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we've got three classes left together today tomorrow and Tuesday if there's any points that we've discussed in class the people want me to just cut to the chase they want me to clarify or explain let's do that in class so you I can you either can write me a note text me the question and I'll do that or you can just put your hands up and we'll do it on the fly so please avail yourselves of that because I know there are some times that we haven't made conclusions in the way that people would have liked me to have made and some people get frustrated by that and I understand that frustration but for me coming together and studying is more about the journey than the arrival point they even if you never really got anywhere I think there's great benefit in just coming together and opening the word and enjoy my time together but I know that not everybody thinks the same and some people want a conclusion or not to be left hanging so if you feel that way please ask IVA write me a note as I say and I'll try and do that but only on stuff that we've discussed not on new stuff because we wouldn't have time to do that just a clarification I guess that's what I'm asking for so then really have any questions look okay so let's sir Karen read Nashik we read steps to Christ hopefully that was relatively straightforward for each of us and as I review the material that I wanted to share this still so many things I want us to put into place and I know we won't be able to there is one point before we read so you've seen that I've studiously tried to avoid bringing the human body into our discussions and it's frustrated people no end and if he's frustrated you because people want to insist that the body makes a big difference our human frame makes a difference in how we approach this subject and I believe that it doesn't it hasn't it has a bearing upon it but it doesn't make it's not a huge issue or at least not as big as we make it to be so does anybody have any problems with that any questions so persuaded everybody say it's only those online people that caused this trouble everyone here is ok with that yeah ok Ministry of healing page 180 paragraph 2 is chapter 11 the working for the working for the intemperate mh1 80.2 Christ lived a life of perfect obedience to God's law and in this he set an example for every human being the life that he lived in this world we are to live through his power and under his instruction in our work for the fallen the claims of the law of God and the need of loyalty to him are to be impressed on mind and heart never fail to show that there is a marked difference between the one who serves God and the one who serves him not God is love but he cannot excuse willful disregard of his commands the enactments of his government are such that men do not escape the consequences of disloyalty only those who honor him can he honor man's conduct in this world decides his eternal destiny as he has sown so he must reap cause we'll follow sir a course will be followed by effect nothing less than perfect obedience can meet the standard of God's requirements he has not left his requirements indefinite he is enjoined nothing that is not necessary in order to bring man into harmony with him we are to be we are to point sinners to his ideal of character and to lead them to Christ by whose grace only can this ideal be reached the Savior took upon himself the infirmities of humanity and lived a sinless life that men might have no fear that because of the weakness of human nature they could not overcome Christ came to make us partakers of the divine nature and his life declares that humanity combined with divinity does not commit sin so before we just go back in to make some comments anybody want to say anything that stood out for them sister Cathy the life that he lived in this world we are to lived through his power under his instruction and we have to point sinners to his ideal of character and to lead them to Christ by whose grace only this ideal be reached so and there you asked us to look at grace and we won't have time but what have we done so far about grace what have we said grace is twofold work the first part of grace is what right before you before you ever have that ability before you do anything like that what's the first work of grace clear they're dead to me that's the that's what people struggle the most with you know we might talk about know everyone's doing sin and they really seem to have any power to overcome but I think the reason many of us struggle is because we don't believe the first part of grace and don't know if it's a hang-up that Christians have because most evangelicals live really free and easy lives because they seem to have got this at least part of this issue correct that everything in the past has been wiped clean and it seems to me we still live in the past and we live in the past for ourselves and we live in the past for other people what would I mean by that we live in the past for ourselves in other people with judge people by their pasts and we all say doubt free ourselves from our own past as well how many times you've been in a conversation wherever you have done this or someone else has done it especially if it happens a lot in families something happens in you get irritated and you shoot some loose words off and then just to sort of round it off so the I smell a cake you dredge up something from five years ago ten years ago just totally unrelated to the subject but you just want to add that in yeah so if you're doing that if you do things like that you don't believe in grace I mean it's if you think about the definition of grace he's wiping that pass today you don't believe in grace because we know that we're going to be forgiven to what degree as we forgive others only to the degree that we with the we forgive others will we be forgiven so if you still hold history and you're willing to bring it up to dress it out of your memory banks on something that's unrelated even if it's related it really doesn't matter then you know that you're not under grace period so I think that's what the biggest problem that we actually confront dealing with grace but we all talk about we don't have power to overcome sin I think and I think the reason for that is we stumble at the first hurdle we still hold on to our baggage I think we enjoy the knowledge of your broken promises and for 50 pledges weakens your confidence in your own sincerity causes you to feel that God cannot accept you you know what I've noticed is if you actually lived under grace this first part of grace what kind of person would people call you the word comes to my mind he's weak they call you a weak person or pushover don't stand up for your rights don't defend yourself I don't know if people have disagreed then it's the only buddy agree you tell me why that's correct why brother Bob because if you're actually living under grace then no matter what anybody does it would be previously offensive to you you would you would just you as just let it pass you you're not gonna hold it against them you're gonna forgive