparted to every worker that was connected with the cost it says some of the part of the woman part of the dusters a human endeavor human Dever and divine energy and then this sentence says man is to work or didn't say and it says with facilities God has given it obviously is the same sentence so managed to work with the facilities that God is given with divine energy the purpose if it will of proper facilities to show chart and whiteboards to teach prophecy and all of those things because if it is anything you can do anything in it and make it anything that you want to make it so mine was an empty building what's the thing that we need to make us a functioning facility mine moral law not divine energy because without that only that it's a waste of time before the fault man was given all the facilities that he needed then he fell he lost a part of the facility and then upon repentance God made him a completely but the point I'm making is it's not just they that which is added it is everything combined do you think sister Tamina what he I went Luke said I went to the manuscript itself and when you just read there managed to work with the facility God has given him and then you read the previous paragraph what the Lord has given or interplanted actually that we're neighbors together and it's being explained that it's actually the human and the divine energy together some suggesting that these facilities which were given is the the cool labouring between the human and the divine energy that's how I see it from the structural the paragraph and the paragraph before I managed to erase it taking the do I get the point same facilities as a building but I disagree on one level now because what makes a home a home it isn't the building so to speak it's the people there that you know love God so okay what makes a home alone I guess in essence I'll see you happy wherever you are with your family if you have a Bible that makes sense so our church could be outside like or dancing or Denton's have you saved your church could be in a big Cathedral so I think that would it's not so much the building but what is what is the purpose of that building what is the purpose of coming together as a church even if you're outside I think the purpose would be to come and study God's Word and so that the because of that is something that's external because it isn't dependent upon the building isn't dependent upon location and therefore you have a church anywhere so something that God but I believe something is external and not with the person himself now it's it seemed when a person you know as I said before it just eats the little he eats that gospel and then he had this you know this combination work cuz he may ask put forth this will to do that but if this facilities that God has given him I think in the pure sense is okay are you gonna work with what I'm giving you are you're gonna use this tool which is the gospel I think facilities are anything or everything depending on context to buildings and facilities dollars of Washington inside the building so if you go through quartz it's very confusing think you can I mean know it in context how she means to use it here but our outside is a facility hearing is a facility that will give them I guess how she maintenance and how do you see in this context the human and the divine just a human you say everything so that's the human and divine that's what your Satan said to me now is that what you're saying since they're living everything it would have the threefold nature of Bernice that plus the Holy Spirit's all a bit rough Tyler that was my original thought is that it was it was all who is the box that you're working in and it may very well be but the context of the paragraph just seems to be it's it's a cold laboring thing she gives at least a couple examples in that paragraph of human working with something else human working with divine and even in the sentence it says manage to work you're supposed to work with something and that something is whatever God gives you in that thing that he gives you is in this case it would be I guess I guess it depends we're calling it because he could give you all these things at birth you know when he created you or he gives you divine energy at some point in your experience or when you begin your experience to you know to get you through it but so so I'm leaning towards I'm leaning towards it's the divine energies that that he gives you since Tony when a weak God's husbandmen husbandry I think he said this context I think every human being at Birds is a building that God has made so in that context but then putting it on the line you become his husbandry with that first Corinthians 3:9 so the passage you generally advisable rates is where libraries so in the context you know you know before when he places the new hardly knew he says when you experience the new he says your libraries your the husbandry with the building you ain't that before so this husbandry in this building is not something that was pre Christianity this when you become a laborer but then if yes it wasn't before but the divinity that is added there doesn't he need facilities to work if just like the man that you said lost but that y'all is food aware his frontal lobe became damaged yes is he he is he a facility but that's why it says where libraries with God human endeavor with divine energy human will and then they were so the human will and cooperation the word will and endeavor that's two separate things what is endeavor your option your your effort okay so your a will so when it'll be combined with your effort along with so why she making this point about will and endeavor see that you