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most kind and compassionate Heavenly Father's we born your presence we want to thank you for your kindness and grace and pray even though that you make on the Vandermeer and take over or clasp touch our minds or ears or hearts and our understanding may you lead Oh Lord and may you grant us even no showers of blessing for you say we are to ask foreign in the time of the Lateran so we pray for the out point of the Lateran upon us to everyone grass in the field may our hearts Lord be opened and may we receive and assimilate according to your will in Jesus's name we pray amen good evening everyone today we'll be looking at the sacrificial system and that which especially pertains to the priests that's what we'll be looking at but before we begin I would like for us to take our Bibles and turn to Exodus chapter 34 Exodus 34 and we are going to look at verse 7 are we there it says keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin and that they will by no means and that will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the father's upon the children and upon the children's children on to the third and to the fourth generation so here God says before this is when he was proclaiming his name to Moses and so what does I name the note so here God was telling Moses about his character and from verse 6 says and the Lord passed by before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin and that will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the father's upon the children and upon their children and upon the children's children unto the third and to the fourth generation and so there is a lot of things that God is saying here in Exodus chapter 34 verse 7 and we want to look at what each of these things are what is iniquity what is transgression what is sin so what is our understanding of of iniquity what is iniquity and can you give me a dictionary definition as well deviation from the iniquity of the slave trade on justice injustice unrighteousness sorry injustice unrighteousness mm-hmm a deviation from rectitude rectitude Vista to you are you see our ECT I tu de as the iniquity of war I don't need those okay alright Lisa give me yours No and this is from the Hebrew word five seven seven one eight five seven seven one yay bow down bald own mischief is it CH e I I probity and this is from another world it is five seven five three and five seven five three is means to cool make crooked pervert crooked pervert so this is what iniquity is right what is transgression to revolt rebellion apostatize going beyond our overstepping some boundary or limit I have transgression is an actor instance of transgressing this is from the English infringement or violation of Allah command our duty it is also to violate a command or law say Madan to has not to go beyond a boundary or limit so that's what the English is but the Hebrew word is Pesa and it is from age six five eight eight and that means a revolt national moral or religious so it is a revolt that is national morale or it religious and it also is rebellion same as it has dear and this is from a word H six five eight six and this is where the word a pause see that's what I do mean is apostasy and what does the word apostasy means our mean sorry apostasy yes dictionary does any one of the meaning of refusing to continue to follow obey or recognize a religious a be or recognize sorry c OG ni z a religious faith an abandonment of what one has voluntarily professed i total this desertion up up departure from one space principle or part so you have a bond on your faith that you want voluntary professor so this is so you have iniquity transgression and transcription is apostasy and the third one is sin what is sin it is an offense to miss luck spell forfeit for me if II I T RIE but it is also an offender right or to take the blame or to lead astray from the path of duty prescribed by God to man to depart from the part the part of duty to depart voluntarily from the path of duty prescribed by God tonight so here you have this one is to abandon a fate that was voluntarily professed this one is to to depart from a stated duty so you are the one that is leading in the rebellion you're the leader in the revolt so if we went to steal some chocolate and I say what about come let us go and steal I'm the leader in that rebellion so sin highlights the word sin highlights an individual and notice it is our departure from one's duty so that individual is choosing to depart from their duty while transgression takes it on a different level doesn't it takes it to a national moral or religious level and it is an apostasy and an apostasy is the act of refusing to follow obey or recognize one's religious faith do you see the distinctions that are there between these these three things iniquities to be perverted right or froward transgression is on a bigger level it is a revolt or an apostasy but it is not by just one individual it is by groups by a nation or a religious body and no sin is more personalities one person that is leading in an act of rebellion so we're going to bear these in mind and we're going to take our bad as an eternal to live it echoes chapter 4 are we clear on these three points they're from Exodus 