people whenever they do anything to you and and for that reason people are gonna look at you and think that you're not standing up for yourself because in humanity we want to exalt self we want to defend ourselves and when someone isn't defending themselves that's why they would look like a pushover but I think that's the strength of Christianity and it's mistaken today even with Christ that he wasn't mean she said it was not the Jews never thought it commendable it's an insult and we crave to be like Moses we claim to be we could only be meek like him but we don't we will want to defend our right brother Tyler so what's the remedy you forget the past we're gonna let go of that anybody that's right yeah so it's great but I had to get his asking how do you go about doing it I think it is that simple you choose to do it what you need to understand is the true/false or dual you actually make a decision the slightly choice to do that but the problem is most of us don't actually believe that we live in a world that some kind of hybrid we're not fully Christ and we're not really the world and we've made up our own religion that's what our biggest problem is when it comes to this issue about grace virtually the purse first part in grace how do you choose you do you do it all the time you're choosing now you made a choice to speak you're making the choice now to smile we live we're immersed in choices except when it comes to this issue here about Christianity and then we say how do you actually make choices as it work it's it's interesting that people separate religion from reality okay paragraph two the first one Christ lived a life of perfect obedience to God's law how did he do that how does he live this perfect life it's a two-fold thing because he made the choice and he relied on the divine powers his heavenly father gave him to walk that walk so did he have any divine power in and of himself he had to be going to power in and of himself he didn't say hey David why he was he was tempted beyond any man okay so what's the last paragraph last sentence he says his life declares that humanity combined with divinity does not commit sin so everything so everything that Jesus does all those supernatural things was all that with the father's strength or was it his own strength his own divine strength what's that you'd lost me day so the power that he had it wasn't his own okay he didn't exercise his own power was the abilities that were you saying okay I would say he did have divine paladin he's oh he did that he didn't exercise him it I said yeah so everything that he's exercising is his father's power yes yeah mr. Levin you disagreed I think I heard you saying like that I saw you saying that did you agree okay my misunderstood is everybody okay with that why is that so necessary to accept and believe that because many people don't believe that well you have the wrong understanding of Christ and the power that he used then you set him in a place where he's different than didn't and we are in the sense that we don't have the same tools or availability he's proved that the same insane power that he asked for from his Heavenly Father we have access to and that's where the big brother comes with with people order understanding this issue I think so you just said he proved what did he just 180 proof he proved that in by taking man's fallen nature and using only the power that his Heavenly Father did he asked for from his heavenly father was given that he could live a life and and make choices and by that divine power that he got for his father to not sin was he the only person who ever proved that no was he the first person to prove it we're not sure know I but let me afraid my question was he the first person to prove that a sinless for a sinful human being can live without sin no I mean there's a few names but there's many names that we haven't even heard of but we could pick up at least five maybe ten names we brainstormed it that actually already proved this point before learn to walk the right way okay so he started he does it from birth and all the other men did it at some point in their lives is that the difference next question John was born full of the holy spirit so did he ditch the Holy Spirit at some time he's like so people that when you ask these questions people say we have no evidence for it we don't know so how do we deal with that that's right dory we put that like using that kind of phraseology but if it's not there it's not there we have to take and I say if the Lord don't wait he says he was born of the Holy Spirit he was one full of the Holy Spirit sister teri concern you that's why I asked your questions of two stoic did you agree with any of this you have you must have some input on this that's right yeah I'm right which one are you using for us which mind are you gonna use that it says over there the beginning which paragraph are we in five okay last one yeah it says that Christ took human nature and then it says the last one we read as he declares the humanity combined with divinity does not commit sin what I understood so far is that we as human beings have the strength in our staff of the will force to overcome sin our own strength okay so now here's now what Ellen White says is the humanity combined with divinity cannot commit sin so they start another step not contradictory anyone and if not what is the divinity part okay we should we should we should we've only done this so we should know the answer to this it's on the board about this work someone else sister Kathy the question is in our own human strength willpower we can stop doing bad things so what does it mean humanity and divinity combined is not seen okay you okay with that in the little book that's what the biotene Assis question anyone else dude sorry that sounds to me like that the holy spirit just helps us to enjoy what we don't like but you make that sound like a minor thing hmm yeah but just because we don't like something doesn't mean that we sin right this sounds to me just a combination between humanity and divinity just this combination means we are sin we don't commit sin that's how I mister do is that we overcome sin without so what's your definition of committing sin like you don't steal something it doesn't matter why you don't steal don't let you don't want to factor in the motivation behind the action so if we all went to heaven and half of us who are there don't actually like each other but we want to get to heaven because we think it's going to be a good place so down here we're all behaving nicely you're respectful we're all good what do we do when we get to heaven when we've arrived and down here we've been pretending to like each other we've been keeping the law outwardly but we're not actually happy about it what we're gonna do when we get there so the wrong motivation it's already sinned above Jesus says without him you can do nothing through him all things are possible and my understanding is you all the week half the part we have to play is to make the choice to do the right things and and God's divine power His grace is what comes in after we make