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good morning Bob you want to pray with us your heavenly father or thank you for bringing us this morning to class and I thank you for your tender mercies which are new to us each day please your Holy Spirit be with us guide us and teach us the things you want us to know help us to review the Blessed truths that you have been teaching us and be with our sister to Mina as she presents up us to understand these things that they might do a work in us and prepare us for the things that are ahead ask all this and she is Holy Name okay good morning again we're back to our project desolations of Jerusalem and an Tanisha wants to go first and share with us what she's found what did you find about the second world war and there is by cruelly soccer owner written March of 2002 where he details the actions of this church during the world war so I'm just going to read the first three hours those nine census taken from 62 to 64 the Second World War began when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1 1939 the previous year the 7/7 the the previous year the adventists began to remove Jewish words from their denomination the word Sabbath school was no longer allowed and was replaced by the word Bible school another word no longer allowed was the word Sabbath this was changed within the denomination to rest day when the war broke out Hitler issued a command which demanded the pastor's to not collect tithe and all the Rings they started drafting themselves into war even fighting on the Sabbath they saying that the Lord saying that they believe God Himself was leaving the war and that the Adventists should find comfort in okay so what year would you mark that majority of the information is in 1940 1941 I'm going to wipe this out so we have more space right so 1942 41 and what would you like for it you don't know that means off in the war okay so disregarding the Sabbath Sabbath and we see them picking up arms what else is that correct arms aside fundamental words that's long so lightly regarding the Sabbath does that work we're disregarding the Sabbath or lightly because lightly I like that because oh you already have these ah I need to put them lightly or we don't have to but I like it because I want says the army guys soon to come and she says those people will lightly regard the Sabbath I just put lightly there as well what was that about the Tice and stuff um they were tied does somebody know what religion Hitler was having or was the atheist I don't know he was Catholic because he was connected at the Catholic Church okay okay so tithes and offerings there was an issue I probably assumed that this was a restriction on all the churches probably okay and you're gonna send me the link for that right the document I have a paragraph of whoever document rule eats almost each to to page I still it's a book named there do you have the book can i download the PDF of the book that that's what I wanted to do okay who else once ago did you have an assignment Angelia oh do you had one what was yours 1888 okay but quick do we have one for you today Pam and Rick we have a source first one is 20 mr okay for which is it a way mark we already have up here yes mark which to way marks do you have okay we have to do we have what is the subject it was the daily it was yeah primarily on the daily we have 1901 to 1910 controversy on the daily July 31 1910 and white council not to speak about the daily that's why we have use her not useful writings yeah and this was when she said that brother Daniels whose mind the enemy was working in your mind and elder Prescott's mind were being worked by angels that were expelled from heaven that was and they said in this thing that it was written in 1910 1910 so I'll put it here and what is the source of that it's 20 M R 20 M R 17.1 17.1 would you mind sending me that fault yeah you know I've been trying to find this quote over and over it I could never find this code but like ok I trust Jeff by faith but this is really nice ok so did you find anything on the daily like if I remember like when does Prescott come up with it 1905 or something and I found anything he did his doing yeah from 1901 to 1909 Prescott worked it was 1907 to 1909 he came out with it and did his articles 1909 1907 to 1909 Prescott writes articles yes about the daily or about his the new or new let's get the new view yes you called it the new interpretation of the daily do you have a source for that I just had his writing which was its ND ND w WP double WP comma comma t HD THD 2.1 2.1 wow what the source I know please email me that as well because I already started organizing all of that in a folder and Jay had 1989 the moving of the headquarters and he sent in his link so in the 1989 the General Conference moved to headquarters from washing you can see just a couple streets over to Maryland where it's at now okay Larry you got yours accreditation okay we're getting full here that's probably 90 30s right 1931 it's called the Branson report Branson supporters Elda Branson was the vice president of the North American division at that time okay three and those who make this word their daily study are the only ones who are worthy of she has all kinds of things sake say that reference just one ml three nine point three three three nine OH three three nine okay how do you spell aggradation accreditation is a CC accreditation a CC or IDI 8 d IG ioin no a to IOM whoa I bet dictation okay so please send me your links and everything you have but just give a quick Samer a some summary of what happens in the friends and report what is the change which which takes place in the 90 31 yes what they were discussing in 1923 it arose of whether or not they should have credit their school or the institutions to follow after the world thank you and and they decided that there's quite a controversy during these meetings several people were against quoting spirit of prophecy to show that they should not do it but they decided that if they just do one and then you know if you open the door to compromise then you know also in 1931 they agreed to create one and now they're all accredited and it's interesting I think it is in this report where they say that they knew if they are going to do that step that souls will be lost and they do it anyway so I thought it was