34 verse 7 and notice what did the Lord say that he did there he forgives iniquity transgression sin and also he said he would visit the the injustice our unrighteousness of who upon day unto 3rd and 4th generation so notice that that is what he says he will do so if he visits the injustice of the fathers or their unrighteousness what has the father's done if they were unjust and if they if they deviated from rectitude what is rectitude rightness of principle or practices so rectitude is right doing right so do we see this that the Lord is giving us a progressive work that is being done so the father's first depart from the path of right doing and it leads to apostasy which is transgression but it also has a leader there is a person that leads out in this apostasy and noticed that it is our it is a voluntary departure so is that a mistake and what who does it Bible please the brunt of sin on was it on Adam are on Eve why he knew because he was not deceived Eve was deceived but Adam wasn't therefore he voluntarily departed from his duty he listened to his wife who he knew was deceived so we are going to go to Leviticus chapter 4 and we're going to read from verses 1 to 14 and we're going to have two verses each and the priest that is anointed so taketh the Bullock's blood and bring it to the tabernacle education so dip his finger in the blood and sprinkle of the blood seven times before the Lord before the veil of the sanctuary and the priests shall put some of the blood upon the horns of the altar of sweet incense before the Lord which is the tavern which is in the tabernacle the congregation and shall pour all the blood of the Bullock at the bottom of the altar of the burnt offering which is at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation and he shall take off from it all the fete of the Bullock for the sin offering the fat that covered the inwards and all the fat that is upon the inwards and the two kidneys and the fat that is upon them which is by the flanks and the call above the liver with the kidneys it should be it should he take away as it was taken off from the bullet of the sacrifice of the peace offering and the priest shall burn them upon the altar of the burnt offering and this with his head and with his legs and his inwards and this don't even the formula shall be carried forth without the counter on to a clean place where the ashes are poured out and burned and burned him on the wood with fire where the ashes are poured out and if the Congress and it's the whole congregation of Israel sin through ignorance and the sin we hid from the eyes of the Assembly and they have done somewhat against any of the commandments of the Lord concerning things which should not be done and are guilty when the sin which they have sinned against it is known then the congregation shop or a young bull up for the sin and bring him before the tabernacle complication okay so we're going back on the Lord says that if a soul sin how presumptuous are ignorant me what does the word ignorance mean ignorance is yeah I again CEI so if the if a person seen because of lack of knowledge or but information wrong information or they are deceived right what does was therefore verse six is so my people are so they are destroyed because they are because they are ignorant and notice that God said that he would take the sins from here to where to the third and fourth generation and it says if the priest that is unknown to do sin according to the sin of the people then let him bring for his sin which he had sinned a young Bullock without blemish unto the Lord for a sin offering so we want to see what are the sins of the people are some of the sins of the people that the Lord would hear be making reference to and so first we will go to Exodus chapter 32 verses 31 to 34 Luke Exodus 30 to 31 to 34 and Moses returned unto the Lord and said oh these people have sinned a great sin and has made them gods of gold yet now if thou wilt forgive their sin and it's not about me I pray thee out of thy book which thou hast written and the Lord said unto Moses whosoever hath sinned against me him will I blot out of my book therefore now go lead the people unto the place of which I have spoken unto thee behold my angels shall go before thee nevertheless in the day when I visit I will visit their sin upon them so what did the people here do so they made an image and so that's one Deuteronomy 9 verse 23 to 29 sister Terry Deuteronomy 9 verses 22 to 23 and a tempura and at NASA and it Cuba the power value to both them were to rock likewise when the Lord sent you from Kadesh Barnea is saying go up and possess the land which I have given you then you rebelled against the commandment of the Lord your God and you believed him not nor hearken to his voice you have been rebellious against the Lord from the day that I knew you took 29 o thus I fell down before the Lord forty days and forty nights as I fell down at the first because the Lord had said he would destroy you I prayed therefore unto the Lord and said O Lord God destroyed not thy people and nine inheritance which thou has redeemed through thy greatness which thou has brought forth out of Egypt with a mighty hand remember thy servants Abraham Isaac and Jacob look not unto the stubbornness of