that choice to give us give us a joy give us the right motive for doing what we're doing so I see that that paragraph here what where it starts out talking about the infirmities of human nature and lived a sinless life it's not denying the fact that that he wasn't relying on divine power all along the way you can't separate it I don't think that that I mean God designed man from the beginning to be a habitation for his spirit and without his spirit and everything we try to do on our own is his worthless Cathy oh when you're born from above what does that mean you need to speak not exciting it's gonna get picked up on the mics so when you're born again you actually are born of the will of God so to answer your question directly if you're going to combine humanity and divinity the human part goes through all the mechanics the divinity part is gives you the ability to enjoy going through the mechanics and I think that's what the divine component is depends how you're going to define sin if you're going to define sin as paying the bills at home then everyone can pass no one's committing sin but if you're going to define sin as taking care of your wife and giving her pleasure and making her happy then many of us fail that test so then actually the the motivation behind my choices defines weirwood motivation be found in a human being in the mind the will or the heart I would suggest it's in the heart so the emotions that drive you to do something and that's where God looks he looks at your heart he looks at the heart and he says what's in that heart he doesn't look at your fingers and your hands your behavior because if that were the case then a marathon runner if we were going to just be you know big silly about it and say if you get to heaven depend on point your lifestyle choices that was a marker because many Adventists belief that it is then marathon runners will be able to get into heaven because they live clean healthy lives they followed the all the remedies and whatever they live and practice a healthy life so they could get into heaven if that was reason but what's their motivation they're not righteous motivations they're to get a medal or to be fatal to be healthy and they just enjoy it it's not for service and I think many of us fall foul on this whole issue about health reform because most people most Adventists I know they do health reform so they don't get arthritis or get heart disease because what we've done is we've changed the medical missionary work which was at all to go to the world to induce them to become to come into God's house we use that same methodology in the same mindset to actually encourage ourselves to do the same because we're just like the world health reform as we're supposed to practice it so that we could become healthy and to do a full day's work in the vineyard it's not for some kind of personal benefit so that we can live a few years longer and stop getting arthritis for our own selves it all becomes self-centered so I think that's what this is talking about it's not that actually it's not the action it's the motivation before we read on before we read this one let's go to let me read something to you like a little little break this is review and Herald May 5th 1896 review and Herald May 5th 1896 paragraph 5 June Herald May 5th 1896 paragraph 5 so before we read this let me ask the question Oh review and Herald May 5th 1896 paragraph 5 we're all hopefully wanting to be part of the hundred forty four thousand we all believe that we're in the time period where this group is going to be created that we have the potential for being part of that number so what is the purpose of the hundred forty four thousand if I said the hundred forty four thousand they put if I put an equal which would be description of what is what are they what are they about what's the purpose of them what our understanding of the 144,000 sorry they're the firstfruits they reflect the character of Christ perfectly so I just put reflect and you said the firstfruits so I guess those fruits depend on scale sister to meter yeah yeah cuz you've got lots of firstfruits it depends upon the scale so if you just to say first fruits are Levites first fruits so Levites are first fruits yeah so at least some of those Levites will die so if some of the Levites will die and their first fruits they're not part of 144,000 so there's nothing special about 144,000 if we're going to define them by first fruits it's nothing unique because other people have been first fruits before if you a to the people that were resurrected at Christ's resurrection they were firstfruits as well so I'm not sure if that's a good definition of what the 144,000 are so we'll go with this one reflect the character of Christ you said didn't he not do that so that's nothing special as well then sorry the ensign okay so what does the ensign mean okay so it's the lifting up of a war banner the ER okay so I'm going to suggest an enzyme which is a lifting up of a war banner if I took just the war banner out and just went with this concept for lifting up that it's what the first-fruit is really and again if the ensign we don't teach it we teach it in a more sophisticated way now Sunday law 9-11 close of probation this is the close of probation for Adventism and this is the close of probation for the world that's how we used to teach it while back yeah and what would we mark here that's happening you say this is the ensign that's being lifted up because now what we're going to be doing the church triumphant is they're going to go to war against the world this would be Jericho you could conceptualize it that way so if that were the case we know that many of those Adventists are going to die who are going to be lifted up here they're not all going to survive this history here only the under 44,000 will be so again and then sign isn't peculiar to 144,000 rather Larry that's that one there the outfall okay okay so they don't die prophet John Stein what experience is that they have a special song okay so is this song really special you just said it was it's a no one else can sing it's the especially what's it what is what song is this called so it can't be a skosh you because roses have got the same song you said it was you said no one else could sing it but someone else saw it sung it cuz it was Moses his song that's what you Brits MOTC song they sealed so no one else has been sealed before the answer comes to me when I think of 144,000 is is if you look at humanity and I know that Christ came after 4000 years but here you were looking at the very last generation of people on the planet the weakest generation and to me God's proving to the whole universe that he can take that weakest generation and he can bring them to the complete perfection of Christ you know to be citizens of heaven with 144,000 which would represent that he could do the same for all the others who who who are on that that perfect path who are who are gonna end up in the grave so you're still going to on this one that's what that is the reflective character perfectly and you say in another 2,000 years of genetic damage makes the