really like wow okay Cathy do you have input for us today the ml Andreasen crisis course was a result of the evangelical meetings with Martin and Barnhouse you wrote six open letters in 1957 eventually got it back different stories one sounds like it was before he died it's just his wife was affected yeah so what's going on to tell everyone in the class seems like only the two of you know well I had read that he got it after he it was returned to his retirement we're so charging him after he died then I read another source that said he was asking someone to help him get on welfare and they said what happened he said they took it from me and he got a lawyer to help him get it back so I had two different stories going on inside ok so so who is Andrea and why is there a crisis with him he's a retired pastor George and he went against questions on water the structure and it opened up also to what the church was doing that most of the people in the church didn't realize what was going on with evangelical meeting support Martin in our house and how the doctrines were being tweeted had to be more in line so andrew eisen is going against the the flood which is coming in here connected to question on doctrine did you find out anything when this interview was in my banjo and there was a debate with Walter Martin Johnson and there was an Adventist on there and he kind of got chewed up is that my compromise there's a you to blankets out there yeah 1982 that's 1982 I want to write that down is it connected with this do you know okay so it's different so 1982 interview who was it again Thank You Burke okay that's actually a German word well Walter Martin Laursen was yeah it was Walter Martin and Adventist guy like this interesting that his name is William and as in William mean protector shouldn't he protected the church there 1965 book kingdom of Colts he was actually an appendix in the book though called the puzzle of seventh-day Adventism that says the seventh-day Adventists are not a cult oh really yes is it that door original very generic nope well this is the one because he wrote about cults before that but in 65 he had already take taken the position because they met in the 50s so in 65 that had the puzzle of seventh-day Adventism is in there it's not the revised edition well unless there was an earlier edition where he said they were called so it was just eternity magazine there was a series of articles about cults mm-hmm and they had written Walter Martin had written an article against Adventism mm-hmm and the the church contacted him and then they met with Walter Mark Martin and Donald varnas so when is that that much in the 50s I don't know the exact years that that were but it's before 57 so it's in the mid-50s in 1955 in 1956 and actually there was a pastor who wrote Walter Martin of letter commenting on his presentation on righteousness by faith and that's what started his name is in that article wasn't he also saying something about Adventists and then he wrote I'm going to remember that history in speech writing magazine has the articles but this man I can't remember his name I have it he wrote this note and then letters went back and forth because Martin was shocked that if some thing identity I would write to him and about righteousness like they and then that's what started it and then he contacted other church leaders and that meeting was broad and the meeting was 1955-1956 they were secret meetings though I don't know if there's any documentation about the actual dates of each meeting do you have any sources yeah please see well that mail that Andreasen wrote a whole bunch of letters to the churches telling them about what was happening when was that I know what title was that they called letters to the churches the cold letters to the church there's a book called there's a book called evangelical nathan has all the information summarized that brother Theodore and sister Cathy we just mentioned so are you gonna find me a link for that it's a harvest angle yeah thank you great okay I didn't have it yeah if you can send me the link this would be great because I just collect everything and organize it you guys said it's your assignment to dig out the information and get it in your heads and I get it in the head when you share with me your information you got okay so we're seeing that this movement before question on doctrines the meetings and this probably would be a good source and who you're bringing up what is it called it and the adventure the adventure Avenger I can't say it this morning something harvest something quickly okay that would be great to have I've always struggled to understand this history here yep some sources about Laodicea okay 1845 Joseph laude seer joseph bates and what is he writing there just that the churches ladies here does it mean though the millerite movement or the the 50 people who were the remnants of this week state of the church exists and that it is composed of second Advent ministers and people without back splitting that becomes reform when and where did this state of the church commence we believe that it commenced in 1845 when is he writing it may 14th 1865 because I think I knew that after 1844 Bates was so to speak saying he was saying all this Millerites they're all lost and only the fifty are saved and I know that this view once they review the history they're going through they they they get rid of this view that only them are saved so what was 1852 with that one we've been how June 10 1852 paragraph or something or the entire article and there's my it says what perfect and their baits also talked about the from 44 to 50 how these new church members have been changing the chronology and trying to change it for the 2300 days and minimum for 6 times people are trying to change that thing so he is talking about the time setters then that's pretty cool what's the source for joseph bates 14 18 May 14th 1845 paragraph for the entire article thank you you wrote it in 1850 I have 1845 up there he's talking about so the source is still advent Herald that one you want to give me that source to so people can look up both if you take away you can also say later or toward okay it just says the Laodicean Church now to see in church November 10 1850 perfect Alyssa whatever you want in 1902 there were two fires the first one was February 