incessant steps to Christ's forty to forty seven point two desires for goodness so you make a choice to do good all right as far as they go but if you stop here they will avail nothing many will be lost while hoping and designed to be Christians they do not come to a point of yielding their will to God they do not now choose to be Christians which means they don't actually put into effect that they've got this will without the human availing himself the bible is enormous so the divine cannot out without the human agency and the human agency cannot act correctly will don't you know what I mean and I say correctly very confident with thought that divine power they are both dependent on each other why doing that differently manual work he will endeavor to do something in cooperation with divine energy cooperation with the facilities that God has given sister to mean there brother Johnson 113 1890 it says God calls upon all what it's not even note when you come back to the original source Audrey's anxious she's doing the paragraph that's before that which means is not published MS buzu mexico releases a manuscript my newspapers released karaoke so it says God calls upon all the will to come and drink of the waters of life freely the power of God is the one element of efficiency in the grant work of obtaining the victory over the world the flesh and the devil it is in accordance with the divine plan that we follow every ray of light given of God men can accomplish nothing without God and God has arranged his plans so as to accomplish nothing in the restoration of the human race without the cooperation of the human with the divine the the part man is required to sustain is immeasurable in retro bleep small yet in the plan of God it is just that part that is needed to make the working success so and then she says we are laborers together with God anybody well there's a quote it's in my character in a second my character and personality page seven 56.3 and it's and I think it ties in with what we're saying here and it has both the words facilities and divine in it does human agencies are the hands of heavenly instrumentalities or heavily angels employ human hands in practical ministry human agencies as hand helpers are to work out the knowledge and use of the facilities of heavenly beings by uniting with these powers that are omnipotent we are benefited by their higher education and experience thus we become partakers of the divine nature and separate selves from our lives special talents for helping one another are granted us this is heavens way of administering saving power coming back to the context of this passage what I want to say is if I read again that's this one sentence the cooperation of the human world and endeavor with divine energy and it sounds to me that the human will is not enough because I need to do some endeavor with not my own energy but with God's energy or divine energy and if I read the next quote on the next side it tells us the expulsion of sin is the act of the soul itself and the power it's the following page to first port and then it says true we have no power to free ourselves from Satan's control but God and then my words now that God gives us this power and this somehow lines up with what you read is the that's the facility all this extra how you say that this this is what if we use this power God gave us combined with our choice not to sin this is what makes us what's endeavor whose endeavor is this you also got I think it's mine aah it sounded like you said it was God's no it's it's mine endeavor but it's not in my strength because the next port clearly says true we have no power to free ourselves from Satan's control so I have I have the the will not to do something what to do something but then I have to act like that but I just can say you guys say I'm gonna choose not to look like a woman but my eyes will do it no because in that if I have chosen not to do it that's where the next but the next part says it as well but when we decide to be set free from sin that's my choice and in our great needs cry out for a power out of and above ourselves the powers of the soul are imbued with the divine energy of the Holy Spirit and they obey the dictates of the will in fulfilling the will of God okay so I'm gonna come back you choose not to look at a woman with your eyes a veil weren't they obeyed you're saying they won't obey no if I choose not to your own endeavor you choose up myself to turn you out of it if I choose not the other end they don't do it yeah okay without divine assistance I would think brother Richard thinking uh as far as the the work that's being done I know on the lives we have the work and it's not coming something have we identified some other kind of thing as the work I didn't afar from nine eleven on Dan according to Zika 37 through data prior to 911 you then you're alive at nine eleven and as because we're discussing II can't meet it you can't do anything as a date man so nine eleven when you eat this book or you begin to grow or mature all all of those things are all right nine eleven so I would think that he this facility as brother Tyler was saying is the divine energy it's coming to you at nine eleven and goddess he's done the work for us I mean it wasn't not gonna work for us but we've eaten it and now we said I will on his side and now we we accomplished the very thing we reacts for by putting out with on the his side he accomplishes those things and a few converts us Oh Jonathan what you gave you a bit of time to think is the endeavor you or is he endeavored God I don't think God is endeavoring it okay so you're willing to do something and the endeavor is when you