difference if I can say it in a really straightforward harsh way it seems that it seems that's what you've said four thousand years you know that was good but let's add another 2,000 years of damage and then we'll do it again to really make sure that it all works because I would suggest if God could do it right here at genesis 3:15 it was already done and dusted you don't you don't need 6,000 years of genetic damage to prove the point that was proven in the Garden of Eden because if that were the case this gospel would be different to the gospel that we have at the end of the world if it's the same gospel it means the netic damage makes no difference to the issue because I would suggest here if he had any genetic damage it was minimal and so all the men that have done it since then don't make any don't don't add value to that anyone else Robin nathan is that faultless for God during a time without an intercessor okay no intercessor okay so we'll go with no intercessor so if you're a Hebrew 4,000 years ago no 3,000 years ago dunno on the day of atonement on 1037 month it do you have to stand without an intercessor you don't you have it you have a happy and what's he doing or the Day of Atonement then why isn't God gonna intercede with us of the Day of Atonement now all he is so when he comes out of the sanctuary same day and puts his hand upon the scapegoat same day you have an intercessor okay but it's the same day remember so aren't thousands of Jews experiencing this every year for a long long time and this was saying that was fake not real because sixteen it first gives you the hold for the priests this scene for his hosts when Tom's old his horse is standing before God without an intercessor okay so anybody else got any thoughts about what so special about 144,000 you know that didn't he Daniel John the Baptist Jonathan when did I know that at the sixth place seventh Pleiades sister Sarah are you hi Jonah it's what we what was said okay it's a bit late by then isn't it it's a bit like oh she just agreed with you and anyone else got any thoughts revelation 14:7 yeah says what you take seven sorry that's mineral rights again they say what the millerite say yeah that's not unique so what we just learned not so special I mean white that surprise to us so we put mother pedestal what does that mean you're standing upon you must be treading down somebody listen yeah I mean don't we teach line upon line and what are each of those lights teaching us about brothers Jason you just bring my myung-bak go somewhere somewhere the tree offices priests Church so I'm looking at the aunt Joanne $44,000 tree characteristic I don't know okay but Samuel already had that so so brother Luke I was just gonna mention the don't they get a special place in heaven they get into where no one else yeah they get into heaven so someone mentioned that I think I mean that's their reward but I'm asking what's so special about that I want to suggest there's nothing special about them because if there were we wouldn't have a message would we is our whole message constructed on the premise that each of these reform lines these stories these parables teach us about what our own history the hundred forty-four thousand isn't that correct and so how could they teach you something if they wouldn't experiencing the same thing yeah okay so let me suggest not what's unique about them but what the point of the 144,000 is so to me in the past you've got many people who do an individual work and this individual work is often identified as a singular person like John the Baptist was how many people one person Enoch was one person Moses was one person but the hundred 44,000 if I call it the present sorry unity so I want to call it a corporate work and this theme when you when you actually go back and look at the reformed lines this is what's being taught over and over again it's not so much the issue about putting away sin so we spend a lot of time talking about in an individual sin the will power and lower nature etc and everybody sort of hunkering down and worrying about their own little sphere their own little salvation but these stories take you out of that if it was a simple to get one man and show that he doesn't sin when would that has been answered before Enoch sorry I would suggest even before evil Adam there is remember there's not there's not one shred of evidence after genesis 3:15 he ever sins again and then he son does it and then his grandson all of these so if it was the issue about an individual person being able to live a life free from sin that'll really been answered a long time ago but the problem is God doesn't want individuals who don't sin he wants a group he wants a group of people that are going to be able to go to heaven and live together and most of us aren't able to do that we all claim to desire character perfection but we don't find the ability to be able to work together and live together and who's thought is that so where's your neighbors fault because if they were nice it would all be okay wouldn't it yeah so that's what I think is the hundred forty-four thousand it that's what they're all about it's to get corporate unity that everybody's walking in unison one with another but that's not anything special because that's what's God that's what God has tried to do in all these reformed life Miller right history what was he trying to do there I gather of people together time of Christ Ephesus the one that we speak about off them we spoken about a lot is when the God's people come out of sorry when they come out of Egypt it's a corporate work they're sorry and Army and the one we talk about a lot is is Sardis was the Millerites but we can go back and use that framework over and over again and the one that he's spoken about most throughout the Bible is the Babylonian captivity do we talk about this in class this you actually looked at the Bible most of the Old Testament is focusing on what history it's on that small amount of history the Babylonian captivity and the coming out of it most of the Old Testament is all focused upon that it's a really important part of the history of God's people brother Bob I don't know if I'm speaking of this in my own humanity and my own human thinking but about 144,000 I also look at how how impossible a task it seems in our humanity that this God could ever have the gospel go to the whole world and then he's going to come and and I see I see what adventism has tried to do and how in hindsight it's been very lame and in some ways and I see the hundred and forty four thousand because they're a perfect unity and because it's corporate because they're lifted up it actually has has spawned of a hope and an understanding in my mind that God is going to wrap things up on this earth and he's going to be able to bring everyone on this planet to a decision you know and and and to finish the work this could be finished because it's God's Spirit is can be the one who finishes the work and there's a lot of there's been a lot of work that has been done in the past through God's Spirit has also been a lot of it's been done in human power and getting