18 okay 1902 February 18th fire sanitary Battle Creek so this was around the time that she was having and Kellogg and she was already seeing visions that he wasn't going down the right path she was trying to encourage that the sanitarium would be moved into the country the smaller and humid tell her one thing and then go so it burned down it started in the lower bathrooms about how I was yeah afterwards treatment rooms okay this is an interesting one of the insurance inspectors and that was another thing insurance inspectors noted looking over the situation a few days after the fire he declares nothing but divine power could have assisted those nurses and doctors to do as they did in getting the people out well but only one man did lose his life his name is old man case he was an eccentric patient in his late 80s who not trusting the banks always carried his treasure with him in a satchel all the way from one to five thousand dollars he and his wife his daughters were led to a place of safety and then unnoticed he must have gone back into the building to retrieve the satchel with his treasure a lot more money came to the Adventist through this process of the fire but instead of doing what Ellen White has think they received 150 something from insurance and then the local community ended up raising 80 or 90 thousand Wow so instead of taking that money and actually applying it to you know these smaller country house type healing centers Kellogg blows that he redevelops redesigned the sanitarium builds it even bigger fireproof is that the one which is now still in Battle Creek well they closed down okay okay 1933 interesting right in the crisis with the accreditations okay yeah yeah I've seen that building so it's it is it is still around it's just not an ad just hands anymore is it garland yeah when it's all said done they go into massive okay so we see here also a rejection of council to go into the countryside yeah you can still look at that sanatorium they it's a government building now sanitarium thank you and you can't have torso through it they have a creek they allow you to go through it it's quite interesting there okay talking about the sanitarium February eighteenth she gets the news and then she write something in 1901 she says that she's been almost afraid to open the review hearing to see that God has cleansed the publishing house by fire so I just thought people were associating to fires because she wrote that and she was commenting also there was only one fire no there was actually two because this morning it just kept bugging me so I then another search just for fire in Battle Creek and Adventist and that's where I came up with publishing house well I haven't yet been able to locate the cause for the fire but so we already know that it had been backsliding not following Council this is what she writes in 1897 I was not surprised by the sad news from the vision of the night I had seen an angel standing where the sword as a fire stretched over Battle Creek so does this 1897 and that's the sources 18 is talking about the vision that she has about the fire there are other sources Oh Cindy and there's one article that has just amazing pictures yes Emily please all of that that's awesome I I recalled that once I don't know if you heard anything about anything in your research but that in this time period Kellogg wrote a book which was not very very and it was not a good book and they Ellen White counseled the publishing house not to print it and they did it anyway and that's the judgment came in on the publishing house as well with the fire did you find any of that okay so living temple was the living temple and was that was that were they printing that because that one burned down and they wanted to make money again to build this up again but that was a calyx Cole was using it to raise money it was the living temple living temple has anyone researched when that was written he was 1905 1905 I read it yeah that's what I understand for what result of the fire okay do you have so far any more information about the fire no okay then about the publishing house maybe tomorrow or in two days and then what else do you have you had another one yeah when was that so in our authorized Bible vindicated yes awesome book we're translating it at the moment Libyan tempo is 1903 okay living temple 1903 it's getting cluttered and actually 1881 is that with your eyes Smith I when Brooke loss Westcott and Benton John Anthony Hort produce the Greek text based on the they they made a book called critical text but their version was based on the Codex Vaticanus don't ask me okay the Bible crisis line is start and where do we see the peak of that crisis is it in the 1930s with wilkinson well that's what it goes a little bit more mainstream but I was seeing sources that until 1950 is when at 1950 1930 that's why you will market the state the the controversy where it's the hot spot so to speak port and Westcott debate so Wilkinson produced his book to refute what they were doing because they were essentially using Catholic sources and what they were talking about is that these are fabricated texts among the most corrupt documents extant and likely the primary man use codex Vaticanus and Sinaiticus are the two false witnesses of Matthew 26 verse 60 and Wilkinson was a participant in the 1919 Bible Conference as well that was what started them on baby in what in 1919 okay so we have here wilkinson again would say that again uh-huh and what what they're made him write this book to the sea of observing the controversies but the discussion of inspiration of Scripture as well as Ellen White starving that's very interesting and also of interesting note it's the old Latin that was used to produce the Textus Receptus was okay so they used to weld ensign Bible to do the Textus Receptus so I think the secret iocai that probably Wilkinson will say in his King James Version Bible vindicated his other book the truth triumphant I highly recommend as well both of his books are really powerful okay well we got a lot on there I'm already putting papers together and like create a long charge of all these states to not have it so cluttered before we put it on a proper sheet I have a few more dates who's up for it I kind of Courtney I want to look at easy one for you let me see would you mind checking out what