his people nor to their wickedness nor to their sin bless the land whence thou broughtest us out say because the Lord is not able to bring them out into the land which he promised them and because he hated them he hath brought them out to slay them in the wilderness yet they are like people and nine inheritance which thou broughtest out by thy mighty power and by thy stretched out o so notice what did the people here do why did they refuse to go up why oh dear remember this is when the 12 spies were sent to go and see if the land was good and if they should go up what God had given them the command that they should take the land and God had two faithful servants what did they say these people be like grasshopper tours let us go up and take the land what did the people do they believe this spies they believe the 10 and chose not to obey the voice of God so what did they enter into spiritualism and did we see that where the first act of simcha mean did eve plays someone's word above password she did sister Sarah can you read first samuel 14 verses 39 first time well 14 and we're just looking on sins of the people 39 38 sorry what was happening in this story that's all given a command this is where they were in battle and jonathan it be honey but what was the command that's a lot given so what had happened here the people rebel against leadership because who was Saul Saul was their king that says that which he spoke was not binding because had the people proceeded on invitin without having eaten anything it would have defeated the whole purpose of the battle but that he spoke or Ashley did washed I do anything to be to deserve to be set aside what did the servant of the Lord say about that what she had done was it a good thing or a bad thing she said that it was good she said that she was actually trying to save the face of her husband who because of drunkenness had commanded her to do something stupid what do we say that ah ha Co Eris was right in putting Vashti away what do we say washed I was rebellious and that the King had every right to put her away but what does the servant of the Lord say so therefore it is a it's a parable right let us go to Ezekiel 8 verses 15 and 16 hast thou seen this O son of man tourney turned yet again and thou shalt see greater abominations spendings and he brought me into the inner Court of the Lord's house and behold at the door of the temple of the Lord between the porch and the altar were about five and twenty men with their backs toward the Temple of the Lord and their faces toward the east and they worshipped the Sun toward these so what were the people here doing they were worshiping this son so we are going to go back to Leviticus for because the verse 3 says if the priest that is unknown t'do sin according to the sin of the people and we have seen that these are the different sins of the people the people are always doing something but verse 2 had said if he sinned through ignorance therefore he had no knowledge of the thing though that he was doing that it was wrong so if he sinned through these sins of any of the sins of the people through ignorance he know has a work to do we're on our land do we have a priest nobody knows we don't have any priests on our line Mario what were you reading from last night again text number 21 so we don't have a movement we don't have any priests right let us turn quickly to number Sturt 21 our numbers 20 rather and cancel muddy read from verse kisses that cat sister pom verses 25 to 29 numbers 20 20 verses 25 to 20 down from the mountain and when all the congregation saw that Aaron was dead they mourned for in 30 days even all the house of Israel so Aaron had died what does Aaron mean the light bringer was dead he not being in Adventism where does the light bringer die all right what does Eliezer mean and he is I mean who was the Lightbringer first for God's people 1844 Milla was it one man or group of people 18:44 October 22nd 1844 how many persons were left in the movement 50 and by 1863 what was their name Tyler so God's light bringer in the year 1844 are they had the name as what seventh-day adventists where did they begin today when did they create an image of jealousy what did they do they replicated the chart but they took God's signature off so 1863 Richard made an image of jealousy what is the next thing that they did in 1888 they rejected and so what did the people choose - what did they do they chose man's word above God's Word 1919 the doctrine of Christ but what did they also start they went into the writings of Ellen White and it was ripped it apart and also the Bible they started defining what is inspiration and what is not inspiration and so here they read they rebelled against the leadership because God had established a prophet so they rebelled against God's appointed leader right and so what did they do in turn they accepted a fuzz message so therefore they were doing what according to Ezekiel 8 weeping for Tammuz father a tureen right ari better in 1957 what else happened how did they have Sun worship in 1957 what did what did the church adopt turn their back on this sanctuary but what did they have to do to turn their backs on the sanctuary they accepted fallen Protestants view of the Bible so they entered into