ahead of God is doing things in a way that God doesn't want it done and so the hundred forty four thousand represent to me God's remedy God's Way of being able to wrap things up and and on this whole planet and bring the Gospel message to the whole world or something so the disciples and the Christians there were they have to be because otherwise it's not a reformed line there have to be an example simplification of what God requires so it 144,000 are not so special why are we told to strive to be amongst them anyone okay yeah special premise tiny thing the person who will be in heaven in everyone I guess by this vlog we're using is everyone is a symbol of the 144,000 but the difference not the difference but what we see at the end it's just a corporate work but someone who is 144,000 is every single person who's ever been saved they represent that person so if you're that person then you know you're gonna be in heaven that's we keep hearing about unity but I believe that it's not just agreeing on something that unites us it's not just like I agree with everything you say and that way United I believe that there needs to be because because Christ has sanctified them if we're not sanctified by that truth there can be no unity sister white says let there be war as well something along those lines so everyone wants to sing about unity but they can only be unity if if everyone's having an experience through that truth we experience sanctification which means what to be without sin which means what to be righteous but you just using cliché phrases because the reason I'm asking that question is because it seems to me you're going to end up going down the route of morality and my part of what I'm trying to explain is that niceness is not part of the equation we should just be nice anyway because what what you what you're gonna end up funding yourself down the road that it's niceness I'm saying the unity that God wants us to have that will sanctify us is that we all agree that the 2520 is a life-and-death message and that's enough let me see let me rephrase that I'm saying it's got nothing to do with the morality but you're saying it's not just a morality I'm saying even if you added morality a moral component to it yeah you don't even have a gospel message no I'm actually not talking about morality I'm talking about what will sanctify us what truth will sanctify us the truth that just name one of them because the truth is a big subject okay so if we all believe the 2520 will be sanctified on that issue and we'd all be in unity but there's other ministries who are not on this on this in this movement who believe in the twenty five twenty twenty five twenty thirty one and they don't believe it twenty five twenty they're not believe it twenty five point where we're supposed to be intellectually and spiritually sealed so how would you define that because there's two elements there so what would you tell me what the spiritual bears legally intellectually neither twenty five twenty and be nice to one another is a spiritual bit be respectful to one another no the sanctification is the change in the lifestyle it's everything it's not just how how we are towards each other but that should be that should be very out you're right to say that we should be nice anyway before or after the twenty five twenty comes to you should you be nice before or after the twenty five one is intellectual spiritual the intellectual comes first and then you have the experience to experience as a result of that intellectual adventism before the time at the end when it was in darkness was nice yeah so our behavior to one another is not part of this gospel that we're teaching III know it shouldn't be many of us try to incorporate it you're not I'm not talking about being nice I'm saying it's more than that it should be everything in our character our conduct that's nice you just said these you're not talking about nice and you've said conduct is nice all the reforms need to be practiced that's nice is it the reformed sanctify you that's what you're saying the reforms will sanctify you it's a it's a byproduct of that of the so you'd be it's the truth that does those things that changes us from the outside but if we're not change from that I mean you can be changed on the inside but there needs to be a change on the outside as well I'm not saying that's going to save you but most of us were not being changed on the outside we're probably change where we may be nice but we're not there's a complete change I've never heard that someone who's nice on the who's being changed on the inside isn't changed on the outside that's a strange concept to me that you're what you're expressing I think many of us we just we don't understand let me read the statement to you review and Herald June 4th 1895 paragraph 7 so we haven't read this one yet June 4th 1895 paragraph 7 review and Herald I'll just read the first statement it says righteousness within is testified to by righteousness without and you just said the opposite so you said the opposite to that whatever works on the inside will be shown on the outside these are the opposite to that now I always say the work has to begin on the inside and it's revealed on the outside because that's just the natural effect so to speak you your your only your manifest thing was on the inside on the outside but some of us we we don't we're just what's being reflected on the outside is not it's a misrepresentation of what the truth has a power to do right because we don't have that truth in us no probably because we don't we don't have it in us in the first place you don't have in your heart exactly so that I'm agreeing with that it starts with the inside okay and it works on it works towards the outside so let's read the review and Herald May faith 1896 the very work that Christ declared necessary in the case of Nicodemus is the very work that needs to be done for those men who think that everything pertaining to religion must be done in a precise methodical way they need to be born again and how the new birth is accomplished matters not so long as the heart is renewed when the prayer is sincerely offered creating me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me the voice of the Lord answers a new heart also will I give you in a new spirit will I put within you and I will put and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you an heart of flesh and I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and ye shall keep my judgments and do them the renewed heart will have no plants of selfishness to cultivate pride will be seen in its sinfulness and will be expelled it is not for the human clay to find fault with the molding process of the Potter but to submit in a but but to submit to be molded in any way every soul must submit to the Lord before he can be made a vessel unto honor to be filled with the renewing sanctifying grace of Christ I want to just go back to that the air of this is what 1896 so you know the context of this is what the 1888 message says the struggle between these two classes going back to the begin the very world that Christ declared necessary in the case of Nicodemus is the very work that needs to be done for those men who think that everything pertaining to religion must be done in the precise methodical way they need to be born again and how the new birth he's accomplished does not matter so long as the heart is renewed what she's saying there they need to be born again and how that how the new birth is accomplished matters not as long as the heart is renewed because they want to get into a discussion about all the intricacies and the scientific methodology of how this thing works this new birth thing works and she's saying it doesn't matter how it works just experiencing it is what's actually necessary we can talk about it for as long as you want but unless it's actually doing something it's worthless and if you see on this model here I've got before sin sinless after since info and I've got two men here and I've taken out the fourth person which was Christ if you remember and I've experienced this talking to people that we all want to get into a discussion about the nature of Christ and what it means and how important it is and I think it's connected to this issue the need to be born again and how the new birth he's accomplished matters not what ever Christ nature was or wasn't pre-fall post-fall if his body was genetically damaged or it wasn't all that we need to know is that humanity and divinity combined did not sin and we need to experience what he practiced without getting it into all the intricacies about it when the Prarie sincerely offered create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me that psalms 51:10 by the way so i'm 5110 the voice of the lord answers a new heart also will i give you in a new spirit will i put within you and i will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and i will give you an heart of flesh and i will put my spirit within you and call you to walk in my statutes and you shall keep my judgments and do them where's that taken from history and tunisia verses 26 and 27 the renewed heart will have no plants of selfishness to cultivate what does that mean notice it's been plowed there are no plants there there is no selfishness the renewed heart when this nice tree new heart happen where we place this on the line 911 no 911 thank you 192 over Tyler safe to say it's in here yeah for sure this is baptism pardon this is conviction and this is penitence I thought from the routes of blessings 7.2 Hebrews 8:10 he's quoting from what Bible passage so you can do 31 33 or 31 33 or works the same and this is the year 1831 to 1836 Oh in this history it's the process but if you want to put a marker on this this is at the formalization of the message so this would be one a 1e I don't need to do something strange I put one F doesn't irritate people the renewed heart will have no plants of selfishness to cultivate a reformed lines trying to break down this process in bite-sized pieces so we clear on this issue the renewed heart but at the very latest you can't put it place it after 911 when a person's baptized or when you're baptized and you've got this experience of a new heart is it real or is it fake did you have your hand up sister me yeah okay so without getting into I don't want to get into the intricacies of that probably cuz I don't fully understand it but water baptism here for you to water baptized someone what must they be exhibiting they must be exhibiting the fruits before the renewed heart will have no plants or cell features to cultivate one of the things that's confronting our message is that 911 and you know the problem is when you speak on someone else's behalf people say that you manipulate what they say you're twisting their words so there is that going on and I'm not saying I'm not immune to that that I'll twist people's word and make it say well it didn't say but I've also spoken about auditors and I think we're required to go into someone's study someone's theology and make an assessment of what they're saying and what they're not saying we have to distill the essence of their point so when people think that they I manipulate what they've said and vice versa you know I'm saying I didn't say that people are manipulating what I said people say no this is what they think or what they believe me to be saying so I'm saying here at 911 your nature is transformed and here at midnight if this is the reformed line of the priests people are saying no your nature isn't transformed here you can choose their will in all you want but your nature is transformed somewhere along the line and I'm saying whether you want to pick up a point here or here in this history where you're going to have a transformation of nature he's just plainly erroneous and I'm and I'm gonna call this the Omega theology this is what the Omega theology is all about and I don't say that in a critical way I sympathize with people who have developed this kind of theology because they're basing that experience or this theology upon their own experience upon their own conduct and behavior without going to a line and allowing the lines to mold and change us and to define who we are and how we're supposed to behave and if you take your eyes away from that you're always going to go in this down this row and sort out the problem later on it's really to me everything that we need to hold on to and I'm saying more than that that it's a prophetic message that does all of this work for you and people say well how does that work and I'm gonna say this how it works matters not it just works it works and when you add morality into this mix it becomes toxic it's a toxic message when you begin to add morality that morality can save you because morality is the end result of all of this behavior to find pleasure in doing whatever God wants you to do the renewed heart will have no plants of selfishness to cultivate now the next bit is the is the problematic one if you're running through this passage pride will be seen in its sinfulness and will be expelled when is that expelling happening when is it being expelled pride on the way mark so we can we put 911 there yeah it's expelled by 911 for certain if not if you don't to market before so when we went to desire of Ages chap yeah I want to market before but I'm just I'm usually not 11 because we use my 11 as a marker because because water baptism is a good marker so that you can distinguish we read desire of Ages chapter 50 I can't remember the page number and he spoke about the reception of truth of information and we picked up this diagram here that it has to go through I've put symbol of a brain we know with this is all symbology has to go through the brain into the heart and what prevents the reception of truth did she it was the key word she said it was pride self rises up prices I'm not accepting that they got the information in their brain here at 9/11 pride will be seen in its sinfulness and will be expelled pride is how else could we describe pride I've seen your head sorry the fact I was thinking Daniel 8 terminology Gaddar self exhortation being lifted up that's what pride is all of this gets expelled here at