higher education means higher education cuz that is what the seventh-day Adventist churches or the schools and universities promote everywhere and we've been interesting to know where it come from and what it is and I'll give you a little hint my talks about higher education as well and she connects it with Satan and the mystery of iniquity and and Tanisha since you're so good at it would you mind checking out the because I think you're going to go into that anyway in your classes you are about to do that process of Tet Wilson father you know Tet Wilson's father had made statement like the 7-day Adventist is a nice could cut dollar Catholic another Catholic Church so to speak so we want these kind of statements and I think they're in the 1980s he made several of those statements that would be good to have on the chart and there's another thing I would like to address which we should is the holy flesh movement who wants to take on this do you have a pen okay so I'll give you that and then Alyssa would you mind doing the 1919 General Conference like what do we mark at the 1919 General Conference which was bad because we have the doctrine of Christ now we have Wilkinson there as well observing the controversy but what was actually going on there because we often refer to this conference but we technically don't really know what was going on and the same place with the 1901 conference who wants to take on this one but you want to do that the 1901 General Conference what what was going on there because recently I don't know if you notice but we also say that the 1901 conference was positive why was the 1901 conference positive okay and white endorsed again the work of organization and from 1901 the work of organization within the seventh-day Adventist Church got really like it really expanded more they got more into it so you see there's something positive about this General Conference but there's also some negative things and we always point it out and say Oh 1901 year there was the General Conference it was bad but we technically don't know why so I want us to get into that and research these things why are these things bad and then I think we have other people were not he today who had assignments but they will come these days like Nathan he's working right now he what they will bring us more dates and I think where we already have a lot of information for a nice chart we can make and Theodore what did we try to find out what when was happening one 1905 or 1903 word just before Alyssa came to the wilkinson we were talking about it what was it again the living temple would you mind finding that out when it was written 1903 1903 I wrote it oh there see thank you guys okay so this brings us back to our board over here Daniel Levin who wants to give a summary of what we've seen so far I would ask Courtney but Courtney was not here Bob you want to give a summary of what we've learned so far you have two different lines of history and the first line of history deals with the if we're discussing the king of the north and the King of the South and the king of the north ends up taking over three areas and we have it marked you know as 301 286 and 281 and and and once you get to 281 BC then the king of the north is established we're just presented to summary if you want me to give a summary is that the line of of what was happening with the king of the north in that time period which was basically the generals that came to the top after after home help me Alexander the Great death then you you see that the king of the north you know has a period of time that he rules and there's a peace treaty involved and then the King of the South comes comes in and and in invade some completely the king of the doors taking the decks I'll mm-hmm where he dies and and and and you followed that line of history there and then when you compare that to the rise of the papacy you realized that there were three areas that were things were taken over before the king of the north rose in 538 and there's a parallel there and you can see the striking parallel all the way through because you also have instead of thirty five years before denied you've got you know the the biblical three and a half times the papacy rules there's actually another peace treaty it comes out there of quarantine oh and you see that the Pope then is actually because the Polian goes into the fortress takes the Pope captive and he also dies in exile and in each case the their third third there's their taking back or taking a bounty taking the treasures and and the things that they consider valuable and then you compare that with what happens in 1989 where the king of the north goes up to but doesn't get into the fortress and you see that happening it deducted two lines of history and there are two separate lines of history they parallel one another very very well and and it helps us to understand things here at the end of time when we get up to up two and we get up to waymarks of midnight midnight try and up to the Sunday law because we can look at the previous history and we see the events that took place and we're able to draw conclusions from that based on the belt of raffia and so if you want to add anything to that I wish just wanted to carry the summary thank you so um PIM I'm going to ask you to please help the class to remind us how do we come up with how did we come up or how did we come to the understanding of raffia and pinion and midnight and midnight cry how did we come up that there are two more battles between 1989 and the Sagna law which are connected with the king of the south and the king of the north I'm drawing a blank you don't have to sew before yeah that's my question before we were saying 1989 the king of the north had taken over the king of the south this is verse 40 and now we're waiting for verse 41 where we see the glorious land being conquered by the Pope but now we're saying no we're waiting for the king of the south to conquer the king of the north we're saying that Russia will unexpectedly win over the United States but then we say the United States will come back and will win and the king of the south will be gone so I want to know how did we come to this understanding why okay I'll give Pam a little bit more moments you don't remember that's okay Jason you want to give it a try I see that you're watching