Sun worship but according to Daniel 11:40 be can somebody read it please just Part B Daniel 11:40 Part B go unto like a whirlwind with chariots and horsemen army and many ships at what time so what did God say in Daniel 11:40 there would be a a time of the end but here the time of the end when did this take place in our history what preceded 1989 so 1989 is preceded by or who died Aaron had died the church was no longer giving any light right who else died there so well not Saul he didn't die there but God had anointed David here and then Saul died here I noticed that when Aaron died Moses anointed who Eliezer he anointed a helper and Elias as a symbol of the Holy Spirit so therefore even though these are father and son you can see that one as brother Parminder shows that the law changed at the time of the end because David was anointed and it should not have been David that God had anointed it should have been Jonathan because he should have taken over from his father saw but God changed the leadership here and anointed someone else and that 9/11 we know that a mighty angel came down and so we know that we are in the dispensation of who the third person of the Godhead which is the comfort of God's helper and so at 9/11 we say what happened a priesthood was raised up why do we say that a priesthood was raised about 9/11 what do we use to substantiate that belief before we have second chronicles we had to have Azra who was a priest and upon day first day of the first month Ezra left Babylon and so you know that this is also revelation wanted so back here David that was anointed would have been in darkness would he have been committing sins of ignorance did at the time of the end did anybody know anything really about these charts here so therefore he would have thought that the 1863 chart is the official chart of the seventh-day Adventist Church isn't that so would you have understood really the righteousness by faith message are the true import of the righteousness by faith message or any of the things that were later so therefore you could see that God's appointed leader would have committed some sin of ignorance I know the Bible is specific how those sins are that sin of ignorance is to be dealt with so we're going back to Leviticus 4 and he's to take up Bullock unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation and he shall lay his hand upon the Bullock's head and kill the Bullock and what did we say that a Bullock is a symbol of sister teri pry Danielle chapter 4 so let us quickly turn to Daniel for is it her the Bible oh so why are we going to Daniel for verse 32 verse 32 from men and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen and seven times shall pass over thee until thou know that the most high rules in the kingdom of men and giveth it to so ever he will also verse 25 and they shall make pleas to eat grass as oxen and they and they shall wetly with the dew of heaven and seven times shall pass over thee till thou know that the most high rules in the kingdom of men and given it to whomsoever he will so this King here what was he to do did we have to eat grass like a goat oh I thought sister Carrie told us and then why did he have to do that verses 29 and 30 at the end of the 12 months he walked in the palace of the kingdom of Babylon the King spake and said is not this great Babylon that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power and for the honor of my majesty so what did the Ox here do what was he glory in in in his strength isn't that so so here the ox is growing in his strength and what is that if your glory in in your strength what are you exhibiting pride let us also turn to proverbs 16 verses 17 to 19 but a Parminder proverbs 16 17 to 19 the highway of the upright is to depart from evil he that keepeth his way preserved his soul pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a form better it is to be of a humble spirit with a lowly and to divide the spoil it's a proud sister Sharell can you turn to psalms are with proverbs 28 verses 13 to 14 proverbs 28:13 so what is this man here commanded to take to the altar the priest what does he have to take to the tabernacle he has to take him self all that which he thinks and knows those things which for him is things that you know you can say yeah I did this and self glory has to be taken to the altar and he has to put his hand on it and he has to confess his sins and then he has to and he shall take of it all from it all the fact of the Bullock for the sin offering the fact that covered me in words and all the fact that is up on the inwards and for fat can somebody please read Psalms 119 verses 69 and 70 sure you just read ho sister Carol can you read please some 119 verse is 69 and 70 and brother Larry in the meantime can you find some 16 verses 9 and 10 therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices my flesh also shall rest in hope for thou will not leave my soul in Hell neither will L suffer the Holy One to see corruption Psalm 16 sorry 990 that's what they wanted I just read Psalm 16 1960 19 therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices my flesh also shall rest in hope so that will not leave my soul in Hell neither wilt down start with the Holy One to see corruption Psalm 17 terminal mountain from the wicked that oppressed me from my deadly enemies who come past me about their enclosed in their own fat with their mouths they speak proudly so what is he to remove fat and what is the fat here pride prod speech isn't that what Nebuchadnezzar did is not this great Babylon that I have built and so you can see the fat there the fat is that is supposed to cover the inward and also that is on the inwards and that what did brother Parminder shows that the inward is a representation of of the heart and we made it parallel between a mind and a heart and and a moat and a Belliard estimable inwards and so the fat has to be removed so there has to be renunciation of of self of the things that you thought you knew are the things that you really you may have spent time studying and you may have come to whatever conclusions but what did we learn at first that if you have wrong information stored here what will it lead to wrong conclusions so when we were before 1989 did we know how to study about this correctly should it then be a hard thing for us to renounce the as God is using correct principles he's given us the principle of line upon line should it be hard for us to see that in the time of our ignorant we may have come to wrong conclusions because we never knew how to study we were not using right methodology we were not using any right principle what are they then then that our conclusions would have been right very slim but yet we are not willing to do what to put aside or preconceived ideas and with unnoticed as well that the sin year that is accounted for is a sin of ignorance and unstated we hear that when we list when will hidden sins since that are not brought to our attention where will they get dealt with there is a there is a group within our movement that teaches us that it gets dealt with we're midnight but could he even enter into this sanctuary because first he had to realize that he was in sin didn t because how would we have made confession if he never realized so there had to be a a time of the end there had to be an increase of knowledge an awareness that you are in sin and these generational sins our sins of the people from 1863 to 1989 how many years is that from 1863 to 1989 126 and we say do 1:26 is a symbol of of a tenth and where do we get that principle from Isaiah 6 verse can you read it on 2 and they think 13 and since that Terry can you find Ezekiel 44 me and verse 5 Isaiah 6 oh yeah but yet in it shall be attempt and it shall return and shall be eaten by the teal tree and as an all whose substances in them when they cast their leaves so the holy seed shall be the substance there are reversed and for me as well may the heart of thy people thought and made their ears heavy and shut their eyes lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and convert any huge so if the eyes of the people if the heart is but it affects the scene and it affects the hearing and what do we see with spiritually the mind but you also have to see it only we demand are also with the heart which is more important the mind seen it are the heart seen it and which is more important for the mind to hear it and understand it or for the heart to hear it and understand it so therefore if the fat is not removed so what did these people's heart become fat with pride what did they constantly say are we not Abraham's seed and what do we boast often we are what simply Adventists we are the remnant people of Bible prophecy and we boast that God as called or son we have all the different things that we use to boost ourselves and we are not willing to lay them aside yes sister Terry Ezekiel 40 verse 5 measuring rate of six cubits long by the cubit and a handbrake so he measured the breadth of the building one raid and a high so this man had in his Honda and what was the measuring read how how did it measure six cubits long by the cubit and then how long is a cubed what if you are using the Royal cubit how long is it twenty-one inches and how long is an hundred five inches and when you do the match this work so to a hundred and twenty six inches so here Ezequiel are the priests at the time of the end he's given a a measuring Reed and this Reed is to measure the line isn't it because he's to begin measuring in building this here is he Kelly's given the pattern of the restoration of the temple and and so from 1863 to 1989 is a hundred and twenty six years and as we have pointed out it is a tenth and it symbolizes a remnant how long were God's people in bondage to Babylon spiritual Babylon twelve hundred and sixty years so from 538 to and what's the name of this woman and she ran for twelve hundred and sixty years and God's remnant people from 1863 to Jezebel is holding them captive he's making them eat what meat that are sacrificed unto idols but what did we notice that sin is sin Wazza vol Terry up in 1863 was the 1863 chart of volume Terry up did James why just do it accidentally no he didn't he deliberately hit the 2520 why number one he said he didn't understand it he didn't understand all the implications of it number two the people were using it to do a lot of time setting so from 1844 there were persons still doing a lot of time setting and so for him to resolve the issue what did we do he