the beginning of your journey not later on sister tweener you ask a question and hopefully I'll answer it or we'll discuss it problem with that here you're only under conviction under conviction the this things going wrong in your life but you haven't dealt with them yet increase of knowledge I would be happy to say the same problem starts getting dealt with here because this history is the history of no sin for sure but I'm trying to use way marks and the terminology that we have to place them at certain places just for the purpose of trying to bring clarity so that we're all on the same page but yeah I'd say the same problem gets dealt with right here but he's quite been yeah just a shimmer so what did I say what is the point your time you asked the question when is the heart renewed and I think you the answer was as soon as you know I've put it here okay because I've gone through the logics Hebrews 8:10 a new heart is Jeremiah 31 during my 31 is the year 1831 33 formalization of the message now I'm not arguing you can't stretch you back here but the point I want us to understand is that by 911 the work has completed I'm gonna read the read we're gonna do the end of the quote together I wouldn't read another 170 46.1 70 46.1 she's talking in context of marriage when the first in person is first married in this context I want to put marriage it is occurring here you first married you have gone from the position of a rebel to a child of God child of the heavenly kingdom so you're married your garments are spotless they're all right if we happy with that she says this affection may be as clear as crystal at the beginning of your journey here in the context of your marriage the day you get married your affections may be clear as crystal is that good or bad it's perfect isn't it clear as crystal is perfect your affections are perfect and beauteous in its purity so she's gonna reinforce that point yet it may be shallow because it has not been tested and tried so this is in the context of marriage when he's marriage perfect right at the beginning it's clear as crystal and beautiful in its purity but there's an issue it's shallow it's not deep and why isn't it deep because it hasn't been tested and tried so on a reformed line that's what's happening between 911 and midnight as basic level your pure and clean here your affections toward God are all okay but it's shallow we have a shallow relationship with God but it's still pure and beautiful and clear 77046 point 1 but what's going to happen through this history from 911 tonight to the midnight test after test trial after trial comes and that does wha it strengthens and deepens the tie that you have with Christ that's what the purpose of the history that we're going through now second angel it's not some kind of typology it's not some kind of fake glory it's really it comes to its completeness here by the time you get to midnight at this simple scale not talking about ppm or anything but it's perfect here and all that happens is that a trust develops and deepens this is what mark 428 says first the blade then the ear then the fork on in the air this growth or this maturity is not an improvement it's not an improvement of the situation but it's just getting to a place where it's been matured and now it can do what it was designed to do which was what what's the purpose of this plant that's growing in the field to what purpose to feed the world so once you get to here now you can feed the world that's what that's what that imagery is trying to teach us I'll read the rest of this paragraph it may be shallow because it has not been tested and tried make Christ first and last and best in everything constantly behold him and your love to him will daily become deeper and stronger as it is submitted to the test of trial people want to read into that you'll do less sin as you go along the journey it's not an issue of less sin as your love for him increases your love for each other will grow deeper and stronger we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changing the same image from glory to glory okay back to this renewed heart the last part of that parent passage pride this is a reveal Herald May 5th pride will be seen in its sinfulness and will be expelled it is not for the human clay to find fault with the molding process of the Potter but to submit to be molded in any way every soul must submit to the Lord before he can be made a vessel unto honor to be filled with the renewing sanctifying grace of Christ this molding process where is it I obey ate her to be can it be closed can be both so if it's both people are not answering and we're not sure so if it's be Larry do that we can't do that why can't we do that sister teri this is the framework that you're supposed to put brother Larry on to and if he hasn't worked up to this date whose fault was that teachers fault because they didn't teach you it teachers for teachers should have taught you how it works now if you've got taught last week or last year and then you failed then it's your responsibility but for most of us I think our problem is we haven't been taught these things inner clarity and the other white saying you can teach someone about the Sabbath and they don't listen to you and they say bass breakers there's a certain caste who are not Sabbath breakers why because they don't get it and who's for often is not in they so don't get it whose fault is that not often it's the teachers fault because if they get it then it's therefore it's a problem here with the mind if you get the Sabbath and put it in their mind and they don't do it now he's there for many of us we haven't understood it so what we're supposed to do is say okay now I understand it now let me put my life on this framework and now I'm going to do things properly so it's not this is a framework for us to enter into it's not the date so much that there are people in this room movement weren't even born in this history so we have to try and understand what the reform line is teaching system demeanor the shallow experience is that the intellectual part and then the deep experience is like no way you can't do that a shallow experience that's in the heart you have your affections of pure affections isn't intellectual we know what we need to be careful is that we don't have this intellectual first and then this spiritual later on down the road because you've got an excuse you got a license to sin now because you're going to say 2018 is where we get the spiritual experience up to now we can just mess around they have to go hand in hand on each issue each truth has to be dealt with intellectually spiritually and that's how we become closer to one another and many of us haven't understood this so the molding process if the molding process was this now we're being molded when what is molding by the way you get this clay and you get a mold and you squash it into it and then when you take it out what you have a vessel yeah so if the molding process was here when would the vessel be midnight you have the vessel here and look what he says about the vessel filled with the renewing sanctifying