to speak okay Larry we came to realize that as the Lord hid his hand over the chart he did the same thing in regards to Daniel 11 we thought that in 1989 that all of the USSR was taken down but it wasn't the head was still left we're just uh fortress right because here we see in this verse the fortress is still there okay so Larry explained us that the King of the South was not fully conquered in 1989 the head the fortress was still there the king of the north was only able to go up to the fortress where where in verse Oh what worries was it I think six seven no six I think no seven probably seven eight and nine I think is what we're marking in this time period we see that the King of the South goes into the fortress of the king of the north so this is the difference here we see the king going into the fortress but at this way mark we see that the king only goes up to the fortress and this is something we'd up to the neck exactly this is something we didn't recognize before so sister Cathy do you remember how we get these two waymarks Rafi opinion okay give it a try it's maybe I think I have to do first start starting the studies the way we changed them we've got a section over to our line that's s four seven nine we have the combination of the messages now we have to midnight in the midnight cry before the son-in-law okay so Larry gave a good start he said there was as in the married line there was a hand hit over a mistake and we've seen this hand was removed in the year 2016 and it was about distance the king of the north came only up to the fortress however how do we get these two-way marks to be these two-way marks Alyssa do you remember oh you might have not been even there because you missed a day I think so maybe I shouldn't have enough asked you so you guys you just proved me as a really bad teacher because that's what when we went over the last class in here so this question of the answer for me at least is really simple we saw that Daniel 11 verse 40 parallels which verse in this line nope 10 was verse 10 oh let me let me take a different color so we see this so as Larry said there was a mistake the Lord had his hand over it then he removes this hand and I'm suggesting as the merits were supposed to have an experience we were supposed to have the same experience so we see Daniel 11 verse 14 it's lining up with Daniel 11 10 and Daniel 11 verse 16 lines up with what worse 41 but how many verses do you or under vs. between verse 10 and 16 yes you have several verses you have verse 11 12 13 14 and 15 you have five verses in between this tells you that there's history going on here and when there's history going on in here between these two white marks one has to happen between these two way marks there has to also be a history right and since these two are paralleling all the way very exactly or to the detail we see that this will also repeat in here just that this was for us still future so do we understand this now well how we got raffia and pinion to be in our timeline it's just simply because we recognized Daniel 11 verse 10 and Daniel 11 verse 40 lines up and verse 16 lines up verse 41 and therefore there must be history in between so what gave us the reason or the license to line these two verses up always what do we say yes but with with with with the the king of the north going up to the fortress we came to we were using the word Overflow and tying those words Passover overflow and then forth for the at the other end of the Sunday log we were looking at that standing in the glorious land okay you know taking over glorious land this is right on we were looking at the language of the verse and therefore we were aligning these verses up we saw the language in verse 10 was the exact same language as in verse 40 and the language in verse 16 was the same language used in verse 41 as well as the one time the literal glorious linen and hear the spiritual glory so in the United States so this gave us the license to line these two verses always up then we see okay in this history we have two major battles which is raffia and pinion therefore it in our time period we had a battle here in 1989 9/11 is already past we didn't see really like a battle of the king of the south then and there so we know that ruffian pinion to balance between the king of the south and the king of the north has to be still in the future and the two way marks for us which are still in the future be considered to be the midnight midnight in the midnight cry and that's how he came that we call midnight mafia and a midnight cry pinion so we covered the last time we had class we covered raffia at midnight who wants to give us a summary what happened in raffia in Tunisia that's a very brief summary so the south winds give us some more details like not to too detailed but like the characteristics remark at raffia therefore they're going to be at midnight I'm just asking for a summary oh these are after the King of the South one the boxes advisor says that he will not be strengthened Friday we can comment reality is that after he had done that he entered the sanctuary of the Jews hoping to perform sacrificial ceremonies and was stopped he was upset about the resistance he received and went home to Egypt and made and persecuted the Jews in Alexandria and in consequence of that the victory he began in his war against I believe it was yeah I think it was was not a benediction and talk and talk eeeh smartness the son of Kalina kissed and tickets thank you yeah okay no that's good so we see here the King of the South wins unexpectedly the king of the north had a bigger army but the coup of the south winds unexpectedly by this Richter victory he his heart is lifted up because of his height is lifted up he starts to deal with the Jews and basically is being restrained hurt in his pride and then he starts to persecute the Jews so we came like this all at midnight but now we're gonna look at verses 13 14 and 15 in the remaining time we have and we will see that the king of the north comes one more time back to retaliate Courtney we all start with you let's read the Bible verse first Daniel 11 verse 13 just thirteen 11:30 so what happens is that they they have this battle here and they're actually peace treaties going on and then but they both basically go back and prepare for another war so we see that the king