hid it but also in Isaiah Isaiah chapter 7 you noticed that there were 65 years within threescore and five years Ephraim shall be broken that it be no longer people and that began in 723 BC and by 677 they were completely broken they were no longer people and you know from 723 began e25 24 their northern tribe and this takes us to 1798 right 65 years later where does it take us to so in seven 42 BC God gave us a the prophecy of the 2520 and he told him that within 65 years these people would be broken that there were no longer a people and here you see through this line you have the protest on churches right and God allowed their persecution to end what year 1798 and by 1863 were they any longer God's chosen people no here God raised up our new people and he gave them a name and so you have 65 years that the prophecy was given and then after the time of the end 65 years it was a game hidden so you see that James Wright was just fulfilling prophecy even though he does he did not know his act was still willful he willfully went against God's will and started leading God's people in rebellion and so you can see there was a a leader in rebellion and from there one scene led to another to another to another to where God's people were in full apostasy worshiping the Sun and by the time we were at this time when God raised up somebody knew he would have been in some one of these apostasy because he was doing so in ignorance and not only him but the entire church was in rebellion and apostasy and still is under refused to hear and admit that they are and we are other people in apostasy thank God that the time of the end came and God gave us the first degree the first angels message which is a call to fear God and he's saying that you are to repent so if you are to repent the word repent means to but a Parminder says to rethink and I'll use his definition because I don't remember the Hebrew the Greek word for it but if we were to go to a day to the New Testament where Paul is calling me people to repent where John is calling the people to repentance and look at the definition for the word repent we would see that it means to rethink and so God is here saying that we are to rethink our to return to the purity of the faith and so he does so step-by-step on from 1989 to 9/11 we know that they stones were being quarried where were they being quarried from out of the mountain Solomon's Temple where did they get these stones from out of the mountain they had to go on the work had to be done previously could they just go and then take the stones back to the temple site and no so this is the period of time when the stones were being quarried and then when 9/11 came what happened the foundations began to be they began to be laid and so you see that step-by-step God started leading his people to where he has made no he has made us anchor for us what many of us are fusing to enter into that building why what is our latest rebellion about can prophecy save no why because I need to keep the the law I need to hear that I must work in it's funny the burden accuse brother partment of saying that we don't need Christ yet the message that is being presented is righteousness by faith and the burden are saying it's not a prophetic gospel it is a prophetic and immoral gospel and without the moral it doesn't make the definition of prophecy correct so they are saying I need morality you can't tell me that I don't need morality I need to hear that I must do my own works that's the same thing that happened in 1888 Ellen White said they preach the law until it was as dry as the heels of Gilboa and when the refreshing and the rain came showing them that righteousness is not of works lest any man should boast but it is by faith and this morning we learned that faith is prophecy and when we are hearing that know it is by faith that you are to be saved that line upon line is not morality but it is prophecy we are having great issues and so again we are is in operas in open rebellion saying that's not what I bought into I can't accept that I can't accept that I am saved by grace through faith I am saved by the works and deeds of the law yet when we hear oh you can do it in your own strength we say blasphemy you we're crying tell me to do it in my own words don't tell me to do it by faith we are confused and that is why God is saying we need to be able to identify and make a clear distinction between the voice of and the voice of man and I cannot overemphasize that Brazil it is of paramount importance we need to know the voice of God we need to be able to identify that voice which spoke here and the great cloud of witness witnesses that were here and we need to understand and make a distinction between the movement and a man because that is where we see a lot of challenges happening persons are not able to make clear distinction so when we hear that that term for the everlasting gospel is inspired we start defining we start going back here to 1919 and start ripping out our definition of inspiration and know if he airs then it cannot be inspiration and he says that he airs and he says he does not have visions and he says that what is it about the man no did in terms of God work upon the mind of William Miller so therefore was his mind inspired the