grace of Christ this is the Magus theology if you believe his because now you're filled with what the Lateran you're filled with the sanctifying grace of Christ sanctifying grace of Christ means it it all your nature and everything has been sorted out if you want to if you want to make the molding here so the molding has to be here your molding we should know that is equal 37 in how many prophecies two prophecies what's the first prophecy do sorry it yeah it Ramos's you it molds you into something which is Reformation Reformation is what conversion isn't it you convert in clay into a vessel submitting right here you can be you meet them you need to be submitted first dangerous messy this process this is the molding process eight every soul must be must submit to the Lord before he can be made a vessel unto honor you have to come under conviction you have to submit and then he'll turn you into a vessel fit for purpose here let me take that out they say that your nature is transformed over here and I'm saying your nature is transformed in this history it's all about a or B and Maya pretty sure isn't whether or not you've experienced it because most of us haven't but this is the call to worship it's not a rebuke for people to say why don't you get your house in order because someone has to take responsibility for that and you can blame the teacher I don't mean me literally and I'm gonna blame who and I blame God it's not my fault I'm God because God's in charge of everything he's got things under control assuming everybody's been doing due diligence and he hasn't shown us this information before in the clarity with which we need to understand it and I believe that's the case and that's why we looked at Zechariah we didn't look at it in the detail that we need to we need to look at Zachariah Haggai go through those books and really understand what is being taught in those books and the history that's connected to it because there's a disconnect between the structure and the individual and the lack of understanding or recognition of that has caused us no end of problems if we if you understand there's a disconnect so many problems that we have so I wanted to go through is equal 36 but within that time which is okay we may or may not do it later on depend on how the class goes but if you go to Ezekiel 36 and check some of the key passages in there this whole concept about a corporate work is really for me brought to view here that this is what the Lord wants to do to bring his people and for them to be a witness of the glory of God it's a it's a work that he wants a group of people to do not an individual work and it's really important for us to see that in my opinion so I want to close with a short profit or a prophecy quote if you were to go actually to if you've got a Study Bible I think it's in your Study Bible is equal 36 25 let me if you have a Study Bible it's in there it's a spirit of prophecy quote it's for BC 1164 paragraph 8 for BC 1164 paragraph 8 but if you in your Study Bible it's Ezekiel 36 25 and 26 that's the passage it should be in there 11:4 1164 4bc 1160 4.8 beginning there if anybody's got a Study Bible is that what is it showing you that yep should be in a study a real there see if you go say Bible it's there the youth especially stumble over this phrase a new heart they do not know what it means they look for a special change to take place in their feelings this they term conversion over this error thousands have stumbled to ruin not understanding the expression you must be born again and this is I think what many of us struggling with even though she says the youth especially I think as I've as I've reviewed what's been going on in our class this issue is what's come up over and over again in our class about what a new heart is what it means to be born again and people are stumbling over this issue they don't understand what it means Satan these people to think that because they have felt a rapture of feeling they are converted but their experience does not change their actions are the same as before this he steps to Christ forty seven point one their lives show no good fruit they pray often and long and are constantly referring to the feelings they had at such-and-such a time but they do not live the new life they are deceived their experience goes no deeper than feeling they build upon the sand and when adverse twins come their house is swept away when you'll get your buttons pushed you end up sinning when Jesus speaks of the new heart he means the mind the life the whole being to have a change of heart is to withdraw the affections from the world and fasten them upon Christ to have a new heart is to have a new mind new purposes new motives what is the sign of a new heart a changed life there is a daily hourly dying to selfishness and pride and the problem that people struggle with is when it says there's a daily dying hourly dying too so vicious and pride they're saying if that is happening you cannot have had your nature renewed back here so way past time what I want to say is this this issue about whether sin is a choice or whether it's nature I want to give a simple conclusion it's all about choice our nature is transformed here by 911 there's no transformation that occurs after that people are going to catch spirit prophecy quotes they're going to develop a thinking that says based upon what I see with my eyes looking at you folks because you don't none of you look transformed to me it can't have happened here at 9/11 and we're hard up to midnight so the transformation must be a future experience we can choose everybody says yeah we can choose to stop sinning but the reality is that we can't really change your own nature because we've still got a nature problem and this is the argument that I want to address that our nature was transformed back here at baptism and all that's happening here is a deepening relationship with our Lord and Savior it's not a transformation of nature and if your lives haven't been in accordance with this plan this model shouldn't be a surprise to us but if we're not going to take our lives by faith and put them in order what hope is there for us let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for your goodness for your watch care and your mercy over us Lord as we see the purpose of the reform line was to transform us so that we might become living epistles how picha verse 2 river our eyes upon the work that you have laid before us inspiration is replete with story after story parable after parable that is teaching us this recurring truth that it's your will that humanity combined with divinity does not sin and father when we ate that little book whether we want to understand it to be the time of the end or 9/11 we know that that was a call to service many of us have not understood these things we haven't conceptualized them in a way that has helped us to understand what this work is it's my hope and prayer that through the feeble efforts of these studies some clarity has been brought to this subject and that people may indeed become the sons and daughters of God Jesus his name we pray I mean