of the north comes back now with even a greater army than before because he wants to retaliate against the king of the south so Indonesia would you read the first paragraph of the quote from actually there's only one paragraph of your eyes under daniel king of the north but it is pretty clear in this verse were to occur after certain you lose the keys completed it between Ptolemy Philopator excuse me one hold on a second so we see here there they are having peace here and the peace lasts how long 14 years so we see there will be some or we're here sorry we're there it seems like there will be some time period between raffia and Pinilla and how many years did the peace last 14 I thought it was interesting because we know that we can place midnight also as the Passover midnight midst of the week you have the cross which is the 14th day of the first month we just Passover necessarily so but when I want to point out is that there is a peace treaty there's a time period between go ahead and reduce and settled the eastern parts and their obedience was that leisure or any enterprise when young yes came to the throne of Egypt I'm thinking this too good an opportunity for a desiring his kingdom his Dominion to be let slip he raised an immense army I mean crazier than the former or he had collected many forces and acquired great riches and eastern exhibition and set out against Egypt expecting to have an easy victory over the inventive how he's like seeded was we shall presently see for here new complications enter into the affairs of these kingdoms and the new actors are introduced upon the stage okay so I suggest that raffia just happened and verse thirteen marks the beginning sort of for Pena however when you go into Babel there's always also some preparation you need to do and I suggest that verse thirteen is this preparation so in this time period of the fourteen years of peace I'll just make here a fourteen what happens to the King of the South and what happens in the kingdom of the north it's in the paragraph we just read yes the king of the south we know dies hundreds and temperance and debauchery and we know that the king of the north is not only before he starts amassing his army he actually has to quell and take care of keeping t sin atoned in his own country because there's some kind of uprising going on within his own his own territory so those weren't the two things which were also pointing or which I saw as important in the passage as I read it we see that in raffia this strong King of the South who won this battle actually dies and is replaced by what a very weak young I mean a young person we know a young King often somebody else had to rule it or often was overcome by others so we see the strong King of the South is replaced by a very weak King of the South this is where the king of the north sees his opportunity to now come back and retaliate against the king of the south but as Bob pointed out there was something going on in the country of the king of the north there was rebellion going on and before you could actually head out to Egypt or yam to the king of the south he had to first actually take care of his own country so maybe this speaks to sort of the the messages sister Tess has been bringing you know that Putin may be Putin is a very strong king of the south but maybe come there comes a weaker one after him before Pentium hits as well as we see that we already see the Tramp has to deal with his own country with rebellion going on and this will just increase is that clear so far or any thoughts typically we put the civil your war at the midnight cry between midnight and the son-in-law and I think as we continue we will put more evidence that there is a civil war however if you've looked at the Revolutionary lines sister Tess has brought out you see that there's some kind of revolution already going on before the midnight cry and part yeah those are things which I need to I'm honest I need to study those things as well I know that typically we mark the midnight rael sorry the Civil War between midnight cry and the son-in-law but I mean a civil war has a progressive time period there's a risings and we're starting in various countries we see already tensions going on where we see okay this is heading towards civil war even in Europe you see a lot of tensions going on where people are rising up and say I don't want this anymore and and also with the flood of the refugees so I personally see that a lot of countries in Europe are preparing for a civil war and we're not even in the time period after the midnight cry yet so we see aspects of it already yes please also I think it's worth mentioning though it hasn't been mentioned yet when you go back to the business of Elvia I realized that it was because of the king of the north who was actually stirring up all the realms of Grisha and and so the king of the south actually going to war with the king of the north at the Battle of raffia was actually a response to to what the king of the north was doing it wasn't just the king of the south saying they're going to be the aggressor so you're in the line of the very the first four verses of Daniel 11 now where we see the last four precedents using the fourth is stirring up the realm of Grisha Exorcist the great yeah but I'm just seeing that when you see the king of the south at the Battle of raffia you know going to war with the king of the north um he's doing it because he's seeing what's going on with the king of the north and the build-up that he's having and he feels obligated to go into a war with the king of the north it wasn't just the king of the south deciding to be the aggressor initially okay so you're saying the king of the south is going to start raffia it's not the king of the north who starts that war the king of the south is the one who wins and the one who actually goes to war with the king of the north but he does it because they've got what the activity of the king of the north is doing when you read the stuff that's in from Erasmus yeah search well you see in verse 10 that the king of the north comes with a great army but then the king of the south and verse 11 is stirred up and comes forth with caller:yes and fights so are we suggesting that the king of the south is in this initiating raffia because I think details like that become important