leader our reformer that is called here isn't it angels of God that worked upon his mind opening the prophecies to his mind if this is not so I remember when we were first introduced to this message Mario said he that this message will produce the 144,000 or it will be the greatest offshore moving that seventy Adventist Church has ever seen and it is one or the other I know we hear brethren who had embraced these truths we are seeing not so that's false with an arrow so they are seeing that this is the greatest of shoe movement that has ever has ever hit the seventh-day Adventist Church Mario then brought up oh yes brother Wang offshoots you want to call them that came off have any prophetic bearing whatsoever this message is is stamped with God's approval all over it that is prophetic as we're understanding line upon line amen it's just there undeniably and to confirm it did God give us just one seven times here no this is God's signature Bertrand that seven times is God's signature and that is why we need to know and be able to identify his hand to be able to hear and know his voice he says my sheep they hear it and they know it do they need to guess to say well it it may be God or I'm not so sure no and that is what God is seen that we are to know his voice and so we see that God has sent light to take us from Jezebel's bondage and he has also given us this read that is to be used which is the one twenty six and it is funny if you go in revelation 11 John is also given I read what John is commanded not to measure the courtyard what is zekiel 40 where does easy-care begin measuring the courtyard so there is a difference you can see there's a difference between new work of Ezekiel and the work of John John begins with the courtyard and we have to invert affirming the labors over that that we are to see that the two desolating poles are running ho concurrently paganism and PayPal ISM they are running concurrently and they are destroying God's people and so we need to be able to identify these things and we need to today someone asked me a very interesting question he asked why do we need to study prophecy why do we need to know all these things and I'll throw the question out to you brother Bob you can make your point while the president think about why it is important for us to know these things ZQ 40 verse 5 and the read and identifying that it's the one I'll help you after yes why do we need to know the one why do we need to know all this why is it important jesus said it was where revelation 1 sister Sarah why is it important well apartment now why is it important yes brother Larry who knows occasionally noises we have nothing to fear dealings in or so we have nothing to fear further except we forget the way the Lord has led and his dealings in our past history so if she's saying that they are important so if we forget what are we to do we have nothing to fear for the future if we forget we need to fear we need to be afraid very afraid and so it is important to acquaint our minds with these truths because they are our life and if we believe that they are our life we will make sure that we make ourselves have at least minimal understanding of them and when we start doing whatever it is that we are doing what will God do yes he will not just stand back and say okay sister penny you're struggling and I good stay dear and struggle will he do that no he will make up the lock because he's gracious yes I'm told and Mario there's a quotation that has useful he came to my mind these are ages chapter policy specifically page 385 paragraphs one and two on a fraction of paragraph three it says for the moment the interest of the Harris was awakened they exclaimed what shall we do that we might work the works of God they had been performing many and burdensome works in order to recommend themselves to God and they were ready to hear of any new observance by which they could secure greater merit their question meant what shall we do that we may deserve heaven what is the price we are required to pay in order to obtain the life to come jesus answered and said unto them this is the work of God that ye believe on Him whom he hath sent the price of heaven is Jesus the way to heaven is through faith in the name of God which taketh away the sin the sin of the world but the people did not choose to receive this statement of divine truth hmm it's many times persons may look when when we are no developing this argument and are saying that the gospel is prophetic message that will take you into the kingdom of heaven and persons are looking at their condition and four years persons have been struggling they have tried health reform they have tried dress reform they have tried booking with the spirit of prophecy and dig in the Bible and to lower feel there is no perfection of character and sister white tells us this in in in CTR 1:27 paragraph three she says looking at self will give you neither light nor nor peace she says the longer you look at ponder over these things the more dark and discouraged will you become you please the enemy of God and of the human race by keeping in the cave of darkness where there is not very often off the light of life and one just a part of paragraph forces if men and women could only see and