put your win into action I think the structure of this paragraph in my mind kind of says what it is if we're going back to the facilities if you look at every sentence in this paragraph and even in the last paragraph where it's just one sentence is about a cool wavering thing first sentences we're Labour's together next sentence is the cooperation next sentence is the Apostle says we're Labour's together question mark sentences manage to work with the facilities next one next sentence is work out your own salvation with fear and trembling I'm going to combine that with the next one where does God which worketh in you both to will into a physical pleasure so there's a cold a rain there and in the very last paragraph when the will is placed on the Lord's side so there's a human effort and a divine you know help there so I think I think all the other sentences around it kind of show what it is it's just another elaboration of of that kool-aid ring that we don't have the paragraph before it but they can remember what sister Tammy no rent it seemed to just say the same thing in that paragraph before same thing the combination of the human and the divine similar think you know good morning class and how brought the point across that it was the father who gave the power to the son therefore it is the power is not a man that it's of God that divine energy I don't know were you asking brother Jonathan Byrd I'm answering that that it comes from God that power I will ask him about powers asking about endeavor okay who is endeavoring these it is merging every holiday to disagree yeah I know you still disagree it was brother Jonathan he says the faculty is God he said the work is man which is the threefold I'm gonna say the threefold it's just all I'll say one fold it's the will you might not like it when I feel free not you the person might not like doing it so the threefold act the threefold part of him isn't engaged in this the will says you will do what you're told even if you don't like it that's why I said three is mine but it's the will that's doing this thing Jonathan what is it doing that's where we we need to get to once we've realized what the divine if we skip the divine energy is the facilities which makes it easy going that's isn't that what the point is whenever whatever this man's endeavour is now he's now he's gonna have it easy yes Tyler the thing that that threw me off in the in the beginning was I think I was reading facilities and I was I was superimposing faculties in there as well but another thing that confuses me I think you can what I think you can when we looked at those definitions all these definitions seem to fit if faculties even an even Webster's dictionary which is you know contemporary to know you can't have that definition in there okay carry on that's right then I guess it's kind of contextual what I was going to say is the plurality of it is a little bit confusing as well because divine energy kind of just seems like a singular thing but it's suggesting here that there's a number of different facilities that the Lord gives you somehow through this divine energy that you know is availed you to something and that's that I still don't understand that the plural part of it and so that's why I was thinking initially that okay nature's different parts of the nature let's reason spread frosty quakes I was trying to print this but I didn't get enough time to do this this is CCH one three two paragraph two CCH one three two by the grace of Christ your you can gain the victory over self and selfishness as you live his life showing self-sacrifice at every step constantly revealed in revealing a stronger sympathy for those in need of help you will gain victory after victory day by day you will learn better how to conquer self and how to strengthen your weak points of character the Lord Jesus will be your light your strength your crown of rejoicing because you yield your will to his will anybody want to make some comment on that Richie staying just a fun sanctification process of growing yes that's how I understand that by the grace of Christ you can gain the victory over self than selfishness so that's we've spoken about this power that you can gain the victory over that as you live his life showing self-sacrifice at every step so that must mean at the first step so you're at 9:11 yet the first step you're showing self-sacrifice which is victory over self and selfishness is that was you is that how you agreed that you've got victory over self and selfishness at the very beginning constantly revealing a stronger sympathy for those in need of help so she's going to take you from a very beginning that you've got the victory but now she's going to start introducing this idea of steps and as you go through these steps she's going to have this which she says here's stronger or an increase or some improvement so constantly rebuilding a stronger sympathy for those in need of help you will gain victory after victory so every time that conflict happens you're always victorious day by day you will learn better how to conquer self and how to strengthen your weak points of character how do you understand that in the sense that you're never fading anyway you've got victory after victory you've vanquished self and selfishness but then it says day by day you will learn better how to conquer self and how to strengthen your weak points of character is that when you say that when you in your will to garden you may not want to it's not something that you may like what they buy they are you God gives you it's a gradual process of him changing that dislike to like so as you go strength to strength to strength not by failing