because it would be important force initiates the Battle of raffia by his activity but the King of the South responds he responds and starts to fire get it it's not just because of the king of the south decides he's gonna go to war in the north it's because of what he sees the king of the north do doing that he realizes he has to do something preemptive because he knows the king of the north is gonna come out Adam already yeah we can sort of see that happen rider Larry now we put the date on that for our time you want me to we still need to figure out what this battle is still this is a when I put the data I also have to be fair enough and to say that we need to study what is actually happening on that day is it a hot war is it simply only an information war is it a hot war and the information war the information war which are the elephants just decided so there's I think a lot we still need to figure out what is actually going on in detail and yeah I can't really keep up with what everyone says about this happening there that I'm sure the Lord will soon give more in light on what is what are the digas herds to this day okay so let's move on to verse 14 we just saw that there's a switch in the king of the south now a child is ruling we're seeing the king of the north had to deal with rebellion in his own country but now wants to go against the king of the south he's marching and he he thinks there's going to be an easy battle but he did encounter in this new power which will arise and this we will see now in verse 14 so sister Carol would you read the first or would you read the Bible verse first let's put it oh yeah would you read the Bible verse within the paragraph the first paragraph at the first two lines is the Bible verse okay so in this time we see in this time between Ralph and pinion in this time between midnight and midnight cry we see a lot of people stand up against the king of the south and then we see this new power being introduced the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to do what what's important about them to establish the vision but shall they should they say stand though it says they wish Paul so Bob you want to read the paragraph the next paragraph Antiochus was not the only one who rose up against the infant colony Agatha Cleese is Prime Minister having possession of the king's person and conducting the affairs of the kingdom in his stead was so dissolute and proud the exercise of his power that the provinces in which before were subject to Egypt rebelled so Egypt itself was disturbed by sedition and the Alexandrians rising up against us began to clean I guess achlys thank you caused him his sister his mother and their associates to be put to death at the same time Phillip the king of Macedon entered into a league with in-tank is to divide the dominions of Ptolemy between them each proposing to take the part which lay nearest and most convenient to him here was a rising up against the King of the South sufficient to fulfill the prophecy and the very events beyond doubt which the prophecy intended so what happens in this paragraph sister Cassie I saw you were marking things what was important to you so what I'm seeing is that the king of the north has allies now he wants to they want to divide the kingdom of the south amongst them and since the King of the South seems to be in a weakened position they they ally and think they are have a good chance but what happens with in Egypt what happens with in the king of the south there's sedition going on so I'm just straight honest I have no idea what it means but maybe this would be important for us to consider that there's sedition going on within the king of the south because they don't know really either who's supposed to rule or not and this even continues to the time period where we see that the mess going on with Cleopatra and her various brothers and sisters and who is struggling over the power who has who's going to rule so we see within Egypt as well that they have a struggle over the power so this is still prior to the time period of Cleopatra just to make this clear turbot is coming later on the verses which we're not going to cover in this class at this time period but we just see the king of the north has now allies and somehow the king of the south is in a weakened situation and there's some some uncontested situations concerning the government Israel in the king of in that time period so in this situation now a new power comes up Heidi do you want to read it do you have the notes okay it's the next paragraph at the bottom and your powers now introduce the robbers that people literally says Bishop Newton years of good people far away on the banks of timber or tipper a kingdom Tiber I believe but I might be wrong a kingdom had been nourishing itself with ambition ambitious projects and dark design small and weak at first it grew with marvelous rapidity and strength and vigor reaching out cautiously here and there to try its power bonus prowess and test the vigor of its warlike arm till conscious of its power its Boley it fully reared its head among the nations of the earth and sea's with invincible hands the helm of their affairs henceforth the name of Rome stands up on the historic page designed for long ages to control the affairs of the world and to exert a mighty influence among the nations even to the end of time what is the end of time time of the end so we see here the Robins of Thai people your eyes Smith indicates or says that these are the that this is Rome but the robbers of die people could be translated also as what builders a bill they're interesting I never heard about the Builder I only heard that you could also call them the breakers of the IT people yeah this is interesting I've never heard of this so but where's Rome located in what country I like to ask that the Americans well where's Rome still it didn't it's in Italy no I mean it was not like it's not like Italy like it is today but they even Italy the name Italy goes quite a while back so we have the the robbers have died people also being the the I'm such a bad drawer so don't take me for that but we have the robbers of died people as well as the breakers of die people and the shape of Italy more or less is like a boot so we see Italy and then you have Rome located here is the capital of Italy and it is that's