realize how unbelief and Marines exhaust Satan and give him honor unbelief and murmuring and you know Ezekiel says that God was to make the hearts of the people fought and in Isaiah sorry we have the Lord saying that Christ said the same thing in the parables he said when the disciples asked him why are you talking in parables he made reference to either as work and he gave the parable of this sword that went forth and you see that sorrow in fortin's some of the seeds fell on stony ground and fat makes the heart stony it makes the heart not able to assimilate and understand food and that's why it is the fact of this animal that is to be placed upon the order it is the photonic it means both are to be placed upon the altar and you know God wants us we know if when we are eating an art that is high in fat we have correct assimilation of the food that we have eaten no because the fat will coat the lining of the intestine and it will prevent us from absorbing our foods properly so we can eat the best quality food but if we eat it with a lot of fat will we get the best quality nutrient No and so the eating of the little book element says is the comprehension of fruit and the glad reception of the message so it is not only here she says comprehension the comprehension has to do with the intellect but it is also the glad reception that is the receiving of it in the heart and so God is saying that it is not only a mind work but the mind need to be transformed new Android information needs to be placed there and then that which goes to the heart will be able to do its work because if if the mind is not transformed what did we learn from tamati that the mind is seared or branded with the brand of Antichrist ooh is Jezebel and so you can see that from 1863 to 1989 the brand of Antichrist was upon our minds and therefore the heart was covered with fat while we did not realize that our minds are not being fed with correct information and that is why from here God had to start doing what teaching us upon line precept upon precept feeding our minds with new information that the heart may be able to assimilate what we are given but if we still hold on to the fad of apostasy pride selfishness self seeking self glory then this line upon line methodology will not be able to do its work and so may we ask God to help us that as we are called you know on the day of atonement it was a bullet that the priests had to sacrifice a game for himself and so we have learned that there was no record-keeping from 1989 to 1999 was dead but since 2014 are from 9/11 there was record-keeping going on and then in 2014 God started doing the work of investigating so we know that for the work of investigation to take place a bullock again has to be killed and again the priest has to place his hand and do the work that he that is required to be done will we as priests and before God with the fat covering or in words and open our heart will we stand before God with selfishness and pride or will we ask God to help us to do the work that needs to be done to allow this message to work in our hearts the work that it means to do which is to cut the fat away and also the kidneys which are the reins of the body are the seat of emotion it is what is responsible for the sympathetically part sympathetic nervous system it is what gives us our fight and flight ability if we will ask God to help us to place those emotions as well upon the altar because if all of it is not placed upon the altar if it is not touching the same sin sacrifice are the sin offering which had no sin confessed upon it which is Christ then all this that we are doing will be in vain and when persecution burst upon us we will see that we had no root within ourselves for we are stony groan hear us this is our good angle to look our own and see what everybody else is doing but an idea of atonement no man could look up everybody's head was bought between their knees they were busy searching their hearts for only those that have clean hands and pure heart only those are able to stand so may God help us to search ourselves to deal honestly with our own Souls and allow him to allow us to crucify ourselves to truly deny ourselves that the message may reach to our hearts let us pray father as we bow in your presence we pray that you may have a pose that truly Lord our eyes may be turned from the dim dark world and be turned to you I saved in dark roller because a lot of times we look on others and we do not we do not look upon ourselves we are human we presume that we are right before you and so we do not take care to ensure that our garments are spotless that they are without wrinkle that they have no blemish I pray that you may forgive us where we have so and may you turn our eyes upon Jesus and may we look full into his wonderful faith now the things of this earth our world will grow strangely dim but I really ask that you may help us to not only comprehend these truth but to gladly receive them I pray that they may find their place in our heart and truly Lord they may prevent us from sinning against thee may you have your only in on with our lives may you lead and direct us according to your will we thank you for your divine grace for your wisdom and strength and know in Jesus's name we pray amen