but by him giving more information about whatever it is that he's asking you to do you're learning more about yourself so you're learning and becoming more comfortable with the choice that you have made and the app that you are doing Richard yeah I look at it uh in a sense of as you become more experienced who do things more efficient so to speak let's say like playing sports or that or whatever at the beginning you may be able to be able to defeat an opponent you know and but it may take you a long time but you're still victorious but as you know ten years later they're so much more efficient that you the future opponent much quicker you know sometimes the game to five instead of taking twenty five minutes takes you two minutes that's how I look at this is you're you're victorious but you're learning how to navigate you see an enemy's temptations quicker you know or you you're able to resist them I have experience in this so now I know even though I defeated him before he's not even gonna get that far you know and into my head so that that's how I'm kind of looking at it just experience and becoming more efficient things like that that stood out to myself yep how does it try that I'm agreeing with what I'm hearing another folks saying that you know if you have weak points in your character if you know it's where the words are weak but as you as you go along this this week doesn't that just means also the place this tapes going to attack you more I mean you have other part to your character that maybe you're not weaken and he's not gonna be able to do anything there but it's where your week is where he's going to try to gain entrance and once you know where your weak points are you know how to you know where he's going to be lurking and you end your you're on your high guards and after a time those weak points end up knocking weak points anymore then they're becoming strengthened I see the weak points end up not being weak anymore over time Tyler would this be at least a can it didn't have to be the exact same thing but akin to the deepening of the affections that we've talked about this morning and that as you go your your affections are shallow but as they go as you go forward through this process it gets deeper through tests and trial so taking that concept kind of I think it's pretty much the same thing as what Richard is saying except in a slightly different way day by day as you're doing this thing you're you know your utility belt like I say that way your your ability gets it's better to do these things not that it was ever imperfect but it was just better I don't know mature I think is the best way to say or Never that's right one victory it is positive essential for both to gain the victory over the stubborn will in this struggle you can conquer only by the aid of Christ and then she goes in the talk if one of the one of them brought up the idea but what made me think of it but one of the beautiful things I learned in this class that this the weak point of character we identify that so often as sin and we make the fact that we've because we struggled only even you know how to battle you know we call this in and that's not that's not true because you're having victories how can it be sin you know so that that helps me see that you know that the sin isn't something that's you know when these temptations rather cuz that's what we go through cuz you're you living his life so it's not sin but these temptations that we battle with it they're not sin and we often put it yes soon anywhere else you went to 70 49.1 which is the same passage one victory is positively essential for you both to gain the victory over the stubborn will in this struggle you can conquer only by the aid of Christ you may struggle hard and long to subdue self but you will fail unless she receives strength from on high by the grace of Christ you can gain the victory over self and selfishness as you live his life showing self-sacrifice at every step you constantly yourself constantly revealing a stronger sympathy for those in need of you and he goes on we've already read that if you've got any fun maybe how do you see this the front end to this passage sister on Tanisha you haven't committed for a bit be very in front of you I don't have a 70 you able to pull it up 70 49 point 1 49 first sentence first two sentences one victory the other one before by the grace is that the opening sentence one victories it is positively essential for you both to gain the victory over the stubborn will in this struggle you can conquer only by the aid of Christ how do you read those passages most of two sects first two sentences well the first generation that comes to my mind is that the will seems to have two faces one stubborn and the other is in conformity to what we have been going through and I believe it's based on the information understanding that we have been having relative to the conscience being stared so I think the stubborn really synonymous with the branding of the Antichrist and the different manifestations that are made the only way to overcome is through through divine help how does that work that divine help if it's the only way to overcome well if that which makes it stubborn is the infamous is the information then that which will remedy the defect will be information right information the reason why I'm asking this question is if you just took this passage on its own what would it be saying is rather vain you you of yourself have no power to do anything with God does not up for you so it's taking away the power of choice and saying God has to do everything is everybody see that yeah so you can see that this passage here is in stark contrast to