where we see the new power introduced in verse 14 it's the robbers of died people as well as the breakers of dead people and we see this boot of boot does what it can break or stamp trampled down and we know that Rome is the power and by in prophecy which tramples down either God's law or his people as well as persecutes God's people so Theodore would you read the next paragraph so the next paragraphs just in Rome spoke and syrup maybe Bob can do we have here on my computer Rome spoke and Syria and Macedonia soon found a change coming the aspect of their dream the Romans interfered on behalf of the young king of Egypt determined that he should be protected from the ruin devised then by Antiochus and Philip this was 200 BC and was one of the first important interferences of the Romans in the affairs of Syria and Egypt Rowland is a historian furnishes the following succinct account to this matter do you want me to read that we might step skip that because of the time maybe just a bold part no you don't have the notes but the full part of that paragraph at the bottom maybe pop if you could share your notes for while they were mediating to dispossessed weak and helpless infant of his kingdom by piecemeal Providence raised up the Romans against them who entirely subverted the kingdoms of Philip and Antiochus and reduced their successors to almost as great calamities as those with which they intended to crush the infant King so we're seeing here the ally of the king of the north they are trying to gain go against and the weakened kingdom of the king of the south but who comes to help the King of the South Rome so we see a power introduced here from now on which is Rome and actually eventually by this time period Rome has become now the king of the north at this point I would suggest it's not the king of the north yet it's still Antiochus Magnus so we would expect who to come up in this time period again Rome but who's Rome helping the king of the north or the king of the south the kingdom of the south and I think this is what better Marco has shared the last time he was here in the spring camp meeting how Rome comes actually to help or how the Pope is going to come and help the Russia I think you had to study about that if you recall do somebody does somebody recall so what is the question it can be more detailed what's the reasoning that the king of the south is being hoped you would have to go back into his studies but do you remember Alyssa and so working behind the scenes on both sides of the table and they have throughout history in various forms but yeah I think Marcos point the main point he brought across was that the papacy does it as it always does it serves its own purpose and doesn't matter what power serves at that moment herself the best it goes with it and at this moment in history the king of this it will help the king of the south it will help Russia so he's done a study I didn't go too deeply into it I admit that however with the studies sister Tess has been recently here doing and pointing out Fatima when you look at the secrets of Fatima what is one of the things which needs to happen the dedication of Russia so the papacy or Fatima which essentially is Mary is weeping over the situation that Russia is not where it should be under the mother church the papacy so before I suggest before the papacy can actually stand again in the glorious land it has to the dedication of Russia has to happen and even though there were inferences of this already we we know that Russia is not at this point it's not heating in that way the papacy as it maybe should so maybe we see some of those developments in this time period that we see this fulfillment of the dedication of Russia any thoughts that was just my approach of it yes but the other part is this brought out in the past about understanding the the the powers that are ruling this earth wanting to rule the world okay and so you see this refold powers that are trying to all gain the ascendancy to be able to rule the world you've got the king of the north representing the United States Trump and you've got King of the South representing Russia and Putin and you also have the papacy and each one of them had their own agenda to be able to to be to be in charge of everything mm-hmm and um and so it's understandable from that standpoint alone without even understanding Fatima and this idea to win Russia for the Catholic Church to see that that the king that the papacy is going to going to just switch sides whenever it feels like it would whoever they think is going to be the one who wins mm-hmm you know that they can use to their advantage as you said mm-hmm and it becomes a lot more clear yeah right so Lauren yep yeah I think I would recall a a profound event like that the first time since a thousand years well so we're seeing that there are developments which call Russia back to the mother so to speak yet that is interesting however we see Fatima is weeping over the situation because of what happened in 1917 right and I think this wound which was caused there was never really healed and I think this needs to be healed before the papacy can move on so time is pretty much up so we're seeing the time period between rifampin II and their several developments which we probably need to consider I thought we would be all ready by this time in the history of Luther so tomorrow we'll briefly and with verse 15 look at Pentium quickly we remind us of what pan means and then we're done with the midnight cry message of 2016 and we'll move on to the various as Tessa's pointed out and we start with the the dates of Luther because if we remember she had one day lining up with 2014 or connecting with 2014 and there was another day connecting with 2019 so we want to have more what we're starting to do with also the other teachers who are coming after me we're trying to just give more context to the dates and events sister test has been sharing here at the white board because obviously her time was short and there's a lot to share or what there was a lot to share so we're going over those things again and we're trying to put more historical context to all of the things that so that we understand better are there any thoughts or questions then I would ask brother Rick to close in prayer which one you think if you're interfering thanks and Jesus