the steps to Christ passage that we've read where it says the will is the governing force and we've all yet read a couple of passages that address this issue about our human effort and the ability of the will to do you know what you want to desiring they're not choosing to do so how do we read something like this how would it sister an Tanisha express this as was what's the key point that he picked up on this she talks about the stubbornness stubborn how can be willing to give my will to Christ what kind of realist Beth you saying how do you start the process this sounds to me like I have two wheels the one side of the will to surrender myself to Christ on the other side of this stubborn will which I have to surrender mm but I can't remember the other passages we read through the trimester they were saying something like we have to desire to surrender I have something like that in my mind sounds to me like we have say if we've got two wheels if we go to bat threefold nature you've already got one wheel so what would this will that this is stubborn will be referring to sorry I think it's the lower powers when the lower powers have taken the ascendancy they're controlling your being and even though you know that you should be doing this thing because it's right it's healthy it's common sense still your lower powers say it doesn't matter what's right and what's wrong doesn't matter what's good or what's bad I think if you could think like that and it can I think we should be doing this thing and if you're married it makes no sense to commit adultery the consequences are crazy and yet even Pete even people who know it's all wrong can't see any benefit in it end up doing this thing why would they do such a silly thing when they know it's it's gonna be harmful they're gonna get found out everybody everybody always gets found out at the end some time or another and the consequence is the bad that we all know that why would we do that because we're stubborn and I'm suggesting it's because the lower powers have taken control and they're just running the show and they don't care about consequences just a case that is really like you can read it as you can do the right thing for the wrong reason which for me is you do the right thing selfishly so you're not committing sin you're just not doing it I don't think she's saying but you're gaining victory over sin how you reading that in context over the victory over the stubborn will see the very first sentence one victory is positively central for you to vote to gain the victory over the stubborn will in this struggle you can conquer only by the aid of Christ so to overcome the stubborn will you have no ability to do it in and of yourself Christ is the only one that can help you to overcome this stubborn will because your Lord Jesus will be your light your strength your crown of rejoicing because you yield your will to his will so there's a union there of divinity of humanity known as you go to power you miss a paragraph paragraph three that she says that Christ died that the life and man might be bound up with his life in the union of divinity and humanity he came to our world and lived a divine human life in order that the lives of men and women might be as harmonious as God designed them to be I'm asking you how you understand the first sentence that's what a stubborn Willie's won victories posted essentially you vote to gain the victory over the stubborn will so you're saying you're still doing what's right but you're not enjoying doing it so how you reading that I think in context and it talks about it addresses the world she's addressing his brother and asking why he hasn't converted the regeneration of the Spirit of God is needed in your heart that you may become a new man in Christ Jesus not another man but this renewed the spirit of God does not create new facilities new faculties in the converted man but works a decided change in the employment of those faculties when the mind and heart and soul are changed man is not given a new conscience but his will is submitted to a conscience renewed the conscience the informants sensibilities are aroused by the working of the Holy Spirit we hope that the work of the Holy Spirit will not be regarded and differently by you and no change be made in your individual experience provision and the conclusion of that is that the conscience sensibilities are aroused by the working of the Holy Spirit untamed will may be a consequence of the conscience being seared by the Antichrist creating dormant sensibilities looking for summary I'll give you come up with a summary of that it's a nice passage from Jonathan from what I understood so far throughout the trimester is that some things are messed up in the nature of man but we still have the ability to the power of our will to live a righteous life is that correct yes when I read now this statement or if we say now that the stubborn will is our lower passions then I don't get what we learned the last because this tells us now we cannot control our lower professions all with with my personal word with with my personal strength it only works through the with the aid of Christ in translation you guys some explanation of it oh okay the understanding that has come from the trimester is that or conscience the will is a part of the morals and while functionally it hasn't been marred through the fall it's it's corrupted through not corrupted the information that it has received has rendered it yes puts the whole thing out of whack well once the information we receive is current once we the brand of Antichrist is removed or will will operate in the in the divine in the divine direction so to speak so this understanding it does not contradict what we have been learning on a trimester it actually confirms it if you bear in mind with where the morals is where the will is and the searing of the conscience the seared quadrants yep anyone else Jonathan he's not happy nope we might struggle hard and long to sub-sub yourself but you will fail unless you receive strength from one hi this tells me that my stubborn will we said it's the lower passions of the lower passions are ruling that the sinful nature but if I still I understand the thing with the will but here it tells me it doesn't I don't want it I don't want to sound silly but it tells me without aid from above it's not possible to be successful two successive successfully subdued the lower passions Richard I think that divine help is the information I think the design help is the correct information but I still think is God doing something making you do anything what isn't that the consensus that we are called to that the human being has to exercise the power of the will in choosing and then it is by God's mysterious working that the heart becomes changed so it's a combination of the human and divine but you cannot change your heart so therefore you will never have true success with you know in your own strength to say but once you choose to do what God says there to do then God steps in not only truth but you up undoing what God said that year to do God steps in and changes the heart and it changes changing the heart he changes the entire focus of are the entire direction of that one about the targa sister Tamina so if you I think what she does for the next couple sentences that she's gonna go minute they move my thing so I but anyway I think I can talk through it so she's gonna make a good case to the meeting you can come back here so she's gonna make a others okay she's gonna make she's gonna do a repeat and large just rephrase what she's saying a couple different times and she's gonna equate the couple sentences down she's going to equate this stubborn stubborn well to self and selfishness and so what I would say is that like what's astrology is kind of saying is that you can't I can choose not to do the wrong thing always you know and you're required to do that even but my part will never be in it if without divine divine aid I can I can do all the right things but I'm just a whitewashed up liquor and I'm never really subdued self or selfishness all I'm stood doing is just the action you know that I'm gonna choose to do the right option but I still full of selfishness because I have got motives I'm pride I have all the you know the wickedness of the heart but I'm just doing the right thing and that's only that's only half the battle or part of the battle and so it takes this this in the context of the disgrace it takes this grace or divine energy to actually mend my heart and to make itself really die in Christ or to or the the selfishness to take that selfish motive out on me the very first sentence here and rereading it says one victor it is positive censure for you both to gain the victory over stubborn will so when it says it both I mean it's obviously has to be I mean God wants to have the victory over our stubbornness to we need to have the picture of our stubbornness and so I see right there that they yoking up together the husband I'm sorry I forgot yeah sorry about the victory over stubborn well that's the victory we were to gain and then later on she says by the grace of Christ you can gain the victory over selves and selfishness and then the next sentence says as you would live his life showing self-sacrifice at every step constantly revealing the strongest sympathy with those in need of health you will gain victory of the victory so we have to get victory over ours stubborn will and it seems to me like that helping other other people or having this how does she say sympathy for them for those in need what actually is a part of helping get you to the gain victory and never minded me all when I went once and Ellen White's writings Bible commentary where she comments on Revelation 12 verse 1 and she says the secret of overcoming sin that's the title and then she said we become over commerce by helping others to overcome that's that's just something that when you throw out probably Jonathan what do you want me to say the right answer hmm the right answer the right answer for what question what all this is about he said he doesn't seem to be be in agreement with what we've said what Richard said right after I gave my my thoughts that sounded good that the divine help is correct information but then it would be nice to see how do you prove that versus I think when you put on the line by what says his axe axe for the rain in the time of the latter rain so that that's what that's to help God has given us a stone that's a little book that's the information we need us that's this message this message is designed to convert us sillas changes into the image of Christ that's the point of the reformed lines that's why I say that that's the information to bring this further down the road is how does this would mean that like you always say say the lines our salvation oh and all that stuff so this would mean that those lines make it easy for us to overcome sin and yes and it says that it was impossible before here the sins of the father okay how because that's that's my Adventist mind is not speaking because there's no other way which I may may be safe but doing this message I get that logic honor honor on a prophetic application are we talking prophetically say prophetically you understand that how it works I understand it prophetically understand the lines that they overcome that they help us to to see the sins of our fathers to get that second Peter 1:19 the Bible says that the Lord visited sins of the fathers of only children and I'm not talking know about prophetically most of these things that we practice where are they from they are inherited and on top of that cultivate others what those cultivated tendencies a lot of times comes from your family Alba grown so therefore it is the same thing it is taking the line the principles that are laid on that line and applying that same line to the month that's what God has given in that design for so therefore if you are a thief you should know why you are a thief oh this is a sin that has been handed down that's information that's what the line does it gives you knowledge and it gives you the understanding none of us know should remain captive to sin that is what God is saying us he has given us the ability to analyze take all certain or defects to him and yield all will to him same it's not in you yes by practice but you can choose not to do that's what the line teaching we are not about your why you were why you are the way you are and you take it to God and you choose not to be that way and God steps in I'm changing the money I've done it I'll defer to the quote that says it doesn't matter how it just happens the one we read I think yesterday was they actually we don't need to know the methodology or the method to it it's just these things our salvation alone these things changed I've heard the exact question but what we see Dennis example yeah this stubborn will in the first sentence in the next sentence is called what 70 forty nine point one is what sister Schmidlapp so and what itself selfies selfishness this is heart just lower corrupt nature sorry no did she when she talked about the stubborn will this is not that this is not the moral will that we've been discussing this is self selfishness then in the next one she's only fine it it's self and selfishness so you've got self selfishness that's what that stubborn will is and it cannot be changed without divine intervention but this is not the will power which is the governing force in the human being oh I ain't for example you cannot change the attitude away I hate my wife wife but my real tells me that I hate my sister's so let's say my heart tells me I hate my sister or my brother I don't have a brother so I hate my brother and but my will tells me to love it so I I start loving him but my but I cannot change my heart that always tells me I hate him yes so we've told that right from the beginning you can't change your heart only God can do that and he'll only do that which is this divine energy that we've disposes about once you make the first step and I think which statement did we say that it was a little teeny step was that your 100 your 1 it was your 1 our part is it was your wife but it's essential because our part is just saying ok I'll do what's right but the huge part is changing the nature changing that lower passion we don't have the ability to do that big work but without the small part it never will happen just read that small bit movies small yet in the plan of God is just that part of this needed to make the workers success since that is that smoke pot will stir this passage that will read from my character and personality it's the paragraph that's before that they don't have the ability to not be unkind to have that unkindness is an emotion that you feel you don't have the ability to have the opposite of all kinds which would be kindness only God can give you that if you do everything that's right you practice and put yourself in an environment where you will practice being kind but those feelings and emotions are in alignment with your actions the only person that can change those feelings and emotions is God you can't do that you can't say if I I'm nice a hundred times I'll get used to it and I'll start being a nice person you can go through the action of being nice but you can't end your kind that's probably go - you can't be a quiet person in your feelings or your thoughts only God can make that changing you my thoughts then went to between our heart being made unkind and and that person is just acting because God hasn't changed their heart and what do you make it is saying to change I'm saying it happens it's it's it's happens right now you can be peaceably with your brother and sister today he has the power and the ability and he offers acting you to subdue your heart now not tomorrow and many of us don't put that into practice mostly because we don't believe him often because we're not taught that it's a reality for and we are we say well it just can't happen you know we get off our nation quickly when you ask God to subdue your heart and you can change it heart often we just say the words and get up we should never come off of our knees until we know that our prayers have been answered from that time Heavenly Father in our study of our own humanity in your divinity we see Lord that there are many passages which at first sight are not as straightforward and simple as we might want them to be help us Lord to follow a methodology that you have given to us to start off with the easy passages and help and use them to help us to understand the more complex passages well as we grapple with these truths may we never stop desiring to learn and to study so that we might have the assurance that salvation is offered to us freely that even though we have an infant s only small part to act in our own salvation without that part the whole machinery the whole process of salvation just grinds to a halt be with us and bless us we pray in Jesus his name I mean